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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  February 3, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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bay bridge tonight. chopper 5 was over this gridlock. this is about an hour ago in san francisco. these are the lanes trying to get onto the bay bridge going eastbound. those eastbound lanes. those are the lower deck. just completely stopped because at about 2:15 a dump truck full of sand apparently accidentally opened the tailgate and out the sand wait. the lanes are back over at this hour but the damage was done long ago. bumper-to-bumper traffic still stretching for several miles tonight. as i say, the trouble started just after 2:00 p.m. the big rig spilled they say 50 feet of sand near treasure island on the bridge. crews had to shut down the eastbound traffic while they cleaned up the spill which was in the right hand lanes. the big question, of course, was, well, what caused the accident in the first place? tonight the california highway patrol is telling us that the truck's two trailers, both of them, malfunctioned.
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no reports of any injuries or cars damaged at this point anyway. but as i say, the commute was just a nightmare. all of the city streets that were feeding onto the bay bridge, everything became a parking lot and that, as i say, started about 2:15 p.m. the lanes were opened at 4:50 p.m. now we can see at the 6:00 p.m. hour that we are told the traffic is moving once again. >> keep an eye on that as well. moving on. it is a graveyard, a dumping spot and a source of drinking water. day after day we reported on the crews pulling one car right after another out of the delta- mendota canal while looking for a missing 4-year-old. mark sayer shows us among locals the canal has a rather telling nickname. >> reporter: it was no surprise to local law enforcement that 16 stolen cars were found in the delta-mendota canal while
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searching for juliani cardenas. it raised one big question. what's in the water? >> it is a go away place. >> reporter: that's what rick wilson say locals call the canal. the water is in murky and in constant motion. >> it was always common knowledge to know that there are a lot of cars being stored in this canal. >> reporter: the delta-mendota canal runs for 117 miles from tracy to fresno county. the average speed is 2 miles an hour you can see it readily accessible along nearly its entire path and that means many of the secrets that canal keeps may simply never be known. >> we know there is stuff there. >> reporter: the bureau of reclamation built the canal in 1951 and is responsible for its operation today. >> the actual incident of the day was really more shocking and more horrible than to see that many cars pulled out for us. we deal with this on a regular basis as a matter of routine.
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>> reporter: while 95% of the water from the delta-mendota canal goes to agricultural the remainder is used by cities such as tracy and santa clara water district. but despite gas, oil, transmission fluid and, yes, human bodies all in the water, he says the water that does make it to homes is safe to drink. >> any water that is consumption for humans in those cities that is being drawn from that canal is always treated before it goes into their faucets. >> reporter: at a nearby bar this motorcyclist says his theory on all the cars. the economy. >> probably number 1 why you're going to dump a car would be to claim insurance on it. >> reporter: canal operators are looking at putting in more barriers like this one to try to hinder access to the canal. but for now it is regular dragging operations that keep the water moving freely and often turn up the canal's hidden secrets. mark sayer, cbs5. >> mark also tells us vehicles pulled from the canal are brought to a tow lost in tracy.
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the c.h.p. checks the v.i.n. number and if it is stolen they notify the people. all in the same area in san francisco's castro district. fire investigators are saying two of the three fires are suspicious. linda yee with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: allen, several multialarm fires at once. well, that is considered unusual and that's leading investigators to believe they could have a serial arsonist out there. someone who is likely to strike again. three fires broke out within an hour just blocks apart in san francisco's castro district. the first one was in a dumpster. a second broke out in an apartment building. firefighters say the top floor is gutted. 17 people have lost their
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homes. >> i was sleeping. heard the noise. got up. got everybody out. we couldn't find the one dog who lives in the house and we were spending a lot of time trying to find him. >> reporter: firefighters eventually found the dog hiding under a bed. the third blaze was at 13th and hartford across market. this one was empty because they were doing construction work. firefighters believe they have a serial arsonist that will strike again. >> we are saying it could happen again. >> why do you say that? >> because they are leaning towards these being intentionally set. >> what makes you say a serial arsonist? >> you look at proximity, time. you look at that they were exterior fires. >> reporter: investigators say both fires started on outside walls and happened within 30 minutes of each other. the building owner, brian
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kendell, says this -- >> disgruntled people in the neighborhood. i have had people try to squat in my building. >> reporter: investigators say fighting two multialarm fires is unusual and can hamper coverage in other neighborhoods. >> this is why san francisco fire department and firefighters are so passionate about keeping every neighborhood fire station open. >> reporter: as dangerous as these fires were this morning, allen, nobody was injured. >> that's the good part of it. linda, thank you. also in san francisco a family that was cleaning up their garage stumbled on a potentially explosive discovery. they found five or six grenades in a paper bag this morning. now, police responding to the home on petraro avenue near 18th street they couldn't determine if the grenades were the real thing so they called in the bomb technicians and shut down streets in the area. >> from what we are understanding the owner was a
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92-year-old man that passed away some time ago. >> the bomb squad robot gathered up the grenades to be taken away. no word tonight if they were real. police dogs sniffed the garage to make sure there were no other devices. the streets were reopened after about two hours. a pizza war in marin county just got less tasteful. a restaurant that has taken heat for its colorful paint got hit by vandals. and simon perez reports the manager of a rival restaurant is suspected in this crime. simon? >> reporter: dana, the pizza store here in san rafael has been in the news because of its bright colored paint. some people thought that the bright yellow was just a little too bright. well, now it is in the news for a different color. grafitti black. all across the windows, on the walls, even on the welcome stand out front, police say two people spray painted pizza
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orgasmica early this morning. the owner comforted employees today ensuring them they are not going anywhere. >> go home. i don't know what they have to say. i have been a resident in marin county for many years. my wife and i live here. we love the place. our office is in marin county. i'm an american citizen. i am already home. >> you are already home? >> this is my business. this is my home. this is my place. >> reporter: a 32-year-old manager and a 26-year-old former employee have been charged. investigators say they arrested the allegedly drunken men as they were dumping rubber gloves and spray paint cans into the garbage. more evidence of being drunk, this paint shows it. he thinks he knows the reason why. he says he had a bad experience with extreme pizza employees at one of his san francisco
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locations. >> do they do it because of the competition, color, why? >> for me it is for competition. it happened about five or six years ago one of their employees came into one of our locations to buy pizza dough from us. going to buy three or four pizza doughs to find out the quality and everything. >> reporter: the manager on duty at extreme pizza says he feels bad about the grafitti and emphasizes the stunt is not condoned by the company. he says the two men were acting alone. >> they are doing the opposite. for me it makes me want to give him business now because i feel bad they have to endure and deal with this. >> reporter: now, he said he already had plans to repaint to tone down the yellow a little bit so it looks like now he just got another reason to repaint. >> also a lot of publicity for his pizza place. it is just pizza, folks, come on. all right, simon, thank you.
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well, the problem, the swanky condos won't sell. the solution, you now have a shot at what is officially called luxury living. attention passengers, your flight is about to get more expensive. and for one batch of airline employees time for some mandatory charm school. we are keeping an eye on the evening commute after a sand spill on the bay bridge. it is still very backed up and very slow. an ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kidnapping case. this afternoon an el dorado judge ruled garido is mental a judge says phillip garrido can stand trial in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. an el dorado judge ruled phillip garrido is mentally competent. his lawyer said he lacked the mental capacity for trial.
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he and his wife nancy kidnapped jaycee dugard when she was 11. we are learning new information on the deadly shooting at the school in placerville yesterday. the janitor suspected of killing the elementary school principal had not been fired. apparently the janitor and the principal had a disagreement yesterday over a hiring panel that had met the previous day. police that john loovers was told to go home and cool off. instead he came back and shot the principal. students can't believe the principal is gone. >> he just had a way with kids. he just really knew how to inspire them and just really motivate them. >> lacara was principal at the school since 2003. he would greet students every morning as they came to school. placerville police say john loovers confessed. >> he left the campus, returned to his residence where he
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retrieved a firearm, a handgun, and he then drove himself back to the campus. >> well, apparently the confession is not entire accurate. according to the school district anyway. the superintendent says that loover's job was not at all in jeopardy. a serious illness sickened kids during a field trip. they were supposed to be on the trip for four days for a sleepover science camp but the trip was cut short last night after about 70 students, teachers and staff suddenly came down with flu-like symptoms. >> they just wanted us to come get here. so we did. >> about 250 students were at the camp. fifth and sixth graders from redwood school in oakland, san ramone elementary. the marin county health department is collecting food and water samples to test for organisms in their effort to
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determine a cause. it is normally a time to spend with your family but right before the new year a 7- year-old girl lost her mom and babysitter in her home. now as she searches for strength to go juliette goodrich shows us an east bay community's rally around her. >> reporter: it is a heartbreaking story. we are at fire station 18 in east oakland. this fire house responded to that call along with several other firehouses in oakland and now these oakland firefighters are sending out a call to the public to help little allison. teddy bears and little heart felt mementos. a 7-year-old little girl allison survived. her mother, 3-year-old sister and neighbor didn't make it in the fire. >> a 7-year-old who had been pulled from the fire by one of the eventual victims was left alone in a strange land with
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only the clothes on her back and responders were left with the emotional scars that can last a lifetime. >> reporter: firefighters, paramedics and social serviceses gathered at the home to announce a fund set up for allison by the group oakland firefighters random acts. >> i would like to challenge everyone out there to help take care of allison by donating to the allison's fund. >> reporter: she is in a foster home. her identity is being protected for safety reasons. her father just out of jail wants custody. social serviceses is looking into the best options which might include deporting the little girl to el salvador. >> we are looking all placements for her and our process is to make sure whatever decision we make is in
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the best interests of allison. >> reporter: first responders say allison has never left their minds. >> you keep moving then it isn't until after the fact that you remember that. a little girl sitting in a police car scared and afraid. you want to take her home and out of this. >> reporter: these firefighters here in east oakland respond to so many calls. a lot of them shootings. but they said this one touched them so much because so many times they don't respond to a tragedy like this where just a 7-year-old child is left with no family and in foster care. if anyone would like more information about to a website. all of the money going to allison and good resources helping. the money will go into good hands. >> you know people in this community will want to reach out and help. >> reporter: they will. >> juliette goodrich, thanks. we are going to take a look at our forecast now. roberta? >> been amazing to watch, dana,
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the temperature taking a huge nose dive once the sun set. it was 71 degrees in pleasanton. it is now 47 degrees. in the city by the bay the air temperature today did top off at 62 and average high is 60. currently we are sitting near 50 degrees. out and about this evening, sure we have got the clear skies. the wind subsided and we have temperatures falling off rapidly. pretty much in the 50s for the most part. not as cold as it was last night when we dipped down to 29 in santa rosa. instead tonight 36 degrees there. low 40s in san jose. mid-30s in throughout the tri- valley. still in the throes of winter. temperatures in the 30s. high pressure right here. another ridge of high pressure is beginning to build in over the great basin. we will continue to see the offshore flow and that means dry conditions for the high
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sierra. make sure you have the sun block if you are skiing or boarding. bright sun nine into the 40s and near 50 degrees. here we go with your temperatures for your friday. up to 70 in santa rosa. that's warmer than today when we topped off at 66 degrees. mid-60s will be common across the santa clara valley as well. the extended forecast. gradually warmer conditions each day over the weekend. obviously we will have some record high temperatures through the period. and, dana, right now looks like we do not have a rain drop inside all the way through thursday. that could change as we head towards the president's holiday. more of that coming up later in the broadcast. >> thank you. why airline ticket prices are rising. the glory days of flying in tonight's good question. all that in 2 minutes. a fiscal emergency at a (announcer) roundup extended control is
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month. the declaration e transit the board that overseas cal train discussing the possibility of a fiscal emergency. that declaration would allow the transit agency to raise fares and cut services without a full review. the agency is facing a $30 million budget shortfall. the c.e.o. said they have run out of tricks to find one-time money to close the gap. some airlines are tacking on yet another surcharge for fuel. united, continental has started charging $6 per round trip flight. that's according to a fare tracking website. american boosted their fares by as much as $10. the price of jet fuel has climbed alongside the price of
6:23 pm
crude oil. domestic air travelers haven't been hit with a fuel charge since late 2008. meanwhile, delta is sending 11,000 agents to customer service courses. the wall street journal reports ticket counter workers, people who work in baggage and at the gate are the ones getting trained. compared to other big carriers the airline had the highest rate of customer complaints to the department of transportation in the first three quarters of last year. a common customer gripe the workers are being trained on. saying sorry. when getting on an airplane was a rather elegant affair. remember these times. suits. cocktails. cigarettes. maybe not the cigarette part. now it is something entirely
6:24 pm
different. tonight's good question takes us back to the glory days and one plane that helped make it happen. here is ken bastida. >> it is the sound that would change the history of aviation. >> it made the airlines what it is today. it completely revolutionized the whole industry. >> reporter: it was the mcdonald douglas d3. a twin engine. flat body airliner specifically made to fly people in comfort. >> american airlines went to douglas and said can you make it wider. can you put sleepers in it and make it longer range? >> reporter: the company turned out more than 10,000 dc 3s up to the 1940s. hillier aviation museum spokesman saying there are still more than 1000 out there flying. inside passengers retreated to a whole new flying experience.
6:25 pm
one that included a galley for meals, a bathroom and plush roomy seating. imagine flying in one of these airlines in the 1940s. look at the leg room. by today's standards this is beyond first class. it wasn't all comfort and convenience. dc 3 quickly saw duty in europe and pacific during world war ii. a testament to their reliability. >> they would come back all beat up or lose an engine or all beat up but they could still make the flight. >> reporter: go to and click on connect and send me your good question. >> you can't sell your condo? how about a plan b. how some property owners are navigating a troubled market and how it is giving some people the chance to live in luxury. when the lid came off bernard madoff's ponzi scheme there was plenty of shock and disbelief. well, maybe not. which of america's largest banks was warned about bernard
6:26 pm
madoff some 18 months before the gig was up. the increasingly bloody clashes in the streets of cairo. apparently one fashion designer thinks it is a good opportunity to advertise its new spring clothing line. ,,,, da dan: i had a biopsy and i had high-risk prostate cancer. i was depressed. i was shocked. sometimes cancer makes you feel very lonely. the doctors can do their best to cure the cancer, but it takes all of the other stuff to make you a whole person again.
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they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim. hundreds of thousands of dollars
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for them. instead, they're turning hundreds of luxury developers wanted to get hundreds of thousands of dollars for them. instead, they are turning hundreds of luxury condos in san jose into rentals. len ramirez on the economic boost the neighborhood hopes to get. len? >> reporter: that's right, dana. we have a picture here that perfectly illustrates the story we are talking about. behind me is a luxury condo sky rise. 23 stories. not a single light as you can see inside. the only light on the building, in fact, is a red light on the top so airplanes won't crash flew it. it was part of a grand plan to sell luxury condos here in downtown san jose but now because of the relate realities they are going to be converted to rentals. >> reporter: with the soring architecture and commanding views of silicon valley the residences seemed like a sure thing but by the time the
6:30 pm
luxury condo complex opened in downtown san jose the economy tanked and not one sale closed. john pinto has been selling real estate downtown for over 20 years. >> i'm sure it was viable six years ago when they planned it but now in the post-economic downturn world it is just not going to work. >> reporter: so the 23-story complex is going to plan b turning condos that started in the high 300,000s into rentals. no one was available for comment today. but the news is being greeted positively in the neighborhood. with many empty store fronts shop keepers don't care if they are renters or buyers, as long as they live nearby. >> we could have a lot of our regular customers, you know, and we could get to know people on a first name basis and have our regulars in here constantly and we could stay open longer hours and more days. >> reporter: over the last five years four luxury highrise condos have opened in downtown.
6:31 pm
>> we have had about eight sales already for the year. >> reporter: selling about half of its 300 units with prices ranging from the high 200s for a studio to $1.3 million for a penthouse like this. folks think one building converting to rentals could be a good thing in the long run. >> means more people will be moving to downtown. i think that already the homeowners that have moved here are great ambassadors and we welcome new residents to our community. >> reporter: and downtown san jose could use a lot of new residents. take a look at this live picture. virtually empty streets. there are a lot of store fronts here. more businesses would move in if more people lived down here. dana, we are not sure exactly what they are going to charge for those rentals. the average rental for a two bedroom in san jose currently is about $1500 which would be a pretty good steal given the fact that some of these are going to be a couple of hundred
6:32 pm
thousand dollars to get into. if you can get it for $1500 a month may not be such a bad deal for some people. >> doesn't sound like a bad deal. but the owners of that building are probably trying to recover an awful big loss. >> reporter: they can always recoup later. nothing is stopping them from turning it back into condos if the real estate market heats back up. >> len ramirez in san jose, thank you. 0% financing sounds good when you are buying. a type of financing though that experts call a trap. >> reporter: no question justin miller has a big comfortable bed. >> we love the bed. >> reporter: it is how he financed the matress from this matress discounter that is keeping him up at night. >> we can obviously either pay up front or they had a special deal. >> reporter: the deal, a city bank credit plan offering 12 months interest free on the
6:33 pm
$5600 purchase. >> no interest for a year is a great deal. so i don't remember how hard they pushed it. they mentioned it. it sounded good. >> reporter: or at least it did. after he made what he thought was his 12th and final payment, along came this bill from city bank for $1300. a year's worth of interest at a whopping 25%. >> and i thought this is crazy. they have got to be -- either this is some kind of joke or scam. >> reporter: so how could this happen? well, it turns out miller's one year interest free deal expired december 2, 2010. it says so in this tiny type on his monthly statement. but surprise, his final bill was due december 7th five days after the interest free deal expired. >> the statement due date was different than what they call the plan due date. >> reporter: miller believes that's an intentional trap to fool customers into making their last payment after the interest free deal expires.
6:34 pm
>> by that time, that's in the fine print. you know. it is one of those got you. this is a very common practice in the retail industry. >> reporter: jose helps educate consumers about financial products. he says banks rarely go out of their way to tell customers about expiration dates on interest free deals. his advice -- >> my recommendation is be sure to pay off the whole balance completely in full by the 11th month so that they don't get hit with the interest accrued over the course of a whole year. >> reporter: city bank refused to discuss the specifics of miller's case but it tells consumer watch the terms of the deal with clearly explained in the seven page contract. justin miller doesn't think so. he is telling his story on facebook and hoping to get the last word. >> i'm never going to do business with city bank again. >> reporter: he managed to get city bank to reduce it down to 650 and after we got involved
6:35 pm
they said he doesn't have to pay any of it. a potential bombshell in the bernard madoff invest fiasco. jpmorgan chase was warninged something wasn't right 18 months before the lid blew off the ponzi scheme but they continued to do business with him. one e-mail said a bank executive just told me there is a well known cloud of suspicion over the head of madoff and that his returns are speculated to be part of a ponzi scheme. again, this was a year and a half prior to the scheme's collapse. yesterday it was camels, today tanks and cars. another explosion of violence in cairo and how the government is responding to the latest calls for a change of power. >> chances are it is a piece of music history you don't know much about. ben roethlisberger is on
6:36 pm
the defensive again. i'm kim coyle. did the steelers' quarterback get into more trouble before the super bowl? and the pga tour has never seen a caddie like this yet. the machine's best friend hits the lynx. ,,,,,,
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chaos. the video posted online shows a police van tearing through the crowds, running over a number of and a similar vi this video posted online shows this police van tearing through the crowds running over a number of people. similar video just surfaced from friday. this one shows a diplomatic car hitting several protestors. neither side showing any signs of backing down. >> reporter: protestors hurling rocks at each other while army troops and tanks attempted to separate them. for a second day in a row demonstrators faced off with royalists to the egyptian president. even with all the violence and
6:39 pm
sporadic gunfire 10,000 protestors are standing their ground in the scare. >> need to punish those that committed crimes against humanity. >> reporter: the newly appointed prime minister apologized for wednesday night's violence that left six dead and more than 800 wounded. hosni mubarak has said he would end his 30-year reign at the end of his term in september but that may not be fast enough. the white house is stepping up calls for an immediate transition. >> i urge the government and a blood and credible representation of egypt's opposition, civil society and political faction to begin immediately serious negotiations on a peaceful and orderly transition. >> reporter: the secretary of state also said she condemned in the strongest terms attacks on journalists covering the uprising as well as protestors themselves. crowds have beaten some foreign journalists and security forces
6:40 pm
detained dozens of others. the egyptian vice president said earlier on thursday that while the beleaguered government was open to advice it would not allow intervention. kenneth cole, clothing designer, is taking heat for trying too use the conflict in egypt to sell clothes. they wrote millions in uproar in cairo. rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available. the post included a link to the clothing line. that spawned a wave of criticism online. the tweet has since been removed and cole did apologize. we are going to take another live look at traffic. our chopper 5 is over the gridlock in san francisco. this all started this afternoon when a truck carrying sand spilled its load on the eastbound side of the bay bridge. the lower deck was backed up and has been backed up since that first started. now, we understand that the
6:41 pm
lanes were fully reopened about two hours ago but as you can see nobody really cares that they are open. it is just a mess out there. very slow going heading out of san francisco. the feeder roads leading onto i-80 and onto the bay bridge. it is a mess out there. so expect your friends or your loved ones coming home late. >> it will be late. yes. coming up. honoring black history month with an untold chapter in music. >> we have your weekend weather. the day it will pan out to be the sunniest and warmest pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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month. a time to honor african americans who have played roles in shaping u-s february is black history month as you all know, a time to honor african-americans who have played roles in shaping u.s. history. tonight cbs5 is hosting a special reception here at our studios. the celebration featuring a range of community leaders and
6:45 pm
volunteers is underway right now in our north studio. it is an annual event here at cbs5. the relationship between african-americans and american jews seemed largely unknown to people in america half a century ago. but there was a time when they reached across the divide and embraced what they had in common. mike sugerman on how singer johnny mathis is singing the praises of a new bay area exhibit celebrating that cross culturallization. >> reporter: the history of jews and blacks in america have not always been harmonious but there is lots to sing about. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: san francisco's own johnny mathis is back home to sing the praises of an exhibit at the contemporary jewish museum called black sabbath.
6:46 pm
>> the music was all around me growing up in san francisco. synagogues all over the place. catholic churches. lots of baptist, methodist churches. and i went to all of them. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: more than 50 years ago he recorded a prayer for jews on the holiest day of the year. >> we found a single of johnny mathis from the 1950s and were completely blown away by it and that started a conversation about what is this cross culturallization that's happening. >> reporter: they looked harder and found a lot more examples which today make up the black sabbath exhibit set in a space meant to feel like a nightclub from that era. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: this is one thing,
6:47 pm
but you haven't lived until you've heard the temptations doing fiddler on the roof. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: or when ertha sings this song. nothing like i have ever heard. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the exhibit continues through march 22nd. mike sugerman, cbs5. >> doesn't he sound great. >> i know. >> great sounding. >> great story. >> hi, roberta. >> he sang it so smooth. >> johnny mathis. up to 66 degrees in santa rosa. coolest spot right in the north bay. this is the city of, yes, i know, isn't it pretty? the city by the bay where today's high was 62 in san francisco and up from the average high of 60. that's how it was as the sun began to set. take a look at it now. this is live our cbs5 weather camera aboard chopper 5. high
6:48 pm
above the ski. and we have crystal clear skies. not a breeze. no clouds. temperatures are dropping off very rapidly now that the sun has officially set and it looks like pretty much in the 50s. right around 50 degrees. but tonight overnight 36 degrees in santa rosa. 41 across the santa clara county. not as cold as it was last night. in fact, we have 29 degrees in santa rosa. 31 in napa. but again, the clear skies. now here you go. we do have the jet stream well to the north of the bay area. that right there is an area of low pressure that is providing some rain showers right around the canadian and u.s. border. otherwise, we are under that influence of high pressure. it is going to continue to strengthen and as it does so, we will be the recipient of some very dry air mass. sunny and warmer tomorrow and all the way through the weekend. and with the abundance of sunshine and the mild temperatures we have things blossoming a lot sooner than they should be. looks like the alder, juniper
6:49 pm
and ash tree count on the high side. an offshore wind from the north and east. otherwise good air quality. get away day for many people on friday. first friday with sunshine in fresno this year. the tule fog does not exist. 39 degrees on the south shore. no snow in the forecast all weekend. looks like our temperatures are going up. 73 in santa rosa. average high temperature is 60. mid-60s san jose. there you have the extended forecast where we do call for warmer conditions each day with sunday being the warmest of the two coming up. we will have some record high temperatures here in the bay area. very similar to what we experienced in mid-january. and the dry weather pattern continuing all the way through thursday. annie sent us this picture from new york. she is stuck there. that's from san jose.
6:50 pm
that's the public library. want to compare that with what we are experiencing? stanley lee thank you for sending us this beautiful sunset. keep the pictures coming. >> thank you, roberta. gorgeous. so far the message has been come on in, we would love to have you. the message from verizon to its new iphone customers. tonight 10:00 p.m. on the cw, 11 on cbs5. how the network is trying to keep all its users browsing smoothly. ben roethlisberger answering more questions about his off the field activities and can monta ellis add all- star to his resume? sports is next. ,,,,,, [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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all-star, dennis would tell you... bill clinton was in the hat streak will the last time the warriors had an all-star dennis would tell you bill clinton was in the oval office. that streak will continue as monta ellis was shut out. the league announced its all- star reserves this afternoon. ellis, despite being fifth in the nba in scoring, did not make the list. manu ginobili and deron
6:54 pm
williams. he leads all shooting guards with over five assists per game. if the warriors had a winning record instead of being seven games under 500 it might be a different story. >> just going to focus on it like i have been doing the whole season. like i said, it is just a situation that you can't control. just got to move on. three days to go until super bowl xlv. and it is clear by now that two weeks of build-up is simply too much. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the piano man ben roethlisberger is defending himself for a paparazzo report that said he was out late drinking tuesday night with his teammates. the steelers say he went to dinner with his linemen. >> it is normal for guys to eat dinner, believable it or not, every now and then. >> the cracked tmz staff that
6:55 pm
they are they say i was out past 1:00 a.m. curfew but we were home way before curfew. cal going for its fourth straight win hosting arizona state. junior harper camp is leading the team. he has made a healthy return to the cal lineup. dennis o'donnell has more. >> i'm 22 already. and a lot older than all these guys. it is a bit strange knowing that all these guys are just out of high school. >> reporter: on a team with nine under classmen, 22-year- old junior harper camp sometimes feels like he is carrying around an a.a.r.p. card. >> they remind me every day. especially the young guys. you know. they realize how old emand kind of look at me and they are like -- they don't understand how old i am. >> reporter: camp is the bear's leader scorer this season at just over 14 points per game. perhaps the smartest player in
6:56 pm
the pac-10 he is like an extension of the coach mike montgomery on the court. >> do you feel like you have an extra coach on the floor? >> he doesn't yell at me that much. he might yell at me a little bit if something goes wrong. >> as an older child i have always been a little bit more mature than most of the guys around me and i have always felt my position was as a leader. >> reporter: but last year a knee injury forced him to watch his teammates win the pac-10 and make the ncaa tournament from the bench. >> as a competitor and watching my teammates out there, wanting to share the success that they had and glory that they had, it would have been a lot of fun. >> you know that as a kid no one turned in a better what i did for summer vacation paper than giants closer brian wilson. as his off season comes to an end, he is still living it up.
6:57 pm
>> no, not boring. look at me. this is fun. >> thank you. >> the beard carried the bag in arizona this week. the pga tour probably isn't ready for wilson or his beard but he hopes to take some of what he learned back to the big leagues. >> let's get a complete 50,000 stadium. get one of these and see if it can work. >> do you think you can go in and say something and everyone would listen? >> i think i could do that at dodger stadium. that would go over well. >> he is on twitter again. he has 2000 more followers than when i came in today. >> unbelievable. >> you have to love the guy. >> the beard. >> he is out there. >> see you tonight at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. >> good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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