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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  February 9, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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stop pg&e from installing smart metres in the county. >> we got a slap on the wrist. it wasn't a big deal. we got the paperwork and they would hold on to it for a year. and if we get into trouble this year we will be charged double. >> reporter: she is prepared to protest the installment of smart metres. the smart meter opponents thought the table had burned when the board decided to ban smart merely installation for a year. at that point they wanted to set their sights on pg&e crews and arrest them for violating marin county law. but he won't enforce the marin ordinance. the district attorney added that office will not prosecute anyone cited or arrested by the sheriff for installing the metres. >> i feel that the sheriff has shown disdain for his constituents. these are his constituents that elected him. so you know, we elected him
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then he has decided he is not going to defend us. >> how can that be? >> because in the near the marin county supervisors nor any local jurisdiction has power over pg&e. >> we will not be monitoring the pg&e over the program. so pg&e will continue to supply smart metres. >> pg&e says even though it is ignoring the moratorium vote it is adjusting its installation schedule to give its representatives more time to explain how the program works. >> in certain cases, you know, we have agreed to delay installation of the smart meter. but certainly we are continuing. we are allowed. and we do plan to fully roll out the smart meter program across our service area. >> the program will continue until the cpuc says stop not marin supervisors.
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and that's why the sheriff said he can't do anything. sheriff doyle would be putting the county in threat of a lawsuit. state law is the only law which counts in this case. >> so in the meantime those that are opposed they are stuck? >> they are working on t talking to the supervisors but these guys are saying state laws apply and that's what they are following. >> full speed ahead. witnesses say a san francisco grocery store employee shot a man today over a dispute about a dog. it happened at fred's new life supermarket in the haight, ashbury district. he saw the man who is a regular shopper there say to the employee z. "why did you kick my dog? i am going to kick your" -- you know what. moments later they heard gunshots and that's when they found the victim shot in the back. he is in the hospital now with life threatening injuries. police found a gun in the store
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and arrested him. how to train officers to deal with mentally ill suspects, that is the topic on the table tonight at a san francisco police commission meeting that just got underway. follows the police shooting of a mentally ill man in a wheelchair. phil matier shows us some officers believe carrying stun guns is part of the solution. phil? >> reporter: that's right. but there is by no means consensus on that issue behind me at the police commission meeting. but it is an issue in san francisco training or tasers when dealing with violently mentally ill. here is the story. the police shooting of a mentally ill man with a knife in a wheelchair brought the debate front and center whether the san francisco police should have tasers. the cops certainly think they should. >> we like the ideas of having the tasers because it is another option for the officers to use instead of having to rely on lethal force. >> reporter: most other cities
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already use tasers, but this is san francisco. the police commissioner jesus, for example, questions the taser's safety and cost. >> we want people, you know, grandmother's getting tazed because they didn't pull over for a traffic spot. do we want to bring ill will to communities if we find out minority communities are tazed more often than anyone else. >> reporter: she is one of several commissioners that will decide the taser issues. but she wants more emphasis on the police learning to deal with the mentally ill rather than just dealing with the stun gun. they want the memphis police to come in and talk about their program. >> it is the officers selected from let's say the ten different stations and training and they will have a pin on. and everyone in the unit or in the decision is going to know who they are. >> reporter: others cities have done a lot better job at training which avoids the use of any force. >> we want to be very, you know, sensitive to our approach to that. but we also believe that
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officer safety is paramount. >> reporter: this will be the second time the commission has looked at tasers. last time they narrowly voted them down. as for this time? >> i think they are a possible tool. but until you get in place what we are talking about tonight which is all the tools to deescalate situations and to even talk about that weapon is a mistake. >> i believe that the san francisco police department is probably one of the better trained departments in the country when it comes to talking or dealing with people in mental crisis. >> how do you explain the shooting of the guy in the wheelchair? >> i don't. that's still under investigation. >> reporter: now, as we said earlier, in other cities tasers are commonplace. but here in san francisco, they have never been used and the question of using them is really turning into quite a hot and lengthy debate. dana? >> well, with we may know more soon. phil, thank you. now, across the bay bart began retraining its police officers this week to strengthen ties with the community. the agency wants them to work more like neighborhood beat cops to have better
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communication with neighbors. critics have complained that the department has a disconnect with communities, particularly since the deadly shooting of oscar grant. >> another sexual assault near lake merit has some neighbors certainly on edge tonight. live in oakland with how women who visit that area regularly are taking these extra precautions. ann? >> reporter: allan, women i talked to today are being more careful while out here in oakland. police had their sexual assault units out here. extra patrols. even have an officer on foot talking to women and warning them and gathering intelligence. they are making it very clear that this is important to them. >> the later it gets the more dangerous it is. i used to have no fear about going out at night. i do now. >> reporter: a beautiful day in oakland turns into a questionable night for women around the lake merit area. since september four women have been sexually assaulted. the most recent attack occurred monday night. >> this is a very high priority
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case to us. >> reporter: police say a 50- year-old woman was coming home from work at 10 p.m. when someone followed her into her apartment complex near jackson and 8th and sexually assaulted and beat her. the suspect is an african american male six feet tall with a median complex wearing a dark hit and a dirk shirt. >> sometimes the information does come slowly from victims who have been traumatized by sexual assault. >> reporter: two women were sexually assaulted september 19th and another january 19th also in the lake merit area. police released this sketch of the suspect but they do not believe this man committed the most recent crime. >> what it appears at this point, the previous sexual assaults that were highly motivated by robbery are linked. and this new sexual assault is a different perpetrator. >> reporter: many of the women in the area had heard of the assaults and are being cautious. >> somebody is looking a little sketchy i veer off the other way. >> keeping my eyes open.
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and, i don't know, we go together. >> i am just actually being more cautious. but i mean i am still going to walk the lake. >> police are not suggesting women stay inside. overall the statistics show sexual assaults are down 45% from a year ago. however they do say both women and men who can also be victims of robbery follow the same precautions. >> make sure you are not distracted by electronic devices and caution when you are coming or going from your vehicle and your residence. don't travel in dark places alone. >> reporter: oakland police say they have a plan in place. and they hope that they will be able to catch these men. in the meantime, though, allan, women out here are expected to take as many precautions as they can to stay as safe as they can. >> the cell phones and ipod not be distracted that goes a long way, don't you think, ann? >> reporter: certainly not just women but men as women some men
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are distracted by robbers. and serve a little more vulnerable when you are not paying attention. >> thanks so much. a woman is recovering tonight after being hit by an oakland police vehicle. this happened at 7th and madison this morning. the initial reports said that the woman may have been jaywalking. an ambulance was sent to the scene but her injuries appeared to be minor. the man accused of severely beating a santa clara county priest appeared before a judge today. supporters rallied for william lynch outside his pre-trial hearing. prosecutors say he tracked down father gerald linder and brutally beat him. the suspect says the man molested him as a child. friends, families and another of priest abuse victims are backing lynch. >> the court system needs to be changed and the catholic church needs to stop harboring these criminals. and get the word out and have
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some trains parentsy here -- transparency here and send a better message. >> he has denied abusing lynch. lynch in the meantime has pleaded not guilty to assaulting the priest. the judge is expected to decide soon whether there is enough evidence to put lynch on trial. the first, second and now third-hand smoke results from a first of its kind study. what happens to non-smokers who move into houses and apartments where smokers used to live. >> pique their interests now. breaking the model to get kids involved. how one bay area school is taking a new approach in the classroom. i am len ramirez in san jose where firefighters came to the rescue of a little boy's finger. just ahead where the toddler got it stuck and the dramatic way they were able to free him. they look like friends but these teens are enemies. >> someone got killed over wearing the wrong belt.
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>> what is bringing rifle gang members together in peace. >> tonight on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thumbs, thanks . tonight a 2-year-old san jose boy has all his fingers and thumbs, thanks to some careful handy work by firefighters. this after the toddler spent a frightening couple of hours stuck in a tight spot. len ramirez on how the boy got caught in the first place and how he was rescued. len? >> reporter: dana, firefighters actually spend a small amount of time fighting fires. most of the time they are out in the community helping people who have gotten themselves into bad situations. well, in this case it was a little boy who needed help because his finger got stuck. 2-year-old caleb is now waving with the hand and index finger he almost lost yesterday after getting it stuck while playing in the bed of his father's pick- up. >> his elbow was up here. his little finger was down here. i had to take the light out to look at it his hand. and i thought he was reaching for a toy. and he wouldn't let it go. i told him let it go and leave
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the toy and take your hand out. he said, no, i can't take it out. >> reporter: the finger was stuck and getting swollen. daniel called the fire department after trying to free his son using dish soap. firefighters responded with something a little more powerful. >> a truck company that was on the scene who carries a lot of tools and equipment, they grabbed a saw which is a saw that goes back and forth at a high rate of speed. and in conjunction with some lubrication fluid we were able to remove a section of the truck bed. >> yes. they sawed it off. it took the whole thing to the hospital. >> but caleb and his finger were still attached to the piece of the truck bed when they arrived at the hospitals. the firefighters stayed on the case and used the saw in the emergency room to finish the delicate job. >> so the truck crew responded to the emergency room. and we used the emergency room and the gurney and we were able to work around it. almost like doing an operation on the little boy regarding the
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metal around his fingerment the goal we had was to remove the metal without damaging the finger at all. that's what we did by using that saw. >> i am grateful that they showed up. and they didn't hurt him at all. we were just a little scared because they were with their saws caughting -- cutting. and no, they did a great job. >> reporter: to look at his fingers today, you would never know what happened to the active and shy little guy. >> he is just shy. >> reporter: and so the father says they he will be reattaching the back end of his pick-up, just glad that he doesn't have to put back together pieces of his son. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: dana. >> that was so many precision moments that went into that. and so many people that helped. that's a great story. he is an adorable little boy. i don't know. it's good that he knows the people at the emergency room. i bet he is going to be there a couple more times in his life.
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[ laughter ] >> reporter: well, let's hope not. but he will be coming back here to the fire department. because the firefighters want to invite him back. want him to sit in an engine and just, you know, enjoy each other's company without there having to be this life threatening or finger threatening situation. >> he has a lot of new friend. essay the recordable. len, thank you. >> more green for golden gate park after it was hit by vandals last summer. [ applause ] >> today 17 trees were planted in the music concourse. that's the area where more than two dozen elm trees and rose bushes uprooted and cut down in several vandalism trees. chase freedom corporate the record nor donated $30,000 to pay for the new trees. they hope increased law enforcement will prevent more damage to the park. roberta, let's see what we have. it will get colder i understand. >> speaking of colder. i was just messaging with my
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meteorologist friend steve basicerville in chicago. we are going to get colder tonight above freezing in my neighborhood. he said quit your whining. it is currently 7 in chicago. going down to minus 4 tonight. we had slightly warmer weather here today. the sun did set officially at 5:30. temperatures of 59 in livermoore. and also in san raphael. and in santa cruz 69. and once we do have those calming winds with the cooler air mass in place, below freezing in santa rosa just slightly above freezing in livermoore. upper 30s in throughout miller glen. upper 30s around the peninsula. you will need an extra blanket tonight. here is the deal high pressure right about here. but yesterday when we had all of those gusting winds that was from an area of low pressure taking the inside track. that cooler air mass is still firmly in place. and even though high pressure is clearing us out we have the
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cold air mass. so therefore tomorrow morning for your commute some spotty areas of frost in our inland areas. dress with some layers tomorrow. because once the sun does come up and the afternoon begins to warm see temperatures into the upper 50s to the mid-60s. the outside number will be in the high 60s. and warm to the low 70s by friday and saturday inland. mid-60s bayside. next chance of rain showers. a chance of it on valentine's day but rain is likely on tuesday and wednesday. talk about that dana and how much rain to expect. that's coming up the next time around. >> very good. thanks, roberta. >> a 60% interest rate on a credit card, throwing money at tacos and a floral good question just in time for valentine's. that's in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,
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it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via taste promise. look for it where you buy groceries. unique program at one san jose intermediate school. mark sayre
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explains how teachers there are getting students excited about learning while preparing them for real world challenges. ((school exteriors to cover . at one incident immediate school mark sayr explains how the teachers are getting them ready for real world challenges. >> when you are preparing for your research report you will need five references. >> reporter: at first blush betty's classroom might look like any other classroom. but the similarities quickly end when the cabinets full of network computers are opened up. it is called the adventure program. essentially a school within a school housed here at herman intermediate school in san jose. the students are immersed in a curriculum that not only meets regular requirements but also uses hands-on technology to focus on math, science and technology. >> we want to pique their interests now to get them interested in those field when they become older. >> reporter: mitchell is a 5th grader and using his network to research black holes. >> i want to get smart or
6:22 pm
smarter. >> reporter: what do you want to do? any idea? >> engineering really. >> reporter: the students say learning is easier when they are actually able to do the work themselves rather than taking notes from a teacher at the front of a classroom. >> because you find more information and you can search websites that have a lot of information to get good grades. >> reporter: the adventure program has only been up and running for one year. it draws students from the 5th to the 8th grades from throughout the oak grove school district. >> they are super-engaged once they get the technology in their hands and i see such a huge difference. >> reporter: much of the technology was donated by the silicone student foundation. students say it makes learning more fun. >> i think it helps me learn a lot because i had to do it by myself. and i think i learned a lot by myself better than i do in a group. >> reporter: students must
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apply to be in the program and applications are already stacking up for the next school year. in san jose, mark sayr, cbs 5. >> tacos and outrageous credit card rates. on the consumer watch julie watts has these stories and tells us what a record number of people are doing to pay their energy bills. julie? >> reporter: dana it's been a hard american for many canadians and more than just the cold weather. 9 millions are asking for help to pay their utility bills and the primary reason is the economy. the third year in a row in ease increased demand for helping pay their utility bills. there is a growing group of people scrambling for help and word out of washington indicates that the proposed federal budget may cut the heating program in half. silicone valley power tells us when it comes to home heating assistance it has seen a 25 percent jump in just the last year. when you need help contact your
6:24 pm
utility. the programs vary from reduced bills to a one-time pay off. and it could soon be hard to pay off your credit card. if you are in the market for a new one, that is. thanks to a loophole in the new credit card act that's leading to cars with a nearly 26% interest rate. the act prevents the bank from raising the interest rates of old customers. but nothing to protect new customers. some are offering cards for those with less than perfect credit at an interest rate of 59.9%. according to credit aprs have now hit an all-time high. if you are in the credit you may want to consider a prepaid for secured card. but keep in mind they may come with added fees. and finally tonight, where is the beef? well, taco bell wants to show you. giving away free it. acos in an effort to prove that they are, in fact, made of beef. this in response to that lawsuit that claim their tacos
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contain only 40% beef. they say they have 80% beef. they will post a notice when the 10 millionth is downloaded. the one we printed expires on february 15th so have to use it fast. if you have a consumer question or a problem give us a call. >> those will just get gobbled up. >> they sure will. >> had to say it. thanks, julie. >> like so many things that are beautiful they don't last forever. but which will last longer the flowers from the supermarket or the ones i buy at the florist? ken bastida with tonight's good question. [ music ] >> reporter: they have become as much a part of valentine's day as those heart shaped boxes of candy. we are talking flowers, of course. florists from all over north america come here to the san francisco flower mart every morning. >> looking for shape and
6:26 pm
texture and color. >> reporter: the flower parts bob oathska says the flowers you find in your local supermarket are fine. but chances are your florist will have a better quality product. and part of the reason is this thing called bloom count. >> you will see that this is a three stem bloom. some of these are five stem blooms. typically in a supermarket you will get a two stem bloom. so you get a bigger bang for your buck if you get let's say a bouquet of flowers are four or five stems of lilies, you will get more blooms per stem. >> they get to market quicker, they are fresher and usually last longer. part of why they cost a little more. virginia ho, a local florist says you are also paying for the arrangement. >> every one of them we specially design it. so you just can't pick it up from the local market just wrap and go. >> reporter: somebody once said it is the thought that counts. besides, they will all be dead in about ten days.
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go to click on connect to send me your good questions. >> something people have been debating for a listening time. how much -- long time. how much oil is left out there? and when will we be closer to the end of the supply than the beginning? we have a better answer for that tonight. the wikileak controversy and how it will affect the pump. >> the new thinking on breast cancer and life after treatment. >> what non-smokers should know about third hand smoke coming up in minds. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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something scientists are calling third hand smoke. . you've heard of second-hand smoke but there is something scientists are calling third hand smoke. bay re area searchers are finding second-hand smoke intensifies with age. >> just how long it can stick around and the damage it can
6:31 pm
do. >> caroline ballard learned about it the hard way. >> i found an apartment to rent. >> freshly painted, scrubbed and karnow et cetera cleaned. what she didn't know was that a heavy smoker just moved out. >> i woke up at night and i could just smell the tobacco smell getting worse every night. it was like it was just oozing out of the walls. >> it can be a real problem. >> reporter: as a landlord and professional cleaner pal watts says his crew wears protective gear to clean a smoker's house. >> it is a long slow process and it has to be cleaned off before you paint or it comes through the paint. >> reporter: now scientists are beginning to study it. here at lawrence berkeley national laboratory they collect residue from smoke to see how it interacts with other materials. they say nicotine is the gift that keeps on giving. >> it is very difficult to get
6:32 pm
rid of the smoke that is in the surface. >> reporter: nicotine hangs around for weeks or months they say sticking to everything from clothes to carpets to kids long after the smoker has gone. but that's not all. >> what we have found is that residues of tobacco smoke will get more toxic with time. >> reporter: more toxic as nicotine reacts with other household gases and chemicals or gets taken into the lungs as dust. >> and those particles are tiny and very irritating. more irritating than nicotine or cigarette smoke particles themselves. >> we find these compounds in some apartments six months maybe even a year or longer. dust will come out of the carpet here. >> reporter: in another ground breaking study george mat tested apartments after smokers moved out and non-smoking families moved in. >> lots of surfaces where my hands came in contact with. >> reporter: even after the apartments were cleaned and
6:33 pm
painted he found nicotine all over, including on the hands of non-smoking adults. most disturbing he says he also found signs of nicotine in the urine of children. >> this child, as well as the adults, are likely to get exposed to tobacco smoke that was smoked in an apartment months ago. >> reporter: scientists say childrens' exposure to third hand smoke can be ten times greater than adults because of their small size and the ten diacid tendenciy to put things in their mouths. >> they can be exposed to this through their skin and through breathing and eating dust. >> reporter: so what are the health effects from third hand smoke? no one knows. that hasn't been studies yet. but researchers say they do know this. >> you can't just open the window and it goes away. you live in an environment like this, you cannot escape it. >> reporter: now, we asked tobacco industry leader phillip morris about third hand smoke. the company declined to comment. a new breast cancer study
6:34 pm
find many women do not need to undergo a painful routine procedure. the news is part of a growing and important trend in medicine. dr. kim joins us to explain. >> dana and allan this is huge today. it really is. a landmark study shows for certain women there is no advantage to getting this procedure. they won't live any longerment the trend is to move away from radical surgeries and towards an individualized approach. the goal is survival. but with the best quality of life. >> a new study may turn breast cancer treatment upside down. >> we knew the study was coming out. we've been waiting for it to be released. >> reporter: the findings show how some women diagnosed by breast cancer can now skip a routine painful procedure without increasing their chances the cancer will come back or spread. the procedure is aggressive lymph nodosum are you. that's when they are removed in
6:35 pm
order to increase the women's odds of survival. the study found many women with early breast cancer don't need this aggressive approach. instead of the surgery these women may only need to have one removed. and that's good news. the operation comes with troubling complications. >> one of the complications that women worry about a lot is swallow -- swelling of the arm called lymph edema. it is possible to control it but we don't know how to cure it. >> reporter: there is a buildup of fluid in the arm. women may not be able to pick up children or wear clothes with sleeves. >> the best way to deal with this is to prevent it. >> reporter: breast cancer surgeon dr. lisa bailey says we now live in the age of individualized care, that not all breast cancers are alike. and that means breast cancer treatment should not be one size fits all. >> within that survival we can look at quality of life. >> reporter: and because breast cancers are now being found earlier and many women are
6:36 pm
surviving breast cancer and living long productive lives, if an aggressive surgery is unnecessary, why do it? remember, 30 years ago all women who had breast cancer were given a mastectomy. that is no longer the case. >> things have changed dramatically in 30 years. and they will continue to change. it's very exciting. >> this is clearly a case of less is more. the researchers say making this change may improve the lives of thousands of women each year. well, it really is great. because when you get the breast cancer diagnosis that's bad enough. but then you sit and wait to hear if it is in your lymph nodes and if they take those as well. >> you learn enough that if the one is positive or not, generally, you know, find that out. just take out one or two. not 20 or 30. >> exactly. great news, kim, thank you. >> another wikileaks spring today and this year it involves the world's energy supply.
6:37 pm
more specifically exactly how much oil can saudi arabia really produce. now, if you believe the american state department, the saudi arabias are exaggerating big time. in the latest embassy cables released by wikileaks, u.s. diplomats suggest they are overstating their reserve amounts by as much as 40%. those cables also suggest saudi arabia oil output could begin to slow as soon as next year. this of course is big news for anyone who is familiar with the peak oil discussion. how does it affect you? if saudi arabia can't reach the 12 million barrels a day production capital global oil prices will be on the rise and fast. one piece of slightly scientific news, russia is eliminating daylight savings time. the president decided to keep the clocks unchanged beginning this october. the reason, potential stress and illness on people shifting their biological clocks. it will also be less complicated for a country with
6:38 pm
nine time zones. it used to have 11. >> that's confusing. >> ahead, a powerful bay area export to africa. >> as much as we are spreading bicycles we are teaching people how to transport and feed themselves. >> a lesson on love 70 years in the making. (announcer) roundup extended control is
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that's new school banking, baby! [ laughs ] instead of earning zilch, your savings will be earning three times the national average. three times more? roger that! go online and sign up at what's in your wallet?! where to sputnik? [ chuckles ] people in africa take the ride ir lives. sharon chi . two north bay business owners are so passionate about bicycles they are helping thousands of people in africa take the ride of their lives. sharon chin on this weeks jefferson award winners. >> ken martin and matt adams get 15-20 used bicycle donations a day piled high in their san raphael delivery for a special delivery. >> when i came to work at the bike shop i had no idea i would be going to africa every year. >> reporter: since 2007 their
6:41 pm
position for bicycles have steered them overseas at least once a year. they have traveled to africa bringing used bicycles to people who need an affordable way to get around. ken says it is a rewarding ride. >> when you see kids on bikes, you know, kind of for the first time and you can see that they kind of thought that they maybe would never have a bike. all of a sudden they are riding off, you know, through the sand. >> reporter: ken and matt started the mike's bike foundation in 2007. they hope to put the brakes on a common problem with donating free bicycles to developing countries. >> when the bikes are given for free and there is no support there to keep the bikes running the first time they get a flat tire it literally gets thrown on the side of the road. and the project basically goes back to ground zero. >> so they started building bike shops in africa. they ship used bicycles valued at up to 1,000 a piece that business owners can selling for a fractures of their worth and then them in shopping and
6:42 pm
repairs. sometimes it is a simple hut. once they transformed the shipping container into a store. >> we are building businesses and teaching people, you know, how to support themselves. >> reporter: time lapse videos shows several hundred dollars -- hundred bicycles shipped into the trainer. in all, the mike's bikes foundation has sent eight shipping containers to africa. that's 5,000 bikes. >> this is the tag that goes on the bike when the customer drops it off. >> reporter: mike's bikes owners never imagine that the power of two wheels would link their bay area chain to the other side of the globe. >> the bicycle is such a great tool to change communities and to change people's lives. you know, if we can, you know, make it better over there one bicycle at a time that's fine with us. >> reporter: supplying bicycles and building businesses in developing african countries this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to ken martin and matt adams. sharon chin, cbs 5.
6:43 pm
>> what a great idea. hey, get out and ride your bike tomorrow and all the way through the weekend because rain, it's returning to the bay area. the day you should expect as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,, [ female announcer ] why watch regular tv when you can experience
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. he is 92. she's 89. and today one couple is celebrating 70 years of we had wednesdayed bliss. mike sugarman with what these young love birds say is the secret to a long and happy marriage. >> reporter: it was a hot steamy night, the summer of 1936. neptune beach, oakland. a handsome 17-year-old boy spotted some cute girls, asked them if they wanted to take a ride. >> my sister said, come on, let's go. no, mom said we are going to go home on the bus. we are going home on the bus. so we went home on the bus. and my sister didn't talk to me all the way home and half of the next day. >> she was only 14. and it was her first time out on her own at night. but he came by the next day. i was smit ten.
6:47 pm
>> oh, absolutely. i thought she was beautiful. still do. >> reporter: 70 years ago today bill and maryand became husband and wife and never stopped loving or liking each other. >> we're still friends. we are still friends, aren't we? >> we sure are. [ laughter ] >> reporter: maryann at aged 9 still drives. bill stopped two years ago because his eye site was failing. they visit family in washington state and maryann does all of the driving. sometimes 700 miles in one day. >> only missed one question on my driver's license. and that was a big mistake on my part. >> she still works handing out samples at grocery stores. 92-year-old bill, a retired diemaker just recently quit his job as a golf course marshall. >> can you make all of these people? >> this is stephen and joanna. >> reporter: two daughters brought five grandchildren who brought five great grandchildren. 70 years of marriage and it is
6:48 pm
being noticed in their hometown. >> from royye mayor of the city. >> the mayor? >> and i voted for him, too. [ laughter ] >> the secret of a long marriage and even longer friendship? for bill it's simple. find a take-charge woman. >> somebody who can tell you what to do. [ laughter ] >> suggest what to do is the best. >> yeah. >> you like her telling you what to do? >> sometimes, yeah. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it has worked so far. i'm mike sugarman, cbs 5. >> okay. all together now. ooooh. >> and oh, what a day we had today around the bay area. anywhere from the 50s to the 60s. currently we have 50 degrees in san francisco. today we had a high of 61 degrees. it was the mid-50s at the beaches. across the bay 65 degrees. the warm spot santa rosa at 67 degrees. out and about numbers dropping off very rapidly now that the
6:49 pm
sun has officially set at 5:40. tonight overnight dipping down below freezing. and all the way in just above freezing in around the tri- valley. high pressure it's firmly in place. we will see some gradual warming from tomorrow all the way through saturday. winds tomorrow east headed 20. but get out and enjoy it because i want to give you a preview of what to expect next week beginning on tuesday. the rain returns to the bay area. and once it starts, 3-4 moderate strength storms. and, again, from tuesday through saturday we will see about an inch of rain in throughout the valleys to four inches in throughout the north bay which translates into a dumping of snow in the tahoe area just in time for the president's weekend. so take it one day at a time with the sunshine tomorrow. a bit of a breeze. the numbers are going up ever so gently. 60 at the seashore to 68 in
6:50 pm
santa rosa. low 60s in the tri-valley which is a pretty seasonal winter day. again the sunshine and the warmer temperatures friday and saturday. increase the cloud cover on sunday. that will lead to a chance of rain showers on valentine's day. but rain is likely. tuesday and on wednesday with some gusting winds and some cooler temperatures. oh, do you remember a couple of weeks ago when we had that big beautiful giant full moon? well, take a look at this. phil was able to capture the moon over mayer island. we thank you sir. keep the pictures coming. dennis, what's up? >> didn't you just celebrate and an verse are you, 20? >> no, my 25th is coming up. >> 25 years. >> 25 years coming up with my husband. >> that is amazing. >> coming up in july. >> that's amazing. only 50 more years to catch that couple. >> let's say you waited your while life to go to the superbowl and your seat was not there. well, the nfl is facing a massive lawsuit up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
the at&t pebble beach pro-am..all the stars are there, with the exception of one.. lets . speaking of heavenly greens we are on the round one of the
6:54 pm
pebble beach pro am. all of the stars are there with the exception of one. let's go live to my favorite watering hole just are or just outside of it. mark is live at penalty beach. i am envious tonight, mark. >> reporter: well, speaking of some of those cents andy garcia and kevin costner they were all here having some fun. and jones the two-time champion of pebble beach. but the one person who has not been here since 2002. tiger woods where is he and does it matter? our reporter brook has a closer look. >> reporter: sorry, you won't see video of tiger woods in this story. that's because he isn't here this year. that is kind of becoming the norm at the pro am. >> he didn't like pebble beach so he doesn't always comes. so probably what we expected. >> reporter: sure, fans wished they could follow him. >> i am a big fan of his. >> reporter: but the lack of tiger didn't stop that guy from
6:55 pm
coming out. that was artisan deers point when i nabbed him working on an article. >> this is one of the few tournaments in the world they can get by without tiger woods. >> reporter: why? >> because of kevin costner and drew breeze and because of the golf courses. just to be able to walk around pebble beach is fantastic. >> reporter: he has been covering the tournament for decades and seen players come and go. and the ones that keep coming back, he says, are the ones that like fan interaction. >> well, you know, tiger doesn't like to be hassled. this tournament would be better off with tiger woods more fun, absolutely. but as i mentioned, it can get by and has gotten by with big crowds because there is so many -- it's a different type of event. and there you go. speaking of sports, also tony romo is playing here this week. that's a big name to watch for. give the update on the charity challenge. clay walker and michael bolton
6:56 pm
one earlier today at pebble winning $19,000 for their charity band against ms. live here at pebble beach. dennis, back to you. >> mark, who is your pick to win it? >> i don't know. dustin johnson. we talked to him earlier today. the two time defending champion so we will see. >> that's a good pick, man. i would go with the hot hand there at at&t. mark, thanks a lot. i appreciate it very much. >> mark live at pebble beach. the sharks haven't been devouring opponents like this since back on the island. they continued their seven game road trip in columbus. san jose already down a goal in the winding seconds of the first period when they score on the columbus powerplay. 2-0 jackets. but then the sharks come back. the goalie steve mason completely out of place and the game is tied at two. same score later in the third. patrick marleau's 20th of the year. sharks win 3-2. bring on the
6:57 pm
new jersey devils next. about 1,000 fans who were not able to see the superbowl despite having tickets are suing the nfl in federal court. they are seeking $5 million in actual damages. and understate law that figure can be tripled. >> we want our seats. we want our seats. >> reporter: that was the scene about 1250 fans were displaced sunday in texas when the temporary seats were not completed in time, the fans were not able to see the game. so the nfl offered up $2400 to compensate, triple the face value of the ticket. or they can choose to attend any future superbowl and receive accommodation. in the words of jerry maguire. >> show me the money! >> reporter: the fans want the money. >> bottom line. >> see you at 10 and 11. >> they didn't show them the game. e! saving you money -- now, that's progressive.
6:58 pm
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