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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  February 9, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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so i told him let it go, take you hand out. he said, i can't. >> reporter: he called the fire after trying to free his son himself using dish soap. firefighters arrived with something more heavy duty. >> a truck company on the scene grabbed a saw with a resip reciprocating blade and we removed a section of the truck bed. >> started off, took them -- the whole thing to the hospital. >> reporter: but caleb and his finger were still attached to the piece of the truck bed when they arrived at the hospital. the firefighter stayed on the case and used the saw in the emergency room to finish the delicate job. >> so the truck crew responded to the emergency room. we used the emergency room and the gurney in the emergency room had great light there, we were able to work around. it was almost like doing an operation on this little boy
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regarding the metal around his finger. the goal that we had was to remove the metal without damaging the finger and we did by using the saw. >> grateful that they showed up and grateful they didn't hurt him at all. it was just a little scared because they were with their saws cutting and... no, they did a great job. >> reporter: to look at his fingers today, you would never know what happened to the active and shy little guy. >> he is just shy. >> reporter: and the father says he is going to reattach that portion of his truck, just grateful that he has his son all in one piece. the fire department here is going to invite the little boy to come and sit in one of the fire trucks here now that his finger is all okay. i think at the sleeves, they have a friend for life if not a future firefighter here in san jose at the least. >> you have boys, men. the worst my boy did was put a bead up his nose. this is much more serious than
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that. >> reporter: you november what's going to happen with a 2- year-old and those littl fingers. those things in the pickup have a little drain hole for the water and he stuck his arm in there and got it stuck in the drain hole and it was stuck in that awkward position for a couple of hours until they sawed it off. >> a happy ending though. >> reporter: yes, sure. >> len, thanks so much. tonight a san francisco grocery store ee is in jail accused of shooting a man this afternoon. the officers say they were walking near fred's new life supermarket when they heard gunshots. they found a man shot in the back lying in front of the storm. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. we do not have his condition tonight. police arrested a store employee. they say they found a gun inside. they say the suspect and victim do know each other but the motive for the shooting is unclear. a fourth woman is sexually assaulted near lake merritt raising questions about a
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possible connection to the previous attack. ann notarangelo has more. >> reporter: allen, investigators don't think that these assaults are connected but they have a plan. the police say they have a plan in place that they think will catch these men who are assaulting women. in the meantime it's up to the women out here to do what they can to keep themselves safe. >> the later it gets, the more dangerous it is. i used to have no fear about going out at night. i do now. >> reporter: a beautiful day in oakland turns into a questionable night for women around the lake merritt area. since september, four women have been sexually assaulted. the most recent attack occurred monday night. police say a 50-year-old woman was coming home from work at 10 p.m. when someone followed her into her apartment complex near jackson and 8th and sexually assaulted and beat her. the suspect is only described as an african-american male about 6 feet tall with a medium complexion with a dark cap and dark shirt. >> sometimes the information does come slowly from victims who have been traumatized by a
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sexual assault. >> reporter: two women were sexually assaulted september 19 and another january 18th, also in the lake merritt area. police released this such sketch but they don't believe this man committed the most recent crime. >> what it appears at this point is the previous sexual assaults that were highly motivated by robbery are linked, and this new sexual assault is a different perpetrator. >> reporter: many of the women in the area had heard of the assaults and say they are being cautious. >> if somebody is looking sketchy, i veer off the other way. >> i just actually -- just being more cautious and -- but i'm still going to walk the lake. i need that. >> reporter: police don't suggest wome stay inside. sexual assaults are down. but women and men who can both be victims of robberies should follow the same precautions. >> don't be distracted, be
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cautious coming and going from your vehicle and residence. don't travel in dark places alone. >> reporter: oakland pd says it has its sexual assault investigators working on the case. they have extra patrols in the area and they have one officer who is on foot and his job is to gain intelligence on this case and he is also warning people about what's happening n oakland, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. outside a san jose courtroom supporters rallied for a man accused of assaulting a santa clara county priest. william lynch is accused of going to the los gatos retirement home of father jerold lindner last year and beat him. the suspect says the priest molested him and his brother as children. friends are backing lynch. >> the court system needs to be changed and the catholic church needs to stop harboring these criminals and get the word out have some transparency here and
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send a better message. >> lindner has denied abusing anyone. lynch meantime pled not guilty to assaulting the priest. the judge is expected to decide soon whether there is enough evidence to put lynch on trial. tonight in san francisco the public will weigh in on whether police should carry tasers. the police commission is reconsidering arming its officers with stun guns. this comes after a string of high-profile police shootings. two of the victims were mentally ill. tonight the commission will also look at new ways of training officers to deal with mentally disturbed suspects. now, bart wants to restore public trust in its police officers. anne makovec on how the agency is retraining officers in order to build a better relationship with the community. reporter: with 350,000 riders and only 50 officers on duty each day, the bart system is a lot to cover. so this week officers are being retrained on how to do their
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jobs without people feeling like this. >> it's hard not to feel a little intimidated when you see them. >> reporter: the bart police chief says it's all about communicating with all facets of the community in churches to civil rights groups. >> they got to be willing to be open-minded to get out there and approach them and be approachable. >> reporter: the program is called co pps or community oriented policing and problem solving. the difficult is that the reception officers get is different depending who they are talking to. >> i think they are mean and they could be a little nice to earth community. >> i see them walking through when i'm on the bart and i guess it kind of makes me feel a little more comfortable. >> it's good to have them there. they have a tough job to do. >> well, i just go back to the incident where the shooting occurred with the -- where whether he thought it was a taser or gun. >> reporter: she is referring to the shooting from new year's day 2009 where bart officer johannes mehserle shot and killed an unarmed passenger, oscar grant, an issue that tainted the department in a lot
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of people's eyes. >> only thing that we can do is pick up the pieces, try to become better. >> reporter: the chief has seen the copps program work with other departments working to keep civil order with its riders. >> you definitely respect them copps and want them to respect us. >> hopefully going on we can see that change happen and have the faith to believe that just because you wear a badge and uniform, that does not mean you can step aside and do what you want to do. >> reporter: anne makovec, cbs 5. and now to egypt. the call for change will not be quieted. it is boiling over again as thousands of protestors took to the streets today. demonstrations are now in their third week and another massive march planned for friday. the country's economic troubles have prompted thousands of state workers to go out on strike. >> he says these protests
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continue because nothing has been achieved. when mubarak leaves, we have achieved something. >> more than 300 people have died in these protests. and the google executive who has become one of the faces of the protest movement says the time to negotiate with the mubarak regime has run out and that he is, quote, ready to die for democracy. well, the future of hundreds of students left up in the air. >> a lot of people are just freaking out about it. >> the two east bay schools that are getting the axe. i think not just my lungs but anybody's lungs could not handle it. >> for months she inhaled toxic fumes and isn't the only one. the one thing about your neighbor that's impossible to be avoid. >> it may help your waistline. what about your heart? the health risk linked to diet soda. ,,,,,,
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we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via taste promise. look for it where you buy groceries. of the current school year. christin ayers explains how the district plans to deal with the three budget axe has fallen and two east bay schools will close at the end of the school year. christin ayers explains how the district plans to deal with those 900 students that are affected. >> reporter: it was the only thing students at glenbrook middle school were talking about this morning. >> a lot of people are just freaking out about it. >> i felt depressed because i
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don't know what school i'm going to you. >> reporter: the school board voted to shut glenbrook and holbrook elementary schools to save the school a million and a half dollars because of budget cuts. hundreds of parents, students and teachers made pleas to the district to spare their schools. >> we understand your position needing to consolidate schools to save money. but ours is not the one to close. >> reporter: three schools, monte gardens and sequoia elementary and sequoia middle school were saved but board members said the holbrook and glenbrook closures are permanent. >> we haven't re-opened schools closed 30 years ago. when we close these schools tonight, it's permanent. >> reporter: that leaves 900 students up in the air. >> i feel like the school here is not going even going to carefullymore because the school closure. >> reporter: the school will be
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splintered into different directions added to nearby schools with some room for them. some students will have to take public transportation. others worry siblings could be split up. >> we are just hoping they will be all together in one school with their friends. >> reporter: students will be allowed to finish out the school year. the closures will not happen until june. the district will discuss possibly closing an additional school on tuesday. they will also address transportation issues and where to place these students. in concord, christin ayers cbs 5. a milestone for the arizona congresswoman who was shot in the head. the one the that gabrielle giffords requested during breakfast. >> so the winds died down in the bay area and the temperature went up. now as we begin to slide towards your weekend, when the rain will arrive. we'll pinpoint that day as eyewitness news continues. ,,
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the head last month. a spokesman says giffords first congresswoman gabrielle giffords has spoken her first word since being shot in the head last month. a spokesman says she first spoke several days ago but couldn't make out what she was saying but then at breakfast one morning she asked for toast. her husband recently posted on facebook, "the doctors say she is recovering at lightning speed but aren't kidding when they say this is a marathon process." this might be the last frontier in the battle over secondhand smoke. residential buildings. a south bay viewer who spent half a million dollars on her high-rise condo says it reeks of stale cigarettes because of her neighbor. julie watts has the story. >> reporter: believe it or not, today's building codes don't prevent your neighbor's home from seeping into your home but as we found out it can be prevented and in one brand-new bay area condo, the smoke seepage seems to be ex-stream. >> i lived there for five
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months and i breathed that smoke. >> reporter: she can't take it anymore. she says her brand-new condo is toxic because of her neighbor's secondhand smoke. >> i think not just my lungs but anybody's lungs could not handle it. >> it is not little. it is massive. >> reporter: she says it literally seeps out of the fixtures when her neighbor smokes. >> there is a free path of air to come down into this unit. >> reporter: and monitors set up by a stanford researcher shows smoke level comparable it a casino. >> five, six, ten times as high as a clean apartment. >> reporter: the owners of the access building won't comment but they say the high-rise is built to code and san jose planning officials confirm that. >> anytime two things meet there is a potential of a leak. >> reporter: this research team at the lawrence berkeley lab uses a blower door test. by pumping air in at different
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pressures, they can find out just how sealed the residential unit is. >> we can figure out from our blower to whether this is much open air equivalent or this much. >> reporter: those open areas can potentially allow cigarette smoke seep through. >> it can happen at a recessed lighting fixture, plumbing penetration, electrical outlets. >> reporter: sealing a unit is possible. >> if the building is designed with airtightness in mind, it can be done reasonably cheaply. >> reporter: but, he says... >> it's very expensive to do after it's built. >> reporter: and it's not a guarantee. a newly released study out of uc-berkeley found it's extremely difficult to stop secondhand smoke from seeping from one unit to another. >> now it's open like this. >> reporter: back at access, property owners cut holes in her wall, moved her to a temporary unit and are offering to investigate the problem. but she just wants out. >> i just cannot live there
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anymore. >> reporter: the issue if they move her to another unit another smoke core move in next door so the only answer is a smoke-free building. while unincorporated santa clara county has a smoke-free residential order the city of san jose wouldn't even speak to us about this story because they say it's it's not a consideration. if you have problems with secondhand smoke, call us at 1- 888-5-helps-u or go to >> hard to believe you need a "spare the air" day in your own home. >> visibility was unlimited today due to the winds that gust up to 45 miles per hour yesterday. offshore wind. the wind currently up to 14 miles per hour. today at the beaches high temperature of 5 the degrees. that's the scene in ocean beach. wow. spectacular. official sundown there. after a high temperature of 59
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degrees in san rafael and also in livermore, we topped off at 68 in santa cruz. 64 rohnert park. sunnyvale 62. menlo park clear skies at 60. out and about, temperatures fall off very rapidly once the sun sets. and boy, tonight will it be a cold one! 30 degrees in throughout occidental, healdsburg, santa rosa, penngrove and cotati. low and mid-40s across the central bay. slightly above freezing in throughout the trivalley. and 39 degrees in san jose, mid- 50s at the coastside. high pressure is the key component. it continues to just take a firm hold on the western states allowing the jet stream to buckle to the north of the bay area. now, this area of low pressure as it did pass to the east, it left behind a cooler air mass so the morning will be frosty inland. otherwise clear and chilly in the 40s from the coast to the
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bay and then recovering with the sunny skies and east breeze 10 to 20 miles per hour during the afternoon hours. highs from the upper 50s in san rafael to the mid-60s in oakland. seasonal in the bay area. warmer conditions on friday and saturday. we'll increase the cloud cover on sunday. and this will lead to a chance of rain showers on monday. but more than likely, rain will return to the bay area tuesday and wednesday. do you remember the full moon last week? phil snapped a photograph of it moon over mare island. wow. we invite all of you to keep your photos coming to allen, do you remember that moon? we were just with our noses up against the window watching it as it set? >> right out in the lobby here. it was beautiful. >> yes. >> thank you. lindsay lohan back in
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but will it save your heart? dr. kim mu switching from sugary sweet soda to diet sweet soda can save calories but will it save your heart? dr. kim mulvihill with surprising new data linking diet sodas to strokes, heart attacks, even death, kim?
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>> reporter: amazing, isn't it, allen? you may feel good that you're drinking diet soda instead of a sugary drink but new research presented at a big stroke conference today suggested that diet soda may be good for your waistline but may be bad for hearts and brains. research thers examined the association of sodas and risk of stroke and heart attack. they followed more than 2500 people for nine years. some drank sugary soda, some diet and some both. they found one startling fact. those who drank diet soda every day had a 61% higher risk of stroke, heart attack and vascular-related deaths than those who drank no soda at all. but listen to this. the risk was not seen in those who drank a sugary soda every day. so why the increased risk? it's not clear. could there be something in the diet soda, coloring or sweeteners, that's harmful to blood vessels? or maybe diet soda drinkers have something else in common like how they spend those extra
5:26 pm
calories saved with the diet drinks? maybe it's the burger and fries and not the diet soda after all. i'd say it's clearly food for thought but until we know more, moderation in all things is the best approach. >> i do love the person who orders a double at least burger with bacon and then diet soda. >> reporter: you see it all the time. >> thank you, killed. mess up again, heading back to jail. that stern warning from a judge to actress lindsay lohan today 56 she pleaded not guilty to felony grand theft. lohan arrived at court this afternoon and look at the swarm of media photographers. they can't get enough. prosecutors claim the 24-year- old took a $2,500 rare gold necklace from a jewelry store back in january while she was on probation for a drunken driving case in 2007. >> this is a girl that is supposed to stay on the straight and narrow and she has two serious allegations, assault and shoplifting. >> the assault charge is for an alleged attack on a worker at
5:27 pm
the betty ford clinic when lohan was in rehab. at this afternoon's hearing the judge warned lohan to quote, not push her luck. she posted $40,000 bail, was released and will be back in court on the 23rd. ,, ♪ [ female announcer ] starbucks via is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via taste promise.
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news at 6. i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. they were arrested for trying to stop pg&e trucks from installing smartmeters. well, today one of them learned her punishment. and it's something people have been debating for a long time, how much oil is left out there? a possible clue in the latest wikileaks. we'll have that and much more at 6:00, allen. >> thank you, dana. we'll get another look at weather, too, coming up then. and is this the early valentine's day? you're wearing red. >> wearing a red dress day a little bit late. that was on friday, right? >> or both. >> it works. "cbs evening news with katie couric" is coming up next. and it


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