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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  February 10, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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up to the area is what we heard today which at least in terms of the foreclosure arena has been better off than the rest of southern california. >> reporter: this is a place where someone once called home. now empty. no trespassing signs on the window and multiple lock boxes on the front door. before a home gets to this point homeowners are issued default notices. defaults are up 37.8% in january compared to the same month a year ago. >> seems to be a prevalent thing now a days is people losing jobs and houses. >> reporter: at the state unemployment office those on the hardest of times are not surprised by the foreclosure numbers and in the case of darcy her mom is living it. >> it is sad because we have a lot of memories in that house. she is going to be okay because she has another place to live but it is just sad because we have had that house for ten years.
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>> reporter: realtors say some banks may be ramping up their foreclosure efforts after hitting the pause button in 2010 but another possible scenario bay area residents were able to with stand the declining markets. but now unemployment are catching up. >> i'm not surprised because i know what the economy situation is. >> because you're living in it? >> right, i'm living in it. and a lot of friends of mine have lost their houses too. >> reporter: if there is any good news the state wide picture improved in january after 13 straight months of increases, the number of default notices declined by 3/10ths of a percent. >> this is really hard right now. >> reporter: if you think things are bad in the bay area, seven of the 10 worst foreclosure markets in the entire country are here in california. modesto number 2. stockton number 3. dana, the nation's worst foreclosure city in
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january remained las vegas. back to you. >> wow. mark sayer in san jose. thank you. well, the state is launching a $2 billion program to help struggling homeowners. keep your home california dips into federal funds set aside for the financial system rescued three years ago. the money is meant to help about 100,000 homeowners fend off for closure. the program would also help thousands of families move if they do lose their homes. several major banks are on board with this plan. late this afternoon federal prosecutors dropped six of the charges against barry bonds in his perjury case but it is not clear why. the former giants still faces five charges that accuse him of lying to a grand jury about his use of performance-enhancing drugs. bonds is scheduled to stand trial march 21st. a 31-year-old man is under arrest tonight after causing a deadly car crash in san francisco. police say that a black audi
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barreled through multiple red lights then crashed head on into another car early this morning. the driver of that second car, 57 years old, who was killed, no word whether alcohol played a factor in the crash. bus drivers in richmond are now refusing to drive a route where a passenger on an a.c. passenger bus was shot at last night. it happened near 3rd street and grove avenue. one passenger was cut in the face by flying glass. had to be taken to the hospital. police trying to find out if someone on the bus was targeted or whether this was a random shooting. no arrests have been made. the buzz has been taken out of service. tonight, a young oakland boy says he was sexually assaulted at a boys and girls club. the 7-year-old told police it happened in a bathroom at the club in east oakland yesterday. juliette goodrich reports that the boy says it was other children who assaulted him. >> reporter: dana, we are inside the east oakland boys and girls club. this is the actual area where the kids come to study. it is a safe place for them
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after school. this facility has been here for years. i can tell you personally the owner here said he is heart broken by these allegations and they just hope this little boy is okay. >> we are here to brighten young people's days and broaden their horizons and this is neither. >> reporter: this boys and girls club in east oakland was filled with police today after a 7-year-old boy told his mother he was sexually assaulted in the bathroom by two other boys. at the time no one in charge of the club knew this was going on. >> not at all. none of the kids. >> reporter: the boy who says he was assaulted had just joined the club one week ago. jose hernandez' son has been going to the east oakland boys and girls club for years without any incidents. >> my kids go there for five years, six years, everything is okay. this was a surprise for everybody. >> you've always felt safe? >> what do you do when you go there? do you study? >> i do homework there.
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>> reporter: the staff was informed hours after the fact when a 7-year-old boy told his mother about the assault. she then took him to children's hospital and the hospital called police. >> we need to work with both the young person who was the victim as well as the assailants to get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: which is what police are now doing. the education director of the club says no one was acting oddly when he was overseeing the place last night. filled with about 70 children. >> i've got a good handle on all the kids. all our staff do. i always look at them running in and out. i walk around to see that it is running good and everyone was fine. >> reporter: the doors are still open. all of the kids that came here this afternoon are in the gymnasium. they are working with the police to get the most accurate
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information. they work one-on-one with all these kids. they want to make sure the 7- year-old boy is okay and want to get to the bottom line of all this. >> exactly. juliette goodrich, thank you. outrage in egypt. protestors expected to hear president hosni mubarak step down tonight. instead, he announced he is sticking around but he is handing over power. just a short time ago president obama released a statement saying the egyptian government has not seized the opportunity for a path to genuine democracy. simon perez with the latest. >> reporter: president obama isn't the only one disappointed in the president's decision. hundreds of thousands packed into central cairo expecting an end to more than two weeks of protests. president hosni mubarak announcing his resignation. but instead he said he will stay on. pushing some to tears and many more to anger. >> i decided to transfer my powers to the vice president. >> reporter: but that wasn't
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nearly good enough for the tens of thousands of people packed into tahrir square in cairo they want egyptian president hosni mubarak gone. indeed, rumors flew all day that he would resign. hosni mubarak has been urged by the obama administration to make way for democracy. so explains susan rice, the u.s. ambassador to the united nations in san francisco today. >> there needs to be an orderly, prompt and genuine transition to real democracy, not simply a single election but the institutions and the underpinnings of democracy. >> reporter: the obama administration has been struggling to present a consistent message to hosni mubarak and the egyptian people at times calling for hosni mubarak to go as soon as the proverbial yesterday. hosni mubarak seemed to address u.s. attempts to manage the situation. >> we will show that we are not
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followers of anybody. that nobody decides for us what we should do. >> reporter: former nobel peace prize winner emerged as a possible leader for the opposition. through his twitter account he called for the military to take over. otherwise predicting that, quote, "egypt will explode." some are concerned about the muslim brotherhood power after hosni mubarak leaves turning egypt into another iran. >> there is no indication that the muslim brotherhood comprised a majority of public opinion or public sentiment. >> is it possible the results may not end up in the best u.s. interests? >> we can't presume to know exactly what the results will be but it is in the united states' interest in egypt and elsewhere over the long-term that there be genuine and deep rooted democracy. >> reporter: here is more from president obama's reaction to hosni mubarak's speech. he said "too many egyptians remain unconvinced that the government is serious about a
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genuine transition to democracy and it is the responsibility of the government to speak clearly to the egyptian people and to the world." so lots of consternation there and we will see what happens. president obama is not happy about it. united states government. all those protestors. hosni mubarak standing firm saying he is not going. >> u.s. money continues to flow to egypt in the meantime? >> very complicated diplomatic situation for everybody. >> the longer this goes on the higher the possibility that it won't end well. >> right. the one guy who is now particularly looking like he might be leading the opposition group pleaded for the military to come in because he said egypt is going to explode. >> thank you for that. well, in case you haven't heard, some at&t customers have complaints about their service on the iphone. check the sarcasm from verizon. can it do any better? now both carriers serving up the same gizmo time for the phone bar challenge and by our measure there is a clear
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winner. speaking of sarcasm. something else people in san francisco never get tired of complaining about but congratulations to muni which just won an award for service. how on earth could that have possibly happened? they look like friends but these bay area teens are sworn enemies. the simple idea that is bringing rival gang members together in peace. coming up in minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> long waits. crowded. in the wintertime makes for unhealthy conditions. >> reporter: of all the transit agents where does it rank? >> had to be pretty well. >> give me a number of the. >> of the country. i would say right around 100. >> reporter: according to a new ranking by u.s. news and world report it places the san francisco municipal railways which riders give a 60% negative rating, the sixth best in the country. >> sixth best? >> yes. >> wow. >> reporter: the rankings based on public investment, safety and ridership. portland was one, salt lake city, new york, boston and seattle followed. >> we would love to be number 1 but that gives us an opportunity being number 6. >> reporter: he says the system could be better with safety after a series of actions but overall he is pleased. >> we will see where those systems are doing better and look at some lessons learned. >> operating costs, efficiency,
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ontime reliability. these are issues everybody faces riding muni. >> reporter: blocking on his popular site. pointing out it is the slowest transit system averaging 8 miles an hour and most expensive to run at $19 a mile. the survey isn't all that accurate. >> they included b.a.r.t. that doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: and mayor ed lee said this week in the effort to keep twitter in town, they will work on improving muni's efficiency around the mid- market area. >> there is a bus line that they wanted to see happen with muni so we connected it up with muni to make sure that there would be very efficient bus service. >> which leaves some wondering if they can improve muni for twitter employees why couldn't it earlier for the other tens of thousands of riders who have been complaining about the system for years? so if twitter does stay, muni probably will add three lines that will go straight from the
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cal trains station to 9th and market which is where twitter would be. 3:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. and a lot of critics are saying, boy, i wish i had a good company that would make my ride a lot easier. >> maybe they will be number 5 next year if that's true. >> it is almost like something you would read in the onion because it is the slowest, most expensive. but yet it is in the top. >> they took three of the procedures -- the categories that people riding it doesn't actually care about too much. how much money they spend. and how many riders there are. they do carry three quarters of a million people. almost the entire population of san francisco. but you're right, safety is not so good. on time. 70%. not like they would like to have. >> did the people who did the study ride on it? >> i don't know that. >> i'm just asking. >> i'm not trying to malign.
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>> sounds like you're a critic of muni. >> just seems counter to what we report. >> i'm a reporter with a clipper card so i actually know what's going on on muni. i will leave it to you to make those comments. >> mike sugerman, thank you. all right, our weather -- well, it has been at the top of the top 10 but that will change? >> two more days of lots of sunshine right here in the bay area and temperatures now going back into the 70s. sunset officially at 5:43 a.m. and once the sun did set we had highs that banked anywhere from 62 in livermore to 69 degrees in sonoma. wow. that's really pretty. if you're out and about this evening the numbers are going down very rapidly as the sun does set. we have a lot of cool air mass in place. and tonight as a direct result numbers are going below freezing and throughout napa and santa rosa so obviously we will have a little bit of fog in the overnight hours. 40s common across the central bay, upper 30s around the
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peninsula. 41 degrees in san jose. so the jet stream is right here. guiding storms along a particular path. this will begin to sag in a southerly direction by sunday and, boy, we will have rain just about every day next week. until then, warmer weather for your friday and saturday. saturday being the warmest of the two coming up. now, with everything blossoming a couple weeks above average ahead of time, alder, juniper and birch tree count on the medium side. 60s at the beaches tomorrow, 70 in santa rosa. winds out of the north tomorrow. rotating to the east as well. pretty flat. 5 to 10 miles per hour. if you're heading to the at&t national pro-am golf tournament this weekend, lucky you. temperature in the mid-60s. extended forecast does call for the rain to arrive on valentine's day, on monday. then we will have rain and each and every day with gusty winds
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on tuesday, wednesday heavier rainfall and possibility of snow arriving by friday of next week. and we will talk more about that next time. >> yes, i want to hear more about that. all right, roberta, thank you. more americans are finding beauty at the tip of a needle. however, tonight dr. kim mulvihill has a warning for bay area women about a cosmetic injection that can quill kill you. >> reporter: injected with what is believed to be silicon. she wanted to enhance her backside but instead the aspiring performer died. >> this is such a tragic story. >> reporter: this doctor says the story is not unique. women everywhere are putting themselves in danger of death or permanent damage. he says so far he has seen a number of bay area women disfigured by disastrous cosmetic injections. >> this is happening on a daily basis everywhere across the country. not excluding san francisco and the bay area. >> reporter: the evidence shows in many cases what's injected
6:19 pm
is not the silicon doctors use. >> in a cluster of california cases where women were severely disfigured investigators tested the substance and found it was industrial grade silicone, the same kind of stuff you use in bathroom caulking. >> reporter: injected into 14 women in fresno. they charged a man with 29 felony counts. while on bail he escaped to mexico leaving a trail of victims including this woman. she thought she was getting a bargain, just $100 for plumper lips. but ended up paying a huge price. >> it is not me. more than anything it is uncomfortable. it is painful. >> reporter: the 20-year-old from london heard about the injections in a chat room. the doctor says be careful. not everything you read or discuss online is true. >> caveat emptor, buyer beware. >> reporter: certain cosmetic procedures can be done in a salon with a properly trained
6:20 pm
and certified staff and a licensed physician. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs5 health watch. who is coming to dinner? your neighborhood gang members. that's who. and that's in 2 minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,
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now, in that darkness, thers a gang war in oakland has intensified over the last two months but now in that darkness there is some light. joe vazquez shows us a neighborhood dinner that allowed some kids, even rival gang members, to do something they could never do on the street. >> reporter: in the middle of a violent spree in oakland -- >> come join us for the dinner. >> reporter: volunteers are serving up new hope for old rivals. >> all positive energy today. i really need it. >> reporter: every wednesday night here at the ymca on 45th the empowerment program host an
6:23 pm
empowerment dinner. a territory that recently has been ravaged by driveby shootings and murderous retaliations. >> here you have young people from rival neighborhoods. to break bread is something really sacred and special. so these kids break bread every week and they cross enemy lines to get here. >> reporter: breaking the bread is made up of mostly latino teenagers. some are sworn enemies. >> we are from different neighborhoods. >> reporter: they would not be allowed to be seen together on the street. >> sometimes it would be weird because you would be seeing them and you would be, like, i can't be speaking to you. but when you sit down and you really hear their story you realize i can relate because i go through that. >> reporter: they sit together to eat and learn about latino history, about nonviolent activism, even though many know
6:24 pm
somebody who has been killed. >> just on monday on the corner of my house somebody got killed over wearing the red belt. but here it feels like you're protected even though i may have a certain color, somebody else may have a certain color but we have the same skin tone and same purpose of being here to unite. >> anybody know a loved one that has recently passed. >> reporter: for two hours a week the dinner provides a peaceful refuge from the tensions of the street. >> are you ready? get comfortable. let's cue this up. >> reporter: on this night they gather to watch an emmy award winning pbs documentary called "children of violence" that depicted latino gang life in oakland in 1981. teenagers living and dying for their street gangs. 30 years later it still goes on. survivors from that documentary came to talk to the kids about how some of their homies didn't survive but how they can. that's former gang member gary
6:25 pm
baka. he is now a radio host on kpfa. >> it is good that the homies can get these kids together and get to know each other. it is easier to kill a kid that you don't know than killing a kid that you do. >> this is what we tell them. do you want to end up on a rest in peace t-shirt or do you want to end up in a poster like chavez? yes, rest in peace, but for a legacy. what will your legacy be and that's what we are working on so they can change the world. >> now, to be clear, not all of those kids are gang members. many associate with gangs as they see it as a means to survival. the hard core gangs to criminals probably not attending this meal. these kids are choosing to make a difference and in the process bringing some peace to their communities. for iphone users who just can't take it any more, this is your moment. behold verizon now has its hands on the device. does it work any we are than
6:26 pm
with at&t? we put the two networks to the iphone test. another question for anyone on the market for a smartphone. should you buy insurance? >> i'm driving to work one night and i'm going real early claiming i need to get a parking place but really just want to get up to the bar. >> a grammy nominee who escaped a very dark place. how he did it with some help from a little girl who fell down a well. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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applause as the first custos walk in the store to get thw i- phone four that went on e today. some people waited in line all night for their chance to nab one. cheers and applause as customers walked in to get the iphone today. some people waited in line all night to nab one. verizon begins selling its version of the popular cell phone. it used to be available exclusively on at&t. more now on whether the new carrier will be able to solve the problems about which at&t users always complained. >> reporter: the launch was relatively quiet and subdued especially for an apple
6:30 pm
product. but for the handful of people lined up outside this store this morning. >> i was here at 4:00 a.m. >> reporter: the excitement over trading in their at&t iphones for verizon was apparent. >> i saw 3g service. >> my phone with at&t has been nothing but problems. >> reporter: the big question is whether verizon service will be any better than at&t's especially when more people get their hands on this iphone and starts flooding the market. >> testing has found verizon phone was getting faster data and able to connect better to calls and keep them once you have them. >> reporter: verizon's iphone can also serve as a wi-fi hot spot which the at&t iphone can't do. but there are some drawbacks. you can't use it worldwide. and it doesn't do simultaneous voice and data. >> if you're on a call you can't get to the web page, you can't look at the maps, you
6:31 pm
can't look at your e-mail. the data does not come in while our on a call. at&t does allow that. it is just a consequence of verizon's technology. >> reporter: there are high expectations for the verizon high phone. >> we need to talk about this. joining us today. i can't tell which one is which. >> one is at&t, one is verizon. >> very little difference in the hardware. if you look very closely you'll notice the at&t version is son top. but apple redesigned it putting it on the side. they won't say how they address the antenna problems because we all know that was a major issue with the at&t version. >> yes. >> so now it is here on the side meaning that they moved the silence toggle just a little bit. >> that's minor. >> minor. otherwise they are the exact same phone. and the exact same interface, all the same standard apps.
6:32 pm
it works like the original at&t phone did. >> now many people think that because verizon picked this up the at&t signals will be clearer and better. >> yes. wouldn't that be ironic. if all these at&t customers switched over to verizon, clogged verizon's market and that becomes a slow market and at&t becomes crystal clear. it is a very real possibility but no one knows. it will be awhile. months, even a year until we really see the actual data on how that is going to shake out. >> people seemed awfully excited to get this done today. >> they did. the iphone has been out for almost four years. so there have been customers waiting for four years. cannot wait to get their hands on the verizon version. >> and certainly apple stock really benefited from this. it went as high as 360 and change today and ended up at $354. lots of attention paid to this. >> this will give apple a greater piece of the market
6:33 pm
share of the smart phone category. >> there is another carrier out in the desert is sprint. >> there are a bunch of other carriers. each carrier does have its own smartphones. original version so they carry other people's versions and let's not forget that the iphone is just one of several, several dozen on the market. let's not forget the android, blackberry, all those other popular devices. the iphone has its niche and market popularity but it is not the end all, be all. >> i don't think the marketing department will let us forget the other phones. all right. we will keep an eye on this. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. whether you have verizon or at&t replacing your iphone can be expensive. i put my first one through the washing machine thanks very much. on the consumer watch julie watts with some options for the accident prone. >> reporter: when it comes to phones, sam riskin has had bad luck. >> i had one burned in a beach
6:34 pm
bonfire. bad accident. then i had one that fell out of my pocket into a gutter and got completely sub merged in water. >> reporter: without insurance bad luck can be expensive. >> it was like $600. >> reporter: but by the nature of its design this small computer wrapped in glass is fragile. so what can you do? i came across square trade. >> reporter: third party insurers. safeware. even best buy. >> a third of iphones will have some sort of damage. >> reporter: and it is explained that most of the damage occurs in one of two ways. >> 75% of failure rates were with the iphone are from dropping or getting it wet. >> reporter: but the $59 apple care extended warrant only covers manufacturer defects. at&t and verizon offer extended protection plans that do cover accidents and thefts but come with a whopping $200 deductible. compare that to third party
6:35 pm
insurers which offer a $50 deductible and you can see why many prefer to seek protection outside their carrier. the trend is certainly not surprising to kent germane. >> the only advantage of going to a carrier to get your warrior is you're contradicting it to fewer parties so there is not many people involved. certainly not a danger to go outside that. if the pricing is right, terms are good for you, then by all means. >> reporter: but he says whether it is a bumper, case or insurance, protection for the fragile iphone is a good idea especially if you're anything like sam. >> had to dry it out but it was dead. >> now, most plans range between 10 and $12 a month and many won't cover unlocked phones, international accidents or they may limit the number of claims you can file each year. so be sure to read the fine print before deciding which plan works best for you. for more information head to our website. we have a story and link there. >> wish i had the insurance.
6:36 pm
>> you know, i only have the apple warranty which i never really considered. doesn't do much for you if you break your phone. i think i have to rethink that. >> if you have a teenager with the phone you get the insurance. trust me. >> very important. >> thank you. well, it has been awhile now but you probably remember a news story that grabbed everyone's attention back in 1987. >> i'm listening to the news and this little girl in texas named jessica fell in a well. >> well, this man didn't just pay attention to the story, it changed his life. the effect it had on a musician who is now up for a grammy. 14, 18 caret gold. what's the difference? it is tonight's good question. i'm dennis o'donnell at pebble beach. could i use my cell phone to disqualify a golfer here at the at&t pro am? i will tell you that answer. plus, the hottest golf bag on tour. you're never going to guess who it belongs to. that's coming up in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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scheduled to perform live dg sunday's grammy award cerem. in the a endary bay a lot of musicians scheduled to perform wise during sunday's grammy award ceremony. a legendary bay area blues man up for an award and got some unexpected help from a tiny child. juliette goodrich tells the story. >> always say that blues is your comforter when you're done and your good buddy when you're up. i play harmonica. . >> reporter: born january 31, 1944 in the rural hills of mississippi raised in memphis by a single mother and schooled by some of the greats on the south side of chicago. >> i will never forget being on
6:40 pm
the stage in this little club next to muddy waters playing harmonica. and i was like how did i get up here, you know. >> reporter: in the 60s charlie ended up in the san francisco bay area where he met henrietta, the love of his life. >> my best friend, my manager and the love of my life and my favorite person. >> reporter: charlie has been nominated for a grammy for an album called the well. the title song telling the story about allow a little girl helped charlie get sober. >> i quit drinking in 1987. i had a career in alcohol that didn't work out. my last hurdle was to get on stage sober. so i'm driving to work one night and i'm going real early claiming i needed to get a parking place but really just wanted to get up there to the
6:41 pm
bar. i'm listening to the news and this little girl in texas named jessica has fell in a well. >> all this time doctors and other volunteers were listening to jessica. ♪ i don't know if i told you the story about a little girl. ♪ she fell deep into an old texas well ♪ >> it is a real life and death situation and they don't know if they can get her out. ♪ i was trapped in my well of worry and fear ♪ ♪ this little girl was being so very brave ♪ >> i thought, wow, that's it. i'm not drinking until they get her out of that well. sort of a prayer for her. i really wanted her to live. >> reporter: it took more than two days. 58 long hours. [ cheers and applause >> reporter: jessica finally got out of the well.
6:42 pm
so did charlie. >> i thought i would start drinking again after they saved her but after they got her out i was out too. i just didn't need to drink any more. >> reporter: he says on that day they both escaped from hell and he says he hasn't had a drink since. juliette goodrich, cbs5. >> everybody hits bottom in their own way. grammy awards sunday 8:00 p.m. right here on cbs5. >> boy, that must be one great cd. we will be pulling for you sunday night. >> cheering as loud as can be. >> absolutely. coming up after the break we are talking carets and not the kind you put in a salad. crystal clear skies. temperatures below freezing. we will pinpoint the locations. and the day the rain will arrive right here in the bay area as eyewitness news continues here on cbs5. ,,
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i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ "what's the difference the higher of number the higher the price.
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but why? what is the difference between 14, 18, 24 caret gold? ken bastida has tonight's good question. >> if you know anything about gold you know it has been sky rocketing in value for over a year now. but do you know what kind of gold you're looking at? >> 24 caret is pure gold. gold is weighed in 24 parts. so 1/24th is one. 24 carets is pure gold. >> reporter: chris edland at a jewelry store says 24 caret gold is not very common here in the u.s. because it is not very durable. >> it is so soft that it is a little bit difficult if you're going to wear it for a lifetime. wedding band in 24 caret will bend. >> reporter: she says gold used for jewelry is usually mixed with an alloy like nickel or zinc here in the united states to make it stronger. >> 14 caret gold is an american standard and that's 58% gold and the rest of that is alloys.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: she says 18 caret gold is the standard in europe. again, a product of the amount of pure gold versus percentage of alloys. and you know that white gold that everybody raves about. same story. >> but what they do is they take a 14 caret gold purity with 58% pure gold which is yellow gold and they add all white alloys to it. so they have zinc and nickel and that turns it over to a white gold. >> reporter: go to click on connect to send me your good questions. >> good as gold. the forecast right? >> shiny and bright certainly. this is the scene outside right now. live cbs5 weather camera outdoors. numbers are going down very rapidly now that the sun has set. we are into the 50s. however, it is 60 degrees in
6:48 pm
alameda. now, tonight overnight. boy, some frost will be developing right there around the napa area back in through sonoma. mid-30s tri-valley. low 40s union city. fremont and san jose. jet stream well to the north of the bay area. but that will change by sunday when it sags further to the south allowing the storms to roll back in the bay area by valentine's day. so until then warmer weather for your friday and for your saturday. air quality will be on the moderate side from the north bay to the santa clara valley with the lack of a wind to blowout those pollutants that get trapped very close to the surface. temperatures all the way up to 70 degrees. upper 60s through redwood city through to palo alto. i want to look ahead for you so you can do some planning heading towards the president's day holiday. we have stormy weather returning back to the bay area on february 14th, monday, valentine's day all the way through saturday looks like the biggest storm will be on friday
6:49 pm
but never theless 1 to 4 inches of rain expected next week. so we will play it out like this for you. at&t national pro-am golf tournament, lots of sunshine this weekend in the mid-60s and then that's it. we have the rain arriving by monday. and then rain and windy conditions on tuesday and on wednesday. it turns cooler by about, oh, let's say thursday, friday, when we have a chance of snow in our own local mountains. a ton of snow heading towards the tahoe area for the president's day holiday. how about this? romance on the beach. thank you for sending in this photograph. i almost saved this one for valentine's day but i couldn't resist. and we invite you to send your photos to us at how is it looking, dennis? >> it is great, roberta. got down here to see the last four groups off the 18th fairway come off a beautiful
6:50 pm
day of golf. we will wrap up round 1 of the at&t in just a moment. (announcer) roundup extended control is
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pebble beach at alex checka became the first golfer since the reagan administration to score a double eagle on his opening hole. meanwhile bill murphyry back terrorizing the galleries after missing last year with a knee injury. espn chris burman figured out an easy way to get out of a sand trap. throw it towards the oil. shot of the day belonged to fedex c.e.o. mike glen. playing pebble beach almost delivering the hole in 1 and he would tap in for birdie. tiger woods is in dubai. phil mickelson the big name in the field but unless he shoots a one over 71 at monterey peninsula today, he is eight shots back. playing pebble beach for the first time as a pro. birdie on 15. he would add another on 17. and he finished his round at 3 under par. here is your leader. steve marino and darren
6:54 pm
andrews. 63 at monterey peninsula. one shot better than alex checka. meanwhile, other notables. sacramento's nick what the what -- nick whatney. flying in the face of the rule book. today, kim coyle set us straight. >> it is like reading tall story. a lot to read. >> reporter: it is not the 1200 page war and peace but if you're up on the rules of golf the pga is listening. that's right, bill belichick. someone could be spying on you. making sure you're playing by the rules during the pebble beach pro-am. >> we have no plans right now to not take phone calls from our fans and spectators on site when they think they see a rules fraction. 99.9% turn out to be nothing. >> reporter: but there have already been two high profile
6:55 pm
incidentses this year. padraig harrington was disqualified after a viewer e- mail suggested he illegally moved his ball during round 1 of a championship. another fan called in a rule violation in the season opener in hawaii. both were disqualified because the two-stroke penalty was not reflected on their score cards. >> in the nba you can't call in a travel. they travel all the time. and in the nfl they have got replay. so i don't know. i don't think it is good for the game. but if we make a rules infraction. >> a rule infraction with intent needs to be called. rule infraction hours later with no intent, that's tough. >> what would happen if they did that in the nfl, if fans were allowed to call in or e- mail in? >> i have no idea. i guess that's why they have seven officials out there. >> hopefully the pga does not create a rule infraction for
6:56 pm
behavior like this. [ laughter ] >> reporter: while the commissioner says that cutting off the fans is not an option they will look at how the rule is applied. one thing is for certain. it is a good thing the kpix invitational is not televised because everybody would be disqualified. at pebble beach, i'm kim coyle, cbs5 sports. here is a guy who kind of disqualified himself. a shocker in the nba. jerry sloan has stepped down after 23 years as the head coach of the utah jazz. 23 years ago. check it out. this is how long. back in 1988 sloan, a gallon of gas wa$1.08. sonny bono mayor of palm springs and roberta gonzales turned 40. we always knew john daley was a fan ever caddie shack.
6:57 pm
>> so what. >> so what? let's dance. >> roger dangerfield eat your heart out. upgrade to go a flat screen t.v. he had it on today. he posted this on twitter saying dangerfield inspired me. now working on his dance. john actually played a pretty good round today. jasmine is the news anchor for central coast news and she also shot my live shot. >> i'm running your live shot right now. >> wow. >> you're a jack-of-all-trades. >> that's what you have to do these days. >> i think george lopez offered me a job just about a half hour ago. >> she actually shot my live shot. >> i will take the offer. see you guys. >> we are going to talk about the kpix invitational crack from kim. >> and the comment about me. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive.
6:58 pm
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