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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  January 30, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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about a hundred deaths. and growing calls for the president to resign. day six.. of the chaos in cairo. prison breaks, about 100 deaths, growing calls for the president to resign. day six of the chaos in cairo. >> i think you guys should all stay together. get out as soon as you can, the message to americans in egypt. the bay area student caught in the crisis. and the next bay area city considering a plastic bag ban. good evening. i'm ann national ranch low. in egypt, president mubarak still clings to power and protesters flooded the streets for the sixth straight day. foreigners are trying frantically to get out. here's the latest. >> reporter: egyptian government fighter jets roared low over cairo, minutes before
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a mandatory curfew sunday. but thousands of protesters remained outside, demonstrating into the night. opposition leader dr. mohammed el bar day joined them, echoing their calls for president mubarak to step down after 30 years in power. it was a long day of cleanup after looters armed with guns and sticks broke into stores and burned vehicles overnight. [ foreign language ] >> reporter: state tv showed what it says are dozens of inmates captured after they broke out of prison, but many more are still free. tanks guarded cairo's museum, where the famous king tut exhibit and ancient mum mes are on display, after looters tried to storm in saturday. the state department issued a travel warning sunday for american citizens in egypt, recommending they leave as soon as possible. now, the u.s. embassy in egypt says it's making arrangements to begin flying americans out monday. secretary of state hillary clinton urged mubarak's government to maintain law and order, but to protect the
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rights of peaceful protesters to express themselves. >> what we are focused on now is a transition that will meet the needs of the egyptian people and that will truly establish democracy. >> reporter: the military has built a gap for police forces, which are now just returning to the streets. so far, the armed forces have not cracked down on peaceful protesters who say they won't leave until mubarak resigns. in new york, cbs news. >> as you just heard, the state department is making arrangements to evacuate the estimated 50,000 americans in egypt, but communication to egypt is spotty and people with family members there are concerned. anne mackovic talked to parents of a student who is stuck in cairo. >> you've got food, you've got water. i think you guys should all stay together. >> reporter: motherly advice sent halfway across the world. her daughter sarah is a student in downtown cairo, where violence is widespread, and phones are down. they finally made contact
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yesterday. >> are you okay? the first thing she said, i'm fine. then she kind of launched right into a recap of the few days before. >> reporter: including being tear gassed on her way home. she barely left her apartment since. >> the advice was, you know, be aware of what's going on. find out as much as you can, and stay safe. this is just -- be prepared for the long haul. >> and leave your 16 handbags and 10 hats and knitting behind, because we want you to get out of there quickly. >> trying to get a feel from her whether she was willing to evacuate. >> reporter: but information has been difficult to come by. tv news has been intermittent. cell phones and internet service have been down for days. >> you know, keep trying the internet. we heard there was a shred of internet. trying to figure out if you can just keep trying. >> reporter: the only way they are able to talk right now is through skype mobile. >> the single biggest frustration is the lack of internet, phone, and the
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inability to get information even from the state department. >> reporter: now the word is the u.s. embassy will evacuate americans. >> if someone put me on a bus to the airport right now, i would probably stay where i am. >> reporter: hunker down. >> i want her to be safe and i'm ready to pluck her out of there if i can, but that's beyond our control. >> love you and talk to you soon. >> okay, love you, too. stay safe. bye-bye. >> bye. >> reporter: anne mackovic, cbs 5. contra costa county firefighters are on the scene of a refinery fire in rodeo drive about 2:30 today. the company is not saying what substance is leaking. there is thick black smoke coming from the refinery, but it's not clear if that's from a fire. there are no injuries or reports of evacuations at this time. the faa is investigating the cause of a plane crash that injured two people in southern california. the twin engine plane crashed into a house shortly after
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taking off from big bear airport early this morning. the pilot was able to get himself out of the plane and was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. one person in the house had minor injuries. a crowded fight outside a bar ended in deadly gunfire. police say 20-year-old eric lynn smith, jr. was shot and killed in front of a bar on sacramento street. another man survived being shot in the stomach. no arrests yet. the poetive for the shooting, still unclear. other bay area headlines, the man shot and killed by oakland police yesterday is now identified. officers responding to a harassment call on cats street say matthewstein came out of a house and pointed what they thought was an assault rifle at them. that's when officers opened fire. the weapon turned out to be fake. several investigations are ongoing. this was oakland's third deadly officer-involved shooting in a week. daily city might be the
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next to ban plastic bags. a city councilman will pose the ban on february 14. bags are already been banned in san francisco and san jose, prohibiting most clothing stores from distributing plastic bags. if the ban is approved, it would be a first for daly city. just before 2:30 this afternoon, a magnitude 2.5 earthquake 2 mills east of danville. this morning, a 3.2 centered northwest of danville. a 2.4 after shock followed in the same location. no reports of damage. but we did have scattered showers across the bay area today. will things clear up soon, lawrence? >> i've had a couple of people tell me the rain woke them up in the bay area, as we had pretty good showers rotating through. but things are winding down. lot of that moisture beginning to slide a little further to the south. there are pretty good pockets
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out there, most pulling out of the bay area. things settling down throughout the evening. tell you what, we got very impressive totals around the bay area. check out these numbers from the automated weather site. inch and a half in boulder creek. mill valley, almost inch and a half of rain. over an inch in woodside. san jose checking in at almost an inch of rain. so the big question is, so what are the totals compared to normal now? we'll talk about that and do we have anymore rain coming our way? more coming up in just a few minutes, dan. back to you. >> lawrence, thank you. solving california's financial crisis will be the focus of governor jerry brown's first state of the state message tomorrow. the governor is expected to repeat his call for a ballot measure to extend temporary tax increases for five years. he's asking for a special election this summer. mr. brown says that without the tax extensions, education, health, and welfare programs will suffer even deeper cuts. he spent 40 years behind bars because of the color of
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for a man who stood up to injustice during world war two. a special day and a special honda for a man who stood up to injustice during world war ii. linda yee tells us about the special tribute. >> reporter: fred coramatsu did not live long enough to see this day, but his family and friends who helped him fight for justice say it's never too late. >> daddy, i know you're with us! [ applause ] >> look down, see all these people that come to honor and celebrate you!
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happy birthday! >> i didn't think -- >> reporter: when he went to prison for refusing to go to an internment camp during world war ii, his crime, being japanese. he knew as an american it was a violation of civil rights. 40 years later, his conviction was finally overturned and his 1998, he was award the presidential medal of freedom. so what would have been his 92nd birthday today is now recognized as his official day in california. >> sad and happy at the same time. i think that the opportunity for education, which was so important to my father is, is really what was important, and we need to get this story in all the schools. >> reporter: 500 teachers in schools around the state are teaching his story to the children. >> we stand up for his rights! >> reporter: three schools are named for him. ninth grader andre alexander
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goes to one of them and is inspired by this new civil rights hero. >> one of the best i've ever heard, process, not with violence. one person can make a difference, even if it takes 40 years. >> reporter: civil rights leader the reverend jesse jackson called koramatsu a civil rights leader, much like martin luther king and nelson mandela. >> we can all learn from fred, his willingness to sacrifice and suffer for a cause greater than himself. >> and that was linda yee reporting. a festive chinese lunar new year celebration in oakland today. n]♪ the lunar new year is thursday, but today people who wanted to celebrate early got a chance to celebrate, and lots of great traditional food. lunar new year is one of the most importantly traditional chinese holidays where people reconcile, forget all grudges, and sincerely wish peace and happiness for everyone. well, nearly 100,000 square
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today for the annual w well, looking for a good deal for a good cause? head to oakland today for the annual white elephant sale. shoppers had 96,000 square feet of items to choose from. money raised goes to the
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oakland museum. over the past 52 years, more than $16 million has been raised to benefit the museum. today was a preview sale where people paid a donation to shop early. the sale will be held march 6 and 7. a movie influenced by the exorcist is topped at the box office. the rite earned $15 million this weekend. the warner bros. film starred anthony hopkins, playing an american priest who goes to italy to attend an exorcism class. no strings attach moved to 7, 13.7 million. the mechanic and green hornet tied for third. an intense week in the theaters, getting a bump from its dozen oscar nominations, the king's speech rounds out the top five. lawrence, seems like people were better able to deal with the rains today, at least on the roads. >> and by afternoon, it started to break up and we started to
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see more sun. some places over an inch of rainfall. looks like things are coming to an end. let's take you out there right now. not bad over the city, skies beginning to break. still a lot of clouds over part of the east bay. showers winding down, as doppler radar picking up that activity, but most heads to the south. slowly dragging its way out of the bay area, now making its way southward toward the monterrey bay area, all the way down into southern california, seeing rainfall there. this storm system, just about done, then looks like back to dry weather around the bay area. very impressive for today for a while, strong cells moving on through. reports of a couple of lightning strikes as the system moved by. the core of the low sweeping through the bay area. tomorrow, back to patchy fog in the valley, then lots of sunshine into the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow probably in the 50s and 60s. a little warmer outside. that will be a sign of things to come.
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how about the rainfall totals? the official site from the national weather service, we had 0.28 in hayward. almost three quarters in liver more, about a third in san francisco. what about where we sit now? had a lot of rain to begin the season, then dried out. still running 114% of normal. 105% in san francisco, also in oakland, trailing in san jose at 77% of normal. outside, still looking at temperatures on the cool side in spots. 49 degrees in concord. 49 in liver more, 53 in san jose. looks like a ridge of high pressure will build into the bay area. we've got a cold air mass right behind this system. tonight, temperatures will get chilly and we could see patchy valley fog beginning to develop. this ridge starts to build in and we'll see major warmups, towards the middle of the week and the weekend. overnight lows, chilly in spots. we're talking down 30s, near
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freezing in places like santa rosa. 33 for an overnight low, 35 in napa, 34 in liver more, 40 in san jose. numbers by day tomorrow, mainly in the 50s and low 60s in the south bay. east bay also climbing after a couple of patches fog early on, mainly into the 50s. north bay, a little downslope wind. temperatures into the low 60s. back to dry weather after rainy weather last night and today. looks like dry weather for the foreseeable future, as high pressure builds in. these temperatures, looking towards next weekend, get this, we could be talking about 70s in the bay area. >> oh, my gosh! >> next weekend should be beautiful. >> nice. thank you for having it fall on a saturday. >> there we go. dennis, you get a little bit of everything today, don't you? >> yeah, i sat on the couch for a few hours watching golf. with tory pines gets rolling, big guys show up, that's the beginning of golf season. phil mickelson in the middle of a great finish on the pga tour. and the experience of
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defeat, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open. minister of england has a british man . andy murra not since stanley baldwin was the prime minister of england has a british man won a grand slam. andy murray had his third shot, facing novak djokovic. djokovic attacks with a couple of great play's. murray takes the set 6-4. that was the turning point.
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djokovic wins 7 straight games, up 5-2 in the second. murray appears to have control, but wicked cross-court shots from djokovic and the finisher, taking the set 6-2. murray has played in three grand slam finals. he hasn't won a set, not a set. djokovic brilliant back hand, line winner. djokovic becomes the fourth winner to win multiple majors, also won the aussie in 2008, beating his good friend in straight sets. after the match, djokovic was in a giving mood, tossing his shirt, then later his shoes into the crowd. warriors longest home stand in decades produced three straight losses. hate to say this is a critical game, but they need to stop the bleeding fast. hosting the jazz tonight, it will be without their great point guard darrent williams. apparently still bad blood between the celtics and lakers.
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kevin garnett stitched up, and returns. 41 points tonight, zero assists. that's almost impossible, seriously. sharing a ball isn't a problem? rondo lobs it up to kg for his 16 assists. boston beat l.a. nhl added a wringle to its all-star game this year. not east versus west. instead, team captains trapped in the all-stars. new format, still no defense. never is here. limb lynn strom in blue beats hometown hero stall. 11-10. chicago's patrick sharp is named the mvp. more skating, u.s. men's figure skating championship, brian bradley had a big league going to the preskate, blew the landing on a pair of quad jumps, but clean the rest of the way. his free skate was only the
5:55 pm
fourth best, but it was enough to win, ending abbott's two- year reign. last night on the women's side, great drama, great story, great skating. 23-year-old alyssa sisney bounced back from a 10th place finish a year ago to win her second career national title, edging defending champion rachel flat. golf, tiger woods began much like his 2010 season ended. he finished the farmers insurance open just one stroke under par, 15 off the lead. torrey pines in san diego, the jacket, bowls of soup apparently. it was a battle of lefties down the stretch. phil mickelson's approach on 17. oh, struggled to within 4 feet. he would birdie the hole to close within a stroke of bubba watson. watson on the 18th hole was in trouble, got out of the sand. does this putt have enough? yes! a birdie by watson put him up two on mickelson and then
5:56 pm
mickelson from the 18th. he would need to sink this to force the tie. look at how close he came. rolling back, rolling back, runs out of steam. and that seals the victory for watson who wins his second time on the pga tour. >> how special is this? >> means a lot. >> take your time. >> you know, every one is special, because we don't know if we're going to have them or not. so i'm probably going to cry all day, just like i did last time. my dad's not here, so mom, i love you! anthony classic in dublin, 36th career title, defeated in the semifinals by patrick allen, knocking off weber by 6 pins. faces another lefty in the finals, sim nellie. [ cheers & applause ] >> thank you, dublin! thank you! >> at least one lefty won.
5:57 pm
earl anthony would have been proud, his first career title. x games, women's skier x 4 down the mountain, same time, incredible finish! >> can she hold it together! at the line! >> paying the price for a victory, first to cross the line, but lands hard and knocked down on her skiis. she was down for a while,, but okay. >> both those women, great job. thank you, dennis. well, it has been called a vital link and one of san francisco's biggest investments in transit. it's a massive construction project that's just about to get under way. when things will get started and the busy areas affected. a live report in half an hour on eyewitness news at 6:30. that's it at 5:30. back here in half an hour. good night. ,, ,,
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