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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. drastic steps to save money a c- crime >> the bay area waits for snow. when and where it will come down. and drastic steps to save money in a cbs5 exclusive the crime fighting tool police officers will not be able to rely on. women in one bay area neighborhood about to get some special protection. what police will give them tomorrow. >> and can't get pregnant? well don't automatically blame her. >> you can bring a sperm count
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to zero. >> when an increasing amount of american men are running on empty. >> i have been on birth control for five years and didn't know it. >> all right. let's get right to the talk of snow. meteorologist brian hackney with a look at what's happening right now. brian? >> high dana, the pressures are falling throughout the bay area, wind out of the south, rain coming down, approaching an inch in marin and a half inch on the peninsula. fairly strong cells extending through southern marin and the latest on the cold front, that's the important thing, we're not going to see snow until this works its way farther south. in fact at this hour temperatures are about 1 to 3 degrees warmer than they were 24 hours ago at this time, when the cold front powers through, that's when we're looking to get a dusting of snow friday night, saturday morning, we've got light to moderate rain scattered throughout the bay area, if you're not above 5,000 feet you don't have a chance of getting snow before 4:00 tomorrow morning, why show you
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this to you from 24,000 miles, joe is standing by in santa marina, what's it look like there. >> i have been listening to you and roberta all week. you have been saying it and a lot of factors have to come together to make snow. they haven't come together perfectly here yet. we're looking at a light rain here in downtown st. helena, people are pretty comfortable out and about, it's in the 40s still. it's got a long way to go. that said, the roads are slick, in fact advisories have been put out throughout the north bay, and you know, they are telling drivers "slow down, take it easy because, you know, we don't know what's gonna happen by the morning commute," there could be snow. you know what, if it's out here, we're going to find it. that's our mission dana because we're going to be driving around the north bay tonight looking for those elusive snowflakes. so far this is the only white stuff we have been able to find. >> well don't drive that with that in this vehicle. that's my only recommendation. >> you're absolutely right.
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it's not chilled to perfection either by the way. >> keep your eyes peeled, joe vasquez, thank you very much. >> okay. a walnut creek family buried their son today after he was killed in a rafting accident. then they went home and discovered that their home had been ransacked. the home of matt miller was burglarized this morning while the family was at his funeral. the boys' mother says the burglary happens sometime between 10:30 and noon. family came home to find the front door forced open and things inside missing. miller and his best friend, gavin powell, drowned last saturday during a rafting trip on walnut creek. >> well it is official. san jose has a new police chief. chris moore was sworn in just a few hours ago. but tonight we have learned san jose police officers are about to lose their eye-in-the-sky. kiet do with a story you'll only see on cbs5. as far as crime fighting tools go the san jose police helicopter is effective but not
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cheap. it cost roughly $1.4 million a year. >> really valuable. at the same time it's an expensive as set. >> reporter: so starting march 20th air 2 will be grounded. it will still be ready to launch but will only be used for emergencies. >> it won't be used for day-to- day emergencies. at the end of the day if we had an earthquake or something where we needed to have that as set obviously we would put it in the air. >> reporter: equipped with thermal cameras and a powerful spotlight it almost always catches the suspects it is chasing. chief does not believe grounding the helicopter will 'em bolden crooks. >> there are other helicopters out there. for someone to say i know the helicopter is there or not, they cannot say that with certainty, so that's why we're going to do this test. >> reporter: they are facing their 10th year of budget deficits and could lay off 350 officers to help balance the
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budget. george beatty, says it's a tough choice between helicopters and the layoffs. >> you have to put that on the scale, i think it's more important to have officers on the street than a helicopter in the air. but we're certainly going to miss the value that the helicopter provided for us over the last decade or so. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, cbs5. state workers won't like this one but tuma state commission will recommend big changes to the public employee pension plan. the independent little hoover commission will tell the governor that the state should roll back pensions for existing employees. dump guarantee retirement payouts, and put more of the pension burdens on workers. among the most controversial proposals, freezing existing employee pension benefits and then lower them for the future years' work. well, tonight, the governor's office says it is reviewing that recommendation. with the state in such dire financial straits these days everything is on the table, even a golf course. themont claire golf course sits in the oakland hills off
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highway 13, grace lee on how it could net the state some much- needed cash. >> reporter: if golf can solve marty ferrell's problems. >> i come here a lot, i come here about, sometimes twice a week, to hit golf, you know, hilt the driving range. >> reporter: even in the rain? >> oh absolutely. >> reporter: then could this driving range and nine-hole golf course in oakland help the state with its $25 billion deficit? perhaps it's an ace in the hole. maybe. the state owns 1 1/2 of the 10 acres of themont claire golf club. the city of oakland owns the rest. caltrans bought the property in 1955 to widen the nearby freeway but those plans went into the rough. the state could earn 1.5 million bucks if it is sold. a good idea? we asked governor brown about the state owning the land. >> i did not know about it. but if it does, i hope we're making some money from it. >> reporter: hardly any. currently the state collects a paltry $840 per year in rent
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from oakland. >> $840 a year? well that's a bargain. >> reporter: meaning, since 1959, caltrans has collected less than $37,000 for the property. it sounds so easy, so, why doesn't caltrans just sell themont claire government course? >> depends who is gonna buy it. i don't think oakland has the honey. but certainly we could look at that, the state, the state has property, where we can sell it and make money, fine. >> reporter: because of all the power lines and the hills in this area caltrans says the only entity that would buy this property would be the city of oakland. it's in the process of appraising this land and if it does sell it it says that money will go into the state highway fund. inmont claire, grace lee cbs5. other bay area headlines now, novato police are waiting to learn the cause of death of a body they found underneath a woman's back yard barbecue. evelyn smith's 74-year-old
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husband dale disappeared 5 months ago. investigators haven't positively identified the body yet but say evelyn smith is a person of interest in this case. state regulators accuse muni of numerous safety violations and being chronically unresponsive to investigators findings. pc staffers are concerned about the condition of the light rail system. the director of muni transportation says he is shocked because muni has been working with the pec to address the concerns. and the state streak has paved the way for the demolition of a palo alto home where a pioneering bay area woman lived. juan a bree owns us was a single mother of 11, a cattle rancher and an herb list it who built a house in 1844. that home was damaged and the current owners have wanted to tear it down. preservation has filed suit to stop the demolition, lost in court, appealed to the high
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court. but the supreme court declined to hear the case. we're getting a first look at a man that police are calling a person of interest. after a number of women were attacked near lake merit, robert liles reports that tomorrow women in that neighborhood will get something to help them fight back. >> reporter: big brother is watching but there is nothing fick tillings analysis about what you are about to see? the man had 6 seconds that walked through the camera recording. he could be responsible for the vicious assault and robbery of a 37-year-old woman outside of her apartment. >> according to the opd they said this footage helped them a lot. this is the only footage available to them right now. >> reporter: cbs 5 found the homeowner who installed the two cameras above his 10th street store. he was robbed at gunpoint outside the store in january. that determination to be a victim no more may now be the clue the police need. >> this is the person they are looking for, this is the description of the victim described.
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>> reporter: but oakland police will only say the medium complex 6-foot tall african- american man is a person of interest. but we now know this video was captured from the february 7th attack 2 blocks and within minutes of it. the person of interest matches that of three other attacks dating back to september all near lake merit where wanted flyers, pock mark stores and windows. >> i've lived here 20 years. >> reporter: so oakland police gathered tonight with people to see what they could do to stop the attacks and put the attacker behind bars. they said the officers beat the street for two weeks with the still image of the video you've just seen. with no leads the department is now going public hoping you can assist. meanwhile folks who live here at lake merit are trying to assist themselves. they'll have a public patrol walk tomorrow handing out whistles. they are look to go catch this attacker. live in oakland, robert liles,
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cbs5. well it's not always easy to out smart a dictator but that is exactly what protestors in libya have done. the environment genious way they are using a dating site to run the arab world's latest revolution. and late tonight an unusual move against a huge hollywood actor. what finally prompted cbs to pull the plug on the network's very popular and profitable series. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tripoli in a few h antigovernment protestors in libya plan to stage a huge rally in the capital city of tripoli in a few hours to force moammar kadafi out of power. because kadafi's regime is monitoring facebook and twitter the protestors have come up with a different way to communicate. one of signatures leader created a profile on the arab world's equivalent of he came up with secret codes to gauge support and direct people to other sites for conversations. meantime, the un security council will meet tomorrow to discuss sanctions against kadafi reese regime for his violent crackdown on those protestors. tonight cbs, the owner of this station, announced that
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the popular and profitable sitcom "2 1/2 men" will not finish out the season, that after the star of the show, charlie sheen, went on the radio to rant. at one point he targeted the show's producer chuck lorre. >> i've checked time, i spent close to the last decade effortlessly and magically converting your tin can into pure gold. look what i am dealing with, man, fools and trolls. i'm dealing with soft targets. >> the top-rated sitcom was suspended in january to allow machine to get rehab treatment. his publicist has said he was expect to go show to start taping again next week. that was before machine hit the airwaves this morning. cbs entertainment and warner brothers have released a statement about all this. "based on the toe alberta of charlie sheen's statements, conduct and condition, cbs and warner brothers television have
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decided to discontinue production of "two and a half men" for the remainder of the season. the show's future was not addressed." male infertility isn't something you hear much about these days but researchers have noticed a trend that started in just the last few years. a general decline in sperm count. what's going on? dr. kim mulvihill has more. >> reporter: dave and terry have been trying to get pregnant for five years and assumed the problem was her. >> it never crossed my mind i was infertile or i would have an issue with fertility. >> reporter: do you think men think much about their fertility. >> no. >> reporter: their future fertility. >> no, men do not think about fertility. they are immortal. >> reporter: guys are like cars he says. >> men are engines that run hard almost all the time, you can give it diluted fuel, water it down, get it out of tune somehow. >> reporter: diluting the fuel, not something most men like to think about. but according to studies in yup
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and the u.s. sperm quality hags been dropping the past 50 years and guys typically have no idea how the environment or their own lifestyle can affect fertility. >> you can bring a sperm count to zero taking hot baths every other day for a month. it will take you three months to cover, you'll go to zero. >> reporter: but, wait, there's more. >> reporter: smoking nicotine, tobacco, other recreational drugs are bad. alcohol in excess. hair loss medication. illnesses, opiates, stress. >> reporter: do you keep a cell phone in your pocket? use a laptop computer on your lap? both can possibly raise testicular temperatures enough to hurt sperm production. some pesticides mimic hormones that affect sperm quality. and for the first time they think it can be affected by business fee knoll a. >> the average person probably thoughs more about diet than they do about their reproductive health. >> reporter: dave and terry are
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among more than 8 million couples in the u.s. with fertility problems. nearly half the time the problem is partially or totally on the male side. >> i have been on male birth control for five years and didn't know it. >> reporter: around the time of his marriage dave complained of low energy to his doctor who prescribed testosterone treatments, test tots tyrone and other steroids can cause sister itself. >> having a family, which i could consider part of my identity, i think we're stuck right now and that makes me angry. >> reporter: anger, disbelief, devastation, infertility are things men don't expect. >> these are things death in the family would induce, losing a limb, or being told you have cancer. these are the same emotional impact. it comes from the blue and knocks them out. >> reporter: male infertility is often curable. his advice to men. although he says most probably won't listen, is to treat your body as welling a you treat your car.
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>> the body wants to work really hard, it wants to do the best it can, and you can hurt that. >> take better care of yourself. >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill, cbs5 health watch. >> that little snow on the roof, there is still a fire, something like that? >> well let's just take that outside. the snow outside. you know, it's always nice to follow the sperm report. here is how it looks. win winter weather advisory throughout much of the bay tonight. low pressure is spinning a beam in the pacific northwest. this cold pool of air forming, see those puffy white clouds up here, indication of cloud formation and cold air, that will be in the bay area by tomorrow night. it is saturday morning at 4:00 a.m., saturday at 4:00 a.m. when we stand the likeliest chance of getting some snow down to sea level in san francisco. in the meantime we have to set the stage, and the stage is being set just with rain tonight. temperatures as i mentioned earlier running actually about 2 degrees warmer at this hour than they were last night.
11:20 pm
and so first we get the cold front, and maybe even snow will be falling, snow will be falling up top as that cold front powers through overnight. we do look for snow to becoming down around 10:00 and the potential for about 6" of snow up at the top at about 2500 feet at mount tam in the north bay. then it has to press south and, when it does, east bay and the santa cruz mountains, above a thousand feet 4:00 p.m. saturday to 10:00 saturday morning, remember mount diablo is 3896 feet, so that could be a good deal of dusting for mount diablo and mount hamilton, the forecast for tomorrow starts out cold, morning rain turning to showers in the afternoon, forecast highs probably be hit in the morning and then we will begin to cool it off for the rest of the day. again, best chance for snow very early saturday morning. as we look ahead we're going to expect things to clear out saturday. going to be very cold saturday night. next chance of rain coming in late tuesday and wednesday.
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we'll have more after a break. opinion opponent weather is sponsored by mancini sleep worl ,,,,,,,,
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somewhere. but you don't see them h yeah, you probably have 1 or 2 sitting in a change jar somewhere but you don't see them much at the cash register. a viewer from mill valley wanted to know what happened to all the half dollars. that's tonight's good question. back in the '60's, people had jars full of kennedy half dollars. now, you don't see 'em much. >> somebody today told me for instance he gave a half dollar in change to somebody and they wouldn't take it because they didn't know what it was. >> san francisco coin dealer dean whitter says the government minted 10 to $30 million kennedy half dollars a year following the president's assassination but stopped putting them in circulation in 2001. >> 2001 the government finally said "we have enough half dollars, no one really wants them, including the casinos any more, and they stopped making them for general circulation.
11:25 pm
>> whitter says the minute still stamps out about a million a year for collectors, outside of that they are gone. just to show you how rare these 50-cent dealers are now, even in the coin dealer's cash register there is a slot for 50- centers, but they are all empty. >> where did they all go. >> where did they go? i don't know. >> he says it's possible people have hoarding them, more likely the federal reserve has taken them back. >> they have to be somewhere, they haven't been destroyed, but meanwhile 3 to 400 million coins in existence, a very good question. >> go to click on connect to send me your good questions. >> this just in. the rapper has changed his name to $1. showdown at the wcc. the melee in maraga is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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titles, but tonight saint mary's had a chance to end that streak on t with a win gonzaga had won 10 straight west coast conference titles but tonight st. maries had a chance to end that streak on their home floor with win over the zags. randy bennett fighting the fight in another packed house in maraga.
11:29 pm
finds rob jones for the go- ahead, he had 21, the gaels were up by three minute and a half to go. tied at 76. this time mickey mcconnell for the win. didn't go. he had 15 but do not get the one that mattered the most. 2 minutes to go in overtime. nails the jumper, st. mary's is within one, they take the lead with 23 seconds left but sam dowler gets the feed down low. poked away by mcconnell. foul is called. he made both free throws for the lead. gonzaga won the game. they prevent st. mary's from winning the title outright for the first time since 1989. both teams now 10-3. carry keating santa clara broncos against wcc cellar dweller lmu. kevin foster missed the three, dow jones there to clean it up. he had 26. santa clara wins and the roughriders are loving it. take you deep in the woods of oregon where cal went duck
11:30 pm
hunting tonight. jorge gutiirrez outscored the ducks by 21 in the second half. gutiirrez had a game-high 3- l23, stanford plays at oregon saturday. they lost to oregon tonight. stan t.j. ford beats oregon state as cal is beaten in cal state by oregon. the raiders spent $50 million today? how did they do it? cornerback stanford routter agreed to a new deal 33 1/2 million dollars, john henderson reportedly signed for 2 years at $8 million, final he the raiders placed a franchise tag on linebacker cameron wembley which means the d lineman will make about 10 million next year. i have my hand the thursday night top 5. the sedentary women, sedentary women looking on as the men beat western illinois. they improved 1-28 avoiding what would have been the winless season.
11:31 pm
the women are 0-23. they are a combined 1-151 the men and women. number 4, lebron james with the highlight reverse. too bad he couldn't reverse the core. the bulls down the heat despite that beauty. ricky fowler doing his best fall a creamer impression. his second on a par 505. you kidding me? crushed phil mickelson, beat lefty 6-5, that means it was over on the 13th hole after the tap-in eagle. watch your team. watch your team. look out. it's so hard it broke the glass. and the number 1 play of the night, actually it was worthy of an acting job, watch again. juan karasto grabbed his opponent's hand and hit himself in the face. ecuador won the game and the sportsmanship award. unbelievable. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,
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all right. so when we wake up in the morning? >> in the north bay. then saturday morning. >> okay. >> it looks like -- >> okay. we could just sleep tomorrow. >> don't you know the kids have to go to school? >> ah. >> say no, say no. >> he said no. >> okay. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> letterman is next.
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>> good night. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight...


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