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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  March 22, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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strike eagle jet went down just outside of the eastern rebel stronghold of benghazi. both crewmembers said to have suffered minor injuries but both are safe now in american hands despite landing in two different locations. the united states says it's scaling back its role in operation odyssey dawn over libya. international forces led most of the latest missions against ruler moammar qaddafi's forces. a third straight night of bombing has stopped their advances. but disorganization among rebels is keeping them from taking advantage. it is 6:00. there is new danger at that damaged nuclear power plant in japan. a japanese nuclear safety official says a pool for storing spent fuel is heating up and is near the boiling point. those high temperatures likely caused the steam that's been billowing out of reactor number 2 since yesterday. the danger is that if all the water boils way, the fuel rods will be exposed. crews at the plant have hooked up power cables to all six
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reactors. electricity is crucial so that its cooling pumps can start operating the fukushima plant but right now only one pump in one reactor is working. hundreds of american military families from japan are expected to arrive in northern california shortly. sharon is at travis air force base where the first flight is due back right about now. i don't know if they have landed but let's toss it over to sharon and find out. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. really, any minute now. the first flight due to arrive in about 6:05 this morning on a dc-10. in all, more than 500 military family members and their pets due to arrive at travis air force base. the second flight is expected around 8:00 this morning. all these people voluntarily evacuated from japan. they will be coming here on military charter flights. now, travis is the second arrival site for the voluntary evacuation of military families from earthquake and tsunami-
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ravaged japan. two flights have already transported hundreds of dependents to seattle airport yesterday. once the evacuees returned to the u.s. military personnel will help them get settled finding hotels or helping them to travel to their final destinations. when the u.s. defense department authorized the voluntary departure program last week, about 9,000 people expressed interest so this week as a result at least 20 charter flights will be bringing military families home from japan and given the earthquake and tsunami and radiation damage from the power plants in japan it's not known when or if the families will go back to japan. but some hundreds of them will be expected to arrive here at travis air force base. the expected time is 6:05. really could be anytime so we are looking for that dc-10 to arrive here. frank? >> well, it sounds like a lot of activity there. we'll check in again, sharon.
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thank you very much. live at travis air force base this morning. a police manhunt this morning for a driver who allegedly tried to kidnap a peninsula teenager. redwood city police say a suspect pulled into a driveway in the 100 block of arch street yesterday and and told the 14- year-old to get into the car but the girl go away. he drove off in a newer model sedan with dry-cleaning in the window. he is white, 40s, short gray hair, heavy set, last seen wearing sunglasses. the jury has been selected now in the perjury trial of barry bonds. and this morning, lawyers for the two sides will be making opening statements. elizabeth wenger is in san francisco with more on the first witness expected to be called this morning. elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. the first witness expected to take the stand is actually bonds' personal trainer. that would be greg anderson.
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now, he is expected to refuse to testify, continue his vow of silence so that means he could be jailed for the duration of this approximately four-week trial. and he has already been in jail for more than a year on similar charges. let's go to some video taken yesterday as that perjury trial got under way in san francisco yesterday for the former giants slugger barry bonds. the jury of eight women and four men will decide if bonds lied to a federal grand jury in 2003. the home run champ had denied using steroids to a grand jury looking into whether balco labs sold illegal performance- enhancing drugs. the judge yesterday told jurors not to watch tv, listen to the radio or read newspapers, facebook or twitter during the course of the trial. >> it's about finding 12 people who will do exactly what their job is, which is to pay attention to the evidence that's presented to them, that has been investigated by cross- examination, which nothing else has up until today. so these people are going to be
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the true experts in this case. we want them to be that. >> reporter: now, the jurors were excused yesterday afternoon without hearing any testimony. first they have to get through opening statement which begin here today. the judge is also planning to read the jury instructions on how to consider evidence and it's approximately a two-week to four-week trial. that all starts in a couple of hours. >> thank you, elizabeth wenger in san francisco. julie watts, we have been kind of having a little fun with her because she got stuck in the sierra over the weekend didn't make it into work yesterday. >> watching too many movies and not the weather? >> what movies did you watch? you watched seven. >> one of them i don't think i can say the name on tv. it's not a bad movie but it was inappropriate for saying on tv. on facebook i had to admit i'm a meteorologist and i didn't see the snow coming. i didn't think it would come that soon. it came ahead of schedule. >> everybody is unexpected with
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the weather. you never know. >> we are going to see rain today here in the bay and it's not going to come through until later today. scattered showers, a look at hi- def doppler showing a cell through berkeley now pushing to the northeast. again, just light scattered showers. prefrontal rain some of that nuisance rain, gray and ugly. it's going to get wet later on today. and from the satellite perspective you can see again this is just the beginning really of what is still out to sea, what's coming in later today, giving us impressive rainfall totals more than 2" in some of the higher elevation. in the meantime, current temperatures, easy for me to say, in the range of low to mid- 40s for most folks so a mild start later today, a mild finish. we'll talk more about the rain coming up but first a check of the morning commute with gianna. >> and it hasn't been too bad this morning. we are still accident-free. the only problem is delays on highway 4 westbound, but it's a typical tuesday morning right. a street delays start heads
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over towards somersville. if you are taking the altamont pass, busy but not too bad. delays on 580 from the altamont pass to 680 but speeds in the 40s, overall pretty good. bring your chains to the sierra. 80, 50 and 88, there are restrictions in place. here's live look at truckee. they have lots of snow as julie has been talking about so heads up making your way through there or if anyone is coming home from there call them and let them know. back to you. >> thank you. life is at a standstill for some home owners in santa cruz county. why they are trapped in their homes. >> plus, pg&e asking for a favor. its request days after it failed to turn in crucial pipeline safety documents. >> this is my baby. i want my baby back. >> former san francisco giant and hall of famer by the way searching for his missing dog. the large reward and it's more than just cash. tell you about that and much morning when sydnie and i come back.
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scattered showers, the calm before the storm.
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widespread rain this evening and really continuing through tomorrow morning's commute. we'll time it out coming up. but first, back to you. >> thank you. time now is 6:10. a roman catholic priest who has worked at various san francisco parish since 1978 is being investigated for possible sexual abuse. the "chronicle" reports that the 58-year-old priest denies the allegations that were discovered when the church staffers were going through some files. the alleged victim was a 17- year-old. pg&e says it needs a little more time possibly the rest of the year to provide documents showing that it's gas pipeline are being operated at safe pressures. there was a deadline of march 15 amid concerns about safety at san bruno explosion but now the utility says the task is enormous. puc has threatened to fine pg&e
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a million dollars a day for non- compliance. how to clear a massive rockslide in santa cruz county. that's what crews will try to figure out this morning. the landslide has left more than 20 families stuck in their homes. yesterday, mud and rock slid from a hillside in scotts valley on a road in a remote area in the santa cruz mountains. people who live in the 33 homes cut off by the rockslide might be stuck for more than a week. >> the issue is it is still moving and with the weather coming in next couple of days, they won't start anything until next week. >> no one was hurt. crews have been able to restore electric to most of the homes in the neighborhood. >> big rocks in there, too. time now 6:12. we have a showdown between the 49ers and governor brown. the million-dollar stadium deal just given the green light. >> plus, new insight into the mind of a suspected tucson shooter. what a judge has just ordered for the accused gunman. and so far, so good at the
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bay bridge toll plaza. but we are dealing with slick surfaces and some mass transit restrictions. all that coming right up. ,,,,,,,, this is your captain speaking,
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in the headlines on this tuesday, two american flyers are recovering from minor injuries after their f-15 jet crashed today in libya. this is new video of the wreckage. the plane apparently had a mechanical failure and was not shot down. both crewmembers were able to eject safely and now in american hands. travis air force base is welcoming home hundreds of americans service member families this morning. they voluntarily evacuated from japan. families arrived at sea-tac in washington over the weekend. and in less than three hours opening statements begin in the perjury trial of barry bonds. and later today, bonds' former trainer will be called to the stand but he is likely to refuse to testify. bonds is accused of lying to a federal grand jury when he said he never knowingly used steroids. checking in with hi-def doppler this morning, tracking scattered showers throughout the bay, this is what is ahead of an approaching weather
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system that will bring with it some pretty impressive rain totals. here's a look at vallejo where we are seeing one light to moderate cell pass through right now heading off to the northeast. and this will be what you can expect throughout the day, just scattered light showers. turning to your planner heading out the door this morning, temperatures are mild in the 40s for most folks areawide. cloudy with scattered showers for much of the morning and then drying out by midday. it's later this afternoon we'll start to see a chance of rain back in the picture. and then widespread rain likely by your evening commute. you will also notice breezy conditions ahead of the front. southeast winds at 20 miles per hour as you approach that evening commute and as we await that approaching front bringing with it some rain. here's a look at what to expect over the next 12 hours or so. again, this is just light scattered showers and clouds ahead of that warm front. but it's the passage of a cold front behind it that will bring with it heavy rainfall tonight through the first half of your wednesday and again breezy conditions, as well. now, thursday into friday, yet
6:18 am
another weather system. you combine these two along with already saturated soil and we are anticipating the possibility of an urban and small stream flood advisory not issued just yet. we expect floods over the next couple of days. pinpoint forecast shows it dry during the day but the evening commute shows rain making its way inland. heavy rain offshore for the evening commute will move in overnight and for the first part of your wednesday morning commute. by the time we are done with the first round of rain we could see up to two inches of rain in the north bay and a couple of inches in the santa cruz mountains for the highest elevations. three-quarters inch possible for the south bay about an inch in the east bay and 1.5 for the peninsula. temperature-wise, pretty mild today, highs today in the upper 50s to near 60 for some of the warmest locations and again this is just the first round of rain this week. we see a second move in thursday into friday with more impressive rain totals and then again another round of showers on saturday. we don't see a break in the forecast until sunday and it is still a bit far out to place
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any bets on a dry pattern further out. the eastshore freeway, a quiet commute. actually light westbound eastshore freeway, all the way from the carquinez bridge no delays to report or accidents, 37 miles per hour but that's typical. that's just approaching emeryville. no delays -- we are seeing extra volume overall but still quiet, metering lights still off at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have slick surfaces and wind advisory. two hands on the steering wheel this morning. clear across the upper deck into san francisco, no problems on the lower deck into oakland. 880 oakland not too bad northbound still good into the maze no major delays. south 880 easy ride. nice speeds out of oakland into hayward towards the san mateo bridge, things good there, as
6:20 am
well. one of our slow spots is highway 4, but that's the usual stuff for the morning commute. westbound slow from a street to somersville, 13 miles per hour. we have strikes for the vallejo baylink ferry no service. buses will be in place for the 7 a.m. and 8:30 departures so plan for that. bart, ace, muni problem-free. in marin county, lots of green on the freeways, 65 miles per hour on the north and southbound side of 101. traffic is cruising along there. back to you. >> thank you. the trial has begun in a high-profile murder case in the east bay. the first witness taking the stand today in the murder trial of yusef bey iv accused of ordering the killing of journalist chauncey bailey in 2007. bail had written articles -- news articles critical of bay's father, the founder of the troubled "your black muslim bakery." the key witness will be the admitted gunman who worked at
6:21 am
the bakery. >> they are attempting to make it corroborative. >> another man is on trial accused of driving the getaway vehicle after bailey's killing. the trial is expected to last at least three months. an arizona judge ordered the suspected shooter to have a mental exam. jared loughner's exam will be videotape and shared with both sides. he pled not guilty to the january shooting rampage that killed 6 people and wounded 13 others. it is 6:21. a search for a missing dog that belongs to a local baseball star, the giant reward he is offering up for the dog. >> and a facebook, tweet, myspace, where one bay area city ranks among the most networked places to live. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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construction. the city council approved the deal last santa clara will hand $4 million over to the 49ers to prepare a site for stadium construction. the city council is trying to make sure that the state doesn't take the money away if the legislature eliminates redevelopment agencies. the 49ers will use the money to relocate utilities and improve access to the site, now a parking lot next to great
6:25 am
america. a former san francisco giant offering serious cash to get his dog back. hall of famer orlando zepeda and his wife lost their dog alfalfa while in arizona for giants spring training and now they are putting up $2,000 in cash, first class tickets to san francisco, three nights at the fairmont and two tickets to any giants game all in exchange for their missing canine. >> it's hard. we love that dog so much. >> this is my baby. i want my baby back. >> a couple in new mexico called them yesterday in response to an ad on craigslist and they will find out if it's the dog today. of the san francisco women's basketball going to the sweet sixteen. they won last night at home against st. john's. the cardinal behind early though. they had to come back in this one down 22-14. but one of the players started the comeback here, a little steal and dash, and she is gone
6:26 am
for the bucket. her sister also a dominant presence in the game with 22 points. stanford on a 21-0 run and the final score not even close, 75- 49. they get the tar heels, north carolina, in spokane on saturday in the next round and, of course, ncaa men's tournament against begin on thursday. >> right. >> right here on cbs 5. time now is 6:26. coming up, a mega millions jackpot goes through the roof. yeah, the huge prize for tonight's drawing and the odds of winning not so good. but hey, someone has do it. >> yeah. might as well put your dollar in. plus, a narrow escape after a u.s. military jet crashes in libya. the conditions of the crewmembers on board. and damage control at that nuclear power plant in japan. how evacuees are getting help in the bay area. and the first witness expected to take the stand this morning in the barry bonds perjury trial. also more on the injure and what's expected in court today. a live report coming up.
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and we're tracking light scattered showers on hi-def doppler. this cell passing through berkeley just north of orinda. we'll see more of these throughout the morning and heavy rain later today. we have your forecast coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. and good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, the 22nd day of
6:30 am
march. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 6:29. weather-wise, the same old story. you know, julie -- >> we missed you yesterday. but i bet it was beautiful up there. >> yeah. i was snowed in, in tahoe. it was beautiful. i'm pretty certain that frank, when you go on vacation, the showers will end. so i'm thinking best time for you to go on vacation -- >> i'm leaving right now! [ laughter ] we are tracking light scattered showers on hi-def doppler this morning. not a lot of it. here's one light cell passing just to the north of vallejo. you will see this throughout the morning hours very light and spotty in nature but more impressive rainfall later today and we'll time it out coming up. first timing outer morning commute is gianna. >> you will need some extra time on the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on and we'll see traffic stack up especially in the cash lanes back to the first overpass. fastrak seeing delays as well looks like the far lanes are moving well or at least a lot better than these middle lanes so stick with those to help your commute. we'll check the south bay coming up.
6:31 am
let's get back to the news. >> thank you. we thank you. 6:30 the time. two us air force flyers safe after their plane crashed in libya last night. this is our first look at the wreckage of that plane. crewmembers suffered minor injuries. they ejected at high altitude, landed in separate areas but the military says both now in american hands and should be okay. the african command says their air force f-15 strike eagle jet had mechanical failure when it went down outside an eastern rebel stronghold. officials don't think the jet was shot down. this comes as the united states is scaling back its role in operation odyssey dawn over libya. international forces led most of the missions against moammar qaddafi's forces. disorganization among rebels is keeping them from taking the advantage. a new setback it the damaged nuclear planted in japan. a nuclear safety official says a pool for storing the spent
6:32 am
fuel is close to the boiling point. it's now believed those high temperatures are the cause of the steam rising out of reactor 2 since yesterday. the danger that if all the water boils wait fuel rods will be exposed. crews at the damaged and leaking plant have now hooked up power cables to all 6 reactors. electricity is crucial so that cooling pumps can start operating at the fukushima plant. but right now, just one pump in only one reactor is working. a plane loaded with american service members' families touching down at travis air force base 15 minutes ago. the flight brought hundreds of family members from japan where they have been stationed when the earthquake and tsunami hit earlier this month. a second plane is expected to arrive at travis later this morning. other flights arriving at the sea-tac area near seattle over the weekend. thousands of u.s. families are catching the voluntary flights home from japan. it is 6:32.
6:33 am
opening statements are set to start at 9:00 this morning in the barry bonds perjury trial, then the first witness will be called. elizabeth wenger is in san francisco with more on that and who is on the jury. she joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. a lot to cover this morning, frank. that's right. as you mentioned, all eyes will be on the first witness, that would be bonds' former former personal trainer greg anderson. now, he is expected to refuse to testify. essentially, he is continuing his vow of silence. so that would mean he would be jailed for the duration of this approximately four-week-long trial. let's go out to some video. this was taken yesterday as the perjury trial of former giants slugger barry bonds got under way in san francisco. the jury of eight women and four men will decide if bonds lied to a federal grand jury in 2003. the home run champ had denied using steroids to a grand jury looking into whether balco labs sold illegal performance- enhancing drugs. the judge yesterday told jurors not to watch tv, listen to the radio, read newspapers, facebook or twitter, all the
6:34 am
social media, during the course of this try. now, some potential jurors got dismissed because they were either fans or not fans of bonds himself. one such fan told us, quote, i would be reluctant to render a judge the against a great athlete like mr. bonds. another potential juror former flight attendant worried she would have a negative bias towards bonds, telling the judge she had to work baseball charter flights and presumably didn't like it. the jurors didn't hear testimony yesterday. first they have opening statements this morning. today the judge is also planning to read jury instructions on how to consider evidence. and as we have been saying, the first witness, bonds' personal trainer, is expected to stand before the jury this morning so a lot going on this morning. it all starts in just about two hours from now. frank, sydnie, back to you. >> elizabeth, only took one day to seat the jury. i'm surprised because this case
6:35 am
is so well known with barry bonds. >> reporter: yeah. i know. i mean, they did it quick in five hours i believe yesterday. they got all jurors assembled and ready to go to start today around 9:00. >> we'll see where it all goes. thank you, elizabeth wenger in san francisco. let's go back to julie watts now with a look at your forecast. and scattered showers, but you have to keep the umbrella handy. they are out there. >> you definitely need an umbrella throughout the week today. down here and up in the sierra, as well. and in fact, as you guys have been mentioning throughout the day, i was snowed in. i wasn't here yesterday thankfully lawrence filled in because of this. and here's live look up at lake tahoe right now. you can see we still have some snow flurries although sometimes it's hard to tell if it's the wind blowing the snow off the trees or if it's new snow coming down. we are expecting a couple of feet of snow from the next round of rain that we'll see here locally. this is the leading edge of that scattered showers throughout the bay this morning, not widespread rain. more than likely you won't see
6:36 am
sprinkles on the windshield just a few isolated areas of rain this morning on hi-def doppler. later today it changes. an approaching front will bring widespread rain in time for the evening commute. meantime, this morning scattered showers, 40s for the most part. here's gianna with the morning commute. >> the hotspot is the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on and traffic is back up quickly. we are dealing with some slick surfaces in some spots. one of the areas is the bay bridge toll plaza, slow and go to the first overpass and some of the fastrak lanes as well as the cash lanes. give yourself some extra time. san mateo bridge problem-free but reflection there from the headlights so slick surfaces here, as well. 13 minutes 880 to 101. south bay not bad, 101 problem- free. lots of green as you work your way northbound. if you are taking 280 through san jose, extra volume through downtown san jose but overall pretty quiet as you head
6:37 am
through there. no troubles through milpitas. we'll check the 17 coming up next. back to you. >> thank you. it is a monumental clean-up task. a massive rockslide that's left dozens of families just stuck in their homes. >> some big rocks to clean up this morning. crews will try to figure it out this morning. kcbs radio's matt bigler is in santa cruz to show us what they are dealing with. matt, take it away. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are talking about two dozen homes, possibly more, in the santa cruz mountains effectively cut off from the outside world at least to cars. the reason of course is this massive mud slide that flowed across nelson road yesterday. it started slowly, gradually became a shower of rocks, shale, trees even. and a bunch of other debris that has made that road inaccessible. that road is key because it's only way in or out for this residential area. folks who live on two roads,
6:38 am
nelson and skymeadow lane. that's some 20 to 30 homes in there. there is no way for them to get out. now, as you said, that pile of debris is not expected to be cleared for several days because a geologist has to come in, has to check out the slide, sign off on it make sure it's secure enough to be moved away to be cleared out. until that happens, it's just going to sit there and it probably won't happen until the rain stops because if anything, that slide could start sliding once again. in the meantime, folks who do live in the residential area are able to get to their homes but they have to do it on foot. basically they are driving up to the slide, getting out of the car, walking about 15 minutes -- i should say hiking, it's a hike, around 15 minutes around the slide to another part of the road, and from there they can call a neighbor or family members and have them come and pick them up. so it's quite an extensive process to get in and out at this point. the one bit of good news in all this, is that pg&e has said they have restored power to
6:39 am
almost all of homes on the other side of the slide. pg&e is working on it. that's the latest from the santa cruz mountains. back to you guys. >> thank you, matt bigler from kcbs radio. this morning, police on the peninsula looking for a driver who allegedly tried to abduct a teenager. redwood city police say the suspect pulled into a driveway in the 100 block of arch street yesterday afternoon and told the 14-year-old to get into the car but the girl ran away. the suspect drove off in a newer model gray four-door sedan with dry-cleaning in the driver's side rear window, white, 40s, heavy set, last seen wearing sunglasses. nearly two million students go to schools in districts with financial problems. the "contra costa times" reporting five struggling districts are in the east bay. john swett schools are on the short list of schools that
6:40 am
might not be able to pay bills through the end of next year. several other districts might run out of money before two more years pass including emery, hayward, mount diablo and oakland. there is some money out there, but it's a long shot at best. huge prize for tonight's mega millions jackpot. >> if that's not enough reason to buy a lottery ticket, the price hike in store for two major airlines. >> the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. let's check it. jason brooks with kcbs and will have your financial news. much more coming up right after this. ,,,,,,
6:41 am
twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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welcome back. we are tracking scattered showers on hi-def doppler this morning. not widespread rain, but you might drive through a cell as you head into work this morning starting off with the south bay, you can see a light rain shower just through cupertino to the northeast of campbell and here's one towards saratoga about to cross the 85. we'll see showers like this throughout the day, not everyone getting rain but there is a possibility for the first half of the day.
6:44 am
chance of showers with mild temperatures in the upper 30s to mid-40s for the most part. cloudy, showers out the door this morning. this afternoon chance of rain, widespread rain approaching just time for the evening commute. ahead of the front breezy out of the southeast at 20 miles per hour. from the satellite perspective you can see scattered showers, light scattered showers, nuisance rain ahead of the front, which is still offshore. that will make its way inland later on tonight bringing with it heavy rain tonight through wednesday and another round even more impressive rain totals thursday through friday. breezy as we see the front pass. combine the two systems with already saturated soil and i do think we will see a small stream urban flood advisory sometime this week, not issued just yet. but i think it's coming. meantime, pinpoint forecast shows rain at the evening commute heavy overnight through
6:45 am
the wednesday morning commute. in terms of the totals, 2" at the higher elevation in the north bay and the santa cruz mountains, inch and a half for the peninsula, less this is south bay and east bay. again showers really off and on throughout the workweek. temperatures mild, upper 50s to near 60 areawide. here's the seven-day forecast. rain pretty much every day. so the first system passes through this evening into the first half of wednesday. the next system a wetter system moves in thursday into friday. another round of rain on saturday. our first period of dry weather looks to be the second half of the weekend. now for a check of the roads, here's gianna. >> i don't know about you, julie, but i'm ready for some dry weather. >> hang in there, it's coming. accident on highway 17 northbound at redwood estate, it's on the shoulder but seeing yellow on the screens on the southbound side so things are busy on 17, as well as northbound 85 coming away from 17. highway 4, business as usual.
6:46 am
speeds down to 9 miles per hour westbound from a street to somersville. gets better through pittsburg but typical. altamont pass looks like it's heating up. westbound busy from the altamont pass to the 680 along 580 taking you about 20 minutes. if you are coming off the eastshore freeway, we are seeing some yellow here on our sensors. so traffic actually getting slow west bound eastshore freeway coming out of richmond. bay bridge toll plaza, traffic backs up to west grand. metering lights are on. slick surfaces so take it easy. oakland northbound delays into the maze, southbound 880 not too bad towards the hayward area but overall some extra volume. marin county, one of the bright spots actually now no delays, in fact checking our sensors, 60 miles per hour along 101. if you are going to mill valley, traffic nice through there. headed towards the golden gate
6:47 am
bridge, no delays to report. peninsula problem-free. earlier sluggish spots on 280 in daly city but lots of green so no troubles on 280 or 101. don't forget no service for the vallejo-baylink ferry. they have bus service in place for the 7:00 and 8:30 ferries. bart, ace, muni no problems. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. >> thank you. apple and amazon heading for court. >> as well as microsoft and barnes & noble. here's jason brooks with kcbs and to talk about it. >> good morning. >> reporter: furnace out that google's android is at the -- turns out that google's android is at the center of both cases. as far as apple is concerned, just launched its android app store this past night. apple says that violates their trademark for their app store staying it will confuse
6:48 am
consumers into thinking they are shopping at apple. there is a difference in the spelling. amazon isn't commenting. barnes & noble a microsoft, microsoft going after barnes & noble for its nook ereader. also suing two of the manufacturers behind that saying that the android-based system borrows patent infringement -- borrows patents from microsoft that deal with speeding up the web and also interaction over reading those online books. it's been a popular thing in the mobile space to sue everybody and we have been seeing a lot of that. linkedin hit a big milestone. 100million members for the mountain view social networker which is planning an ipo hoping to raise $175 million. it's valued at $2.5 billion by the private market shares post. linkedin is doing quite well overseas. 44million of its users are in the u.s. but it says its
6:49 am
fastest scoring market was last year, france, india, brazil and mexico. nice gains on wall street, three session winning street getting back what was last last week on japan's nuclear crisis. the market pulled back a little this morning. the dow is lower by 15 points. nasdaq is down by 5. frank and sydnie, the s&p is trailing by two. a little piece of good news, oil pulling back after hitting over $10 2 a barrel yesterday. >> thank you, jason. jason brooks with kcbs and, thank you. time for a look at what's coming up later this morning on "the early show." >> and we do that with mr. chris wragge. he joins us live from new york. be chris, happy tuesday to you. how are you? >> hi, chris. >> and to you, frank. good morning to both of you. coming up in just a couple of minutes here on "the early show" more details on the u.s. warplane that crashed in libya as the two americans on board are confirmed safe. we are live at the crash site
6:50 am
with the latest. on a lighter note as the countdown continues to the wedding of the century, new details are out about will and kate's royal procession. we'll go live to buckingham palace for the big springfield of the couple's horse-drawn carriage. also, on a much lighter note, are americans too tired for sex? a surprising number of us would rather hit the hay than roll in it after work. how to wake up your love life. >> and the people who wrote this study get up as early as we do? >> really. do they really know what it's like? the pain. [ laughter ] >> sex, sleep, sex -- hm. >> we're on about 2.5 hours earlier than you, my friend. >> you have to get past it. you have to get past it syd. [ laughter ] >> she has been doing it for years. i'm the new guy. >> i know. >> all right, chris. >> chris, i'm going to take your advice. all right. thank you. >> early show starts at 7:00 right here on cbs.
6:51 am
have a good show, chris. it is 6:50. some relief this morning for people with anthem blue cross coverage. the health insurer will push back its original rate increase from april to july 1 and will reduce the hike from 9.8% to 9.1%. this move is expected to benefit about 600,000 policyholders. that comes just days after blue shield of california abandoned its increase for now. two major airlines raising prices again. roundtrip fares for united and continental going up by $10. airline carriers have increased fares at least six times this year as they try to offset rising fuel costs. travel experts say consumers got a brake last week, wahoo, when airlines offered more discount fees for summer travel. so book now. >> that was my protest. that's why i drove across the united states. it takes longer. is your city logged on to
6:52 am
the social networking craze? well, men's health magazine ranked the u.s. cities that use sites like facebook and twitter the most and at the top of the list was washington, d.c. no supplies there. and then atlanta, denver, minneapolis and seattle. rounding out your top five the only bay area city that made the top 10 was san francisco, coming in at number 6. >> wow. very interesting stats there. okay. someone could strike very, very, very rich tonight. >> that was a triple very, wasn't it? >> let's go buy a it few. the mega millions up to $244 million. nobody won friday's drawing with these six numbers here. the past 13 drawings have not had a top prize winner so if someone strikes the $244 million jackpot, that would come out to about $9 million a year for the next 26 years. >> before tax, of course. >> well, i can deal with that. >> and if you took the cash all at once, you would walk away with $155 million. a little home shopping up at tahoe perhaps.
6:53 am
>> what are the odds of winning? >> not good. not good at all. one in 175 million but you have to play. >> get this. >> to get a shot. >> the largest mega millions jackpot ever $390 million back in march of 2007. >> probably won by some meatpackers in indiana. >> and good for them. i hope they are relaxing in hawaii right now. >> how about someone here in the bay area? go out and buy one. >> if nobody is here in the morning you will know who won. 6:53. time to play ball. the first witness set to take the stand in barry bonds' perjury trial. we'll tell you what could happen if that person refuses to testify. and if you have a story idea or comment you would like to share with us, email that guy right there, we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] big news for allergy sufferers. prescription strength allegra is now available without a prescription. same exact medicine, same full prescription strength.
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northern california .. sharon chin is at travis air force base, where the first of today's two flights is on the ground. hundreds of american military families from japan have just returned to northern california. sharon chin is at travis air force base where the first of two flights just landed. see this got to talk to some of the families. hi, sharon. >> reporter: yes, good morning, frank. hundreds of families that just touched down and they have arrived here at travis air
6:57 am
force base minutes ago. here's what it looked like on the runway. some 340 people, mostly mothers with babies or small children, greeted by travis military. they voluntarily left japan after the earthquake and tsunami. they authorized chartered military flights to bring families home. they flew 10.5 hours to get here from japan. now that they are here, people will help them find lodging, transportation or make travel arrangements to where they need to go here in the u.s. this week at least 20 chartered flights are going to be bringing military families home from japan. travis is the second arrival location for the voluntary military departure. there are two flights carrying hundreds of people that have already arrived at seattle- tacoma airport. later this morning there will be another flight arriving from japan, that one carrying about 150 people. that's the latest from here, frank. >> good stuff, i'm sure they
6:58 am
are happy to be back here in the united states. sharon chin live at travis air force base, thank you. our other top story, opening statements set to begin in two hours in the perjury trial of former giants slugger barry bonds. today the first witness to be called will be bonds' former trainer. he is expected though to refuse to testify. and if so, he will return to jail for the duration of the trial, which could last about four weeks. bonds is accused of lying when told a grand jury that he never knowingly used steroids. it is 6:58. one last check of traffic and weather. and it's going to be wet. >>what a surprise. more widespread rain later on. here's a look a hi-def doppler. a cell went through cupertino and sunnyvale going to santa clara and will continue to push northeast. we'll see light scattered showers throughout the morning and drying out midday before the next round of rain. heavy at times, moving in later
6:59 am
on this afternoon and evening. this is the first round tuesday into wednesday. and then we get the second round thursday into friday with more impressive totals. third round on saturday. we finally start to see a break in the rain towards the second half of the weekend. for a final check of the roads here is gianna. >> new accident eastbound 4 right at loveridge. two left lanes blocked. looks like we are seeing delays in the westbound direction as well so give yourself some extra time there. south 680 at marsh view overturned vehicle out of lanes. debris in the road. bay bridge backed to the west grand overcrossing. disabled vehicle near the island. northbound 17 redwood estates slow in both directions. new wreck north 85 at camden in the center divide. back to you. thank you for watching the cbs 5 "early edition." see you back here tomorrow bright and early at 4:30. >> we leave you this


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