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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  February 8, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> reporter: the hercules recall committee delivered thousands of signatures to the city clerk for the two members. starting at the beginning of the year with 100 people at the first meeting and it gained community. >> i think the community has answered and said we want a clean slate in the city of hercules. >> reporter: it took 75 volunteers 16 days to collect 3000 signatures for each council person's recall. >> they are angry. i think we had less than 30 people that we asked to sign the petitions that didn't want to sign. people knew about it. they saw our signs. they came up to the post office with these signed. >> reporter: the signatures still need to be verified but if they do qualify then in june voters will be asked to decide whether the two should go and if so who should replace them. dan says he will run for one of those spots. >> we had a very strong city manager and we had a very weak city council. and the two added up to a lot
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of misused money. >> reporter: the recall efforts believes the city's redevelopment agency will be $62 million in the hole over the next five years. they point to projects like market hall. $12 million was spent for apartments and commercial businesses and instead used the lot for trailers. cbs5 was told the recall is full of false accusations and misrepresents his record and he will fight it. he also says the council has made many changes and a comprehensive financial audit is underway. >> i don't think you can say i didn't know or i wasn't told. they had the responsibility as the council people and when you don't carry out your responsibilities you get fired. >> reporter: at tonight's council meeting the two will be nthe recall effort is being moved to the next phase. >> we have had people come up and say as a citizen, i let
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this happen, and it is not going to happen again. >> reporter: if you're in hercules you'll know if someone supports the recall if you see them wearing these yellow ribbons. in hercules, ann notarangelo, cbs5. as for the california city that set the standard in dysfunction, valez, the only bell council member not arrested, testified at the preliminary hearings. he said rizzo ran the city of bell. rizzo is facing charges that could land him in prison for more than 50 years. when rizzo left bell he was making more than $850,000 a year. it is an odd collision of elements. on one hand a high tech company on the forefront of the digital revolution. on the other, a part of san francisco that has been more or less left behind. so how could the two come together? mike sugerman on the area that could become the bay area's
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latest tech neighborhood. mike. >> reporter: well, this is the story -- it deals with twitter. san francisco wants to keep twitter in the city. so it may offer tax breaks if it moves to a grimy part of town. san francisco in all its splendor. one of the most enchanting cities in the world. and this is the main artery through the heart of the city. it is market street. the mid-market area. let me give you a tour. i'll tell you who might not realize what this street is about. might be working for one of the companies that might get a tax break to relocate here. here are some things you might see. it is a bit raw. >> it has got great bones, to
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use a real estate term. >> reporter: david addington puts some sizzle on the street when he opened a gourmet hot dog restaurant. >> a lot of untapped opportunity. >> reporter: so the city may give tax breaks to people who move here and bring in people. like twitter. it has 300 employees but expects to grow 10-fold in three years. why not move into the san francisco furniture mart that has been vacant for years. >> it is our opportunity to change the anchor. >> reporter: the mayor who just started tweeting last week. you bring to mid-market and bring jobs we will give you a payroll tax break. not everybody is on board. >> i always have a concern doing corporate give aways. >> reporter: the supervisor saying other companies might threaten to move just to get benefits. what does twitter think? we don't know.
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when i went to ask the company that puts every thought online immediately told me they don't do last-minute interviews. let's set something up, they suggested. the board will vote in a couple of weeks. allen? >> i'm not going to ask you a question, mike, it might take too long to tweet it back to me. >> okay. >> great story. mike sugerman, thanks. all right. i am just checking my facebook status here. my little phone. taking a second here. okay, the updates are coming in. let's see. omg facebook is breaking up with palo alto and moving. it just so happens mark is live with face book's new home. i just checked it right here on my status update. >> reporter: excited about this move. not only bringing jobs to the community but they also hope that it helps to revitalize this entire area on the east
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side of highway 101. the move has been rumored for months. facebook is moving to an already built but currently unoccupied campus formerly used by micro systems. the employees will be moving into the new campus this summer with the move expected to be complete by the end of the year. >> it is exciting. >> reporter: the mayor rich kline says the move is huge for his city which has seen other high tech companies such as google and ciscoe get their start here but then move elsewhere. now san mateo county is gaining as facebook leaves palo alto and santa clara county. >> it is a chance now to look at the long-term opportunity and with facebook comes many companies. i think there are companies that would view working near facebook to be a strategic position for them. >> it is good for the business. we are happy. >> reporter: terry, the owner of high five pizza could not be happier about-facebook's arrival. he says times have been lean
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ever since son left the area. >> we lost a lot of business. we lost 15 to 20% of our lunch business. we have buffet lunchtime. 6.99 all you can eat. that's our main lunchtime business. and losing a lot of catering for them. >> reporter: city leaders hope facebook leads to a revitalization of the entire low income bell haven area of the city. >> what this does is inject a whole different level of energy and finance potentially and vision for that community. so you could seriously see the folks getting their own services, their own amenities. >> reporter: the city said they did not offer any tax incentives to get facebook to make this move. as for the terms of the agreement here, dana, a 15-year lease at this site and the company does have the option to actually buy the buildings if it wants to in five years.
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back to you. >> a great looking campus. hopefully they will have some openings and they will hire people from the local area. that would be really great. we will see. all right. mark, thank you. well, ahead a big cell phone service outage tonight stretching from the bay area all the way down to l.a. in oakland tonight a warning from police. who should be taking precautions. the family of a young hit- and-run victim is reaching out to the community. a substantial reward now being offered just ahead the car the police and the community are searching for. >> can't rule out the fact that they died but you also can't rule out the fact that they lived. that's why we still have warrants for them. you know the story. the three men who escaped alcatraz. why the mystery is resurfacing this week and some new nuggets in the case you may not be familiar with.
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now, her family wants answers. len ramirez with the search for hit and run driv a san jose teenager dragged for more than 2000 feet. now her family certainly wants some answers. len ramirez, the search for the hit-and-run driver is on and how the family is copying with with the horrific crime. len. >> reporter: well, it is pretty horrific what happened to this young woman. she is lucky to be alive tonight. she did survive and is in the hospital tonight. police are searching for the vehicle that was involved in the hit and run that dragged her all that distance. what crime scene investigators found on fontaine road made a bad hit-and-run situation even worse. they determined that the car that ran over 18-year-old erika luna early sunday dragged her body for 2000 feet down the road. more than six football fields before speeding away. >> it is daunting. that's the kind of thing where people hear about that and they are picturing in their mind how
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far this young lady must have been drug underneath the car and to picture that and to picture the physical damage that could be done. >> reporter: luna is remaining in hospital and may never walk again. it happened at 2:30 a.m. sunday morning. erika was struck approximately here where i'm stopping the vehicle. we are going to drive all the way that she was dragged. it is going to take some time but we will do this in realtime just to show you how far that car traveled with her under the wheels. we are about halfway there. and when i pull to a stop is where it all ended. police say the distance is too great for the driver not to
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have known. >> we are hoping that it urges people that may have information to step forward from a moral standpoint to help the police identify who is responsible for this. >> she is one of the most beautiful people i know. >> reporter: erika's brother jose has been raising money to help catch the hit-and-run driver who almost killed his sister. the family raised $5000 for a reward for information that leads to the driver. >> we are hoping to have anybody come forth with some information. anything that they can come up with regarding who the driver was, which vehicle it was. any information to who they might possibly know what happened in the area. any type of information just to figure out who this was. bring them to justice. and do the best for erika. >> reporter: san jose police have been increasing patrols in the area and you see the sign here right at the scene of the accident asking for any witnesses to call san jose
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police. they are looking for a late model small suv or minivan, silver or light grey in color with a rounded back, possibly a dodge caravan. meantime, the family has been printing up these flyers all over the neighborhood. $2000 reward has been increased to $5000 and it might even go up, allen, because san jose crime stoppers is also kicking in we heard today another $1000. people really want to find this driver. anyone with any information is asked to call the san jose police. >> well, i'm sure up to $6000 if that's true is definitely generous but i'm sure there might be others who would want to increase that given what's happened to this young lady. it is horrific. >> reporter: exactly right. as police have said, once people find out how cruel this was to be dragged that long and knowing that there is a human being underneath your wheels, people really want to find that driver. >> it really illustrated the point you driving us through
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that. thank you. and this a warning for women. there has been another sexual assault near lake merit. the latest attack happened 10:00 p.m. last night on jackson street in an apartment complex. another woman was assaulted in the same area a few weeks ago. now, the latest victim told police that she just got home when a man approached her then beat and sexually assaulted her. >> she did suffer injuries and thankfully those injuries are nonlife threatening. the investigators were checking on her well being today and her well being is of our utmost concern. >> the other woman assaulted in the same area a few weeks ago, it also happened when she arrived home. it is not clear if these attacks are connected or are two similar incidents back to september. cell phone customers without service for much of the day. sprint nextel is reporting technical problems with towers.
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east bay, central valley, and parts of southern california affected. no word on the exact number of customers impacted. we are seeing a change in our forecast. let's check in with roberta. >> just felt so much cooler today, didn't it? >> yes. >> predominantly because of the winds gusting up to 45 miles an hour. next half hour the wind advisory will expire at the delta. one thing that you do get when you have gusty winds, unlimited visibility. that was the scene today across the bay area. 59 half moon bay to 65 degrees in richmond. and in santa rosa. numbe s came down about 5 to 11 degrees in comparison to yesterday. the winds are now coming down except to the north at livermore gusts at 42. foster city 23. but to the north at napa and gilroy winds are now slowing down. into the 50s tumbling down very rapidly and once the winds subside we will drop very quickly down to 34 degrees
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overnight in santa rosa. also throughout the tri-valley. mid-30s across the santa clara valley. want to get that extra blanket and toss it back on the bed tonight. area of low pressure. that's right about here. took an inside track banging up a ridge of high pressure and that's what caused a pressure gradient. therefore the windy conditions. we will see less wind as that low pressure high tails it out of here and temperatures will warm slightly to more seasonal readings. average high at livermore is 60. and tomorrow bingo. san jose topping off at 62. 64 santa rosa and we should be pretty close to norm normal in san francisco as well. wind out of the north west at 5 miles per hour. numbers. low 60s from vallejo back into americanion. low america canyon. snow showers on sunday night. a very slight chance. otherwise we do have a chance of rain on valentine's day then
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again on tuesday. we will track that system, allen and dana, coming up next time around. >> thanks, roberta. a bay area mystery solved. the difference between an inny and outy. that's in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the marin county health tonight we know what made dozens of bay area students sick last week. the marin county health department says a virus outbreak affected about 75 people at walker creek ranch near petaluma petaluma. investigators say the virus did not spread through food or water. they say the first person to get sick likely got infected before the trip then spread the virus to other people. well, it is a tool some patients rely on to overcome
6:21 pm
adhd and obesity. dr. kim mulvihill joining us tonight. >> reporter: some believe this test can pinpoint food sensitivities and help people improve their overall health but not everyone buys it. joe davis says he is healthy today but a few years ago. >> i was working for a computer manufacturer and they were using chemicals in the building and i inhaled the chemicals. i was then diagnosed with adult on set asthma. >> reporter: gaining weight which eventually led to high blood pressure. >> i tried different diets and i would lose 5 pounds and gain 10. >> reporter: he then took a blood test with alcat. >> within about two weeks i had stopped taking the six prescriptions that i had been taking for about five years. >> reporter: weight loss specialist gabby rose says the alcat test can help a number of
6:22 pm
conditions. >> fatigue. headaches. i.b.s. is huge. asthma. >> reporter: cellular response to more than 300 foods, chemicals and other substances. the items are removed and then patients reintroduce them in a rotation diet over time. however the american academy of allergy characters the alcat as an unproven method and opposes its use. san francisco nutritionist joanne hattner. >> if you want to look at alcat that you need to talk to your physician. ideally you need to talk to analogies. >> reporter: it may not be covered by insurance. >> those marketing the alcat test list studies that show its efficacy. experts i spoke to said the
6:23 pm
test should not be used to guide therapeutic decisions. bottom line, save your money. >> keep the $100 this your pocket. >> absolutely. >> thank you, kim. it is all those little things that make it different. the size and shape of your belly button. why do some people have innies and others outies. that's tonight's good question. let's go back to the beginning. the very beginning. your birthday. you were hooked to your mother by an umbilical cord. >> rubber band consistency and it holds all the blood vessels that is the life line for the baby to the mom. >> reporter: a few minutes after you were born that cord was cut and that was the beginning of your belly button. >> there is nothing really to this cut that is above here that has anything to do with how the belly button will form.
6:24 pm
>> reporter: a neo-natolo gist says whether you developed an innie or outie had absolutely nothing to do with the way your cord was cut, rather, the amount and the thickness of the skin in your abdomen. >> this will usually shrink down into the abdominal capacity and it will be what they call an innie. >> reporter: 90% are innyi but 10% had a little extra tissue. >> this could have extra tissue that kind of forms a hard piece of tissue that will stay there and that will form the basis of an outie. >> reporter: he says there is no genetic predetermine nation for innies or outies. you get what you get. go to and click on connect to send me your good question. no shortage of lingering mysteries around the bay area but one may top it all. >> we don't give up looking for
6:25 pm
anybody. >> they have never given up on the three men that made it out of alcatraz. the one worst kept secret in the bay area. how to escape from the b.a.r.t ride with a few extra dollars. the agency's plan to crack down on fare cheats. imagine paying half a million dollars for a condo and being forced to sleep outside. what rights do you have if a heavy smoker lives next door. ,,,,,,,,,,
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rocket scientists!
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most infamous prison escapes in it has been nearly 50 years since three men pulled off one of the most infamous prison escapes in history. they made it out of alcatraz. movies have been made about how they did it but we don't flow if they survived. simon perez spoke for the u.s. marshal who has been on the case for years, still on it because he thinks the three are still alive. >> we don't give up looking for anybody. >> reporter: even the three men that escaped from alcatraz june 11, 1962. frank morris, clarence england and his brother john england. >> i think the brothers lived
6:29 pm
but there is a chance all three could have lived and split up once they left. there are no bodies recovered so i can't close the case. i would like to but i can't. >> reporter: supervise, deputy marshall mike dike has been working on the case since 2003. >> the fbi was really good about letting me look at their investigation files. thousands of pages to it. i read most of it. >> reporter: a lot of what he knows is common knowledge. this is one of the actual historic events that they escaped from and basically with an air vent that they drilled around that vent, loosened the concrete up and then pushed the vent in. >> reporter: leaving behind dummy heads to fool the guards doing night checks. once through the holes they scrambled up these pipes. after climbing up through the utility corridor they made it up onto the roof through an air vent which of course has since been covered up so no one else could escape. once they got to the roof they ran the full length of it, some 150 yards, until they got to
6:30 pm
here, the northern most point. here they shimmied down the pipe, made it over underneath the water tower until they got to that building. that's where they inflated their raft and got into the water. >> if the raft fails they will have no choice but to swim for it and will almost certainly drown. >> reporter: the national geographic channel is airing a documentary on dike's investigation on thursday night. after reviewing the fbi he found. >> some teletypes that indicated there was possibly a raft recovered on angel island the day after the escape and one mentioned footprints leading away from the raft and they came across a paddle right off the coast, about 50 yards off the shore of angel island which would coincide with a raft being found there. and you've got to think, if there was no raft why would
6:31 pm
there be an orr there and they determined it was made on alcatraz because there was one orr left behind and this was an exact match. >> suddenly the whole story becomes plausible they made it to land. >> it is entirely possible they did. or, there is still a chance -- you know, you can't rule out the fact that they died but you also can't rule out the fact they lived that's why we still have warrants for them. >> so the key issue is the raft. if they did make it to land and didn't have to worry about swimming in cold water and also had a better chance of battling the currents. the only problem is even if there is written evidence of a raft being found on angel island there is no actual island. found some interesting information but none of that physical evidence. >> it is a great story. great movie. it is a great tour to go out there. you had to find out some other pretty interesting stuff too along the way. >> without a debt. deputy marshall dike was very good with his time. this is of john england and
6:32 pm
essentially a beauty shot. the prison would actually take nicer photos of inmates that they could send to their families. gave them a shirt and tie. a beauty shot essentially. this guy escaped when he was 14 years old. frank morris. he was in trouble as a little kid. this is essentially a mugshot from a boy's home. in trouble all the time right from the beginning right to the very end. >> you swim out there. what do you think? do you think they could make it? >> really is shocking. i was in the water this morning swimming and it is very cold. very difficult to with stand that first jump into the water. that makes me think if they fell into the water they may not have made it. but again, if they made it in the raft then maybe they did. >> there was a lot of adrenalin going. you know. who knows. great mystery. >> this time of year it is about 50 degrees. at that time of year in june it
6:33 pm
is about 60. who knows they may have made it for a little time in the water. >> thank you. a looming decision whether to bring back state executions brought a bay area judge to the death chamber. today u.s. district judge jeremy fobbal of san jose went to san joaquin prison to view the chamber. he checked for improvements made since he halted executions five years ago. prison officials say the chamber is roomier and better lit and staff training has improved. the judge expects to make a decision on executions this year. more and more b.a.r.t riders are cheating the system with their clipper card. the san francisco examiner reports fraud has sky rocketed since a loophole was first exposed back in november. there is a glitch that lets riders buy a $2 b.a.r.t ticket. b.a.r.t has reportedly lost
6:34 pm
more than $170,000 in revenue. now to address the problem beginning february 25th, there will be a $5 minimum fare. in the meantime over at cal train $30 million in the red and the boss is taking home record pay. $440,000 paid to the ceo a year including benefits. that's the highest pay for any transit boss in california. he also run sam trans and san mateo transportation authority. some former caltrain board members tell the bay area news group it is worth it to keep hill on the job. she now owns a luxury condo so what on earth would drive her to do this. how one neighbor's bad habit has forced this woman out of her home and why there is really not much she can do about it. no going back to a beloved piece of cal history. the story behind the plywood.
6:35 pm
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landed in your very own luxury high-rise condo. there's only one problem: your neighbo you finally made it. investing hundreds of thousands of dollars landing in your very own luxury highrise condo. but there is only one problem. your neighbor smokes like a chimney. so what if anything can you do about it? julie watts has more on the "consumer watch." >> reporter: a luxury residential highrise. >> oh, man. you can still smell it. >> reporter: but this woman must wear a mask to take a tour of her apartment. she temporarily moved out because she says every time her neighbor lights up her condo
6:38 pm
fills with smoke and she says it has been going on since she bought the unit last summer. >> many times i slept here on the floor so i could breathe. >> we see a very clear indication that there is secondhand smoke. there is an open space in there. >> reporter: stanford researcher set up a smoke monitor in her unit that generates a daily chart. >> so we can see this very high peak of pattern which happens when the neighbor comes home. >> they are approaching the levels like if you went into a smokey casino. >> it is just a nightmare. never would have thought it would exists here. >> reporter: we checked with the san jose planning department and the highrise is built to code. while she is an extreme case, this recent u.c.
6:39 pm
berkeley study finds no matter how much sealing or venting you do they can't prevent smoke from seeping into units. >> there are no standards that can protect you from your neighbor's smoke. >> reporter: and that's why health advocates like the american lung association promotes smoke free housing. >> there is a high demand for this. >> reporter: but another agrees. >> today there is no premium for a smoke free building. >> reporter: he handles sales for the access building and dozens of other luxury highrises. >> you don't live in a bubble. >> when it seeps out of the condo and trespasses into my condo i think i have breathing rights. >> reporter: i walked into this woman's apartment. if it was a hotel i would have said i was done. >> i'm not saying you have a right to smoke, i'm saying there is a dilemma.
6:40 pm
>> if you don't want to live in that environment, that information has been disclosed to you and you say i can't tolerate this then your choice is to move out. >> reporter: but for ilka -- >> why not move, why not sell your unit? >> i can't sell this unit to anybody. i can't do that. >> the access owners turned down our request for comments but they had moved her into a much smaller temporary unit and they offered to try and fix the problem. she wants access to give her a comparable smoke free unit or buy her's back. unfortunately her only legal recourse seems to be a nuisance suit who also declined an interview. she doesn't blame her neighbor she blames the building. >> i have lived next door to smokers. i have never experienced anything like what is going on in this condo. we will have more for you tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. >> thank you. the education of thousands of community college students in the south bay may be at
6:41 pm
risk. that is because evergreen valley college and san jose city college have been told clean up your act. the commission that accredits junior colleges has told both schools to improve planning, student evaluation and governance. if the schools don't lose they will lose accreditation. that would mean student courses would not transfer to four-year universities. >> i'm working towards an a.a., and if i lose accreditation, all my work i have done is going to be for nothing. >> i think it is kind of devastating. it is a shocker. >> both schools are part of the san jose community college district. they say they have already started working on improvements to meet requirements by the october 15th deadline. a troubling 10-month chapter for toyota finally hit the brakes today with a big victory for the car company. the u.s. transportation department and nasa determined that there is nothing wrong with the electronic throttle control systems in the company cars. some consumers blamed those
6:42 pm
systems on sudden unintended acceleration but toyota did recall millions of vehicles in recent years because of other acceleration problems related to sticky pedals and floor mat obstructions. after the break, a lot of cal grads crying in their beer tonight. a landmark closing without so much as a last call. very windy conditions the talk of the town. the next weather feature you need to know about. pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,
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restaurant and rathskeller has closed. generations of cal students ate and drank there. larry's restaurant has closed. telegraph street institution opened in 1940 as the first restaurant near campus with a liquor license. larry blake died in 1992 and the restaurant stayed the same until recently. and lately it had fewer live bands, did more dj and hip-hop things. the building's owner hopes to attract another restaurant in
6:46 pm
that spot. some would-be thieves in britain learned a big lesson today. do not mess with granny. and that's reason enough to dust off cause for applause. bystanders captured the action. six men in helmets tried to smash into a jewelry store. coming in from the right of the screen you see the elderly woman in her red coat running at the suspects and hitting them with her purse. the men jumped on their motorbikes to escape but two fell off thanks to that fearless granny and witnesses could subdue them until police arrived. four of the six suspects were arrested. >> we applaud you. >> absolutely. >> we will stay away but we applaud you. >> where was that? >> in england. >> good for her. notice their weather there. >> i didn't notice. >> see this is what happens, i look at the stories that you are talking about and i'm looking at the weather and i'm
6:47 pm
not listening to what's going on. you weren't looking at the weather part. it has been a really brutal winter in the u.k., but today they actually had sunshine and we in turn had a cool down and some very gusty winds up to 48 and even 52-mile-per-hour winds reported at the top. we did have a gale warning in effect that is now downgraded to a small craft advisory. out and about this evening the winds are finally now beginning to dialpac out of the north up to about 21 miles per hour. otherwise, inland the temperatures are dropping into the 50s all the way to the immediate seashore. tonight, when the winds do finally settle it is going to be cold with some cooler air mass in place. right above freezing in santa rosa as well as in the try valleys. so some neighborhoods will probably wake up with a little bit of frost for tomorrow
6:48 pm
morning's commute. high pressure right about here. then we have this cold front. this area of low pressure that took a nose dive on an inside track from the state of california and that ridge butted up against this ridge and that's what caused the pressure gradient. therefore, the windy conditions. this is now traversing. it will be a seasonal winter day for wednesday. livermore average 60. there you go. spot on. san jose 1 degrees above average. 3 above normal there santa rosa. and san francisco at 60 degrees. 1 degrees above where they should be this time of year. the birch tree. that's coming into blossom and we have pollen. if you suffer from allergies could be that tomorrow or alder or juniper trees. upper 50s tomorrow at the beaches. to 64 degrees in santa rosa. low 60s to the south. the winds will be out of the northwest and pretty flat at 5
6:49 pm
miles per hour. warmer conditions on thursday. but friday back into the low 70s in our inland areas. same holds true with a few increasing clouds on saturday. a slim chance of rain showers late on sunday. a better chance of you getting wet on monday and tuesday. let's head to the south towards san jose. thank you so much. we invite you to share your photos with us here at >> those are nice. thank you, roberta. "consumer watch" told us about secondhand smoke. there is something called third-hand smoke. how long it can stick around and the damage it can do to adults and children. how far would you go to save one of your player's lives? one coach may have just set the bar. i'm dennis o'donnell. we will introduce you to a local teen who does not know the meaning of a walk in the park. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:52 pm
be nice if the weather held up for pebble beach. >> i think listening to roberta i think it will be good. good weather on the peninsula
6:53 pm
with possibly sunday during the final round. >> late sunday. >> yes. >> rains on the parade down at the peninsula. many things changing in tiger woods' life the last couple years. divorce and no majors but one thing remains the same. he won't be playing the at&t. pga returns to the monterey peninsula this week for the pebble beach national pro am and, again, who needs tiger when you've got the 49ers. former niner great looking to prevent concussions from any wayward tee shots. alumni going head-to-head in the shootout. matt cain showing he is more than just a pitcher with this golf swing. niners won by the way. cody ross. >> krup said he is sending up to harris park. >> i'm going to have to move.
6:54 pm
he is a big boy. i don't think i can outrun jerry. still. >> still making cody ross. i like it. so where is tiger? halfway around the world in dubai playing in the dubai desert classic this week. today he and five-time pebble beach winner in the challenge match. the top two players are there. tiger is still the best player in the world admitted but he will have to show it at some point. sharks met alex ovechkin and capitals for the first time this season. and the final just in. alex ovechkin's ninth in the league in scoring this season. couldn't get one past him. recording his second straight shutout tonight. third period. sharks need a goal. 24th goal for him this season. the sharks beat the caps 2-0. they have won eight of their last nine games. okay, this is not a sport that fills the bleachers on a friday night, that's for sure.
6:55 pm
but for one 16-year-old high school student, race walking might be his ticket to the olympics. kim coyle tries to keep up. >> people, they don't really know what it is so they always ask me to demonstrate what it looks like and everything because they know i'm one of the best. >> reporter: at 16 tyler sorenson is one of the best race walker in the country. there are only two rules. >> one foot on the ground at all times. then, two, your leg has to be straight when it lands on the ground. >> reporter: sorenson got started when i was nine because of a little sibling rivalry. >> my younger sister won the junior olympics. >> reporter: he walks miles faster than most can run and recording times good enough to compete in olympic qualifiers. >> if i wanted to i could
6:56 pm
probably do five olympics in a row. i mean, if i really tried to extend my career and didn't get injured. >> he has his sights set on the 2016 games in rio. but don't count out 2012. he recently moved to san diego to be closer to his coach. they train by walking 60 to 70 miles per week. >> if you are going into the olympics there is a lot of time put into it. >> reporter: there are 40 competitive race walker in the u.s. but in high school, being different doesn't always translate into being popular. >> my friend trevor baron he quit for a year because he is getting annoyed by people making fun of him. no problems like that here. >> you may have heard some coaches being described as a player's coach. it means that the players, they have their backs. tom walter has a lot more than that. the head baseball coach of wake
6:57 pm
forest donated his kidney to freshman kevin jordan. none of jordan's relatives were a match to he volunteered to be tested. once it was learned that he was a suitable match he did not hesitate to help a player that was getting suited up. >> i was on board with the idea that if i were a match i was going to do it and i have been pretty comfortable with that decision ever since and the only thing that would have stopped that is if somebody in my family or from wake forest or the team had a serious objection or concern. >> good news. the surgery was a success. both men expected to make a full recovery and kevin could be playing baseball by this summer. >> amazing gift. >> good for the coach, good for kevin. >> all right, coming back at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. see you then. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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