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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  January 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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anthony batts to another bay area city. >> oakland may need to find a new top cop. the job that could take the chief to another bay area city. >> plus a new twist in a decades old disappearence could revenge have motivated a brother to commit murder. >> dense fog settling in across the bay area. dangerous driving conditions outside. when it will lift coming up. >> that fog causing problems on your bay area bridges details in traffic in just a minute. good morning it is monday the 17th of january, the day we celebrate martin luther king junior. >> that's right. >> i am sydnie kohara.
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>> i am elizabeth wenger. >> let's get to giana with a look how this fog is impacting the commute or what there is of it. >> good morning. >> yeah, you can't see much of the freeways, pretty much any where you go throughout the bay area, a fog advisory highway 4, martinez area, you can see, slightly slow and go conditions on sensors here use caution same for highway 4 earlier the antioch bridge was looking okay but look at that, barely a few cars through there give yourself extra times the a holiday traffic should be light overall if you work your way on the freeway, bay bridge, limited visibility, going to effect your drive as you cross the span into san francisco 18 minute ride, east shore freeway, but becauseof that fog traffic may slow down a bit give yourself extra time this morning and 880, can't make out much here as well traffic actually moving okay overall can't see any cars limited
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visibility use caution that is a look at traffic let's see how long this traffic will stick around. >> fog can be dangerous outside visibility lowering in a hurry some places getting reports down a quarter mile and some places even lower than that, 16th of a mile at sfo still looks like that fog is going to begin to lift up through the middle of the morning dense fog advisory come the an end by 11:00 a.m. this morning fog, thick everywhere you go around the bay area, and it will take time to move out with that in mind slow start to the day take it easy travelling out there dense fog cool temperatures 40s and 50s. partly cloudy out toward the coastline not seeing a whole lot of fog but as we head toward the afternoon, hazy sunshine 50s. maybe mid-60s places like santa rosa, out toward the coastline looking good staying high and dry now looks like for the next 5 to 7 days back to you. all right thanks very much.
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5:02 a.m. police in oakland looking for the man who shot and killed someone outside a church last night. this happened just after 10:00 p.m., 1600 block east 15th street near st. anthony's church across from lake merit. place don't know the motive. also -- police don't know the motive >> last night in oakland a teenager was shot and wounded caller reported several gunshots and cars speeding away from the 2100 block herring on the avenue there were multiple armed suspects no arrests have been made. one of the first challenges for new oakland mayor might be to find a new police chief the current chief is on the short list to become san jose's chief replacing davis. bass is one of the finalists for the san jose job the other, chris moore acting san jose police chief since davis stepped down two months ago. bass has been the police chief in oakland just over a year. san jose police may never
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know fit was planned or coincidence that two men met at a restaurant saturday night. both had ties to a missing woman. jeanine harms from los gatoses vanished more than 9 years ago she was last seen in 2001 with maurice he was accused by never tried for the killing saturday night he was killed when harms brother, wayne sanchez confronted him at a san jose restaurant. >> we treat the handgun and fatally shot the victim the suspect exited went out into the parking lot and as the officers arrived to the scene they heard what they believe was a single gunshot. >> harms brother apparently took his own life after killing him police are trying to determine whether sanchez planned the shooting or a coincidental meeting. >> remarkable recovery for arizona congress woman gabriel giffords, she is no longer in
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critical condition and now breathing on her own. her medical condition upgraded from critical to serious doctors successfully took off the ventilator saturday. they also inserted a feeding tube. giffords was shot in the head when a gunman opened fire during a political meet and greet in tucson, six people were killed in the attack 14 others injured. it is jared, i just want to tell you we had some good times, peace out, later. >> well, for the first time we are hearing the voice mail left by the suspected gunman hours before the shooting rampage. jared loughner called his friend the night before the attack. he didn't notice the message until the next morning. he said he hasn't talked to loughner in almost a year. >> 5:05 a.m. today is martin luther king junior day and there are i vents across the bay area. freedom train will leave the
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san jose station at 9:30 a.m., stopping in sunny vail, palo alto, san mateo, san francisco, once in san francisco riders can attend the mlk event bill graham civic auditorium. government offices, schools, libraries, closed and no regular mail delivery. cal train, muni, san trans are operating on regular service, ac transit on its sunday schedule. no one is working but us. we're here. >> not too many people. that fog is very thick. >> very thick really is today. 5:06 a.m. serious questions about a common practice used by pg&e. >> quite surprised and actually afraid. >> was the utility spiking pressure on its pipelines to avoid a costly test. >> congress getting back to
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i'm developing a robotic system to clean oil spills, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] learn more about the school of business at >> looking like hazy sunshine temperatures not too bad 50s and 60s. more on that coming up. >> thank you lawrence. pg&e admits it has been spiking pressure on gas lines for years now many are wondering could that have weakened the san bruno pipeline that exploded in september. pg&e said over seven years it occasionally increased pressure to maximum level on san bruno line and ten other pipes across
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california. critics say it did it to avoid a water pressure test which cost $500,000 per mile. they want to release the location of the ten other pipelines. >> they must know where those are and the quicker sooner they are required to let us know where those pipes are located and reduce gas pressure in those pipes. >> expert haves expressed concern pg&e says it is not inherently unsafe to spike pressure to the legal limit the utility says it is working to verify the location of the other ten pipelines. >> carbon no knox aid poisoning being blamed -- monoxide poisoning being blamed for the deaths of four family members, they found the bodies of two little girls and a man and a woman in oak must yesterday. sheriffs blame a gas powered generator they were using one after electricity to the home was shut off. >> one of two bank robbery
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suspects in union city identified as the owner of local clothing store kingdom. 36-year-old pack lose was arrested after a short chase saturday that ended a second suspect ran and was found dead in a backyard even though gunfire exchanged police are not saying if the second suspect died from police bullets or his own. a woman and her dog killed in a hit and run the clues police have about the driver. plus we are learning more about the negative impact of america's cup the businesses that could be forced out of the way to make way for that race. >> you are looking live at san mateo bridge. i promise. lots of fog making it hard to see those cars, details on the dense fog advisory coming up rocket scientists!
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good morning folks. just getting up, the fog really settled in over the bay area, like a blanket, it is right on the deck on the ground visibility, quarter mile, less than that some parts of the bay area, reporting visibility, a 16th of a mile, be very careful
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not expected to lift until the middle of the morning, dense fog advisory won't end until 11:00 a.m. as well. major story, fog, running 40s and 50s around the bay area. cool to start but not too bad but the fog is something else we are hoping to see less of that as we head in toward the next couple days. a problem for the bay area and also parts of central valley seeing plenty of thick fog by this afternoon, 59 degrees, hazy sunshine in toward sacramento area, high country looking good lake tahoe, 55 degrees partly cloudy skies, still a chance of a few showers toward eureka, mostly cloudy skies, still looks like high pressure, dominating our weather, this ridge will sit around for quite awhile now, of course it has been dry for a bit very wet december now drawing things out in january. very well may not see rain until february until the end of the month most of the folks
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taking the jet stream well to the north left with a stagnant atmosphere. you have that moisture on the ground, fog developing outside as we head in toward the next couple days may see more of a component of the wind dryer air a little fog by the afternoon, no complaints pretty nice temperatures inside the bay, 64 san jose, 63, hazy sunshine santa clara and 53 degrees redwood city, east bay temperatures the tricky ones dense fog early on by the afternoon computer models want to warm things up, i am thinking cooler though let's keep temperatures into the 50s. 63 degrees liver more and 62 in alameda. how about the north bay, well, sunshine there, patchy dense fog this morning, some of the down slope winds, 66 degrees by the afternoon. pretty nice day there. over the next five days, high and dry, a little less cloud
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cover overnight, patches of dense fog showing up interior valleys but a little less fog around the bay area. no rain in sight over the next 5 to 7 days, that is a look at weather. well, the good news it is a holiday a lot of folks have the day off but of course if you have to head to work you will deal with a lot of dense fog on the roadway. you can see here live at the bay bridge toll plaza shot, very limited visibility still very light, limited, carcenas bridge to the maze effect your drive across to the span. upper and lower decks, use caution take it slow this morning elsewhere, let's get the rest of the bay area bridges golden gate, foggy, highway 37 to 580, south 101, once you hit the tunnel and cross the span traffic, light, one lonely car crossing the roadway overall limited visibility use caution also effect your drive richmond san raphael bridge, okay speeds but a fog advisory in effect for
5:18 am
the richmond san raphael bridge. same for the venetia bridge. down to san mateo bridge, traffic light but you can barely make out a few cars, if you have some limited visibility there as well but okay speeds again it is a holiday things should be light overall. this is how things look here as well barely make out any cars give yourself extra time this morning, headed on hague way 4, -- highway 4, only 15 feet of visibility. accident eastbound highway 4, everything on the right shoulder again it may cause slight spectator slowing as you cross the area, foggy conditions as well through the peninsula, daily city, san bruno earlier wreck, 101, 380, cleared, 61, south, limited visibility and over to the south bay milpitas, can't make out anything on this camera as well just the fog 880 at 237 i
5:19 am
promise right through milpitas, dense conditions there and mass transit because of the holiday bart on a saturday schedule ace muni and cal train are on time on regular schedule. thank you. 5:19 a.m. this mornings top stories, oakland's police chief may be moving to san jose reports this morning that chief bass is one of two finalists to replace rob davis as san jose's chief the other finalist, chris moore acting chief in san jose since davis stepped down. brother of missing los gatos woman is dead as is the man once arrested for the missing woman's death. he shot and killed maurice at a coffee shop and then took his own life. >> arizona congress woman gabriel giffords showing more signs of improvement she is breathing on her own and
5:20 am
upgraded from critical to serious condition but doctors say the full extent of her recovery is uncertain. >> concord police searching for the driver who hit and killed a woman and her dog the woman was walking her dog on solano way never over hill just before 6:00 p.m. last night when she was hit by a 17-year-old boy. as the driver stopped to check on the woman she was hit by a second car. the driver of that car took off. both the woman and dog died at the scene. police say they are looking for a white man, 20 years old described as clean shaven, brown hair he had a female passenger in the car the car is described as a dark colored four door sedan with a hatch back anyone with information is asked to call concord police. >> dozens of businesses may have to relocate because of the america's cup yacht race in 2013. about 80 businesses are on a list of tenants from the port of san francisco that could be
5:21 am
forced out they include seafood and wine companies and a local theatre. software mogul larry ellisons yacht team plans to build a racing village between pier 26 and 32 and may use other land on northern water front. >> members of congress promising more civility as they return to work, that comes as the shooting that wounded congress woman giffords. politicians from different parties are planning to sit together for next week's state of the union address. >> they are discussing whether to repeal health care reform. >> we have gone in the wrong direction to solve the real problems in health care the real problems is that it costs too much and what we have done is expanded coverage but haven't worked on cost. the republican effort is largely symbolic since any repeal will not pass the senate which is still controlled by democrats.
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>> it is 5 the 1:00 a.m. arnold schwarzenegger speaks out on the price of being governor plus. >> and the golden globe goes to ... chef >> golden globes especially friendly to one hollywood film. we will recap the big winners last night ,,,,,,,, can i get one of those breakfast sandwiches
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>> it is 5:25 a.m. governor says his time in office cost him millions of dollars, arnold schwarzenegger told an austrian newspaper it probably cost him more than $200 million but said quote i am not sorry it was more than worth it. schwarzenegger says the biggest down side to being governor was the effect it had on his family. golden night for the social network. >> social network. [ applause ] >> the facebook movie won for best drama at last night's golden globes and took home awards for best director best screen play and best musical score the kids are all right won best comedy. and here is a look at some other winners, colin firth best actor for the kings speech
5:26 am
natalie port man best actress in a drama for black swan, best actor in a comedy or musical, paul giamatti. best actress in comedy or musical, kids are all right and award for best tv comedy or musical went to glee which i still have not seen a full episode of. >> you will have to check it out. a couple bomb shells could come out of the new round of wick can i leek documents. >> they could expose about celebritylawmakers breaking the law. and foggy freeways across the bay area, how that will effect your drive coming up pgh >> oakland's police chief could be jumping ship where he might be headed coming up. ,,,,,,
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>> look at this, golden gate bridge, it is a holiday, martin luther king junior holiday, a lot of people taking an extra long weekend a few cars coming in taking it slow but it is like this all over the bay area. we will talk to lawrence and also have a live shot on one of our bay area bridges as well good morning it is monday, 17th of january i am sydnie kohara. >> i am elizabeth wenger time now 5:29 a.m. let's get a check of our
5:30 am
forecast, a lot of fog i haven't seen it this foggy in awhile. >> yeah, looked like the golden grey bridge but all around the bay area dense fog folks, settled in over our skyright down on the ground some places a quarter mile visibility even some places reporting a 16th of a mile be careful dangerous driving conditions around the bay area, patchy dense fog through the middle of the morning and then begin to lift and looks like by 11, they will lift the dense fog advisory as well by the afternoon, sunshine but this morning if you are headed out, dense fog just about everywhere you go temperatures running 40s and 50s early on this morning. i think by the afternoon most of this mixes out, hazy sunshine temperatures interesting, 50s as you head towards pittsburgh and fairfield and antioch but as you get towards an at that rosa, mid--- santa rosa, mid- 60s. 50s and a few 60s, temperatures 50s and a few 60s.
5:31 am
giana. >> thank you. let's start off vie knee have a bridge a traffic alert in effect, southbound 680, bay shore as you approach the bridge, dealing with fog and accident it happened early this morning an over turned pick up truck they cleared over thing but they will shut the lanes down again to get the debris and haul the truck off the roadway. only a half mile visibility give yourself extra time southbound lanes venetia bridge will be out there while they clear this. can't make out a lot of vehicles it gets wore as you cross the span into san francisco, 18 minutes, carcenas bridge across the made. limited visibility use caution. that is a look at your morning commute. it is 5:31 a.m. this morning police in oakland look for the man who shot and
5:32 am
killed someone outside a church last night. this happened just after 10:00 a.m. 1600 block east 16th street near st. anthony's across from lake merit. police don't know the motive for the shooting. >> also last night oakland a teen analler was shot and wounded, a caller reported several gunshots and cars speeding away from the 2100 block herrington avenue there were multiple armed suspects in arrests have been made. >> two men are dead apparently in connection with a woman's disappearence in south bay. jeanine harms from los gatos vanished ten years ago she was last seen with maurice he was arrested for murder but charges were dropped he was released saturday night her brother, shot and killed maurice t a san jose coffee shop shortly after they had spoken at a restaurant. >> we are trying to determine if this was something planned
5:33 am
out or if the suspect ran into the victim and then everything unfolded as it did. >> we can't speak as to whether this was incidental tore suspect was stalking or preplanned this. >> after he was shot harms brother shot himself to death outside the coffee shop. >> some neighbors of her parents say they are shocked by the latest development in the case and the apparent suicide of the missing woman's 52-year- old brother. my heart goes out to the family they have lost a daughter and son and another man is dead and it is shocking and horrible tragedy. >> on top of all this the question still remains what happened to jeanine harms her body was never found no one can say for she maurice killed her. searching for suspects in a
5:34 am
murder over the weekend. a 23-year-old was shot to death 3:00 a.m. early saturday morning twin peaks vista point. investigators say he and friends got into an argument with another group and shots were fired. he suffered wounds to his torso and died at the scene police are looking for two or three men in a white honda odyssey. when one bay area city finds its next police chief another might have to start looking gain. in oakland where the police chief is in the running for a new job good morning. >> good morning sydnie. oakland's very popular police chief has only been on the job about a year and now he may be leaving he is one of two finalists for san jose police chief position the other is san jose abouting chief chris moore yesterday he confirmed he is a finalist to the president of oakland police officers association according to the mercury news. if he leaves the newly installed oakland mayor will be
5:35 am
left with a bill challenge he is just over a year into his three year contract with oakland because she has a shaky relationship with oakland police if chosen he could be first african american chief which could help with san jose's minority community. back to you sydnie. >> thanks very much sonia shin in oakland. >> pg&e admits it has been spiking pressure on gas lines for years many are wondering could that have weakened the san bruno pipeline that exploded in september. pg&e says over 7 years itoccasionally increased pressure to the maximum level on the san bruno line. utility has stopped the proceed your for now. pg&e claims it is not inherently unclaimed to spike it to the legal limit.
5:36 am
san jose shooting trial may move locations. according to the washington post a chief judge will make the final decision but law enforcement officials are confident the venue will change the alleged gunman 22-year-old jared loughner is charged with murder and attempted murder he is being held at federal prison outside phoenix. well, arizona congress woman gabriel giffords was shot in the head is no longer in critical condition now she is breathing on her own her condition is upgraded from critical to serious doctors successly took her off the ventilator saturday and inserted a feeding tube. former swiss banker says he plans to give documents to wikileaks that will revehicle high profile cases of tax evasion -- reveal high profile cases of tax evasion they contain details of 2,000 bank accounts the holders include celebritybusiness leaders awell
5:37 am
as lawmakers from the u.s., britain and asia. we might learn today why a former dictator has returned to haiti he and his french wife flew into port-au-prince from paris his first visit since he flew to exile during a rebellion in 1986 he didn't say why he returned but plans to hold a news cons from his wife says they plan to stay in haiti for three days. people across the bay area will gather to commemorate martin luther king junior day freedom train will leave the station at 9:30 a.m. make stops in sunny vail, palo alto, san mateo and san francisco. government offices, libraries, schools, banks, post offices closed. cal train, muni operating on a regular sad yell but bart is on -- schedule but bart is on a
5:38 am
saturday schedule and ac transit on a sunday schedule. a permanent tribute to martin luther king junior is taking shape in the capital it is being built between jefferson and lincoln memorial, $120 million project includes an arching wall including 13 of kings quotations. >> it is important for what dr. king stood for and what this country stands for. >> the symbol must plummet toward the direction king was guiding us toward. >> it is set to open in august when finished it will be the first one on the national mall dedicated to a civilian. 5:38 a.m. for good health you might want to have one of these replacement drink said to have the same benefits as wine. >> just one. >> rain floods and land slides, nasty weather for our neighbors to the north. ,,,,,,,,
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the nasty weather has already what a mess a strong pacific storm pounding the northwest its weather has caused flooding and land slides in warning on the and oregon n. portland roads that weren't under water were covered by mud and rock. land slides also closed sections of three state highways in southwest washington, residents in mapleton oregon worry flood waters will creep into their homes there may be more flooding as water ways rise. certainly no problems like that around here but we do have heavy heavy fog lawrence. >> yeah, looks like the jet stream shifted from the bay area, we had all that rain last month moved well north, they are getting the rain we are staying high and dry moisture
5:42 am
on the ground and high pressure building overhead providing perfect conditions for stable atmosphere and fog visibility folks down to a quarter mile, even less than that in some spots be very very careful dense fog advisory not going to lift until 11:00 a.m. but probably see changes and weather should improve by middle of the morning by afternoon hazy sunshine should come our way high pressure continues to dominate it will sit across the west coast better part of the next week or so, strong ridge sitting across california, going to bring you hazy sunshine in the afternoon got that fog to deal with. very well as we head toward the afternoon mid-50s warmest spots, 50s and 60s. out toward the coastline not a bad day at the beech mostly sunny skies, a couple skies, temperatures 50s and 60s. numbers outside 44 degrees liver more fog, 48 fog fremont,
5:43 am
46 san raphael and 48 degrees in napa valley. i think if you do plan on travelling around the state watch for dense fog in toward central valley temperatures there should warm up to 50s by the afternoon with hazy sunshine, high country looking good, cloudy skies, lake tahoe a chance of a few showers in toward eureka and party lou diskies, -- partly cloudy skies, i think folks this will only keep us high and dry over the next 5 to 7 days this could keep us dry until the end of the month before we start to talk about rain we will have to contend with the fog, a little less fog as we head in toward tomorrow night and looks like the next couple days, dry air continues to mix down, a couple patches of dense fog, numbers not that bad by the afternoon and south bay 64 degrees, san jose, 64 morgan hill and 62 degrees in fremont, east bay
5:44 am
temperatures, those will be the tricky numbers, i think we will see 60s towards liver more computer models, warm things up central valley, cooler, plan on 50s. dense fog slowly burn away, 58 in pittsburgh, 58 brent wood and 58 degrees in antioch. north bay, cool to start with, but by the afternoon break out sunshine down slope winds, warm things up nicely, santa rosa, 56 degrees, 63 petaluma, and 53, next couple days a little less fog patchy dense fog showing up in valleys, looks like we will stay high and dry over the next 5 to 7 days. all right time for a traffic check with giana. thank you we will head to venetia a traffic alert southbound 680, past bay shore, shut down due to an accident that happened 3:00 a.m. this morning they had all lanes open but cal trans set up
5:45 am
flairs for this to remove the rest of the debris, they are diverting traffic at industrial, see the yellow on the sensors, use alternates no estimate when they plan a reopening, southbound 680, at bay shore as you approach the venetia bridge. live look at the venetia bridge. can't make out too many cars can't see much really fogged in a half mile visibility according to chp officers on the scene. foggy spots continue on the carcenas bridge as well give yourself extra time not far from there dealing with foggy conditions highway 4, lots of yellow on sen sores slow and go, use caution, earlier accident, now cleared but sluggish through that area, not bad, highway 4 through antioch typically, slow and go conditions foggy through this portion but gain holiday light due to the mlk holiday, traffic
5:46 am
light same for altamonte pass elsewhere, limited visibility on our bay area bridges live look at the bay bridge toll plaza 18 minute ride carcenas to the maze but use caution as you cross the span lots of space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you also lower deck as you work your way into oakland that fog advisory extends to most of our bay area bridges looking live san mateo bridge, i swear it is can't see many cars but socked in. 13 minutes, 880 to highway 1. they don't have an official fog advisory but you can see it is foggy as well headed out of marin county they have an advisory for richmond san raphael bridge, 55 miles per hour as you work your way across the span not effecting your drive across the 101 use caution same thing for the south bay that is traffic back up to you. >> here is a check of today's top stories, oakland police
5:47 am
chief anthony bass might be moving a few miles south he is reported to be one of two people considered for the job of san jose police chief also in the running, acting san jose chief chris moore. two people linked to a woman missing since 2001 are dead in the south bay, the brother of arms shot and killed a man once arrested for her disappearence. well, then brother apparently shot himself to death outside a san jose coffee shop. >> gabriel giffords showing more signs of improvement after being shot in the head she is breathing on her own and has been upgraded from critical to serious condition. doctors say the full extent of her recovery is uncertain. as lawmakers get ready to battle health care reform more americans are easing opposition against the new law a new poll finds strong opposition is at 30%, that is the lowest level since september 2009. 43% of people want the laws
5:48 am
changed so it does more to overhaul the system 60% oppose the mandate that requires everyone to have insurance. >> for good health have a beer, the daily telegraph reports drinking ale or lagger offers same benefits as wine because it is full of followic acid, wine and it lowered diabetes risk and it focused on men lower than 57 in moderation was the study. here is terrell brown. it only takes minutes for smoking to harm your health. a new study finds just 15 to 30 minutes after smokers finish a cigarette a toxic chemical formed in their blood the effect is so fast it is the equivalent of injecting it directly to the blood stream. >> some children may be more prone to video game addiction than others. kids and teens who play more
5:49 am
video games have fewer social skills, greater impulsiveness the studies authors suggest gaming can increase mental health problems feeling a little down today, blame it on the calendar, today, january 17th the saddest day of the year by one britter psychologist the -- british psychologist the timing of blue monday based on many factors, weather, unpaid holiday bills and failed resolutions. >> i am terrell brown cbs news new york. >> you will have to wait a little longer for the first ipad newspaper, news core and apple decided to delay the launch of their joint digital newspaper by just a few weeks they want to work on technology for subscriptions it will cover general news culture entertainment and include video. fewer people in the u.s. are creating profiles on facebook during the second half of the year only a quarter of
5:50 am
facebook's quarter growth came from the u.s. the palo alto based site saw more people joining in brazil and india, more than a half billion people on that site. >> big night in hollywood big winners from last night's golden globes. >> plus what do you get the couple with just about ever thing. what the royal couple may suggest for their wedding gifts [ female announcer ] when your child's coughing, can't breathe, new icy hot no-mess vapor gel for kids soothes airways with cherry-scented vapors.
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[ female announcer ] there's a full serving of vegetables in every bowl of chef boyardee big beef ravioli. that's the third time that's happened today. [ female announcer ] just don't tell them. shh. are going at it. e-s-p-n reports tom cable was fined 20-thousand dollars a week this season.. for a total of 120- thousand >> raiders and former head coach tom cable are going at it. tom cable was fined 25,000 dollars a week this season for $125,000 it is unclear why money was with held from his pay checks but he has filed a grievance. 49ers head coach mike singletary packing his bags for minnesota nfl network announced he will be named the new vikings linebacker coach. singletary coached insideline backers for rains before coming to san francisco. all the buzz about the
5:54 am
social network after it won four golden globes. >> social network. >> facebook movie won for best drama, it also took home awards for best director best screen play best musical score. >> i want to thank everybody at facebook, mark zucker burg for his willingness for us to use his life and work as a metaphor to tell the story about communication and the way we relate to each other. colin firth best actor in drama for kings speech natalie port man best actress in a drama for black swan. bar any's version, and best actress in a comedy or musical annette bening, the kids are all right and best award for drama or musical tv, glee.
5:55 am
the royal aid says the couple is considering asking guests to give to charity instead of gifts they are determined to have a wedding that is not too flashy a request for donations would likely raise a lot of money and close friends and family can still give gifts but what do you get the couple who has everything? >> i am not getting an invitation. >> cards like home depot or something. >> depends how much is on there. they are fine until they go tohome depot. it is very thick in spots, be careful if you are headed out today, dense fog settled in around much of the bay area, not quite as thick toward the coastline but going to take time to lift probably middle of the morning before things start the get better, temperatures 40s and 50s. by the afternoon should be
5:56 am
pretty nice in spots, hazy, 50s. warmer spots around the bay area, looking at a decent day, numbers going to break down like this, 66 degrees one of the warmer spots, santa rosa, 64 san jose, cool, fairfield, yeah, looks like it will take time to warm things up time now for a traffic check. >> thank you lawrence. one of our biggest trouble spots, southbound side of 680, they have all those southbound lanes blocked off this is an accident that happened earlier this morning they opened all lanes shut them down. debris from the roadway just the four industrial they are diverting traffic off industrial, heavy slow and go conditions, traffic sluggish dealing with fog in the area, limited visibilities, cross the span, a half mile according to chp officers, carcenas bridge fog advisory most bay area bridges.
5:57 am
toll plaza, still light a holiday, 18 minutes but you are going to see limited visibility across the span. back up to you. thanks very much. 5:57 a.m. coming up in our next half hour the fate of the arizona gunman by be decided in our state. >> legal decision that could put california in the spotlight. >> murder suicide in the south bay taking an unexpected twist the connection to a missing person's case nearly a decade ago. could oakland's top cop be jumping ship the job opportunity that could leave the city searching for a new chief coming up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
finalist for. uncertain future for oakland's police chief the high profile job that he is a finalist for in the ba


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