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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  February 7, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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retirement we are seeing figures that is simply eye popping. who is getting them even at a time of budget deficits. are. >> reporter: when it comes to pulling in the gold it's tough to beat the outgoing brass. the police chief received over $525,000 in her final year on the job. she got $187,000 in base play plus over $300,000 in unused sick, vacation and comp time that she had saved up over the years. that's on top of her $229,500 a year pension for life. and she wasn't alone. former deputy chief charles culhane received over $515,000 in her final year. $325,000 in sick time and various premium pays. and the commander clocked out at $425,000 in his final years.
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over $170,000 of it in unused time. supervisor shawn elsburg who has been fighting for pension reform say it may be startling they are pretty much business as usual. >> i wish i could tell you i was. but no, i wasn't. >> reporter: why? >> hey, it's been one of these secrets that not really much of a secret. people have known that top brass in the police and fire do very, very well. and upon retirement get very rich pay-outs. >> reporter: is there a requirement to pay it out if it is on the books when people retire as a function of the state of law. but asking employees to take vacation is a management responsibility. >> reporter: and when it is the managers doing it they wind up among the highest paid workers in the state. how does this work when you explain you don't have enough money for cops on the street? >> it doesn't work. we need to make changes. >> reporter: and it is not just
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san francisco. bart cops were also among the highest paid when it came to special district workers. travis gibson, for example, earned $355,000 for his final year on the job plus pension. and commander maria white got $282,000 in her final year. and then got hired back as a contract employee. >> it is so difficult to be able to find police officers and presumably firefighters that, you know, we need to provide every incentive possible. >> public employee exceptions were never designed to be gold plated retirement security nets. >> now, it is interesting to note that as we said it is not just san francisco police. in fact, it is not just bart police. it also ex depends to a number of -- extends to a number of managers in jurisdictions around the state, whether it be for transportation or, for example, east bay utility, utility district where the general manager cashed out his final year $420,000, plus pension, plus vacation time when you clock that in. >> the golden ticket.
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this sounds like there ought to be a law kind of thing. the law should be changed. >> interesting, though, the law says that you have to pay for vacation and sick time accrued. but where it is up to the individual jurisdictions is to set those limits on how much you can, how often you can save it up and when you've got to cash it out. and as we heard in this piece right now, the controller in san francisco said it is a management issue and they have chosen not to do it. one of the questions is why? well, because the manager is getting it just as well as anybody else kind of thing. >> phil, thanks. >> dana. well, first, an explosion and then a massive fireball and a huge plume of smoke in contra costa county today. the blast happened at a utility station on walnut by puttnum boulevard. we received dramatic video of that explosion. we see what exactly happens. ann? >> reporter: a worker who was very close to that transformer
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when it exploded. fortunately he was not hurt at awe -- all. there were a lot of people very frightened because they didn't know what was going on. >> it sounded like, i mean, really like we were getting attacked. i felt like i was in the middle of a war. >> there was this column of like orange brown smoke but full of lightning. it was a trip. >> reporter: you are looking at home video of the blast that shook this walnut creek neighborhood this morning. >> like a blast and a lot of noise. i came next to the window to see what it was on the street. and then i saw the smoke. >> i opened the door and we saw this big fire around the house. and my wife and i said, hey, let's get out of here because it's very close. >> reporter: neighbors weren't taking any chances.
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and many evacuated at about 7:00 this morning. >> hopped in the car and we are out of here within about 60 seconds. >> we just took off. and you could see just flames. >> reporter: unknown to many was that an east bay municipal utility district water pumping station was in their neighborhood. when demand is high like in the middle of summer it pumps water through the system. the part that exploded is essentially the power grid for the pumping station. the fire department says the plant lost power over the weekend and automatically switched over to a generator. and then the employees came to work this morning. >> they were in the process of trying to restore power to the facility. and during that operation something in the equipment failed and caused the fire to start. >> reporter: the spokesman says he cannot confirm that and says the cause of the fire is still mysterious and under investigation. we saw a sign touting an electrical improvement project but the spokesman didn't know if that was related to the fire either. >> we are going to do a thorough, a very thorough
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investigation. that's why i don't want to speculate. safety is important to the neighborhood but also for us for our employees. >> reporter: it looked frightening and smelled nasty. there were no hazardous materials like oil or pcbs. but like you might expect, neighbors have different reactions. >> these houses are too close to that in my honest opinion. >> just a fluke. i think it will be okay. >> reporter: this will not impact water delivery because frankly they don't use this pumping station very often. ever since the drought people have stopped using as much water. dana, they haven't needed to use this pump or electricity for more than a year and a half. >> that's good because it's not working now. >> no. right now it's debilitated. >> in walnut creek, ann, thank you very much. yet another fire near san francisco's castro district. this time arson fears may have actually saved lives. six people escaped this fire that burned two homes this morning. thanks to undercover police officers who banged on their
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doors. they were ought patrolling the area because of four recent suspicious fires just a mile away. but investigators say this latest fire was not arson. it was spontaneous combustion i invited by ration used to varnish a new deck and a fence at one of those homes. also in san francisco a driveby shooting in the mission district this morning. police say that the victim was standing on the sidewalk by la mission market on mission street near 17th when two people pulled up in a car and shot him in the back. the victim is expected to survive. police arrested two suspects. the detectives are investigating if it's gang related. well, freedom of speech that ignited racial tensions at a south bay high school went to court today. at issue teenagers who wore american flag t-shirts on cinquo de mayo. one side said the case should actually be dropped. >> reporter: that's right, allan a new year and semester at live oak high school.
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the students have pretty much moved on since the events of last year. in fact, some of them said today that students are getting along together with each other pretty well. virtually no temperatures among the students here. yet this court case is moving forward. in fact, the first hearing was today. while the american flag flew in front of live oak high school and as students calmly went about their school day attorneys were in federal court in san jose battling over incidents at the school last may 5th. >> what we absolutely want to see happen is a change in policy and a change in attitude. >> reporter: la attorney william becker jr. represents the am parents of the two boys who were ordered to remove american flag clothing on the mexican american holiday by their principal on the grounds that it could lead to a fight. the parents of the boys filed suit against the district for violation of their rights to free expression. >> what the point of this case is to make sure that that policy is not used to violate the first amendment rights of
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students. students' rights of first amendment free speech are not shed at the school house gates. >> reporter: attorneys and officials with the morgan hill unified school district who turned out when they saw our camera would not comment. but minutes earlier they argued to the curt that the case should be dropped since the principal who made the boys change their clothing has since retired. and because the district now has a more well defined policy when it comes to wearing patriotic clothing. the parents' attorney says that's not good enough. >> the policy hasn't been changed. the state officials who have moved on conveniently and gone to other jobs doesn't moot the issues in this case. >> reporter: the incident highlighted racial differences at the school and brought national media attention to morgan hill. >> this is america. and they should be able to wear an american flag any time they want. and somebody else could wear a mexican flag if they want. >> reporter: but questions over the need for a federal case
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remain. the local paper editorialized for dropping it. but the people we spoke with felt the community needs to have answers. >> i guess it probably should be decided by a judge. i am sure it is something that is probably going do come up every cinque de mayo. go away and come back again just like any issue does. >> reporter: federal judge james wear who is wearing the arguments today did not many make a decision on this allan. he is taking it under consideration and will issue his ruling some time in the coming days or even weeks. >> thanks. welcome to beverly hills. you have arrived. >> and now you're leaving. the latest sign of hard times, even in beverly hills. >> could a world expo be returning to the bay area? i will tell you about the benefits for the region and also how much it would cost up ahead. >> this local storage facility had 43 break-ins in just two years. >> i think my stuff would have been safer in my car. >> the special offer that
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entices crime rings coming up in minutes. ,, . >> imagine paying half a million for a luxury condo and forced to sleep outside. >> what rights do you have if a heavy smoker lives next door? >> tonight at 11 on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the bay area hosted a world's fair. that w [ music ] >> it has been more than 70 years since the bay area hosted a world's fair. that was back in 1939 when the golden gate international exposition opened on treasure island which was actually created just for the fair. well now silicone valley is preparing to bid for the 2020 world's fair. mark sayr is in sunnyvale where they hope to host those fest its. >> reporter: dana, this new report released today outlines the benefits to bringing the world expo back to the bay area and also the risks of doing so. >> today we have runways that go right here. >> reporter: john grub explains the potential lay-out of expo
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2020 at move fat federal airfield. >> what we would do for the world expo is we would cover up temporarily those runways and build the main expo grounds over the runways where they are. >> reporter: grub is with the bay area council, an association of leading area businesses which is promoting the expo. grub says the expo could draw more than 100 countries to a central exhibition area likely themed around innovation and space. >> you would see different country's views of what they would do in space. also their views of innovation. >> reporter: plans to use moffat field for a potential 2020 expo bid weregiven last year by the governor. the benefits are 42,000 full- time jobs. 5.6billion in expo impact. >> and most importantly it puts a very, very positive focus on our region.
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it shows us to be the world headquarters of technology and innovation and space sciences and sustainability. just the kind of things that we want to be to compete in a global economy. >> reporter: the report has some caveats it would increase traffic congestion could lead to higher airfares both to and from the bay area and likely result in higher hotel rates. it freely admits that trying to predict economic impact in advance is speculative. but he beliefs the benefits outweigh the potential downsides. >> world expo 2020 silicone valley it just seems to fit so well. >> reporter: as for the cost of all of this the planners would estimate it will cost $1 billion to bring the expo here. that of course would include the cost to actually put the fair grounds in. that all though would be paid for from private sources. no taxpayer money involved. the only taxpayer money involved at least at this point in the planning would be some
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potential infrastructure to the transportation facilities such as the vta and cal train. but they do believe dana there is grant money allocated to those project. hope to move the time up. at this point no taxpayer money for this expo. >> a lot of potential money here. mark, when will the decision come down? >> reporter: the decision is made by a group in paris, france. the best estimate they have at this point is 2013 for a decision and then seven years to get it up and running. >> so we have some time. great. mark sayr, thank you very much. a budget ultimatum in sacramento today. he agreed to governor brown's tax am exemptions or ucnc students will face higher fees. still the university chancellors say they don't plant to increase student fees this year. but today they said they may have no choice to do so nfl californians agree to ex ten increases on income, sales and
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vehicle taxes for five years. >> the race for mayor of san francisco just got a little more crowded. former supervisor mikhaila peer filed papers. she was turned out after her effort was reject today run again. another former supervise sore devon duffy as is state store leland year yee. >> well good things can't last forever but we are giving this good weather a high. >> it looks like oakland in the low 70s today besting their old record of 79. a day that will go down in the record books again. and look at this. wow. that's what a record looks like, okay? the cbs 5 weather camera aboard chopper 5 looking out towards the city of san francisco at 66 degrees. up from the average high of 60 degrees. let's go ahead and take a look at some of the current temperatures. as soon as the sun sets the
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numbers are dropping off very rapidly. now in the upper 50s. due east 57. redwood city is now at 60 degrees. so winter is now blowing and gusting up to 21 miles per hour. the national weather service has just issued a wind advisory in effect for the strait and the delta. so it is on the breezy to windy side this evening. the numbers are plummeting to 38 degrees. to the north upper 30s to the east. mid-40s to the south. 47 in san francisco for an overnight low. we do have high pressure firmly in place. but because of the proximity of an area of low pressure to the inside track it is causing a pressure gradient. that's where we pick up the winds from. so tomorrow afternoon a northerly wind 10-20 miles per hour will help usher the temperatures down. so they will go down tomorrow. 6--11 degrees cooler. but the numbers are still slightly above the average high temperatures. wall to wall sunshine for your tuesday. flex threat of rain we will look at that in the seven day
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outlook. meanwhile tomorrow a haze to the north. the eastern corridor and also around mount hamilton as some of the polluteants get trapped to the surface until the wind blows it all out. 68 in san raphael. walnut creek and back into upper 50s at the beaches. next chance of rain comes saturday night through to sunday. allan talk more about that chance of rain of how it will affect valentine's day coming up. >> roberta, we are on alert, thanks. do you have something sitting in public storage tonight? you may want to keep a closer eye on it. that's coming up in two minutes. ,,
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bay area cities. on the consumerwatch, julie wat . how safe is your stored stuff? we are tracking break-ins at public storage areas in three bay area series. julie watts shows us the crime by the numbers.
6:22 pm
>> they cut the thing and then just slid the bar along with the lock on it. and the door opened. >> reporter: when thieves broke into her storage locker this summer carol lejoy lost all of her fame heirlooms. >> gold plates and crystal, the family clock, the mantel clock. >> reporter: it happened at this public storage facility on blossom hill in san jose. >> it looked like they had plenty of time. and they went through every single box. >> reporter: plenty of time because of how, she says, an employee told her the thieves probably pulled off their highest. >> they rent a unit where they get the first month free. they come in in the middle of the night. they break into the other units. they move the stuff from those units to their unit. before the end of the month they move out. >> reporter: she took us on a tour to show us what she believes is a lack of security. there is no lock on this door. they come right in. get in the elevator and up they go. >> reporter: and then once upstairs thieves have complete privacy. >> there is no cameras here. no cameras in any of the hallways or any of the interior buildings. >> reporter: in fact, she says
6:23 pm
the only camera that might have spotted suspects going into her building is missing. and the public storage employee told her. >> the back camera was stolen over a year ago. >> reporter: that's no surprise to this former public storage manager. >> travelling all over i got to see the very old and run do you have storage facilities we had. that's where i ran into the issues. >> reporter: but the biggest concern is the first month for $1 promotion which he feels encourages thieves and san jose police agree. >> that does sometimes tend to attract those of the criminal element. we are definitely seeing that as a trend. >> reporter: according to the police records, carol's public storage here had 43 break-ins over the last two years. 43. that number seems high to you it's because it is. at least compared to public storage competitors. consumer watched compiled a database of burglary reports from storage facilities from three of the largest storage companies in san jose, san francisco and oakland. while public storage does have more facilities and some had
6:24 pm
few, if any, break-ins, the average number of break-ins was significantly higher. more than eight times higher than a1 storage and nearly nine times higher than extra space storage. why so many more break-in? s well, we went undercover to investigate what the other companies might be doing differently. examining security at a1 and extra space facilities close toast carol's public storage. what about security? >> we have an alarm for each unit. >> reporter: we found part of the reason this a1 storage may have fewer burglaries each has an alarm that customers can set when they leave. the facility has had just three break-ins over the last two years. the same number as this extra space storage. both facilities had outdoor cameras that appeared to be functioning. back at public storage carol is getting ready to pack up and leave. >> i think the stuff would have been safer in my car, sitting out in my car on the street. >> reporter: on the consumer
6:25 pm
watch, julie watts, cbs 5. >> public storage declined to comment on the consumer watch investigation. but the company says the fewer facilities also have alarms on individual units. not many of those in the bay area. to check out consumer watch's database check out our website. >> another day in court for robert rizzo. it may be one of his last. the deal that could bring an end to the bell salary scandal. >> maybe if we had brought over a fruit cake when i first moved in we would have gotten off to a better state. >> from fruit cake to facebook the president aims for laughs in an effort to create some jobs. the request he made to american business leaders. and we are going to talk d -- donation about economics. the bay area city that wants to take the air out of jumpy houses. ,,,,,,,,
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visitors to the country's most . welcome to beverly hills. you have arrived. >> visitors to the country's most famous zip code may never hear that greeting again. that's because this man known as an institution in beverly hills just got laid off.
6:29 pm
the visitor's bureau hired greg donovan 12 years ago to greet visitors, give directions and pose for photos. >> the reason they hired me was called pretty woman syndrome. people wouldn't go in the shops and i was the guy who made people comfortable. even if you have the money but if you are dressed in jeans you might not want to go in. >> he is a part of beverly hills. >> reporter: the visitor's bureau says they cannot afford to keep him in this economy. asked him to relinquish his jacket and his rights with photos posing with celebrities. but donovan has refused that request. >> when it comes to manners of the economy, they are miles apart. president obama and the u.s. chamber of commerce are geographic neighbors in washington, d.c. today the president walked over to pay a visit. alexis christopher on his call for a new partnership. >> reporter: president obama walked the block to the chamber of commerce for a neighbor of business leaders.
6:30 pm
>> maybe if i had brought over a fruit cake when i first moved in we would have got off to a better start. >> reporter: they have butted heads over financial regulations and the healthcare overhaul. now both sides are looking to work together. >> i have got one message. my message is now is the time to invest in america. >> reporter: president obama argued businesses have a responsibility to help the u.s. economy. he called on executives to start using the nearly $2 trillion on their balance sheets to create jobs. the president pledged to help american businesses compete with a change in the corporate tax code and a push for more exports. but he warned that shouldn't translate into more record wall street profits and big bonuses. >> they have to be shared by american workers. who need to know that expanding trade and opening markets will lift their standards of living as well as your bottom line. >> reporter: republicans contend the president is crushing the business community under stifling regulations. and market watchers aren't ready to put much stock in
6:31 pm
president obama's promises. >> i am not so certain that he has convinced anybody that he has really changed. the speech was long on food goals and happiness -- feelings and happiness and a little short on specifics. >> but the chamber is flying a massive jobs banner on the outside of his building. both sides hope that by working together they can put millions of unemployed americans back to work. this is cbs news, new york. well, the number of dead in egypt has skyrocketed to almost 300. that's according to a new count. a human rights watch group says it tallied the death toll from several hospitals in egypt after two weeks of riots and protests. in the meantime, the white house is assisting with the transition of power. but it says it does not want to rush the process and risk instability. >> obviously we just have to negotiate a path and i think we are making progress. >> also in egypt today, the president met with his new
6:32 pm
cabinet for the first time. and the government announced it is boosting salaries and pensions by 15% in a concession aimed at calming the revolt. meanwhile many banks and stores are back open now. the google executive whose facebook page sparked the youth revolution in egypt is free tonight. he says the security forces blindfolded but did not torture him during his ten days in custody. the marketing executive led young opposition forces in cairo using social networking sites to rally the revolution. his release is an answered prayer for his mom. >> i want to put a sign on my chest that reads "i'm the mother of a hero." >> for many protestors, he is one of the heroes of this revolution. but he insists he is not. he says the real heroes are the ones who have died fighting. in a statement mountain view based google felt huge relief when they heard of his release.
6:33 pm
>> wikileaks founder assange was released from prison. he claims the sex last year was consentual. between his worldwide notoriety and sweden's policy of closed trials and rape cases it would be difficult for him to get a fair hearing. six southern california city leaders who made national headlines in a huge salary scandal were offered plea deals today. this as pre-trial hearings in the case were set to begin. dave lopez on what happened in court. >> all counsel are you ready? >> yes. >> reporter: standing shoulder to shoulder the so-called bell eight nearly stretched the width of the courtroom this morning. the district attorney's office without going into specific details, said that they have offered six of the so-called eight plea bargains. testify against robert rizzo the one-time $800,000 a year city manager and his assistant, over $300,000 a year age he
6:34 pm
will -- angela you won't go on trial and get a break on sentencing. the six will have to pay back the money that the da says they illegally stoled from the bell city coffers and spend two years behind bars in exchange for their guilty pleas. no comment whatsoever from the district attorney's office other than that the plea bargain has been offered and is on the table. the only comment about the plea bargain came from artiga who told me in the elevator that yes, it has been offered and he is thinking about it. in the hallway his attorney told me we are rejecting it. every other defendant and their attorneys would not talk about the plea bargain. especially the attorneys representing angela and rizzo. >> well, one of those little turning points in the first
6:35 pm
walks of life. >> yes, solid food. but when should a child start? how that decision could be linked to obesity. >> and if that's not a hot enough parenting topic for you, how about this one. jumpy houses. why one bay area city wants to see them deflated. >> if there was a day to switch places with aaron rogers this might be the one. i'm kim doyle. an emotional return for the superbowl ends in tears. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:36 pm
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[ female announcer ] for a limited time, get sizzler's 6oz, fresh cut, tri-tip steak plus our endless salad and dessert bar for just $10.99. sizzler. thinking fresh. everyday. finds that starting food too soon could p . >> starting solid foods is a big milestone for infants. but a new study finds that starting food too soon could put those babies at risk later on for weight problems. doctor kim is joining us to sort that out. >> well, allan, today about a quarter of u.s. babies start on solid foods before the age of four months. and tonight there is more evidence that can spell trouble for babies who are formula fed and breast fed babies who are
6:38 pm
weaken weekend before the age of four months. 9-month-old sebastian is enjoying his oatmeal and apples. his month started slowly introducing solid when he was four months old. >> i would start one food per week. >> reporter: starting solid foods earlier could have a big impact on their week. if food was introduced to bottle fed babies too early the child was at increased risk for obesity. >> formula fed infants were at a six fold risk of developing obesity. >> infants that breast feed are also at risk. babies on solid foods sleep perfect. >> children don't need solid foods prior to four months. so breast-milk and formula is really enough for them. >> reporter: she breast fed her baby. didn't find any need to introduce foods before four months. >> i just didn't really feel he needed it.
6:39 pm
he seemed satisfied. >> reporter: she hopes getting him off on the right foot as a baby will keep him fit for life. >> a happy baby. >> so what's going on? well, it could be when infants eat solid foods they are eating more calories. breast-feeding may also help regulate a babies' appetite. it is slower. that gives the baby a chance to feel food. and finally a mother who is breast-feeding may better recognize when her infant is hungry and when her baby is full. but got to tell you, i do remember at ten weeks shoveling that rice cereal with a little breast-milk. eat eat eat, sleep sleep sleep. >> they sleep through the night. >> but best moms out there delay it. don't rush everything. six months, fine, bring solids on but certainly not before four months. >> boy i don't remember. >> you don't remember? >> i don't remember that transition. it was a long time ago. [ laughter ] >> but she is fine today. >> that's a good thing. she is doing well. >> no, she is great. >> thank you.
6:40 pm
that was very interesting. >> all right. coming up after the break, another big issue swirling around for parents and their kids, jumpy houses. temperatures are now going down. and there is an advisory you need to know about. the pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the bay area. but now one . they are the must have item at kids' birthday parties all over the bay area. but now one city is considering banning jump houses from local parks. mike sugarman jumps into the controversy that is being debated in walnut creek tonight. >> reporter: like any 2-year- old luke likes to bounce. this might so many to be the only way he can do it in a walnut creek park bouncy houses could be bounced out. >> the permits and the rentals in the park has been cut by 50%. >> reporter: so barry gordon is recommending that the city stop issuing permits for those bouncy houses because they take up staff time, setting them up
6:44 pm
and making sure they have proper insurance. and it hurts the fields, too, he says. >> once the inflatable was taken down spikes would be left behind where the kids would go to the bouncy house the turf would be trod end down because a lot of people were going back and forth. >> those little generators are still noisy and trying to have a picnic or a nice quiet day in the park with your family that disrupts it. >> reporter: bouncy houses like these were used an average of once every two weeks legally. an un unknown number of gloria bouncy houses set up illegally. not that you can't have fun in a wall i couldn't tell creek park. you can dance with or without a video if truck parked in the area. a spirited game of booker tag with bean bags coming out of a large nose if the large nose is
6:45 pm
set up at the park. you could roll on a big ball on heather foams. >> we are very family friendly. and we have significantly a great number of arts and recreation programs for families and kids of all ages. and we continue to offer those. >> if you would like to have a party for your child there are many indoor locations where you can have bouncy houses and let the kids run around and play. >> i think they need to get over it, really. i mean people use this park. they pay taxes for the park. let them use it. >> reporter: he was using the park to let his tiki get some fresh air. >> tiki in the park is okay. bouncy houses we will find out later. >> a beautiful day to take it. iki to the park. >> keep tiki away from the jumpy houses he will pop them. a great day for anything outdoors, right? >> yes.
6:46 pm
>> another record breaking event. these two records in oakland set back in 1963 when dana wasn't even born yet. meanwhile we had another record breaking temperature at 73 degrees set back in 2006 as far as when we broke that old record. so two more records here in the bay area. take a look. wow. east beg your pardon, isn't that lovely? >> yes. >> there was a little bit of a wind. and now it is kicking up out of the north gusting up to 21 million in throughout the delta and the strait. and talk more about that. but, boy, just take a nice view and take all of that in. the temperatures tumbling out of the 70s for tuesday back into the 60s. out and about this evening as soon as the sun did set at 5:39 the numbers fell down very rapidly. with that wind out of the north a chill in the air. upper 30s in throughout the tri- valley. you will notice 40s across the
6:47 pm
peninsula. mid-40s bay side. area of low pressure is now taken an inside trek. that low and the area of high pressure that has been firmly in place for over a week, it causes a tight squeeze on the two ridges here. so that's what we allude to as a pressure gradient. thus the wind. so the wind will be diving out of the north. it will be gusting unto 45 miles per hour on our tuesday. we do have a win advisory -- wind advisory in place for the strait and the delta 9 a.m. tuesday until 7 p.m. otherwise the winds will be blowing out of the north for the general population 10-20 miles per hour. as far as your numbers are concerned, with that increased wind the temperatures will be coming down for your tuesday at least by 8 degrees in livermore. san jose 70. down to 64. santa rosa into the mid-60s. but still a good 5-6 degrees above average. an average winter day for this time of the year.
6:48 pm
now blowing around happens to be some pollen not so much from these trees at heather farms. thank you jean for sending that in from walnut creek. but the allegeder, the juniper and the ash trees continue to blossom. therefore that pollen count is on the medium too high side. air quality will be moderate around the northern, eastern and southern portions of our district tomorrow until that wind kicks up late in the day and scatters that out of the atmosphere. tomorrow's daytime highs anywhere from mid-60s in fremont, newwark, union city otherwise upper 50s at the beaches. the temperatures will go back up again into the 70s. tumbling back down again over the weekend. as low pressure produces the first chance of rain on saturday and sunday into valentine's day. ray and shirley, thank you, thank you, thank you for this lovely sunset photograph from napa. we invite all of you to send all of your pictures to us.
6:49 pm
allan, this is their backyard photograph. loving that yard. i'm moving. roberta, thank you. >> superbowl -- 35 is in the books. but next season may be in jeopardy over a labor dispute. eyewitness news 10:00 on the cw11 here on cbs 5, what that would mean for bay area businesses. >> aaron rogers makes the round on the late night circuit. and stephen segal's legacy playing out in the octo go. on that's up next in sports. ,,,,,,
6:50 pm
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the packers had only 2 players with super bowl experience . it is tough when you realize you have a broken collar bone because you cheer and oh, that hurts. >> the packers had only two players with superbowl experience. woodson was one of them. now he is a superbowl championship. after 13 years without a superbowl ring he dove for a pass and broke his collar bone. he is he was in tears in the locker-room knowing he couldn't finish the game. he could reportedly barely get
6:53 pm
any words out. the green bay defense lost the leader and gave up points in the second half. but when the pass fell incomplete the packers and woodson were champions. >> it is all good. i'm a champion. i feel like i am an extension of those guys regardless if i'm on the field or not. and i feel good to wear the ring so it is all good. got my son and my wife. >> your son. >> my second son. my boys enjoyed this with me. you are a champion, baby. you are a champion. >> i watch your show a lot. >> i do. >> i appreciate that. >> no, it's good to be here. must be great. >> aaron rogers 24 hour whirlwind hasn't stopped. on the late show with david letterman tonight at 11:30.
6:54 pm
the superbowl mvp is on top of the world. it just took a little patience to finally get his chance. >> it has kind of been my career there is the journey of waiting for an opportunity and making the most of it. high school junior college, division one being a back-up, you know, getting overlooked on draft day. three years as a backup. finally get an opportunity you make the most of it. this was another opportunity last night. they don't come around that often. >> and it's a big deal in rogers' hometown. pleasant valley high school is welcoming people to mr. roger's neighborhood. the high school coach speaks for everyone who knew him before he ever went to cal. >> you just want to be pinched. and you know i'm happy for the packers and rogers. and it is just amazing. you know, you could never, ever
6:55 pm
believe something like this could happen. >> for the sending straight year the superbowl broke the record for most watched program on t.v. an estimated 111 million people tuned in for yesterday's game. four and a half million more for last year when the saints upset the colts. assuming there is football next year, the packers are the early favorites to win superbowl 46. the pats are 8-1. the steelers are 10-1. hugh jackson and the raiders are 50-1 odds. well, if you were busy being hand fed popcorn by your actress girlfriend this weekend, here is what you missed. [ music ] >> this should be put on youtube. >> you can't show dunks without blake griffin. just give him the rookie trophy already. the clippers rookie throws down
6:56 pm
the put-back. ellice isn't a renowned dunker but this play with the alley oop reverse lay-in from wright. the warriors beat the bulls. no hole in golf more than the 16th at the phoenix open. lyle gives them something to cheer about when he becomes the first pro since 2002 to hit a hole in one on that hole. ufc victor bellcourt has a hole in his face after anderson dropped him with one kick. that's impressive. moved -- learned the move from stephen segal. if you don't like that stuff your pie hole. cameron diaz get the popcorn ready. he is used to being fed. there are some benefits to hand feeding. maybe he is saving his hands for the season. >> sort of like a baby bird. >> he hand-fed his kittens and you know how they turned out. >> come on, a-rod, you know. >> i knew you were going to say
6:57 pm
that. >> getting ready for the pitchers report one week from today. >> you don't want to hurt yourself. >> i bet he is paying for that shot today. >> he has got to be. >> i would like cameron diaz to feed me popcorn, okay? >> at least he didn't lick his fingers, okay? >> they didn't stay on it that long. cut away. >> it was a great superbowl. >> allan doesn't see anything wrong with it. >> it is just popcorn. >> aaron rogers the first cal quarterback starter to win a superbowl so good for him. >> you know when he mentioned he was disappointed during when he was picked the first time by the 49ers. >> he said he would repay the packers and he certainly did for their trust in him. >> he certainly did. all right. now, that's progressive. saving you money -- call or click today.
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