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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  February 28, 2011 4:30am-4:59am PST

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that's good news, right? >> no snow indeed. more spring-like weather headed our way. the flurries gone for now. we'll return to a more typical pattern this time year which means warm wet rain on the way. let check traffic with elizabeth. >> here's a live look up and down 880 in oakland. high street on-ramp to northbound 880 completely shut down. there was a two-car crash. chp is out there now. this is past the coliseum. hard to tell now because it is dark but we are also following another crash this one in daly city southbound 280. we'll have details coming up. back to you guys. >> thank you. the suspension tower. new bay bridge will take a -- of the new bay bridge will take a new step. the structure will be boosted up to 480 feet, just 45 short of the final height. the operation begins this morning and continues around
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the clock until the new section is in place. a new tax on medical marijuana dispensaries goes into effect tomorrow in san jose and city officials are inviting owners to city hall today to talk about it. they are holding a seminar on the 7% tax approved by voters. officials are eager to start collecting the new tax to chip away at the city's budget deficit. this despite the fact that there are no zoning regulations yet that would determine the legality of the roughly 100 pot shops in san jose. 400 people working in the san francisco school district including 170 teachers will be getting notices soon they may lose their jobs. the layoffs hinge on whether governor brown can get an extension of state tax increases. a possible special election will not happen until june and school districts are required to tell employees about the potential layoffs by may 15. the governor's proposed budget spares k through 12 education
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from cuts but only if the tax extension passes. police in santa clara investigating their first homicide of the year. they say a man's body was found on the 2200 block of monroe street yesterday morning. investigators believe 31-year- old victim was murdered. police have not released any further details since. and some new information prompts mountain view police to re-open a cold case. 17-year-old alex fernandez was shot and killed in september 2004 while riding his bike with friends on ringsdorf avenue. police have bindings of information about the case, interviewed witnesses recently but won't say what information they have received. >> it's been a long time, police release things perhaps they weren't willing to talk about before, or they say maybe so-and-so was in the area, there were a lot of witnesses. >> somebody knows any information, $10,000 will do a lot. >> that reward was set up in
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2004. police think it was gang- related. they said the killers fled in a red two-door car and never caught. this morning there may be a new candidate for san francisco mayor. david chu is expected to throw his hat into the ring during the rally today. chu is currently the board of supervisors president. ed lee is mayor now finishing out gavin newsom's term. lee won't run again. imagine this. our nation's government closed for business. well, it could happen very soon. as susan mcguinness reports, the feds could go belly up by the end of the week. >> reporter: congress could be closing in on a deal that would keep the government running at least for now. >> i think that's clearly headed in the right direction. it's not the end of the story. >> reporter: leading democrats expressed support sunday for a gop proposal that would offer a two-week extension of funding through $4 billion in cuts.
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house republicans plan to take up the measure tomorrow. if congress doesn't act soon, the government could run out of money by friday. >> we're broke. broke going on bankrupt. and just as a bankrupt brings has trouble creating job, so does a bankrupt country. >> reporter: a short-term fix would allow lawmakers to work on a plan to fund the government through the end. fiscal year. some say there is no reason to let friday's deadline pass without an agreement to keep the government running. >> their job is to solve these problems and not just to stand in a corner and hold their breath. >> reporter: in his weekly radio address president obama urged lawmakers to act fast. >> for the sake of our people and economy we cannot allow gridlock to prevail. >> still, many worry a deal avoid a shutdown could leave lawmakers in the same place two weeks from now. susan mcguinness for cbs news, washington. >> even if the government were to shut down, social security pension checks would still go out. troops would remain at posts
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and virtually every essential government agency like the fbi, the border patrol and coast guard would operate. former house speaker newt gingrich is eyeing the white house. republican insiders say he intends to take a formal step towards a run for 2012's republican presidential nomination. gingrich has been traveling to key states. insiders say an announcement is likely in the first half of march. secretary of state hillary clinton is in geneva for a meeting of u.n. human rights council. the group will talk about possible responses to libya's deadly crackdown on antigovernment protestors. the u.s. is pushing for tough sanctions on the libyan government. u.n. secretary-general will visit the white house later today to discuss the crisis with the president. and protestors in wisconsin back in full force today opposing a bill aimed at weakening their unions. last night police backed away from threats to close the building. demonstrators have now been
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there for two weeks. they are protesting a measure that would ban collective bargaining for state workers. more than 70,000 people gathered at the capital on saturday for a sit-in. it is 4:36. let's get another quick check of weather and traffic. we'll start with jim bernard and his chilly forecast. >> pretty chilly pattern the last week or so. i suppose you were up early looking for snow in the area. there were some flurries in the city, snow to the north in the mountains, snow to the south in the mountains and a lot of cold air which is now beginning to warm. we are up 10 degrees from where we were over the weekend. no more upper 20s. we set a few records this weekend but now we are back to near normal and warming with more warm rain expected this week. 43 in santa rosa, 35 in napa, temperatures up quite a bit here as clouds begin to move into the area from the north. some showers up on the north coast could reach the north bay.
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this afternoon they will remain light and primarily north of the greater bay area for the next day or two. by tomorrow night into wednesday, though, we'll look for rain to spread across the region here bringing with it a good chance of some measurable precipitation and it won't be frozen this time. instead, we'll look for more typical rain shower activity extending through the end of the week and a brief break on friday and back to the wet we go come late next weekend. let check right now with elizabeth see what she has. >> we're actually following a couple of accidents pretty early this morning. all right. let's go out towards 880 oakland. main line to the freeway still doing fine between hayward and downtown oakland. but the high street on-ramp to northbound 880 remains shut down. this is a two-car crash. chp is still on scene. we'll let you know when they re- open the ramp. following this accident in daly city, southbound 280 before serramonte boulevard. right now two lanes blocked due to a crash.
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so not causing any huge delays. it's still early. traffic is very light across the bay area. as evidenced by the camera there at the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems all the way into san francisco. you're looking good this morning all across the upper deck, although there is some construction until 5:00 from the incline out towards treasure island. they have two lanes blocked. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 4:39. waiting for your california driver's license? you're not alone. the temporary fix starting today. >> i live in the south bay and it's about 4.10. >> you can expect gas prices t -- to go higher. the new scam on facebook involving soldiers and women. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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partly cloudy around the bay this morning. above freezing for a change with the highs headed into the
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upper 50s to low 60s. we'll take it, jim. thank you very much. 447 is on your monday. and starting today the dmv is extending temporary driver's licenses from 60 to 90 days. we have been telling you about some of the updates such as hologram symbols and raised graphics, but the technology is now so advanced, the out of state manufacturer keeps sending back licenses because of errors. dmv spokesman said the card production factory working on the problems and buying equipment to inspect and mail the cards out a little faster. today's the last day to get clipper cards for $2. transit lieders will have to start loading a minimum -- transsit riders will have to start loading a minimum of $5. you can still buy single ride and roundtrip tickets at muni vending machines. inflation in the 17 countries that use the euro wasn't as high in january as first indicated. moneywatch reporter ashley
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morrison has more. reporter: asian markets got a late day boost. japan's nikkei added nearly 1% while hong kong's hang seng rose nearly 1.5%. today wall street gets a january personal income and spending report and the latest check on the housing market. last week stocks took it on the chin with the worst week since november. friday they snapped a three-day losing streak as oil prices stabilized up nearly 62, nasdaq up 43. bernie madoff is talking again. in an interview with new york magazine, the convicted wall street swindler calls new financial reforms a joke and again blames big banks and hedge funds and even his own clients for failing to question his bogus returns. madoff also said keeping the billion-dollar scheme a secret was a nightmare and revealed his wife has not spoken to him since the suicide of their son in november. she is angry, he says, i destroyed our family. madoff is serving 150 years in a north carolina prison after
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being convicted of fraud charges in 2009. and there is no end in sight to the runup in oil prices. the cost for crude oil topped $99 a barrel this morning in asia due to the ongoing turmoil. oil production in libya has been cut in half while other nations have pledged to increase output analysts are worried the unrest could spread. meantime, gas prices have jumped 18 cents in a week to a nationwide average of $3.35 a gallon. that is the highest ever for this time year. that's your moneywatch. for more, stay with in new york, i'm ashley morrison. here in california, the price of regular gas has jumped 10 cents a gallon in the past week. it's been four months since the nationwide price topped $3 a gallon. now it's flirting with 4. that's just for regular. premium prices are already more than $4 a gallon. >> $63 for this car to fill it
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up. it's bad. >> company driver so diesel went up to like 4.18 a gallon right now. it's hurting the people. it's hurting my pocket. it's hurting the little guy trying to make it out there. >> the national average of gas price rose 4% last week and it's expected to keep going higher as unrest in the middle east and north africa sends oil past $100 a barrel. got a health warning if you know someone who went to an airport last week. the health department warns travelers may have been exposed to measles. authorities say that a passenger with the disease arrived at washington dulles international airport from london late on february 20th. two days later she flew from bwi near baltimore to denver and then on to albuquerque. officials are notifying travelers who sat close to that contagious passenger but they are also urging anyone with symptoms to contact a doctor. a new scam popping up on facebook, fake soldiers now targeting women. military officials say the
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suspects steal photos of soldiers and then they set up a profile and profess their love to a woman and then ask their victim to cut a check. investigators say they need the money for special computers or cell phones. online impersonation is a crime in california. google is looking into problems with gmail. users complain they found all of their old messages erased. the website said the problem affects less than .29% of its user base. still unclear what may have caused that problem. 88,000 acres burned and still growing. we'll tell you about the massive wildfires sweeping across texas. >> plus, some wild weather caught on tape what some people are bracing for after a day of dark and threatening skies. and the academy awards officially in the books. the one whoops moment forcing an actress to apologize on stage. ff at "land's end" in san ,,
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san francisco. investigators say he fell from a hiking trail a dramatic rescue more a man at the bottom of a cliff in lands end, san francisco. he fell from a hiking trail on a rock late saturday night and broke his ankle in the fall and spent a cold night stranded. early yesterday morning, another hiker heard his calls for help. >> , i was coming along the trailheading north and heard a yell. heard a stream and i knew immediately something was wrong somewhere so i jumped over the fence, looked down and spotted him on a rock yelling for help. >> he found another hiker with a cell phone and they called for help. fire department rescuers had to rappel down and lower the victim into the water where a jet ski took him to say. he is suffering from hypothermia. officials in new zealand say the cost of damage from
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last tuesday's earthquake could reach $15 billion. the 6.3 quake killed at least 148 people in christchurch. now the prime minister is raising cost estimates up from $12 billion to $15 billion. he announced an initial package of financial measures yesterday and some of that money will be going to employers to help pay workers who can't go back to work because of the quake damage. wildfires sweeping across west texas has destroyed dozens of homes and forced evacuations there. gusty winds continue to fuel the fire overnight. so far the flames have blackened nearly 88,000 acres, destroyed 58 homes there. heavy smoke from one fire north of midland caused bad visibility leading to an accident that killed a 5-year- old girl. a tornado watch lifted after a day of dark and threatening skies over 11 counties. in oakland, these formations are part of a super cell moving
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through the area -- in oklahoma. they produced gusty winds and hail in oklahoma. residents have to brace for strong west winds which will sweep dust across the state of oklahoma today. and you may not lyrics to that song, it never rains in southern california. right? but yesterday, it snowed. this is a golf course in burbank. it covered in white as you can see. not a huge accumulation but enough to get creative and build a snowman there. >> not too much of that around here. but the sierra got hit. >> they got a couple of feet of snow in the high sierra. burbank the first time they had snow in 60 years. we had snow in the north and south and flurries in the city. not quite enough for a snowman, though. we are beginning to warm up. partly cloudy, a few cold spots but a 10 degrees warmup from yesterday at this time.
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>> temperature-wise, it means we'll be in the upper 50s to low 60s with a chance of warm rain moving into the north bay tonight should be light, hit or miss type activity staying to the north until wednesday when we'll see the front cross the greater bay area and bring with it the threat of some measurable precipitation, no frozen precipitation expected this time. today upper 50s to low 60s throughout the bay area as we are getting back to near normal for this time year. this is still a little cooler than would you expect for this time year. but only by a couple degrees not the chillout that we had here this weekend across the area as in the north. we'll see more clouds and mid- 50s prevailing there. more warm rain headed our way through the week. looks like tuesday night into wednesday we'll catch the brunt of it. scattered showers through the end of the week as a more typical pattern returns to carry us through the weekend. right now, let's check in with elizabeth and see what's
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happening with traffic. >> well, we are still following these two crashes both happened before 4:30 this morning. first, let's go out live towards san jose. here's live look at 101 traffic. this is near the mckee exit today. you can see traffic still very light heading into -- or up towards santa clara. so thank you for that live traffic shot. all right. now let's go to our maps and we can show you what it looks like up and down the nimitz freeway. sensors showing top speeds. they have the high street on- ramp to northbound 880 still shut down an accident around 3:20 this morning so chp still on scene. we just know a couple cars are involved. so you're going to have to find alternates. in the meantime we'll let you know when that ramp reopens. in the meantime they got one lane open southbound 280 in daly city approaching serramonte boulevard a two-car crash there, as well. again just now one right lane blocked. all the other approaches to the bay bridge around the east bay quiet, light approaching the
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pay gates. there was some overnight roadwork near this 880/92 interchange towards the san mateo bridge. everybody picked up, no issues between hayward and foster city. through downtown san jose top speeds on 101, 280, the guadalupe parkway looks great. i realize this traffic is shot is this time of the morning but you can make out a couple of headlights making their way towards the 880 and mass transit is on time. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. elizabeth, did you watch the oscars last night? >> i went to a little oscar gathering. i did, so i'm a little tired too. >> i stayed up until 8:30. did you think they were boring? >> honestly, it was a bunch of girls all drinking wine so... >> you were just looking at the
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fashion. >> you could be watching the three stooges. were the oscars on? i have guess so. >> everyone gave the host -- no one liked him. i thought james franco was dull. >> it was an experiment to try to get a younger demographic but i still go for people like steve martin. >> it was a night of glitz and glamour but few surprises. most of the favorites won. karen brown tells us the biggest shocker didn't come from the golden envelope but from the acceptance speeches. >> reporter: the 83rd academy awards turned out to be like the kind of feel good movie hollywood loves to produce. >> colin firth, the kings speech. >> reporter: the favorites took home the top prizes including a very humble colin firth for best actor >> i have a feeling my career just peaked. >> reporter: a very pregnant natalie portman won for best actress. >> i am so grateful to get to do the job that i do.
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i love it so much. >> oh, my gosh, you're all real! >> reporter: some of fresh faces, co-host ann hathaway and james franco got a shot at the starring roles and even tough guys like christian bale winner for best supporting actor couldn't fight back the tears. >> my wonderful wife who is my mast in the storms of life. >> reporter: of course after the ceremony it was all about the parties including this one here the most famous of them all the "vanity fair" party, where hollywood royalty revelled into the night. >> the king's speech. >> reporter: but it was british royalty that stole last night's show. "the king's speech" took home the most coveted award, best picture of the year and best director. and although these oscars would be rated pg-13 after best supporting actress winner melissa leo cursed on stage -- >> i really don't mean to offend and probably a very inappropriate place to use that word. >> reporter: when leo and all
4:56 am
the winners joined the youtube singing sensations from p.s. 22 in staten island, new york... it was a story book ending a king could be proud of. karen brown, cbs news, los angeles. >> have you seen the king's speech yet? >> i did. it was wonderful. wonderful. >> good stuff. 4:57 your time. the race for san francisco mayor about to get a little busier. the well known leader expected to announce his candidacy today. this morning another major step in the building of a new bay bridge eastern span. we'll show you coming up. and gas prices just keep inching up. we'll tell you what analysts say about whether we'll hit the $4 mark. ,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. so how high will they go? no end in sight to the rising gas prices here in the bay area. some relief at the dmv. its new plan for drivers who are still waiting to get their driver's licenses. good morning, it is monday, 2th of february. thanks so much for joining us.
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i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. the time now 4:59. let's get a quick look at your


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