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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 4, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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grounded. southwest airlines finds cracks in three more jets similar to those suspected of causing the fuselage of one plane to rip apart midflight. shutdown showdown. federal lawmakers struggle to come up with a budget agreement before friday's deadline. and back to the gulf. a year after the worst environmental disaster in u.s. history, bp wants to drill environmental disaster in u.s. history, bp wants to drill again. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody, on this monday. good to see you. i'm terrell brown, in for betty nguyen. cracks have been found in the fuselage of three more southwest airlines' jets. similar cracks are believed to have caused a five foot long tear in the fuselage of a
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southwest jet on friday. it's led to a round of inspections. about 600 southwest flights have been canceled. joel brown is in washington with more. joel, good morning to you. >> terrell, good morning to you. southwest used a special test to clear 19 of its planes to fly over the weekend. but three jets failed that test. inspectors are finding more cracks. the section of the southwest airlines jet that ruptured in flight is being shipped to washington. federal investigators want to know what caused it to break apart and what caused the tiny cracks discovered on three other southwest 737s. >> it will undergo intense, in-depth analysis. >> on friday passengers on board southwest airlines flight 812 captured home video of a five foot long hole after the fuselage ripped open. the plane landed safely in arizona. southwest quickly grounded 80 of its 737s for inspections, and canceled hundreds of flights over the weekend. investigators from the national
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transportation safety board say the quarter inch cracks were discovered along joints that run the length of the plane. until now, that was an area that wasn't considered vulnerable to problems. >> there are methods, using technology, to inspect. it's just in the industry, it was not thought that this was an area that needed to be inspected. >> reporter: across the nation, southwest passengers are watching closely. >> i'm concerned, but i need to get home. >> any concerns? >> a little bit. but, you know, i think they're taking care of it. >> reporter: the ntsb says the jet's manufacturer, boeing, is developing a service bulletin that suggests immediate checks on similar models with comparable flight time and age. southwest expects to complete safety checks on 60 other jets by late tomorrow. that means passengers should expect more cancellations. terrell? >> joel brown in washington for us this morning. joel, thank you. meanwhile on capitol hill, the budget clock is ticking. lawmakers have until friday to pass the 2011 budget.
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either that, or face a partial government shutdown. staff members worked through the weekend to try and fashion an agreement. democrats say they'd go along with cutting $33 billion from this year's budget. six weeks ago the republican-controlled house passed a bill calling for $61 billion in cuts. the senate never took it up. >> americans as a whole are very upset about the size and scope of the federal government. we're trying to reduce spending and our democratic friends are hanging on to old ideas that every time you try to reduce spending you're being cruel and mean. >> both republicans and democrats agree a government shutdown would not be a good thing. >> at the end of the day, the american people don't care who has bragging rights at the end of this. they want to make certain we are responsible and work together, both political parties. >> tomorrow, house republicans are unveiling their plan for the 2012 budget. they say it will cut $4 trillion over the next ten years, with big changes to medicare and medicaid. president obama could officially announce his re-election campaign as early as today.
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once he makes an official announcement he'll be able to start raising money. no republicans have officially declared yet. political unrest in yemen. "the new york times" reporting this morning the united states believes that longtime ally president ali abdullah saleh must be eased from office. security forces used tear gas and live ammunition to confront protesters yesterday. two people were killed, hundreds wounded. at another rally today doctors say hundreds more were wounded. saleh said yesterday he will not step down. this morning u.s. warplanes are still flying combat missions over libya. the u.s.' combat role was supposed to end after saturday. nato, though, asked for a 48-hour extension because of poor weather conditions. last week, nato officially assumed control of the air operations. an envoy from the libyan government is in europe, apparently trying to find a way to end the fighting. libya's deputy prime minister met with the greek prime minister in athens yesterday. he's due to head to turkey and malta. meanwhile, the fighting rages on with government forces bearing
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down on rebel positions. mandy clark reports. >> reporter: the only rebel-held city in western libya is still under siege by gadhafi forces. doctors in misrata say over 150 people were killed there in the past week, and aid is badly needed. some help is reaching the city. a turkish ferry evacuated 250 wounded. it arrived in the rebel stronghold of benghazi to pick up more injured from the eastern front before heading to turkey. those wounded are coming from the battlefield of brega. the oil town remains contested after five days of intense fighting, even with more powerful weapons and better military leadership on the front lines, rebels are struggling to gain any ground. "we were making progress, but they fired at us," he says.
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"the gunmen are hiding in the city." and they're now facing another problem. gadhafi forces have changed tactics, moving around in armed pickup trucks to better blend with rebel fighters. and that also makes allied air strikes difficult. one raid over the weekend accidentally hit rebel forces, killing 13. mandy clark, cbs news, benghazi. meanwhile, more protests are expected in afghanistan, spurred by the burning of a koran by the u.s. pastor. yesterday, two policemen were killed, more than 30 people wounded. florida pastor terry jones burned a koran last month and sparked outrage among muslims. last week protesters stormed a u.n. building in afghanistan, killing at least seven. yesterday general david petraeus denounced the burning. >> we condemn the action of an individual in the united states who burned a holy koran. that action was hateful. it was intolerant.
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and it was extremely disrespectful. >> afghan president hamid karzai wants the u.s. congress to officially condemn the burning of koran. in japan, a growing problem at the crippled fukushima nuclear power plant. workers still can't figure out the source of leaking radioactive water. the highly radioactive water is leaking into the ocean. engineers are using mixed sawdust, newspaper, even cement to try to seal this leak. the government says it will be months before the plant's cooling systems are completely shut down. just ahead on the "morning news" on this monday, bp wants to drill again back in the gulf. plus, the new global internet sensation. inside an eagle's nest, waiting for an eaglet to hatch. this is the "morning news." this is the "morning news." know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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day now. the parents, who've been together for about four years -- don't ask me how we know that -- feed them and keep them warm. it's become a huge sensation. more than 11 million views from around the world so far. wildfires this morning in two states are forcing hundreds of people to leave their homes. authorities ordered people to evacuate in new mexico and in colorado. the fire, near new mexico racetrack, has already burned several homes and as much as 3,000 acres. colorado blaze destroyed more than a dozen homes and forced more than 300 others to temporarily evacuate. the wind-driven fire has scorched over 4500 acres. and in wisconsin, a wicked hailstorm in milwaukee. bb sized hail poured from the sky sunday. the sudden storm left a coating that looked like snow. forced residents to get the snow shovels back out to clean up. bp wants to start drilling for oil again in the gulf of mexico. almost a year after the massive bp oil spill, the company is
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asking for permission to drill at ten existing deep wells in the gulf. the proposal includes a promise from bp to embrace stricter safety rules to prevent another disaster. meanwhile, transocean, the company that operated the bp oil rig that exploded decided to give its top executives bonuses for safety performances. 11 crew members died in the explosion last april. on the "cbs moneywatch," hackers get some big change and ranking the airlines. ashley morrison here in new york with more. >> good morning, terrell. asian markets are on the rise this morning. tokyo's nikkei index edged up a bit. while hong kong's hang seng rose about 1%, and oil hit a 30-month high topping out at more than $108 a barrel. wall street will be listening tonight when fed chair ben bernanke speaks in georgia. today, traders will try to keep the rally going after last week's gains. the dow climbed more than 1%, while the nasdaq gained almost 2%. best buy and walgreens are the latest to acknowledge they've been hit by hackers. over the weekend, a string of companies from chase bank to the
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kroger supermarket chain alerted customers that their personal information may have been compromised in a cyber attack. a marketing firm called epsilon that sends out mass e-mails was apparently the target. it's believed the hackers only got their hands on names and e-mail addresses. not more sensitive information like social security numbers. well, complaints about airlines took off last year, up 28%. according to an annual study released overnight, delta got the most complaints while southwest had the least. despite the gripes, airlines did a lot right last year. they were better at arriving and departing on time, and bumped fewer passengers. and their rate of losing or damaging bags hit a 20-year low. blockbuster goes on the auction block today. several airlines -- several companies, pardon me, will reportedly make bids, including the dish network. blockbuster used to dominate u.s. movie rentals but lost business over the years to netflix and movies on demand. the company filed for bankruptcy protection last september.
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and "hop" jumped to the top of the box office. the animated family comedy about a music loving rabbit took in $38 million in sales over the weekend. that is the best debut for a film this year. the action thriller "source code" debuted in the second spot while the haunted house tale "insidious" finished third. and terrell, "hop" looks like something i'll be taking jack to. >> it's the kind of movie you've got to take kids to see. i wanted to go see it. but i couldn't go see it by myself. >> you could come with us. there you go, terrell, we'll share our popcorn. >> it will be a family affair. ashley morrison with us this morning. thanks. we'll take a quick break on this monday morning. when we come back in sports, the unthinkable in women's hoops. powerhouse uconn huskies meet their match against the fighting irish. decisions, decisions. which beneful prepared meal tonight? roasted chicken recipe? okay, savory rice and lamb stew. [ barks ] you're right.
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look for showers in to the northwest. the southeast and northeast will be warmer than usual. in sports, two huge upsets in the women's final four. defending champ uconn can't stop noter game. the sophomore guard made the pick, drove the lane. she scores 28 points. the fighting irish overwhelm the huskies 72-63. in an exciting finish. in the other game, nine seconds left, stanford takes the lead over texas and m. aggies drive, going up by one, and they will hold on. a&m upset stan fjord ford 63-62. they'll face notre dame for the championship on tuesday night. and tonight, it's the men's championship game, butler taking on uconn, 9:00 eastern, right here on cbs. in baseball, a rare triple play tripper. it looked like that. triple play. look at this. cleveland's carlos santana makes a driving catch. he throws to first for out number two, then cabrera tosses to second. it's a triple play. cleveland's first since may of 2008. the indians get their first win
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7-1 over the white sox. angels and royals, the bloop fly scores two. we go to extra innings. in the bottom of the 13th, kansas city gets the win 12-9 over the angels. and in chicago, matt garza makes his cubs debut, striking out 12 pirates. wild play in the ninth though. pittsburgh's pedro alvarez, the slow roller, but the throw to the first is wide. neil walker will slide between the catcher's legs. he is safe. pirates rally to beat the cubs 5-4. when we come back, another look at this morning's top stories. and for miranda lambert and lady antebellum, the big winners at last night's academy of country music awards. academy of country music awards.
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plus.. time to hang up. law enforcment gets tough on distracted drivers. one politician's plan to fine you more if you're caught. the government's final witness in the barry bonds trial testifies today. how the slugger's own words could end up hurting his case. and a cyber attack targets shopper's personal information., on the "cbs morning news" here's a look at today's weather. expect heavy rain, hail and even possible tornadoes from texas to pennsylvania. look for warmer than normal temps on the eastern seaboard.
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and colder air comes down to the midwest. here's another look at this morning's top stories on a monday. cracks have been found on three more southwest airlines' jets. the cracks are similar to those believed to have caused a five foot long tear in the fuselage of a southwest jet on friday. and it's reported that bp wants to resume drilling for oil in the gulf of mexico. almost a year ago an oil rig explosion spilled more than 200 million gallons of oil into the gulf. two young women dominated last night's academy of country music awards in las vegas. miranda lambert won the most awards, and taylor swift captured the biggest honor of the night. sandra hughes reports. >> reporter: fans of taylor swift crowned her entertainer of the year at saturday's academy of country music awards. >> it's just the biggest thing
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in the world to me because my heroes won that award. >> reporter: another young country star swept the rest of the evening. miranda lambert was the night's top nominee and walked away with best single, song, and video of the year for her hit "the house that built me." she also won top female vocalist. >> in 2011 just chill and be happy to be there because the last year was so awesome. and i'm just so humbled. >> reporter: lady antebellum won for best vocal group and album of the year "need you now." sugarland won best vocal duo and for the fifth straight time, brad paisley won for top male vocalist. >> i really thought that's it. four, and that's really amazing. >> reporter: the red carpet here at the acms are unlike any other celebrity event. you'll see outfits like this, to glam and glitz, to good old cowboy duds. that same mixing and matching was on stage, too. steven tyler and carrie underwood stole the show in their plug for "american idol." brad paisley got back to his
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roots with alabama. sugarland's jennifer nettles rocked with rihanna. all made it a night to remember. sandra hughes, cbs news, las vegas. chicago is apparently charlie sheen's kind of town. after bombing in detroit saturday night, we're talking so bad much of the audience left halfway through, sheen brought his violent torpedo of truth failure is not an option road show to the witty windy city last night. he switched it up a little bit, using interview and more of a talk show style format. fans called it a winning performance. >> there's a lot of ranting and raving. a lot of people hollering. a lot of people saying stuff. >> it's a little boring but it's like you're paying money to like go like be with charlie sheen. >> it's really good. really down-to-earth. he's doing a great show. >> sheen will be in cleveland tomorrow night. coming up this morning on "the early show," the latest on southwest finding more cracks in more planes. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news."
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it was almost 40 years ago that congress passed the title ix law requires equal participation by boys and girls in sports and in the classroom. it applies to both colleges and high school, but as michelle miller reports, enforcing that law can be tricky. >> reporter: when 17-year-old hillary albert hits the ice, she's got one goal in mind. >> i want to play professional hockey. it's been my dream since i was 4 years old. >> reporter: but making the pros and earning college scholarships are long shots if scouts don't see albert in action. and they can't do that because her high school in northern maine doesn't have a girl's varsity team. >> he told me i wasn't good enough for the boy's team. i'm fast enough but i'm not big enough. >> reporter: david is the high school's athletic director. besides money and nearby lack of competition, he says --
4:26 am
>> there is not enough interest. >> reporter: what would be a number that would satisfy interest in your book? >> we would have to be able to field a team of probably 18 -- 17-19 people. >> reporter: but hillary albert and her father dennis say 19 girls are interested and ready to play. for high schools and colleges it's a numbers game. to get federal funding they must agree to comply with title ix. a law demanding equal opportunity for men and women. but nationwide over the last year the office of civil rights says complaints of inequity have nearly tripled. maintaining an equal ratio of male to female athletes is the goal. one that many schools achieve by counting cheerleaders. but under the law, cheerleading isn't clearly defined as a title ix sport. and without its 52 cheerleaders, presque isle high has an 1% gap. >> pretty close. >> reporter: it's close.
4:27 am
but it's not equal. >> in your interpretation. it would be equal if we had the interest. >> reporter: to prove that interest, school administrators asked the hockey girls to raise $150,000 to run the team for three years. >> we went all over town to get money for auction. we made about $3,000. they did well. >> reporter: so it's not enough. >> not enough. nope. not enough to meet their dreams. >> reporter: while she was once a leading scorer for a national hockey team, she's now watching her dream of winning a college hockey scholarship slip away. but hopes the next generation of hockey girls can score that opportunity. michelle miller, cbs news, presque isle, maine. coming up a little later on "the early show," the latest flight fears, as southwest inspects its fleet of 737s, looking for more cracks. plus tax scams. how thieves steal your identity and then your money. and some of the best food at the final four.
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the winners of the coach's cook-off in houston. all of that and more coming up a little bit later this morning on "the early show." and that will do it for this monday morning edition of the "cbs morning news." appreciate you watching. i'm terrell brown. take care, everybody, have a great day. ,,,,,,,,
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