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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  February 22, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, i'm sydnie kohara. >> i'm, frank mallicoat. we begin this noon with some breaking news this out of san mateo county. a jackknifed big rig and car caught fire on th dumbarton bridge. all eastbound lanes are closed. a sig alert has been declared. number 3 westbound has been opened and you can see the rig and the car still smoking at this hour as firefighters work to put out the hot spots on that bridge. we are told that both the driver of the car and the big rig got out okay amazingly enough. drivers are encouraged to use alternate routes, 92 or 237. you're going to center to, actually. chp hopes to have all the westbound lanes shortly. all eastbound lanes will likely
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be closed until 2 p.m. chp spokesman crawford is on the bridge and joins me by phone with the latest. can you tell us, how did it happen? do you have any idea? >> well, what we believe happened is the passenger vehicle became stalled in the number 3 lane as a result of a dead battery. the occupants exited the vehicle. the semi traveling behind them didn't have enough time to stop and couldn't and struck the vehicle on the rear causing it to become engulf. >> we have been looking at some of the video for the last half hour. it's amazing that both the drivers got out because they were engulfed pretty good in there. >> yes. we were really fortunate to have no injuries at the scene. the driver in the passenger vehicle did the smart thing and when realizing that the vehicle had no power and no way to alert the other vehicles on the bridge, that they were disabled, they got out of the vehicle and they were fortunate to have a pedestrian crossing on this bridge and they were able to hop over the concrete jersey wall and get to safety
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before the vehicle was struck. >> that's good. how about the driver in the truck itself in did he need help getting out or did he get out on his own? >> actually, all the occupants from both vehicles got out on their only. i wasn't here initially but i believe the fire wasn't as bad when it first started so the driver got out under his own power. >> is the bridge going to be damaged? we hear around 2:00 the bridge will be open, is that correct? >> i'm not 100% sure when the bridge will re-open. we have get these vehicles out of here. they are severely burned. we need to get both vehicles out of here safely and do that with regards to traffic, as well. we are trying to do it as fast as we can, however. just getting through all the traffic and getting to the vehicles is presenting some problems. >> i can imagine being on a bridge. chp spokesman crawford, thank you very much for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. let's go to elizabeth now in the traffic center with a look at how this will impact
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the commute. it will be messy tonight. >> well, yeah. hopefully they will get all lanes open by 2:00. we are crossing our fingers for that because yeah, this could be a mess for the evening commute home. right now, one westbound lane of highway 84 is open. so you can use the dumbarton bridge to go towards menlo park. they are halting all eastbound traffic right now. as you see there you can't go any further than university. let's go to our maps. we can show you what it looks like on our live traffic sensors. very slow tri-state now trying to head eastbound 84. westbound 84 if you are heading towards the toll plaza traffic still looks light as you pass the paseo padre parkway because one lane is open if you are heading towards 101 and the peninsula. all right. san mateo bridge is going to be a great alternate. it looks like our shot just froze but you can see the traffic is very light right now so san mateo bridge is going to be a great alternate. in the meantime, 880 or 237. that's a check of traffic.
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back to you guys. >> thank you. we'll check back in with you in a little bit. in other news, tragedy at sea, four americans taken hostage by somali pirates off east africa shot and killed by their captors. one of the hostages' family lives here in the bay area. let's go to christin ayers. she spoke with them a short time ago. christin. >> reporter: a family member told us they were hoping to hear news of rescue today. instead there was gunfire on board the yacht called the quest and the astonishing news that all four americans on board were dead. >> we are terribly distraught and devastated over this news this morning. >> reporter: until this morning, families of the sailors on board a yacht hijacked by somali pirates say they were holding out hope that their loved ones would be rescued. >> we understood that if they got to shore, it was going to be a really bad situation. we also understood that the navy was doing their best to prevent them from getting to shore. >> reporter: but the pentagon
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now says that at some point negotiations between the pirates and the navy suddenly broke down. >> a rocket-propelled grenade was fired from the quest, gunfire also erupted inside the cabin of the quest. >> reporter: when navy seals boarded, they discovered all four americans had been shot including bay area resident this woman's aunt, phyllis macay. >> my aunt was not dead when navy seals arrived on the ship. she had been shot. she was not dead. they were unsuccessful in trying to save her. >> reporter: all four victims were killed. they broke away from a group of sailors on the way to the mediterranean. >> and why they were in that area, we don't know. but she was not haphazardly out on the ocean just doing what, you know, loosely traveling around. >> reporter: she says her aunt was a savvy sailor who was living her dream traveling the world by sea for the third year.
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>> the world is an empty place without my aunt here. >> reporter: in addition to those americans found dead, two pirates were also found dead on board the quest. the u.s. navy killed two pirates and seized 15 others. >> thank you, christin ayers in the cbs 5 newsroom. and another big story today. right now american rescue teams are headed to new zealand to help search through the rubble for survivors of a major earthquake. at least 56 people are dead as many as 100 others are reported missing at this hour, maybe trapped under buildings. the magnitude 6.3 quake struck just outside christchurch yesterday. charlie d'agata tells us aftershocks continue to rock that city as people race to save lives. >> call out to us, please! >> reporter: rescuers in new zealand are searching through the night for survivors. the 6.3 earthquake struck the city of christchurch, killing at least 65 people. an ordinary workday became a
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fight for survival. >> it's up here! >> reporter: office workers joined rescue teams to save as many as they could. >> i am okay. >> reporter: for some, the misery was overwhelming. and even as this man spoke of his escape... >> yeah, two, three people just falling on me. yeah. so... >> reporter: the destruction was not over yet. aftershocks continued to rattle the city. the spire of christchurch's famous stone cathedral crumbled. >> the building to building really important thing are the people and we just don't know if there are people under this rubble. i fear there are. >> reporter: shelters are packed with survivors waiting and hoping for the best. >> condolences go to the loved ones who of course will be deeply worried and anxious for the people who are missing. >> reporter: rescuers say more than 100 people may still be trapped in rubble. the prime minister warns the
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death toll is likely to rise from what he calls new zealand's dark els day. charlie d'agata, cbs news. >> now, google has released a new app to help locate the people missing in the earthquake. the person finder app can be used to track down victims and information about survivors. it asks are you looking for someone or do you have information about someone? google says the person finder is already tracking about 53,000 records. held up at gunpoint while unloading their grossories. the warning for shoppers in the east bay and what the victims have in common. an early test for autism. how blowing bubbles could help spot the disorder in babies. that's all coming up next. a lovely sunny day across the bay today with temperatures warming. however, on the more rye songs, we have some more wet winter weather for the weekend. i'll have the details coming up in just a few minutes. ,,
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to die a martyr and to fight on against protesters demanding his ouster . s of speech" colonel moammar qaddafi is vowing to die a martyr and to fight on against protestors glanding his ouster in libya. he spoke hours ago on state television while bloody clashes continue between security forces and protestors. 50 people were killed and hundreds wounded since last week when demonstrators began call for qaddafi to step down. the u.n. security council holding an emergency session to discuss the crisis but world leaders are already condemning libya's use of force. >> this is unacceptable.
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this must be stopped immediately. this is a serious violation of international humanitarian law. >> libya's ambassadors to the uggs, france and india have all resigned. qaddafi is always considered quite quirky on the world stage. he lives in a rundown army bar red sox in tripoli or camps in bedouin style. ignoring the tradition of his conservative society, he surrounds himself with women bodyguards toting assault rifles. a warning today to grocery shoppers in the bay area. police say robbers are targeting elderly women as three a safeway in oakland. the suspects reportedly follow the victims home then rob them at gunpoint either in their garage or driveway. all the women were shopping at the same safeway on redwood road near highway 13. a neighbor's surveillance camera captured one incident and there is a warrant for one
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of the robbers. police are looking for two men believed to be driving a white suv with distinctive racks on that car. there have been at least six robberies in the past month. police have increased patrols and set up undercover surveillance. oakland's mayor rehired 10 police officers. it could be up to two weeks before they are on the street because they will need retraining. they will be in the patrol division. they are among 80 officers laid off back in july because of budget cuts. the san jose police department changing its definition of racial profiling. under the new policy, it's a violation for an officer to show biased behavior at any time during an encounter not just during the initial stop. the police chief says he feels that in the past, some instances of profiling may have been missed. students and teachers in concord will be finding out today whether their school is closing for good. the mount diablo school board
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will vote tonight on whether to close westwood or silverwood elementary. trustees have already agreed to close two other schools, glenbrook middle school and holbrook elementary. the district is trying to save $1.5 million. so what's really going on with steve jobs? we are going to show you the first video since he took that medical leave from apple, coming up. it's called extreme couponing. one bay area woman shares her secrets. how to get stores to actually pay you to buy their stuff. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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steve jobs' health.. now - see for yourself. there's been a lot of speculation about steve jobs' health. now see for yourself. this is the first time that we have seen the apple ceo since went on leave. it appears to be jobs getting out of a car. there are reports he has been seen recently at the stanford cancer center. apple's annual shareholders meeting is tomorrow. no word on whether jobs will be there. could blowing bubbles detect early signs of autism in babies? that's what signists are trying to prove. they measured brain active in dozens of babies watching
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someone blow bubbles. scientists were 80% success nfl determining which of those babies had a higher risk of autism. even an infant as young as 6 months. scientists say this could eventually lead to a safe test to detect autism years before it's currently diagnosed. like to look younger? get to work. the fountain of youth may be as close as your nearest gym. a new study shows endurance exercise stopped the aging process in mice. rodents genetically engineered to age faster look as young as normal mice after running on the treadmill three times a week for five months. they say premature aging in nearly every organ was completely prevented. >> this might be a good day to get outside. it's a beautiful day, nice blue sky, go for a run. >> very nice across the area. i have to get to the gym so i'll see you later -- [ laughter ] >> we are looking at snow out across the mountains east of san jose here. it's melting rapidly as we see
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sunshine prevailing out there and temperatures bumping up into the upper 50s. this is a warming trend throughout the this area will continue into and through tomorrow. now, that will shred that snow left on the mountains. and it will likely disappear here over the next couple days. but there is more on the way from the looks of things. today sunny with highs in the upper 50s for most location. tonight also clear with the exception of patchy foes central fog. skies clear out and chilling down. first thing in the morning patchy frost so you know the routine. heads up if you're in one of those areas. high pressure filling in today, mostly sunny skies. yesterday rain makers moving south to the offshore waters. we'll look for the pattern to remain in place for tomorrow. but the fly in the ointment is what's headed our way for the weekend as this high backs up we are going to see some cold canadian air moving south over the land mass here which means it will not be moderated by the
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ocean temperatures. so it's going to be very cold. it will be moving into the area on friday. it will sit here for saturday. and likely produce some very low snow levels down about 500 feet. the big question at this point is how much moisture is this thing going to be packing? cold air doesn't hold as much as warm air. rain for the season, we are at just over 100% of normal for the year so we are right where we ought to be for this time of year. as we look at temperatures around the bay area today, mid- to upper 50s likely to prevail for most locations here. out across the east bay more of the same, north bay also in that upper 50s range. same thing for tomorrow as the cooldown will arrive on friday. snow levels lower and the possibility of snow at sea level exists. it depends on how much moisture is in the system friday and saturday morning. daytime highs dropping back to the 40s once again so winter will return just in time for
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the weekend. good time to spend at the gym, by the way. >> yeah. if you want to look young and get out of that -- what else. >> you can get exercise shoveling snow. >> hopefully it won't be that much, jim. >> i don't think so. okay. moving on here, medicine shampoo and soap, drugstore essentials add up to hunks of dollars each year but a bay area woman doesn't pay a dime. she gets the drugstore to pay her. on the consumerwatch this afternoon, julie watts shows us her tricks to extreme couponing. >> these are $4 each, totally free. >> reporter: not only does extreme couponner claire williams get all her drugs or products for free, she often makes money on them. >> these are melatonin i made $1 per bottle i bought. >> reporter: i'd like to see this in action. you're telling mere there are items in this store. >> yes. >> reporter: that we can walk in right now and buy for free? >> absolutely. >> reporter: in fact we might make some money back? >> yes. >> reporter: i have to see that. >> let's go. >> reporter: claire says the
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trick is combining drugstore deals with the manufacturer coupons. both of them come together in the sunday paper. take this pain product. >> it's a deal. normally 10.99. but it's on sale for 5.99 and when we spent 5.99 we'll actually get 5.99 back from walgreens in the form of register rewards which is dollars you can spend at walgreens but it gets better because i have a $2 coupon so we'll be making $2 to buy this. >> reporter: so walgreens will pay us $2 to purchase this? >> yes. and you can do this many times. >> reporter: claire points out contrary to popular belief you can almost always combine drugstore coupons and they rarely limit to you just one. but she says the trick to the big payoff is planning because the best deals each week may not necessarily be in your shopping list that day. >> new can get deodorant free this week, buy 5 of them and don't buy any for the year. >> reporter: picking up a few of her deals, we headed to the register to cash in. and sure enough, $10 back. but don't confuse these register rewards with more coupons. >> i can use this for anything
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at walgreens? >> anything. >> reporter: which means i can now go back and get the stuff i need for free. >> you do it in multiple transactions so your spending very little out of pocket. >> reporter: on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. >> not bad. a fiery crash on the dumbarton bridge. >> how it's impacting traffic and what it could mean for the evening commute. we have you covered. it's all coming up next. ,,,, [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind shouldn't be hard work or cost more money.
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elizabeth. we continue to follow breaking news from the traffic center. chopper 5 still live over the dumbarton bridge. a big rig hit a stalled car and they both caught fire. this happened an hour and a half ago. eastbound lanes are closed, stopped at university avenue. still at this hour only one westbound lane is re-opened. there is about a half mile backup so use the san mateo bridge or highway 237 as your alternate. back to you. >> thank you. see you at 5:00. ,,
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