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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 13, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig ♪ [meow] craig: no, you're all right. ariel it was so lovely of you to bring me a gift. and it's a shame that we weren't allowed to show you the gift that ariel brought me. why couldn't we show it? >> could i tell you what it was? craig: yes. >> it was a walrus penis. all over alaska, i had to explain what it was. what is that? craig: walrus penis. >> walrus penis, yeah. craig: i've always wanted one. so thanks. geoff: in your pants. craig: hey! hey!
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>> i'll get him. craig: thanks. and we're done with the show. >> mount it on the your wall or something. it's good luck forever. craig: not for the walrus it wasn't. all right. we've got to go. say good night. >> bye, everybody! [cheers and applause] ,,,,,,
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. only on 5 threats against the california teacher's union after an expres of support for a cop killer. protecting pets. to make it harder for animal abusers to hide what they have done. new figures tonight, is college really worth it? good evening, i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken. members of a california teacher's yon yon getting threats tonight. >> the union came out in support of a cop killer. going so far as to call him a hero. wendy asked him why. >> he's a convicted cop
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killer, but he has his supporters, including the influential california federation of teachers. >> we felt that he, like anybody, deserves a fair trial and had not received one. if his stay of execution is lifted, he's going to be executed and this would be a good time to reiterate our support for him. >> a juror in 1982 convicted jamal of murdering a philadelphia police officer. over the years, his supporters rallied for his freedom. last month, the teacher's union passed a resolution calling him a civil rights hero. it hit a nerve, now they're getting threats. >> a voice mail from this morning at 5:53 a.m. >> you're next. >> one of the things that i have been getting in my e-mail and voice mails has been why is the teacher union a cop killer lover? so clearly that's part of the right wing talk points.
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>> it is an issue close to home for many cops. they know what it's like to lose friends in the line of duty. >> i have no opinion of this issue either way. i would prefer that the teacher's union stay out of an issue like this. it is controversial. >> state of california is looking at budget problems and layoffs and pink slips. why spend your efforts with something like this? >> we spent almost no effort discussing this. this was reiterating of a position. > jamal's case was one of 30 resolutions past and they can't understand all the slack. >> to me, there's one reason and one reason only for the interest and that's that a few weeks ago, teach res and cops were standing together in wisconsin and this is an opportunity for right wing media to pull the teachers and the cops apart again. >> well, despite the threat, the teacher's union will not
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back down. the california federation of teachers say their position is this, everyone deserves due process. in the case of jamal, he did not get his fair day in court. all right, linda, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> a suspect in cold case murders is in custody in marin county tonight. joseph could be a serial killer. they found evidence in his reno home linking him to the deaths of young women between 1977 and 1994. their bodies were found in marin county, contra costa county, and yuba city. >> this is an on going investigation and to invite questioning at this point could hamper those investigating efforts. >> however, in nevada, investigators are looking into other cold cases. they say he was a federal photographer who traveled all over the country for work.
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the jury in the barry bonds perjury trial will meet again tomorrow for a fourth day of deliberations. joe vazquez on what may be happening behind closed doors. >> three days of deliberating, no verdict, what exactly does that mean? we are joined by cbs 5 legal analyst, paul henderson. it could mean anything. >> it means they are going over the evidence or they are fighting among themselves. in some cases where it is a hung jury, they will say judges, we haven't gotten it together. sometimes it takes longerment when you get a group of 12 people, they all hear things differently. they all see things differently. paul will still hold on for the verdict. thanks for joining us. the jury will be back at 8:30 in the morning. joe vazquez, cbs 5. other bay area headlines now, an autopsy is set for tomorrow on a patient who authorities say died at napa state hospital while staffers
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tried to subdue him. the napa valley register reports it happened in a high security area where people incompetent to stand trial live. stafferred acted after william allegedly assaulted another patient. >> a muni driver is out of a job after passengers kicked the young family off a bus. it happened saturday on the 24 line. witnesses say the driver became angry when the couple took a long time getting on the bus with their baby and stroller. he screamed at them and refused to move the bus unless they got off. he fired the driver after investigating. >> rescuers pulled three people out of the bay. high winds apparently capsized two kayaks. there were two people in one boat and one in the other. one person was picked up near the cove. the other two were found near hunter's point shipyard. all three were wearing life
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suits and life preservers. nobody was injured. a cat is recovering tonight after coming home with an arrow sticking out of its head. that's right. max's owners said the arrow drove through about 2 inches into the head, but it didn't crack the skull. vets were able to pull it out. not clear if it was an accident. if it is determined to be intentional, authorities may seek animal cruelty charges. there's a plan in the works to keep track of people who abuse animals. elizabeth cook says the idea is to treat them like sex offenders. >> there are always accidents, but you know somebody is playing target practice. >> veterinarian, dr. elliot couldn't help but think the worst when he heard about max. he is pushing the city of san francisco to develop a data base to keep track of animal abusers. it would work a lot like the
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megan's law website. o financedders will have to enter in their full name, address, even a picture. that way shelters and other adoption agencies could prevent a previous abuser adopting. >> it will save a lot of animals being injured and hurt by people who just can't control their emotions. can't control their anger. >> suffolk county, new york, was the first to list such a wide data base. >> he wanted to adopt a little dog and to me, it was an outcry against it, because clearly the man has aggression and a temper and little dog isn't a big dog into the hands of somebody that has a nice control of violence. >> the animals can't speak for themselves, and you don't want
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somebody to get a chance to do it twice. >> elizabeth cook, cbs 5. the city's animal control and welfare commission takes up the data base issue on thursday evening at city hall. from gasoline to groceries, everything is more expensive. tonight, prepare to shell out more from marijuana. why it could cost more in one part of the bay area. >> and america, more student loan debt than credit card debt. they graduate in a deep financial hole. is it really worth it? we'll have new figures. >> and justin bieber making waves. why israel is giving the pop star the brushoff. >> the cbs 5 weather center just left when we were getting used to sunshine. the clouds are starting to,,,,,,
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thriving and unregulated. mark right now the bay area is home to a thriving medical marijuana industry. thriving and a bit unregulated. mark shows us how one city is now trying to reign it all in. >> isha is a breast cancer survivor and medical marijuana user who ask that we don't use her last name. any limits on medical marijuana access will harm her and other patients. > helps with the nausea, bone pain, appetite, anxiety, stress, depression. >> the san jose city council
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estimates there are currently 110 collectives operating in the city without any regulation at all. >> i do think it's important that we move forward. >> tonight the city council preliminary approved a plan to cut the number to just ten and keep them in industrial and business districts. chuck reid said it was a big first step. >> not going to ban them all together. that we will allow them in certain restricted areas where they are appropriate, like a medical office building. >> the cost of medical marijuana could go up, along with new fees being discussed to pay for enforcement efforts. >> you are leaving, you know, only ten businesses open to serve 50,000 plus patients. you're going to get lines. you're going to lose the personalization. >> but this debate is not over yet. next week. the council will take up the issue to select the can bus clubs. one plan under consideration,
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an old fashioned lottery. in san jose, cbs a. students at uc davis say their school spied on classmates. students along with the aclu presented campus documents today. the students say the documents suggest a female police officer marching with students last year denied being an officer when confronted. >> she was concerned about one officer in a large group. we are going to do that differently. >> the school says it came up with a student team to protect student's safety. it's not a secret and employees work in plain sight and often with protest organizers. with the cost of higher education soaring, it's not uncommon for graduates to rack up hundreds and thousands in debt s. it all worth it?
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dean reynolds crunches some new numbers. >> he owns columbia university a lot. you have a good issue. made important professional cakes and write up a student loan death if it's a carriage we'll be sitting her in for at least 14 months. >> i had no concept what it would mean. and what i would end up playing when it is over. >> on the high end of the red ink, but student loan debt in this country is now greater than credit card debt. casey rasmussen is the senior of the university of illinois who is afraid to calculate what she owes. >> will it force you to make certain life challenges? >> probably. probably going to have to work a job that i don't necessarily want to.
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>> getting married, having kids, saving for retirement. >> there's no question that many students are racking up large amounts of debt. but many economists call that good dike. they liken it to a smart informs. you exeffect he would stop that. >> you can have a much higher income if you borrow and go to and will and repay those loans. >> the numbers don't lib. in 2008, the american january earnings for almost $22,000 more per year than a graduate. college grads urn 64 pk more. remember, barack and michelle obama were once $175,000 in debt and they debt well.
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student leanards, chicago. >> prim minister of israel brushed off justin beeb rt. a tv station that benjamin natty calmed off after his community. prime minister office invited him to bring the children. boehner is in the area for a concert. as nasa prepares, which museums will get to display? the four remaining shuttles. >> take good care of our vehicles. >> they served the nation well and behave a deep and abiding relationship and love affair with them. >> atlantic will stay at the kennedy space center and endeavor will go to the california science center in los angeles. the smithsonian air and space
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mewtism. enterer prize will go where never went into orbit, will land this new york city. >> piloting our weather tonight wonts some rain, really? >> yeah, that's the big question tonight. we had that sunshine today. the winds kicking up in the afternoon. love those guys out there enjoying. the winds are blowing out there. things are settling down, but the clouds are starting to move on shore. we have partly cloudy skies and the cold front is making its way on shore. we could very well see a few shorers. a little red in spots. mostly cloudy skies tomorrow, possibility of showers. temperatures will be in the 50s, maybe the low 60s if you're lucky. most of the afternoon, things move on by.
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44 degrees right now. faa had in free month. yup, this is a strong storm. not a lot of energy with it, but it's slowly dragging it way towards the bay area, falling apart. that will bring with it more clouds throughout the day tomorrow, e especially for the morning hours. as we look 2002 later tomorrow night, it could be a little bit wet starting early in the morning and about commute tame. could be on the slick. looks like the most comes through the middle to late morning. maybe a couple sunny breaks as we head towards the afternoon. with that in mind, not a rainout, but a pair with you, it's going to be chilly outside. a lot of 50s inside the bay and low 60s inland if you're lucky. we are going to warm things up
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as we head towards thursday. some temperatures have the 7 tos, although there could be a couple light showers well to the north in northern sanoma county. the rest of us, pretty snowy conditions. >> okay. you're ready. >> i know. yeah. >> another one coming up. >> thank you lonny. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, it's definitely not your run of the mill movie theater. greeten wants to know what happened to all the bay area great single screen movie theaters? that's tonight's good question. san francisco's castro theater will turn 90 next year. it's one of the few movie houses sharing a movie on its single screen. >> we have over 30 film festivals and they do form the core, the base for this
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theater. >> don's family has owned the cash since it was built back when moo lees were silent. film sting alongs and live shows. keep the castro going today. in an era where it is more profitable to own a multiplects than a single screen. >> you are limited with one screen. if we were to show a first round film, then the speaker is stuck. >> it was bit as a theater. >> well here's something you had never see. this has not been shown on tv for almost f 0 years. it's the back wall of the castro theater. a screen was erected to show movies. with 1400 seats, what's old has become new ben. >> it's really a performing arts theater rather than a movie theater. we see people come in and
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they're excited. >> go to and click on kinnect. >> i'm dennis and the a's
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another shot at playing every day..and he just happens to be the team's hottest hitter with a .346 average. aaron roland is getting another shot at playing.
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then things fell apart. two runs already in when former giant, juan irby -- but the giants did some great hitting tonight against chad billingsley. he had three hits tonight. aaron rowand scores and the giants take the 4-3 lead. really in the 7th, marcus 10th. tie the game at 4, but after robert left, rowland scored 5- 4. giants by wilkin, you are looking at that same number one and he strikes out batters. and wilson is back. 5-4 the final. >> you know, mentally i'm fine. >> and you know, i don't know
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if there's any way to say, but balls come in a situation like that. discount what it was. >> excellent stuff. the a's were looking to make it four straight wins and climbing over the 500 mark. former giant start r starting at second base. what is he, 90? didn't look like a $30 million night tonight. 2á7bd of the year. >> in the second inning. that is tough. two-run shot gave the a's a 5-4 lead. juan, bis hit. game tied at 5. for the second straight night, it goes to the 10th inning. >> i like to see ramirez facing bobby crammer. walk off shock and the a's lose
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6-5. baseball's hottest team off more than an injury. no one is covering home plate. josh hamilton tags up, races home. ham el ton broke his right arm and he's expected to miss two months. that's a bad gamble without josh hal imton, that's not going to last very well. the top five, carlos gets it all that starts to fast break. bulls feet to nick and imf pros to 61-20 on the year. coco made a crazy catch. the bad news, he got hurt and had to leave the game. albert pujols may be starting it 00, but ryan town is covering its first of the calls. 13-8 is the final there. at number two, dusty hughes
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with the greatest diving patch. and the number one play of the night. lincecum, it's going to be more. rifles one back to throwout and andrea, it finished for the dodgers, but they win tonight. they go at it again tomorrow night. >> they did need it despite what willie said. >> i think aaron rough wand is a big deal. the giants fans are ticking him around for a ,,,,,,,,,,
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