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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  February 4, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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there has been a spike in home burglaries around the bay area and police are noticing most of them have one thing in common. it has to do with what has become a very expensive little pill. and it is a story you'll see only on 5. >> reporter: peaceful suburb. but just a few months ago out of nowhere a rash of burglaries. >> the lock was broken. >> reporter: she came home and found her home in shambles. >> a jewelry box was gone. >> i saw nine in probably a three-week period. >> reporter: sonoma county detective mike roesh began to notice similarities. >> how they were getting in the house and what was getting stolen. >> reporter: working with santa rosa police mike connected the dots arresting 14 people including the ringleader. >> we covered a lot of valuable items.
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probably $100,000 plus range. >> reporter: mostly jewelry but other evidence revealed the burglar's motive. >> we found drugs, syringes. most all of them were addicted to oxyxcotin. >> reporter: the addiction to oxy isn't new. six months ago one pill went for $40. today the same pill goes for over $100. why? because the manufacturer of oxycotin is trying to stop people from abusing it. people wanting an oxy high crush up the tablets and snort it. like we saw a few months ago when we went undercover on a drug infested san francisco street. >> he is snorting it. he just snorted it. >> reporter: the tablets can be liquified and injected. >> they will put it on a spoon, put a little water on it, heat the bottom of the spoon. >> reporter: so the manufacturer switched to a new version of the tablet called o.p. >> you try to crush it it just
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stays together. >> you can't inject it. >> reporter: but the old o.c.s are on the street costing ever more and cops say causing a spike in property crimes, burglaries in santa rosa up 17% from 2009. assistant public defender kathleen pose said it is not the usual suspects. >> good families, good decent kids that i'm hearing were college bound, had everything going on in their lives. >> reporter: when they start using o.c.s -- >> the addiction level is immediate. they will do anything to get this drug. >> reporter: like alex jackson. >> we would crack each other up. >> reporter: his sister said oxyx took over his life. >> and i wouldn't hear from him for weeks. he was ashamed. i know he was ashamed of himself. >> reporter: johnson was
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arrested on a misdemeanor in the jason kasel investigation, two hours after getting out of jail found dead in the bathroom of a gas station just down the street. >> he had overdosed. it is just like horrifying. >> reporter: pose say's johnson's death is just a precursor. >> i fear they will end up dying. they are certainly going to start using again or they will commit more crimes. >> and just yesterday police in morgan hill told us that they think oxycotin addiction is behind the new rash of robberies there. oakland's police chief and mayor will be sticking together but their relationship is strained and it appears awkward at times. chief anthony bast says he is staying in oakland after trying unsuccessfully to get another job. linda yee on what looks different now between the city's leader and the chief of police. linda? >> reporter: well you're right, dana. relationship looking uneasy and
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reluctant. they did stand side by side today right before the cameras to explain what made chief anthony batts decide he will stay in oakland. >> reporter: it was supposed to be just a meet and greet with the people of this west oakland neighborhood. the police chief was not entirely happy with the photo op it came but his boss insisted. >> the chief sent out his release this morning saying that he is staying in oakland and so i'm very pleased to hear that and we have had some interesting discussions about what we need to do. >> reporter: since batts found out he did not get the job in san jose he is not sure whether he will stay in oakland. the raid and equipment failures haven't helped persuade him but now he says he will stay overall. >> the thing that touched me the most is the outpouring from this community. i can't tell you how many e- mails, letters, phone calls. cutest little things.
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preschoolers sent this thing with a big note that said chief, please don't leave which touched my heart. >> reporter: mary myles daycare teacher believing batts is good for oakland even if he was ready to abandon the city. >> i think second thoughts are something we all have in our professions. >> so you can forgive him? >> i already have. we all have. >> reporter: mayor jean quan has been at odds with the police force. she implies all is forgiven. >> we did some clarifications on sending him a really nice valentine. but mostly we have had a lot of discussions about what we can expect and resources and the kinds of changes we have to make and where i will be there to support him. >> reporter: the mayor already promised to rehire ten of the officers cut last summer. unreliable radios have forced the chief to staff two officers per patrol car.
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>> we have taken precautions. i would do that at any police agency if any system is not working properly i want to make sure officers can back each other up. >> reporter: by doubling up it will mean fewer patrol cars on the streets. the mayor and chief say they will be phasing in a new communication system with a $20 million federal grant. but that new communication system won't be going in right away. they have to wait for a license to be cleared. so in the meantime they will be doubling up and that means fewer patrol cars on the street. >> but still getting down to business and all this business behind them so they can do their police work. linda yee, thank you. protection from unwanted advances from panhandlers. people in san francisco lied a no sit/lie ordinance taking effect february 1st. simon perez looking to see if there is a change on the streets of san francisco. what did you find out? >> reporter: allen, we are hear
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in the heart of it all. this neighborhood is changing for better apparently. the police department hasn't begun enforcing the sit/lie law yet. >> we hope to be up and running with that soon but there is no rush for us to do that. >> reporter: no rush for san francisco police officers to enforce the sit/lie ordinance that voters approved last november. one reason is the police department wants to make sure it figures out the best way to train officers to apply the law. >> we are just trying to get all the steps in place so that we don't have to start and then go, oh, we are not doing this correctly. we need to stop. >> reporter: supervising officers were explained first and then explained it to the rank and file that came up with good questions. >> how many warnings do we have to give? if the person moves and they move down the block do we have to warn them again? those type of questions had to be figured out. >> reporter: the answer, one warning per person and then the
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citation starts no matter where the sitting or lying takes place. >> i'm very satisfied. the police have to deal with this in in an intelligent, practical way. >> reporter: backing the police strategy of going slow and get it right. >> the idea is not to criminalize people, the idea is to keep the sidewalks free of clutter and the police need to be trained how to do that. so i'm a big believer in professional policing and training. >> reporter: even though the laze went into effect on december 17th but hasn't been enforced yet, there is still change on the streets. >> the mere discussion of the issue has helped to improve the situation on the street because the people are getting the message. >> reporter: john crawford would agree. he is visiting from san diego and has noticed a difference from the last time he was here several months ago. >> sidewalks are a lot more open and easier to move around and maneuver. >> i like it. >> thanks. >> the change really is
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noticeable in the neighborhood. we have done this story several times and far fewer people here today. but evans says the real challenge is going to be this summer when hundreds of thousands of people come here to try to relive the 1960s. allen dangerfield says the police department will begin enforcing sit/lie law in a couple of weeks, not months. >> simon, thanks. you might be paying more for public transit but i will tell you about one group that pays nothing at all. that story just ahead. >> bottles flying, glasses flying and people holding broom handles. sound like a good time? the bay area bar water hole that had a brawl straight out of the wild west. remember the bell salary scandal. why the city's next round of leaders just won't show up to work. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fare hikes and service cuts. but while commuters are riding the wave of tran no doubt times are tougher for bay area transit riders, but while commuters are riding the wave of transportation troubles one group is riding for free. mark sayer explains why some can hop on board without paying. mark? >> reporter: dana, the goal of this program is to remove yet one more obstacle to those who are homeless. that barrier being transportation. >> i have to ride the train and a lot of days i don't have $2 but i still have to get where i'm going. >> reporter: reginald taylor rides the system several times a week. he was homeless for two years and says transportation was always one of his biggest challenges. >> by being able to go and come and stuff like that, it is also good for your mental and your self-esteem. >> reporter: so taylor says it is good news that the v.t.a. along with the city of san jose
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and santa clara county are teaming up to continue a little known program that offers the homeless free rides on the v.t.a. bus and light rail network. >> seems so simple but it is a big, huge issue. >> reporter: lynn with santa clara county's housing and home support program helps the homeless get back on their feet. >> how do you apply for benefits or services? how do you get to your doctor? how do you get food at the food bank? you have to find a way to get there. >> reporter: the county gets 1800 transit stickers each quarter from the v.t.a. permanently affixed to photo i. d..'s like this one. the travel is monitored to prevent abuse. >> there is no way to just get one. >> reporter: riders say they are all for helping those who are already struggling. >> it helps them get where they need to go. they don't have to worry about having bus money. i think it is a good idea.
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>> we really need to be loving to the homeless right now because what they need is somebody to love them and encourage them and uplift them and help them. >> reporter: as for the cost of this program it is $111,000 each year for the three years of the program effective april 1st. that money is being split between the county of santa clara and the city of san jose. dana, back to you,. >> a very compassionate response. we don't think necessarily that $2 is a lot of money but when you don't have anything it is everything. >> reporter: indeed. that person we interviewed at the beginning of the story there he didn't have the money for his inbound ride to san jose today so he told me he walked about three miles. he did have the $2 for the ride home. >> mark sayer in san jose, thank you. after four suspicious hours in 24 hours tonight police urging people in san francisco, especially in the castro district, be on alert for arsonists. the latest fire early this morning outside a home on 18th
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near noee street. arson investigators found a piece of plastic that was burning in front of a doorway. a neighbor put out the flames before firefighters got there about 4:15 a.m. >> the only thing i could grab was a teapot and i filled it up with water and it was just -- they had a screen on the front of their door to keep the bugs out and that's i guess what was burning. >> three other fires broke out in that same area yesterday. investigators also consider those to be suspicious. they are working to confirm if they are all related. another fire forced more than 200 people to evacuate from one of silicon valley's biggest homeless shelters today. fire broke out about 2:00 a.m. this morning at santa jose's emergency housing consortium. thick smoke woke the homeless up. they got out safely. firefighters say the fire started somewhere in the laundry room although the exact cause is still being investigated and the shelter is back open tonight. nearly 200 people throwing
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bottles and punches. that's what emeryville police faced when answering a call of a bar fight early this morning. >> there were bottles flying, glasses flying and people holding broom handles. >> there was still blood on the sidewalk. it started just before 1:30 a.m. at kitty's bar. about 180 people were involved police say. officers eventually moved everyone outside but the fighting flared up again and the crowds started attacking police. >> bottles were being thrown at them. one officer was punched in the face. >> that's when the police called for back-up. about 30 officers from the c.h.p., oakland and berkeley p. d . responded but by the time they arrived several people were already injured and bleeding. they had the situation under control by 1:45 a.m. only two people were arrested.
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one officer suffered minor injuries. roberta, what do we have in store this weekend? >> today we cracked that 70- degree mark. it was 70 in livermore topped off by santa rosa at 71 degrees. the cold spot was 58 in half moon bay. this is our live cbs5 weather camera. clear skies, current air temperatures are in the 50s into the low 60s. we do currentsly however have 66 degrees in redwood city. temperatures falling off very quickly this evening. overnight tonight. 43 in santa rosa. 43 in san jose. mid-40s common across the central bay. we have a ridge of high pressure. when you see clouds drifting in today, high thin, wispy clouds. they undercut the ridge of high pressure so we call if a dirty ridge but it is still strong and will stay in place and will contribute to record warmth right here in throughout the
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area. record at 71. oakland shattered their mark and san jose should get very close to that record temp established way back in 1912. a little bit of change in the atmosphere in the santa clara valley tomorrow. otherwise, sierra forecast will be cloud free until about monday. no snow. temperatures tomorrow panning out like this. 60s to 70s. extended forecast does call for each and every day a dry weather pattern. and dana and allen, next time around i'll tell you just when we should experience rain back in the bay area. >> not for a while though. >> not for a while. thank you, roberta. a reminder. read the fine print. speaking of credit problems, why does our hair go grey. it is all in 2 minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,
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and video rental fees causing a confusing cancellation policy. a double charge for gas. and video rental fees causing big hits to consumer credit. those are the stories that julie watts is covering tonight on the consumer watch. >> we begin tonight with a common consumer confusion and a reminder to read the fine print. when ronald booked a five-day trip to australia told him there were no cancellation fees but when he had to cancel a few days later he was charged the entire balance. $931. what he missed was the fine print explaining the website may not charge but some hotels do. and ronald says that was confusing.
6:22 pm
>> they need full disclosure of their policy. they blame a lot on the hotel itself saying it is not us, it is the hotel. but they are the agent. >> in a statement to cbs5 they said they do not charge cancellation fees but they say certain hotels do and they have to pass that onto the consumer. since contacted ronald's australian hotel and has now refunded his money. also getting money back this week, more than 400,000 shell customers. that's because a phone line outage resulted in duplicate charges for those buying gas last saturday. shell reversed most of them but many debit card customers now face overdraft and other related fees. shell says it will also cover those charges. critics are now calling for better industry standards following previous similar incidents at starbucks, macy's and best buy. and hundreds of thousands of former hollywood video customers may have taken a hit to their credit. the bankrupt company turned over outstanding late fees to
6:23 pm
an oklahoma debt collector which then dropped collection notices into customer files. several states attorneys general are now suing national credit solutions alleging it never notified customers of the debt and some say they don't owe the debt. the company says they will remove negative credit reports but continues to send out collection notices. now, if you receive one of those notices, ignoring it could impact your credit. you should ask for written proof of the debt, dispute it in writing and then contact the attorney general's office. on the consumer watch, julie watts, cbs5. well, for some of us it comes sooner rather than later. are you as familiar with the word "distinguished" as i am. what makes our hair turn grey as we age? ken bastida with tonight's good question. >> when i was a kid my hair was dark. even up through my 20s and 30s i had a lot of hair and it was dark. look here is a picture of me and carlos santana 1978.
6:24 pm
see, we both had dark hair then. and then when i hit 40, things started to change. >> what happened to my hair? why did it turn grey? >> well, the answer you may not want to hear. the reason it turned grey is purely based on mom and dad. >> mom and dad. like every kid i inherited my parents' genetic traits and for me that means grey hair. but the chief dermatologist at california's medical center admits scientists don't know why we start producing melanin. >> what is that trigger factor that tells a follicle to stop producing melanin. we are certainly working on certain genes that may explain why in certain people the follicle produces melanin and in others it does not. >> there are some medical
6:25 pm
conditions such as thyroid and other things. smoking. but that's about it. >> can stress turn your hair grey? >> no. >> how about having kids? can that turn your hair grey? >> see, these are all the myths. >> send me your good questions. >> i'm len ramirez in san jose. this is the fueling station of the future. the rubber is starting to hit the road for new cars. how much demand there will be for a place to plug? an update on this massive deconstruction job which in turn is bringing jobs to the bay area. and on the heels of that jaw dropping pay scandal we are going back to bell. and guess what? the city has a whole new mess on its hands. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but she just wouldn't budge on wednesday. the r we showed you this ship earlier in the week but she wouldn't budget on wednesday. the retire vessel was supposed to head from the bay reserve
6:29 pm
fleet to mare island to be dismantled. the ship made that 6-mile journey to dry dock. this is a little time lapse video set up on mare island. a big business boost for vallejo. the company plans to hire about 100 people to take the ship apart. you used to see them every once in a great while now electric cars are turning up on bay area streets. len ramirez showing us a new investment from the feds may help simplify the logistics of owning one. have a long chord, len. >> reporter: you have to have a long chord. no one is using this charging station. no one has used it most of the day we have been monitoring it but flash forward five years and scenes like this, this will
6:30 pm
be a very quaint memory. >> reverse. >> reporter: electric cars for everyday driving are not just around the corner. they are here and now. >> it is the latest status symbol. so i get a lot of looks. >> reporter: he is one of the first people in the country to get behind the wheel of a chevy volt which he has been driving to work this campbell since he got it three weeks ago today. >> this actually is my primary car. >> reporter: the five-door, four passenger hatchback runs 40 miles on rechargeable batteries but also has a gas engine to extend its range if needed. >> once i run out of electric charge the gas kicks in. so i have no issues of anxiety because of range. i don't want to go to the gas station any more. >> reporter: but there is still one problem. charging stations to reenergize the cars are still few and far between. >> i went to palo alto. i couldn't make it all the way back here without the gas system kicking in. >> reporter: but he can change
6:31 pm
that. his company column technologies builds charging stations for electric cars. the u.s. government has just given them a $17 million grant to build over 4000 charging stations in parking lots and street spaces free of charge to cities, corporations and drivers. >> in addition to those workplace chargers similar to the one i'm standing to right next to me, we have ct 500 which is a home charging station that you would put in your garage or wall mount at your residence while you're sleeping. >> reporter: the two electric car models available from companies have sold fewer than 800 units as of january 31st due mostly to production delays. but the demand for the cars and charging stations is starting to spike. >> the rubber is starting to hit the road literally with these plug-in vehicles and we are seeing in just the last two
6:32 pm
months an exponential jump in demand for charging now that the bolts have starting being delivered. >> reporter: 2011 is expected to be a very big year for electric cars. besides the nissan lease and chevy volt, there will be ford vehicles and a hyundai model. remember president obama has set a goal of having 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015. believe me, this is going to be a quaint scene, nobody using an electric car charging point. >> so let me ask you in the meantime though, len, this charging station, is it free to the car owner? >> reporter: no, you have to pay for the electricity but what they are doing -- what this grant enabled them is to set these up for free. >> got it. >> reporter: basically cities won't have to pay for this pole and light standard and things like that, but the electricity will have to be charged for
6:33 pm
each individual user through their credit card. >> i just wondered. darn. okay. len ramirez in san jose. thank you. well, a new controversy is following the salary scandal in the city of bell. a city councilman there says his colleagues are holding the city hostage because they keep calling in sick. dave lopez explains what is being done to get the council to show up to work. >> reporter: the only member of bell city council who was not arrested for corruption charges, lorenzo valez says his three other colleagues are avoiding him. >> i'm here to urge my colleagues to come back. >> reporter: political corruption charges on the three council members and they will be together monday morning. cash strapped bell, which needs to make hard decisions, the
6:34 pm
elected leaders that is, has not had a council meeting since september because hernandez and the two others have called in either sick or just left the meeting in disgust when they are razzed and heckled by the crowds. >> court won't last until 6:00 p.m. in the afternoon. they should be here and do the people's work. >> reporter: he wants a scheduled council meeting monday. even though hernandez and the two others will be in court earlier that day. >> all the interim administration has been trying to figure out when we can have a meeting where we can have folks that are supposed to make policy decisions give us some direction. >> reporter: acting city manager who took over for the $800,000 man robert rizo who is also indict and will be in court on monday says action is needed to be taken soon. >> do you have the authorities to make the cuts before the new election? >> i have the authority it make some cuts. >> reporter: but valez says if he had the votes he would fire
6:35 pm
him and doesn't want until the special elections in march when a new council will b voted in. >> they are holding us hostage. >> reporter: all he says is he wants one more meetings before the march elections. valez said he tried to get a meeting scheduled but all the calls to the three other council members have been ignored. well, they are twins on the same mission and today it started with an oath. why these sisters decided to pair up and enlist. and why some people who got botox injections today truly have reason to smile. several giants sporting new looks at media day today including pablo sandoval. hear which former giant the panda has been working out with this off season. [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool.
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three years in a row. switch to at&t now to get u-verse tv starting at just $29 a month for six months, plus dvr included. or get up to $300 in promotion cards with a qualifying u-verse bundle. at&t u-verse tv. tv like you've never seen before. at&t. attack on a u-c davis professor in egypt. native egyptian
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radwan" says protest a rally in downtown sacramento condemned the attack on a u.c. davis professor in egypt. protestors in cairo beat her up. pulled her hair, ripped her shirt open and snatched jewelry off her neck. they believe she was calling for change while a reporter interviewed her. she is still in egypt and says she is okay with minor cuts and a head injury. egypt saw the biggest turnout today. they are pressuring president hosni mubarak to step down now. but after two days of deadly clashes joel brown shows us the country was much more peaceful today. >> reporter: tensions in cairo's central square took a calmer turn friday. fighting replaced by more
6:39 pm
festive scenes. over 100,000 pro testers dancing and chanting that president hosni mubarak leave now. they called it the day of departure. >> if you love this country please leave this country. >> reporter: blocks away military tanks pushing back pro-hosni mubarak protestors headed for the square chanting hosni mubarak will not leave. but the army kept them away preventing the violent clashes of the past two days that left as many as 10 dead, over 800 wounded. with fears that the violence could spark again soon, the white house has been working quietly with egyptian officials to satisfy the protestors' main demand, that hosni mubarak leave immediately. >> there needs to be a transition process that begins now. that transition must initiate a process that respects the universal rights of the egyptian people and leads to free and fair elections. >> reporter: the administration is discussing a plan for hosni mubarak to step down right away followed by the formation of a
6:40 pm
new temporary government backed by the military. but u.s. diplomatics have concern that the white house go out of its way to show it is not trying to impose its own ideas. the president is vowing to stay on until september elections. so egypt's day of departure turned into night with no change. a waiting game for the country's future. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. standing room only at the fresno convention center. the site of the funeral for a long general who served as the u.s. ally in the vietnam war. thousands gathered on the first day of the six-day service for powell. powell led a battle who once saigon fell he moved to fresno and helped people resettle in the u.s. today his family got the word, the u.s. army denied a request to have him buried at
6:41 pm
arlington national cemetery. >> that was his last wishes that he gets recognized for his life long contribution to america. >> i would give my spot as a korean combat veteran. i would give my spot for that man. >> he was told that powell couldn't have the spot because he would take the place of an american veteran. he plans to appeal the decision. general van powell died last month at the age of 81 leaving behind 25 children. two twins from vallejo are on their way to serving their country. >> against all enemies. >> born and domestic. >> melissa and her sister took the ceremonial list of enlistment this morning. we first told you about them last month. they made the decision to enlist shortly before their mother died of cancer on christmas eve. the pair says that they have been through a lot together but
6:42 pm
the hardest may still be to come. >> we have only been separated about a week and now i'm going to get my sister only 30 days out of the year. >> i know my sister was very proud before she passed away. she told me that she was very proud of them. >> the sisters moved to vallejo from peru when they were six years olds. joining the military fast tracked their path to citizenship. but they also wanted to say that they wanted a chance to serve their adopted homeland. 58 degrees today at half moon bay to 71 degrees in santa rosa. now the days where we will have record high temps. stay with us. pinpoint forecast is coming up right after this. ,, ring ring. progresso. oh yes hi.
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together looking for a more youthful appearance. but as juliette goodrich tells us, a shot of botox on the outside... is helping others to stay he inside. a shot for charity. an east bay community coming together looking for a better appearance. a shot of botox on the outside
6:46 pm
helping others to stay healthy on the inside. >> if i could schedule my vanity around items like this i would do that. >> reporter: vanity is not usually associated with charity but -- >> it is all good. >> reporter: today it is. >> a lot of the patients they love coming in because it is a guilty pleasure for them and can feel less guilty because everything is going towards heart disease today. >> reporter: botox and other things. at times a high price ticket to the fountain of youth. but today doctor jerome potaskin saying his goal beauty on the outside, heart healthy on the inside. >> i came up with this idea in 2005 when hurricane katrina hit. >> reporter: 100% proceeds going directly to the american heart association's go for red women campaign. a shot of youth going to a good cause. >> seven years ago i had breast cancer and right when i started to recover from that i wanted
6:47 pm
to do something for myself to make myself feel good because i felt so lousy for so long and i was just so fortunate to meet him and become a part of this. >> reporter: all of the employees wearing red for this good cause. heart disease is still the number 1 killer in women taking the lives of one in three women each year. >> we have probably raised about $90,000 in the previous events we have done all going directly to charity and hopefully we will break the $100,000 mark today. >> reporter: the old saying beauty comes at a price may be true but today inner beauty and health is the real goal. a shot for the heart. in danville, juliette goodrich, cbs5. we have a shot at a great weekend coming up here. >> very good shot at it. very good shot a record high temps in the bay area. what we experienced in january. in fact, we don't see any rain in the forecast until perhaps
6:48 pm
the president's day holiday. wow, that's a long time off. this was the scene today. see those clouds. they drifted in from an area of low pressure to the north of us and they undercut the ridge of high pressure and that's when we call it a dirty ridge of high pressure. but nevertheless high pressure still in control. 71 degrees in santa rosa. it was 70 in livermore. we have one snag in the forecast and it happens to be the national weather service issuing a wind advisory. it expires at 6:00 p.m. on sunday night. so this goes into effect tomorrow morning. this does include the strait and delta. this area all blue, highlighted in blue will see some pretty strong north winds during the afternoon hours. at times gusts could exceed 40 miles per hour. high pressure produces an offshore flow. now meanwhile if you are out and about tonight, the winds have dialed back and the temperatures pretty much into the 50s. a few 60s still around the
6:49 pm
peninsula. tonight overnight anywhere from 38 degrees in throughout the tri-valley through san francisco. crystal clear skies. high pressure right about here. it is diverting this storm track to the north. watch this right here. see these clouds. those are the ones that drifted into the area and we saw them highlighted by our cbs5 weather camera. otherwise, as the high pressure strengthens we do pick up that wind and we also pick up some warmer conditions. we are going for some records. we should shatter the record established back in 2007. otherwise we will come very close to a record tomorrow in san jose. wait until you see sunday's forecast. but meanwhile, with the warmer conditions come early blossoms and if you are sneezing, brian sent us this picture from walnut creek, it is the cherry blossoms. they are not the problem. no, that is the alder, juniper and ash count on the medium to high side. a little bit of a tinge in the air until the wind picks up.
6:50 pm
otherwise tomorrow's daytime highs going up in comparison to today. 69 in san francisco. our average high is 60. 74 in santa rosa. low 70s tri-valley and across the santa clara valley. sunday the warmest day of the week. a pair of 7s in our inland areas. approaching 70s at the beaches. we don't have a rain drop in the forecast each and every day all the way through next week at that time. how about this? celebrating a wedding. gorgeous. keep the photos coming at where were you when john taylor made the super bowl catch? we go on a trip down memory lane next in sports.
6:51 pm
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what's your story? citi can help you write it. seat... today, the giants extended brian sabean and bruch bochy's contracts through 2012... when you win a world series you don't have to worry about being on hot seat. extending contracts until 2012. boche and sabine made it clear that pablo sandoval would have to get in better shape to keep
6:54 pm
a spot in the lineup. today we got a firsthand look at the new trim pablo sandoval and he revealed his new workout partner. >> i have been working out with barry. talking to barry a lot. >> barry? >> barry bonds. i don't know how many pounds i lost but i lost a lot. eating right. a lot of vegetables. >> one of the giants phrases last year was fear the beard. this year it might be all about the stash. tim lincecum gets tonight's they said it award. >> i'm a man. >> i'm 40. >> i want winners. >> i started growing it about a month ago and this is all i got. sad but true. this is my contribution to the beard. it is actually just keeping it on my face. i was going for the johnny depp look in chocolate.
6:55 pm
>> looking good. >> the biggest game in the bay area tomorrow night is at the hill top. that's right. u.s.f. hosting santa clara and a battle for second place in the west coast conference. broncos won five straight. off to their biggest league start since 1982. despite those struggling years, rex says the rivalry remains strong. >> when you play santa clara especially on a bye week there is a natural built-in hatred. not a great word to use. but a strong dislike between our players and their players. i like their coaching staff but i don't like them. you know. >> doesn't like them this week. 48 hours from now someone on either the steelers or packers will make a play that will be remembered forever. you think i'm exaggerating? just ask former player john taylor. >> as you are growing up as a
6:56 pm
kid you say if i make this catch, we win the super bowl and i can say i actually lived it. >> montana. touchdown. >> it was funny at the time. my younger brother who also like i said played in the league for nine years, at the time he was a junior at the university of illinois and when i caught that pass he said to me when i came in the locker room how would you felt if you would have missed that pass? i would have felt like the loneliest person in the world and unemployed. >> john taylor stayed employed for nine nfl seasons. the wide receiver posted quite a resume. a two-time pro bowler and three-time super bowl champion. >> there have been players that i grew up with that i played against, i grew up with back home and we played together in the league and they would say to me, you know, when your guys used to come play us you knew you were going to win? i said that's the way we looked
6:57 pm
at it. we knew we couldn't stop you from scoring but our mind set was could you score as much as we were going to score? >> an inception. >> he came into the studio. he looked like he could play tomorrow. >> and he was saying that he was thinking about coming back. and i thought to myself, you know, you're a lot bigger and a lot faster. you know. you think about coming back that first hit will tell you, i made a mistake. i can't say. everybody's body is different. looks like he can play. they tell me the same thing. i always tell them i will give you 12 good plays. after that i will be done. >> his route running didn't stop when he hung up the cleats. he had a trucking company for 12 years. >> chocolates for valentine's day. >> grow that mustache. >> good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: soothes airways with cherry-scented vapors.
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