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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  February 1, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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i'm allen martin. breaking news.. this g the body of a yo good afternoon, i'm sydnie kohara. >> i'm allen martin. we begin with breaking news because this morning the body of a young boy was found in the
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same canal where crews have been searching for 4-year-old juliani cardenas. the body was found in the delta- mendota canal, that is near the town of justine, about 16 miles south of patterson just west of los banos. a worker at the canal spotted body about 7:30 this morning. so far deputies have not identified the child. they are going to wait for dna testing for that. but, the merced county sheriff's department says the clothing matches the description of what juliani was wearing when he went missing. so far, still no sign of jose rodriguez. he is the ex-boyfriend of juliani's mother and the man police say kidnapped juliani. now, a news conference is set to get under way soon in patterson the town where the boy was last seen. we will join that once it begins. but to recap what has happened over the past couple of weeks. juliani's grandmother told police the boy was taken right out of her arms by jose rodriguez. now, that was on january 18. later that day, a farm worker
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claims he saw a car matching the one driven by rodriguez going into this canal with a man and a boy inside. after pulling numerous cars out of the canal, crews did remove jose rodriguez's toyota corolla from the water last friday but the car was empty. at the time, the stanislaus county sheriff's said it was likely the bodies had been pulled downstream but just this morning crews say they found a child's body in the canal. in other news, students at an elementary school in palo alto and their parents are taking antibiotics after a teacher developed an infection and died. the illness set in fast and no one knows if it's contagious. sharon chin is at hoover elementary school where they are not taking any chances. sharon. >> reporter: yes. fifth grade teacher george flass taught school here last friday and over the weekend his cold and flu-like symptoms apparently developed into a severe infection and he died
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sunday at a hospital. here at hoover elementary school in platt, administrators notified the campus community and met with parents, staff and students on monday. they broke the news about the teacher and told them that health officers are running tests to see if he had meningococcal disease or meningitis. health officials say it's difficult to pass meningitis from person to person and not likely anyone caught it but as a precaution they offered antibiotics to families in the class and most took them. the health department told the school community that symptoms of meningitis include high fever, severe headache, stiff neck, nausea, vomiting, discomfort looking into bright lights and mental confusion. some parents say they are thankful for the information and shocked at the loss of a dear teacher. >> it was very low key, very gentle with my older son. and he was also very humorous. so my son really had a good fifth grade year when he was
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with him. yeah. it's really sad. >> reporter: the teacher had been teaching since 1994. in a letter to parents the principal said he was an uplifting vibrant teacher who will be missed. the health department stayed will continue to monitor the health of the students and the staff. they say it could be days or weeks before they get the test results confirming whether or not the teacher had meningitis. >> thank you. back to our top story now, a news conference just getting under way in patterson, where the body of a child was found this morning. let's go there live and listen in. >> ... and other procedures that we normally apply in these cases at our coroner's division. i also want to take a moment to thank and recognize some of the people that you see here standing with me today. to my left our patterson mayor luis molinena . the city of pattern son has been overwhelmingly supportive in
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their efforts, the community, community members have been side by side with us in this case in our efforts to find little juliani. to my right the patterson services police chief. she and her group have worked tirelessly in this case. even though we didn't end with a positive result, the team work, collaboration with other allied agencies, all helped us locate and bring some closure to this case, locate little juliani. to the chief's right, our fbi representative. i appreciate very much the support that the fbi has provided the stanislaus county sheriff's department and patterson police services with this investigation. and ladies and gentlemen, there are many others. the merced county sheriff's
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department and th sheriff. california department of justice. certainly the water authority and many, many others, all of you in the media that have helped us get the message out from the very moment that we issued and amber alert and started looking for little juliani. i appreciate as the sheriff very much the opportunity to work collaboratively with everyone in this community to try to bring little juliani home. at this point, i'm happy to answer any of your questions. [ inaudible ] >> my understanding is that the fbi's victim advocate is with tabitha. i'm not sure where she is at at this moment. [ inaudible question ] >> dna results take several weeks. certainly not like what you see on television. so we'll have that -- we'll send that off to the department
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of justice. we'll ask them to rush that and get it back to us. but i would say cautiously, two to three weeks. >> but there is no doubt in your mind -- >> based on the physical description and the clothing description, which matches that provided to us of our kidnapping victim. >> tell us more about who found the body -- >> miles downstream... [ inaudible ] >> as many cars as we have pulled out of that canal and as much debris as we have found in our diving operations, yes, very likely he could have been hung up somewhere before we found him today. and remember, we said early on that we thought it would be about two weeks, about 10 to 14 days because of the condition of the water, the temperature of the water, as well as the design and construction of the canal along with all of the debris that we found along the way.
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>> that is the stanislaus county sheriff speaking live in patterson confirming that the body in the canal matches that of juliani cardenas who went missing on july 18. again, confirmation has to come through dna testing but they expect to have that in a couple of weeks. we'll continue to monitor the situation as the developments happen over there and have a crew on the story bring you the latest tonight at 5:00. san jose can say it has a new police chief now. the official announcement is expected in an hour. christin ayers joins us from san jose to tell us about the final steps needed for confirmation. >> reporter: right now city officials are here inside council chambers in a closed session. they are questioning acting police chief chris moore. they will be taking a final vote any minute now and they are as you said expected to name him san jose's next top cop. the city has had nothing but praise for moore who is a veteran san jose officer. but moore's appointment won't
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come without some controversy. oakland police chief anthony batts who they claim has more experience with racial profiling issues. one activist said the needs of the community are being ignored. >> we thought that batts was the most qualified between the two. this is not about personality. this is not about the individuals. this is really about who is the most qualified candidate and is most equipped to meet the needs as expressed by the people of san jose. so we are left with a lot of question marks. >> reporter: now, the council can choose to vote against moore's appointment. that's considered unlikely. he is favored to be the top candidate. either way activists say they are willing to work with the next police chief. and they are willing to work with moore in particular. back to you. >> thank you, christin ayers in san jose. first the bay bridge, now there may be more. the latest plan to cut down on
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traffic and drive up prices for bay area commuters. >> folks should batten down the hatches and hold on. >> heavy snow, ice, bone- chilling temperatures. a full third of the country hit by this monstrous winner storm. how it could affect your travel plans. >> but it won't be hitting the bay area! we are looking for high pressure, warm and dry conditions for the next week and beyond. i'll have the details coming up in a few minutes. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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school yesterday. today police are investigating who it was a false report of an armed man at an elementary school school in oakland yesterday. today police are investigating who made that emergency call. it appears to have come from inside the school. the caller said a man was at la escuelita elementary with a rifle and walked into a
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classroom. the school immediately went on lockdown. police escorted all the students out of the classrooms but a search turned up nothing. now school district police want to know who is responsible. >> we are going to try to use some forensic techniques to identify the caller. >> the caller said he was a custodian. the evacuation lasted three hours upsetting students and parents. counselors are at the school today to help students feel safe. now, if you use the san mateo or the dumbarton bridges, you could be soon paying more. transit officials are look at a plan to ease congestion on those two bridges. that would entail charging higher tolls for drivers at certain times. the plan is being used on other bridges in the bay area and appears to be working on the bay bridge. traffic has dropped 15% during the peak periods. the higher tolls could go into effect as early as this fall. the countdown to the super bowl is on but you don't have to wait to see some of this
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year's hottest ads. a sneak peek coming up. plus, they are big, heavy and, well, they pile up every year. the bay area city that wants to close the book on the yellow pages for good. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mubarak will be making an important speech shortly. unconfirmed reports say mubarak will announce he is not running for re-election and is dissolving parliament. this happened after a large protest to demand his ouster. demonstrators have been standing shoulder to shoulder in a demonstration that has been going on for eight days. similar demonstrations erupted in at least five other cities around egyptian. record snow, sleet, ice, brutally cold temperatures, a third of the country is getting hammered by this dangerous winter storm. thousands of flights have been cancelled across the country and it is having a ripple effect here in the bay area. at sfo numerous flights are cancelled most coming from chicago and new york. manuel gallegus reports, we can expect more of the same tomorrow. >> reporter: the storm is both
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brutal and enormous! smacking a full third of the country with a treacherous mix of winter weather. >> between the limited visibility, the amazing amounts of snow, and the brutal cold, it's really dangerous to be outside! >> reporter: states from new mexico through new england are expecting heavy snow, ice and sleet. the storm has already crippled air travel. about 7,000 flights are cancelled for today and wednesday. and road crews are working overtime spreading salt and plowing the highways. >> folks should batten down the hatches and hold on. the most likely place to get hurt is out on the road. >> reporter: here in chicago a blizzard warning goes into effect this afternoon through wednesday. two feet of snow is expected by the time it's over. residents are stocking up on supplies from food to shovels. >> there is a storm out there. whether it gets here and duchess 30" on us is up for grabs but i'm just worried about getting my car out. >> reporter: chicago residents are ready to deal with the heavy snow and freezing temperatures. but on top of that powerful wind gusts up to 60 miles an
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hour are expected bringing white-out conditions. in texas the snow is whipping sideways and right behind this front is a separate one expecting to bring even colder temperatures and a coating of ice. a freezing layer is already falling in new york. if the storm is as bad as predicted, chicago will see its third biggest snowstorm on record. manuel gallegus, cbs news, chicago. >> they are not getting a break. >> 70s? are we going to get -- >> storm after storm? >> how many more people will move to california. >> we're grateful, jim. >> we are going to hit the 70s, huh, jim? >> that's where we're headed, high and dry. stationary pattern continues across the west and as sidney was alluding to there, this is the 7th major storm for the eastern half of the country in as many weeks. while we languish under blue skies and warming temperatures. can't beat that. we see the fog clearing throughout the bay area at this hour. that trend will continue. again we do have a high pressure system parked just off
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the coast. the same pattern that kept us dry through most of january and it looks like it's back for another couple of weeks. plenty of sun this afternoon. winds will be picking up out of an offshore direction and you know what that means. that will clear the skies out even into tomorrow. some gusty winds over the bay area hills and temperatures will be warming here through the week as again we see the fog dissipating rapidly around the bay area here at this hour. we'll expect less fog tomorrow and an earlier clearing as a result of this guy right here. and the offshore winds that develop across the region. remember that rain we saw this weekend? well, it's now moving across the desert southwest and into the midsection of the country adding to the problems there that you have already heard about. we'll look for temperatures today up a degree or two from yesterday. that will put us in the low 60s for most locations. upper 50s on the peninsula. east bay more of the same as low 60s will prevail throughout the region and the north bay may see some mid-60s up there. santa rosa, petaluma area but
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warmer temperatures expected here through the remainder of the week as you will see. we'll look for mid- to upper 60s by the end of the week and there's those 70s just in time for the weekend as we continue high and dry into if not through next week. so all things compared to the east coast, this looks pretty impressive and desirable at this point. >> yeah, absolutely beautiful forecast, jim. thanks very much. it shows up at your front door but do you even bother bringing it inside? kiet do shows us one bay area politician is declaring war on yellow pages. >> reporter: the yellow pages, a pre-net relic or lifeline for small business? that all depends whose fingers do the walking. when is the last time you used the yellow pages? >> not in the past 10 years. >> reporter: san francisco is targeting the piles of phone books left on doorsteps everywhere. supervisor david chiu says if you stack the 1.6 million yellow page phone books delivered every year in the city, it would be as tall as
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300 transamerica buildings. >> i think the yellow pages were a very relevant tool in the 20th century. >> reporter: chiu says the books clog upland fills and cost up to a million dollars a year to recycle. part of his proposed ordinance would allow yellow pages to be delivered only in the company confirms you actually want one. >> the current five to ten pound book of yellow pages is really an obsolete tool. >> i think three million small businesspeople would disagree with mim on that. >> reporter: amy healy with the yellow pages association says small business would be hurt. she argues the yellow pages are using more recycled paper and that the industry also redesigned yellow pages opt to make it easier to stop deliveries. >> to single out yellow pages when there are free community newspapers and direct mail and other classified advertising out there, we believe it's unfair. >> reporter: still, the heavy books seem to be a tough sell. >> i don't know if it's, you know, accurate. i have used it in the past and
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often times the business has been out of business. >> reporter: if the ordinance passes it would be the first in the country. in san francisco, kiet do, cbs 5. if you have a consumer problem or question, call or hotline 1-888-5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, 3q
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wait until sunday to see some of the super bowl ads. >> nosiree! we have a sneak peek. >> give me a little space. you're parked a little close. >> this ad is from career builders. you remember the beloved chimps? they're back! making life hard for the working stiff. volkswagen rolling out its new black beetle ad without showing the actual car not yet. and then a special customer- created ad from frito-lay. it will debut sunday during the big game. >> 3 million bucks a spot. unbelievable. all right. that's it for us at noon. now, cbs news is standing by with a special report that we'll carry whenever it happens. egyptian president hosni mubarak expected to address the country. >> we'll see you at 5:00.
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