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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  February 1, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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sfo as stranded americans begin coming home. >> calling for a ban. the fight to eliminate phone books in one bay area city. >> and looking outside this morning, dense fog advisory is up for many locations here. we'll see a clearing trend through the day as temperatures warm again. >> new troubles for the south bay commute, dealing with bart delays. the top traffic trouble spots coming up. >> good morning. thanks so much for joining on this tuesday, the 1st day of february. i'm sydnie kohara. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. time now is 6:00. hundreds of thousands of egyptians have taken over the street of cairo this morning calling today's rally the march of millions. protestors are demanding an end to the egyptian president hosni mubarak's 30-year rule. the military pledged not to fire on protest. we have just learned that
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jordan's royal palace says king abdullah has sacked his government in the wake of street protests. and the unrest in egypt appears to have spurred the palestinian government to take action. they have just announced they will hold local council elections as soon as possible. the palestinian authority has not held elections since 2006. and the u.s. state department is working to get americans out of egypt. sharon chin is at san francisco international airport where some evacuees will arrive there today. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: good morning. we are expecting to see some of these first evacuees arrive at sfo tonight out of a flight from germany. now, today the u.s. is trying to evacuate 1400 more americans from egypt. the state department says 1200 americans have already left egypt on government chartered planes bound for cyprus, greece and turkey. as countries scramble to get
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their citizens out, passengers report shoving matches and fights at airports. here in the bay area, muslims and those with family in egypt are watching. they wonder who will come into power if the u.s.-supported president hosni mubarak is ousted. one of the strongers political opposition groups is the muslim brotherhood, a pro-islamic organization which ties to hamas. >> the chance that this becomes another iran an enemy of the united states? >> well, that is always an issue. we don't know the future. but this revolution is not a religious revolution. >> reporter: the exodus of foreigners from egypt continues today. and once again tonight we are expecting to see some of those first evacuees from cairo arrive later on tonight at sfo. and i bet they have some stories to tell us. elizabeth? >> okay, sharon chin live for us near sfo. thank you, sharon. and we have just learned
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state department ordered evacuation of all nonemergency u.s. government personnel from egypt. so of course we'll continue to follow this big story. it is 6:03. the san jose city council could decide today on a new police chief. it will be a closed meeting. the city manager is pushing for chris moore to get the job. moore has been acting chief since rob davis retired last fall. the "mercury news" reports some community activists are opposed to moore because of issues involving the immigrant and minority communities. governor jerry brown says california is facing a real and unprecedented crisis with a $25 billion budget deficit. and he wants to ask state voters to weigh in on what to do about it. >> at this moment of extreme difficulty it behooves us to turn to the people and get a clear mandate on how to proceed either to extend tax as i firmly believe or to cut deeply into the programs from which,
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under federal law, we can still extract the sums required. >> the governor is calling for a special election in june to consider extending temporary taxes for five more years. that would take support from some republicans to put the issue on the ballot. >> republicans stand united as the only line of defense for california taxpayers. we believe the best solution to help close our deficit is not by raising taxes but by creating private sector jobs. that is done by lifting regulations and by reducing frivolous lawsuits. assembly republican leader connie conway says california voters have already made it clear they don't want to pay higher taxes. a daly city councilmember will go on trial in march for fraud charges. maggie gomez is facing 16 felony charges. "the examiner" reports that she allegedly filed a workers' compensation claim in 2005 and lied about the extent of her
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injuries. she has pleaded not guilty. gomez was just re-elected to her third term in november. do you want all those phone books you probably find stacked up on your doorstep? christin ayers is in san francisco which might actually become the first city to ban the delivery of those yellow pages. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they are big, they're bulky and the city of san francisco argues no one really uses them anymore. we're of course talking about the yellow pages. the board of supervisors president david chiu is proposing an ordinance that would make it illegal to deliver the yellow pages to your door unless you specifically request it. the city says the move would cut down on landfill waste and get rid of a relic in the internet age. but the yellow pages trade association says the ban would rob small businesses of a powerful advertising resource. >> i think the yellow pages were a very relevant tool in
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the 20th century. >> it serves no one's interest to deliver a book that you're not going to use but to choke off to an advertising medium for thousands of san francisco small businesses we think is unwise. >> reporter: the yellow pages trade association did meet with mayor ed lee yesterday and are waiting to hear the language of the ordinance today to see if it meets their needs. i think a lot of san franciscans will be waiting to see whether or not they show up on their doorsteps. >> i haven't looked at mine in years. all right. christin ayers live for thus morning in san francisco, thank you. 6:06. you wake up and the first thing some of you might see out there is a lot of fog so let's get a check of weather. jim, tell us about the weather. >> it's fuzzy this morning. we have a dense fog advisory in the north bay into the central valley. a lot of dense nothing that direction, as well. so travel with caution. visibility is reduced to less than a quarter mile in some areas. that will give way to more sunshine by this afternoon as
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an offshore breeze develops, slight warmup, nothing dramatic today. more warming due by the end of the week into the low 70s. we'll talk about that later on. right now we are going to talk about traffic with gianna. >> it's busy. we have a couple things going on in the south bay. new reports of an accident northbound 101 at mckie blocking two right lanes. no injuries. second accident with injuries north 101 at 880. chp is headed to the scene. that second accident is blocking one of the right lanes. if you are taking 880 itself, the connector at 237 in milpitas is actually looking fairly light so far, so good through there this morning. now, we are dealing with some bart delays, 10 to 15 minutes heading into the pittsburg-bay point direction also colma to sfo, due to police activity at civic center. antioch bridge loading up a bit but you can actually see the freeway so the fog as lifted
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there. back to you. >> thank you. a new day of unrest and protests in egypt. coming up, we are going to have a live report from cairo's main square. plus, higher tolls, less traffic. the plans for two bay area bridges and the evidence to prove it works. and how about this deal? free pizza on super bowl sunday? we'll tell you who is giving it out every 45 seconds.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year.
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feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. dense fog advisory up around the bay this this morning. it will give way to warmer sunshine in the afternoon. continuing our coverage of the crisis in egypt, cbs radio reporter is on the ground in cairo. she joins us by phone right now. good morning, vicki. what are you seeing out there? >> i am seeing tahrir square absolutely jammed with people. this square, it's actually a circle and all of the streets, the thoroughfares feeding into it are absolutely packed. so it looks like a starfish, a
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giant starfish. i'm seeing banners and chanting. there is no centerpiece. there is no forum, no stage, no place where speakers talk down at the people. instead, it's like a free-for- all of different groups of people chanting and cheering and marching. it's quite an extraordinary sight. >> can you describe the people who are there? we hear they are from all walks of life. >> reporter: they are. i can't remember where i have seen anything like this, less alone in the middle east. i have seen western-educated, articulate middle class bankers with their arms around working class fundamentalist muslims both saying, we respect each other, we want to live together in a society where we get to choose, we get to choose what the government, we get to choose who our judges should be. it is extraordinary how many
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different potential factions there could be. they seem to be speaking with a unified voice. they are absolutely focused on getting hosni mubarak out. >> vicki, we have just learned that the state department ordered evacuations of nonemergency u.s. government personnel. we heard the local airport there described as a zoo. is there a real rush to get out of the area right now. >> reporter: i would say the rush began over the weekend when the protests were still relatively small. but the civil unrest and the disorder and the looting was pretty great and i must say unrestrained by the local security forces. i have to say, it is very dangerous to go out at night now. there has been looting. there has been violence. the protestors insist it isn't them, it isn't part of their protest. in fact, they accuse the government of opening up the
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prisons and allowing criminals out to pillage and loot to discredit the movement. certainly, evacuation of americans began yesterday. they were going to be evacuating as many as 2500 more if, you know, if they -- if demand you know, called for that. but the fact of the matter is, there are approximately 90,000 u.s. citizens believed to be living and working and traveling in egypt. so the number who have requested emergency evacuation is very small minority. >> thank you, vicki for the update. vicki barker with cbs radio on the ground in cairo, egypt giving us an update. vicki, stay safe. >> reporter: thank you. a top google executive we understand is missing in egypt amid the widespread protests. he is the head of marketing for the middle east and north africa. he reportedly traveled to cairo for a conference but has not
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been seen since last friday. a friend says he wasn't political but had been tweeting about the crisis in egypt. we want to let you know you can count on us for the latest development on the crisis in egypt. find updates anytime on our website. it's now all right. time now is 6:15. >> problem solved. the glitch oakland's mayor should never happen again with the police department. >> the waiting game continues. cal's latest decision on keeping three sports programs alive. >> and troubles in san jose injury accident blocking lanes northbound 101. details on that coming up in just a few minutes. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dense fog advisory from the north bay into the central valley this morning. we'll look for the fog advisory to continue through 10 a.m. conditions are expected to improve thereafter. and we will have a few delays at the airport today mainly due to weather across the country. as we see the low clouds and fog clearing out through the afternoon, northerly winds and offshore breeze will help warm
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things up a degree or two. more dramatic warming at the end of the week. the high pressure system becomes our dominant weather feature. winds in an offshore direction out of the north will prevail through the rest of the week. as a result, our temperatures are going to be warming up. not so much today, but coming into the week. today will be up a degree or two over yesterday's temperatures still in the upper 50s on the peninsula, low 60s elsewhere in and around the south bay as well as over in the east bay. we'll look for the low 60s to prevail after the morning fog gives way to plenty of afternoon sunshine. north bay could see some mid- to low-60s. a big warmup heads our way by the end of the week into the weekend and oh, my we're back into the 70s here this weekend as we remain dry for the rest of this week and into and through next week from the looks of things. so while the rest of the country looks at blizzard conditions, we'll languish underneath this warm and dry pattern. right now, let's check in on traffic with gianna. >> i have some better news to
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report. bart delays have been cleared. all 50 trains are now on time. no troubles on the rest of mass transit. northbound 101 at julian mckie, traffic backing up due an accident. back to alum rock at this point. give yourself some extra time. if you are working your way along 280, northbound not too bad. traffic not too bad through downtown san jose. just a little bit of extra volume there. over to the altamont pass we go, first report of an accident westbound 580 at livermore. all the activity is on the right shoulder but it is involving a motorcycle and we have reports of injuries, as well. so you're going to see slight delays past the scene. slow from grant line to airway. also pretty slow and go through antioch. your tap of the brake lights from a street to somersville. dealing with fog advisories this morning. richmond/san rafael bridge, a limited visibility across the span as well as the carquinez bridge so use caution through there. golden gate bridge has been a foggy spot this morning. we are still seeing hazy conditions across the span there but overall traffic light
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through the portion. bay bridge checking in problem- free. metering lights are still off just some extra volume as you approach the toll plaza. remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. toll prices may go up on the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. the goal, to ease congestion. the plan appears to be working on the bay bridge where traffic has dropped 15% during the busier times. the higher tolls could go into effect asker as this fall. also overnight the retrofit problem started on the dumbarton bridge. prepare to see lane closures between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. weekdays. the glitch is fixed. no more radio problems for the oakland police department. that is the word from mayor jean quan. it's in response to a high- speed case last week. officers could not communicate with police dispatchers. mayor quan said the problem was
6:22 am
fixed with a software reset. 6:22. how about this? free pizza on super bowl sunday? >> sounds good to me. sign me up. the promotion to watch for this weekend. >> plus, fighting road rage. the stepped-up efforts in one bay area city to crack down on speeders. ,, ,, [ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool.
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good morning. fog advisories on some of our bay area bridges including the richmond/san rafael bridge. delays in san jose for an accident and new trouble on the altamont pass. all of that coming up in traffic just minutes away. thank you. there is still suspense about the future of three sports programs at cal university. the self-imposed deadline came and went yesterday. men's baseball, women's lacrosse and both gymnastics teams are on the chopping block. an announcement will be made in the next 10 days after evaluating the level of commitment from donors. you can be a winner on super bowl sunday. papa johns is giving away 45 gift cards every 45 seconds. this applies to pies ordered online starting at 10:00 on sunday. meantime, papa john's says it's going to be shipping 350,000 pounds of pepperoni to distribution centers. domino's expects to deliver 9 million slices on big game day.
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and pizza hut plans to use 1200 tons of dough to make all of its pizzas on sunday. >> and those are your pizza fun facts. [ laughter ] >> we'll have your heartburn fun facts on monday. >> exactly. exactly. 6:26. coming up a health alert at a south bay elementary school. >> how the sudden death of a teacher has the campus taking extra precautions. evacuating americans from egypt. those expected to be back in the bay area tonight. that's coming up. a jell-o yellow book ban delivery in san francisco. how one group says it could hurt business. >> fog will clear out through the afternoon as winds pick up out of the north and temperatures warm. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning. it is tuesday, february 1. i'm elizabeth wenger. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks for joining us. your time is coming up on 6:30. right now, more than a quarter million egyptians are flooding into cairo's main square. this is the largest demonstration so far against egyptian president hosni mubarak. so far, the protest has been peaceful. people chanting and singing nationalist songs. the egyptian military has promised not to use any violence against those
6:30 am
demonstrators but authorities have shut down all roads and public transportation to cairo. less than 30 minutes ago, the u.s. state department ordered the evacuation of all nonemergency government personnel from egypt. thousands of other american civilians are being evacuated as we speak. sharon chin tells us that escaping the uprising though is going to be no easy task, especially now that that nonemergency personnel is added to the list. sharon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sydnie. yes, some of the first evacuees from even egypt we should see here tonight from sfo they have gone from cairo to germany. that german flight should be arriving a little after 7:00 tonight. meantime we are told that evacuating from the cairo airport is nothing less than being an absolute zoo. the u.s. embassy expects to flight out 1400 more americans today, perhaps even more than that. more than 1200 americans got on chartered planes yesterday. they went from cairo to cyprus,
6:31 am
athens and istanbul. passengers say the terminals are full of people who are panicking and both staff and passengers are having a hard time getting to the cairo airport because of government- imposed curfews. now, here in the bay area those with relatives in egypt are worried and hoping. yasmeen an exchange student at uc-berkeley says her family in egypt is fine but she is upset about that u.s. response to the uprising. she says the movement is about democracy and not religion and getting rid of the egyptian president. >> not a single islamist slogan in the demonstration. just to hold accountable those who did wrongdoing against the egyptians. >> reporter: the u.s. has supported egyptian president hosni mubarak for decades. one concern is what kind of leader will rise to power if he is ousted. now concern getting the
6:32 am
stranded americans out. once again tonight we are hoping to see some of the first evacuees come back here home to the bay area and land at sfo. and i'm sure they will have many interesting first accounts to tell. >> thank you, sharon chin at sfo international airport. a palo alto elementary school is taking extra precautions after a teachers sudden death. a teacher died over the weekend after being hospitalized with an infection from cold symptoms. tests are being done to learn the cause of his death. some people on campus are taking antibiotics in case the man had meningitis. the school has sent out a letter to parents and is providing counseling to the students there. the licensing of a large- scale pot farm comes up again for a vote tonight in the oakland city council. it would link farms to dispensaries. previous attempts have run into legal problems but there is a
6:33 am
plan to allow five new dispensaries in oakland with their own farms off site. desley brooks wants to allow farms for the four dispensaries that already exist, as well. the proposal would cap the size of each farm at 50,000 square feet. it is 6:33. for a lot of you, the sun is hiding behind a big wall of fog right now. but it's all going to change, right, jim? >> it i, by this afternoon. right now dense fog advisory for most of the bay area here. travel with caution as visibilities are reduced to a quarter mile or less in those pockets of fog. temperatures going up one or two degrees today still in the low 60s for most locations, warmer temperatures heading our way for the end of the week into the weekend as we see this high pressure system continue to prevail with a nice offshore flow developing. but right now we are going to check in with gianna and get the latest on traffic. >> thank you, jim. right now let's head over to the bay bridge toll plaza where they have just activated the
6:34 am
metering lights just about a couple of minutes ago. you can see traffic is starting to build at least to the first overpass. you will see some extra congestion up the incline and the upper deck but typical morning commute. if you are working your way through san jose northbound 101 backed up to 280/680 at this point. we had an earlier accident at julian mckie, out of the road now but the damage is done slow and go in the area. use an alternate. if you are headed through the altamont pass accident westbound 580 at north livermore. motorcycle involved, minor injuries reported. some slight spectator slowing as you approach the scene. you can see traffic, though, backed up anyway through the altamont pass. slow from grant line to airway. dealing with fog advisories on the bay area bridges. carquinez bridge and richmond/san rafael bridge as well as the golden gate bridge, foggy. back to you. >> thank you. red light cameras, lifesavers or accident causers? today the insurance institute for highway safety comes out with a study that says those
6:35 am
cameras have cut fatal crashes by 24% in 14 large cities. the institute says the cameras help remind drivers that red means stop. but the national motorists association disagrees. it says previous studies show the cameras increase the number of crashes. beginning today, santa cruz county will enforce a plan to fight aggressive driving. the stepped-up patrols will last through the end of february. officers will focus on roadways where there have been complaints of road rage. that includes speeding violations and texting while driving. 6:35. too many phone books thrown away, too few being used. christin ayers is in san francisco, where supervisors might decide to actually ban the mass deliveries of those yellow pages. good morning. >> reporter: you may never find another one of these on your doorstep in san francisco again if this city has its way with
6:36 am
that ordinance. board of supervisors president david chiu said that about 1.6 million of these phone books are delivered yearly, enough to stack up to the transamerica building three times. he proposes and ordinance that bans delivering the books unless specifically specifically asked for. the trade association calls it unconstitutional because it targets a specific industry and they dispute any notion that the book is a 20th century relic. >> current five to ten-pound books of yellow pages is really an obsolete tool. >> certainly our companies have diversified to providing local search information through print advertising, through mobile applications, through online yellow pages, so small businesses are using a variety of means to market themselves. and print still provides a high return on investment for them.
6:37 am
>> reporter: we'll hear the language for the proposal later today. we do know already that the yellow pages could be fined up to $500 each for each unsolicited delivery. back to you. >> thank you, christin ayers in san francisco. the san jose city council could decide today on a new police chief. that closed-door meeting starts at 10:00 this morning. the city manager wants acting chief chris moore to get the job. the city council is expected to interview moore today and then vote on giving him the job. and you can expect a big announcement this week from oakland's top cop. chief anthony batts says he will let oakland mayor jean quan by the end of the week if he is going to remain as chief. batts had applied to become police chief in san jose but didn't get the job. he says he has concerns about the support and resources being provided to the oakland police department, although he was encouraged that the mayor
6:38 am
agreed to bring back 10 police officers laid off last july. time now 6:37. a major winter blizzard disrupts travel plans across the country. how the ice storm could affect super bowl sunday. you're so vain you probably think this story is about you ♪ we all not song but one bay area city is living up to the words. elizabeth lives there. >> i know. i agree this. >> the vainest city in the country coming up. and the market opened about 10 minutes ago. let's get a check on the early numbers. it's up in the early going. we'll get an update from jason brooks with kcbs and after the break. ,, ,,,,
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in silicon valley. and the situation is even more urgent for google three turmoil in egypt is scrambling plans of some of the big companies in silicon valley and the situation is more urgent for google because one of its executives is missing in cairo. kcbs radio's matt bigler reports. >> reporter: yeah there's been a huge disruption in technology company services in egypt not so much because of the protests
6:42 am
but because of the almost countrywide internet outage that happened shortly after the protest started. cisco systems in san jose closed its cairo offices and hp is asking its employees in egypt to temporarily work from home if they can find a working phone line. the most serious impact is on google which has lost contact with its mild east and north african head of marketing last heard from last week when he tweeted he was sleeping on the streets of cairo during the demonstration. we talked to a specialist in outsortsing saying that it's raising eyebrows in the tech community especially when it comes to where to outsource service. >> people have stop thinking about political risk and this is really re-opening that concern. people will start to look much more closely now about where
6:43 am
their work is being delivered. >> reporter: until recently egypt had been considered one of the safest places for tech companies to base operations, to do some outsourcing but all of that is being reconsidered. the future of egypt as a technology hub is anything but certain. i'm matt bigler in san jose for cbs 5. >> thank you, matt. 6:43. a major winter storm is blasting states across the u.s. with lots of snow and ice. this bitter weather is expected to reach all the way from the rockies to new england. many flights, arrivals and departures from sfo are delayed. it is best if you call ahead. we understand that the dallas/fort worth international airport has just re-opened after icy runways forced that major air hub to close for about an hour. but they only have one runway open. despite that the texas ice storm, the nfl is sticking to its super bowl schedule. all those sports writers are going to have to get up and
6:44 am
brave the cold and ice. an nfl spokesman sent out a twitter message saying that media activities at cowboys stadium will go on as planned all in anticipation of super bowl sunday. jim, we are so lucky around here. what are we going to be up in the 60s? >> yeah. we'll suffer through the 60s again today. keep in mind the super bowl is played in a dome so it won't affect the game. they may have rain sunday but no snow and ice. that will move off to the rest of the country where they will be looking at a groundhog day storm here for tomorrow. here, dense fog advisory through 10 a.m., some delays at sfo likely to develop through the day due to the weather across the country. fog giving way to mostly sunny skies, plenty of sunshine, breezy offshore conditions developing here as that high pressure system parks off the west coast. we'll see northerly winds pick up through the day helping to clear out the fog and beginning
6:45 am
the warming trend. it will continue through the week here as we look for a degree or two bump in temperatures today. low 60s prevailing throughout the south bay. mid- to low-60s out across the north bay here by this afternoon. as the offshore flow develops tonight into tomorrow, we'll see warmer temperatures develop through the end of the week and my goodness look at there, by super bowl sunday, we'll be looking at mid- to low-70s across and around the bay area here as we continue dry and mild through this week into if not through next week, as well. right now, here's gianna with an update on your traffic. >> and we're seeing lots of delays at the bay bridge. the metering lights are on. you're backed up almost to 880 at this point. extra slow on the eastshore freeway commute, 21 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. accident at the dumbarton bridge near the toll plaza. i'll have details on that
6:46 am
coming up. in san jose tough all morning. two separate accidents working northbound 101 at julian, backed up all the way to hellyer if not beyond at this point. slow through that portion. but you can see 60 miles per hour here on guadalupe parkway. that's a much better choice instead of 101 this morning. here's a live look at 280 where traffic actually is seeing extra volume northbound through downtown san jose. westbound 580 at first street clearing a motorcycle accident out of the center divide. west 580 slow anyway. you're on the brakes from grant line to airway. you are going to see brake lights again approaching the dublin interchange dub. antioch same story business as usual westbound 4 slow and go from a street to somersville. dealing with fog this morning, as well. golden gate bridge doesn't have a fog advisory but it's hazy across the deck. you can see traffic though is starting to load up out of marin county. accident-free south 101. no delays northbound 101 headed into petaluma. we are dealing with limited visibility. other bridges to avoid, carquinez bridge to the maze,
6:47 am
richmond/san rafael bridge, both of the bridges have advisories currently issued by chp. if you are cruising along 101 now, traffic fairly light no delays as you head towards sfo, everything is clear. northbound as you work your way along the central freeway, seeing extra volume but overall still accident-free and pretty typical this time of the morning. 101 at the peninsula not bad. 280 foggy spots so heads up. remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. speaking of the commute, crossing two bridges in the bay area might cost you more in the future. transit officials are looking at a plan to ease congestion on the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. that means higher tolls for drivers. the plan has been used on other bay area bridges. it appears to be working on the bay bridge where traffic dropped 15% during the busiest times. the higher tolls could go into effect as early as this fall.
6:48 am
more companies are out with encouraging earnings reports. here's jason brooks with kcbs and good morning, jason. we need some good news. >> yeah. good morning, elizabeth. market seems to be taking the egyptian unrest in stride for the second straight day. some very positive earnings are also helping the market propel forward. pfizer came out and said its profits quadrupled over the same quarter a year ago to 2.$9 billion. revenue up 6% to more than $17 billion. got a benefit from its acquisition of wyeth late in 2009 with the number of extra drugs on the market. also, u.p.s. was a beneficiary of a stronger holiday shopping season. its profit rose 48% to over $1.1 billion. u.p.s. is a good gauge for spending and raising its projection for this year ahead saying it will receive better revenue than 2007 when the recession started so good news there. gap north america is going to
6:49 am
have a change at the top. its president of the past 24 years is going to be stepping down. gap north america has gone through a tough couple of years. in fact, its revenue in december was down 8% compared to a year earlier, which is not good for the holiday shopping season. that compares to the gap's other two brands, banana republic up a little bit, old navy down. the gap had to deal with that logo flap. they changed the logo and within a week after hearing from angry customers, they changed back to the old style. gap says they will name hanson's successor later today. stocks right now are gaining off of those strong earnings reports. right now the dow is up by 54 points. nasdaq is gaining 21. the s&p up by 10. after a couple of huge days for oil, it is up slightly this morning. but that is really an indicator of the egyptian unrest because of the suez canal being a major shipping point for oil coming out of the middle east.
6:50 am
we have seen oil rise about $6 in the past couple of sessions. it's now at its highest point since early october of 2008. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and it is 6:50. so who is number one in the world among smart phones? google's android if you ask consumers. more than 33 million of those phones were shipped during the fourth quarter last year. nokia symbian came in second followed by apple's iphone. intel says it will cost about $1 billion to replace a defective computer chip that is in some of its computers. the company found the design flaw in its core i-5 and core i- 7. it shipped 8 million defective ships but fully assembled pcs for the chips have been on sale only since january 9. but they say that overall revenue is going to be higher for them. so we'll see how it affects their bottom line. new teeth whitening products hitting the market
6:51 am
offering a do-it-yourself alternative to dental procedures. whitening floss contains silica and abrasive that helps take away surface stains and wine and pearly wipes are little pads that are moistened whitening ingredients like baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. they get a vote of confidence from a dentist. >> i wouldn't expect to have a big whitening effect but it is a good way to clean your teeth after a meal. >> whitening treatments from a dentist probably are still the most effective but the inexpensive floss and wipes are available online and will hit store shelves soon. the song you're so vain ♪ sydnie sings it better, that song could have been written about at least one bay area city. san francisco has been named the vainest city in the country. that is according to the daily beast. the rankings are based on time spent in the spa, the gym or on personal care products. san francisco spent the most in
6:52 am
monthly personal care. it also had the largest percentage of people who are not overweight and go to a gym. rounding out the top 5 are boston, new york, los angeles, that one is not a surprise but this one kind of, hartford, connecticut. >> what do you think, you live in san francisco. >> i do. >> i don't think you're vain. >> i think there are a lot of single people in san francisco that have a lot of time to spend at the gym and -- a lot of money to burn on getting manicures and looking good and personal care products and feeling good. >> yeah. 6:52. it's egypt's largest protest yet. more than a quarter million people have taken over cairo. the latest efforts to control the crowds and an update from sfo on when stranded americans will finally make it home. >> got a story idea or comment you would like to share with us? email a quarter of a million people,
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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seven years ago, i had this idea. to make baby food the way moms would. happybaby strives to make the best organic baby food. in a business like ours, personal connections are so important. we use our american express open gold card to further those connections. last year we took dozens of trips
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using membership rewards points to meet with the farmers that grow our sweet potatoes and merchants that sell our product. we've gone from being in 5 stores to 7,500. booming is using points to make connections larg ar... welcome back. a quarter of a million people have flooded the streets of cairo. this is the largest protest so far against the egyptian
6:56 am
president. but it does remain peaceful. protestors are standing shoulder to shoulder chanting and singing nationalist songs. the egyptian military has promised not to fire on the demonstrators. >> this morning, we have learned all nonemergency u.s. government personnel are under orders to leave egypt. sharon chin tells us thousands of other people including americans are trying to leave the country. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: good morning. some of the evacuees expected to arrive here from tonight from -- to sfo from germany. the state department is sending charter planes to pick up 400 more residents from cairo today. 1200 were evacuated yesterday to cyprus, greece and turkey. passengers who left are describing the airport scene as chaotic and and zoo. they report panicked people shoving matches dwindling food supplies and poorly staffed terminals as staff members are having a hard time getting to
6:57 am
the airport because of curfews and traffic jams. now, a canadian tour his who landed in germany says that some police at the gates are demanding that the passengers pay a bribe before they were allowed on the plane. some of the stories we are hearing from the evacuees. this morning we are told that the cairo airport is open but flights may be delaye because of the protests. tonight we are expecting passengers to arrive here at sfo from cairo. they have gone from cairo to germany. that flight from germany arriving a little after 7:00 tonight. yo thank you. the city of could ban the yellow pages being delivered. today san francisco supervisor david chiu will introduce legislation to outlaw unsolicited distribution of those phone books. it would allow the yellow pages to be delivered only if the company confirms you actually want one so they won't end up piled up.
6:58 am
>> they make a good doorjamb. good for stress relief to pull out the pages. [ laughter ] >> let's get one last check of your weather forecast and traffic. good morning, jim. >> good morning. and without the yellow pages, what would short anchors have to sit on? >> exactly! >> i don't know. >> looking out across the vaca cam here we see lots of blue skies. lovely sunrise taking place. we are looking back at the fog here at the central valley. fog burning off leaving us with lots of sunshine through this afternoon and the rest of the week as an offshore breeze develops keeping the fog to a minimum of through the weekend. we'll see temperatures responding nicely. 70s in the bay area by this weekend. and it looks like we are going to continue high and dry into if not through next week, as well. taking a look at our mypix for this morning:
6:59 am
thank you, henry. let's have traffic with gianna. >> to the dumbarton bridge, we have reports of an accident westbound at the toll plaza blocking lane number 6. dumbarton bridge had delays moments ago. traffic better slow and go approaching the toll plaza so they must have cleared that accident out of the road. but give yourself some extra time give. you can always use the san mateo bridge instead. it is getting busy some extra volume but we are still seeing okay speeds between 880/237 and 101. now the bay bridge is stacking up here, the metering lights on. 23 minutes on the eastshore freeway commute. backed up to grand but again it's not too bad this morning. usually at this point we see it backed up to the maze. overall though traffic fairly typical. back to you guys. >> thank you. thank you for watching cbs 5 "early edition." we'll see you ba


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