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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  April 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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center. the two cases are not related. and this morning, a suspected serial killer is behind bars at a marin county jail. joseph naso was arrested in lake tahoe yesterday after being released from the el dorado county jail on unrelated charges. the 77-year-old is suspected in four homicides around northern california from 1977 to 1994. one victim was a marin county woman. ma ryan county sheriffs will hold a -- marin county sheriffs will hold a news conference at 11 a.m. today. in san francisco, several homeless people have taken over a vacant building. sharon chin is there and tells us police are standing by, but sharon, i understand they haven't moved in yet. >> not yet, sydnie. >> reporter: three of the police officers are standing behind me and there are about half dozen homeless advocates huddled outside in front of the doorway. it is cold out here. there are eight or nine homeless people camped inside the apparently building. they say they are not leaving
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until police come and evict them. the group is called homes, not jails. the activists staged a rally and march last night before taking over the vacant building at the 1400 block of davisidero. they say they are demonstrating the need for san francisco to make vacant and transitional unoccupied buildings housing for the homeless. >> this is one of many buildings in san francisco that are empty. we have about 36,000 empty housing units in san francisco a lot like this and 6,000 to 15,000 people sleeping on the streets, sometimes in front of practically usable buildings. >> reporter: police have said they are waiting to hear from the landlords before taking action. the building apparently is owned by kaiser permanente and in a statement kaiser said that the building is currently empty and not fit for occupancy. the demonstrators are trespassing and need to be removed for their safety. now, we have word that police
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will be evicting the homeless sometime later on this morning but so far, this protest has been peaceful. sydnie? >> sharon, thank you, sharon chin in san francisco. in about 2.5 hour, the jury in the perjury trial of barry bonds resuming deliberations. and the verdict could come at any time. he is accused of lying when he told a grand jury that never knowingly took steroids and never received an injection from his baseball trainer. yesterday jurors listened for more than an hour as a clerk read back testimony from kathy hoskins. she said she saw trainer greg anderson inject bonds in the abdomen. tonight security will stay at a heightened level at at&t park for the second game of a giants-dodgers series. police have been patrolling every tier of the stadium. there are concerns about safety after the severe beating of a giants fan outside dodger stadium. but last night, fans were largely peaceful with just a few arrests and no reports of violence.
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6:02. nationally the average price of gas has gone up 19 cents in just the last three weeks and some predict we are going to be paying $5 a gallon by memorial day. kiet do tells us our eyewitness news poll finds bay area drivers are feeling the squeeze and changing driving habits. good morning. >> reporter: we are live here at the valero gas station at the corner of washington and newhall in santa clara with the infamous title of having "the" highest gas prices in the south bay at $4.39 a gallon for regular unleaded. and that's if you pay cash. experts say that we are creeping up now to near record levels. in fact, if you compare the gas prices now to what they were a year ago, we're now paying $1 more per gallon so drivers are cutting back and driving less. according to mastercard spending pulse, gas sales have fallen for five months and gas stations are reporting a 3% decrease in sales. truck drivers, stay at home mothers, commuters, everyone is finding ways to drive less. >> made me cut down at some
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extra trips and kind of consolidate trips within city boundaries. >> instead of filling up, going to buy $30, $40 worth. >> you don't run to the store as on. you make it on the way home -- you don't run to the store as often. you make it on the way home instead of during the job. >> reporter: a poll says nearly 70% of bay area drivers cut down the amount they drive, 44% tell surveyusa that hire prices at the pump have caused them to change or cancel summer vacations and half of drivers polled said the cost of gas has them thinking seriously of buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle. coming up in the next half hour, we'll hear from triple-a and get perspective on why this is all happening and it has nothing to do with supply and demand. sydnie. >> all right. thank you, kiet do in santa clara. you don't have to drive far to get sunshine today, i guess. that's the good news. so you can save on the gas and go out and enjoy.
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>> just step outside your door, most of the bay area will see mostly sunshine today although chilly this morning. you can see that with our current temperatures. we are still getting 30s into santa rosa and napa. for the most part in the 40s. 49 oakland, 44 fremont and san jose. we do have some changes in store in the forecast though. the clouds from yesterday have pushed east and we actually have another system in the pacific. we'll take a closer look at that in a bit but for today nice weather in store. no showers and we don't have too many clouds to contend with. your highs for today are similar to yesterday. mostly in the 60s. still running below average for mid-april. we are going to top out at 60 in san francisco, 57 pacifica, 64 oakland and fremont. 65 for concord. i'll have a full look at your extended forecast in a bit but first let's get a check on traffic with elizabeth. >> all right. thank you, kristy. we'll go out live towards 880 in oakland where so far, so good up and down the nimitz freeway. if you are heading past the
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coliseum, this is our problem spot. it's in pleasanton, emergency crews are still blocking one lane. southbound 680 right before stoneridge drive we had an overturned crash involving a pickup truck. we have just learned that only minor injuries are reported but unfortunately, our backups are growing. speeds under 25 miles per hour, and some of our sensors are turning red which is not good heading past the dublin interchange. that's really our only big slow spot right now, our hotspot as we call t it. westbound 580 nothing unusual. san francisco live look down the central freeway, no problems coming into the city from the peninsula. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. a major setback in libya. rebels reject a cease-fire agreement. why they say no deal. plus, the nuclear nightmare grows for japan. why the crisis there just got worse. an cracking down on deadbeat drivers. the penalties for skipping out
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plenty of sunshine in the bay area, highs in the 60s. a little breezy out there, though. san mateo is going to top out at 61. milpitas 64. morgan hill 66. this is a foreshadowing of warmer weather later in the week. back to you guys. >> thank you. there is a call for less federal spending on the military. at noon today several organizations plan to speak outside the federal building on clay street in oakland. they say military spending takes up 60% of the federal discretionary spending. and they want the military budget reduced in favor of spending on schools, health clinics and other services. rick henryian rebels say no to a cease-fire -- libyan rebels say no to a cease-fire proposal from the african union because it would not force libyan leader moammar qaddafi to step down. the french foreign minister says nato should do more to stop da qaddafi's forces from
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pounding civilians in the rebel held city of misrata. he also urged the european union to do more to get them humanitarian aid. don't panic, that's the message from japan's prime minister after the government raised the crisis level at the damaged nuclear power plant to the highest level, 7, equal to the 1986 chernobyl disaster. the country's nuclear safety agency insists radiation levels are less than that of the '86 disaster but emissions could eventually exceed chernobyl if the crisis continues. >> this nuclear crisis has more twists and turns than chernobyl did. with fukushima it always seems like they are going to stabilize and then it gets worse. >> many experts believe the only way to solve the crisis as bad as chernobyl is with the same solution, bury the plant in sand and boric acid and then entomb it in concrete. today a senate committee will hold a hearing on the crisis and its potential impact back here in the united states.
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6:11. some drivers just refuse to pay bay area bridge tolls. but it could soon cost them big time. the punishment aimed at catching them off guard. and you have heard of catching a cold but catching a cavity? how you could get tooth decay from somebody else. coming up. and the drive out of marin right now looks great. coming up, we'll get an update on that accident in pleasanton, plus get a check of mass transit right after the break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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concord may have its second murder in just two days. let's take a look at some of the top stories today. homicide investigators in concord and the medical examiner at a home on bedford road, police will only say they responded to a distress call in the area around 8:30 last night. and this morning, a jury in san francisco will continue to weigh in on the fate of barry bonds in his perjury trial. he of course is accused of lying when told a grand jury that he never knowingly took steroids. if bonds is convicted, he could get jail time or home confinement. this afternoons the san jose city council talks about changes to the city's medical marijuana regulations. the mayor and some councilmembers want to cut the number of pot clubs in san jose
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down to 10. that's from 110 right now. there could also be a new fee apply to open a pot club there. sunshine on tap in the bay area. a little chily as you make your way out the door this morning. colder than where we were sitting yesterday. still some 30s in the inland spots. throughout the rest of the bay area, though, we are in the 40s and 50s. mostly clear conditions, a little bit of fog. and we are going to see that fog lingering at the coastline today but elsewhere, plenty of sunshine. you can see that inland and around the bay shores. sunshine, cloud cover and breezy at the bay shores and breezy at the coast. we are sitting between two different storm systems. we saw the clouds move in and pass last evening. we have this other system that's sitting off the coast. the high slight chance of showers wednesday,
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insignificant. best chance of seeing showers will be north of the golden gate bridge. in the meantime today, pretty quiet weather day, mild, a little breezy and that's about it. your highs for today will be mostly in the 60s, similar yesterday to. 64 sunnyvale and milpitas, 66 in morgan hill. east bay similar temperatures. 64 for oakland, 66 walnut creek, same story for antioch and brentwood. dublin topping out at 64 today. north bay, we see 61 for san anselmo, 62 kentfield, vallejo topping out at 63 and also 63 in benicia. here's your extended forecast. tomorrow that slight chance of showers making its way back into the bay area. then thursday seeing partly cloudy skies, friday a little bit more cloud cover and a very slight chance of some showers but we start to see warm weather make its way into our forecast actually hiding mid- 70s by this weekend. that's a look at your weather. let's get a look at your
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traffic with elizabeth. >> all right. let's get a live look right now, conditions heading towards the bay bridge. we know a lot of commuters are heading in that direction. still no metering lights but you will notice it's slowing up the incline towards the "s" curve. that really means that we are likely going to see metering lights turning on very shortly. live look now no big delays, maybe slight delays in one of those far right lanes but overall no big deal right now heading into san francisco. down the eastshore freeway looks good as well heading through berkeley. all right. this is still our slow spot. southbound 680 just past stoneridge drive. we had an earlier overturn accident involving a pickup truck and another car. everything is completely cleared out of lanes but it sounds like chp is still out there off to the shoulder and just looky-loo traffic kind of causing slower speeds through that area. kcbs airborne says traffic is stacked up to the 580 interchange so expect delays through pleasanton and expect delays now coming out of the
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altamont pass towards livermore. drive time is growing. typical stuff. 20 minutes from 205 towards 680 and the dublin interchange. the south bay looks great no problems now on 101 or 280. guadalupe parkway no problems yet and heading out of downtown san jose, starting to get more crowded in those northbound lanes of 280 but so far, so good driving up towards cupertino and your silicon valley ride problem-free here, as well. typically around 7:00 we see it back up in the westbound lanes of 237. but so far, so good. and mass transit is on time. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. 6:19. a solano county judge out on bail this morning after his wife called vallejo police. superior court judge robert bowers facing a felony domestic violence charge. police say bowers' wife
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suffered a minor injury at their home sunday night. bowers presided over the judge of fairfield city councilman matt bigler. state lawmakers want to get tough on drivers who skip paying bridge tolls. so far this year, people without fastrak accounts have overruled through electronic boots 1 1/2 million times, about $14 million in unpaid tolls and fines. now lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow officers to seize the car if that driver owes $2,000 or more. a first offense can turn into a $70 penalty if ignored or worse. >> that $70 penalty, that second notice, is not cleared, we can then send the license plate information to the dmv, and a hold will be placed on that vehicle's registration for the next time it comes up. >> a first offense comes with a $25 fine. that will be waived if you sign
6:21 am
up for fastrak in 30 days. >> i got nailed in florida and they take a picture of you. i got a bill in the mail for 50 bucks and it was like a $2 toll. >> you did pay it? >> i tried. i tried to pay. i went back and -- >> you paid the fine? >> you better believe it. they're not after me. 6:21. a lot of us do it every morning. why multitasking is tougher for some. >> and we have a warning from doctors. cavities are contagious. how someone can pass them on to you. hey, ellen, what are you doing? just brewing up some dunkin' donuts coffee -- want some? [ whoosh! ] i'd love some. one taste, and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. america runs on dunkin'.
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the metering lights were turned on at the bay bridge a couple of minutes ago and it didn't take long for traffic to stack up. a full look at your morning commute. we have traffic in a couple of minutes. california is setting the standard when it comes to energy policy. today the governor will sign a bill boosting renewable energy requiring one-third of the state's electricity to come from solar cells, windmills or other alternative sources within the next 10 years. former massachusetts governor mitt romney has taken the first step towards his second presidential bid. romney says he is forming a presidential exploratory committee. the former venture capitalist and bay state governor came in second to john mccain back in
6:25 am
2008. multitasking gets tougher as you get older. we knew that. now researchers using mri scans have a better idea why that's true. they watched the brain activity in young and old adults as they switched from one task to another and back to the first one. the first switch was fine for everyone but older people had trouble making the neural connections to get back to the original task. okay. we have all heard of catching a cold but how about this? catching a cavity? doctors say tooth decay and gum disease is contagious, everything from sharing a spoon to kissing can transfer cavity- causing bacteria. >> it's going to be transferred just as the mother gives it to the child the food and so kissing is a way of transferring it. >> but doctors say as long as you brush and floss, kissing will be a lot less hazardous to your mouth. >> i'm willing to take the risk. [ laughter ]
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6:25. coming up, uc-berkeley students on alert after several recent attacks on women. >> this morning, campus police may be getting closer to catching the suspect. we have some new scratches just released. we'll share it with you. and bay area gas prices are creeping up to nearly $5 a gallon. i'm kiet do with an exclusive cbs poll coming up. more than a dozen people have taken over a vacant building in san francisco. find out why coming up. mostly sunny skies in store for this afternoon, a chilly start to the day but you can see we are going to warm it up into the 60s. the city topping out at 60 today. 61 for alameda. 46 in dublin and 66 for antioch. this was so easy.
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bell... set to ring in just moments. stock futures are pointing to a lower opening this morning. that's because japan opening bell on wall street set to ring in just moments. you see then clapping and waiting. stock futures though fell to a
6:30 am
lower opening this morning because japan upgraded its nuclear crisis to the highest level. wall street not happy with some of the earnings they are seeing, disappointed with 1st quarter revenue coming from alcoa. so we have also got a couple of others coming out, as well. we are going to get an update on the market in a few minutes from jason brooks. stay with us for that. and good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, the 12th of april. thanks so much forejoining us. i'm sydnie kohara. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30. the market is going to get off to a tough start but if you want to get outside and enjoy the day go, do it. sunshine. >> today's the day to enjoy the sunshine. a little chilly this morning. still seeing some readings in the 30s in some of our inland spots. but highs today in the 60s, still below average for mid- april but nice temperatures and plenty of sunshine. san francisco topping out at 60 today, oakland up to 64 and san jose and concord at 65. we'll have a full forecast in a
6:31 am
bit. first elizabeth has traffic. >> we are getting busy out there. let's go to concord. westbound 4 the ramp to southbound 242, it was partially blocked due to a stall. it looks like like that's just cleared so minor delays behind it. if you are coming off the antioch bridge, so far traffic moving across okay. we are going to zoom in down towards a street where we are seeing the typical bottleneck to somersville and then speeds improve. 580 out of the altamont pass, drive time about 22 minutes. slow all the way through livermore. again, we are still following this earlier injury crash in pleasanton. a tow crew partially blocking one lane. so it is backed up from 580 to stoneridge drive in the southbound lanes of 680. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. uc-berkeley police just released sketches of two suspects wanted in separate attacks on women on campus there. police say this man robbed and
6:32 am
sexually assaulted a girl friday night as she was walking in the haviland grove area. he is 5'7" with a thin build, short brown hair. the night before, police say another man grabbed a girl as she was walking near the valley life science building. that's the sketch there. he is 5'6", medium build, blonde or light brown hair and bad teeth. police are looking into similarities between these cases and other recent attacks on campus. two murders in two days that might be the case in concord. within the past hour, the coroner arrived on a home -- at a home on bedford road. last night, police responded to a distress call. homicide investigators on the scene right now but they are not releasing much information. two days ago, police arrested a teenager suspected of killing a young man in a concord shopping center. right now they are saying that these two cases are not related. and this morning, a suspected serial killer behind bars at the marin county jail. that's joseph naso.
6:33 am
he was arrested in lake tahoe yesterday. the 77-year-old is suspected in four homicide around northern california from 1977 to 1994. one victim was a marin county woman. the marin county sheriffs will hold a news conference at 11 a.m. this morning. it is 6:33. and in just two hours, jurors will deliberate in the perjury trial of barry bonds. the former baseball slugger is accused of lying when told a grand jury he never knowingly took steroids and never received an injection from his trainer. yesterday, jurors listened for more than an hour as a clerk read back testimony from his personal shopper. she said she saw trainer greg anderson inject bonds in the abdomen. tonight a high police presence will continue at at&t park for the second game of the giants-dodgers series. officers have been patrolling every part of the stadium. there are concerns that after the severe beating of bryan stow outside dodger stadium opening night, giants fans
6:34 am
might retaliate against dodger fans. but last night fans were largely peacele with just a few arrests and no reports of any violence. today volunteers in l.a. are counting the amount raised for bryan stow. people dropping off checks and cash at dodger stadium yesterday. many donors say they want to show the attack is not typical of dodger fans. and even hall of famer former manager tommy lasorda came out to show support donating $5 thousand dollars of his own money. 6:34. it's been about 12 hours now and several homeless people are still camped out in a vacant san francisco building. police though could make arrests this morning. let's go to sharon chin. she explains that the building's owner wants them out. but sharon, good morning to you, uhm, nothing has happened yet, street in. >> reporter: nothing has happened yet. the only thing is the place is undergoing a shift change four officers switching places with four others as the homeless have taken over this apartment
6:35 am
building on the 1400 block of davisidero. half dozen homeless advocates are outside and about 8 to 9 homeless people sleeping inside. the homeless activists staged a rally and march and then took over the abandoned building last night in a peaceful protest. they are from the group "homes not jails" and they say san francisco has twice as many abandoned buildings as homeless buildings and they demand transitional housing for the homeless from those vacant buildings. some members of the group have been arrested dozens of times for squatting in vacant buildings and they say they won't leave until police force them out. >> this building doesn't belong to us. the people of san francisco should be concerned that housing is unaffordable and yet there are 36,000 empty units of housing in the city that are being wasted while people sleep on the streets simply because they can't afford them so we think there needs to be a policy change. >> reporter: police have been
6:36 am
waiting to hear from the landlord before taking action. the building's owner kaiser permanente told us that the building is currently empty and is not fit for occupancy. the demonstrators are trespassing and need to be removed for their safety. >> reporter: now, police say that homeless will be evicted sometime this morning. they don't have an exact time. >> thank you, sharon chin in san francisco. 6:36. if you can play hooky today or at least get outside because it's going to be a nice day, a little bit of sunshine, i guess some clouds too. but no complaints, kristy. >> absolutely no complaints. it should be a pretty nice day today. we are actually just about to see the sunrise. here's a beautiful shot from mount vaca. you can see that sun coming up, a little bit of cloud cover. and we are seeing a little bit of fog this morning as well but that should burn off by this afternoon. we are dealing with nice temperatures. it is still kind of chilly though outside. taking a look at these temperatures in the north bay you can see 30-degree readings. 38 up in santa rosa.
6:37 am
36 for napa. elsewhere in the bay area, sitting in the 40s. we are sitting between two systems right now. you can see the clouds pushing to the east. this weather will bring us a chance of showers and i'll talk to you a little more about that later but right now let's get a check on traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. let's go towards the bay bridge toll plaza. gosh it really didn't take long for traffic to stack up to the 880 overcrossing. metering lights are on so sluggish from the incline to the "s" curve. we are following an injury crash in pleasanton. everything was quickly cleared to the right shoulder but now tow crews are out there and kcbs airborne is over the scene and they sato crews are block the left lane. traffic is stacked past the stoneridge drive exit. so we'll have much more traffic coming up. back to you. >> thank you. the price of gas is nearing
6:38 am
an all-time high in the country and nowhere is it higher than right here in california. so are bay area drivers feeling squeezed in kiet do reports from santa clara. >> reporter: good morning. lucky us. we are live at the valero gas station in santa clara at the corner of newhall and washington with the dubious distinction of having "the" highest gas price in the south bay at $4.39 a gallon for regular unleaded and that's if you're paying cash. experts say that the prices now are creeping up towards record levels. in fact, if you compare the prices to what they were a year ago, across the bay area, we're all now paying about $1 more than last year. so the past five months have seen a steady decline in gas sales and triple-a says there is continued political unrest in oil producing countries and refineries are in the process of switching to their pricier summer blend. >> as prices creep up people
6:39 am
start to look for alternatives, whether it's mass transit, carpooling, biking to work. not just what's happening here in the united states. it's what's happening on a global scale and that's because oil is traded on a global scale. >> reporter: and our new eyewitness news poll shows that bay area drivers are changing their habits. nearly 70% say they have cut down the amount they drive. 44% tell us that higher prices at the pump have caused them to change or cancel their summer vacation plans. and half of drivers polled said the cost of gas has them thinking seriously about buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle. so this is a puzzling thing about gas prices here. across the corner here from valero gas station is a rotten robby's and their gas prices are 4.19 a gallon for regular unleaded 20 cents more when compared to kitty corner just across the street. so there is one way to save money. shop around. >> yeah. marketing 101. go across the street.
6:40 am
right, kiet? >> reporter: exactly. >> save 30, 40 cents a gallon. kiet do in santa clara, kiet, thanks a lot. time now is 6:39. coming up, chocolate milk stirs up some controversy in schools. >> plus a margarita mixup . how a popular restaurant chain is taking action after alcohol ended up in a toddler's cup. >> and the market just opened. and we heard it might be down and sure enough it is. they are down in a big way. coming up we are going to get an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. much more when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:43 am
and bart extending to san jose... both transportation bullets trains running between san francisco and los angeles and bart extending to san jose, both transportation plans though could hit some serious speed bumps. kcbs radio's matt bigler explains how it all comes down to the budget compromise in washington. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sydnie. you're right. last friday we found out that there was the big budget compromise. they had hammered out this deal between democrats and republicans. today we are finding out what some of these cuts are going to be. and they are going hit to close to home here in silicon valley. the first project is the high- speed rail project across california. tea party republicans would like to reduce its budget for
6:44 am
next fiscal year from $2.5 billion down to $1 billion. and that number could go even lower as negotiations continue this week. we talked to rod diridon a former member of the high-speed rail board and he says these cuts are unfortunate because high-speed rail provides jobs. >> construction projects are a good way to put people to work. i hope both sides of the aisle back in washington begin to realize that. >> reporter: meanwhile, the bart-to-san jose project is the other major transportation project that could be affected. the funding program is slated to be cut that would provide about $900 million to the bart- to-san jose project. and according to the "mercury news," the vta was relying on about $130 million to begin the project -- begin laying the groundwork for the project that is scheduled to begin construction next year. we talked to a vta spokesman and she said in a these cuts would not have an effect this year, but next year is anyone's
6:45 am
guess. it's purely speculation at this point. again all of this is still the fine details still being worked out this week. you can bet that democratic members of congress who are from silicon valley are going to fight hard for every penny of those transportation dollars. that's the latest from here in silicon valley. back to you guys. >> thank you, matt bigler with kcbs radio. a chilly start to your day today but it's going to be a beautiful day. plenty of sunshine. we are going to take live look outside from our roof cam. the sun is already risen and you can see some cloud cover over into the east bay. they will burn off quickly and we are goes to see mostly sunny skies. enjoy it because we'll have a change in store on wednesday. here's your conditions as you make your way out the door today. still cool inland. a reading of 36 degrees up into the north bay. those clouds are going to burn off. we'll see some fog though hugging the coastline into the afternoon. but for the rest of the bay area, our inland spots and on those bay shores, we are going to enjoy plenty of sunshine,
6:46 am
breezy, similar to today's temperatures. the big difference from yesterday is that we are pretty much in the clear. the system that we had yesterday has pushed through. we have another system that's sitting in the pacific. and we'll actually see that move in and bring us a chance of showers tomorrow. you can see that area of low pressure here on our maps. very slight chance of showers. best chance for rain will probably be north of the golden gate bridge. but in the meantime enjoying dry and mild conditions throughout the bay and your highs for today are going to be mostly in the 60s. here's a look at them neighborhood by neighborhood in the south bay seeing readings of 62 in redwood city and los altos. 65 for santa clara and 64 for milpitas. over in the east bay similar temperatures. 63 for berkeley, 65 for pleasant hill. 66 is the high today in brentwood. up into the north bay, seeing a cool 58 degrees at stinson beach. 60 for san rafael. 66 for fairfield and 63 for benicia. here's a look at your extended forecast. that slight chance of showers making its way into the
6:47 am
forecast tomorrow. then some sunshine on thursday. more cloud cover on friday. and then we see a warmup in store maybe even seeing some mid-70s as we make our way into the weekend. that's a look at your weather. here's your traffic with elizabeth. >> all right. thank you kristy. breaking news coming into the newsroom. it's in antioch. westbound 10th street at g street reports of a residential fire. we're not sure how big it is. we have a crew on the scene. and they say that smoke possibly flames are even visible from highway 4. so watch out for that. we are also seeing our usual bottleneck there as you approach a street. so we'll continue to follow that. again it sounds like a residential fire there in antioch. all right. if you are coming off of the antioch bridge so far traffic moves well. again it's not until you reach a street where we start to see brake lights. bay bridge, metering lights have been on since 6:30 so we have our usual backup extending to the 880 overcrossing. 15 minutes or so to get you on the bridge.
6:48 am
sluggish from the incline to the "s" curve. finally seeing improvement on the speeds on southbound 680 through pleasanton. it's slow but this is better. we were seeing slow speeds around 13 miles per hour. there is an overturn crash so for a while emergency crews and then a tow crew were blocking lanes. everything is out of lanes but sluggish past the dublin interchange but hopefully we'll start to see a big improvement. the ride coming out of the altamont pass growing steadily, as well. sluggish from greenville all the way towards about airway boulevard. live look right now at the nimitz freeway. here's a look at 880 through oakland past the coliseum just looks good right now from hayward wait towards downtown. and remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. >> thank you. this morning, there are new details about future plans at the silicon valley giant. >> here's jason brooks with
6:49 am
kcbs and >> good morning. >> reporter: big changes afoot at san jose-based cisco. the company announcing this morning that it's going to cut 550 employees as it realliance its consumer division including shutting down the flip video business. this comes a week after john chambers fired off a companywide email saying that the company has to get back its lost credibility and that a number of changes will be coming. cisco's prime business is internet plumbing, switchers, routers, things of that nature but it's really grown over the past several years getting into consumer products, set-top boxes in living rooms and it's not seeing much of a return on that. cisco's earnings have been struggling. its stock prices basically have been flat over the past two years in spite of the overall stock market rebound and it's hoping this will help it go in that direction. right now investors are reacting to that news with slight optimism. cisco shares are up about a
6:50 am
fifth of a percent. overall the stock market struggling this morning after japan raised the crisis level in its nuclear disaster to basically on par with chernobyl and also aluminum maker alcoa had a disappointing kickoff to the 1st quarterrer, season as revenue wasn't quite as good. it said its future earnings could be negatively impacted by higher energy and raw materials costs. other companies may have the same refrain as they report earnings. the stock exchange is down across the board. oil prices down to $108 after dropping $3 yesterday. >> we'll take that good news. >> although we are 10 cents shy of $5 a gallon in palo alto. >> going to be a little while before that shows up in the pump. >> what do you think cisco is going to do with its flip video unit? >> they haven't said. we'll see if another company buys that technology. plenty of other companies like video when it comes to consumer products and we'll see if they
6:51 am
can get something for that. >> jason brooks with kcbs and thank you. and time now for a look at what's coming up later this morning on "the early show." >> we'll do that with mr. chris wragge. he joins us live from new york. chris, good morning to you, sir. how are you? >> good morning, syd, mr. mallicoat, good morning to you, as well. coming up on "the early show" in a couple of minutes, new worries in japan. the severity of the crisis at its damaged nuclear plant was raised to the highest level as the chernobyl level a 7. we'll find out more about that. a serial killer or not east coast, more suspected human remains found on the a beach in new york on long island. we'll talk with a criminologist about who could be behind the murders. and we have some alarming news about how puberty is starting much earlier for girls these days. some as young as age 7. dr. jennifer ashton looks at the health risk that are involved there. and cbs evening news anchor katie couric getting up a little early this morning to join us in studio. she is going to tell us about
6:52 am
her inspiring new book called, the best advice i ever got. it's a collection of life lessons. that and more coming up on "the early show." >> good advice never hurts to get more of that. >> absolutely. she certainly has been everywhere. that's for sure. chris. >> she has plenty of it. thank you. >> we'll see you at 7:00. well, applebee's is change the way it serves just after a toddler was served alcohol. a michigan restaurant accidentally gave that 15-month- old a margarita mislabeled as apple juice. the parents called police after their son started acting strange. >> the manager smelled it and he was like, i am so sorry ma'am. i don't know what to do. i'm like you better do something because this is not apple juice and my son is 15 months old. >> the child's blood alcohol level was .10%.
6:53 am
that is over the legal limit for an adult driver and now the restaurant is doing something. it's going to pour juice for kids from single serve containers at the table. >> doesn't take much of the for, what, maybe a 20-pound toddler. >> the company reacted very, very quickly to make those changes. so that's good. >> mom and dad got a blood alcohol count quickly, too. so maybe a lawsuit there. we go from manage ritas and now there is a debate over whether school lunches should include chocolate milk. is it better to serve the sweetened drink so that kids get the valuable nutrients? schools that have banned chocolate milk outright have gotten complaints from parents and even some nutritionists. they say kids may avoid milk altogether now missing out on calcium and vitamins so some cafeterias are trying new low fat versions. >> sometimes you crave it. >> exactly.
6:54 am
6:53 an all-night showdown at vacant building in san francisco. why the homeless say they should be allowed to stay. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
sharon chin explains... police are standing by...but they haven't moved in. in san francisco several homeless people have taken over a vacant building. sharon chin reports. >> reporter: good morning. police said there will be an eviction this morning. there are about 9 police officers on the scene right now and they are waiting for a tactical unit to arrive. when they do, the eviction will happen. officers are watching over homeless advocates outside the building on the 1400 block of davisidero, 8 to 9 homeless people are camped inside and say they won't leave until police force them out. the group is called homes not james. these activists -- homes not jails. the activists say they want vacant buildings to be transitional housing for the homeless. we talked tomorrow building's other than kaiser permanente which said in a written statement that the building is empty, not fit for occupancy, the demonstrators are trespassing and need to be removed for their safety.
6:58 am
we are waiting for the tactical unit to arrive and so far this protest has been peaceful. >> thank you, sharon chin live in san francisco. 6:58. and let's go to kristy now to check out our sunny forecast. >> yes. i have some good news. we have some sunshine in store for today. and we are seeing a little cloud cover this morning but that will burn off by this afternoon. nice weather in store. going to hit some highs in the mid-60s today and then we actually have a slight chance of rain in the forecast for tomorrow. not going to be a big deal. majority of showers if we see any would be north of the golden gate and sun coming up on thursday and we are bumping up degree by degree in temperatures so by the time we hit this weekend we should see some mid-70s. so that's good news if you like warm weather. so weather is looking good. how is traffic looking, elizabeth? >> it's okay. let's go to antioch. we have some breaking news in antioch. this is an apartment fire right now on west 10th and g streets so likely lanes blocked. we do have a crew heading to
6:59 am
the scene and he tells us when he was still five minutes away he could see black smoke. so likely smoke and flames visible from highway 4 where we are seeing our usual congestion from a street towards somersville. so we have a crew heading to the scene and we'll try to bring you pictures during our news cutins here during the "cbs early show." off the antioch bridge, everything is fine. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up almost to the macarthur maze. big delays right now heading into san francisco. >> you two like ice cream? >> yeah. >> of course. >> free. free today! >> yeah. >> we are headed after the show. [ laughter ] >> group ice cream run. >> today you can scoop up a sweet treat to satisfy your sweet tooth for free. ben & jerry's free ice cream cones from noon to 8 p.m. tonight. they are celebrating their 33rd anniversary. they


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