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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  February 22, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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somali pirates have been killed. that yacht was hijacked last friday in the waters off oman. now a u.s. navy warship had been shadowing the boat as it made its way towards somali when they reportedly heard gunshots and took action. all four americans on board have been found dead including a couple from santa monica. there were more than a dozen pirates on board. some were killed, others have been captured. we will continue to follow this story and bring you more information as it develops. the four americans on the yacht have been killed. in new zealand this morning, at least 65 people are dead from a powerful earthquake there. dozens more are missing feared trapped in the rubble. it was a magnitude 6.3 quake with an epicenter near the city of christchurch. sharon chin is in our san francisco newsroom with the latest on frantic efforts to rescue victims of the earthquake. she joins us now. good morning, sharon.
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>> reporter: good morning. at least 100 people are feared dead and we're hearing stories of how the injured are getting help in some cases people creating makeshift stretchers from rugs or bits of debris. crews are using cranes to rescue people stranded in tall buildings that crumbled. emergency workers say two of the trapped are visiting students from japan, 11 japanese students missing. aftershocks are still rocking christchurch after the main quake. the city is still recovering from the 7.1 quake that hit five months ago. last time, no one died but this time, the quake hit at the height of a workday when buildings and streets were full. the temblor collapsed tall buildings, buckled roads and crushed buses. the city's famous stone cathedral toppled and lay in ruins. >> absolutely frightening. it was the roughest ride we have had. >> seen the dust people running out from under the dust, there's no words to be quite
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honest. it was absolutely awful. >> reporter: the mayor of christchurch has declared a state of emergency and ordered people to evacuate the city's center. in many neighborhoods there is no water, power or phone service and no planes are getting in or out of the auckland airport. >> thank you, sharon chin. it i 6:03. police officers in the east bay are warning grocery shoppers to be on alert. they say watch out for thieves who are following people home and then robbing them. let's go to christin ayers in oakland where it's happened. christin, good morning. most of those victims are older women, aren't they? >> reporter: that's right. and so far, it's happened at least half a dozen times in the past month alone. what the thieves are doing is staking out this parking lot at this oakland hills safeway waiting for elderly women to emerge with their groceries and then following them home. now, once the women actually get to their homes, they are attacking them and robbing them, sometimes at gunpoint in
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their own driveways as they unload their groceries. the attacks have been happening generally in the evening and afternoon hours and while the victims have not had any serious injuries so far, we know that at least one victim was thrown to the ground during an altercation as one of the thieves made off with her purse. police do not have a very firm description of the suspects. they know only that they have been in each case two adult african-american men in a white suv and again, those men believed to be responsible for about 6 different crimes like this. police have increased patrols in this area. they said they are coming back and forth through the area looking for suspicious activity. they may have a warrant out for one of the arrests of the suspects. but however, no arrests have been made so you can imagine people in this area clearly concerned about thrash of robberies, sydnie. >> thank you, christin ayers in
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oakland. oakland's mayor made good on her promise to rehire 10 police officers. the "oakland tribune" reports that those officers were back at work yesterday. but it could be up to two weeks before they are on the street again because they will need some new training. they will be working in the patrol division. they were among 80 officers laid off in july because of budget cuts. it's a tuesday, last time we talked to jim said today could be the warmest day of the week. >> that would be nice. looking for a little sunshine out there. >> we'll take it. what the heck. we are starting out pretty cool here as we see some mid- to low- 30s for some of the location in the east bay, mid- to low-40s at the water today. and we'll be peaking out in the upper 50s as skies clear. looks like another winter weather pattern headed our way for the weekend. we'll look for cloudy and wet with very cold temperatures back to the region. once again snow levels lower than last weekend. could see some snow down to sea
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level. that would be an interesting fact. if it would accumulate that would be the first time since 1976 that we had snow accumulate on the beach. right now, no snow to speak of. let's check with elizabeth and get a traffic update. >> all right. thank you, jim. we have breaking traffic news right now out of redwood city. chopper 5 just spotted this accident on the off-ramp. this is southbound 101, the off- ramp to whipple avenue. this was an injury crash. you can see one of the cars involved in the accident there on the side off to the shoulder. we just got off the phone with chp. they tell us that two cars were involved in this accident and one of the drivers actually took off on foot. you can see chp emergency crews still on scene completely blocking the whipple avenue off- ramp right now. we have learned they are still waiting for a tow crew to get on scene. so it sounds like that off-ramp will likely be shut down for a while. again, injury crash, one driver taking off on foot right there in redwood city. so thank you for that, chopper 5. all right, the rest of the bay area looking pretty good
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this morning. east bay traffic moving fine. no delay all the way down the eastshore freeway as you head towards ashby. nice and quiet. the bay bridge toll plaza, so far, so good. yesterday's traffic was great. it was the holiday. back to work for a lot of folks today. but so far no metering lights and no delay heading into san francisco. mass transit is also running on time. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. an iconic san francisco hotel is facing an uncertain future amid a battle with the city. the owners of the fairmont hotel on nob hill want to replace part of the building with condominiums. they say their permit has expired. and need an extension from the board of supervisors. board president david chu says he has been swayed by opposition from hotel workers. and he is also sympathetic to concerns from both neighbors and planning commissioners about the size of of the project. trustees will decide today whether to shut down another school in the mount diablo unified school district.
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last week you may remember dozens of parents and students and teachers fought to keep the westwood and silverwood elementary schools open. trustees have already agreed to close two other schools next year. that's the glenbrook middle school and the holbrook elementary. number of committee members are against closing more schools because it would mean breaking up programs for special education students. and investigators are still putting the pieces together in a deadly bus crash. this is down in southern california. the bus carrying young teens from a korean church group when it lost control on highway 189 yesterday. the bus hit a car. it slid down a mountainside and smacked into a power pole. the bus driver was killed, 10 other people have been listed in critical condition. the massive jump in oil prices and how it's affecting you. >> concern about steve jobs as a new video hits the web. the one question apple will
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have answered by tomorrow. >> and one student learns the hard way his embarrassing punishment for getting bad grades. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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okay. welcome back. well, chopper 5 is still live over this breaking traffic news we have out of redwood city. a hit-and-run injury crash. it looks like it's just now partially blocking the off- ramp. they were able to get one lane open. this is southbound 101 right there at whipple avenue. the off-ramp. and tow crews just arrived on scene, as well. we'll continue to follow this as well as other traffic hot spots across the bay area coming up in a live report in a few minutes. >> all right, elizabeth. busy day out on the streets to be sure. time now is 6:12. witnesses say there are bodies in the streets of tripoli, the capital of libya. for a full week police have been cracking down violently on protestors demanding an end to moammar qaddafi's 40-year rule there. the office of human rights says 250 people have been killed. qaddafi appeared on state tv to dispel rumors. libya's ambassador to the united states is call for
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qaddafi to step down. in addition, numerous officials have resigned and the air force pilots have defected. libya is africa's largest oil producer and the upheaval may be having an effect on gas prices. the price for a barrel of crude just jumped to $105. the average price per gallon in the bay area just spiked by 9 cents in a single week. last night, we found a station in pleasanton that was selling regular unleaded for 3.63 a gallon. and it's affecting the plans of drivers now. >> i actually didn't fill it all the way up. >> reporter: so you're filling up just enough to get you to stockton? >> yes. >> pump prices have jumped here almost 20 cents since january, a 63-cent increase over this time last year. >> it's interesting. when i drove across the united states, how the prices get higher and higher heading west. ohio is cheap. >> welcome to california. >> it was under 3 bucks a
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gallon couple of weeks ago. what apple shareholders will learn about steve jobs tomorrow. coming up. and looking up, the transamerica building, we see blue skies, temperatures warming today in the mid- to upper 50s. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. tow crews are working hard to clear a hit-and-run injury crash that we're following in redwood city. this is southbound 101 the ramp to whipple avenue the off-ramp there. just a couple of minutes ago they were able to partially re- open the ramp but you can see there are still flares out there. and we were following it looks like one of the cars involved in the crash is still off to the shoulder on its side. again, tow crews just got there. so they are working to completely clear it. but we also learned from chp that the other driver involved in this crash took off on foot so they are calling this a hit- and-run. chp still on scene now. thank you for those live traffic picks from chopper 5. 101 traffic by the way still moving across okay. we are also following fog advisories along the peninsula 280 some portions seeing just about 50 feet of visibility from hillsborough all the way down to about 280 so this
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stretch through here. they are also telling us that speeds are low and low visibility as well on stretches highway 92 from about skyline boulevard towards the 280 interchange. so take it a little extra slow this morning, be extra careful through that stretch. all right, the rest of the south bay looks great. 280 out of downtown, still really light traffic and no problems on 101 as you head up towards santa clara, bay bridge same thing, looks great. no metering lights. 6:1, this is typically when they turn them on but we have seen no slowing at all from the incline towards the "s" curve so likely not going to be turned on anytime soon so it's a nice commute heading into san francisco. and mass transit is all on time. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. here's jim with your weather. >> looks clear and cool around the north bay this morning. we see some temperatures there in the low 30s a bit of patchy frost on the ground there.
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otherwise upper 30s and 40s around the bay. clear skies and we'll hang on though that through the day resulting in a nice warmup this afternoon into the mid- to upper 50s a few degrees warmer than yesterday and that will be the trend into tomorrow as well as we see skies clearing out across the bay area. yesterday's threat of rain moving to the south now in the offshore waters. the high pressure system will hold through midweek. then it's going to back up and allow another weather system to move into the area bringing with it much colder air here dropping out of the canadian provinces back to the west coast bringing with it a chance of snow showers. lower than what we saw last weaken, which means we could see snow -- weekend, which means we could see snow down to 500 feet, maybe the beach. that's the weekend. today, no snow, no rain, warm temperatures, lots of sunshine, mid- to upper 50s prevailing, possibly even a low 60 for some of the warmer locations here east bay. they too will be in the upper
6:19 am
50s to low 60s. north bay more of the same. the seven-day forecast, we see once again the pattern will be changing at the end of the week as we head back to a wet winter pattern. so prepare accordingly. >> snow at the beach, jim. that's just not right in california. come on. >> it's an event! >> welcome home, frank! [ laughter ] oh, well. i brought it all from the east coast, for crying out loud. it is 6:20 now. here's a look at headlines. the four americans on board a yacht hijacked by somali pirates have been killed. cbs news reports the u.s. warship trailing the yacht heard gunshots, they took action. the yacht was hijacked friday off of oman and was headed towards the somali coast. there were more than a dozen pirates on board, some killed, others captured. rescue crews are work through the night in new zealand. they are 21 hours ahead of us. they are looking for victims buried in the rubble left by a
6:20 am
6.3 quake. dozens of people believed to be trapped there. the quake hit tuesday afternoon killing at least 65 people, maybe more. and police in oakland looking for two men who they say robbed people after they leave a grocery store. the suspects are following elderly women then robbing them in their garage or drive way of their homes. there have been at least a half dozen incidents in the past month all involving shoppers, elderly women, at a safeway on redwood road. new video has surfaced of apple's ceo steve jobs just one day before his company's annual shareholders meeting. radar online showing a gaunt looking jobs what they say is steve jobs leaving a cafe getting into a car. last month he announced he was taking another medical leave of absence from the company. it's unclear whether jobs will show up for the meeting tomorrow in cupertino. he turns 56 on thursday. big news tomorrow with a.m. we'll find out. it is santa clara against
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the governor. the city's agenda tonight to keep $40 million for that new 49ers stadium. knowledge is power. that's what facebook is passing along. the new app to help you get with your "crush." lysol believes no toilet is complete until it's completely clean. lysol kills 99.9% of germs and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered.
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city council is trying to keep welcome back. a hit-and-run injury crash in redwood city is right now in the clearing stages. 101 traffic moving well. coming up, we'll take a check of the bay bridge and chopper 5
6:24 am
right now heading towards the south bay. it's all coming up in traffic in just a few minutes. thank you. 6:24 your time. the santa clara city council trying to keep plans for the 49ers stadium going today. the council is expected to meet to establish the stadium authority. it would be formed to own and operate the proposed stadium. stadium authority would lease the facility to the 49ers. then it would also sell the naming rights and oversee the stadium construction. the council government is asking governor brown not to do away with the $40 million in development funds set for that project. so what do do you when your teen comes home with a low gpa? >> a florida mom put her son on a street corner with a sign hanging around his neck. in, part the sign said, gpa1.22. honk if i need education. she says she and the boy's father have tried everything to get their 15-year-old to shape
6:25 am
up academically. they have offered help, asked to see homework and grounded him. this time, she made him wear the sign on a street corner for nearly four hours. >> and she apparently called a tv station, too. if he is not embarrassed he should be. >> she says he will thank her later. >> didn't look too happy there. are you interested in someone who is already attached? >> how about this. the new facebook app promises to make you the first to know when your "crush" is single. it's called the breakup notifier. the application allows you to select friends you want to track and once you have done that, you will get an email as soon as they change their relationship status to single. >> have you got your eye on someone? slide right in. that's very effective, huh? 6:26 the time. coming up, it's being called a significant step in the battle against racial profiling. >> the major policy change in the san jose police department and why some say it's about time. and an american search team headed to the deadly quake in
6:26 am
new zealand. the tools that are helping searchers reach those trapped in the rubble. that's coming up. a rash of robberies in the oakland hills. how the thieves are using a grocery store to target their victims. sunny and warmer today as this could be the warmest day of the week. enjoy it while it lasts. ,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, february 22nd. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 6:29. and we continue to follow some breaking news here. cbs news is reporting the four americans taken hostage by somali pirates are dead. all four americans were apparently killed by their captors. a u.s. navy warship had been shadowing the boat when they reportedly heard gunshots and they took action. there were more than a dozen pirates on board. some were killed, others captured. the yacht was called quest. it was hijacked last friday off oman headed to the somali coast. scott and jean adam were from santa monica and were sailing around the world to hand out bibles. another couple from seattle were also on board. her mer lives in san francisco, her niece in oakley -- mother lives in san francisco, her niece in oakley. a group of americans is
6:30 am
apparently okay after the earthquake killed 65 people in new zealand. sharon chin is in our san francisco newsroom reporting that dozens of people are still missing after the magnitude 6.3 quake hit near christchurch. sharon? >> reporter: good morning. you know, this morning, an american rescue team is also on its way to new zealand to help search for survivors. at least 100 people are feared trapped and some are sending text messages, using cell phones, to call from underneath the wreckage. >> reporter: for new zealand this is the worst natural disaster in decades the for the people in christchurch it's the second major network five months. this one was also powerful but caused far more damage because it hit in the middle of a workday and closer to the center of downtown. tall buildings crumbled and roads buckled. police say falling buildings crushed two buses filled with passengers. the mayor has declared a state
6:31 am
of emergency. >> absolutely frightening. it was by far and away the roughest ride we have ever had. >> to see the dust and see people running out under the death, there are no words to be quite honest. it was absolutely awful. >> reporter: emergency workers say they know of at least two of a dozen students visiting from japan who called their parents to let them know they are trapped under the rubble. nine u.s. congressmen in christchurch for a business meeting left the city before the quake. the rest of the u.s. delegation believed to be fine. now, the quake was so powerful, it even shook off a massive chunk of ice from new zealand's biggest glacier, 120 miles away. sydnie? >> sharon, thank you. sharon chin in the cbs 5 newsroom. and we will continue to follow this story as it develops. you can always find the latest updates on our website, 6:32. a warning for shoppers in the east bay today. thieves are following people home from a grocery store and
6:32 am
then robbing them. christin ayers is in oakland to explain what all those victims have in common. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. what they have in common is they have been shopping here at this safeway while thieves have been staking out this parking lot waiting for elderly women to emerge. once those women come out with their groceries, the thieves have been following them to their homes and then attacking them at their homes to try to get purses, wallets, whatever they may have. authorities say it's happened about half a dozen times. these men robbing women sometimes at gunpoint in their own driveways or garages as they unload their groceries. the attacks have been happening in the evening, sometimes in the afternoon. and so far none of the victims has had serious injuries. in one case, oakland police tell us a woman was thrown to the ground, an elderly woman in her 70s, before one of the thieves made off with her purse. police have only a very vague description of the suspects. in each case, they have been
6:33 am
two adult african-american men in a white suv and again, those men believed to be responsible for about 6 robberies. authorities do have those descriptions out for those men and may have a warrant out for one of their arrests. but both men are still on the loose. no one has been arrested. and this neighborhood is on edge. >> thank you. sounds like they have some leads. thank you, christin ayers live in oakland. oakland's mayor has made good on her promise to rehire 10 police officers. the "oakland tribune" reports the officers were back at work yesterday. but it could be up to two weeks before they are back on the streets again because they need some new training. they will be working in the patrol division. they were among the 80 officers laid off in july because of budget cutbacks. students and teachers in concord will be finding out today whether their school will be shut down next year. the mount diablo school board will vote on the closure
6:34 am
tonight. the schools in danger of being shut down are westwood and silverwood elementary schools. trustees have already agreed to close glenbrook middle school and holbrook elementary. it is 6:34. it is tuesday. and jim's got some great news for you because today it's going to be hot. >> well... >> i don't know about hot. >> it will be warm. >> we'll take it. it beats 40. >> cold start to the day. we saw some freezing temperatures in the north bay. 32 for santa rosa and napa. concord likewise at 34. warmer at the water, mid- to low-40s for most locations here this morning. the weather pattern is changing to a drier and wetter one. warmer temperatures anticipated through the day. the rainmaker of yesterday stayed offshore and headed to our south. we are looking at a brief period of high pressure across the region which will keep our temperatures into the upper 40s maybe even a few low 60s out there across the region for today. and tomorrow, then, the pattern change is on tap for the
6:35 am
weekend where we see a much cooler weather pattern moving our way with lower snow levels than last weekend. stay tuned for that one. right now here's a traffic check with elizabeth. >> thanks, jim. chopper 5 is live over san jose showing 101 traffic near the 280/680 connector. everything fine this morning heading towards santa clara. let's go to the east bay now. show you what it looks like on some of our maps. live traffic sensors at the bay bridge they just turned on the metering lights so traffic is stacking up not too bad. looks like the busiest lanes are the fastrak lanes just to the very end of the parking lot slow from the incline to the serve but so far not too bad heading into san francisco. san mateo bridge looks great across span. chp still warning us of a fog advisory on west and eastbound 92 between skyline boulevard and 280. also portions of 280 also dealing with portions of low visittibility this morning between san mateo county and earlier they were mentioning daly city, as well.
6:36 am
highway 4 off the antioch bridge traffic looks great but we are starting to see some slow speeds and brake lights towards a street in antioch. back to you. >> thank you. family and friends planning a memorial tomorrow night for two friends who drowned while trying to raft down walnut creek. search crews found the bodies of these two teens, 16-year-old matthew miller, 17-year-old gavin powell, on sunday in part of the creek that goes through concord. both boys were students at the las lomas high school. >> what comes to mind when i think of him, i just think really nice good all-around kid and that's what makes this thing really sad, too, because he was a great person and like, uhm, contributed to our school. >> the creek was running fast and deep after all the rain over the weekend. the boys were both wearing helmets but neither had a life vest on. the san jose police department is changing the way
6:37 am
it defines racial profiling. kcbs radio's matt bigler tells us biased behavior is now banned in public at all times. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, we're talking about the actual definition of racial profiling in the san jose police officers handbook. whereas before, the focus has been on race or gender, now i'll just read to you what the change is. it is a violation for officers to show any biased behavior at any time during an encounter with the public. in other words, an officer can't look at the person's skin color or gender or anything. they have to treat everyone exactly the same when they are en -- when there is an encounter with the public. this change is being praised by community leaders. the asian law alliance says this is a good first step by new san jose police chief chris moore. >> the you know, i think it's a good step and i think the chief is doing his best to make efforts to change the way that
6:38 am
police interact with the public. >> reporter: and san jose's independent police auditor ladoris cordell describes this as huge and should be effective in preventing any federal oversight of the san jose police department. these changes were prompted in part by accusations that san jose police used overly aggressive police tactics in their street policing and racial profiling. according to the "mercury news," the san jose police department has received 150 claims of racial profiling over the past four years, not one of them sustained by an investigation. that's the latest from here in san jose. back to you guys. >> thank you, matt bigler with kcbs radio. tonight the east palo alto police chief will be hosting a public meeting on goals for fighting crime and the progress so far. crime has dropped significantly over the past five years. in 2005 there were 120 shootings and 15 murders but 2010 saw just 40 shootings and
6:39 am
4 murder. the chief attributes the change to initiatives emphasizing prevention and intervention. tonight's meeting is at 6:00 at east palo alto city hall. it is 6:39. could stem cells be a replacement for implants? the breakthrough treatment helping cancer survivors regrow their own breasts. >> to eat or not to eat? even bart admits its policy is confusing. how much you can pay if you're caught snacking on a train. >> and the market just opened a few minutes ago. let's take a quick check. >> coming up we'll get an update from jason brooks with kcbs and stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rm. we have nothing to complain about today. people in the upper midwest and eastern u.s. digging out from a major winter storm. crews have been trying to clear roads north of pittsburgh. up to 6" there last night. earlier more than a foot of snow fell in parts of minnesota. ice downed power lines in michigan and ohio leaving tens of thousands without power. the snowfall also caused a roof to collapse at a supermarket in pontiac, michigan. a security camera captured tons of debris crashing down about
6:43 am
2:00 monday morning. the roof gave way in a building addition that was constructed about 15 years ago. but an older area of the market held up just fine. no one was injured. well, it is all relative after all. lots of snow for the east, not so much here in the west. we did have a dusting of snow this weekend across the hills. left a couple of inches on the local peaks. that's not the case. it will probably melt today as we see clear skies and warmer temperatures headed our way. gorgeous look out across the bay this morning as a very crisp day is developing here. again, we are looking for warmer temperatures this afternoon into the mid- to upper 40s under mostly sunny skies. that trend will continue into tomorrow. probably a cool start to the day as skies will be clear once again first thing in the morning. high pressure is settling in pushing that little rainmaker to the south here for today and keeping the other one to our north at bay leaving us signature under high pressure for at least today and
6:44 am
tomorrow. thereafter, we can expect to see a pattern change. as the high pressure system will literally back up allowing this cold canadian air to move south and across the shoreline here through the end of the week and into the weekend. now, that will bring with it much cooler air and another shot of rain with snow levels expected to actually be lower than they were last weekend. chance of snow down to sea level is definitely a possibility. but the ingredients still have to come together to make that happen. it won't happen today as we see mid- to upper 50s prevailing out there. could see low 60s around the warm locations but upper 50s in most locations across the north bay, as well. as mentioned, the pattern were change. through the end of the week and into the weekend, it will be cold, wet and wintry.
6:45 am
this is wintertime in the west t in the west. >> dry commute so far this morning. we have not seen any big hot spots. no accidents out there right now. so chopper 5 showing us a pretty clear view of the 101/237 interchange. pretty quiet commute through there. let's go to our maps. in fact, 880 through oakland looks fine up and down the nimitz freeway towards downtown oakland, southbound 880, the ride as well all the way down into hayward looks great. you can see all the sensors showing top speeds, 65, 67 miles per hour. a different story out of the altamont pass. definitely starting to see a long line of brake lights. no incidents to report but just a lot of slow traffic from grant line towards vasco. speeds improve closer to 680 and the dublin interchange. metering lights are on now at the bay bridge so we are starting to see a backup. just the usual backups. it looks like like it extends to the west grand overcrossing. so only about a 10-minute wait
6:46 am
to get you on to the bridge. south bay looks great, northbound traffic on 280 fine. all these headlights, traffic moving northbound by the 880 interchange. give this another hour or so and we'll probably see our usual bottleneck as cars head towards cupertino. if you have some friends heading back from a long holiday weekend in the sierra, no chains are required right now on interstate 80 or 50 or 88. easy ride home. beautiful up there. great ski conditions. all right. that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. it is one of those rules you see a lot of people break. no eating on bart. but you're about to see more food at the bart station. so how does that work? well, bart has just entered negotiations to bring in new vendors, this as the agency is trying to crack down on people who actually eat on the train.
6:47 am
violators could be fined up to $250. >> our police officers are starting to more rigorously enforce the no eating and drinking policy where they can. >> right now, it's a very unique weird contradictory process. >> so here it is. currently you can take food on bart, but you can't eat it on bart. last year 295 tickets were given from 100 million passengers. >> you can now buy food at bart. but you can't eat it on the train. bad news for the easter bunny, folks. chocolate may be harder to find because of instability in africa. there could be a chocolate shortage because of a ban on cocoa exports in the ivory coast. the country producers 40% of the world's cocoa beans. it's used for making chocolate. an ongoing political battle led to the ban and surge in cocoa prices. the cost of cocoa at a 30-year high. could a simple test detect early signs of autism in
6:48 am
infants? that's what scientists are the children's hospital in boston are trying to prove. researchers had dozens of babies watch someone blowing bubbles. that was happening and scientists monitored the electrical activity in the child's brain through a small cap with electrodes. the study had an 80% success rate among 9-month-olds in diagnosing autism. a breakthrough in technology helping some breast cancer survivors. researchers used stem cells to help women who had mastectomies regrow their own breast tissues. surgeons insert a plastic mold under the skin and inject it with stem cells and fat taken from other parts of the body. the new breast tissue starts to grow in six months it a year. researchers caution this
6:49 am
procedure is still in the experimental stages. >> the biggest concern is the growth factors used to stimulate those stem and fat cells to grow and take the form of a huge breast potentially could also stimulate cancer cells. >> the fda has not approved this technique in the u.s. the time is 6:50. and coming up on "the early show," we need to find out -- we'll do that. >> chris wragge joins us from new york. chris, good morning. >> good morning. how are you, frank? did you forget my name for a second? [ laughter ] >> a little prompter issues here, chris. >> how soon they forget. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> i'm on the east coast -- or the west coast. i even forgot what coast i'm on. [ laughter ] >> good morning, guys. coming up, we have more breaking news that you have been reporting as the four american hostages aboard a hijacked yacht have been killed by their captors. we'll have the very latest live from the pentagon in just a few moments. also, you have been talking about that massive earthquake that's devastated new zealand killing at least 65 and leaving hundreds injured. we'll speak with the mayor of the hardest hit city as the
6:50 am
desperate search for survivors continues at this hour. and cracks are appearing in the power structure of tripoli. could the end be near? we are leave in the region with what's next. that and much more coming up on "the early show" in just a few moments. sydnie, back to you. >> thank you. >> and frank. >> what did you forget my name, chris? >> is he still there? >> i'm still hanging out. >> i love it. you can tell you two are good friends. >> see you at 7:00 on "the early show." time now 6:51. we want to update you on some breaking international stories. chris just alluded to. four americans killed by somali pirates and a deadly quake in new zealand. >> plus, held at gunpoint while unloading groceries. how robbers in the east bay are targeting elderly women in their own driveways. >> and if you have a story idea or a comment you would like to share with us, email that guy right there, we'll be right back. ,,
6:51 am
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pirates were shot and killed by their captors today.
6:54 am
arship had been welcomee back. the four americans held captive by somali pirates were shot and killed today. u.s. navy warships were shadowing the boat when they heard gunshots. navy forces tried to provide life-saving care but couldn't save them. there were more than a dozen pirates on board. some were killed, others captured. the yacht called quest was hijacked last friday off oman. it was headed towards the somali coast. scott and jean adam seen here were from santa monica and had been sailing around the world for several years handing out bibles. phillies mckay and her partner, bob wriggling were from seattle. her mother lives here in san francisco and her niece lives in the east bay in oakley. the united states is sending a search-and-rescue team to help find victims of today's deadly earthquake in new zealand. at least 65peoplee
6:55 am
died in the quake. hundreds are buried in the rubble. a warning for:shows in the east bay. police say thieves are -- a warning for shoppers in the east bay. police say thieves are following people home and robbing them. christin ayers reports. >> reporter: the thieves are actually finding their victims here in this parking lot in the oakland hills at this safeway store. they are specifically targeting eld recall women who are shopping and once to leave the store they are following them home and then attacking them in their own driveways robbing them sometimes at gunpoint. they are appearing in the evening and afternoon hours. no victims have had serious injuries but we know in one case a woman in her 70s welcome back knocked down before one of the thieves made off with her purse. authorities have a have a description of the suspects, two black men driving around in
6:56 am
a white suv. they have not been able to apprehend the suspects but may have leads in the case. meanwhile, the menon the loose out here and you have to imagine neighbors in the area are on edge waiting for someone to be arrested. >> thank you, christin ayers in oakland this morning. trustees will decide whether to shut down another school in the mount diablo unified school district. last week dozens of parents, teachers and students fought to keep westwood and silverwood elementary schools open. trustees are already closing glenbrook and holbrook elementary schools next year. a number of committee members said they are against closing more schools because it would mean breaking up programs for special education students. it is 6:57. one final check of weather and traffic and this is the pick of the week i guess in terms of sunshine, right, jim? >> it is indeed. as we see sunny and warm conditions, expected across the bay today, mid- to upper 50s for our daytime highs.
6:57 am
it will be a brief warmup continuing into tomorrow and then we are looking for another cold wet wintry pattern headed our way for the end of the week into the weekend with snow levels lower than they were last weekend. so, you know what that means. we could see snow accumulating down to about 500 feet, maybe even down to the beach if it all comes together. nonetheless, cold is the main feature here. as we look at our mypix for today, that is a mount diablo hike before the snowfall on the mountains. right now let's get a traffic update with elizabeth. >> all right, thank you, jim. we are going to go out to richmond. just getting word of a new accident now and it is causing slow speeds down the eastshore freeway. this is westbound 80 right around carlson boulevard. likely still lanes blocked. couple cars involved in the crash. we got a call from bruce with the kcbs phone force. he tells us it is slow and go from as far back as appian way
6:58 am
towards pinole. so delays along that stretch of the eastshore freeway. metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up to the 880 overcrossing so 15 minutes to get on the span. our sensors though look at good speeds from the incline towards the "s" curve now and let's go out to chopper 5. it's live over the san mateo bridge, where you can see traffic across the span, you're cruising in either direction. no problems here. but chp letting us know about a fog advisory on 92 closer to skyline boulevard, 280, also portions of 280 through san mateo county. visibility under 50 feet in some areas. back to you. >> thank you. we close with kind of a fun little story here. giants closer brian wilson you never know what to expect with him. actor charlie sheen flying wilson out to his los angeles home friday. wilson said he was invited to meet with sheen and some movie makers to consult on a fourth installment of the "major
6:59 am
league" film series. you might remember, sheen played rick the wild thing vaughn in the first two installments. >> charlie last been living that life lately, too. maybe he is going to grow one of those beards. >> maybe. >> maybe not. thanks so much for watching. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning. breaking news. high seas tragedy. the four american sailors kidnapped by somali pirates have been killed after negotiations between the u.s. navy and the pirates fall apart. we are live at the pentagon with the very latest. utter devastation. a deadly earthquake rips through new zealand as rescuers dig for the survivors. remaining defiant as a violen c


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