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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  April 12, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. it could be a cold case solved. the 77-year-old reno man has
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been arrested in connection with four murders including one in marin dating back to the '70s. sharon chin is live in san rafael with more on who the suspect is and how he was caught. sharon. >> reporter: the suspect is here at the marin county jail without bail. he will be arraigned tomorrow on four counts of murder over 17 years each with a special circumstance that would qualify him for the death penalty. the marin county district attorney would not take questions during a 10-minute news conference so as not to compromise the investigation of four murders of young women from 1977 through 1994. he says 77-year-old joseph naso of reno was arrested in lake tahoe yesterday after he was released from the el dorado county jail on an unrelated charge. he was arrested last april during a visit to his home. they say they found evidence
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that links him to the four murders. roxanne roggasch found in 1977, pamela parsons and tracy tofoya in 1993 and 1994, and in contra costa county, carmen colon, whose body was now under 1978. the d.a. says investigators made their first connection to the roggasch case in marin county. >> during that arrest, investigators found items by mr. naso that implicated him in multiple murders of young women. >> reporter: marin county's d.a. says the investigation into naso as a murder suspect has been going on now for the past year and it still is continuing. the three counties with the murder victims may do a combined prosecution. naso is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow on the four counts of murder. back to you. >> thank you.
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second homicide in two days in concord now appears to be a case of murder-suicide. police responding to a distress call on bedford road by lexington road last night found two bodies inside a home. officers say miranda and frederick both 32 years old were fatally shot inside. police believe the murder- suicide stemmed from a domestic conflict. neighbors say never heard anyone fighting inside the house before. >> just all around nice lady, nice family, very, you know, quiet and everything. you don't hear about this. this is a quiet neighborhood to. hear something like is really tragic. >> police are not saying they believe which person pulled the trigger. it came one day after a teenager is suspected of a killing at a concord shopping center. uc-berkeley is in search of these two men. these are sketches two of suspects wanted in separate attacks on their campus. police say the man on the left
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robbed and sexually assaulted a woman friday night near haviland grove, 5'7", thin build, short brown hair. earlier the man on the right grabbed a student near the valley life science building. he is described as 5'6", medium build, blonde or light brown hair, bad teeth. police are looking into those and other attacks at cal. the third day of deliberations in the barry bonds perjury trial under way at this hour. the former giants slugger is accused of lying when told a grand jury never knowingly took steroids and never received an injection from his trainer. yesterday, jurors listened for more than an hour as a clerk read back testimony from bonds' former personal shopper, kathy hoskins. she said she saw trainer greg anderson inject bonds in the abdomen. if the verdict is reached today, we will bring it to you in a live report. two jetliners are undergoing inspects today after a collision on the tarmac at new york's jfk airport. manuel gallegus is at the
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airport and shows us the moment of contact. >> reporter: amateur video captured the impact when an air france jumbo jet hit a commuter plane on a runway at new york's kennedy airport. the air france airbus a-380 slammed into a delta comair jet spinning it 90 degrees. >> just hit us. >> all attention emergency equipment, respond call 32, wait it alpha and mike records the airbus was taxiing for take- off to paris when it hit a jetliner just landed from boston. the collision tore a wing on the air bus and bent the tail of the commuter jet. >> we were just waiting. we were kind of all having a chat and it was annoying and then suddenly there was a big bang from one side of the plane. >> hit the tail of others and pushed it round and pushed our front end round the other way so there is a big skidmark on the tarmac. >> reporter: both jets were towed away and investigate he
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is from the federal aviation administration are trying to filling out what happened. the a-380 is the world's largest commercial passenger jet. last night 495 passengers and 25 crew were on board. 62 passengers and four crew were on board comair flight 6293. no one was hurt in the collision. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. spun around like a top. wow. after 30 years of space flight, nasa has decided the final landing spots for its fleet of space shuttles. the shuttle discovery will head to the national air and space museum in washington, endeavour will go right here to california to the science center down in los angeles in atlantis which will fly the last planned shuttle mission in june will go to florida. new york will get the prototype enterprise which was used for the first test flights back in the 1970s. several homeless people who took over a building in san francisco are in police custody
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this afternoon. officers arresting about eight protestors who spent the night in that vacant structure on davisidero street. other protestors huddled outside after yesterday's demonstration. the group known as homes not jails wants property owners to turn thousands of empty units into housing for the homeless. >> this is one of several buildings in san francisco empty. we have 36,000 empty units of housing in san francisco a lot like this and 6,000 to 15,000 people sleeping on the streets sometimes in front of practically usable buildings. >> in a statement, property owner kaiser permanente said the building is currently empty and not fit for occupancy and that the demonstrators are trespassing and need to be removed for their safety. and that four-day clinic in oakland, free clinic, has ended. thousands of bay area residents lined up for free medical, dental and vision care, all
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supplied by volunteers and donation. the group remote area medical organized the event. by the end of today's session, those volunteers will have seen about 3,000 patients since saturday. the situation with japan's nuclear crisis even worse than first thought. why it's now being put on par with chernobyl. and the new tactic to make sure bay area drivers are paying up if they don't have fastrak. >> cloud cover in the shot of mount vaca. although we will have some changes in store. we'll take a look at that in our full forecast in just a bit. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on par with chernobyl. a month
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the severity of the crisis in the nuclear plant in japan is level 7 putting it on par with children. a month after the earthquake and tsunami earthquake they are trying to get control of the crippled facility. they are still being hampered by aftershocks. >> reporter: new video released by the company that owns japan's troubled fukushima nuclear power plant shows smoke pouring out of reactor 3. officials say the plant is at the highest crisis leading edge the same as the 1987 chernobyl disaster. it was raised from a 5 to a 7 based on the amount of radiation escaping that contaminated the air, water and food. japan's prime minister is urging people not to panic. officials say the say the fukushima plant has leaked just 1/10 of the radiation emitted at chernobyl but that number could go up if the crisis continues and right now, workers are no closer to
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getting the plant under control. today congress will find out what impact the crisis in japan could have on this country. environmental and nuclear experts are set to give senators their assessments. a month after the earthquake and tsunami, japan continues to feel aftershocks. the 6.3 quake hit tuesday afternoon just 40 miles from the fukushima facility. workers were forced to evacuate temporarily. while this nuclear crisis is at the same level as chernobyl, officials are working to prevent a similar aftermath. thousands of radiation checkpoints have been set up in surrounding areas and the evacuation zone around the plant was expanded. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. the safety of california's mount diablo nuclear power plant is the subject of a capitol hill hearing today. the plant on the central coast is up for license renewal and pg&e has agreed to suspend the process at the request of local
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leaders and lawmakers. when mount diablo was built 39 years ago, the nearest fault line was thought to be several miles offshore but now it's found that one is only a few thousand santa feet away. checking other bay area headlines, toll runners could lose their cars under a bill. transportation officials say drivers who illegally use fastrak lanes have cost the system $14 million. the new law would allow vehicles to be seized. registration to be held or fines of $70 for a first offense. the fine would be waived if the driver gets fastrak in 30 days. new ticket machines at golden gate ferry terminals. they are part of a cost-cutting plan to safety district millions. another part of the plan will mean the elimination of tolltakers on the golden gate in favor electronic payments at the span. the san jose city council has marijuana on its agenda
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today. the council will consider amendments to city code on medical marijuana clubs. mayor chuck reed and city council members want to limit the number of clubs to 10 but there are currently about 110 of those medical marijuana clubs in san jose. >> a little work to do there. no trouble in the stands of the giants dodgers game but it didn't end so well for our world champs. and the rising gas prices causing detours for drivers. what they are doing to avoid the pumps. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giants-dodgers series. police once again, security will be tight at at&t park tonight for the second game of a giants- dodgers series. police have been patrolling every tier of the stadium. they are concerned about safety after the brutal beating of a giants fan outside dodger stadium. last night, fans were largely peaceful with just a few arrests and no reports of violence. a win would have been nice, too, huh? >> maybe. maybe today. if you have a ticket tonight enjoy it but bundle up. as for today, get outside because it is beautiful. here's kristy seifkin with your forecast. well we're enjoying mostly sunny skies today in the bay area. you can see this beautiful shot outside. plenty of blue. and you will want to enjoy today because there will be
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some changes in our forecast. tonight and overnight. today highs in the 50s and mid- 60s mostly sunshine, a little breezy along the bay shores and at the coast. we will hold on to a little bit of fog at the coastline, as well. by tonight, we should see pretty much clear conditions. our temperatures are going to be running in the mid-30s up through the mid-40s. breezy conditions at the coastline and partly cloudy, as well. now, the reason we are seeing some clouds move in is because of this. the system that's sitting in the pacific making its way into the bay area. it's leaving us in the clear for today. but what it means tomorrow is we see that area of low pressure moving in and tonight a slight chance of showers on wednesday. once again just a slight chance. best chance for those sprinkles is going to be north of the golden gate bridge. but in the meantime we'll be dry and mild, but here's a look once we do start to see some wet weather make its way n you can see in the early-morning hours, 1:00, 2:00. then into 4:00, 5:00 your early- morning commute hours, chance of scattered showers up into
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the north bay, parts of the south bay and inland but less than .10", nothing to worry about. today's highs, high 50s through the mid-60s, similar to yesterday. 64 mountain view, sunnyvale, milpitas. morgan hill topping out at 66 today. in the east bay we are going to top out at 65 in concord and pleasant hill and pittsburg. cooler in berkeley at 63 degrees. making the way up north, 66 in santa rosa, same for fairfield. vallejo will top out at 63. same for benicia. so tomorrow, that slight chance of scattered showers throughout the day, thursday a mix of sun and clouds. and then some clouds build back in on friday. we will start to see, though, here a bump up in our temperatures. so by the time we hit this weekend, we may hit the mid-70s in some spots. here's a photo sent in by one of our viewers at the port of oakland. beautiful shot of the sun setting. you can see a little bit of clouds out there. if you have a great photo to share, send it to us at
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governor brown is in the bay area this afternoon less than an hour ago signing into law one of the world's most ambitious renewable energy plans. the governor was at this morning's dedication of this new solar panel manufacturing plant in milpitas. he signed a bill requiring california energy firms to generate a third of their electricity from renewable sources by the year 2020. later today, he will address the state budget crisis here in san francisco. energy price on the minds of most americans these days. looking at a map of the u.s., it is clear that we are paying the heist gas prices here in california. the areas in deep red mean gas is selling for more than $4.10 a gallon. green states paying 3.50. julie watts now on how the reality is prompting many to change their driving habits. reporter: >> well, it will be probably over $100. >> reporter: fed up with
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filling up? near record gas prices have consumers cutting back. >> it made me cut down on some extra trips and kind of consolidate trips within city boundaries. >> instead of filling un, going by $30 worth, $40. >> you don't run to the storks the parts house as often. you're going to make it on the way home rather than during the job rather than running to the stores. >> reporter: conserving gas is becoming common place. gas sales have fallen for five months. and gas stations are reporting a 3% decrease. >> as prices go up, people look for alternatives, whether it's mass transit, carpooling, bicycling to work. >> reporter: but triple-a warns reduced demand doesn't mean reduced prices. >> it's not just what's happening here in the united states. it's what's happening on a global scale and that's because oil is traded on a global scale. >> reporter: and as the worldwide demand for crude keeps rising so does the price of gas. >> the prices are being largely driven by investors, not
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necessarily by those traditional supply and demand factors. >> reporter: factoring continued political unrest in oil producing countries and local refineries in the process of switching to the pricey summer blend and experts predict the national average will skyrocket past the all- time record of $4.11 threatening to pump bay area price up above the $5 mark. julie watts, cbs 5. our eyewitness news poll finds bay area drivers feeling the squeeze. nearly 70% say they have cut down on the amount they drive. 44% tell surveyusa that higher prices at the pump would cause them to change or cancel their summer vacation plans. they won't be happy about that, will they? >> we have to start walk, riding bikes or hanging out close to home. tony tantillo has the healthy stuff next and we are going to show you where you can get a little free ice cream too. >> a reminder, if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline, 1-888-5-helps- u. volunteers are there right now.
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your diet and the school that will no longer let kids bring food from home. that and more at 5:00. >> with the candy jar, we're in big trouble. >> especially in the weather department. >> chocoholic. today you can scoop up a sweet deal. you can satisfy your sweet tooth for free. ben & jerry's is dishing out free ice cream cones from noon to 8 p.m. tonight to celebrate its 33rd birthday. it may be free but they highly recommend that you donate a couple of bucks to charity. so enjoy the chunky monkey. >> you have a few hours to go. that's it for the cbs 5 news at noon. don't forget eyewitness news is always on our website, have a great tuesday. >> caption colorado, llc ,,
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