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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  February 11, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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democracy will carry the day. >> reporter: the uprising began january 25th, sparked by events in tunisiia. government protestors gathered daily for demonstrations in cairo and other egyptian cities. the egyptian activist and google executive hailed the success of the movement. >> they decided to start a journey for egypt and then they convinced hundreds of thousands and then we convinced millions of people. we were all looking for egypt and thank god we found her today. i would like to say welcome back egypt. >> military leaders say they will ensure fair and free elections and work to meeting legitimate demands of egyptians. in washington, i'm samantha hayes. >> reaction to president hosni mubarak's resignation is being heard all over the world including san francisco.
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a celebration where don knapp is with local reaction to this historic event. don. >> reporter: dana, it is a little unusual for us to come to a rally in support of a revolution and then learn that the revolution is over, the people have won and now they are celebrating. that's what they are doing here at united nation's plaza, celebrating, not wanting to let go of this moment. egyptians everywhere are elated with their people's victory. >> absolute euphoria. elated. it is a proud moment for them. >> reporter: but are they too ufor euforic. >> egyptians have brought freedom to themselves a couple times before. hopefully they get it right this time. >> reporter: egyptians facing an uncertain future with a lot of possibilities. one may be a government formed by the tech savvy people that
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led the revolt. >> it is very uncertain what will happen. >> reporter: he works on middle east issues says there is also a chance the military may not want to relinquish power. >> we could see the muslim brotherhood come to power. this has traditionally been the most powerful opposition, although banned and underground movement in egypt. and the third option is one of chaos and potentially dissent into civil war as the different players in egypt struggle for control. >> reporter: it may have an impact on u.s. foreign policy in the middle east. >> it is difficult to imagine that any of the outcomes will be as overtly or solidly proamerican as the hosni mubarak regime. why hosni mubarak was to be so pro american because he was not accountable to his electorate which is much less proamerican. >> reporter: after so much years of repression egyptians believe the future can only be
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brighter. >> i'm optimistic that this will be a true democracy. >> reporter: there are plenty of reasons to be enthusiastic about what happened in egypt. >> don knapp, thank you very much. breaking news out of vallejo this hour. an officer-involved shooting leaves one man dead and it happened less than an hour ago in the area of mini drive. sources tell cbs5's robert lyles that a police chase led up to this fatal shooting. apparently several police cars are still there on the scene. the streets in that area are blocked off. we will be following the story into the evening and we will get you more information as it comes into us. a missing couple, a dead body in a hotel and an abandoned car near devil's slide. that's what san francisco police are dealing with as they investigate this bizarre mystery. linda yee and who police believe should shed light on this case. >> reporter: they are looking for the husband in the missing
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couple case. he is still missing tonight but his wife was found here. her body found in their hotel room yesterday afternoon. now, the coroner is not saying how she died but police are saying that the death is considered suspicious. the hotel room is sealed and homicide inspectors were on the scene. the body of 47-year-old colleen waterman of riverside county was found in the room yesterday by house keeping staff. >> i have no comment at this time. but thank you. >> reporter: bill and colleen waterman were reported missing on monday by their daughter. soon after the body was discovered the couple's car was found parked on highway 1 at devil's slide. there was no trace of the husband. >> we are still looking for billy waterman as a person of interest. as well as following up on other investigative leaders. when you find a dead body in a hotel room, a relatively young woman, she is only 47 years
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old, it is suspicious. and to be there alone, again, suspicious. so we would like to talk to mr. waterman. >> reporter: san mateo sheriff deputies flew alongside the cliff off highway 1 to search for waterman. investigators are convinced if he had jumped his body would not have hit the water because the slope area is graduated and the water too far out. hotel management said the couple had checked in earlier this week. other guests were shaken by the discovery. >> it is discomforting, you know. i'm from out of town, staying in a strange hotel. and the first person you see is a medical examiner. so... >> reporter: well, the mystery about what happened to this couple only deepens tonight because i'm told by the san mateo county sheriff's department they know when they found the car yesterday along the highway it had only been parked there for 20 minutes, allen. they know this because the deputy had just driven by that road and didn't see the car earlier. so what happened to the husband, did he drive it there,
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did he find another ride. a big question mark. >> i'm sure the engine was still warm. 20 minutes is not enough time for it to cool off. linda yee. thank you for the details. tonight san jose police hope that the public can help them find the driver in an horrific hit-and-run accident. they released the sketch of a man who hit a teenager with his car and dragged her. an update on the victim's condition. >> reporter: san jose police are hoping this new suspect sketch they just released today may prompt some new leads in the case. 18-year-old erika luna underwent surgery. luna was dragged about 1900 feet along fontaine road. now police have released this sketch of the possible suspect driver. described as 32 to 36 years old
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with a split mustache and black hair short on the top with faded sides. >> it is pretty emotional. i think people are pretty shocked about what happened. >> reporter: his front door faces the street where the crime occurred. he says all residents in this area are upset and are thinking of luna and her family. >> oh, god. i just pray for them. you know. try to support them as much as we can. you know. give them blessings and hopefully that they resolve it soon and whoever was responsible for this should turn themselves in. >> reporter: the signs of the crime are still fresh as police markings show the path of the tire tracks. >> there is always a feeling of sadness when another human being is hurt like that. >> i really feel too bad about this girl. and i hope finally find these people. >> reporter: the person depicted in this sketch was driving a silver or grey newer model suv which could have damaged to left front bumper
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and left wheel wells. and the family has raised $5000 in reward money to try to prompt anybody to come forward with information in this case and the san jose police officer's association is taking direct contributions to help the family with its medical bills. a lot of support, dana, here in san jose for this family and tremendous hope that somebody steps forward to crack the case. >> the people of the bay area are very generous. hopefully you're right that someone will have some info that will close this. mark sayer, thank you. we have just learned that police have arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting at an a.c. transit bus in richmond on wednesday night. sources tell cbs5 a tip led officers to richmond high school where they took a juvenile suspect into custody. that juvenile had a gun with him apparently at the time of the arrest on school campus. after that shooting buses traveling through north richmond do have some added protection. the alameda county sheriff's
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department was escalating buses after dark. they are concerned to drive the route due to concerns over safety. >> it is enough. no more. i have told the operators that we will not go through north richmond. >> the sheriff's department is passing the buses along in north richmond beginning 7:45 p.m. each night despite the arrest. the escorts beginning at the intersection of south market avenue and continue along the route until 6th street and mcdonald avenue. a man from oakland is now on america's most wanted list. 33-year-old shawn sullivan. he is accused of killing one of two men who confronted him about an outstanding debt at his house on outlook avenue. now that happened last november. after the shooting sullivan ran from the scene and has never been seen since. he is considered one of america's 15 most wanted men in the united states. it is a safety debate just won't go away. a heavily sensored government study that is raising new
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questions about security x- rays. the fight over ice is heating up at a san francisco pier. the possible result. some very stinky fish. it is a bitter sweet day here at u.c. berkeley. two sports programs getting the ax, three others saved. coming up we will tell you which ones and why some people are calling the cuts cowardly. ,,,,,,,,,,
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...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via taste promise. look for it where you buy groceries. city is near buch pack up and move out. message to homeless people at a camp in the east bay. that tent city is in concord near state route 4 and it became more visible when cal- trans trimmed some of the brush in the area. people staying in the camp feel like they are being forced out they say. >> they said we are giving you guys two weeks then you have to be out. we were like, all right.
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then the next day they came and cut down the bushes. >> reporter: cal-trans says it is state property and trespassing is not allowed. a 119-year-old tradition at cal will be eliminated at the end of the school year. baseball. despite an all-out effort by athletes, coaches and fans, baseball is one of two sports programs that didn't make the cut. juliette goodrich explains why they couldn't be saved. >> reporter: dana, baseball season gets into full swing literally next week but not next year. it is getting the ax along with men's gymnastics and we know the bottom line it comes down to money. two out of five sports programs today couldn't be saved. >> it is a sweet day but a bitter sweet day. >> reporter: u.c. berkeley vice chancellor announcing women's lacrosse, women's gymnastic and rugby will stay but baseball and men's gymnastics will not be at cal next year. the reason. money. >> people can say what they
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want. this is an extremely painful and difficult decision and right now given the university's financial situation we have a collective obligation to our students, to our faculty, and to the taxpayers of california that we are spending our resources wisely and that means in times like these we have to make some really tough calls. >> reporter: cutting baseball came as a shock to many cal fans that they claim raised millions of dollars to keep all sports. today they called the cuts cowardly. but cal says they had no choice. this business major's solution. >> baseball could make a lot of revenue. just has to advertise it different and make it bigger. >> when i came here i thought the varsity programs were like a really big deal and had a huge amount of funding and it is a large school. >> reporter: the decisions to retain the women's lacrosse and women's gymnastic programs keep cal in compliance with title 9 which meets the interests and abilities requirements of its female student body. bottom line for baseball and
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men's gymnastics, the funding fell millions of dollars short. >> baseball would have needed to raise 4, 5, six times as much money for them to have been able to show the same financial capacity that, for example, rugby showed us. >> reporter: cal will be the only division 1 school in the state not to field a baseball season. last year cal had nine players appear in the major leagues, the most notable jeff kent. 2000 national league mvp. and of course cal says if the funding should miraculously come in. we are talking about millions of dollars. yes, these programs will be saved. but bottom line, these two programs, baseball and men's gymnastics will not be saved for next season, dana, and a lot of the sports athletes now are already looking into transfer options because they want to play these sports, they want an education. they also wants to get out on the field and play or get in
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that gym. >> absolutely. i'm wondering if you're hearing on campus any blame against women's athletics in title 9 because of this? >> reporter: did not hear that. there was one interesting fact they did id say they were honor the existing scholarships for the students that came here for a baseball scholarship and gymnastics scholarship. i thought i would hear that. i was talking to both sexes. didn't hear that. men's polo said they have a lot of medals. they say that's not the reason. >> thank you very much. now kim is coming along in sports. she has an interesting angle on this story regarding cal's athletic arch rival stanford and how they want to help. we will have that coming up. >> all right. a great day to play some baseball. >> spring training for pitchers and catch es beginning in arizona for our giants and as on monday. and they will have full on sunshine highs in the mid-70s. we had highs today a good 3 to
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8 degrees above normal. feeling like spring fever. this sun set in the bay area officially at 5:44. 71 degrees at gilroy today. warmer today than yesterday but not as warm as it will be tomorrow. and these temperatures are averaging a good 5 degrees above normal throughout many of our neighborhoods. otherwise, if you're out and about this evening, we do have a deck of thin, high clouds drifting in from the north, otherwise our temperatures currently are in the 50s. tonight they are dipping down to the freezing point in napa after experiencing an overnight low of 29 degrees. mid-40s coming across the central bay. low 40s around the peninsula. tomorrow, full on sunshine from start to finish. and then we are already seeing a few of those thin clouds drift in from an area of low pressure to the north of us. it is back here. that is the first system that is going to cause this jet stream to dip in a southerly
6:18 pm
direction. kick open that storm door. once the rain begins on valentine's day it is going to be in and out of the rain all the way next saturday. dry weekend. tomorrow's highs going up in comparison to today. 60s along the sea shore. 71 degrees in san jose. extended forecast calling for tomorrow's outside numbers 77 degrees. mid-70s in gilroy and morgan hill. there you have the rain and the wind on monday, tuesday. a much colder system by the end of the week. allen? >> roberta, nailing it down. thank you. after the break. are those cows or cookies? that's in two minutes. (announcer) roundup extended control is
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on the consumerwatch, julie each week we get dozens of e-mails and calls from viewers that turn to cbs5 as their last resort. julie watts has just a few of the resolutions we have seen this week. >> reporter: we begin tonight with a warning for folks who download songs onto their phones. when cynthia daniels replaced her broken samsung phone with a new one she said at&t told her all her information would be transferred with her sim card but the songs though had downloaded from napster weren't on her new phone. at&t and napster blamed each other. turns out copyright information like music cannot be transferred to a new device. something cynthia says at&t never told her. armed with new information cynthia called at&t again and this time they apologized, deleted her lost songs and credited her account so she can now repurchase them. now onto the case of double trouble when it comes to
6:22 pm
california's cash for appliances rebate program. a woman said she has been waiting since august for the $1000 rebate for this air conditioner she bought under the rebate program. we got an e-mail from marty michael who had been waiting for his rebate. so we contacted amy morgan at the california energy commission who responded immediately. she found mr. michaels had accidentally submitted one piece of paperwork with his wife's name on it instead of his and she explained the other woman's rebate holds up was due to a processing error. both checks are now in the mail. if you would like to join our team of volunteers give us a call or head to the website click news and then consumer then scroll down and click on the consumer watch icon.
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they are cows but look like a popular cookie. but why is this what are those strange striped cows grazing on the hillsides in napa. ken bastida with tonight's good question. >> reporter: drive out of napa, head west along highway 29 and you'll see something you don't see every day. >> they want to know if i put bandages on the cattle. they want to know if i have blankets on them. >> reporter: people stop in front of the stewart ranch all the time to look at eileen's cows. the ones that look like big cookies. >> they love to take pictures and paint pictures. the cows pose. >> reporter: the cows are called belted galloways. they are from scotland. the white stripe is not the only thing unique to this breed. >> they have a double hair coat. they have a long hair coat
6:24 pm
which is about 2 inches long. and then underneath they have a fuzzier hair coat. >> reporter: the double insulation allows the galloways to thrive in colder regions without producing an excess layer of body fat. she says it makes for better cattle. >> their meat tends to be far leaner and actually more tastier than most of your commercial breeds. >> reporter: she and her husband paul have been raising these cows for beef and also show their prized animals around the country. but she said aside from their beautiful coloring, the best thing about them. they are not picky eaters. >> they will eat anything. they are total grass lovers. >> reporter: go to click on connect to sends me your good questions. no shortage of history in a place like egypt, but still, this was a red leather day. >> this is the first time i can
6:25 pm
actually see the egyptian people are united. >> just what did today mean to all those people in the streets of cairo? the revolution in their world. >> you want to buy rotten fish? thing you may not think of when it comes to the very hard business of catching fish. you need ice. why the ice flow has come to the end at the pier just when fishermen need it the most. what's less revealing about this? the government studies that claim you're safe from radiation. >> i do think it is time for an independent investigation. coming up in minutes. ,,,,
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stepping down, cbs news' harry middle of ta when word came out that egyptian president hosni mubarak was stepping down, cbs news hare smith was in the middle of tahrir square and many hours later he is still there. >> finally we get our freedom. >> reporter: this is what freedom looks and sounds like. >> today is celebration, celebration. >> reporter: virtually enslaved for 30 years the people of
6:29 pm
egypt rose up and found their voice. tonight, their prayers were answered. the newly named vice president was just on television and announced he had stepped down. thousands and thousands of people are coming from all over to join in the celebration in tahrir square. >> do you believe this day actually happened? >> it is like a dream. it is like a dream come true and it happened so suddenly that we cannot imagine it at all and everybody is happy and shocked at the same time. >> reporter: egypt's people power. rich, poor, standing together not at factions but as egyptians. >> i'm 23 years old and i have never lived in a country where i felt safe around my people. this is the first time i can
6:30 pm
actually feel that the different people are united. >> reporter: united. this is the day egyptians regain their dignity and with it dreams of possibility. >> does this seem real to you? >> yes. >> reporter: this is the scene in tahrir square. people are literally dancing on the street. it is a state of disbelief. people are almost afraid to believe what they know in their heart is true. >> thank you. everybody in the world, thank you. >> reporter: there is euphoria and more. a message for neighbors. >> we want to live in peace with all our neighbors including israel. >> i am very, very happy.
6:31 pm
i am egyptian. >> i love my country. >> reporter: the celebration goes on into the night. because this is a moment no one wants to lose hold of. >> it means a new era. everybody in egypt believes in life and freedom. people who were here this night will never forget this experience. nor for that matter will millions of others who watched and witnessed it around the world. >> meanwhile the egyptian activist and google executive hailed the success of the movement. >> we are a generation that need to eat and sleep. a journey for egypt and then they convinced hundreds of thousands and then they convinced millions of people. we were all looking for egypt
6:32 pm
and thank god we found her today. i just want to say welcome back egypt. >> military leaders will ensure elections are free and fair and will work to accommodate the legitimate demands of egyptians. here at home an ice storm is brewing at fisherman's wharf. rubbing salt in the wound of an industry already hurting. simon perez on what is causing the meltdown. >> reporter: successful fishermen need something to catch fish. fuel for their boats and ice. lots of ice. >> can you run a fishing business with no ice? >> no. do you want rotten fish. >> reporter: after they get cooked the temperature has to come down fast. really fast. otherwise you end up with a tough crab on your table. for the folks who catch and process sea food on pier 45 on
6:33 pm
san francisco's fisherman's wharf ice isn't so easy to come back. the biggest ice man on the pier is capable of producing 160- tons. but not any more. he has been evicted for not paying rent on time. >> i put a lot of money. >> reporter: his company supplied ice to boats as they headed out to sea and his neighbors. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. >> why don't you have your own ice? >> i do. i have a capablability of making over three tons a day but sometimes i need 10 tons. like with the herring when we load 210-ton in one day that's a lot of ice. >> reporter: ron has relied on wynn's ice too. since his eyes machine broke. >> begging for ice. >> reporter: how can the port evict one guy maintaining a sted supply. >> the court again is the
6:34 pm
landlord. >> reporter: the port has been working with wynn for years to try to get him to pay on time. the port has paid $9000 a month, the electricity bill. >> we provide the space, the facility, the fishermen and fish processes rent it. so it is up to them to come up with how they are going to get ice in the future. >> reporter: that's little consullation to the fishermen who say they are already suffering from the down economy. >> it is a situation, a question we have never had to answer before because there has always been an ice house here. >> reporter: they are open for ideas to re-establish the flow of ice but for now they feel like they have been given the cold shoulder. simon perez, cbs5. a cruiseship that went adrift last november has sailed
6:35 pm
has sailed out of san francisco. it left without any power south of san diego and had to be toad. to hash. >> the dry dock is the only one on the west coast that could handle a ship that size. two new generators and an engine were installed in her. our next step for b.a.r.t. today we got a sneak preview. your first look at the train's approach to the new west dublin. airport security measures. >> i'm going to have you arrested. new concerns about those full body x-ray machines. we are going to show you what is casting doubt on government claims that they are safe. >> it is time for an independent investigation. things are heating up at pebble beach.
6:36 pm
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complete west dublin -pleasanton station. construction crews are still putting the finishing touches on the newest stop along the dublin pleasanton line. the station is the first to ted in bart's almost completed west dublin newest line. the station is the first to be constructed in the middle of an active transit line. b.a.r.t officials say it made the project even more difficult. >> we are also right in the middle of a freeway and this kind of construction has never been done in our history. so it was not only an engineering challenge, it was a learning curve on a continuous basis. >> the station aproximity to to interstates hope to reduce traffic congestion along that busy corridor. the grand opening is next friday with full service beginning on saturday. the outcry over those new full body x-ray machines at the nation's airport have certainly died down but even though passengers may not be thinking
6:39 pm
about them, some scientists are. why is that? a heavily sensored government study that is adding to concern about how much radiation people are really being subjected to. >> you test my junk i'll have you arrested. >> reporter: caught on cell phone over the holiday. >> i don't understand how sexual assault can be made a condition of that. >> reporter: airline passengers enraged about new security procedures including screeners who can see images of their body parts. but what about what you can't see? >> it concerns me a great deal. >> reporter: at his biophysics lab he has been analyzing data on the so-called back scanner body scanners. they emit very low level x-ray that bounce off a person's body allowing screeners to see through clothes. the manufacturer claims that they are safe and compliant with all u.s. regulations and standards. but he says -- >> we simply don't know enough
6:40 pm
about low energy radiation. >> reporter: because he says it appears to most likely concentrate in the skin. >> skin is where a lot of this particular radiation probably will be most damaging. >> reporter: eyes he believe could also be sensitive to any kind of radiation. >> if you have typically three head x-rays, for example, you increase your risk of cataracts significantly. >> reporter: he and three our sf colleagues wrote a letter to the white house. the white house wrote back saying we are confident that full body x-ray security products and practices do not pose a significant risk to the public health. but the scientists here at u.c.s.f. believe what is being offered up as scientific proof of the body scanner's safety is not convincing. take a look at this study. commissionerred by the feds and carried out by researchers at john hopkins. the government has blocked out huge chunks of it. >> there are no names on this document also to say who actually wrote the document.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: and strout says vital information is missing. >> never in this document, for example, is the electrical current through the x-ray machine listed. >> reporter: another problem he says, the way the test was conducted. >> the scientists from johns hopkins were not presented with a machine to investigate in their laboratories but, rather, they were invited to witness experiments carried out by the manufacturers in their laboratories. >> reporter: a tsa spokeswoman said sections of the study were blacked out for a reason. >> obviously there are studies that contain security sensitive information and that could be a reason. >> reporter: bottom line she says, it proves the scanners are safe. >> we have worked with other federal agencies and third parties including universities and they have convinced us of the safety of the technology. there is miniscal amount of radiation being emitted by the scans. >> reporter: but a spokesperson
6:42 pm
for johns hopkins says the study is being misincepted stating in the e-mail to cbs5 the labor tory's expertise is systems engineer not how something affects the human being so it would be outside of our expertise to say whether or not a radiation level is safe. one more reason to make him doubt. >> i do think it is time for an independent investigation. >> the tsa recently agreed to exempt all airline flight crews from the full body scanners but more and more passengers are going through them at last count 247 machines at 38 u.s. airports. >> highs today across the bay area all the way into the low 70s. warmer for your saturday. and then rain. we will pinpoint the day when you should expect it as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs5. ,,
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former governor hwarzenegger is ge well, he said he would be back and now he is making good on his promise. former governor arnold schwarzenegger is getting his old job back as an actor.
6:46 pm
arnold schwarzenegger tweeted today that he is ready to consider film roles again. he said his friends also known as agents have been asking him for seven years when he could start taking serious offers. or taking offers seriously. today he gave them the green light. >> they get him in a role they get a percentage. >> exactly. a big chunk. >> uh-huh. >> helps the economy of california. >> there you go. >> he is still working for the economy. >> how about that. you were talking about green lights. what you got? how about sunlight. i'm working it. on friday i run out of material at the end of the workweek. we had a lot of sunlight today and today panned out to be the warmest day of the workweek. you have to look at that dana. look at that. >> that's very pretty. >> isn't that glorious. high in the sky. chopper 5 above the vallejo
6:47 pm
area. 63 vallejo to 71 degrees in gilroy. enjoy that, soak it up, get a good look at it, because by monday, a series of moderate strained storms begin to work its way into the bay area and once it begins raining on valentine's day it will last all the way through saturday. anywhere up to 4 inches of rain expected in the wettest locations and winds will blow as well. tonight we will dip down to the freezing point in throughout the tri-valley. napa at 32. it was 29 in santa rosa but we have a veil of high thin clouds. therefore 34 degrees. storm track is to the north of us but it is gradually going to start sagging to the south due to this area of low pressure back out over the pacific ocean. so while the weekend will be dry you will note increasing cloud cover on our sunday. and then the rain begins on valentine's day. saturday's highs in throughout the central valley into the 60s. check out monterey. nearly 70 degrees. if you're heading to the high sierra make sure you carry the
6:48 pm
chains. if you're coming back home on monday. we have the snow level all the way down to lake level. it is going to dump in tahoe next week. tomorrow's temperatures anywhere from 62 in pacifica to the low 70s tri-valley. 72 around pen grove, santa rosa. also low 70s in throughout the santa clara valley. a pair of 7s in gilroy. increasing cloud cover on sunday. rain and wind monday, tuesday. showers wednesday. cooler temperatures thursday and friday. so go ahead, head to santa cruz where today it was 74 degrees. ditto. thank you, craig, for sending this picture in. meanwhile, if you are heading to the at&t national pro-am golf tournament you can anticipate mostly sunny skies with a few increasing clouds by sunday in the mid-60s. i bet kim coyle could tell us more about the doings in
6:49 pm
monterey and pebble beach. >> the leader at pebble beach is looking for his first win in 122 tournaments. and tiger woods makes his move up the leaderboard in dubai. we will hit the linx next in sports. ,, ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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dustin johnson was hoping to become the first player to ever win the at&t pro-am after three years in a row but after back-to-back in the 71 he is 13 shots off the lead. tiger may be in dubai but there is still at least one dog hanging out at pebble beach. putting it down and pulling out the 5 iron. his approach on number 10 hops onto the green and just misses hitting a seagull. not what a golfer means when they say they are going for birdie. sinking the putt for bogey. tied for the lead after shooting an opening round 65 at spy glass. he was just as good as pebble. 66. four-shot lead heading into the weekend. the 30-year-old has never won a
6:53 pm
pga event. nick whatney and padraig harrington. bogey free 56 for tiger woods in dubai. tiger has been paid over $55 million to promote a golf resort in dubai that will likely never be finished. this will be the final year for baseball and men's gymnastics at cal but a group of stanford alumni are not ready to give up the feet including pete mccloskey. >> we have got a lot of wealthy people that went to sanford that would like to see cal playing baseball. >> the group has raised over $35,000 to save cal sports. he says that alumni that have donated can either get their money back, donate it to the
6:54 pm
reinstated rugby program or they can keep their money in the fund and try to raise more money to save baseball. today mccloskey encouraged the baseball team to keep their hopes alive. >> we got the bad news. don't feel too bad. we are going to go out and try to raise that million a year and talk to your chancellor into putting the money up next year. we learned more on the ball field than we did in any classroom. i don't know a stanford guy that doesn't want cal to keep playing baseball because we had a good time taking you guys on and i've got a granddaughter going to cal now. so i don't want any of you guys fooling around with her. but hang tough. i will tell you just watching you makes an old man want to go out and raise money for you. take care. >> thank you. the sharks picked up at least a point in their last ten games and tonight they look to extend their winning streak to 6. taking on the devils who
6:55 pm
have a three-game winning streak of their own. scoreless in the third. nicholas sending it to the net. patrick marleau his 21st goal of the season. sending this one past the goalie for the game winner. devils win 2-1. off to its best start since 1991. tomorrow at the hill top they have a chance to pull within a half game of first place if they can knock off st. mary's. >> hanging around for a better part of the first half. but i don't believe they ever led in the ballgame. >> st. mary's is the team we want to beat. and as everybody knows right now, they are number 1 in the conference. >> st. mary's is now a national name. randy has done a great job with that program. so, yeah, it is going to be fire and brimstone for st. mary's. >> what would you do if your team won the super bowl?
6:56 pm
go to the beach? one packers fan erected a giant sand sculpture that is 50 tons of sand. it is in the middle of a mall. and obviously a lot of work went into that. very, very proud packers fans. >> don't have a whole lot to do back there. >> a lot of time on his hands. >> keep the cats away from that. >> it is that time of year in the midwest. they refer to that as cabin fever. >> oh, my god. >> it is true. >> lots of snow. >> it was very detailed. he was working very hard on that. >> good for them. >> super bowl. >> all right. we are done here. thank you so much for joining us. we will be back at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. so hopefully you will join us then. >> enjoy the weekend before it rains. >> tuesday, right? >> monday. >> monday to saturday. >> wishful thinking there monday to tuesday. >> a week. >> all right. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
6:57 pm
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an all new "eye on the bay" in hd starts right now. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." from the second oldest golf course west of the mississippi welcome to "eye on the bay." i'm brian hackney. we are coming to you tonight from a place that is not only historic, it is also almost unique in the fact that it is not only a golf course, it is also a national park. we are going to be talking about the history. we are going to be talking about the stunning day we are having and will also be looking you up with people that have interesting things for sale from around the bay area. and tonight we h


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