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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  February 1, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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or both apparently tried to rescue them and also became stranded. what you are seeing now are live pictures of the rescue efforts. rescue teams are trying to get them all to safety. someone is being lowered down the cliff. and of course, they are concerned right now about darkness, the rough terrain and a 200-foot sheer drop below. they are inching slowly up that hill. we will keep an eye on this and let you know how it all works out this evening. >> now to egypt where a quarter million protestors gathered in their largest rally yet. then they got word their president won't run for office college. however, he is not stepping down right away. they orchestrated that massive protest even though most of egypt is off line right now. early saturday more than 90% of the country lost internet access after egypt's government ordered service providers to shut down. and now we are learning that two bay area companies worked through the weekend to help
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protestors get around the internet blackout and stay connected. simon perez shows us what they came up with. >> reporter: allan, cairo is 7500 miles from san francisco but a couple of bay area companies are helping get the word out to egypt. google and twitter are giving a voice to the protestors. >> we need mubarek to leave the country. >> reporter: that is the voice of an egyptian protestor talking over the internet even though the internet has been shut down in egypt for days. google has set up a bypass for this. >> people in egypt can call on a land line, make a voice recording and this twitter account will automatically link out a tweet to that recording so you can listen to the messages. >> we are worried that it will be disappointing, but we are optimistic that change is coming. >> when you think about it it is not that advanced tech no log clay. just an audio file going into a a twitter account. just old technology used in a
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very fast way. >> it already started yesterday. we can already receive many voice messages from people. >> reporter: marion is a research associate with the muslim ethnicity. she says the number of protestors are reached a critical mass that allows people to speak out without fear. >> everybody has a stake in this revolution. serve identifying as we the people and speaking on behalf of the larger population, the egyptian population. >> president obama has to call for a change. he wants good things for a change. this is change. >> you have no right. i believe the president does not -- he is not fit to be president. but still we have to give him the time to walk out. >> reporter: this isn't the first time technology has
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helped organize sentiments around the world. but during the iranian uprising two months ago this video went viral and drew worldwide condemnation. and during the earth convey in haiti last year cell phone companies set up specific texting systems to allow you to donate $10 to haiti straight from your cell phone. to the people of egypt. >> it feels like they are not alone. in this day and age, egypt is a very connected company so for them to have no internet access might feel incredibly isolating. so to know that there are this community of companies and companies in the united states that want you to help you get your voice heard is probably a really good feeling, i'm sure. >> reporter: interestingly, these messages are really just going one way out of egypt. because, allan, no internet in egypt they can't log on to twitter to hear what they are saying but apparently getting the word out is good enough. >> the the word is getting through. simon thanks so much. among those missing from
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egypt is a top executive from google. google's head of marketing for the middle east and africa. he was reportedly in cairo for a conference but not been seen since last friday. >> tonight investigators believe that they have found the body of a kidnapped stanislav county boy. a water authority employee spotted a child's body in the delta canal this morning. that's about 30 miles downstream from where investigators found the suspected kidnappers car underwater last friday. the investigators say the body matches the description of juliani cardenas missing since january 16th will. that's when jose rodriguez kidnapped him investigators say. a vigil is underway right now for him and his family. kit is there right now. >> reporter: well, dana are already starting to lineup for this event which starts in about an hour. they are expected several hundred people. probably a great majority of the town of patterson to show
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up tonight. a word has come down from the family that they do not want a candlelight vigil. so out of respect, organizers are calling tonight's event a community prayer. saying that patterson needs some kind of outlet and emotional relief after today's grizzly discovery. at 7:30 this morning workers spotted the body of a small child floating 30 miles south of where the getaway car was discovered. in that canal. now, there is no positive identification. and dna results will take weeks. given the frigid waters in the canal, the body surfaced right about when the sheriff said it would, two weeks after the alleged kidnapping. boy was allegedly kidnapped by rodriguez january 18th when he was snatched out of the boy's grandmother's arms. the getaway car was found ten days later. authorities believe rodriguez' body is still in the canal. tonight this tight knit community has pulled together throughout this ordeal and it is no different this evening. everything led us to that canal. and we knew that it would be a tragic result. and it certainly has been.
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>> as a community, this is our time to start, you know, making sense of it for ourselves. but also to come together and pray and lift that family up. >> reporter: at 11:00 this morning the boy's mother posted this on her facebook page. so again people are lining up here for tonight's likely emotional ceremony here in downtown patterson. that event gets underway at 7:00 tonight. dana. >> the thank you. an alarming rise in car burglaries in morgan hill has police warning people to take extra precautions. mark sayr is there where the police are baffled by this spike in crime. mark? >> reporter: allan, police say
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many of these burglaries are taking place in the early morning hours between 2 automatic and 4 p.m. both had in parking lots and residential neighborhoods. >> my purse is here. >> reporter: anna says she is aware of the increase in car burglaries and extra alert going about her daily business. >> you have to be aware. aware of where you leave things, you know. i never leave my purse in the car. i always take it with me. >> this map provided by the morgan hill police department shows the auto burglaries are happening all over town from residential streets to busy parking areas. there have been 108 in all, just in the passed six months, more than double the number from the same period a year ago. >> it's a crime of opportunity. somebody is walking by and they see the stuff inside their car. and smash a window, take it and take off. >> sergeant jerry newmire of morgan hill police department says there is no way to know what is causing the spike. >> it could be the economy, but we don't know exactly why.
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i it's a dual layer alarm. >> reporter: russ smith always activities his car alarm but he does admit that, yes, he does occasionally leave valuables in his vehicles. >> just accessories, stuff that i use that i don't want to carry into the gym just in general. >> reporter: ever leave laptops, computers, iphones? >> yes, sometimes. >> reporter: the morgan hill police department sent an e- mail to all members of the local community center and is also sending out flyers to alert residents about the rash of burglaries. police say there are simple things people can do to protect themselves. >> we want to make it harder for the criminals. so we are asking that the public lock their cars and close their windows and remove anything that's valuable out of their cars. >> morgan hill police say they are seeing yet another disturbing trend in all of this. many of these burglaries, garage door openers are being stolen. they speculate the thieves are going back into the neighborhoods where they stoled these garage door openers during the middle of the day when people are at work or school and using them to open the garages and then break into
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the homes. reporting live in morgan hill, i'm mark sayr, cbs 5. >> in the east bay a car went up in flames dangerously close to shops. just about an hour ago chopper 5 spotted this parked sedan burning in emeryville. it was near park avenue. that's near the oaks card room. somebody sprays it with a fire extinguisher but it didn't do much good. a few minutes later firefighters showed up to put it out. emergency road work is making the commute home pretty difficult for some in the east bay. here is a look at the problem. the work is being done here to repair a pothole in the southbound lanes of 880 near high street. cars heading south this evening were facing a pretty big delay trying to squeeze through just two lanes of traffic. those two right lanes were shut down. told they should open in less than an hour. 7:00 tonight. however, big rigs can use 580 in the interim. >> remember this little stunt?
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well, today fighter dan faced another challenge in court. the sentence for this amazing crime. >> it's already the city's signature cash crop. why even more pot farms could soon be coming to oakland. there are 101 panicked high school students in the east bay worried about their future. i am in concord with a story of the missing college entrance exams. [ music ] ,, wow. it's really coming together. yep. this way, everyone will know about all our great discounts. safe driver, online, homeowner's -- more discounts than ever before. and they still get great service. ♪ ow! [ disco music plays ] ♪ whoa, yeah is it just me, or is it getting funky in here, huh?
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last year. dan goodwin, also pider dan, will . >> a man escaped jail today spider dan, dan goodman will be on probation and have to perform community service and pay an un specified restitution. he was found guilty of public nuisance and obstructing arrest. goodman said he made the crime to expose how fire departments
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are not well equipped to battle highrise fires. well, get your frustrations out before you get behind the wheel in santa cruz county. today the county began enforcing a plan to curb aggressive driving. the stepped up patrol will last through the end of february. officers will focus on roadways where there have been complaints of road rage. they will also focus on other problems. speeding violations or cell phones, texting, seat-belts, school zones specifically. we have three school zones here that we work. >> authorities will concentrate on different areas around the county throughout the month. well, tonight several students at a palo alto school are an on the -- on antibiotics after their teacher died suddenly. the fifth grade teacher went to the hospital when his cold symptoms developed into an infection. he died on sunday. tests are underway to determine
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whether he had men guys. students and their families were offered antibiotics as a precaution and most took them. students are remembering the teacher as someone who was very well liked. >> very low keel and gets with my older son. also very humerus. my son really had a good fifth grade year with him. yes, it is really sad. the health department says they will continue to monitor the students and the staff. it may take weeks to determine whether he had meningitis. >> more pot farms could be coming to oakland. tonight the city council will vote on a new plan to measure large scale marijuana growing operations. they are talking about allowing marijuana dispensaries with their own farms off site. the proposal would cap each farm at 50,000 square feet. previous attempts to allow more farms have run into legal problems. a bay area politician is declaring war on the yellow
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pages, a move that could make history for san francisco. today san francisco have advisor david chu introduced legislation preventing the unsolicited distribution of the phone books. more than one million and a half books are delivered in the city. he says the books clog upland fills and cost up to $1 million if you recycle them. it is not meant to be anti- business. this is good for business. businesses will know when they pay to advertise in the yellow pages how many actual customers are receiving them instead of a giant circulation number that doesn't represent the truth of who is looking at phone books. chu's proposed ordinance would allow yellow pages to be delivered only if the company confirms a business or residence wants one. if the ordinance passes san francisco would be the first city in the country to have a ban on the phone books. >> boy, when we complain about the cold here it is nothing compared to what's going on everywhere else. >> what is the temperature right now where your daughter
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is? >> she says it is about minus 50. but i think she is exaggerating. >> we have frigid outbreak in throughout the colorado area and much of the rockies. in the midwest and the eastern seaboard, in fact, 29 states with winter storm warnings, watches or advisories. here we are kickstarting our month of february with unseasonably mild temperatures. in fact today's numbers anywhere from 63 in san francisco when the average high is 60 to 70 in santa rosa which is 11 degrees above normal. out and about still have temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. high pressure axe component. it is not going anywhere very quickly. in fact, some of our computer models include no rain at mid- month. tonight with the clear skies we have temperatures dipping down to just about the freezing point even below the freezing point. >> tomorrow highs very similar to today. 50 degrees in pacifica to the
6:17 pm
upper 60s. 68 in oakland. also 10-20 miles per hour. breezy during the day. check out the friday, saturday, sunday and all the way into tuesday highs in the mid-60s at the beaches. mid-70s for the warmest locations of our inland areas. chances of rain and when we should expect it. we will talk about that allan and dana next time around. >> roberta, thank you. their dreams of college put on hold because someone failed them by losing their test scores. we will have that up in two minutes. ,, california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs...
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and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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bay high school students just found ou i don't see as if getting into college isn't stressful enough 100 east bay high school students just found out their entrance exams got lost in the mail. they are not sure if the colleges will show them much
6:20 pm
sympathy either. ann? >> reporter: yes, they are very concerned. the acceptance letters are already out in the mail. going out, you know, throughout march. there are some very concerned high school students who have missed a critical deadline. they are concerned about whether or not they are going to get into the school of their choice. and none of this was their fault. 101 students took the act college entrance exam at oakland technical high school on september 11th. >> i was depending on this december one to get me into college. >> reporter: two weeks ago 101 students were told their test scores were lost. >> i was panicking, can i re- take it? or if we do re-take it will the scores get sent in time? >> i was disappointed and mad because my scores didn't go through. >> reporter: an atc spokesman confirmed to cbs 5 the answer documents were damaged in the mail and some of the contents lost. they can re-take the test and the students have to contact the colleges to let them know about the mishap. >> i feel like act should be
6:21 pm
the ones to contact our schools telling them about the sad thing that happened to our scores. >> reporter: act told cbs 5 it is rare that tests get lost or damage. and "this happened outside of our control." and they also said. >> they are dealing with such volume that i would imagine that that's going to be the major thing to be driving their decisions is to what extent can they accommodate individuals. >> reporter: mike mckeen is the dean of admissions. his college is small enough to work with the students but understands not all universities can. >> i think the blanket statement would be the minimum that would be reasonable. i mean, these are students and you are trying to help the students. you want to think that the test agency is going to be a student advocate. >> reporter: jackie lynn says ucc santa barbara has already told them they won't be flexible. >> we just called them and they
6:22 pm
said we are not taking any more scores. the deadline was the 31st. and tough luck, i guess, basically. >> reporter: so does that mean you will not get into ucc santa barbara or is there another way that you can get in? >> well, it lessens my chances. >> reporter: but it may not and the students are being encouraged to take action. greg smith with cal state east bay advises students. >> cal state, east bay and uc berkeley both said if the students or the testing agency contact them and tell them that they are the student that has a missing test, that it will not impact their admissions. hopefully that's an indication that other schools will follow suit. >> not like they are saying, hey, the dog ate my homework. this is legitimate and it is really not their fault. >> reporter: absolutely. the testing agency, ac. it will verify that yes, the tests are missing. >> okay. >> hopefully that will help. >> hopefully they can work it
6:23 pm
all out. ann, thank you. >> yes. well, judging by their approval ratings not a lot of californians think state lawmakers can do much of anything right. but what about the location of a state capitol? why wasn't it initially located and then moved? ken bastida has tonight's good question. [ music ] >> you learned it in the fourth grade. the capitol, state of california, sacramento. but i bet your teacher didn't know where it was in 1853. >> you know, at the time this building was erected this town was bigger. >> this is what they called san francisco before san francisco. and this brick building was the state capitol before sacramento. rod warren, a volunteer historian says the building was erected in only three months. wooden columns in the state assembly room were made from the cedar masts of ships left abandoned in the gold rush. but they moved the capitol to sacramento after only 13 months
6:24 pm
in one of the earliest political backdoor deals in state history. >> it was moved because john bigler, the governor of california was afraid he wasn't going to get re-elected. >> reporter: so he cut a secret deal with the leader of the opposition democratic party. >> the deal was very simple. if i make sure you get re- elected, governor, you make sure that the legislature will make me a united states senator. >> reporter: it work, he used his influence to help bigler move the capitol to sacramento where he had business interests. guess what? it worked. >> it's nothing new, is it? >> nothing new under the sun. >> reporter: go to cbs click on connect to send me your good questions. >> a candlelight vigil for a union leader and beloved neighbor mike sugarman in west oakland. that story is coming up. >> i'm len ramirez in san jose. the worst kept secret in town. but tonight san jose has
6:25 pm
confirmed the new chief of police. just ahead what is job one for the top cop? and if you thought the body imaging scan was a little too revealing, here comes your next option. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,
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murdered in his oakland home. [ music ] one week ago union leader barry bingeham was found murdered in his oakland home. tonight, family, friends and colleagues gathered at that home to remember him. mike sugarman is there. mike? >> reporter: well, dana, barry bingeham was quite a man. you can see the turnout here. there is probably 100 people all holding candle -- candles and remembering him tonight. i am with evans who is a family spokesperson. tell us a little bit about barry bingeham. >> well, he was known by many as the community dad, the neighborhood dad. one that was always in the schools with his children. he was one that ensured that his childrens' education was popular. he did a lot with the 616 and 1021 to ensure that service workers were treated fairly. that they were engaged in the political process properly so they would never be taken advantage of. as for his church he was a
6:29 pm
church elder. which made sure that people understood their faith properly not just in the religious context but that people moved forward in life. >> reporter: so he looked after union workers. >> and faith workers. >> he was beloved by the neighborhood. everybody loved him. he was a go-to man. people are just devastated and shocked by this series of events. really praying for the police department that they can bring some type of justice or resolution for this not only for the family but for the community because this is one of the good guys. >> reporter: thanks a lot. >> all right. >> reporter: this candlelight is going on. there were reports that mr. bingeham was shot. but that however has not been confirmed. they are changing their story, in fact. there is no official word on how he died. but he did die in his home. and the motive is unclear at the moment. dana? >> all right. mike sugarman, thank you. well, most of san jose was
6:30 pm
there when the chief of police was announced. len ramirez is joining us from san jose for what's ahead for the city's new top cop. >> reporter: well, allan when the previous police chief rob davis announced he was stepping down last october there was a nationwide search. four candidates were brought into san jose for face-to-face interviews. it turns out all the city really had to do was going to the office next door. >> the candidate that rose to the top. >> reporter: it was the worst kept secret at city hall. >> one of san jose's own. i do presentto you chief chris warrener. [ applause ] >> reporter: but with career san jose cop chris moore now officially appointed as new chief of police the city manager says she got the best person for the job. >> chris brings an extraordinary combination of education, training and experience to the position. but more importantly, from my perspective, he brings character, integrity, intellect
6:31 pm
and a long-time commitment to the city of san jose san jose. >> reporter: moore holds as manyers and a bachelors and also received a fullbright fellowship in london with new scotland yard. in san jose he worked his way up the ranks since joining pd in 1985. the selection was applauded by many in the city including some latino groups. >> one of the things that i personally like is the impound policy that he changed that was a affecting our community a lot. so that change, you know, to many. many might disagree with this change, but it was a huge step for our community. >> reporter: but the selection of moo who was already serving as acting chief brought disappointment from other community groups thinking a fresh start from outside the department such as oakland's chief anthony bats, also a finalist for the job. >> we thought that bats was the most qualified between the two. this is not about personality. this is not about the individual. but this is really about who is the most qualified candidate
6:32 pm
and is most equipped to meet the needs as expressed by the people of san jose. so we're left with a lot of question marks. >> reporter: san jose has had problems between police and minority communities for years, including incidents of alleged racial profiling and excessive force, problems that linger without being resolved. chief moo says his first act will be to call those groups to set up face-to-face meetings. >> they have an opinion. they are certainly entitled to it. but now it is my job to work with them. again we are going to disagree. i have had this conversation with a number of them. there will be times we disagree. that's okay. as long as we understand each other. we are honest with one another. we work it through the issues we will have more success than we have disagreements. >> reporter: and with everything going on, we asked the chief what his biggest challenge is going to be. it is going to be the budget. san jose is facing a $110 million deficit this year. the new chief chris moore will trim $30 million out of the police budget. if there are no concessions
6:33 pm
from the rank and file in term of salary give-backs and things like that, allan, start off the tenure by laying off officers. a lot on his plate right now. >> no easy task. >> glen, thank you. >> intrusive body scanners may soon be a thing of the past. the transportation safety administration has unveiled a new body scanning system. sandra hughes reports it comes after many airline passengers complained. >> reporter: the new technology unveiled by the transportation safety administration uses existing scanning machines but with a new software that shows only a generic body image that the passenger can see when crossing through security. not the detailed image that caused an uproar. >> it gives them confidence in the system and how tsa goes about doing their jobs. and also hopefully it provides a greater deterrent. >> reporter: the technology will be tested in las vegas, atlanta and washington, d.c. >> i think it's a good idea. it is probably needed and wanted by a lot of people.
6:34 pm
and hopefully it will alleviate any of their fears. >> reporter: not every airport has the more intrusive full body scanning system. there are about 500 of them in use in 78 airport. when the tsa rolled out the full body scan last year, critics cried foul. even calling for a national opt- out day when all passengers who objected would slow the entire tsa system in protest by asking for a pat down instead. still, with cbs news poll found 4-5 people don't really mind the full body scan. >> no, it doesn't really matter to me. i mean, i think i have seen some of the images on the news of what the scanners look like currently. i don't think it's that invasive. the images are not being published anywhere it's fine. it doesn't really matter to me. >> but for those who do the more generic imaging system could solve the problem if it is just as good at detecting
6:35 pm
security breaches. sandra hughes, cbs news, burbank, california. the letters are out there and they promise protection. >> i look at it and i think, well, do i really need this insurance? >> the bay area utility suggesting you get pipe insurance. and why some say it is simply not worth the money. >> and what if your roof could kill smog? the new technology coming to california homes. la takes a big step towards landing an nfl team. i'm dennis. >> well, it all got started because i was trying to impress a young woman. >> those stories never work out, right? but this one does. an amazing story right up there with dimaggio? that's up later. [ music ] you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access. no more cords. wireless, okay, honestly, can i just get a cord, please? dad, the cord's invisible. [ female announcer ] for a limited time, call to get high speed internet
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. and we want to go back now to our lead story this evening. this is a cliffside in richmond near the richmond harbor where, this afternoon, a dog apparently chased a sheep counsel -- down the side. the owner of either the dog or the sheep or both went down to
6:38 pm
get them. and so now we have a rescue team trying to scale that cliffside to reach the human being and those two animals. so this has been going on now for about 45 minutes, possibly an hour or more. and we are keeping a close eye on this. we will let you know when they get to the top of that cliffside. but then, again, this is the richmond harbor area. and a rescue team is trying to reach a person and two animals. well, a lot of homeowners in the bay area are being targeted by a company selling a new kind of insurance. it's for the undergroundwater pipelines that feed their homes. julie watts on the consumer watch did some digging to find out if that insurance is worth it. >> barry never thought much about the water pipes under her property, that is until she started getting these official looking letters from a company called home emergency insurance solutions trying to sell her insurance for her pipes.
6:39 pm
>> they are all rather alarmist, you know. >> reporter: the pitch is $5 a month for $12,000 worth of repairs if those lines should burst or leak. >> and i would look at it and think, well, do i really need this insurance? >> reporter: ms. barry's water company cal water appears to think so. in fact there is a message from the utility included in the sales pitch. cal water even handles the billing. >> that carries a lot with people when they say, okay, if my water company is telling me i need this then i probably do need this. >> reporter: but consumer advocate amy buff isn't exactly gushing over the plan. >> they very often have more exclusions than coverage. >> reporter: for example, the policy doesn't cover acts of god like earthquakes, sinkholes or landslides. nor does it handle thawing or frozen pipes or breakdowns due to pre-existing conditions. in other words many of the common reasons water piles tend to fail. what about the $12,000 in
6:40 pm
repair coverage? the fine print reveals it is annual coverage good for four separate repairs up to $4,000 each. amy buff points out you may already have this type of coverage in your general homeowner's policy. >> call your insurance company and ask them point blank what would happen if the pipe that connects my water to the city's line were to spring a leak? would that be covered? >> reporter: home emergency insurance solutions says it is upfront with the exclusions so customers know what they are getting. and it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. as for cal water, it says it is just get letting customers know about the optional service. the utility, however, does get paid for handling the insurance billing. on the consumer watch, julie watts, cbs 5. you can now help the environment by purchasing a new home. greg mill shows us how putting a roof over your head is great for the air we breathe. >> the air in the inland empire is un healthful. ozone levels in riverside county the second worst in the
6:41 pm
country last year according to the american lung association. yes, everyone is concerned about the environment out here. especially, you know, the pollution and what we get especially in the summertime. >> reporter: his company comes to the rescue. they feature what they call smog-eating tiles on the roof. >> it's so cool the technology. >> reporter: he says these tiles have a coating engineered in germany and italy that absorbs nitrogen oxide which we produce driving our cars. when sunlight hits the tile, the catalyst speeds up the process and eventually the rain washes the residue off the roof. >> any danger to kids or animals? >> no, nothing. this company has been using this for years. they tell us it's a proven product. it's been used in germany for over a decade. >> reporter: this model home is about 2,000 square feet. he says over one year smog eating tile on a house this size destroys the amount of nitrogen oxide produced by a car driven almost 11,000 miles. the smog eating tile is standard on some models and
6:42 pm
available for 600 to $800 as an option on their other new homes. >> we only charge for the catalyst on top of the tile. we actually still give them the tile. >> this is one of the smog eating tiles they use on the roof of their homes. if you can see the shiny surface, that's the stuff that absorbs the nitrogen ox side. if interesting in re-roofing an existing home he suggests caulking -- contacting the tile manufacturer. in east bay this is greg mills. delta, geneva now another critical summit is looming. the issue is bedbugs. >> the issue here locally is the day it will top off at 75 degrees. it's true in the seven day forecast as eyewitness news continues. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:45 pm
nasty problem: bed bugs. experts are gathering in washington for . the federal government is waging war on a nasty problem, bedbugs. experts are gathering in washington for a two-day summit. a report from new york which is the epicenter of the bedbug infestation. >> beyond pest control in new york city says they get 25
6:46 pm
calls a day about bedbugs. alex rogue says he has never seen so many of the blood sucking insect. >> people are crying and nervous, you nope. it's just insane. >> reporter: with a bedbug epidemic spreading across the nation the government is looking at ways to help. the federal bedbug working group is holding a two-day summit in washington to examine how different cities are dealing with the infestation. especially now that so many bugs have built up a resistance to pesticides. >> we have had some serious situations in columbus and cincinnati. >> reporter: new york city has the worst bedbug problem in the country. turning up everywhere from fancy hotels to retail stores and even movie theaters. >> that's gross. >> they are disgusting. >> scary, very scary. >> reporter: bedbugs are the size of apple seeds they get into mattresses and even the experts admit they are difficult to eradicate. >> just because there are bedbugs it is just in beds, dresses, night stands and
6:47 pm
tables and couches they are everywhere. >> the key is to catch the problem early and wage an all- out war before the bedbugs take over. this is cbs news, new york. >> all right, everybody. euwww. >> it makes me feel all itchy. >> i don't think we should show that right before dinner do you? >> very high in protein. >> they are. a little crunchy, too, right? >> yuck. >> today we had high temperatures anywhere from 63 degrees in san francisco to 73 in santa rosa. put on the brakes, back up. 70. wow. >> everyone is jealous of that. >> they should have a good reason to be. temperatures 11 degrees above normal. this is the scene throughout much of the bay area. with some pretty decent air quality due to a stiff northeast wind. at times blowing up to 30 miles per hour. now, currently we do have temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we are still at 65 degrees and throughout livermore with clear skies. the breeze will continue out of the north now 10-15 before dialing back overnight and
6:48 pm
then, boy, cold air mass is settling in to 31 degrees overnight in throughout the tri- valley. mid-30s throughout the northern portion of our district. 42 in san francisco. and mid-30s common around the peninsula back to the silicone valley. we do have a storm track well to the north of the bay area. and high pressure is strengthening. as it does so, we are entering a warming trend. computer models are leaning towards the possibility of no rain showers at least until mid- february. >> mid-february. cool tonight and then pretty mild wednesday on tap. air quality a little bit of a haze to the north. that's some of the plumes will get stacked up against the headlands before they blow out during the afternoon out of the northeast 10-20 miles per hour. so daytime highs are playing out like this. 60 along the coast. the high 60s bay side and alameda, piedmont and also 69 degrees in santa ros. temperatures similar to today. but by thursday we warm into
6:49 pm
the 70s. we increase that number inland from friday throughout the weekend all the way through tuesday. 60s coastside. 70s bayside and mid-70s in your inland areas. while they are shoveling the snow in throughout 29 states across the country we had west coast fun today. we invite all of you to accepted your photos to us. roberta, you are not going to believe how much la is going to get for the naming of a football stadium that isn't even built yet. hear how a superbowl player used media at a to take a swipe at the commissioner up next. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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awe..the 2nd, third time around, you'd rather be water boarded.. so, i was not . superbowl media day a tradition unlike in other. when you first cover it you are in awe. the second or third time around you would rather be water boarded. i was not envious of a record 5,000 media today at cowboys medium. >> thick. >> i have a good hair i'm telling you. >> somehow packers quarterback aaron rogers found a place to
6:53 pm
hide and then did his own mock interview using a water bottle. the linebacker james harrison who has been fined $5,000 for violent hits like this says he will ease up on super sunday and took a shot at the nfl commission. >> i don't want to hurt nobody. i don't want to step on nobody's foot or hurt their toe. i don't want to have no dirt or none of this rubber on this field flying today in their eye or their eye hurt. i just wantto tackle them softly on the ground. and if you all can, we will lay a pillow down where i am going to tackle them so they don't hit the ground too hard, mr. gaudel. [ laughter ] >> there will be a fine coming for that one. >> ginger or mariann a water cooler debate ever since they
6:54 pm
beached the minnow and a deserted island. let me throw that one more into that ginger mariann or a trip to every single superbowl game. this has been larry jacobson's routine for the passed 45 years. the san francisco native is dallas bound headed to his 45th superbowl. he is one of four fans in the world who has attended every one. >> there is probably some people out there who have been to every game that have never come forward. people like the mafia, for instance. [ laughter ] >> reporter: jacobson and his three other cross-examine anies meet annually. their unique bond landed them a deal this year with visa. >> these four fans have gone to every superbowl. >> well, it all got started because i was trying to impress a young woman. i thought it would really be impressive if i flew from san francisco down to la, saw a football game, had dinner and flew home. and she wasn't impressed. either with the game or with
6:55 pm
me. >> reporter: it snowballed after he went back to see the raiders in superbowl 2. >> i would say by superbowl 6 or so, somewhere in there, i was pretty much convinced i was going to go everywhere. >> reporter: his trophy room is littered with memorabilia. he has programs from every game. and he has missed weddings, even the birth of a child for the big game. >> we were involved in in trying to adopt a child. and the mother required that the parents, the prospective adopting parents be present at the birth. it was superbowl sunday was the scheduled birth. i would be gone for maybe 36 hours, total. and that wasn't good enough. so we were scratched off the list of the adoption, potential adopting parents. >> my daughter has an answer for that. her answer is i am glad he wasn't there. otherwise he wouldn't have adopted us. >> reporter: jacobson says his family is very supportive of his habit. also been to 46 straight rosebowls, plus every summer olympics since 1968.
6:56 pm
nothing stands in his way of super sunday besides perhaps a parking dispute. >> well, i left my car a cop was directing traffic said you can't park there. and i said, i think you are being chicken (bleep) about this. he said did you call me chicken (bleep)? i said yes, i am calling you chicken (bleep) he said you are under arrest. i bonded myself out and got a cab back to the stadium. i actually got there before the kickoff. >> you might be going to la soon because only in hollywood would they follow the line from field of dreams. la is hoping that if they build it the nfl will come. today developer aeg announced that a pro knowed stadium in downtown la will be called farmer's field. a landmark 30-year deal with the insurance company worth a reported $700 million. la hasn't had a team since both the raiders and rams left in
6:57 pm
they 94 season. >> we truly believe that la will get an nfl team. >> no expansion team? >> no. >> the chargers will come back? >> no. it will be an existing team and we will follow the commissioner. >> ramirez will get $2 million signing a contract. an $18 million pay cut from last year. johnny damon will get $2.75 million. how much do they have left? >> i would love to play 162 games. will it happen? probably not. >> listen to this, you play 100 and i will play 62. [ laughter ] >> that seems fair. >> certainly some humor in that clubhouse. he played 145 last year. he should be able to do it. manny, forget it, it is not going to happen. >> one season. >> we are keeping an eye on that rescue. see you tonight at 11:00. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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