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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  April 12, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. this morning, san francisco police standing by as protestors refuse to leave a vacant building. why they are fighting for the right to call it home sweet home. plus, japan's nuclear crisis now equal to the chernobyl disaster. the new concerns about the radiation danger. good morning, it's tuesday, april 12. thanks for joining us. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 4:30 on your tuesday. and everyone is upstairs and ready to work. >> in we are going to have lots of sunshine today? >> we are going to have sunshine today. we are between systems. so you don't have to worry
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about the umbrella today. you will enjoy some mostly sunny skies and highs will be similar to yesterday. so taking a look here at some of those highs, san francisco going to top out at 60 today, warmer in san jose at 65, same story for concord. we'll take a look at when the nice weather will change but first elizabeth has the traffic. >> we have areas of roadwork including a new batch of roadwork in san leandro. this is 880 through oakland. but if you are continuing southbound, southbound 880 to the ramp southbound 238 is shut down until 5:00. crews are out there now. roadwork in the south bay northbound 101 various lanes blocked as you approach bernal. the rest of the south bay looks great. guadalupe parkway and 280 traffic so far almost nonexistent out of san jose, just a couple of headlights so we're quiet so far at 4:30. >> that's a good way to start
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the morning. >> see ya! going home. [ laughter ] thank you. well, this morning, several homeless people are staked out at a vacant building in san francisco. police have been standing by all night waiting to move in. sharon chin explains that the building's owner wants them out. sharon, good morning. reporter: good morning. this isth has been the scene over into -- this has been the scene overnight police standing by as homeless have taken over the apartment building, several inside, several outside. it's been peaceful but they say they won't leave until the police forced them out. the homeless camp outside this building between o'farrell and gary boulevard on davisidero. they are from a group calls homes no jails. they demand the city make a vacant building transitional housing for the homeless. some members of the group have been arrested dozens of times for squatting in vacant buildings. >> i want people to know that
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this building has been vacant for years and it could be used for housing. >> everybody out, please. >> reporter: apparently, the building is owned by kaiser permanente. in a statement, kaiser said that the building is currently empty and is not fit for occupancy. the demonstrators are trespassing and need to be removed for their safety. we have reports that police may move in later this morning to drive these protestors out. we have not gotten confirmation on that from the officers on the scene. they say they don't know what will happen. >> i see a few people behind you. any idea how many people are actually in the building? >> reporter: there are about eight or nine inside, same number outside. less than 20 total. >> okay. we'll keep in touch with you throughout our show in case the situation changes there. sharon chin in san francisco. concord may have its second murder in just two days. police launching a homicide investigation after responding
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to a distress call on bedford road by lexington about 8:30. two days ago police arrested a teenager suspected of killing a young man at a concord shopping center. those two cases are not related. one of the great rivalries in baseball is playing out at at&t park. the behavior of the fans has been largely peaceful so far. there were concerns that after that severe beating of a giants fan outside dodger stadium, giants fans might retaliate against dodger enthusiasts and even before the gates opened some fans were on edge. >> reporter: did you think wearing this shirt would make you a target? >> a little bit. i have been getting stares already. >> have you been getting stares? >> yeah. but hopefully nothing happens. >> san francisco police officers patroled every tier of the stadium. fans of the two teams sat next to each other without much
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trouble although about a dozen people were eject or obscene gestures and public drunkenness. the dodgers won the game 6- 1. and this morning, the jury in the perjury trial of barry bonds will continue deliberating. the former baseball slugger is accused of lying when told a grand jury never knowingly took steroids and never received an injection from his trainer. yesterday jurors listened for more than an hour as the clerk read back testimony from bonds' personal shopper kathy hoskins. she said she saw greg anderson inject bonds in the and man. a man is out on bail after his wife had his arrested. a superior court judge is facing a felony domestic violence charge. police say his wife suffered a minor injury in an incident at their home sunday night. he was a judge in the case involving the murder of matt garcia, the fairfield city councilman. the san jose city council has marijuana on its agenda
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today. the council will consider amendments to city code on medical marijuana clubs. mayor chuck reed and several city council members want to limit the number of clubs to 10. there are currently about 110 of those clubs in san jose. it is 4:36. this morning, japan's prime minister urging the public not to panic after the government raised the crisis level at its damaged nuclear plan to the highest possible level, a level 7 now equal to the 1986 chernobyl disaster. plant operators are struggling to cool overheating reactors and more communities near the plant are evacuating due to radiation exposure. yesterday marked one month since the earthquake and tsunami killed as many as 25,000 people. libyan rebels have rejected a cease-fire proposal from the african union because it would not force ruler moammar qaddafi to step down. french foreign minister says nato should do for take out weapons moammar qaddafi's
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forces are using to take against rebels held in the city of misurata. he also urged european union to do for get humanitarian aid to the city. it is 4:37. let's get a look at weather and traffic on this tuesday morning. >> we saw clouds move out overnight and today will be mostly sunny skies today. you can see that here on satellite. we are sitting between two systems. those clouds have moved to the east of us and then we have another system here. today in the clear, cooler than yesterday, in the highway in the high 50s. 41 in livermore. highs today similar to yesterday. we are looking at mostly 60s. 60 for san francisco and san
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rafael. inland 65 at concord, san jose at 65. mostly sunny skies today and then a chance of showers back in the forecast on wednesday. thursday that sun is going to come back out then and friday very slight chance for showers. what you will notice is a warmup in store. we are starting to bump those temperatures up to the mid-70s in some of the inland spots this weekend. showers back in the forecast in the beginning of next week. but in the meantime, some nice weather. that's a look at your weather. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. it's pretty out there and dry on the roads so overall off to a nice start. heading through the east bay all the approaches to the bay bridge, so far seeing top speeds and if you are heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights for an hour or more so quiet
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commute and your drive time down the eastshore freeway 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. the marin county ride looks great no roadwork through there and as you can see traffic still very light across the span of the golden gate bridge. no lane changes yet. on the peninsula 101 and 280 moving well through san mateo county. roadwork in the san ramon area northbound 101 various lanes blocked near alcosta boulevard for another half hour or so until about 5:00. that's when they will re-open all lanes and for silicon valley commuters, here's live look at 880/237 near that interchange. westbound 237 traffic looks great one of our live traffic sensors there showing speeds averaging about 65 miles per hour towards san jose. >> thank you. state lawmakers considering impounding the cars of drivers who repeatedly skip paying bridge tolls. so far this year people without fastrak accounts have rolled through electronic booths 1 1/2
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million times. it adds up to $14 million in unpaid tolls and fines. lawmakers in sacramento are considering a bill now that would allow officers to seize a car on the spot if the driver owes $2,000 or more. it's no secret gas prices are going through the roof. i filled up yesterday and it hurt. >> how much? how much? 68 bucks for me yesterday. >> oh, boy. >> it is crazy. our new poll shows bay area drivers are actually changing their habits driving less. nearly 70% say they have cut down the amount they drive. 44% tell surveyusa the higher prices at the pump have caused them to change or cancel their summer vacation plans. and half of the drivers polled said the cost of gas has them thinking seriously about buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle. kiet do will have a live report from san jose coming up in 30 minutes. >> it makes you think about how many errands you run or, you know, basically just kind of putting them together.
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>> i moved to the city about a month or so ago so i don't drive as much but i filled up yesterday, and i was like $65, $70 to fill up. >> the busiest people out there the ones changing the numbers on the gas signs. >> daily. scary. coming up, a new reason to put down the paperback. a popular ereader drops its price but there is a catch. how washington's budget battle could cause a speed bump for washington's transit system. and twins fighting for a judgment from facebook. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sunny skies today, today in the low to mid-60s. i'll have a look at how long we'll see that sunshine in just a few minutes.
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thank you. a budget compromise in washington could hamper construction of high-speed rail in california as well as a bart extension down to san jose. california officials have been banking on at least $2 billion a year from the federal government. on friday, that subsidy was slashed to $1 billion cut in half. and it's possible it may drop to zero as detailed negotiations continue. as for bart to san jose, the valley transportation authority is counting on a $900 million from the feds's new starts program but that funding could be eliminated as well. arizona's law that says police have to demand documentation from suspects undocumented immigrants is illegal. that's the opinion of the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. judges say the arizona law intruths into federal authority and harms u.s. foreign policy. the 2-1 ruling upholds a federal judge's decision that blocks major provisions of that arizona law. the long-running lawsuit
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over facebook that even launched a hollywood movie may finally be over. yesterday, the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco ruled that a settlement between facebook founder mark zuckerberg and two of his harvard colleagues is valid. tyler and cameron winklevoss got $20 million in the deal and a share of ownership of the social networking site. they claim they were misled about facebook's value. >> come back and get yet another reaffirmation of the legal system that, hey, they were the guys who in a sense started all this as well as getting more money. >> well, even -- >> winklevoss? >> the twins share of facebook is now worth more than $160 million. as the social network keeps climbing in value. are you tired of hidden banking fees? today we'll find out which banks are following the law. a? your have a is being released -- april new survey is being reese -- a new survey is
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being released about banks. today's report will compare banking options, checking fees and what to look out for when choosing a bank. that will be an interesting report. >> i guess. have you had your eye on an amazon kindle? amazon is offering a cheaper version of its popular ereader but it comes with a catch. it comes with advertisements. the company has announced its new kindle with special offers it's called for about $114, saving about $25. ads will appear on the screen saver and on the bottom of the home screen. it will also at discount coupons >> i have a kindle but the last two books i have read were -- for some reason i have gone back to books. >> if you don't want the ads -- >> i guess the coupons if you're interested in that sort of thing. >> all there. 4:46 your time. a sweet way to celebrate spring. a free scoop of ice cream, coming up. >> now i'm interested. plus, how did alcohol end up in a toddler's sippy cup? this morning, the changes one
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restaurant changing after its margarita mistake. and pay more or pay less for your parking spot? why timing is everything in one bay area city. coming up. ,, ,, appreciate the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. [goat sounds] and the customer says, on the carpet." what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer ,,
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of belarus. (siren) 12 people are dead after an explosion in a subway station in minsk the capital of belarus. the bomb was apparently placed under a bench at a busy station
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and exploded during evening rush hour last night. political tension has been high under the rule of a president said to be the last dictator in europe. now the opposition is concerned that monday's attack could lead to an increased crackdown on dissent. new this morning the faa is looking into a very scary accident at jfk airport in new york. a paris-bound jumbo jet clipped a delta plane last night while taxiing for take-off. both planes suffered damages but no injuries. today is the anniversary of the first shuttle launch. discovery is one of nasa's three retiring shuttling, 21 museums want it. it includes the kennedy space center, the space museum in new york city and the museum of flight in seattle. today is the 50th anniversary
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of the first human in space station, russian yuri gagarin, interesting day, plus the start of the war against the states. >> a little bit of everything on april 12. >> okay. >> how about some weather now, are we going to have a historic day of sunshine in. >> yes. we have a good forecast in store today. it's chilly as you head out the door today and we are seeing some fog throughout the bay area. you can see temperatures right now running from the high 30s to the mid-40s and that fog will burn off except at the coast. afternoon highs the same as yesterday although below average. breezy at the shore and at the coast in the inland spots though mid-60s and we'll see plenty of sunshine. changes ahead. you can see that here on satellite. the next system off the coast.
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we are in between systems now. clouds moved out overnight and we are going to enjoy sunshine today but changes are in store. you can see the area of low pressure in the pacific. today we're enjoying dry conditions and mild conditions. a little built of a breeze. that will change into tomorrow. here's a look in the meantime at your highs for today. once again below average by 3 to 5 degrees. south bay 62 redwood city and los altos. 63 palo alto and union city. 65 santa clara and san jose. 66 the high in los gatos. over in the east bay cooler temperatures along the bayshore. 63 berkeley, 60 richmond, 66 walnut creek, 66 brentwood. north bay cooler temperatures at the coast. 58 stinson beach. kentfield 62. vallejo 63. fairfield 66.
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here's a look at your extended forecast. mostly sunny today, slight chance of showers wednesday. thursday seeing cloud cover. friday really starting to see clouds build. the weekend though a nice weekend in store with lots of sunshine and some of our highs actually in the mid-70s. that's a look at the weather. here's elizabeth with the traffic. let's go out towards the peninsula. southbound 101 everything looks good past candlestick. live look near lagoon way. there is a little bit of roadwork in south san francisco various lanes blocked until 5- ish this morning. but not causing any big delays on the sensors. it's a smooth commute southbound 101, 280 clocking in just, as well. westbound 580 out of the altamont pass, 13 minutes from 205 to the dublin interchange. so that is problem-free and same thing 880 through oakland. live look past the coliseum. i mentioned some roadwork,
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still going on, southbound 880 the southbound 238 ramp completely shut down until 5:00 this morning. again most of our overnight roadwork wraps up by 5:00. mass transit is on time so far. ace train number one off to a great start no delay. muni and caltrain also on time. and let's get one more live look at the south bay. we have a photographer standing by near the mckee exit, i believe. and headlights are moving northbound. quick trip this morning into santa clara. and remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. california's setting the standard when it comes to energy policy. today governor jerry brown will be signing a bill boosting renewable energy. it will require one-third of the state's electricity to come interest solar cells, windmills or other alternative sources within 10 years. parking in some san francisco neighborhoods is about to get cheaper and more
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expensive. it is called demand-based parking. a test of the program began in the marina and fisherman's wharf yesterday. when there are fewer people looking for parking, the price will go down but at times of peak demand, the price goes up. some folks say it's a bit confusing. >> i know that if i want to stay an hour it's going to cost a few dollars that's fine. on a variable pricing basis i have no idea what it will cost me. >> some meters will now let you park four hours at a time. that is good news. the program rolls out in other san francisco neighborhoods april 21. 4:54 your time. multitasking getting tougher as you get older. now researchers using mri scans have a better idea why that is true. they watched brain activity in young and old adults as they switch from one task to another and back to the first one. the first switch was fine for everyone but the older people had trouble making the neural doaks get back to the original
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task. appleby's changing the way they serve juice and probably a good idea after a toddler was served alcohol. a michigan restaurant accidentally gave that 15-month- old margarita mix mislabeled as apple juice last friday. the parents called police after their son started acting strangely. >> manager came up to me and he smelled it and he is like, i am so sorry, ma'am. i just don't know what to do. i'm like you better do something because this is not apple juice and my son is 15- month-old. >> the child's blood alcohol level was .10%. that is over the legal limit for an adult driver. now the restaurant is doing something. it will pour juice for kids from single-serve containers at the table. >> wow. >> wow. >> hm. can't imagine that, huh? you have a sweet tooth to satisfy? >> how about a little free ice
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cream, huh? ben & jerry's dishing out free cones from noon to 8 p.m. today to celebrate its 33rd birthday. the ice cream may be free but ben & jerry's does encourage you to donate to charity. they do a lot of that. might have to go find me a ben & jerry's today for a free scoop. 4:56. japan's nuclear crisis now equal to the worst disaster in history. what experts say is the only way to fix it. the homeless take over a building in san francisco. the message they want to send. that's coming up. and we are near record gas prices as we close in on $5 a gallon. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. plus, the first dodger- giants game since a giants fan was attacked, at least up here in san francisco. what it felt like for fans wearing dodger blue. that's all coming up. ,, ,,
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several homeless people refuse to leave. why police are to move in. this morning a standoff at a vacant san francisco building. several homeless people refuse to leave. why police are waiting to move in. plus, how much more can you take? the new signs gas prices are taking a toll on bay area drivers. good morning. it is tuesday, april 12. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now


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