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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  April 4, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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what investigators are now finding among dozens of grounded planes. plus.. a new one hundred more southwest flights cancelled. what investigators are finding among dozens of grounded planes. a new emergency landing on a bay area flight. >> if someone leaves a message i have to check. >> resist that urge to check that text today. one lawmakers push to boost fines. good morning everyone it is monday the 4th of april thanks for joining us i am sydnie kohara. >> it is monday. 4:30. we have the whole crew up here we will be kicking off a little weather it is wonderful. >> shaping up to be one of the warmest days of the week too. >> shall we get used to it? >> no, you will be freezing by the end of the week.
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maybe not actually 32 degrees but close. i wouldn't be surprised to see frost by friday morning. today will be absolutely gorgeous let's enjoy it while it lasts. temperatures low 70s around the bay. 75 oakland, 76 san jose, santa rosa, plenty of sunshine but some significantly cooler changes are on the way, chance of showers, frost, maybe a snow flake or two, all that coming up in just a bit. that woke you up didn't it? >> no, the roller coaster of weather thank you. traffic so far on the roads, off to a great start. antioch bridge, a live look. top speeds all the way through pittsburgh on into concord. same thing across the east bay you will notice all those top speeds, westbound 24, bay bridge toll plaza, traffic nice and light with no metering lights, a check of mass transit coming up. in the meantime back to you. thanks very much.
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it is 4:31 a.m. southwest is grounding about 100 more flights. >> they had a tough week an airline cancelled 300 flights, saturday and sunday. that is because of inspections ordered after a section of the fuselage ruptured on a flight from phoenix to sacramento friday. that broken piece is being shipped to washington now. it came from the ceiling on the flight. there are methods using technology to inspect it is just in the industry it was not thought this was an area that needed to be inspected. >> new inspections have turned up in at least three other jet liners, with small subsurface cracks similar to those in friday's incident. at oakland international airport and bay area, flights were cancelled. >> i would be more upset if i
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knew something like that happened and they didn't do their due diligence. >> planes need to be safe. they are taking proactive measurements i don't have a problem with that. southwest grounded 79 of its boeing 737-300s for inspections so call ahead if you have a southwest flight today, and tomorrow. southwest flight from oakland to san diego made an emergency landing in los angeles last night the problem was an electrical burning smell in the cab p there were 1 -- cabin there were 142 people on the flight. the plane was the same model as being inspected however a southwest spokesperson said this is not related to an issue that forced an emergency landing in arizona. 4:33 a.m. national transportation safety board will be on the scene of a deadly plane crash in east bay. a world war ii airplane crashes in alameda shore line park shortly after taking off from
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oakland airport. it crashed with such force the nose with the pilot inside was buried in mud along the edge of san leandro bay. it took off from oakland's old north field yesterday afternoon. it flew a mile at low elevation and dropped. the engine failed and they heard the plane go down into the marine area. several witnesses rushed to the scene in an attempt to try to rescue the individual, get him out of the plane but they were unsuccessful because of the way he was situated in the mud. >> the pilot was the only person aboard the plane. you might think twice about texting or talking on your cell phone if you are behind the wheel. in oakland where this morning chp and local law enforcement kicking off a month long crackdown. sharon good morning chef >> good morning. yes. april is national distracted driving safety month and right now we are out inside oracle
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arena waiting to get into the gates. 5:00 a.m. this morning chp will have a news conference kicking off that campaign. making sure you pay attention on the roads. many drivers still using cell phones while driving even though it is against the law. chp starting today is launching the first long month long statewide effort to reduce that. they want to increase the fine from 25 to $50. he authored the 2008 bill that outlawed cell phone use while driving. despite the fine, some drivers admit to texting or talking on their cell phones. >> i probably try and answer a text maybe, but not very often, especially when it keeps raining it feels like something
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is emergency -- ringing it feels like something is emergency. >> if you end up killing someone you cannot bring that person back to life. the latest statistics from the national highway safety transportation safety administration in 2009 more than 5,000 fatalities were blamed on distracted driving and nearly half a million injury accidents the people with the most frequent violations were under 20 years old. we will hear a lot more about that, the news conference expected to begin 5:00 a.m. this morning. we are still waiting for the gates to open at this point. >> sharon thanks very much. early press conference. okay thank you sharon. 4:36 a.m. lawmakers, law enforcement in san francisco and l.a. are condemning the beating that left a giants fan in a medically induced coma. they call the attack by two
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dodger fans unbelievable. a fund and facebook page has been set up to help pay his medical bills. >> there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the two men. today the purgery trial of barry bonds resumes with the government's last witness scheduled to finish testifying. the trial is moving into its third week. an anti doping expert will take the stand he is founder of ucla analytical laboratory. before resting its case prosecution is expected to have bond's grand jury testimony in 2003 read before the jury after that the defense will get to call witnesses. more testimony from the admitted killer of an oakland journalist chauncey bailey. he is expected to give more information about the killing. he killed bailey on the orders of former black muslim bakery
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leader. 4:38 a.m. president obama running for a second term. his campaign posting this web video a few hours alaunching his re-election bid. the next step is file registration papers with the federal election commission. he is scheduled to hold fundraisers in los angelessan francisco later this month. >> what a weekend weather wise. >> wonderful. >> guess it is leaking into monday but the end of the week is nasty. >> well, we will enjoy it for now. >> at least -- so nasty i don't know if that is exactry the right way to describe -- exactly the right way the describe it. we will not see tons of rain but it will be chilly. down right beautiful this morning mostly clear start, cool, temperatures in the 40s. 47 for some of the warmest
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spots inland, 49 along the coast, later today bump temperatures up 6 to 10 degrees over yesterday, tons of sun and plenty of warm temperatures as well high as the upper 70s some of the warmest spots inland and mid-60s some of the cooler spots by the coast. take a look at the extended forecast. today, nice and warm. we begin to cool tomorrow, wednesday we drop significantly. i do think it will be blustery as well. windy for you. thursday we throw in a chance of showers and with such cool temperatures we could see a few snow flurries depending how much wet stuff we get. we could see a dusting on some of our local mountains, friday, cool as well we may have lingering showers but mainly dry, i will show you next weekend where things look a little better. in the meantime here is elizabeth with a check of traffic. we will start off with a look at sonoma, a mud slide in that area completely blocking the westbound lanes of 116
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redwood drive. trees down in the roadway heavy equipment needed for removal. farther south down toward the golden gate bridge live traffic sensors are picking up speeds, pretty good, 63 miles per hour. elsewhere, checking the ride here through fremont, closer to newark. right around highway 84 an accident reported blocking one lane now our sensors are not picking up any slow speeds right now if you are coming up northbound, 880. trip on around head toward the dunbarton bridge toll plaza, traffic moving fine as well as around the south bay looking great coming up the guadalupe parkway, 101 traffic fine heading out of downtown happen sew say, traffic fine -- san jose, traffic is fine. that is your traffic back up to you. okay thank you elizabeth. popular retail stores warning customers of a cyber attack. personal information now in the
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hands of hackers. winning once again the changes that turned boos into cheers at charlie sheen's second show. ,,,,,,,,
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the sooner you act, the better chance we can help you. man: ♪ i'm home woman: ♪ i'm home ♪ where i belong welcome back. looking at some nice sunny conditions bumping temperatures up a few degrees over yesterday. plenty of sunshine highs in the low to upper 70s. depending where you live. 76 santa rosa, 76 san jose lots of sun cooler changes on the way. more coming up. thank you very much. 4:43 a.m. united states will continue flying strike missions in libya today. american forces had planned to end those flights saturday but nato asked for a 48 hour extension after bad weather hampered operations over the weekend. >> meanwhile an envoy for ruler moammar gadhafi told the greekprime minister he is looking for a way out of the crisis in his country.
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today workers in japan using a milky white dye to try and pin down the source of a leak from a damaged nuclear power plant. they are trying to figure out where radio active water is coming from as it leaks into the ocean. it is pooling around the plant and reventing workers from powering up cooling systems. it will probably take several months to fully restore those systems. if you bought anything at places like best buy or walgreens you may want to take a close look at your in box those companies along with tivo have been hacked. customer files and addresses were leaked through epsilon and that company is investigating the hacker attack. security experts say not the turn over any personal information in any e-mails received. well, the final act for blockbuster, the company goes on the bankruptcy auction block
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today. several companies will make bids including dish network. they used the dominate the u.s. movie rental industry but over the years lost business to netflix and movies on demand. they filed for bankruptcy protection last september. reviews are in for charlie sheen his second show received fewer complaints. the actor adjusted the format of the show in chicago last night he took the stage with master of ceremonies and did a q and a with the audience. no rave reviews but fans stuck around the watch it. i was expecting the worst i am expecting to be out there 10 minutes and leave and i was like, there was some people shouting out, he put them in their place but he was good. he is down to earth, doing a great show. >> he was heckled and booed on opening night in detroit he is scheduled to be in san francisco april 30th. should be interesting. >> i guess so.
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a little more structure in there. asking questions, answer them. making the most of it. it is 4:46 a.m. preventing another deadly san bruno explosion the major campaign the feds are launching today. the best days in life may be yet to come. >> thank goodness. >> good for all of us here. >> age experts say most people are the happiest. women of stanford shut out the final play that slashed the cardinals hopes of a national championship ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and replace aging oil and gase pipelines nationwide. federal transportation officials launching a program to repair and replace aging gas lines nationwide. this is after deadly explosions such as that in san bruno last september. it ruptured killing 8 people
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and injuring 55 more leaving many homes uninhabitable. scheduled launch of shuttle endeavor will be postponed. it was to take off april 19th with mark kelly as commander. the delay is blamed on a scheduling convict with a russian supply craft headed for the international space station at the same time. a big increase last year in number of complaints about airlines in the u.s. department of transportation reports a 28% jump in complains the biggest problems cancellations and delays. the rate of mishandled bags was the best in two decades. now southwest airlines at the time had the lower consumer complaint rate. we will see what happens after this past weekend though. delta had the highest. sunny and warmer the weather story today. chilly changes are on the way.
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heading out the door, chilly, temperatures low 40s to low 50s depending where you are. mostly clear to start your day we stay clear throughout the afternoon hours allowing for plenty of daytime heating and warming up into the upper 70s. the warmest spot inland and mid- 60s for some of the cooler spots along the coast. plenty of sun, thanks in part to high pressure holding off a storm system to our north. combine that with an offshore flow we are seeing temperatures bump up from 6 to 10 degrees today. sunny and warm, cooler changes on the way. we are awaiting this weather system in the gulf of alaska it will pass to our north tomorrow not going the bring us any showers but will drop temperatures 5 to 10 degrees tomorrow just the beginning of some chilly changes that could mean frost by the end of the week. in the meantime a beautiful day in store today, if you want to have lunch outside it will be one of those kind of days
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temperatures in the south bay warming up mid-70s. 74 cupertino, 75s will gatos -- los gay toes. 77 antioch, brent wood, oakland 75 and near 73 berkeley and richmond later this afternoon. 76 for santa rosa. 74 bodega bay. 74 vallejo. look at the seven-day forecast a little bit of something for everyone here again warmer the day we begin our cooling trend on tuesday, temperatures down 5 to 10 degrees depending where you are. more significantly on wednesday which looks to be a cool and blustery day, especially along the coast and by the bay. by thursday we will throw in a chance of showers cool temperatures could mean snow levels down around 2500 feet. possibility of a dusting in
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local mountains. friday we could clear out lingering showers, if we are clear looking at the possibility of frost by the time you wake up friday morning. the good news if you like the mild temperatures they will return just in time for next weekend. temperatures beginning to build back mid-to upper 60s. now a check of traffic with elizabeth. thank you julie. newark, this accident just cleared from the lanes still waiting for a crew to get there. 880, around highway 84. completely gone from lanes not causing any delays. toward the dunbarton bridge we have a traffic camera right there. so far so good all the way into men low park. south bay, heading out of milpitas, heading towards mill bay, silicon valley drive looks great. coming around the bend one sensor said 60 miles per hour. the ride looks great along the peninsula, 101 and 28 to
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problem free through san mateo. cruising all the way into san francisco. marin county ride, southbound 101, looks great all the way towards the golden gate bridge. traffic still very light they have not done the lane change yet. >> east bay, westbound 580 fine coming out of the altamonte pass. 15 minutes your drive time from 205 out towards 680 and dub lib interchange. usual -- dublin interchange. usual hot spots not too bad, everything in the clear. westbound 80 looking good down the east shore freeway and nemitz, quick trip through oakland remember kcbs their radio partners catch them 7:40 a.m., 106.9 fm. it is 4:53 a.m. you may want to check your fridge the state ordered a recall of sprouts because they may contain salmonella. they are distributed by lewis foods of fresno they include
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alfalfa and clover routes in four ounce cups and 16-ounce bags and broccoli and spicy sprouts in 4-ounce cups they have a use by date on or before april 14th. also recalled packages of jenny os prosen all natural turkey burgers sold in boxes of 12 at sames club stores, use by date, december 23rd, 2011. 12 people in 10 states have gotten sick. 24% of people have inadequate levels of vitamin d in their blood and another 8% are at serious risk. a number of health problems are linked including bone fractures, par kin sins and
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diabetes. researchers say you are happiest in your 80s mainly because responsibilities ease and we can focus on -- >> we are going to be unhappy for a couple more decades. >> maybe three for me i hope you too. things we enjoy less people are happy in their teens than 20s. but that changes as we start a career and family. happiness starts rising in the late 40s peaks at anal 85. >> nice -- at age 85. >> nice spread there. happy night for taylor swift she walked away as entertainer of the year at last night's academy of country music awards. >> taylor swift. the fact that this is from the fans tour best thing that has ever happened to me ever. >> taylor beat out keith urban. brad paisley and miranda lambert. the first time the 21-year-old
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won one of the country music awards most prestigious honors it is based on votes by fans. everyone loves taylor that's for sure. tonight we find out who is the cream dela cream. this is butler's second straight appearance in the title game watch it here on cbs 5. tough news on the women's side stanford suffered a heart breaking loss against tension as a and m -- texas a and m. stanford made 4 straight trips to the final 4 they have yet to win a championship those four rides, texas a and m will face notre dame for the title, irish knocking off top seed yukon. what agony. four trips. >> tough. like the buffalo bills with super bowl.
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it is 4:57 a.m. we have a developing story, fire at a mobile home in redwood city a crew is on the way. a live report on the family's narrow escape. another scare in the air for a southwest plane more on the ripped hole in the 737. what investigators are finding in their inspections of grounded planes coming up. government takes a final swing at barry bonds last prosecution witness taking the stand somehow bonds own words will be used -- and how bonds own words will be used against him ,,,,
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grounds 100 more flights. plus.. a bay third day of travel frustration southwest grounds 100 more flights plus a bay area emergency landing. >> if someone leaves a message i have to check. >> no, you don't not any more. hang up the cell phone. why you could soon pay a lot more if you are caught. it is monday april 4th i am sydnie kohara. i am frank mallicoat. time


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