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tv   The Early Show  CBS  March 5, 2011 5:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. jobs. unemployment falls below 9% for the first time in nearly two years. but with paychecks stagnant and nearly 14 million americans still out of work, there's much to be done. battle for libya. the fight between libyan forces loyal to moammar gadhafi, and the opposition, rages on this morning. as forces fight for a rebel stronghold just 30 miles from tripoli. and high school tragedy. an all-american boy sinks the winning shot. then collapses on the basketball court. wes leonard's uncle and coach remember the young man who was
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the pride of fennville, michigan. all that and more, "early," this saturday morning, march 5th, all that and more, "early," this saturday morning, march 5th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs good saturday morning to you, russ. good saturday morning to you. welcome to "the early show." i'm rebecca jarvis. >> the first saturday of march. we like to hear that. >> yeah, and the weather is coming down a little bit. it's getting a little bit better i would say. >> we like it. i'm russ mitchell. >> and the jobs picture is getting a little bit better. that is our top story this morning. the jobs report is promising. the nation's unemployment rate dipped to the lowest level in almost two years, edging down to 8.9% last month, from 9%. that's raising hopes that businesses will be more aggressive in hiring, and ultimately boost the economy. cbs news correspondent seth doane is in times square here in new york. one of the cities showing the most job growth prospects. seth, good morning. >> good morning, rebecca.
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for all of the talk of the end of the recession, and an economic recovery, a lot of people have been asking the same question, where are the jobs? well, a report out yesterday by the labor department may have started to answer that. showing the strongest sign yet that private employers may be gaining confidence. they came out in droves. thousands crowded wisconsin defense contractor oshkosh, where, along with military vehicles, they're producing 750 new jobs. >> really a nice opportunity to put some people to work at some high-paying jobs. >> reporter: nationwide, 192,000 of those jobs were added in february. up from the rather dismal 63,000 gained the month before. making the increase in february the fastest rate of hiring in nine months. according to the department of labor's jobs report, released friday. >> this morning we learned that the unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in nearly two years. >> reporter: speaking at a miami high school on friday, president obama encouraged american
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businesses to keep building on the momentum. >> so our economy has now added 1.5 million private sector jobs over the last year. and that's progress. >> reporter: but at this cleveland job fair, for soon-to-be college grads, it's clear the competition is stiff. nearly 14 million people are out of work. >> a degree is like having a high school diploma. are they going to take me just coming out of college, or somebody who has a masters and that experience? >> reporter: a bachelor's degree does shift the balance, though. the unemployment rate for those who graduated dropped to 4.3%. numbers the broader workforce cone dream about. >> coming off such a high level that you need years of strong growth to get back to full employment. >> reporter: now, hiring is strongest in factories, education, and the health care sector. but on the same day that promising jobs report was released, the stock market was actually down. in part due to rising oil prices because of tension in the middle
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east. so, rebecca, a step forward, but hardly april giant leap. >> certainly, seth doane, it could certainly have issues with our recovery. those rising prices. but we appreciate you being with us on the jobs picture. the new 8.9% unemployment rate certainly doesn't present the complete picture. it can be broken down into three parts. the good, the bad, and the ugly. and deidre from bloomberg television is here to explain. great to have you with us. >> hi, rebecca. >> let's start with the good. >> that's the best place to start. >> unemployment 8.9%. why is that apositive? >> that's a positive because, first of all, it's lower than last month. already that's a great sign. right? but it's also the third consecutive month lower. so that's good, as well. worth noting, the lowest level since april 2009. so that's almost a to-year low. so a lot of people cheering with that headline figure. >> and psychologically, there can be a benefit to that, as well. we feel better, we spend more, the economy starts getting better itself. seth mentioned some of the industries that are hiring right now. across the board, really, this
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report showed growth. are these going to be the industries that take us forward into the future? >> not so sure about that. but the reason that a lot of people took a lot of cheer from this figure is you have construction right here, of course, manufacturing, as well. services have been strong all along, but construction, and you know we've come out of such a hard space with the housing sector, that a lot of people say, okay, this indicates a sign of life there, that could be a really strong underpinning for the recovery. >> for future growth. when it comes, however, to the negatives, in the report, you say that that 192,000 addition wasn't enough. >> it's not enough. i mean, it's great. it's better than zero. which we had. or negative growth, which we saw in previous months. but 192,000 still really indicates slow and steady job growth. you have to stay at this level for 12 months just to get the unemployment level down to 8%. even if fed chairman ben bernanke said look, we're in it for a long haul. it's not a direct quote. that's what he meant. slow and steady growth until we see a normal job situation.
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also, with this february figure, this 192,000, you get a lot of people expecting more job growth. you remember that huge snowstorm that we had, it hit pretty much all of the country in january, so there were a lot of businesses who slowed down hiring in january. there were a lot of people who thought, okay, once the snow is gone, businesses are going to hire again, and so many people expecting that number to be even higher. >> right. and even bigger infusion of jobs they thought could be the case. but it wasn't so. another thing that we learned in this report is what's happening to our paychecks. the reality is, they're not rising. but other costs like gasoline and food prices are. that could be an issue going forward. >> that's exactly right. and it's going to be an issue for you and i. it's also going to be an issue for businesses. but if you just think about us, if our pay stays the same, but we have to pay more for food. we have to pay more for gasoline. remember july 2008, if you were doing a lot of road trips, you were paying more than $4 a gallon every time you went to the service station. so that becomes sort of the indirect tax, if you like. on the business side it means you have to pay more to the ceo
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of a company. you have to pay more to ship your goods. you have to pay more for electricity to run your factories. and maybe, if you're paying more for energy, you're not going to hire as many people. >> a number of economists are saying this is the turnaround. this is the report that sparks the upside growth in the future. what do you think? >> well, it seems as if you can't go forward without having a strong jobs situation, right? i mean, as many people have said, this is the number one thing that even the fed is waiting for before they adjust monetary policy and make larger decisions that affect us all. everybody looking for signs of life in the jobs picture. >> and we're seeing some of them. but we need to see that momentum continue. >> continue for the next 12 months. that's the idea. >> at least for the next 12 months. deidre, we so appreciate you being with us. have a good weekend. now here's russ. >> okay, rebecca, thank you. while there is some good news on the jobs front, the american economy is feeling the impact of the chaos in libya. price of gas is up more than 20 cents in just the past week. and a barrel of oil is now just over $104 a barrel. joining us to talk about how the middle east crisis is affecting
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your pocketbook is the editor in chief of "cbs moneywatch."com. good morning to you. >> hi, russ. >> 20 presents in the past week. is this all about libya? >> well, a lot of this is about libya. libya, before the crisis, pumped 1.5 million barrels of oil a day. that's not peanuts. but, russ, what it's really about is fear. fear that this will spread to other oil-producing countries like iran, iraq, and especially saudi arabia. >> let's stick with libya just for a moment. if the crisis in libya does continue for a few more weeks will the prices continue to rise? >> prices of gasoline are going to rise anyway, because they always rise every season as we get closer to the summer peak driving season. but as long as the crisis is contained to libya i don't think we'll get too much about the peak that we hit in 2008 which is over $4. >> no $5 a gallon gas? >> as long as we keep it to libya, that will be okay. >> there is talk of president obama tapping the strategic oil reserves. would that help the situation? >> it would help a little. when we've done this in the past it's only affected prices at the pump by a couple cents. >> airfares. anybody who's traveled, tried to book a flight, knows airfares
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are going through the roof. prices have been raised six times because of jet fuel. is that going to continue? >> it will continue, i think, remember airlines are always striking a balance between high ticket fares so they can get the most revenue, and keeping the plane full. if they start to fly planes that are half empty because people are staying away from airfares because they're too high, then those fares will come down. >> when you look at the destinations out there where airfares may be lower and higher, what are you seeing? >> i think what you need to remember is that as long as you stay flexible you can beat these higher airfares. so if you want to go to san diego, say, but it's cheaper to go to l.a., go there, rent a car, and drive there. you could save more than the cost of the rental. >> every time the airlines raise prices, you always ask yourself, a lot of people ask the question, is this just an excuse? what's going on in the middle east, to raise prices. what's the answer to that? >> well, they're not making it up. they really are hit by fuel prices. they account for 30% of an airline's cost. but airlines are in business to make money. and they'll do what the market
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will bear. they'll raise prices until people stop flying. >> as you said, you talk about gas at the pump. for the summer. it's going to get worse, right? it's not going to get any better. >> we will probably test that high that we saw in july of 2008. $4.11 a gallon. >> all right. if the crisis in the middle east continues to spread, you said we're not going to see $5 gas, what will we see? >> you know, i think that we're going to see $4. we should just get used to the idea we're going to see $4 a gallon. what i think we'll see in the middle east is, remember, we have a population there with a young population and lot of countries that have autocratic governments. that is not going to change. these people know how to use the internet. these young people. and the governments are going to have to adapt to the fact that you can't put the democracy genie back in the bottle. >> when you look at how americans are using fuel today, and prices going up, do you see americans dialing back? do you think this is just something that we have to do, $4 gas, hey, that's just the price of 5d mission? >> here's a data point for you.
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the sales of hybrid cars, electric, gas/hybrid cars are up 39% in february. good indication that in one way we're changing our habits. >> i see. eric, as always, thanks a lot. >> my pleasure. >> now back to rebecca. >> russ, thanks. now we turn to the reason for rising oil prices, the violence in libya. this morning both sides are claiming victory in the intense fighting for control of key cities around the capital of tripoli, and cbs news correspondent mark phillips is in tripoli with the latest on the libyan conflict. mark, good morning. >> good morning, rebecca. well, there is still fighting going on in at least two locations in tripoli. near tripoli. and further to the east from here. but as this conflict drags into its second week, it is looking more and more like a stalemate. if there's a front line in this rebellion, it's along the main coastal road that runs through a series of towns between benghazi in the east, and tripoli. rebels have been pushing toward a spot on the map called roz
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lanoun. an oil town held by forces loyal to the gadhafi regime. the rebels have small arms and try to make up in enthusiasm what they lack in weaponry and experience. the government forces have heavier guns, and here they have proven stubborn to dislodge. other fault lines have emerged closer to the capital. this is government supplied aerial footage of what they say is zawiyah, about 30 miles west of tripoli. both sides have claimed to be in control, after a battle appears to have swept back and forth through the town. a government counterattack was reported this morning. but eyewitnesses say the rebels are still in control at a cost of dozens of lives. but in tripoli itself, attempts at the sort of mass anti-government demonstrations that overturned regimes in egypt and tunisia have not worked here. several hundred demonstrators were beaten back by gadhafi's security forces after friday
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prayer. rebecca, this is still a situation very much in flux. the latest news we have is that the rebels, in fact, are in control and moving west along that road toward tripoli. and from zawiyah, the town that's close to here, the rebels this morning were inside the town. it's said to be ringed by government forces, including armored tanks, that kind of thing, and they are expected to launch another attack. so that town could fall again. really the key to this whole conflict involves tripoli. whether or not the rebels can get government units here, government armed units here to come over to their side as they did in benghazi and further to the east is really the key. and that is not only not happening in tripoli yet, with the close ties between those military units and members of the gadhafi family, that is not a likely scenario. >> so, mark, if the rebels don't take tripoli it sounds like this could be a divided country. >> well, it could.
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it's settling in. the rebel council, the revolutionary council, has set up in benghazi, has begun to act like the government. and really, the issue is that neither side really has the strength to cause the other one to submit. i said in the report that the rebels are very enthusiastic, but there are reports this morning that their major arms dump just outside of libya has been blown. that's where the ammunition and the weaponry has been coming from. they really don't have the force to overcome the government units that are here. and also the government itself isn't strong enough at this point to push them back. so this is looking like a stalemate. this could be weeks or months in the resolution. >> mark phillips in tripoli. thank you. we will continue to follow the story. now here's russ. >> thank you, rebecca. there may finally be some good news in the libyan conflict. the humanitarian crisis involving thousands of refugees fleeing across the border to tunisia may be starting to ease. cbs news correspondent allen pizzey is nearly 200 miles from tripoli in the port city of
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zarzis, tunisia. what's the latest? >> well, russ, the flow of refugees across the border has tapered off drastically from between 10,000 and 15,000 a day down to about 2,000 a day. the focus now is on getting people back to their home countries. two u.s. c-130 cargo planes delivered relief supplies from stocks held in italy. but the 4,000 blankets, and plastic sheeting for shelter and nearly 10,000 water containers may not be needed now. the transit camp for refugees is being emptied almost as fast as it fills up. egyptian workers, who make up the bulk of more than 95,000 people who fled in to tunisia are the best off. their government has sent planes to repate rat them. the bottom of the pecking order belongs to the bangladeshis. the u.n. estimated there are 5,000 at the border but that number was quickly doubled. with no local diplomatic representation and no help from their government, they even had to walk the three miles from the border to the transit camp. so far only two planes have come
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to take them home, and they can only handle a few hundred at a time. the big uncertainty now, relief officials say, is how many more migrant workers may be trapped inside libya and when they might arrive at the borders. as many as 1.5 million foreigners were working in libya when the revolt began more than two weeks ago. simple math says at least a million may still be there. the fighting to the west of tripoli leads people here to believe there could be a lot of people trapped and as soon as there's any kind of lull in the fighting they could come across the border and that's why they're really working at getting people out of here. this morning, six planes left from the airport behind me. all taking egyptians and flight plans are being put in place to take the bangladeshis out. they're the biggest problem because there's so many of them. >> that's today, allen. as we move down the road are there more plans to get folks out? >> yes, indeed, there are. they keep trying to find more planes to come in. there was some suggestion that u.s. planes would take some people out of here. that doesn't appear to be necessary at the moment.
5:17 am
but they've got to keep them moving, because the transit camp at the border is not a place they want people to stay very long. the tunisians obviously do not want people stuck here around the airport and getting fed up and disappearing into the local economy. this is a pineline that has to be flowing. that's where the focus is now. >> allen pizzey in tunisia. thanks so much. it is 17 minutes past the hour. let's get our first check of the morning's headlines with cbs news correspondent and "morning news" anchor betty nguyen. she's at the news desk. >> good morning, russ. good morning, everybody. friday was a day that had been feared in the wisconsin budget battle. governor scott walker notified state employee unions that he plans to lay off 1500 workers if his budget bill isn't passed in 15 days. cbs news correspondent cynthia bowers has more from madison. >> reporter: when an assemblyman can't even get to his office without being taken down by wisconsin capitol police trying to keep demonstrators out, when a republican senator is mobbed by pro-union protesters, the
5:18 am
situation in madison is clearly at a boiling point. capitol police did finally manage to control protesters to leave the building, including holdouts who had turned this dignified state house into a flop house for 17 days and nights. by making camp and refusing to leave. while mock funeral goers mocked the republican governor for his plan to balance the budget by severely curbing the power for public worker unions here -- >> i'm still trying -- >> reporter: scott walker made good on a threat to trigger a layoff process that could eventually cost 1500 state workers their jobs. walker blames the layoffs on those 14 democratic senators, still on the run for 16 days now, trying to postpone a vote on his controversial budget repair bill. the republican senators have declared the democrats fugitives, and vow this kind of government shoulddown won't happen again. >> we're going to have to prevent this from ever happening again.
5:19 am
and we will do that in very direct ways as soon as the senators are back. >> reporter: these layoff notices went out from the governor's office. but because the process itself takes several weeks, there may still be time for both sides in this heated debate to find a middle ground that it so far managed to ee lead them. cynthia bowers, cbs news, madison, wisconsin. president obama is calling on congress to find a common ground on a budget deal to avert a government shutdown. he's urging a compromise to bridge a $50 billion difference in proposals by democrats and republicans. competing plans are expected to go to test votes in the senate next week. the government is currently running on a stopgap spending bill that expires on march 18th. negotiations between the national football league and its players union are going in to overtime. talks for a new collective bargaining agreement will continue for one more week. owners and players are trying to avoid a lockout, and what is
5:20 am
expected to be a lengthy legal battle. the two sides remain far apart, primarily on how to divide $9 billion of annual revenue. talks will resume on monday. in cuba, the trial of a u.s. government contractor enters its second day. 61-year-old allen gross arrived at court yesterday. he's charged with trying to undermine the country's communist government. the maryland native is accused of illegally bringing communications equipment into cuba. he faces 20 years behind bars. the u.s. government has called on cuba to allow him to leave unconditionally. and a suspect is under arrest in the east coast rapist attacks. aaron thomas taken his new haven connecticut home. and a yankest new york firefighter something hailed a hero today.
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the dramatic rescue, a worker was left dangling on the side of a build 1g00 feet above the ground when their scaffolding collapse. the firefighter rappelled down the building attaching the workers to his harness and lowering them to the ground. here's lonnie quinn with a look at the weather. that was -- >> it was scary, fascinating. >> we didn't even have a local newscast here in new york city yesterday because we watched that from start to finish on air live. it was amazing. the guys actually fell like around 5:00. by 6:30 we tossed to katie couric. here are your weather headlines. we have had big rain in the midwest over the past couple of weeks. more rain today. keep your eye on the rivers. not talking just the small tributaries. i mean the big players. the mississippi, the ohio river, this area has picked up 5 to 9 inches of rain over the past two weeks. now the snow is starting to melt. that adds to it, and for
5:22 am
portions of the mississippi, the southern portions. it's not going to crest until march 22nd. it just keeps building until then. rain today is going to make it worse. flood watches in effect for pittsburgh, columbus, lexington. we're talking an additional one to three inches of rain on top of what this area has already received. heavy downpours. get ready for a very active start to the spring flooding season. >> make it a great day wherever you are. we just talked quickly about that rescue here in new york city. up in yankers. the guys were only an arm's length away from an open window. they just couldn't quite get there. >> thank you so much.
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coming up this morning, tragedy on the court. a high school basketball star dies after sinking the game-winning shot. we'll talk with wes leonard's uncle and coach this morning about what made this 16-year-old all-american just so special. plus we doing our "early" show tax challenge. what's the best way to get a big tax refund? we have followed a couple, a young couple, as they tested three different methods. and we'll tell you which one brought them the biggest bucks, the biggest returns. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up this morning, remembering wes leonard. an inspiration on and off the court. on thursday night, the high school basketball star scored a game-winning lay-up in ot. he collapsed soon afterward and died. >> a few minutes we're going to be speaking with two people who know him, who love him, who know him so well who are mourning him today. his uncle and his coach. 3q,,
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we have the tax queen with us today. rebecca jarvis. >> you could call me that. how about you guys? how do you do your taxes? >> i dread it. a very slowly. i'm still in the midst of getting all the paperwork together. that's the hard part. >> the prep work. >> i'm the son of two cpas. my mom, my dad, they've always done my taxes. last year was the first year i actually went to an entertainment accountant. >> yeah. >> and i think my mom and dad are okay with it. it actually worked out better. >> wow. >> hopefully they are. now. >> did you tell them what you were going to do? >> listen, my mom said you may want to get someone who specializes in this. let's see how it works. if not we'll go back to my mom and dad doing it again. >> i bet their way was a little
5:28 am
bit better, mom and dad? >> a lot better. >> rebecca is going to have tips for us. i always go to a cpa. i know people who do their own taxes and have done it for years. >> i do my own taxes, guys. >> will you do our taxes? >> no. no. one person's taxes is enough. actually i get e-mails all the time from viewers with tax questions and i'm behind on answering their questions right now. that's why i haven't done my own yet. >> are you even considering going to somebody who specializes in sort of entertainment? >> actually, i think that, after doing this story, and you'll see the results, i think that there are merits to all of the options, and it will be very interesting and revealing to see the couple that we spoke to in miami. what they found. because there is a big difference. they found a very, very big difference. >> a huge difference. >> in terms of what you could get. >> so we will see. >> we will see. we're going to see, betty. >> find out. the fact that you do all this stuff online. >> right. more people are doing their taxes online. than any other place. it works out.
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new cinnamon burst cheerios. prepare your taste buds. central park on the first saturday in march. a wonderful sight. i love saying that. the first saturday of march. >> it feels good. we're almost there. spring. >> yes. welcome back to "the early show," i'm russ mitchell. >> and i'm rebecca jarvis. russ, how much money do you think americans spend on their taxes every year? >> a lot. >> a lot. $30 billion or almost that much on tax prep every year. so what is the best way to file? well, you want to get the biggest refund, right? >> that's always good. >> we are going to tell you the secret to many happy returns. >> hmm, okay. here's something you probably don't hear every day. less teens are having sex. hmm. we'll take a look at a new study that says abstinence is up.
5:31 am
we'll examine why that may be happening. >> it's all ahead. but first we turn to the sudden death and the tragic death of 16-year-old wes leonard, who died thursday after leading his high school basketball team to a perfect season. cbs news correspondent dean reynolds joins us from fennville high school in fennville, michigan. dean, good morning. >> rebecca, good morning. well this school and this whole town of 1500 are in mourning today, for a star athlete who died at the moment of perhaps his greatest triumph. it was the end to a perfect regular season for the fennville blackhawks, and their star junior, wes leonard, led the way to the team's 20th victory of the year. that lay-up in overtime concluded a come-from-behind win and triggered a jubilant celebration on the court. but it all suddenly stopped, as leonard collapsed and hit the floor, unresponsive. his teammates were stunned, and heartbroken. >> he was always like a happy person.
5:32 am
like he was never sad. happy, happy, happy. >> he was a fun guy to have around, to hang out with. like a brother to everybody else. >> reporter: leonard died just two hours after collapsing. the victim of an enlarged heart that apparently no one knew about. but physicians say it's often a well-concealed time bomb. >> it can often be very subtle and difficult to pick up in people who are not symptomatic. and most people, who are young, are not symptomatic until they get their lethal event. >> reporter: wes was said to be in terrific shape. a two-sport athlete. a leader for his teammates. and more. >> wes leonard was the quintessential all-american kid. that smalltown boy, the quarterback. the basketball star. >> now wes leonard's basket the
5:33 am
other night advanced his team to the district playoffs. but because of this tragedy, they've yet to decide whether they're going to play the game on monday. and i think you can understand why they might need some time to think about it. rebecca? >> absolutely. dean, thank you for joining us. and joining us this morning from fennville, michigan, is wes leonard's uncle jim leonard, and fennville high school's head basketball coach ryan klingler. good morning to both of you. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> this must be a very, very difficult time for both of you. jim, i'd like to begin with you. you were there at this game. you saw this unfold. how are you and wes' parents coping right now. >> well, not very good, quite honestly. yeah. not very good. we're having a really tough time. it's wes left us, you know, just
5:34 am
a huge void and i don't know how we're going to ever get over this, quite honestly. >> mm-hmm. coach, you were so close to wes. you call yourself his coach and his friend. i can see that the community is really banding to the over this very special man. >> they are. you know, he touched so many people, not only in our school, but in our community. the teachers, the coaches that he played for. but even the people outside of fennville. he just made -- he made friends wherever he went. he made them quickly and he made them closely. and, you know, we -- we had a model last year on our team that we tried to strive by, as being uncommon. and wes was uncommon. there's -- he just was a passionate individual, with such
5:35 am
a passion for life, to live it the right way, and to make a difference. he wanted to be wes leonard. and he had a definition in his mind, in his soul, of what that meant. he was going to do it. >> and coach, it meant winning, helping lead your team to a victory on thursday night. how did it feel in that moment when wes scored the winning shot? >> you know, we expected that from wes. his teammates, and our coaching staff. he always raised to the occasion when you needed him most, whether it was on the court or probably off the court. and you know, at that time, it was -- you're at the high of the highs, because of just the way our team fought together. banded together to find a way to win that game. we were -- it was definitely a high point, and just a lot of positive energy.
5:36 am
>> jim, what do you remember of that night at the game? >> i'm sorry? >> what do you remember? you were there at the game. what are your memories of his winning score? >>. team is a really good team, and we expected that because of wes we expected them to go all the way to state. they're just that good. and it was a tough team. this was the same team that knocked him out of the playoffs last year, to keep us from going to state. and so it was an extremely emotional game. we were down at halftime, and then came back and took it to overtime. and then with not much time left, wes hit the winning shot, and the crowd just went crazy. it was -- it was just amazing. it was so loud. my ears were ringing. so it was an amazing shot. >> well, and that shot is what -- is enabling this team to
5:37 am
play in the state tournament. coach, what we've heard is that you're still undecided. have you made any decisions about what you'll do with your team on monday? >> we're going to get together today sometime and talk about the stuff. and talk to some other people that need to be involved in that decision, that are close to us. we're going to try to do what -- what's right. what's appropriate. and we'll make that decision hopefully sometime later today. >> jim, before we go, what would you like the nation to know about your nephew? >> wes, you know, as far as an athlete goes, his statistics speak for themselves. i mean, he was an incredible basketball player. but as far as football goes, he may have been the best quarterback i've ever seen at the high school level. but that's nothing compared to the type of kid he was.
5:38 am
everybody loved him. i mean, people just wanted to be around him, of all ages. he was really good with even babies. he would hold them, teenage boys don't want to be around babies. but he -- little kids, you'd see them after a basketball game and little kids would just come up and want to just touch him, just because he was that -- that type of a guy. a friend of ours told me yesterday that the kids in fennville don't look up to the kobe's and the lebrons, they want to be like wes. you know. and then even adults, we sit in the stands, and we live our life vicariously through wes. you know, it was -- it was amazing. the kid was amazing. >> well, jim leonard around ryan klingler, we really appreciate you being with us. thank you for your time. of course our thoughts are with you. >> thank you. >> now here's lonnie with another check of the weather. >> all right, rebecca, thanks
5:39 am
very much. let's talk about our weather headlines. because here's how we see it out there. there is going to be a soaker. all right. in the midwest. it's going to be bringing a lot of rain. there's also going to be storms that will push into the southeast. it's going to be rainy and snowy for the northwest, as well. but you know what, if we move forward, show you the map that will depict the whole country. this is that storm i'm talking about out around the northwest. so take a look at it. it's there. however, look at what is rolling through the midwest and portions of the southeast. that storm, for the northwest, is going to bring about a quarter of an inch of coastal rain, whereas in the midwest, some towns picking up to three inches. >> all right, make it a great
5:40 am
day wherever you are. >> mr. quinn, thank you so much. up next some unexpected results from a new study. fewer teens are having sex. find out why and what young people are just saying no, after this. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. you feel good? oh, yeah. v8 juice gives you 3 of your 5 daily servings of vegetables. v8. what's your number? hey babe. oh, hi honey! so i went to the doctor today, then picked up a few extra things for the baby. oh boy... i used our slate card with blueprint. we can design our own plan to avoid interest by paying off diapers and things each month. and for the bigger stuff, we can pay down our balance faster to save money on interest. bigger? bigger. announcer: chase slate with blueprint helps you save money on life's little surprises. trip...lets... announcer: start your path to saving today. call 855-get-slate. delicious news for dessert lovers. introducing activia dessert.
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surprising results from a new study by the centers of disease control and prevention. the number of young people ages 15 to 24 who have never had sex actually rose 6% in the past decade to 28%. why are more teens and young adults abstaining? here to shed some light is our "early" show contributor dr. jennifer hartstein who is a child, adolescent and family psychologist. jen, good morning to you. >> good morning, russ. >> were you surprised by the results of this study? >> i was surprised, actually. i still have some questions. it's really nice to see that teens are being more responsible. maybe having sex less. that still says 72% are having sex. so, noteworthy number to have in mind. but how neat that it is coming down. >> why do you think, according to the study, fewer teens are having sex? >> i think there are a lot of things to factor in. we have to factor in family involvement. i think parents being involved with their kids, knowing more
5:44 am
about what's going on with them. key. always important keys. i think school sex ed is starting younger. which we always questioned. but i think the earlier we educate our children, the more they know for later, and lastly, in some of the reports, it says teens are just too busy. they're so overtaxed. they're in school, they're having jobs, they're sports, their friends. they don't have time for relationships and sex. >> it's not high on their list of priorities. >> and maybe that's a good thing. because then they're focusing on themselves and what they want to do to build a life towards the future. and so it's going to have decreases in problems with self-esteem. problems with relationships, those kinds of things. >> i think many of us were happy but surprised. when we saw this report. sex is everywhere. you watch tv and there's no such thing as a family hour on television. it's everywhere. do you think, in some way, kids are seeing that on television, in the media, and are rejecting this? >> i do. i think they're inundated with these sexual images so they're almost numb to it. you know, while you have had all these conversations about skins
5:45 am
and how it's going to have all these teenagers having sex and drinking and drugging. >> the television show. >> on mtv. and how it was going to be this really bad image for our children. and no one's really watching it because they just don't care about it that much. it's not part of their lifeline. and we have to be aware of the fact that interestingly, there's a bombardment of imagery, the bombardment of sex messages might be like, oh, who cares, it's no big deal. it's not like that excitement of having found it. >> down 6%, are we seeing a similar decrease in teen pregnancy? >> yes, we are. there are some exceptions to that rule, but overall, there's been a decrease, terrific news. maybe the things like those tv shows, "16 and pregnant," "teen mom" that are showing the hardships of being a parent of a child while you're a teenager might be great psas. might be great public service announ announcements for our teens not to get pregnant. >> do you expect this decline to continue? >> hard to say. i have my doubts about how, you know, we're defining what we're defining. so i think it would be nice if it can and it shows our kids
5:46 am
really focusing on taking care of themselves and not having sex to build relationships. it would be great if we could see it go that way. i'm curious to see what happens in the next study. >> down 6%, not down 50%. >> exactly. >> put it in perspective. >> i think that's important to remember. and parents need to stay involved in order to really keep that number going down. >> so true. jen hartstein, as always, thanks a lot. >> thanks, russ. >> for more on teens and sex you can go to our partner in health, and search "teen sexuality activity." up next, what's the best way to file your taxes? we put three to the test. and reveal which one brought home the biggest refund. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. hing my face. but sometimes i wonder... what's left behind? [ female announcer ] introducing purifying facial cleanser from neutrogena® naturals. developed with dermatologists... it's clinically proven to remove 99% of dirt and toxins and purify pores. and with natural willowbark it contains no dyes, parabens or harsh sulfates. dirt and toxins do a vanishing act and my skin feels pure and healthy.
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crisp veggies, in a savory cheddar sauce. new from lean cuisine. it is tax time. and a lot of people are wondering what is the best way to file to get the biggest refund. well, to find out we asked a young miami couple to take our tax challenge. file their taxes three different ways. online. at a local h&r block office, and with a certified public accountant. so which way was best? well, just take a look. every year, millions of
5:50 am
americans pour money into tax filing services, trying to get back the biggest bang for their buck. in 2010, $27.7 billion went into tax preparation services. so with all that money on the line, what's the best way to file this year? to find out we asked miami couple adrienne and nad moukar to take our tax challenge. >> there were so many moving parts this year. >> reporter: and have them try three popular methods. online with turbo tax, h&r block and a local cpa. did you have any expectations going on? >> all i wanted was how much is it going to cost? >> are you sure? >> reporter: they found turbo tax straightforward and very affordable at $74.95. but a little stressful. you know that you're putting in the right information but you don't really know why or what it means. and it's nerve-racking because if you do the wrong thing -- >> reporter: the tax man cometh. >> yes, he does. >> hi. >> reporter: the next competitor, h&r block was more
5:51 am
than twice the price of turbo tax, there the couple got a surprise. they learned they couldn't claim expenses for their just-launched business until next year. >> we actually have the wrong form from what we were supposed to have. now we know to contact the irs before it's too late. >> keep track of everything. >> reporter: finally they went to a certified public accountant, who was the most expensive competitor in this challenge, at $350. >> i think the cpa was more all-encompassing and analyzed what our full story was a lot more than doing it ourselves or going to h&r block. >> reporter: so, who saved our o couple the most? turbo tax charged $74.95 and quoted a $3100 tax refund. h&r block cost $200. the refund there, nearly $2800. and the tax challenge winner was the cpa, who charged $350, and said they'd get back more than $4,000 on this year's return. are you more confident as a young couple with your finances? >> we're going to take some of the things we've learned and
5:52 am
apply them to the coming year to see what we can do next year. for once i'm excited to do my taxes. >> okay, rebecca. what we take from this, if you can afford it go to the cpa? >> it can be a good option. but you really need to do your diligence up froent. first of all you want to get pricing. because not every cpa is going to charge the same amount. you also want to check their references. not all cpas, not all accountants are created equal. you can go to the american institute of cpas. they'll tell you about good cpas in your yair. and lastly you have to get organized up front. the way that this couple really cut down on the cost of the cpa was by coming in, bringing in all their materials organized. they're going to charge you by the hour. and the less work you make them do in getting you organized, if you bring your receipts in a big box, well guess what? that's going to take you a lot more time to get organized. >> so you want to go to the online route, save some money. >> well, first of all, you have to be careful when you go the online route. i do it. i'm not afraid of it. and you don't have to be.
5:53 am
but you really need to double-check your work. and the irs every year puts together a list of all the things that people did wrong. all the blunders. number one, they did not put their social security right at the top. >> really? >> you've got to double-check that work before you do -- and also there is free help out there from aarp, which is for senior citizens. if you're a senior citizen you can get free help. you can go to the irs. they will give you free help. make sure if you're doing it yourself you don't hit send or you don't send it in before answering those questions. >> and you do your own? >> i do my own. >> are you available the next week or so? >> i am not. but go to our website, and they have some great tips for you. always good stuff.ecca. we're coming right back. this is "the early show" on cbs. give me half an hour. ahhh. ♪ ohh! ♪ [ male announcer ] so simple you could make em yourself. breakfast!!
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5:57 am
or daughter traveling outside of the country, you've got some essential safety trips from which destinations they should avoid to the best way to keep in touch with them in case something goes wrong. and you want to do that. so spring break. >> yeah. >> i didn't do spring break in college, no. >> i always wanted to do it. my parents wouldn't let me. they knew what kids did on spring break. i wasn't allowed out of the house. >> lonnie? >> if my son's watching i know i should just keep -- i never did. did you? >> my grandparents live in naples. so i always on my spring break would go down to naples. sit out in the sun. >> it's more of a spring break down. >> we would eat dinner at 4:00 p.m. >> do tell, and? >> it's funny. just every college across the country would just converge on fort lauderdale. i will say the city council in fort lauderdale. "a," they love the revenue it
5:58 am
brought in. but "b," they hated the rowdy college kids. then they really sort of like tried to get the college kids out. they lost all that money and boy were they sorry about that. >> do you have those pictures of lonnie? from the '80s and spring break? >> with my mullet in fine form. >> as an adult when you plan your vacation around spring break you've got to think of these things. it was like spring break time. >> we actually let my 13-year-old decide where we're going to go on spring break, which is next week for him. >> you're going skiing? >> he's taking my wife and i snowboarding out to park city, utah. >> because you haven't seen snow this season weatherman lonnie f >> exactly. >> i used to go to spring training gigs in florida. >> in tampa? >> in tampa and saint pete where the cardinals used to play. and why, you would see the spring breakers down there. i would say to myself, why didn't i do this when i was a kid? because it looked like a lot of fun. >> you know, the players at those spring games, it's awe. . >> i'm sure spring break was a lot more fun. >> a lot kind of other up close and personal stuff going on.
5:59 am
>> a different experiences. >> we'll be back with the pictures of lonnie. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. recently tested automatic dishwashing detergents. they rated finish quantum number one, beating the competition ! try finish quantum for amazing clean and shine. satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
6:00 am
and welcome to the second hour of "the early show" here on cbs. i'm russ mitchell. >> and i'm rebecca jarvis. good morning. a lot of people, a lot of college students especially, are on spring break right now. their first week of spring break. well, let's just imagine for a second that could be your kid. >> ouch! yes. >> so what do you need to do to be sure that your son or daughter is safe on their spring break? there are a lot of tips, and we have them for you on how to make sure they come home in one piece. >> yes. >> back to mom and dad, and feel good. >> want to make sure they keep in touch with you while they're there. >> absolutely. we're going to tell you how to do that.
6:01 am
>> also in 55 days until the big royal wedding. >> the countdown. >> the countdown continues. a lot of invitations went out this week. a lot more invitations went out this week. we'll tell you who's on the list. we'll tell you about the website they have, announcing their engagements, and kate has been on the road. and we'll see how she's been received by the public. >> yeah, well, she's usually well-received, russ. >> we'll have it all in just a few munts. we're going to begin this morning with more on the fighting in libya. it's pretty intense between rebel forces and soldiers loyal to leader moammar gadhafi. at stake, key cities around tripoli, the capital. that's where we find cbs news correspondent mark phillips. good morning and what's the latest? >> good morning, russ. well, intense, i must say. the fighting is taking place in two different locations. one is well to the east of here around the oil town of ra ras lanouf. there the rebels took control yesterday, lost it today against government forces and now seems to have overnight taken control of the town again and moved west even from there. but right outside of tripoli,
6:02 am
about 30 miles to the west of here, that is significant, there's a battle raging, a seesaw battle in the town of zawiyah where the rebels have taken control, lost it, the government went in. now the rebels have pushed the government back out. but the town is said to be ringed by government armor, which is poised and ready to move in again. russ? >> okay. mark phillips in tripoli. thank you so much. it is two minutes past the hour. let's now get another check of the morning's headlines with cbs news correspondent betty nguyen. good morning. >> good morning, russ. and good morning, everybody. the chinese government has a warning to pro-democracy groups inspired by popular upridings in the middle east -- don't. china has become increasingly anxious about calls on the internet urging chinese demonstrators to stage peaceful rallies every sunday like the ones that toppled autocrats in tunisia and egypt. at least three human rights activists have reportedly been detained in the last few weeks and in spite of government opposition, rallies are planned in china tomorrow. in christchurch, new
6:03 am
zealand, searchers' prayers have been answered. as many as 22 people were feared dead inside the city's well-known cathedral. when its bell tower collapsed during the 6.3 quake. this morning, authorities declared there were no victims found in that rubble. at least 165 are believed to have died in the quake. well, today is the last day of maintenance projects aboard the international space station before the space shuttle "discovery" heads back to earth. the shuttle astronauts, and the space station crew, will work on the station's air system. this is the ship's final voyage. after wednesday's touchdown, the "discovery" will be recovered and put into a museum. the author of the book that inspired the movie drugstore cowboy was sentenced to 16 years in prison for robbing a seattle area drugstore. james vogel was sentenced on friday. he has spent much of his adult life in prison. drugstore cowboy was loosely based on his life, robbing pharmacies to support his addiction. and tomorrow night on "60
6:04 am
minutes," correspondent bob simon joins documentary filmmaker john downer aboard an icebreaker in the arctic circle to capture polar bears up close and personal, like you have never seen them before. >> what her cub seemed to want, was to be on camera. >> don't tell me she's looking at the camera. >> just fascinating there. you can see bob simon's complete polar bear segment tomorrow night on "60 minutes," 7:00 eastern, 6:00 central right here on cbs. well, it's four minutes past the hour. time for another check of the weather. isn't that just fascinating? >> you ever go to central park and see the polar bears? >> i haven't seen them yet. although the weather's been perfect for polar bears this winter. >> what a winter in terms of snowfall. we don't see any snowfall for new york city. the hottest spots and the chilly spots. hottest spot will be labelle, florida. you're going to get up to 83 degrees today. coldest, edmore, north dakota, dropping down to 3 degrees below zero.
6:05 am
best weather, stamp of approval to hurley, new mexico, sunshine, 64 degrees. nice, low humidity. if you take a look, the entire state of new mexico, nothing but sunshine. beautiful weather there. but it is not beautiful weather for the front that's pushing through portions of the midwest. in fact, we have got flood watches from pennsylvania all the way down to tennessee. up to three inches of rain. and i'll tell you, as this pushes through, places just south of buffalo and syracuse, new york, you're not going to pick up rain. you pick up snow. and you're going to pick up about 2 1/2 feet of snow out of this by the time you get to monday morning. that's a quick look at that national picture. >> this weather segment
6:06 am
sponsored by nicorette. quilting smoking sucks but nicorette can make it suck less. learn more. >> okay, lonnie, thank you very much. tuesday marks two months since jared lee laucher in opened fire in tucson, arizona, killing six and wounding 13, including representative began regiffords. on friday prosecutors filed a new indictment which includes charges of deaths of six people, two of them federal employees. cbs news correspondent ben tracy has more. >> reporter: this new photo shows congresswoman gabrielle giffords talking to her constituents just seconds before she was shot on january th. the accused gunman, 22-year-old jared lee lauche er loughner isg the death penalty. >> this indictment is comprehensive and its solid and seeks to vindicate the civil rights of these victims violated by loughner. >> reporter: on friday, the u.s. attorney announced a 49-count indictment, including federal murder charges for the death of
6:07 am
judge john roll, and congressional aide gabe zirmman. if convicted, loughner could be executed. he also now faces federal murder charges for the other four nongovernment employees killed. including 9-year-old christina taylor green. because they were participating in a federally provided activity. >> so what the federal government wants to do is it wants to trump the state charges. it wants to take crop of this case. try this defendant for every one of these charges and put him to death, potentially, for those charges. >> reporter: meanwhile, congresswoman gabrielle giffords continues her recovery in houston. her staff says she is showing emotion and memory skills, even singing the lyrics to the song "american pie." as for jared loughner, he's pled not guilty to earlier federal charges. he's now due back in court on wednesday. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. joining us with a closer look at these new charges is former federal prosecutor sunny houston. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you've seen the indictment. in fact you have it right there in your hand. what jumps out at you?
6:08 am
>> it really is novel. that's what jumps out at me. typically federal prosecutors have to have a federal hook. we know initially they were charging him because judge roll was a federal judge that was killed. he was being charged with that murder. he was also being charged, of course, with the maiming of the congresswoman. that was the federal hook. this time, 49-count indictment, 28 pages, they are charging for the assault and murders of the civilians. and the way they are doing that is they're basically claiming the fact that they were attending this sort of congress on the corner made that corner the safeway corner almost congressional ground. it was a federally protected activity. i will say this, there's no question that he did this. so many witnesses. why bring that sort of novel count, that novel legal argument here? >> yeah. >> makes me a little uncomfortable. this is certainly going to be an issue on appeal. >> six people were killed. murder charges in two of these cases. why just two? >> well, right now with this new indictment, they are bringing in the murders of the other ones, as well. >> i understand. >> and that's why it's just a little bit different.
6:09 am
many people are saying, russ, that it's because they want justice for the families. they don't want the state to be involved at this point. they want the federal government to get justice for those families. >> loughner will be arraigned next week. what can we expect to see? >> i think we're going to see more of the same. remember he sort of had that crazed look at the last arraignment. he didn't speak. the judge entered a not guilty plea for him. i think we're going to see a lot of that. we may see his mental competency put forth. judy clark, his attorney, is a wonderful attorney. she's sort of a dream team attorney for him. she's a specialist in sort of getting people off for mental insanity. o i think we may hear a littl bit about that at this arraignment. >> interesting, prosecutors have not asked for the death penalty at this point. given a case like this, people know he did this, he's innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, why haven't they? >> having been at the u.s. attorney's office, having been a federal prosecutor, this is a long and tedious process. when you want to bring a death penalty case, as a prosecutor, it goes all the way up to the attorney general. eric holder, our attorney general, will certainly have a
6:10 am
say in this. so there is a capital review case committee. it will go to that committee. and it usually takes about 90 days. >> okay. you mention the insanity defense. if you're the defense attorney, is that the best way to go? >> no question about it. but i will say this, and so many people think, well insanity defense. you know, it's always successful. it is rarely, rarely successful. in 3% of the cases. >> only 3%? >> only 3%. and so i think this is not a question of whether or not he's going to be convicted. he's going to be convicted. it's a question of whether or not he will be put to death. and i think judy clark is gunning up for that. >> and the prosecutors in this case, are there any pitfalls for them? any land mines they could fall in? >> i can't see it. i hate to say something is a slam dunk. again, everyone saw him. this was a premeditated act. i think he's going to be found guilty. he's going to be convicted. but it's only a question of whether or not he will be put to death. >> i'm not an attorney. i would think at some point his defense attorneys will say, how can this guy get a fair trial anywhere in this country? do you think he can get a fair trial?
6:11 am
is that a valid argument? >> you know it's an argument the defense is making. i don't think it's a valid argument. i really believe in our justice system. i think they can find a jury in arizona that can look at the evidence and decide whether or not he's guilty or innocent. this case is so saturated. everyone knows about it. why move the case? i mean how are you going to find a jury that hasn't heard about it? somewhere else. so why not just keep it in arizona. so the victims can go to the trial and testify and not be inconvenienced. >> again the arraignment's coming up this week. sunny hostin, thanks. really do appreciate it. we are coming right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. it is. look at your suckometer. oh, i just quit smoking, and the craving's really suck after a meal. okay. ding! [ male announcer ] quitting sucks. nicorette makes it suck less, doubling your chances of success. [ smack! ] [ smack! smack! smack! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum ta tum tum tums
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♪ activia activia dessert. rich, indulgent chocolaty brownies you don't have to open your oven... just the refrigerator. ready-to-eat pillsbury sweet moments. find them in the refrigerated section of your store. but i've got a warm, fresh baked strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? mmmm. i do. (announcer) pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. spring break begins today and the state department estimates 100,000 american college students will head to mexico for some fun in the sun. this week, texas officials warned students to stay away from mexico, where drug violence has claimed the lives of four americans this year, on top of 65 last year. so wherever the destination, spring break outside the country can be dangerous, and jason
6:15 am
cochran, executive editor of aol travel is here with some important travel tips for parents to help keep their spring breakers safe this season. great to have you with us. >> good morning. >> might be the farthest thing from a college student's mind but it is the number one thing on parents' minds right now. what are some of the destinations you would recommend people don't go. >> top of my list is jamaica. montego bay and capeton have records of dangerous incidents. people being robbed in their hotel rooms while they sleep. i think the border towns of mexico specifically are the ones people are most concerned about. fortunately they're about 1,000 miles away from places like cancun. which is still number three on the most popular list for american students. >> so they can still get the action they're looking for without necessarily the trouble that you could see? >> not yet. tourist zones in most mexican resort towns. that's not really where the area of concern is. it's really the border towns, places like tijuana, right across the border from
6:16 am
california. more of a concern for sure. >> you recommend looking for hotels centrally located. what's the thinking there? >> a couple reasons. one is that, you know, there's safety where there are numbers. lots of people, lots of tourists, around this is true around the world, wherever there are other people you're more likely to be safe. especially in a tourist area. the other is simply it cuts down on alcohol-related driving. you can walk wherever you want to go. you go to the beach. you stay out of trouble, in the line of danger. you keep things centrally located. that's the answer. >> you also recommend travel insurance. why is that? >> well, that's because a lot of students' health policies, especially as they get into universities, may not be good for out of state or out of country coverage. you have to get some medical insurance for when you're gone so if something happens to you, you're ziplining in costa rica, you break your leg, you'll be flown home. you know, a lot of insurance policies that we have here don't allow for that. so having that flight home can make all the difference, and rest a little bit easy knowing your kid is going to be fine. >> and get the medical attention? >> insure my trip dotcom lists a
6:17 am
whole bunch of policies. they're not very expensive. >> when parents are looking at which documents they should make sure their students send to them ahead of the trip, what should they send? and you say they should send this through a web-based e-mail. >> this is a good tip, not just for spring breakers, but to everybody. your passport, your tickets, maybe even your credit cards front and back, you have the phone number to call. i used to say stick them in your luggage with a copy. now you send those scans to your gmail or yahoo, you can find it wherever you go and you don't have to weigh yourself down. if your luggage gets lost or stolen you can still find it. that's what i recommend people do. >> you also recommendpl people take limited amounts of cash. what would you say is an appropriate amount of cash? >> i think $60 is a fair amount depending on the country you're in. if things are cheaper you'll want to carry around less. but in general, having one credit card will often take care of what you miss if you don't have enough cash. or an atm card can do wonders these days. just pull out a little at a time. don't pull out giant amounts and
6:18 am
walk around with a lot of money. just makes you a possible target. it's going to keep it sensible. and if you don't know if you're going to get hit for a lot of fees at your atm, check ahead of time with your bank. make sure, maybe they have a reciprocal agreement with the bank with the place that you're going. and also make sure your credit card company knows you're going somewhere. >> right. you don't want them canceling that card. >> that's right. if you go abroad, they say wait a minute, we didn't know you were going to be going to mexico and they turn it off. the last thing you want is your kid to be on vacation without a credit card. make sure they know ahead of time that you're going. >> you also want to probably have more than one credit card just in case if you're going to rely on credit? >> i'm an advocate of one. >> really? >> as long as you pay it off. hopefully it won't be american express. we love american express. i have one myself. but they're not as widely accepted abroad. so a visa or mstercard is more commonly accepted abroad. maybe just a visa or mastercard should do the trick. the atm card is what you really want. >> the atm card as well as a credit card. >> yes. >> have both of those things on hand. at least you have a fallback
6:19 am
plan if one of those fails. >> exactly. >> so jason character ron, who never fails to give us good advice. and all economics. thanks, jason. we appreciate it. have a great weekend. coming up next, rocket man elton john gets an invite to the royal wedding. find out who else made the guest list. new details on prince william and kate's big day right after this. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ female announcer ] all you need for sensitive skin. all you expect from the number-one recommended detergent by dermatologists. all free clear is free of dyes and perfumes. and has powerful stainlifters to help get your whole wash clean. it's all good. dinner with the girls tonight. i really want dessert. i better skip breakfast. yep, this is all i need.
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♪ i bet as you can tell by that music that the royal wedding day is drawing near. in just 55 days, britain's prince william and kate middleton will tie the knot. as it gets closer more and more details have begun to emerge. cbs news royal contributor, i like that, victoria arbiter has the latest. good to see you. >> good morning. >> i like that, royal contributor. >> i love that. the 55 days makes me feel a bit nauseous. >> this week we learned some new things about who's invited. who is on the list we didn't know about before. >> elton john has confessed that he and his partner david furnish are going to the royal wedding. we were so relieved.
6:23 am
because clarence house is not commenting on any individual invitations. we now know that kate middleton's mailman is confirmed. as is the landlord of the pub. there's speculation about david and victoria beckham going. it would make sense because david beckham worked with prince william on england's bid for the world cup. there's a good reason why he would be there. until these celebrities start confirming their invitations it's going to be spot who's who. >> in terms of protocol, is that a cool thing to do, to announce i got an invitation? >> you wouldn't want to grandstand too much. you sort of want to be humble and appreciate that you've got one of 1900. definitely need to be respectful of your invitation. but if you're asked, it's definitely okay to admit you're going. >> will and kate have something a lot of engaged couples do. they have a website now, announcing their engagement and giving people details. is that unusual for the royals? >> it's a first for the royals. but it shows how very much in keeping with modern times they are. you're not going to see pictures
6:24 am
of the stag or bachelorette party. but i never knew buckingham palace had 78 bathrooms until i saw the website. it's a nice way for people to keep in touch. the british monarchy has a youtube channel, a facebook page. clarence house has a twitter page. they're trying to see how they can include young people. >> they're not registered at home depot and macy's? >> not that we know of. >> there is a rumor that the wedding is going to be streamed on the website. is that true? >> that would be amazing. at the moment that is still a rumor. but it would be a wonderful way, again, because that's what young people do. they're watching stuff online. and so we're going to be watching this wedding in a very different way to the past. people have differents so they don't have to get up quite so early here. because obviously it's very early in the morning here. i think it would be a nice touch if they have it live, as well. >> the royal mint issued an official wedding coin. >> they have. since 1935 the royal mint has been marking significant royal occasions. it was george v silver jubilee.
6:25 am
this coin is getting a lot more praise than the engagement coin. the engagement likeness was not great. this one is a much prettier image of kate. i think william still probably has a little more hair than he does in real life. but it's a nice keepsake for coin collectors and people that want to have a really significant memento. >> in terms of wedding vows, there's a whole royal thing going on here. how could this break down? and will we know the wedding vows? >> prince william is, as we know, heir to the throne one day which means he will be head of the church of england one day so he's got to be very traditional with his vows. which means they'll either be from the common book of prayer or worship. what i'll be interested to see is princess diana was the first and only royal bride to omit the word "obey" from her vows, which considering she was only 20 that was quite a bold and courageous move. i don't know whether kate will be do that. it will be interesting to see whether she follows suit. >> kate has been traveling. everywhere she goes she's received very well. how was she received well? >> both of these trips were
6:26 am
fantastic. kate got two thumbs up. there's no question, she was confident. she was self-assured. she did really well on the walk-about. people were very excited to see it. it gave a nice boost to english people. they're not quite on the royal wedding bandwagon yet. it's too soon. but we got to see her personality. >> you just came back from england. what's the buzz like over there? >> oh, i hate to disappoint everyone there isn't a buzz just yet. there's some really fun souvenirs coming out and people are planning their street parties. it's going to take getting a little closer for the time for england to get on board with their wedding fever. i can feel the momentum coming. >> you said this last time. over here you feel it much stronger than over there. >> yes, it's true. i think that's why i love that i'm covering the wedding for the americans. because there's such an optimism here and an excitement. i'm really enjoying that aspect. >> victoria arbiter. elton john didn't think he was going to be invited. >> he didn't. but he's honoring his mum. she would have wanted him there. >> victoria, always great to see you. coming up this morning, if you have a question about your pets,
6:27 am
you can ask dr. debbye. dr. debbye turner will be here with some special friends and great advice for you pet owners out there. for some of you your local news is next. you are watching "the early show" on cbs. we are looking at pets right now. who here has pets? >> i can barely keep a plant alive. so i think it's best that i don't. i had pets growing up. >> i had fish growing up. i loved my fish. >> i'm going to get like e-mails. does that really count as a pet? >> does it come when you call it? >> okay. it doesn't come when you call it, but i think that maybe explains a little bit my relative squeamishness around the zoo animals. >> oh, yeah.
6:28 am
>> there we go. there we go. there's the lizard. >> that was a tough moment for me. >> that was the best part. >> the monkey was cute. >> but he lunged at you. >> that freaked me out a little bit. chris wragge earlier this week, he actually had a similar encounter with the animals. i mean, look at that. how much space is there -- >> oh, come on. >> between chris. >> he's not here to defend himself. >> we can be tough on him! it's fantastic. >> but the point in all of this is, we have another pet segment coming up. >> uh-oh. >> russ this time. >> i love the pet segments. i really do. a few weeks ago we had a bee wa constrictor out here. who ever it was from whatever zoo tried to put that thing around my neck. and i ran like jesse owens. get me out of here!
6:29 am
>> a boa constrictor? those are lovely. ,,,,,,,,
6:30 am
going old school there. >> i like that, upbeat to start the day. welcome back to "the early show," i'm rebecca jarvis. >> and i'm russ mitchell. coming up ask dr. debbye. dr. debbye turner bell has answers and advice. is that bird talking to you, debbye? >> he actually will talk. he says the name barbara. we don't know why. >> okay. >> he might during the segment. we'll see. >> all right. >> maybe he can learn russ. i'm waiting to see how close you're willing to get to that bird. >> i'll be in queens. but that's okay. >> coming up later we have chef restaurateur and cookbook author
6:31 am
marco serving up a braised chicken as part of our three course meal that's affordable. it's delicious, and guess what, russ? so easy i could even make it. >> wow. >> it's all coming up. but first over to lonnie for our final check of the weather. >> hey, good morning. russell, i'm telling you, i want you to channel baretta. >> baretta? >> when you see the bird. >> keep your eyes on the sparrow, buddy. >> this is great. in terms of your forecast, you'll notice on the surface map a lot of green around the midsection of the country. and wouldn't you know, we have a front pushing through that area. there will be some big-time rain in that area. okay. i'm talking flood watches from portions of pennsylvania all the way down into tennessee. a couple of towns. i would like to highlight. one of which is russell, kansas. going to be 46 degrees today, mostly sunny skies. not to be outdone, in rebecca, georgia, 63 degrees. with some thunderstorms popping up around the area. that's a quick at two special little towns out there.
6:32 am
>> all right, everybody. time now for a big shout-out to our affiliate wcax in vermont. this weekend it's not a winter festival. it's not an icicle festival. it's the flower show in essex junction where spring has sprung in the air just a little bit earlier. we're talking more than 11,000 bulbs. 300 trees. 800 perennials. and a part rick in a pear tree. my goodness, i happen to love sod. there's a flower show, activities for the kids and live performers. we'd like to thank everyone for watching "the early show" on channel 3 wcax. next week i will come up with something for betty. i tried getting betty but i got gettysburg.
6:33 am
>> i love it, lonnie, thank you so much. all right, what to do. ketchup, baby wipes and tooth paste have in common? believe it or not, they can all help you clean your house. and joining us with five household items that can double as household cleaners is alex bandon. she's online ed for this old house magazine. great to have you with us. >> great to be here. >> this is great, because there's so much of the time that you have an issue around the house, you don't have the cleaning supplies. but you do have this stuff. >> you have everything here in your house somewhere. >> we begin with baby wipes. >> this is a great one. this is really good for cleaning fine furniture. because it's a very gentle cleaner on these baby wipes, so you can pick up a lot of dirt and dust. as you can see. and it's good for the furniture. >> and you're saying not to use the lysol wipes, which so many people use in these circumstances because -- >> think of your fortunately as like your skin. you want to put something gentle on it. baby wipes are very gentle. lysol wipes have harsh cleaners to disinfect. you don't want to use that. you wouldn't use it on your
6:34 am
baby. don't use it on your furniture. >> here is something you see any time you're in the house with a toddler around there is crayon, marker on the table. how do you get rid of it? >> you love to display your kids artwork, we don't want to see it on the walls and furniture. this is actually one of our favorite tips at this old house. you can use toothpaste to clean this off. i just put it on a cloth, you can try this out, too, and wipe it on and i will take it right off. >> oh, my goodness. >> just like it cleans your teeth, it cleans off your tables. this works really well on walls. >> i'm surprised to see how well this is working. now is there a special kind of toothpaste? >> you want to get something that's white. you don't want to get a gel or a colored paste. because you don't want to introduce any more colors into the mix. >> it smells pretty good, too. your walls will smell minty fresh. >> exactly. >> let's talk about the bathtub and what you can do. because this grime, it's the bane of my existence. you have to clean it constantly, really. >> the great way to get rid of stains on a cast iron tub is to use oven cleaner, actually.
6:35 am
because cast iron tubs have an enamel finish. that's what's also on your oven. so oven cleaner works really well. and you just spray it on. and then you just let it sit for awhile before you wipe it off with a sponge. if you have really stubborn stains use a plastic scrubbing pad, not steel wool. >> and when you say awhile. how long are we letting? >> like an hour or two, the same way you would do with your oven. it's going to work the same way. >> so basically do it and forget about it, come back -- >> exactly, just wipe it clean. >> good to know. ketchup right here. there san actual use for ketchup which i never have heard of before. >> you wouldn't believe this. but ketchup actually has some acids in it that are really great for cleaning copper. and you can see that it just takes off the grime, and is really good for scrubbing off rust spots or some of the tarnish. >> this is amazing. >> kind of amazing what ketchup will do. >> i never would guess that you would actually see all of this come off with ketchup, guys. that's really amazing. >> thes asidss in the tomatoes
6:36 am
do a little work on the tarnish. >> thes asidss in the tomatoes and there's no particular brand that you have to go for. just use the ketchup. and maybe have some fries on the side. okay this is great. here's something that a lot of people fall into this trap, they're painting the wall, and all of a sudden the paint falls onto the floor. and you think i wanted my wall to be painted but i didn't want my floor to be painted. >> this is a great trick. especially if you have laminated floors, use nail polish remover. it has to be an acetone nail polish remover. put some on a cloth and you spot clean. spot clean and you'll see that it takes a little bit of elbow grease, but it will take away the spots. >> oh, i see, they are coming off. >> and the reason this works is because if you have laminated floors they're actually sort of plastic, and you can see it come off onto the cloth. you don't want to try this on wood floors. >> i was going to say that. what would it do to the wood floor? >> the acetone will eat through the finish. this is only for laminated
6:37 am
floors because they don't have the polyurethane finish on them. >> something you can use with lomb natured floors, not wood floors. what would you do with this if it was on a carpeted floor? >> i don't think you should use acetone on a carpeted floor either. you would probably want to use a carpet cleaner or something like that. >> you have to go out and buy the carpet cleaner. >> yes. >> but this will also work on ink stains. anything that would have some kind of solvent in it so it dries really quickly, ink, marker, paints, things like that. this is the cure for that. >> alex, we so appreciate it. thanks so much. now here's russ. >> okay, rebecca, thank you very much. up next, ask dr. debbye. advice and answers from dr. debbye turner bell for those burning pet questions. you are watching "the early show" on cbs. [ thinking ] oh, gourmet deliciousness...
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6:41 am
us for quite a long time? >> that is a very, very, very good he can. and i'm so glad you're asking before you actually get the puppy. you have two different animals that communicate in two different ways. dogs are very motivated by social hierarchy. cats are very motivated by territory. and because you had the cat first, this cat thinks that he owns everything. so when you bring the puppy in, you need to reassure your cat that he's not losing territory. so the first thing you want to do is not have a direct nose-to-nose introduction. put the dog in a carrier, in a crate, or even behind a closed door and let them sniff it out. watch your cat. once the ears stand up again and they don't look like they want to kill each other, then you can have the nose-to-nose introduction. but it's important to have the dog on a leash and under control, and the cat should have a clear route of escape. so that she doesn't feel overwhelmed by the introduction. and then finally let them work out the territory. understanding that the cat has the upper hand and let her keep the upper hand. don't restrict her activities in
6:42 am
the house. let the puppy come in and learn the rules of the cat. >> real potential for disaster here? >> it really can be. but it can also be done very peacefully and lovingly, if you are gradual and don't overwhelm either one of them. >> we've got a question from our facebook page. angie is asking how often should you trim your dog's nails? can't seem to find some. i assume she needs some clippers, tough enough for my dog. so i have to take him to the veto get them done every time. any suggestions? >> the short answer to the big question of how often is depends on how much and how fast your dog's nails grow. it could be as often as every couple of weeks, to as seldom as every couple months. so you have to sort of be the gauge with your own dog. now what is important is to have the right type of implement for trimming the nails. i brought some props here, russ. there are basically three types of nail trimmers. there is this type, which is a scissor type. i don't know if you can see that. just like the scissors you use when you did crafts in home ek.
6:43 am
there's this type which is a guillotine type where the play is on the inside and it closes in the circle. and also something called a grinder, sort of like a nail file. so you want to have maybe a professional groomer or your veterinarian help you choose the best one for your dog's nails. the other thing i will quakely say is that every nail has a blood supply and a nerve supply. so you want to be careful not to cut into that. it's very painful and they bleed a lot. >> about a minute and a half left. e-mail from charlene. she says we have an older cat who won't use either cat box. i have put newspapers down so he goes in them. i am afraid to take away the newspapers because he may go other places in our home. what to do? >> i could spend a whole half hour talking about this. by the way, you saw qb and this is the beagle. this is hershey. first thing because you said older cat i'm worried about common old cat diseases, kidney disease, bladder infections, hyperthyroidism, you need to take your kitty to the
6:44 am
veterinarian and rule those out. second of all i would make sure you keep the litter box very clean. cats are really fastidious. third thing because it's an older kitty, might be achy. move the litter box closer to their sleeping area, or have more throughout the house so they don't have to go as far to get to the litter box. >> we're out of time. third question was about a cockatoo. we'll have to get to that one next time. all your cockatoo owners at home, sorry about that. dr. debbye turner bell, thanks a lot. for more you can go to our website, and now here's rebecca. >> thanks, russ. the next time he'll be able to call you russ, that cockatoo. coming up next our chef marco cooks up a braised chicken with olives and rosemary. part of a delicious meal that we're going to teach you how to prepare right here on "the early show" on cbs.
6:45 am
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only claritin is proven to keep me as alert and focused as someone without allergies. i get relief from my worst symptoms without drowsiness. live claritin clear. chef marco canora believes everyone deserves three things from their food.
6:48 am
it should be simple, it should be delicious and it should be healthy. he's saying yes right next to me. >> that's right. i love those. >> he is the chef and co-owner of heart and terroia rechlt in new york city. he's here to cook a meal for our "chef on a shoestring" budget of just under $40. this week it was another squeaker with chicken and olive and rosemary winning by just a few votes. this is what we have. >> we're going to do a warm cauliflower salad. i want to talk about these little stems. these can be used. i want everybody to use them at home. we're going to cut them into sizes like this. and then we're going to simply boil them, and you know when you boil vegetables at home you want to make sure the water is seasoned pretty aggressively. it should taste like the ocean. people are afraid and fearful but you really need to give it a good -- >> that's a lot of salt. >> a good three tablespoons of salt. >> okay. so that's going to bring out the flavor then? >> like the bag of potato chips. >> that's going to bring out the
6:49 am
flavor of the cauliflower? >> exactly. a lot of the water falls off of it so you're not eating it all. >> how long are you boiling those for? >> you could do it until, you know, to your preference, but about three to five minutes. >> three to five minutes. the other important thing is to dress this while it's hot. when it's hot it really absorbs the flavor. why don't you do some oil and vinegar. i called for a caper vinaigrette. what people need to know is that you don't need to dirty a bowl. you can basically just do it right here. >> i love that. the efficiency is great. >> a lot of chopped capers, chopped parsley. some pepper. and a good pinch of salt. >> more salt. >> yep. >> you love your salt. >> and you know -- i do. and we put the hot cauliflower on top of the you aonion and it helps soften them. i'm going to give you a little taste of this. >> thank you. it's beautiful. >> yep. >> and what are you doing with these guys? >> well you just chop them up and cook them with the florets. >> you cook it all together. >> absolutely.
6:50 am
>> and for the braised chicken thighs. you need that acidity and that caper brininess. we have an oven-proof pan here. get it really hot. you want to get this chicken brown on both sides. the thighs. you could use boneless or with bone in. it really doesn't matter. once these guys are brown you can put a few on the side here and what you're going to do is you're going to add your minced red onion, carrot and celery. and all of this went into a food processor. you don't need to do it with your hands. that's another good thing. >> another thing. to conserve time and energy. >> 50% red onion and 25/25 celery and carrot. that's going to get cooked in there with the chicken. a little bit of tomato paste will go in. everything gets cooked to the. >> it's almost like you're making a tomato sauce on the side. >> yeah, pretty much. a little chicken stock and red wine is going to go in there, too. so this will get deglazed. >> how long are we having all of this sit together for? >> we're going to cook this for
6:51 am
about three to five minutes and it's all going to come together and put in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes covered and 30 minutes uncovered. so i'm going to add the stock. >> is that what keeps it moist, by adding the stock before you put it in the oven? >> absolutely. you want it to be a very wet -- >> i like it that way. >> and a mix of olives, and they all go in. this goes in to the oven. and i have a finished one, the top oven. >> we'll put this one in the bottom and take the finished one off the top. >> perfect. >> beautiful. >> cooks for about an hour. the aroma, the rosemary and the olives really give it a great, a great aroma. we're going to do a little bit of polenta. >> nice plate. >> serve it up quick. >> that's gorgeous. >> the thing about this, too. it doesn't have to be chicken thighs. you could do duck legs. >> sure. >> you could do drumsticks if you want.
6:52 am
you could even do breasts. >> i'm going to try that. but i want to know what this dessert is over here. it looks a little complicatcomp. >> it's really kind of easy. it's a panna cotta. it's a cream that you add gelatin to. why i like this, i'm not into super sweet desserts at the end. so you could really control the sweetness on this. >> we -- chef, we need to check your total to see how you did. >> uh-oh. >> we're doing this at $40 or left. >> the moment of truth. >> all right. $36.33. that is a very low amount. >> it is. >> very low. oh! >> it is the record. >> yes! >> chef, thank you so much. >> i like that. >> nice work. >> i'd shake your hand but i'm too busy eating. next week it's all about seafood. remember, every vote counts. sweet and tangy salmon call star star 01. for scallops with asparagus star
6:53 am
star 02. you don't text. you just have to dial. and for seared tuna star star 03. the standard data and message rates apply. chef, that was fantastic. you can find marco's recipes at chef marco, we really appreciate it. we're going to be -- >> this is a winner. >> the winner! . >> we're right back after this. stay with us. >> this "chef on a shoestring" segment sponsored by campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. u? campbell's healthy request can help. low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do. all you expect from the number-one recommended detergent by dermatologists. all free clear is free of dyes and perfumes. and has powerful stainlifters
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announcer: debit card control and credit card flexibility. get both with slate. coming up monday on "the early show" your first met her right here then she stunned the music industry beating justin bieber for best new artist at the grammys. first jazz artist ever to win the award. esperanza spalding is back on "the early show" performing live on monday. >> she was incredible here. and she'll be incredible monday. also "early" next saturday it's just days before the start of spring. i think we're all mentally ready. but the weather is not cooperating. we're ready to be there. we've got the hottest new styles
6:57 am
of the season. coming up next saturday, guys. >> 55 degrees today. >> we like it. >> you have a good one. we end with our saturday spotlight. this week's story comes from just north of des moines, iowa, where a one of a kind wheelchair is giving a very special toddler a new lease on life. kcci's kay ward reports. >> reporter: zack pleuger smiles constantly, given what he's been through, he has every reason not to. zack was born with spina bifida. >> knowing right away i actually, right when i saw it on the ultrasound, i knew exactly what it was. i knew exactly what it meant. >> reporter: it meant zack would never walk. >> doctors have told us oh, just put him in a stroller. and well, they can't explore. they're stuck, you know, being pushed around. >> reporter: so the pleugers got
6:58 am
their son a wheelchair. but it had its limitations. >> he couldn't really, you know, move the wheelchair very well without tipping forward and almost falling out of it. >> reporter: so zack's great uncle who happens to be a mechanical engineer and his business partner created a special wheelchair just for zack. it's been six months since zack got his wheelchair. his parents say he's a new kid. zack's wheelchair is a lot different from a standard one. it's low to the ground and the seat is right next to the wheels, so it's easier for zack to move. plus the seat is more comfortable. he can go in circles, reach his toys and race down the hallway. it's worked out so well, that kent is working on patenting it. >> thanks for watching. join us again monday on "the early show." >> for more on "the early show" visit us at ,,,,,,,,
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