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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  April 2, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. safety is more important than being a little late. so we are okay with it. >> taking flight delays and cancellations in stride. how southwest airlines is affected the day after a frightening inflight emergency aboard a sacramento bound flight. back to baseball between the giants and dodgers. how the crowd is reacting to the thursday post game attack on a giants fan. >> they will find us a new home. >> and digging out from disaster. how one coastal community is still struggling after the recent storms. good evening, hundreds of southwest flights have been canceled tonight after a hole blew open in one of its jets over arizona yesterday. today federal investigators investigated the boeing 737. don is at oakland international
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airport where dozens of flights were grounded. don. >> after that potentially disastrous this flight failure grounded, 79 boeing 737's, southwest passengers arriving and departing oakland international today, or at least trying to, expressed concern about safety, but seemed concerned about delayed and missing flights. >> a southwest flight arrives at oakland international this evening. about 30 other southwest flights to and from oakland were canceled. leading to delays, shuffled schedules, and annoyed passengers. >> they are not handling it really well and i'm about 7, 8 hours waiting to get on a flight that is not going to be a direct flight and hopefully i will be able to make my cruise ship tomorrow. >> system wide, southwest canceled 300 flights following yesterday's explosive decompression of a boeing 737 at 36,000 feet. it left a hole in the top of
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the fusil lodge. this passenger's cell phone video shows the hole in the ceiling of the phoenix sacramento flight, prompting the pilot to rapidly descend and make an emergency landing. >> all of a sudden, there's a loud bang and the masked dropped and it was really, really windy and ears hurt and holding the hand of the guy next to me trying not to bawl my eyes out. >> the hole opened over cindy's head and had her wandering. >> is this how it is like to die? many thoughts were going through your head and it's hard to focus on any one. just wondering when it was going to be over and when they were going to say it was all a mistake and didn't really happen. >> today, inspectors were going over the damaged plane and 79 other grounded southwest 737's looking for what is spokeswoman told the new york times was, the same type of
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aircraft skinned fatigue. >> the aircraft suffered structural failure and rapid depressurization. the last major maintenance, heavy check on this aircraft was march of 2010. >> the problem apparently did not scare many away from flying southwest today. marjorie arrived on time at oakland. >> it didn't stop us from getting on our flight. i don't think the steward wants to die anymore we do. >> there are indications that southwest will not have all of its grounded 737's inspected tomorrow, so there's a good chance they won't be in the air and we'll see canceled flights again. >> it could be a headache for some folks. thank you. well more than a third of southwest fleet of planes are boeing 737, 300s. about 170 of the 540 southwest planes are 737, 300s. the 3 00 model is the oldest
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plane in southwest fleet. the company replaced the aluminum skin and plans to replace all of them over the next few years. a similar event on a 737 killed a flight attendant. the top of an aloha airlines plane peeled away in flight and the attendant was sucked o. dozens of passengers were injured. the plane made an emergency landing at an airport on maui. anyone who witnessed the violent beating outside dodger stadium is being lured to come forward with a hefty reward. la police are looking for the dodger fans who critically injured this giants fan from santa cruz. he remains in critical condition. marquez for the call for better security. >> offering a $10,000 reward for information that can lead to the arrest of these two suspects wanted for the severe beating of brian stowe, a 41- year-old paramedic and father
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of two. he is in a medically induced coma because of swelling on the brain and may need to have part of his frontal lobe removed, which can affect a person's decision making, personality, and speech. >> at some point, our suspects hit our victim in the back of the head and he fell and hit his head on the concrete and he continued to be assaulted. >> the suspects attacked stowe because he was wearing giants gear. >> there is a female suspect that is involved in this that was the driver of the get away and small male child inside of the car. >> we haven't had any problems and it's a great day for baseball. >> terri took his sons to this afternoon's dodgers game. >> was it a conscious choice to come during the day and not a night game? >> a little bit. we wanted to come during the day, but yeah, just as long as everyone has fun and keeps things in order. >> it's tough.
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you can't rule out fans that just have no sense. >> james believes more security at games can't hurt and supervisor has proposed restricting alcohol sales at dodgers stadium. his thoughts. >> i went to an ncaa game that didn't have any alcohol and it was boring. if they stop it any earlier, that's my advice. >> that was suzanne reporting. highlights of today's game later in sports. well another coastal community is shutting down its entire police department. half-moon bay today voted to disband its 12 member force and outsource members to the san mateo county sheriff's office. all the sworn officers would keep their jobs. the plan would save the city more than half a million dollars. checking some of the bay area headlines, oakland police are searching for two carjacker who's struck at the coliseum bart station last night. the suspects took a ford taurus at midnight. no one was injured. police have no description on
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the carjackers. >> two san jose -- 18-year-old ruben cortez was shot in the driveway of the mcdonald's march 16. he died four days later. tonight, armando and brandon both 18 are facing charges. the cost of a muni light rail accident two years ago could reach $7 million. another $925,000 in claims will be voted on tuesday. muni settled claims totaling more than a million and a half dollars. 47 people were injured when the driver blacked out entering the west portal station and smashed into a stationary train. he no longer works for muni. the damaged left by two flash floods is keeping some residents from going home. the city is scrambling to fix a broken storm drain. but the work is not progressing
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fast enough for most people. >> emergency work continues at the mobile home park where the dual floods began in capatola. people wait in limbo with memories of last week when thousands of gallons of water from the noble creek came rushing through the city not once, but twice. >> then we turn around and hear that noise coming down the road in front of our trailer and we looked outside and here comes the water flowing down in front of our trailer. >> the city is trying to sure up the pipeline that burst march 24, but some neighbors have little faith about the cul vert up stream. >> nobody came and nobody fixed it. then finally one of the neighbors went down and undammed the thing and that's the first flood in capatola. >> they have been working to figure out what happened. they have ideas. they haven't finalized their thoughts. we hope to have their thoughts in the next couple of weeks.
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a lot of businesses are open this weekend, but many are sporting signs like this, saying closed. the door still caked with mud and across the street over here, you can see sandbags and a dumpster ready for the continued cleanup operation. >> we always come to the store, for years. >> today it is closed indefinitely. >> that's a heartbreak. >> down the block, a flood sale. >> just to get people down here, it seemed like a lot of people came down to look at the damage and hoping people will spend money as well. >> police department is in trailers after the main station was flooded. as everyone waits to see what the city does next. >> i'm pretty sure they will find us a new home. they won't make you -- i don't care. >> in capala, cbs 5. well the weather has caused mayor damage all around the bay area.
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they will be celebrating through spring in the sierra. their record snowfall means few resorts will stay through at least memorial day. now this was the snowiest winter since 1970 with 06 feet in some areas. wow. well a new complication at his crippled nuclear complex. radioactive water is now leaking. and the charlie sheen show opens to less than rave reviews. what the fans are saying about the torpedo of truth tour. >> the weather center turned out to be a decent day in the afternoon. we have more sunshine coming our way. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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japan is now focused on an eight-inch crack. the struggle to contain the nuclear crisis in japan is now focused on an 8-inch crack. the operator of the stricken power plant says the new crack in the pit in one of the reactors is leaking highly radioactive water into the pacific ocean. tokyo electric tried to pour concrete into the pit hoping to stop the spill, but it hasn't
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worked so far. crews will now try to inject a water absorbent polymer. ♪ [ music ] >> san francisco's japan town hosted a concert today to raise money for relief efforts in japan. the asian american communities hosted this fundraiser at the peace plaza stage. they called it cacua japan. it means to reach out and help others. in libya, rebels are pushing on despite a deadly setback. they lost 13 of their own in a nato air strike. elizabeth palmer on how their lack of training resulted in deadly consequences. >> chaos in rebel has been a huge problem from the beginning, both for the few commanders who are military professionals and for nato pilots. on friday near the front line, at least six people are said to
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have been killed and 25 injured, including children. in an explosion hit an ammunition truck. nato says it is investigating. >> over the past few days, rebel fighters discipline has improved and they apparently received supplies, including crucial communications equipment. still, gadhafi's military forces remain well dug into the oil part of bregga and fighting is at a stalemate. yesterday, the rebels offered a cease fire on condition that gadhafi's military withdraw from libyan cities. no way says the government spokesman. >> asking us to withdraw from our own city and open our cities to people who are holding up arms, who are triable, violence, leadership to the links and no one knows who they are. if this is not mad, then i
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don't know what it is. >> meanwhile, although the violence around tripoli has been over for more than three wear r weeks, life is nowhere near normal. slowly but surely, libya's economy is grinding to a halt. >> colick gots are forcing that will add to the pressure on the government. and encourage more defects. elizabeth, cbs news, tripoli. and this is dramatic new amateur video of the unrest in syria. witnesses say government forces killed at least seven protesters during pro democracy demonstrations yesterday. the demonstrators are requiring an end of the facade. all right, lawrence is joining us now. i have enjoyed the break in the rain. please let it continue for a while. >> it is cloudy, but i saw
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some sunshine. >> that cold air -- we are setting the stage for a couple more beautiful days outside as high pressure begins to sneak in here. out there now, we have mostly clear skies around the bay area. of course this morning a lot of clouds. mostly cloudy across the bay area. maybe a couple sprinkles, but no measurable amounts of rain fall. that is rain front is headed our way. we are going to stay. there's a chance of rain in the long distance rain forecast, we are going to see unsettled weather ahead. mostly blankets. you'll find 50s and near 70 degrees in san jose. and mostly sunny as well and it should stay dry. temperatures looking like this. you have 53 degrees and 56 in vallejo. you'll find plenty of sunshine if you are traveling tomorrow.
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70 degrees in sacramento. the further you go north, it is great. a lot of folks like to sneak up for spring skiing and it looks like it will be good, although there's a slight chance we could see showers for tomorrow. mostly sunny as we head toward monday. another system open the past. but this is a storm system that went by it today. i'm falling apart as it heads eastward. we have this ridge starting to build in. the temperatures are going to start to warm up very nicely outside. we are planning on the heat getting started. but it's chilly to begin with. john night flows. we are looking at lops of sunshine. f f palo alto and 67 degrees in union city. eastbound temperatures up many
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spots, well into the 60s and low 70s in antioch. 59 in oakland. a north bay temperature is up 507. so you get the idea. we have a nice sunday on tap for the bay area and looking good as pressure pressure is going to strefngen it a lit billion it. we are looking at great weather to the coastline. that wind becomes more on shore, temperatures to start a drop. by late in the day on wednesday, well we get cooler and talking about the possibility of some rain moving in as we head towards thursday and friday. none of them lack like they are coal and wet. >> just have to coyou busy. thank you. kind of nice that baseball season is heating up as college baseball winds down. >> the giants were looking for their first win of the year. they haven't won since 1958. the a's looking for their first win a ease well.
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butler trying to get to their second consecutive national , and 11th seeded it was built as the battle of the david, trying to get their second consecutive national championship game and 11 seed virginia commonwealth. keep ting loose with his team at practice. back and forth came in the first half. sheldon mac. bulldogs ahead 25-24 early. butler had a 6 point lead at the break, but bcu shot their
11:22 pm
way back. 27 points. try to open up some eyes of the pro scouts. butler up 4. shawn, oh butler up 3, can smell victory. bulldogs out rebounded fuzzy buns. butler moving on to their second straight championship game. 70-62 is the final. >> we can't play the national championship game until 18 or whenever it starts on monday night. so we have to prepare well when we have appropriate meetings. we also have to enjoy each other's company. we don't need to be on edge the whole time. >> i said i'm not doing the flowing chest bump. in part because i'm getting older and it hurt the last time. >> getting helder, what s he 16? best young coach in the game right now. so who wold face david?
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it was gollioth versus gollioth. huskies came in loose, dating back to round one. kendle walker, break an ankle. kentucky came out firing to start the second. doran leave watched them kill a sheet. coast to coast, two of his game high 18. cal perly cymes crime. your bass turns it over. down 2 inside 10 seconds, throes up a 3 with hands in his face. no good. uconn gets the rebound. ice is the game on free throws. they'll go for a third national championship against butler. >> would it be one good not be it, 4a mid major, a nonpower conference team. >> i started in 2012, '13
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would be a would finderful idea. yeah, the sets -- coverage begins at 6:00. what is that guy thinking he was going to say, right? anyway, it's way too early, but moving to san francisco in '58, never said he wanted matt cain didn't allow an earthed run last october and continue thad streak today, tossing six more shutout innings. miguel tejada ran. blow this game wide open. sanchez put an exclamation point on their first win of the season. solo shot to the left. dodgers will pound them.
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against 159 to go. brett anderson on the mound. jock cuff, nearly kills him standing up. move to the ide, gash hilling son streaks two to guy the game at two. looking good for the eyes. each here row slaps to one derek who is fought. seattle scores 3 in the 9th. oakland lyseses despite anderson allowing one run in six innings. still to come, we may have had a playoff video. the best road team. more next. ,,,,,,,,
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the anah two years ago the sharks were upset in the opening round of the playoffs. they could face them again this season. patrick and the sharks down 2-0 early. bob boy ryan hits the puck. he passes to march low on the doorstep. number 36 for patty. game tied at 2 after two. let's move to the third, san jose on the power play. he lets it fly in the back of the men. sharks add anempty nether and they win 5-2. the third, it was pretty much montae taking on the mave. he finished with 32. crunch time, warriors up 91-86. jason terri signs up and gives
11:29 pm
the mauves within three points, but no closer. the layoff is the dagger. forced is off the bench, pga game in houston. it is stanford's leading scorer in the tournament and the leading rebounder. exclusively, which city leads the team in getting yelled at during practice. >> what does he yell at more? >> she is new. she's a baby, so she may make -- freshman, typical mistakes. >> is it hard as a big sister to watch that? >> no, it isn't. she adds to it. i feel for her in the situation that o', that was me two years ago, but not like, quit yelling. >> what happens is, the coach will correct me and then meca,
11:30 pm
coach neca will cent me. i know they are trying to reenforce in my mind what i need to do. >> the final four women in indianapolis, kim coral is the only television recorder there. they need more love than that. the kid phil mickelson is tied for the league with the masters coming up next week. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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when it comes from a torpedo. charlie sheen's tour started tonight. he arrived to thunderous applause, it didn't last. fans began booing and walk out to post reviews on youtube. >> i guess half of it was video clips of bad movies he directed, star ago young johnny depp. he called for a musical break. >> some fans spent hundreds of dollars on tickets and was demanding refunds. the show moves to chicago tomorrow. we may have an update for you then. that's it for eyewitness news at 11:00. we'll see you back here again tomorrow at 5:30. good night. ,, [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage. [ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate.
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