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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 12, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PST

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." after 18 days hosni mubarak is out. and egyptians are celebrating. but what happens now? tonight a temporary victory for people who department want smart meters. the drastic steps they took to get pg&e's attention. it comes from the cops. looks like a real ticket. but it's not. some bay area police use them to get drivers to pay.
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how to protect yourself from the snitch ticket. >> i feel swindled. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. it took 18 days to get rid of a president in power for 30 years. last night egypt's president refused to step down but then this afternoon cairo time protestors got what they wanted. when egypt's vice president went on state-run t.v. and said this. >> celebration, celebration, celebration. >> president hosni mubarak has decided to waive the office of the president. >> and cairo eruptedded. tonight hosni mubarak is 250 miles from cairo. egyptians say they have regained their dignity. after years of watching their country slowly lose its role as the center of the arab world they are ready for a new egypt. >> could you believe this day
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actually happened? >> no. >> it is like a dream. it is like a dream come true and it happened so suddenly that we cannot imagine it at all and everybody is happy and shocked at the same time. >> i am very, very happy. i'm egyptian. >> now we are egyptians. >> euphoria and more. and the celebrations went on well into the night. so what happens now? elizabeth palmer walks us through the next few days. >> reporter: the end came in a 30-second statement from egypt's vice president. >> president hosni mubarak has decided to waive the office of the president. [ cheers and applause >> reporter: in tahrir square
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there was instant jubilation. this was the moment they had fought and in some cases died for. they watched for 18 days as this revolution gathered force, and now the army is in force. heading the high military council which is in charge. it is expected to dissolve both houses of parliament soon and manage a transition to elections with a civilian head of the constitutional court. the timing of all this remains unclear in a televised statement tonight a spokesman promised a legitimate government and then saluted those mostly young people killed in the uprising. it is easy to forget how uncertain things looked just 24 hours ago when the protestors were stunned by the president's announcement that he would not resign. but this morning they rallied
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again. em boldened by a week's worth of concessions. >> we are definitely gaining. >> reporter: one group marched on the presidential palace. another blockaded state television. behind me is state television which has been waging a sustained propaganda war against demonstrators. they blocked it. no one can get in or out. the army is occupying it. the goal is to stop it. it didn't take long. by afternoon the beseiged television was finally reporting about the chaos. we were forced to tell you things we knew weren't true. soon after state t.v. surrendered so has the president. unleashing the wild excitement of the victorious movement powered by egypt's country
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hoping they have just launched the world's youngest democracy. for decades the united states considered hosni mubarak a trusted ally and propped him up with billions and billions of dollars worth of aid every year. the u.s. was accused of turning a blind eye to the very issues the protestors rose up against. tonight, a much different tune in washington. president obama praised the protestors. this is what mr. obama said about the role of egypt's military during this transition. >> that means protecting the rights of egypt's citizens, lifting the emergency laws, revising the constitution and other laws to make this change irreversibel. >> even though the military is in control of the country right now mr. obama says it is only a temporary caretaker an despite the euphoria in egypt the president warns the days ahead will be difficult. he said this is not the ends of
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egyptian's transition, it is just the beginning. >> i'm proud of what they did. i feel deep admiration for their courage and their will to fight for their life and for their liberty and for dignity. >> and back at home in san francisco today demonstrators had planned to hold on emergency protest at the un plaza. it turned into a celebration instead. organizers say the same thing will probably happen for a planned solidarity vigil tomorrow. police officers in vallejo late this afternoon killed a man. joe vazquez with what led up to that shooting. >> reporter: dozens of evidence tags marked the ground where police officers opened fire. it started around 4:30 p.m. this afternoon with a high speed trace through the country club crest neighborhood. the chase ended here. police say a man pulled out a gun and pointed it at officers. several officers pulled their
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weapons and shot the man killing him. this is the second officer- involved shooting in vallejo since september. a kindergarten teacher in palo alto is under arrest accused of molesting a student. he offered the victim's family a large sum of money in exchange for not pressing charges. the victim of a brutal hit- and-run in san jose this past weekend underwent another surgery. a car struck 18-year-old erika luna and dragged her nearly 2000 feet. police released a sketch of the suspect. mid-30s, short dark hair and a split mustache. thanks to private donations three athletic teams at cal slated to be chopped have been saved. women's lacrosse, women's gymnastics and rugby but two other sports will be eliminated at the end of the year.
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men's baseball and gymnastics. cal's vice chancellor today said those two sports did not come close to generating enough private funding to keep going. people in one apartment complex are sending a clear message to pg&e. keep your hands off our meters. residents in the monterey county town of marina recently had some wire mesh cages built to cover all 142 of their older analog utility meters. local fire department inspected and approved the cages but ordered the locks had to be removed. the apartment manager believes the cages are still sending a message. >> it is the message. it is the message. we want to put that cage up to say these meters are potentially dangerous. >> reporter: the residents believe the new meters pose health risks even though scientific studies, several of them, have found them to be
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safe. tonight, a pg&e spokesperson says that it will hold off installing smart meters there for now. >> people who live in tents near a freeway have been told pack up and move out. the tent city is along highway 4 and marsh drive in concord. cal-trans trimmed brush in the area last week making it visible to drivers. >> they came and said we are giving you two weeks then you have to be out. we were like all right. the next day they came down and cut all the bushes. >> cal-trans says it is state property and trespassing is not allowed. >> we came to know chandra levy's mother. seeing beyond color but only online. what bay area researchers discovered about inter-racial dating. it looks like we do have
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warmer weather on tap for your saturday. rain arrives on valentine's day. the amounts you should expect as eyewitness news continues. it is like a real ticket but is it? >> i essentially turned myself in when i didn't have to. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a photo slideshow, interpretive several hundred people turned out to celebrate his life. a photo slide show, interpretive dancers and speakers highlighted the memorial service. the 4-year-old was snatched out of his grandma arms. his body found later. police believe jose rodriguez is also dead. the mother of murdered washington intern chandra levy had harsh words for her daughter's killer today. the judge sentenced him ingmar guandique to 60 years for the murder. chanddra mom susan said something explicit to ingmar guandique and called him lower than a cock roach and a hideous
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creature. have you ever run a red light and if you did, did you turn yourself in? you might have without even knowing it. it is called a snitch ticket. kiet do on how some bay area police departments use them to get drivers to admit fault. >> reporter: erin chavez got caught by a red light camera. but then claims she got caught by police who tricked her into confessing. >> so you in essence snitched on yourself? >> i did snitch on myself. yes. >> reporter: chavez got this violation notice in the mail from police because she is the registered owner of the car with pictures and a batch number it looked like an official ticket. >> i thought it was real. >> reporter: but it is not. it is what people are calling a snitch ticket. because her driver's licence photo shows her with long blondes hair and the picture behind the wheel show a woman with short dark hair, police probably couldn't identify her. that's where the snitch ticket comes in.
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it says you must complete this information asking for the driver's name and license number. >> there was some terminology in there where i felt that had i not responded i would have gotten into serious trouble. >> reporter: and it looks legit. it is called a traffic violation notice. a real ticket says notice of traffic violation. legally you don't have to answer the snitch ticket but erin did. >> i felt swindled. i was extremely upset that i had essentially tornado myself in when i didn't have to. >> reporter: police have to positively identify the photo taken by the red light camera with someone's driver's licence photo and if they can't most police departments just throw the tickets out but some cities in the state send out notices anyway hoping to snitch out the violator. >> i definitely thought it was a ticket. >> reporter: matt irving got the same kind of notice in the mail. the cameras caught a woman
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behind the wheel. he doesn't want to say who it is because he just ignored the notice. >> that is definitely sneaky. >> it is unethical. >> reporter: sherman says that's what he advises his clients to. >> do police have the right to mandate that people snitch on another person. >> legally can anything happen to the person if they ignore it? >> legally, no. >> city police use the notices and say the streets would be more dangerous without them. officer terry chu should know. he managees the city's red light cameras and sees near tragedies and close calls every day. he says snitch tickets save lives. >> individuals buying somebody else's car will not take responsibility when running a red light. and if they think they can get away with it then more people can be injured because they are not slowing down and stopping
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for a red light. >> but some do take issue. >> they will specifically prohibit so-called snitch tickets. >> reporter: proposing legislation to let people know their options. >> if you're going to ask someone to identify the person in the photo, have you to be very clear that they are not obliged to do that and that they can't be punished. >> reporter: the way to tell the difference is a real ticket will have a notice to appear. a court date and location. the snitch tickets do not. >> what's the lesson to be learned here. >> don't snitch on yourself. >> keep your mouth shut. >> reporter: but if you want to avoid it all just obey the law. in san mateo, kiet do, cbs5. so which bay area police department sent out snitch tickets. daly city, san mateo. the other bay area cities with red light cameras, san leandro and san francisco would not return kiet's call to say whether they send out snitch
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tickets or not. well, there is a line being crossed out there on some online dating sites. turns out blacks are more open to dating whites than vice versa. that's if you believe a u.c. berkeley study that just came out. they found that blacks are far more likely to cross racial lines than white people. caucations say in general they prefer to date other whites. all righty, roberta. we have a weekendment can we get some sunshine? >> we will. it will be a dry week here in the bay area after experiencing highs today 63 degrees right near this area right here in vallejo. 74 at the beach in santa cruz. now, notice these high thin clouds are playing a factor in your forecast tonight. won't be as cold as last night. meanwhile i want to set the stage as you're entering next week because we will be sliding towards that president's holiday. on valentine's day, monday, it will begin raining and once it starts it will not stop until
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saturday. and we can easily expect up to 4 inches of rain from these moderate systems that will be rolling through the bay area. but one day and one night at a time. freezing tonight overnight in through the tri-valley. 32 degrees in napa. otherwise, this is a brand-new area of low pressure that will override the area of high pressure. a few of those high thin clouds already working into our forecast. that low will bring the rain beginning on monday. over the weekend. sunshine from top to bottom of the state of california. 52 in the high sierra. in fact, if you're heading there make sure you do have the chains if you are arriving back home on monday. i know a lot of the kids have school off on monday so make sure you are well prepared with snow beginning in tahoe on monday. 60s beaches. 70s on the other side of the bay. oakland, alameda and piedmont. otherwise the outside number yes 77 degrees. again, rain in and out of it with some very windy conditions monday and tuesday as well.
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so head to the beach tomorrow for beach time. craig, thank you for that great photograph from near santa cruz. pebble beach mid-60s. full on sunshine saturday. increasing clouds on sunday. generally a dry weekend, rain all next week. >> all right. good. at least we have a nice weekend. >> yes. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. and coming up, a bay area band is up for a grammy this weekend. but more than that, they are getting into the wine business as well. awards is this sunday on cbs. ,, rocket scientists! you gave us the space age... but your savings accounts are stuck in the stone age!
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a rock band from the bay area is up for the gold. music's biggest night the grammy awards is this sunday on cbs. >> whether the guys win or lose some fans are going to raise a glass. juliette goodrich with the story. >> reporter: hey soul sister by train has sold more than 5 million digital copies in the united states. this song could win a grammy and that's not all. hey soul sister, how about this instead. the band from san francisco has
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started an online wine club. >> the wine club was just another way like twitter and facebook and all that to reach out to our fans. >> reporter: the driving force, guitarist and vocalist jimmy stafford. >> i love a got wine. cake bread. >> don't you usually drink a bottle of win before he goes on stage every night. >> a glass. >> there was an interview the other day and they asked scott what his favorite wine was and he said vodka. >> you should try it. >> very funny. >> reporter: leah wade of walnut creek is a member. >> i don't know much about wine so i'm learning and it is fun to read about it and then taste it and share it with friends. >> reporter: each month leaha gets a bottle of red and white. all wines like this from napa, california. if train gets a grammy. >> i will open a bottle of wine
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and celebrate. >> we are actually going to have our own wine come out next year. the grapes are going to be grown and everything is going to be done here in northern california in the east bay. >> reporter: the label, what else? drops of jupiter. juliette goodrich, cbs5. ♪ tonight no career wins leads after 36 holes at pebble beach. and would tonight be the night the cavs end their losing streak. find out nex,,,,,,,,,,,,
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first career win... tiger may be in dubai... but there's still at least one dog steve marino turned proin 2002 and he is still searching for his first career win. tying, may be in dubai but there is still at least one hanging out at pebble beach this week. his approach on number 10 hops onto the green and just misses hitting a seagull. not exactly what it means when you hear a golfer say they are going for a birdie. followed up yesterday's 65. spy glass. 66 at pebble beach. he sinks the birdy on 18 to
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give him a four-shot lead heading into the weekend. second place nine under. bradley in third at eight under. padraig harrington one of the guys tied for fourth. a day in dubai. a bogey free 66. to move within four shots of the leader. tiger woods is still looking for his first win since november of 2009. the sharks put their winning streak on line tonight against the devils. >> the devils. the devils. >> scoreless in the 3rd. sending it to the net. patrick marleau is there for his 21st goal of the season. but the devils came right back with a power play goal to tie it and with 4 minutes to go, threw his legs for the game
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winner. the devils beat the sharks 2-1. quarterfinals. top seed and defending champ beat dennis istoman in straight sets. he will take on another opponent tomorrow night. advancing to the finals. after a wrist injury forcing him to withdraw. helping to raise over $35,000 to help save cal's baseball team. today he addressed the team as they prepare for the final season. >> i don't know asonford guy that didn't play on this field that doesn't want cal to keep playing baseball because we had a good time taking you guys on. i've got a granddaughter going to cal now. i don't want any of you guys fooling around with her. >> number 4, if the nfl has a lockout clay matthews has found a new job. giving them the big win. kobe bryant had 33 but none of
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them were as impressive as this dunk by shannon brown. the lake, blow out the knicks. at number 2. kings and islanders combining for an nhl record 346 penalty minutes. somewhere behind all the fighting the islanders scored 9 goals and beat pittsburgh 9-3. antawn jamison powered in 35 points and the cavs beat the clippers to snap a 26-game losing streak. >> wow. >> it is over. >> 126-119. >> the cavs, if they had of lost, that would have set the record for all sports. and now they get to host the wizards and the wizards have a 25-game road losing streak. so you think thing things are bad in cleveland, the wizards can't even win on the road. >> you are heading down to monterey this weekend? >> on sunday. hoping to catch a little bit. telling me about the nice story. >> said he loves playing with
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bill murphyry. shot a couple of great rounds this week. >> how could you not be playing -- and he loves caddieshack too. says ,, ,,,,,,,,
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