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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 17, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PST

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bay area law enforcement shaken: a top cop on the other side of the law... the you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. a top cop on the other side of the law. the narcotics officer accused of profiting from his crime busts. state workers padding their pensions. how they are getting credit for
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years they never worked. a super computer takes on two "jeopardy" contestants and wins. so what's next? why watson's creator says humans, you've got nothing to fear. and ever wish you could run away from it all. >> you don't need a new identity. >> meet the man who says it is easy. how he can make you disappear. >> they are not going to find you. good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. if it is true, he could end up being the dirtiest cop in the bay area and one that they have seen in a long time. >> the commander of a special drug task force is in jail accused of selling the very drugs that he was supposed to be keeping off the streets. joe vazquez first broke this story on >> reporter: as commander of the narcotics task force in
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contra costa, people have gotten to know him quite well. he has been the center of drug busts but now the special agent with the department of justice is in jail. sources close to the investigation say he was caught stealing drugs that were confiscated by his own officers. then was caught on video selling those drugs to an undercover informant in a sting known as a buy bust. also arrested was his long time friend chris butler, a high profile private investigator scene here on a recent segment of the "dr. phil show." this was covered with yellow tape today as investigators served a search warrant. butler employs a network of women who do undercover investigations. none of them are believed to be part of the sting. >> chp and about nine or 10 police officers taping off this area of the parking lot.
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and so i wondered what in the heck was going on and i motioned to one of the officers and he told me that they were serving a warrant. >> reporter: he says the two are accused of selling meth amphetamine, marijuana and steroids. as for the many people who have been thrown in jail by wilesh and his officers, the public defender questions where their cases may now be in jeopardy. >> how many cases are we talking about? >> hundreds. more than that. i don't know. >> at this point it is hard to say because i don't know again how far back these allegations go. if we are talking a couple years' worth of cases then that's a huge undertaking. we have to look at every case he was involved in. >> reporter: but the commandser and p.i. are in jail here in martinez right now. between the two of them, dana, they face 48 criminal counts. >> wow. all right in martinez, joe vazquez, thank you. well, are they gang members or not? the oakland city attorney thinks so and wants to stop
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them from hanging out in one particular part of town. a proposed injunction would prohibit ten gang members being on the streets in the fruitvale district after 10:00 p.m. in oakland. it would make it illegal to congregate there during the day. 20 showed up at a court hearing today to discuss the injunction. their lawyer said that many of the men are not even active gang members. >> i mean, i don't know how i got on this. i have never been convicted on a felony as an adult. i have no record as a result. >> i'm really mad. i feel like my community is under attack. >> this is not about putting them in jail. they have been there already. this is about allowing them an opportunity to remain in the community within committing crimes. it is on them. it is their choice. nothing happens with this injunction unless they violate it. >> well, a judge won't make any decision on the city's injunction request until next
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week at the earliest. ed lee tells the bay citizen they have to shave 300 to $400 million in pension and health care costs to avoid future bankruptcy filing. pension costs are adding to california's chronic budget mess and tonight critics are taking aim at a perk that state employees get. grace lee reports state workers can essentially pad out their length of service in return for a fatter pension check in retirement. >> reporter: it is called air time. state workers have the option to buy up to five years of service without actually working those years. why? so they can get a higher pension. nicholas shur paid $50,000 to get the extra retirement benefit. >> it was expensive. i hope it is worth it.
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i am hoping the state will be solvent when i retire. >> reporter: here is how it works. if a state worker retires at the age of 55 with 25 years with $100,000 salary he would get a pension of $50,000 a year. with air time, he would get nearly 10,000 extra per year. to enroll that state worker would pay $124,000. by the time he is 67 he would break even but he would continue to get that added air time money for as long as he lives. >> california has no business being involved in a pension racquet that essentially allows people to get retirement for years that they didn't work. >> reporter: this public defender was behind the pension initiative in san francisco. he says benefits like air time will bankrupt the state. >> when the state has these huge debts that it can't pay it has to take that money from
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other basic services. and so though most people don't know it or they don't feel it they are paying for it one way or the other. >> as of september 47,000 state workers had signed up for that air time program according to the "l.a. times" but in talking to dozens of state workers today what was surprising, a lot of them had not heard of this retirement benefit so they are getting more media attention on this now. but when you look at a fund that is half a trillion dollars you've got to think thing has to give at some point. >> yeah. now that they know about it we will see what they are going to do next. all right. grace lee, thank you. well, it turns out city of berkeley will not be rolling out the welcome mat for any of those guantanamo bay defineee -- detainees. it was voted down. it would have asked guantanamo bay prisoners found not guilty
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to move to oakland. the so-called american taliban man, today his father spoke to some students at the university of san francisco. it was part after campaign to clear his son's name. frank lind had plenty of complaints about how his son was treated from time the u.s. troops detained him to how the media portrayed him. some in the audience were not buying the idea that lind was an idealistic 20-year-old. >> when he saw them at the camp there should have been a light bulb that went out. this may not be about defending afghanistan. >> frank lind believes that his son didn't understand exactly what he was doing when he was in afghanistan. at the time john joined the taliban the united states was not hunting down taliban fighters. he is currently serving a 20- year sentence. headlines from around the bay area now. a freshman is under arrest after police say he made death
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threats against a teacher. the boy allegedly told a school councilor he was angry with the teacher because he believed the teacher embarrassed him in front of other students. police say a search of the boy's belongings turned up a notebook with a murder plot and elaborate escape plan. a former airline ticket agent is accused of ripping off half a million dollars from passengers. they say they stole numbers off credit cards and used it to create bogus cards to buy gift cards at safeway stores. borders will soon close a dozen stores in the bay area. the retailer declared bankruptcy today. the affected stores in alameda, fremont, pleasanton, and many others. man versus computer. a watch party in the bay area.
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kiet do with the computer scientist who believes that it was elementary. >> reporter: in san francisco it was supposed to be an ibm "jeopardy" viewing party. the humans had a lead over the computer watson. former grand champion was slow on the button. watson's racks and racks of hardware can scan 200 million pages of information at blazing speeds. 80 trillion operations per second. by the final round flesh and blood proved no match for metal and silicon. >> we are looking for a brand. and we find... [ cheers and applause >> reporter: a computer scientist helped develop watson over the last four years and
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was not surprise the machine won. >> i'm gratified with the result. i think it was earned. it was by no means a fluke. >> reporter: jennings wrote on his final answer i for one welcome our new computer. craiger says machines are not going to take over the world anytime soon. >> is this technology something that people should fear? >> there is no reason to fear. do you fear your pc now because it has a word processor in it or it has a spreadsheet? i mean these are utilities that are useful. they are not threatening. >> what's next for watson? ibm hopes to use the technology to help doctors diagnose patients. as he said, ibm is not getting into the game show business. in san francisco, kiet do, cbs5. chances are you felt it. a winter blast walloped the bay area with rain, wind and even snow today. and a cbs5 viewer sent us this
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clip. that is hail pounding his home this afternoon. roberta has been watching this latest storm move into the bay area. >> dana, that storm number 2 was so slow to get here but now it is slow moving out. this is the post frontal precipitation and i have been receiving reports all night of hail and now just into our cbs5 newsroom, this particular cell right here has caused a tremendous amount of problems on the san mateo bridge. heavy downpours consisting of hail has caused several accidents. we are look flag it. another area of concern that 586 corridor in the dublin pleasanton area. we will continue to track the storm with our pinpoint weather forecast. just tonight the government approves a weight loss option usually reserved for the obese but now it is available for those who are only slightly
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loss surgery. the f-d-a sa millions more americans are now eligible to get a popular weight loss surgery. the fda says the lap band device can now be marketed to patients with a body mass index as low as 30. those patients must have a weight-related medical condition such as diabetes and
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have previously tried another method to lose weight. the the procedure can cost up to $20,000. well, you ever wish you could just take off, leave your problems behind, maybe get away from a creepy ex-boss, coworkers you hate. a man now helping people to disappear. mike sugarman shows us how he does it. >> reporter: he is an expert at tracking people down. when monica lewinski went into hiding he found her. when the tabloids were after george clooney they hired him. >> i used to wake up every day and locate 10 to 20 people a day. >> reporter: now he is using his expertise, how to disappear for abused wives. anyone who needs to dropout of
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sight or dropout. >> everyone has that palm tree live style. we want to be at the beach party and have a great life. >> reporter: the book tells you how to create falls trails to throw off pursuers. >> reporter: but unlike the movies you don't have to fake your death, get plastic surgery or change your name. >> you don't need a new identity to disappear. once you got that new identity you're just breakerring breaking so many laws it will catch up with you. >> reporter: you can rent apartments, lease cars, pay bills. >> the corporation serves as a shell where you live within the shell for a lease, utilities, cable. the fundamental needs that you have. unless the person that is looking for you knows the corporation name they are not going to find you. >> reporter: san francisco private eye sam brown doesn't think much of the advice.
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mostly he says because it helps deadbeats and criminals. >> they are avoiding what? apprehension. avoiding paying their debts. they are avoiding the ex-wife, exhusband. >> reporter: besides he says in today's information age it is harder and harder to cover your tracks. supermarket club cards. internet service. >> there will always be a trail of something. there is something you've forgotten no matter how much you want to clean up your tracks. >> reporter: that means cutting off your old life, family, friends, habits and hobbies. anything that can give you away. and here another reality check. how are you going to pay for your new life of pina colodas. >> how are you going to make your money? you can't be joe the bus driver. >> reporter: if you follow his directions he says there is a good chance you can make a clean break but don't expect your new life to make you happy. >> we dream that if we pick up and go everything is going to be great. but you're still who you are
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the minute you get there. and you have still got to be who you are to a degree. so, no, disappearing doesn't create happiness unless you've got a lot of money to cruise in the caribbean. >> reporter: mike sugerman, cbs5. the fbi does not even keep statistics on people that disappear because it is not illegal. so long as there is no fraud involved. roberta don't leave me now. >> i might be all night long. i am still monitoring rainfall and hail blasting through the bay area. let me show you what it looks like on our live high-def doppler radar. we are now experiencing the post frontal moisture. this is all in the passage of the cold front that blasted through the area in the overnight hours and this particular cell right here this yellow area as it passes through the san mateo bridge it caused a lot of slippery driving because of the hail associated with it and we are receiving reports of several accidents there. still looking into that
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possibility. meanwhile there is your 586, 80 corridor. moderate to heavy rain and as you look upstream all this is heading in a southerly direction so if you are in pleasanton this evening you are going to hear the rain drops on your rooftop for the next 45 minutes. a brand-new cell showing up on the peninsula. we could see some black ice on the roadways tomorrow morning. meanwhile, you'll need that umbrella again. timing could be a little bit off with this next storm system but right now there goes number 2. upstream here. it is storm number 3. now, that one has a lot of cold air associated with it. also, the possibility of a thunderstorm and some hail. watch the pinpoint forecast. there is the main energy passing through in the morning hours. again, computer models may be moving this through a little bit too quickly but i think you get the flavor, the idea of it all, that we have a pretty steady rain. antwo full inches to the south
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in the santa cruz mountains. now, numbers will be in the upper 40s and low 50s. we will play it out with the low 50s around the central bay as well. when you see our extended forecast you're going to see an outside number of 58 degrees. otherwise steady rain friday. a chance of showers saturday. then we begin to slowly dry out by president's day.
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a hot pile. he created a pile of yard waste and food scraps. there is also some chicken manure. some straw. >> reporter: a bay friendly gardening and landscaping coalition group says composting is all about the recipe and these will cook if you get them right. >> what really generates the heat inside the pile is bacteria. they usually occur between 100, 110 to 130 degrees fahrenheit. and in the center of the pile. >> reporter: this pile is up to 90 degrees on a cool winter day and if you dig way down you can feel the bacteria at work. >> isn't that cool. >> it is cooking down there, man. it is like 80 degrees down there. >> yes. >> the wonder of natural science. >> reporter: it is a great way to recycling and meet new friends. >> that's what you want, huh? >> worms. >> you definitely do. >> definitely do.
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>> it is cooking right now. >> reporter: go to click on connect to send me your good questions. warriors had 26 winds all of last year. guess how many they have tonight? i'm dennis o'donnell. the gaels look a little heavy in th,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lessons in any sport..never take a team lightly..not even the 1-10 san diego toreros! tonight st. mary's learned one of the most valuable lessons in sports. never take a team lightly. not even the 1-10 san diego
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team. bob jones used to be on the team before transferring to st. mary's. matt door drains the three for a schlocking 10 points. san diego leads. the gaels put on a full court press. desperation time. doesn't matter. door with a layup to seal the game. and san diego had previously one conference win pulls off the upset over the 23rd ranked gaels. 74-66. let the party begin at the jenny craig center. utah jazz have not lost five games. daryldurell wright launches one. it is the monta ellis show in the 4th. shows up a shot. draws the foul. i'll take that. up by 4 with a minute left. he sits the floater. golden state up 6. monta ellis at 11 of his 35 in the 4th.
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but darrant williams, he was held to 18 points. here is the key point of the game. 34 seconds left. stephen curry's first field goal of the night ceiling the deal. 107-100. with 26 wins they matched their total for all season. they want to see more of richard seymour. richard seymour and the raiders reportedly have agreed to a two-year $30 million contract that would make richard seymour the highest paid defensive player in the league. 22.5 million is guaranteed. 31-year-old defencive lineman had five and a half sacks last season. dale earnhardt jr. who won the poly pole.
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sending a message to the lakers tonight. not in our house. the 9-46 cavs stunned the lakers dealing kobe and company a third loss. bumps his head on a back board. clippers beat them. why are carmelo anthony trade rumors circulated so heavily because he does this. the nuggets beat the bucks. just lost 1-0. head butting ,,,,,,,, assistant coach joe
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