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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  January 23, 2011 7:30am-8:30am PST

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icer- involved bay area police open fire not once but twice in just a couple hours the two separate officer involved shootings. i miss my son so much. >> frustration, fear and overwhelming emotion why the search for a kidnapped boy is on hold. where an out of control big rig lead to a very close call 7:30 a.m., sunday january 23rd, good morning thanks for joining us i am ann makovec. >> i am phil matier we have a lot of news to cover in the next hour we will talk about schools, a revolutionary look how to get around test scores with more creativity some creativity on the part of uc '
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gents who handed out bonuses to administrators. >> a lot of people upset. some students, two parents and a ' gent here live in the next hour a lot in store but first topping our news, within a couple hours, two separate confrontations with bay area police ended in gunfire one shooting critically injured a driver in daily city last night around 7, police say the woman sped away from officers during a traffic stop near the cow palace then she reversed her car and hit an officer when police opened fire the woman is in the hospital no word on the condition of that officer. then two hours later oakland police shot and killed a man they say was armed where a handgun he was assaulting a school district officer near the intersection of joaquin road and millers drive he was pronounced dead at the scene.
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in vallejo police are investigator murdered in 24 hours a woman found shot inside a car yesterday morning, 27- year-old casey of alameda. police have arrested 23-year- old roof of vallejo and are considering searching for a second suspect, just the day before a man was found shot to death in his car police don't think those cases are connected. >> in south bay a san jose teen suspected of murder is in custody. the 7th murder so far this year. much of the violence has been blamed on gang activity yesterday prep resen at that tiffs from the city, nonprofitlocal neighbourhoods joined together in another attempt to tackle gang violence. >> there is a love of anger from what happened the first 20 days of this month. >> i think our kids are being destroyed and because families don't have the knowledge of what is going on and what the
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gangs are doing invading our city. they offer a hands on workshop, and community resource fair. authorities have suspended their search in the canal linked to the kidnapping of a 4- year-old. divers have been scouring the water since they got a tip that a man and a boy went into the water matching the suspects description. four other vehicles have been pulled out of canal but tire tracks nearby don't match any of those of the cars. >> we want to bring this little boy home the reality is we are not any closer to doing that. >> divers are taking today off from their search efforts but in the next day or two they plan to look further down stream meanwhile a group of citizens is organizing a search
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party in the community of patterson. southwest airlines plane flying out of san francisco forced to land in oakland it was headed to chicago when the pilots noticed a warning light signaling over heating it landed safely at oakland where inspectors didn't find any sign of fire or over heating. other bay area headlines san jose the crash that forced a neighbourhood evacuation is effecting gas service until at least tomorrow yesterday a driver crashed into a gas line, those living in the 1200 block south 2nd street were forced from their beds because of leaking gas they should be finished by tomorrow police are looking for the driver. tens of thousands of abortion opponents marched in san francisco on the 38th
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anniversary of the supreme court ruling that legalized it. it stretched for blocks along the embarcadero while others held a smaller counter protest. >> hundreds came together to say goodbye to sergeant shriver. first lady michelle obama, former president bill clinton and the entire kennedy clan. he was the nations first director of the peace corps and the husband of eunice kennedy shriver and he died tuesday after a long battle with alzheimer he was buried next to his wife in cape cod. this will be congress woman gabriel giffords at a houston rehabilitation center soon she will begin herbie at a gym -- therapy at a gym inside she still can't speak and has some
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paralysis but she has completed some sessions it has been two weeks since she was shot in the head in tucson. 7:36 a.m. a quick swerve of the wheel saved a driver from disaster coming up more dramatic video from the view of his dash board. with the 50th anniversary of jfks inauguration, we will talk about kennedy, the reality and the methology with willie brown. >> i am very attracted to the magnet so ... >> featured on film, the nonconventional teaching methods in one bay area school district. jim bernard here cbs 5 weather center a gorgeous morning taking shape looks like warmer temperatures headed our way for many bay area locations even as the fog inches toward us. more coming up in your complete forecast in a few minutes ,,,,,,,,,,
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canadian highway. everything looks fine until a big rig loses a dash board camera caught what could have been a major accident. a big rig loses control comes crashes through the center divide into on coming traffic it narrowly missed another big rig and the car that caught it on camera, the truck driver was charged with careless driving. yikes. >> no kidding. all right let's move to another continent. australia, where catastrophic flooding is spreading to the southeast, a lake about 55 miles long is expected to continue moving in the coming week toward a small town of swan hill in the state of victoria. the town of 10,000 people sits in the junction of two rivers already swollen from flooding record rains in australia began more than a month ago in the northeast. 30 people have died in flooding
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and more than 30,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. >> some amazing video. >> i know. >> gives you reason to be thankful around here we complain about a few rain drops what is in store today jim? >> not even a few rain drops in store for the bay area here today. a little patchy dense fog beginning to work its way central valley back through delta. but no rain in our foreseeable forecast as we look across the golden gate. wow what a gorgeous morning sunny and dry, temperatures warm again today, from the beach we see surf beginning to settle down we have a high surf advisory up last few days it is calming down and clear as well as we head into the interior we will find the dense valley fog -- well, we will look at the sunrise first as we see above the fog lots of color in the sky out there this morning. gorgeous start to the day.
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there is a very dense fog pattern in the central valley itself, and some of that energy is making its way into the carcenas straight here and will produce cooling in the interior here as the dense fog will be a factor the next few days for the valley. we are not looking for any at the coast mostly sunny and warm as we have seen outside by mid- week though we will look for the coastal fog machine to kick into gear that will bring us grey matter. high clouds drifted across the region cleared out, leaving us high and dry. haze out there yesterday and today as we see this high pressure system parked off central california, now we are getting a few clouds moving by to our north but for the greater bay area, patchy fog in the interior this morning, offshore winds, keeping things clear across the peninsula and continued dry through the week. now with this high pressure system, comes the sinking air
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mass, stagnant. air pattern, air quality will suffer as a result of that type of a pattern, moderate air quality throughout the bay for the next several days by mid- week we should see more of an on shore breeze bringing the fog back to the coast but clear out air quality mix things up a little bit and conditions will improve through the end of the week temperature wise close to where we were yesterday cooling in the carcenas straights as i mention low 60s as we see fog working its way back into the bay offshore breeze out of the north that will bring valley fog back into the area. north valley here, 70 santa rosa, near 70 san jose, mid- to upper 60s. and around the bayou can't beat that adds we will see lots of sunshine increasing clouds expected through the week as once again we get more of a fog pattern developing here. it kicked back into gear by mid- week both in the valley and
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coast. we will see some cooling, until then high and dry for the next several days. >> last night was incredible. north beach and china town, people were out in shirt sleeves and it is january and you can see the look on the tourists faces. >> we are so lucky. >> summer time is here. >> thanks for that jim. >> you bet. >> time to talk president's days before the 50th anniversary of john f kennedy's inaugural speech. >> i spoke with willie brown and we talked about kennedy the reality the myth and also the democratic need for dynasties like the kennedys. let's give a listen. >> you don't go back to the democrats, any further back realistically than the kennedys and you chart those years even though the jump in years may have been more productive substantively, civil rights, voter rights act, the poverty
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program you still go back to the kennedyit is because as a nation and as a people, we are into inspirational presentations, productivity, necessarily and kennedy was that. >> same as can be said for the republicans again, you neuron nailed regan in the years that -- you neuron nailed regan in the years that followed him. and also remember that regan's entire thrust even when governor was that government shouldn't do anything so his legacy is the dismantling of government the nonparticipation of government while doing it with style and while doing it in a manner that must be the envy of sarah palin in that whole crowd because he did not generate negative reactions to his dismantling government and condemning government. >> did he dismantle government?
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>> he did not he could not he knew that there was no way democrats were only out of power briefly as a matter of fact 1986 democrats came back into power in the middle to have regan revolution therefore he never had a chance i don't even think he tried. >> let's go back to the kennedys then reality versus methodology. they did not get civil rights passed lynnden johnson got it passed. they did not create great society it was lbj but they did invade cuba. >> we all know when we talk about the kennedy years, the only thing we can highlight is his crisis management of weapons that were being moved and we applaud him. >> cuban missile crisis. >> correct.
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>> and berlin. now what is it about that that has been such a propellant in the democratic party, no convention is complete without some kennedy speaking there what is it about that? >> because again, it is the symbol we all love camelot all love the idea of this full head of hair young man the sailor, this daring, dashing man with this beautiful wife. >> and bob diand ted. >> that's correct and they were all incredibly bright or at least, iterring sense made them bright the whole business surrounding the late ted kennedy you recall he went off that bridge. >> right mary joe -- >> there was never any long range associated with that because we reference his great presentation on health care that didn't pass until obama
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came along. >> what is it about the democratdynasties, whether it is the longs of louisiana, the birds. >> the browns of california. >> the cuomos of new york. what is it? >> just part of our heritage we really do hold on to those imaginary figures we hold more on the substantive side than they were capable of that is who we are we love to talk about the kennedys more importantly, bill clinton is becoming bigger and bigger and bigger, and more productive, on the inspirational side it is like a cult he comes to town let's say, sales and there is a scramble for the private opportunity after he finishes his gig to talk about and sit at his feet as he puts
7:48 am
on flip flops and a sweater and tells stories that may or may not be true. >> well, it is not necessarily the democrats holding dynasties what about the bushes? >> that remains to be seen. we have president bush and the son but i don't know if they have the allure you notice when the republican conventions roll around it is not like they are upfront and center. democrats much bigger on this a fluke of american politics party of the people loves the glamour. >> who doesn't love a little glamour. >> there we go. >> thanks for that input very interesting. nontraditional approach to children's education. >> once a month, we are going to draw a picture of ourselves. and each time we do it, we are going to do it in a different way. >> just ahead we will speak with this veteran teacher who helped bust the trend, a new
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any cardboard? cardboard no, delicious yes. so where's the fiber? maybe it's in the honey clusters. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no, delicious yes. from the documentary "august to june"... premiering this week in san rafael. some might consider the chores we care for our campus a peripheral chore but
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encouraging independence, problem solving, social interaction,. that was a clip from a documentary called august to june and it is premiering this week in san raphael. >> it focuses on nontraditional methods of teaching at a small school district in marin county the featured teacher in the film, amy recently retired thanks for joining us and her husband tom a foe fog are for and editor they are codirectors of this film, what inspired you to do a documentary? >> well, i think i've always been fascinated by what my wife was doing and since this was her last year of teaching it seemed like a great opportunity to have access to this kind of -- to have access to these kids and studying what i thought was an interesting approach to education. >> tell us a little bit about the school.
7:53 am
it is langanitis. >> it is in west marin, heading toward samuel p taylor park you pass through our valley it is a rural valley has a school district with 300 students, and in the 70s, the school board agreed with the general community to have programs of choice so there are three elementary school programs a month sorry program, a wall door of program and open -- waldorf program and open classroom. >> what is different versus classrooms down the street. >> all are humanistic, holistic approaches all talk about teaching the whole child they are different approaches to that but what is different about the open classroom is the level of parent participation probably, and the amount of choice that students have. >> is the amount of participation greater in this
7:54 am
sort of nonipara divisional setting. >> it is a parent participation program parents are in the classroom every day parents agree to be in the classroom basically about once a week they have choices and they can do other things. >> when we do stories on education, time and time again whether it is an issue of funding we talk about, we talk about curriculum, it seems like the common denominator is pair rent participation. >> that is not always possible in a lot of districts you have working parents, people who can't spend their day in the classroom. >> involving parents doesn't necessarily mean they are in the classroom and i think that every community wants to have -- there is a way and they want to be involved in their children's education and don't necessarily feel welcome but when they are welcome they find ways to be there. we visited in the process of making this film we have visited a lot of inner city schools, we have visited or
7:55 am
talked on the phone with many educators not in rural settings like ours who feel this is not something simply to have -- >> to use a similar model. >> a big difference to what was going on in your classroom you were bucking the standardized testing, most schools around the country are doing, no child left behind how were you able to do it? >> california has a provision that says parents can opt their children out of standardized testing they are right and parents who chose our employee gram chose a pro -- program chose a program that was noncompetitive we have a lot of meetings and talks where parents discuss what is important in the way of education and one thing that is important to them is that their children move at the rate that they are moving at, not being pushed to be in a single
7:56 am
pattern. and so, a lot of them didn't want their children involved in high stakes testing and they opted them out. that is something our school board agreed with. >> how have they done when they moved on into the secondary or high school levels. >> they do very well. our students almost all go to college. almost no body drops out of school. and they are represented in -- whenever you look at what is happening in the high schools our kids are over represented as being good students. >> it must have been interesting spending that much time in a classroom with these young children and parents, getting this whole thing together what was it like? >> well, for me fascinating because i got a real glimpse -- an in depth glimpse all the things a teacher is involved in and appreciation for depth and complexity of education when you recognize individual kids and trying to get them involved
7:57 am
and excited about education. >> finally are you going to stay involved they said this is your last class what are you doing now? >> ever since i retired i have been working with tom on this film he shot 300 hours on this film and we are making an 88 minute film that took a lot of time but i have continued to subin the district and i volunteered, the little shot you had about the garden, once a week i come in and help out in the garden and hang out with the kids. >> i had a feeling you weren't going to let it go. >> once a teacher always a teacher the documentary is going to be premiering this week in san raphael. >> thursday evening. >> at 7:00 p.m. and it is at san raphael film center, right? for more information or purchase a copy or host your own screening go to august to, or go to our own website and click on the links and numbers i got through that. see that? >> very good everybody looking for creative ways to teach in
7:58 am
this time of tight budgets thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> up next talk about what is arriving in san francisco today that is creating some waves. >> plus bay area police open fire not once but twice in separate shootings just two hours apart. >> is it fair, billions in races and bonuses bud yet cutting new fee schools, a ' gent to give his two cents
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and the other officer-involved bay area police open fire at a driver, moments leading up to the gunfire. >> the other officer involved shooting just two hours later. >> pay raises and bonuses, while uc is slashing its budget, we are going to ask uc regent is that really a good call. is your stomach really growling this morning? bay area restaurant serving up 7700 calories in one morning dish. >> mm. >> a tenth of that looks delicious right now. >> weekend early edition thanks for joining us this sunday morning it is 8:01 a.m., i am ann makovec. >> i am phil matier. coming up, we have our uc regent on the hot seat right here with ann and i, talking about how we managed to hand out bonuses while we cut services and wages.
8:02 am
>> yeah, that is going to be a tough question to answer a lot of folks very upset about that. we will get to that in a moment including the mondo breakfast. >> within a couple hours, two separate confrontations with bay area police ended in gunfire one shooting critically injured a driver in daily city it began around 7:00 p.m. when police say a woman sped away from officers during a traffic stop near the cow palace and crashed into a nearby home then she reportedly reversed her car and struck an officer that is when police opened fire the woman is in the hospital no word on the condition of the officer. >> two hours later oakland police shot and killed a man they say was armed with a handgun. police say he was assaulting a school district police officer, near joaquin millers road and butter drive. he was pronounced dead on scene. and in vallejo, police investigating two murdered in 24 hours a woman found shot
8:03 am
inside a car yesterday morning, 27-year-old casey of alameda, police arrested 23-year-old roof of vallejo and searching for a second suspect. a day ago a man was shot in his car in vallejo as well police do not think they are connected cases. city of san jose taking action after a spike in homicides over the past few weeks a san jose teen is under arrest for the murder of another teen friday seven homicides so far this year in that city three were dubbed gang related. yesterday, the city leaders and nonprofit groups came together for a gang prevention summit they say they with working on intervention and trying to stop retaliation. authorities in stanes law county have suspended their searching for a 4-year-old boy kidnapped. >> i miss my son so much.
8:04 am
>> divers have been scouring the water since police got a tip a man and boy went into the water in a car matching the kidnapping suspects toyota corolla. five other vehicles have been brought out of the canal including a pick up truck yesterday, tire tracks nearby though don't match any of those cars. >> we want to bring this little boy home and reunite him with his family the reality is we are not any closer to doing that. >> divers are taking today off from their search efforts in the next day or two they plan to look farther down stream a group of citizens in the meantime is organizing a search party in the community of patterson. >> coast guard divers plan to set out to look for a fisher man missing since yesterday afternoon officials believe 51- year-old harry lee fell off his 20-foot boat fishing near oakley. coast guard found food and
8:05 am
fishing poles onboard. >> checking other bay area headlines the carnival cruise ship splendour will arrive thousands of passengers got stranded on splendour off the coast of mexico last november after a fire onboard it has been in san diego under going repairs and it is coming to san francisco the finish up the work before its next cruise february 20th. legal battle over balloon animals has taken a new twist here in san francisco a store was sued by a new york artist accused of modeling its bookends after a skull 7 which you are he called balloon dog now -- -- sculpture he calmed balloon dog. the things people invest time in. >> gabriel giffords spends her second full day in rehab today there is a long road ahead and will likely be the hardest work
8:06 am
she will ever have to do she has completed two sessions of therapy in the intensive care unit. doctors will re-evaluate to see if she can start a therapy in the gym inside the hospital. university of california system needs to cut and slash its budget again and could turn away tens of thousands of qualified students. >> despite financial problems, uc is building out a few million dollars in pay raises and incentives for top employees here on the hot seat is uc regent. >> brave enough. >> i might say brave enough. >> right. >> a lot of people are very upset when they hear this news we hear about the cuts and qualified students not being left in and then raises. >> bonuses handed out to top execs. >> right well, i think first
8:07 am
question is, regarding the bonuses and a lot of that had to do with incentive corn that rewarded employees for past things. this was looking backwards and rewarding performance for the previous year. >> was there something in the contract did you have a choice? >> not really actually you are right to point that out we don't have a choice if you agree with an employee a part of their compensation plan will be incentive compensation if they have met those targets they deserve to be paid out. >> uc like a lot of institutions, with high pay as well county government, they are caught in a time lapse. these problems are coming home to roost or these commitments are coming at a time when you are asking more and more people to do more with less the average uc employee is getting wages cut, hours cut, getting
8:08 am
their benefits cut and they pick up and find out why were you giving these things out. >> first of all you need to focus in on the areas in which they were given out the medical centers have a broad base inside this plan that rewards dozens if not hundreds of employees for doing things like saving the medical center money and a lot of that bonus money if you will went to those employees who were looking at the bottom line second area, was in the area of investment management these are extremely complex organizations and the investment professionals that we have manage an incredible amount of resources on behalf of the university and retirees, there are employees where the market dictates we have to provide a certain portion of their income in incentive compensation. >> does it dictate that in this job climate do we need to go above and beyond? >> absolutely if you think of the size of the university of
8:09 am
california investment portfolio it is in the billions of dollars, it is directly compared to the pension plans, and large endowments of any of the largest organizations in the world and we need top investment professionals on that money. >> okay speaking of our great investors and all their top notch jobs they are doing, none the less uc continues to be sinking into red ink what is the next headline going to be. >> probably what is the biggest headline this month we will expect a $500 million decrease in our budget, or die vestment from the state of california, that is a huge number that will be something we will have to wrestle with in the next couple meetings. >> do you see fees going up? >> i do. i think a lot of regents don't want to see fees. when you have a billion dollar budget cap, not only 500 million the state has taken away from the next budget cycle
8:10 am
but costs are going up. >> do you see classes being cut it takes 5 years or more to get a degree. >> i think all options are on the table and this is something the public of california has to ask themselves do they want a university of california with fewer students being admitted into the institution with larger class sizes, lower -- higher ratios, they have to step in here. >> final question if all things are on the table does that include the bonuses we are reading about? >> absolutely if you look in the last three years we went from 70 bonus plans down to three we are in the that direction. >> okay and phil said final question but i have my own how much do you make derek? >> as a regent? >> nothing i am an active donor to university of california and i encourage all other alumna to donate to the uc. >> talking about that final question. did he pay you to ask that thank you derek for coming in.
8:11 am
>> no problem. >> a welcome sight in the waters off north bay. >> dangerously close call where a big rig crashed through a center divide. >> i am an active donor to uc system too, called tuition checks i write them on a regular basis on another note sunny skies, out across the bay looks like that trend will continue through the week with fog on the way we will talk about it in just a few minutes ,, ,, this is my band from the 80's, looker. hair and mascara, a lethal combo. i'm jon haber of alto music. my business is all about getting music into people's hands. and the plum card from american express open helps me do that. you name it, i can buy it.
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welcome back no, this is not from an action movie it is a dash board camera catchling what could have been a major disaster on a canadian highway everything looks fine until a big rig loses control and comes crashes through the center divide into on coming traffic the traffic narrowly misses another big rig and the car that caught it all on camera the truck driver was charged with careless driving. that means me go sheesh. >> imagine the person in the
8:15 am
car. >> six decades since they have been spotted in the bay but harbour forpoises have returned to the bays off marin. the forpoises disappeared during world war ii possibly because of naval activity and because of gill netting stopped in the 80s. keener says their return could be an indication of a healthier eco system. >> is the water warmer? let's ask jim bernard i thought porpoises were more tropical. >> that is interesting they are cooler than normal. we are in a la nina year. that is the direct cause of abnormal patterns across the country. typically it follows an el nino season we had two years ago cooler ocean waters along the california coast resulting in a long mid-winter break for us, as we see high pressure system
8:16 am
park stationary off central california coast today an offshore breeze resulting in clear skies, along the beaches here, and warmer than normal temperatures, lookout there across the central valley a dense fog layer we are looking at along the i-5 corridor and southbound, check out the sunrise this morning, obviously we are looking to the east, that dense fog will circulate its way into the bay through the day today adding cooling there, in places like fairfield, concord, vallejo, possibly napa but the rest of the area will be mostly sunny and warm as we see looking outside this morning, that trend will continue into the beginning of the week a few high clouds, gone for now, we are looking at lots of blue sky out there, high pressure system keeping the storm track well to our north for the last week looks like it will continue to do that through the end of january here. we will continue high and dry, a little patchy fog forming, several fog machines at work
8:17 am
here central valley fog working into the delta and by mid-week coastal fog starting to form. today though, offshore winds, keep coastal sections and greater bay area clear continue dry for the foreseeable future long mid-winter break may have a month long of dry weather. high pressure system in place sinking air mass makes for stagnant mixing in the atmosphere moderate air quality here for the next couple days temperatures today cooling as i mentioned in the delta, low 60s as fog sneaks in from the east otherwise mid- to upper 60s across the bay low 70s in the interior valleys, north and south, and as we see amex of fog out there, valley fog, switch it -- a mix of fog out there, valley fog, switch it around gradual cool down through the week but subtle, not looking for anything dramatic you may note no rain
8:18 am
drops in this picture whatsoever. we are going to continue into february on the dry side and right now, i don't see any rain in the forecast could be another two weeks before we start to see moisture ahead in our direction. >> i love this place beautiful spring weather in january and then when it is spring it will be cold winter it is warm and summer. >> you know it. >> but we can go ahead and enjoy these warm temps. we have already been so much above our normal rainfall total we don't have to feel bad. >> historically whenever we get a lot of rain early we get a big break around january. >> we will take it. >> this you go. >> coming up, it is 8:19 a.m. how would the move effect moral. >> why many oakland cops would not be too sad to see their chief if he decides to move. in a day after wild overtime victory, can warriors
8:19 am
extend their winning streak? kim coyle has morning sports ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:20 am
8:21 am
san jose... and san francisco ves fast to welcome back. some oakland cops would not be sad if the current chief leaves for san jose and san francisco's mayor moves quickly to attack pension reform. two items in the matier and ross column this morning. >> oakland police officers say the chief if he does move to san jose, well, so long and so well. this is even as city officials are ringing their hands over the possibility of losing him he was very popular with the public doesn't have that much of a command when it comes to the beat cops they view him as a show boat, using oakland as a stepping stone to bigger and better things they said he has done little to improve command staff or strengthen relations with city hall and said he
8:22 am
didn't go the bat for them to prevent layoffs although the city didn't have the money. >> he was only there for a year. >> and he is already gone. the public wants him to stay he has a job offer from san jose if he doesn't get that job offer in san jose what credibility will he have in oakland saying he was ready to help and ready to go. >> in san francisco, newly installed mayor, ed leon the job and already having to tackle public pensions he will hold meetings to try to get something on the ballot. it is tricky because it is money versus organized labor. keep your eye on that story. >> we knew he was put in place to make those tough decisions, it will be interesting. >> i think he was put in place to hope decisions would be put off until the next mate your but they are coming -- mayor but they are coming on his play. the warriors come up short
8:23 am
in a bid for a five game winning streak. >> more good news for those sharks. >> good morning everyone ellis back in the line up after spraining his ankle in friday night's win he was held to 17 points on 6 of 21 shootings,. taking on the clippers for the third time in 13 days that means the blake show, griffin goes off for 30 points, 18 rebounds, 8 assists, the clippers win 113-109. usf tied for 91, less than 10 seconds, cody in the left lane for the 3 point play he scored a career high, 23 points,. over 14,000 showed up in nashville to wash vanderbilt and st. mary's 11 game winning streak commadores beat the gales, 8 -70. >> ucla, -- 89-70.
8:24 am
>> ucla beat stanford. third straight loss for the cardinals. >> santa clara senior, ben, score add career high, broncos follow ed their upset with a 13 point win over portland. >> winning streak u7 to 4 for the -- up to 4 for the sharks. they beat the wild, 4-3 at 3:30 p.m., afc championship game, jets and the steelers, that is a look at sports have a great day. >> a lot of interest in that game get ready for the nfl playoffs, green bay packers take on the bears, nfc championship, noon pacific time and new york jets face off against the steelers, 3:30, afc championship game. >> i never watch sports but i am originally from wisconsin so packers versus bears game will be really hot i just for all the people i still love in the midwest i just hope the packers win because there will be some
8:25 am
really broken hearts if they lose to the bears. >> this week, on friday we were here live and ann brought a little bit of the midwest to the bay area. >> why is that? >> the food thing i have never seen any breakfast like you are about to talk about. >> we don't eat breakfast like this in the midwest this is a freak. >> a bay area restaurant serving a 6-pound challenge. >> called the isn't tim day door, we will have imcoming up next ,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes...
8:27 am
combined. we have a lot more work to do. contra costa county is serving up a challenge. >> are you hungry for some competition. >> a restaurant in contra costa county is serving up a challenge meet the intimidator comprised of six eggs, hash browns, pound of cheese, bacon, sausage, ham, hamburger patty,
8:28 am
chicken fried steak and two biscuits all smothered in a few cups of gravy, yeah, you will find this 6-pound monster at lumpys in antioch recently featured on the food network show outrageous foods if you down it all you take home a free t-shirt and extra 7700 calories that is about 4 days worth of food, in one meal. i am told, it is really good now we were there friday live all morning for early edition two guys were trying to eat it neither could do it they both had to give up about half way through. >> jim? >> i will pass thank you. >> i will take the day, lots of sunshine fog to return in the near future. >> well, thanks for joining us this morning, that is it for weekend edition see you next week. >> enjoy your sunday of football. so our next
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