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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  February 11, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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meeting in the oval office when he got the word and watched on tv some of the celebrations in cairo. >> the people of egypt have spoken. their voices have been heard and egypt will never be the same. >> reporter: events were so fast the white house had to scramble to keep up. the resignation was rumored for yesterday. the administration tried to walk a fine line supporting the commands of democracy but reluctant to abandon a key ally that gets over $1 billion of u.s. aid every year. protests leaders are looking to the future, thrilled that mubarak left but said they are not leaving the square until democracy takes hold in the country. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. the excitement following president mubarak's decision to step down has spread around the world including san francisco. these are live pictures of the u.n. plaza in downtown san
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francisco. demonstrators had planned to hold an emergency protest but now they plan a celebration instead. some attendees said they never thought this day would come. >> it's been a long time coming. and all egyptians are joyous today because it's a momentous day to say the least. it's a day where they were able to bring about democracy peacefully so this is absolutely something to be proud of. >> organizers say a planned solidarity vigil at the u.n. plaza tomorrow will also likely be turned into a celebration. much more on egypt's revolution coming on the "cbs evening news with katie couric," although i can tell you wael ghonim egyptian activist and google executive celebrated the success of the movement. >> we are a generation that needs to eat and sleep... tens of thousands started to start a journey for egypt and
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then they convinced hundreds of thousands and then they convinced millions of people. we were all looking for egypt and thank god that we found her today. i just want to say, welcome back, egypt. >> military leaders say they will ensure that elections are free and fair and will work to accommodate the legitimate demands of the egyptians. as i say, more coming up in 30 minutes on cbs evening news. well, a missing couple a dead body in a hotel and an abandoned car near devil's slide. that's what san francisco police are dealing with as they investigate a bizarre mystery. linda yee on who police believe should shed some light on this case. linda. >> reporter: allen, they are looking for that dead woman's husband. the couple checked into this hotel the ramada limited on lombard earlier this week. her body was discovered in here yesterday. and now the coroner is not saying how she died. police would only say it's suspicious. the lombard street hotel room is sealed and homicide inspectors were on the scene.
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the body of 47-year-old colleen waterman of riverside county was found in the room yesterday by housekeeping staff. >> interviewing a couple of people. i have no comment at this time. thank you. >> reporter: billy and colleen waterman were reported missing on monday by their daughter. soon after the body was discovered, the couple's car was found parked on highway 1 at devil's slide. there was no trace of the husband. >> we are still looking for billy waterman as a person of interest as well as following up on other investigative leads. >> obviously when you find a dead body in a hotel room, a relatively young woman -- she is only 47 years old -- it's suspicious. and to be there alone again suspicious. so we would like it talk to mr. waterman. >> reporter: san mateo county sheriff's deputies flew alongside the cliff off highway 1 to search for waterman. investigators are convinced if he had jumped, his body would not have hit the water because the slope area is graduated and
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the water too far out. hotel management said the couple had checked in earlier this week. other guests were shaken by the discovery. >> it's discomforting you know. i'm from out of town staying in a strange hotel. and the first person you see is the medical examiner, so... >> reporter: san francisco police are talking with riverside county investigators to see if they can look into the background of the couple who may shed some light on what happened. reporting live, linda yee, cbs 5. it was a terrible hit-and- run and tonight san jose police hope that a sketch can help track down the moon hit a teenager with his car and dragged her thousands of feet. mark sayre with a look at the suspect and an update on her condition. >> reporter: allen, this is certainly a case that has shocked this community. and now san jose police are hoping that this new sketch they have just released today results in some new leads in the case.
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18-year-old erika luna underwent more surgery today for serious injuries she received in a hit-and-run early sunday morning. san jose police say luna was dragged about 1900 feet along fontaine road. now police have released this sketch of the possible suspect driver. he is described as 32 to 36 years old with a split moustache and black hair which is short on the top with faded sides. >> it's pretty emotional. i think people are pretty shocked about what happened. >> reporter: his front door faces the street where the crime occurred. he says all residents in this area are upset and are thinking of luna and her family. >> oh, god, you know, i just pray for them... you know? uhm, try to support them as much as we can. you know, uhm, give them blessings and hopefully that they resolve this soon and whoever was responsible for this should turn themselves in. >> reporter: the signs of the crime are still fresh as police markings show the path of the tire tracks. >> there's always a feeling of sadness when another human
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being is hurt like that. >> i really feel bad about this girl. and i hope finally finds these people. >> reporter: the person depicted in this sketch was driving an suv which could have damage to the bumper and wheel wells. the family raise $5 thousand dollars in reward money to prompt somebody to come forward and the san jose police officers association is directly accepting contributions to help the family with medical bills. in san jose, i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. san jose police say that they have arrested the man who they believe stabbed a uc- berkeley student to death yesterday. officers arrested david shackleford of san leandro. they say that he killed ashley dunn a woman he was dating. she was found dead in her family's san jose home a little after 5 a.m. yesterday following a report of a disturbance. police found shackleford just a short time later. no word on a possible motive
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for the murder. watch where you sit. what someone's leaving on muni seats that has already injured three people. and game over. cal cuts two sports teams. why some others were saved. to be successful fishermen have to catch finish and two other things. i'll tell you why they are being concerned about the ice being cut off. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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women's lacrosse, women s gymnastics and rugby. three athletic teams at cal slated to be cut have been saved. women's lacrosse, women's gymnastics and rugby.
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but two other sports are going to be eliminated at the end of the year. they would be men's baseball and gymnastics. cal's vice chancellor said today those two sports did not come close to generating enough private funding to keep them going. the students are crushed. >> they had their hopes up after having gone through this same thing last fall and it's just hard. it's hard for them to understand. >> it was going to take $25 million to save and run the five sports programs for 7 to 10 years. student athletes, coaches, fans, mobilized and raised nearly $13 million but apparently not enough to save all five. well, it certainly is an important commodity for fishermen bringing the catch into port. ice. but a problem at san francisco's fisherman's wharf is rubbing salt into the wound of an industry that's already hurting. simon perez on what's causing the meltdown. >> reporter: no matter how good the catch, the people who pull
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our food from the sea need ice. >> the boats have to have ice to catch the fish and deliver them in ice, we pack them in ice put them in trucks and deliver them up and down the state and ice is a very important commodity. >> reporter: for years, the fishermen and fish processors on pier 45 on fisherman's wharf never had to worry where the next ton of ice would come from because a supplier would supply it but he is evicted because he was behind on rent. >> it's been a couple of years that we tried to work with this tenant but unfortunately, the eviction process, you know, ran its course and we have had to close him down. >> reporter: even though many of the fish companies on the pier had their own smaller machines, they say that's not enough. >> for boats that work out of here, what are they going to do for ice? you're going to cripple an
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industry that's already hurting. it's irresponsible. >> we provide space, you know. here's the room. here's the electrical setup. here's, you know, access to water and those kinds of things. but the port is not in the business of making ice. >> reporter: the port says if a fisherman's wharf wants to run the eye machine, they can but they will have to do it without the port's help. >> the port has been subsidizing the rental space and the utilities, the electrical bills, for this ice machine for years now to the tune of about $9,000 a month. and unfortunately, we cannot afford to continue to do that. >> reporter: the fishermen hope to come up with a solution before salmon season opens maybe as soon as next month. in san francisco, i'm simon perez for cbs 5. next, she called him a hideous creature and it gets worse. chandra levy's mom confronts her daughter's killer. the explosive words she said straight to his face.
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coming up on the consumerwatch, atm skimming is on the rise. the new advice from the secret service. it's a friday night and we currently have very mild temperatures. rain is on the way. the day it will affect your outdoor plans as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,, [ male announcer ] breakfast for breakfast. breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open.
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station this morning. it muni service is back to normal after a train derailed at the castro metro station this morning. but that happened at 6:30. nobody was hurt. what caused the derailment is unknown. shock for some muni bus riders after they were warned there could be needles on their seats. passengers on the 12 folsom muni bus line say they were told this morning someone has been leaving sewing needles on the seats. the driver advised passengers to check the seat before they sit down and report any sharp
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objects that they should find. homeless at a camp in the east bay are told to move. the tent city is near buchanan field and highway 4 in concord and it became more visible when caltrans trimmed brush in the area last week. people at the camp say they feel like they are being forced out. >> they came and they said we're giving you guys two weeks and then you have to be out. we were like, all right. then the next day they came and cut down all the bushes. >> caltrans says it is state property and trespassing is illegal. you go to get cash at the atm but even without you realizing it a thief has your personal information and ready to drain your account. julie watts has more. >> reporter: atm skimming we have been hearing about it for years but despite the warnings, skim scams are on the rise at a rate of 10% a year so as these
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criminals come up new techniques, the secret service has new advice. with every trip to the atm you can unknowingly give the thief all he needs to steal your money. >> this attaches to the front of the terminal. >> reporter: the secret service says thieves are placing the skimmer with super glue. >> as it receives your card it's intercepting the track data off the stripe at the back of the card. >> reporter: your card slides right through their skimmer into the actual atm slot and you may never know. the skimmers come in different shapes and sizes and often are hard to detect. here's an atm without a skimmer and here's one with one. once thieves have your information they use a device like this to put it on blank cards so they can buy whatever they want with your money. and a secret service says thieves don't stop there. see these pin holes? behind them there is a camera.
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>> this is mounted to a plate which would be above the keypad where the consume we're enter the p.i.n. number into the machine. it shoots down. >> reporter: the components to steal your pin ripped out of a cell phone and mounted with double stick tape or hidden in brochure holders. >> there's also false key pads. >> reporter: the better business bureau says thieves can put overlays on the keypad to record your p.i.n. number. >> if there is a film over it to take off, that's something to look for also. >> reporter: so how do you protect yourself? well, the secret service and the better business bureau have a few tips. first, of the wiggle test which allen mentioned earlier. when you come to the atm if something looks suspicious, wig tell to be sure it's supposed to there and wiggle it and check around the edges for glue. cover your p.i.n. whenever you enter it even if no one is around. you don't know who might be
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looking. finally be picky with your atms. you want to choose a well-lit high traffic area like this because the more traffic there is, the less likely it is that these atms have been tampered with. and allen, they also say not a bad idea to check your bank statement every, single day. i know that sounds like a lot but it's a suggestion from the better business bureau. >> and it is easier to do that online. but you have to be careful about going online and checking your account, too, now? >> reporter: right. there is an app for that. you have to be careful about hackers. roberta has the forecast. >> you can feel the difference today. temperatures warmed up from 63 degrees in kentfield to the warm spot, 71 degrees in gilroy. it was 70 in santa rosa and mid- 60s here in san francisco where chopper 5 is flying high above the bay area right now. and barely a breeze to be noted. numbers pretty much across the bay area as the sun begins to set in the 60s. in fact, let's go ahead and take a look at some of those
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numbers. 61 in sausalito. that's gorgeous. isn't it? meanwhile, it is 64 in mountain view. to the south 66 in sunnyvale, fremont at 68 degrees. tonight overnight, not as cold as last night when we bottomed out at 29 degrees in santa rosa. it was freezing in napa. we will repeat there. however, it was 32 degrees in livermore, counting on 37 degrees with a slight breeze so therefore mixing up the air. if you are going to be out and about this evening, we'll have temperatures in the 60s. tomorrow it will be a rather chilly start to the day. we have some changes coming. not so much for your saturday. we will have high pressure still in control and even a warmer day tomorrow. but this is the jet stream here guiding storms on the particular path. behind it is this area of low pressure. computer models say the ridge will flatten out allowing it to sag south. we'll all notice increasing
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cloud cover on sunday. the better weather day as far as dryness and the abundance of sunshine will be saturday. mid to highway 60s throughout the central valley. 68 monterey. heading to the high sierra, we are talking about dry conditions until monday on valentine's day when it will snow all the way down to lake level. low 70s in san ramon, danville and alamo and walnut creek. low 70s in san jose. the extended forecast calls for still some mild temperatures on sunday. but increasing clouds leading to rain on monday. rain and wind on tuesday, wednesday. and then more rain all the way through friday. but a great weekend for the mostly sunny skies at the at&t national pro-am tournament and maybe you want some beach time. thank you for the photo. keep them coming to >> that picture is going to change a lot, isn't it?
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we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via taste promise. look for it where you buy groceries. her daughter's killer the mother of murdered washington internal chandra levy had some harsh words for her daughter's killer today. a judge sentenced ingmar guandique today to 60 years in
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prison for levy's murder in 2001. after again denying that he had anything to do with chandra levy's death, her mother susan used an expletive and called ingmar guandique lower than a cockroach and hideous creature. her father said he should rot in health. levy was linked with gary condit who was initially a suspect and is now cleared. former governor arnold schwarzenegger getting his old job back as an actor. schwarzenegger tweeted today he is ready to considering film roles again. he said his friends at creative arts talent agency have been asking him for 7 years when he could start taking offers seriously and today, he gave him the green light. ugg boots are comfortable but there is a concern about them. what you can do. >> reporter: uggs, you see them everywhere. even if they are not original
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uggs, chances are you have a pair and love them. >> i think they are comfortable. i like the style. >> the uggs are real comfortable. >> reporter: they may feel so good you will want to wear them all day but some podiatrists say that may be a problem. >> a lot of foot sprain, tendon sprains, a lady tripped on one breaking her toe. >> reporter: dr. frankel says he sees two patients a week with injuries. >> they come in with swelling, inflammation, difficulty in standing and basically they realize it's because of the shoe. >> reporter: the doctor says the problem almost always occur this is people with flat feet. you can insert an arch support but that's not enough. >> they are getting a hyperhidrosis, an excessive amount of sweating on the feet because they are just not getting enough air. >> reporter: you can buy special socks which help avoid moisture build-up or better yet -- >> let the boots air out. don't wear them every day. >> reporter: of the company
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that makes them says no complaints about arch support or comfort that their heels off substantial support and they warn about counterfeits that don't have the same features. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. president hosni mubarak finally steps down and crowds rejoice as tahrir square erupts in celebration. we're live in cairo as we look at egypt, the road ahead. tonight only on the cbs evening news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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news at 6. we'll have struggle to i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. we are going to have much more on the struggle to save a handful of cal sports programs. that includes a lot of money and a little love from, of all places, stanford. and maybe you saw her gliding out of san francisco bay this afternoon. the story behind this noteworthy cruise ship stopover. that and a whole lot more at 6:00, allen.
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>> all right, dana. we'll see you then. that's 30 minutes away. thanks for watching us now. coming up next "cbs evening news with katie couric" and as i promised, the very latest from egypt. and hosni mubarak's resignatio from office. have a great weekend. ubarak! >> couric: a new day in an ancient land. a people's revolution topples president of egypt. >> hosni mubarak has decided to step down. >> couric: after 18 days of protests, an eruption of euphoria. >> people are literally dancing in the streets. >> couric: for now, the military's in charge, but the u.s. calls for free and fair elections. >> but this is not the end of egypt's transition. it's a beginning. >> couric: tonight, "egypt, the road ahead."


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