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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  April 25, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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i'm sydnie kohara. good afternoon.
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i'm robert lyles. >> frank is off today. >> i'm sydnie kohara. a wild and deadly night in oakland. eight people shot in less than three hours. two of those shootings happened within blocks of each other. sharon chen joins us now on what we've just learned about the search for suspects. sharon? >> reporter: police say they're looking for four young men who got away in a white newer model dodge avenger. at least one suspect apparently had an assault rifle as he opened fire here at the sweet jimmy's earlier this morning. officers say when the suspects were denied entry, at least one of them fired random shots in the restaurant and bar around 12:45 this morning. detectives say six people got shot. two men died. one of them, 27 years old. the other, unidentified. the four wounded went to the hospital. two men are critically injured. two women listed in stable condition. the manager of sweet jimmy's told me that 10-15 family and friends were playing video games when the gunfire erupted. apparently, the restaurant had no security. now, just around the corner, a
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little more than an hour later, a 21-year-old man got shot outside kimball's nightclub on washington and second street. officers say he is in stable condition today. police say that kimball's hosted a party following the lil wayne rap concert at oracle arena last night. but authorities say the party appeared to be over when the shooting happened. and police say they do not believe the shootings are related. they occurred near jack london score. an area many residents agree is not known for crime and violence. >> the police station is right around the corner. so how safe can you be? you can't be any safer than right next door, or up the street from the police station. terrible. just a sign of the times. >> i don't think anybody thinks it is safe at night. >> i'm a small businessman. there are lots of people and businesses around here. we're not trying to put people out of business. we're trying to put the gangsters out of business. we want the guns out of the street. we want the punks out of the
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neighborhood. >> reporter: and that is the association of jack london area businesses and residents and says the neighborhood is an up and coming area with wineries and restaurants and galleries set to arrive. there was also a third shooting at about 11:00 last night, about two miles from oracle arena. a man was shot multiple times outside the 1800 block of 72nd avenue. and he is listed in stable condition. so three shootings in about three hours. no arrests in any of those as of yet. >> sharon, thank you. in oakland. an alarming wakeup call in san francisco. after a fire destroys a three-story residential building. investigators believe the fire started accidentally and was electrical. the blaze broke out just after midnight on powell street in north beach, leaving about a dozen people running from the burning structure. three elderly residents suffered minor injuries. the fire chief says the damage is so extensive, the building is
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uninhabitable. a relative of a burned-out resident spoke with cbs 5. >> it has been kind of sad. that's all. it seems sad. >> yes. >> but it is an arsonist, it f-it is arson, there -- if it is arson, there was a similar fire like this, in a building like this. in an alley. if it is something like that, that is pretty bad. very bad. >> the fire caused more than a million dollars in damage. the american red cross is helping people with temporary housing. allegations of cops behaving badly in san jose, now the department is hit with two federal lawsuits alleging excessive forcing and racial profiling. according to the mercury news, the hispanic man says officers damaged his eye, during a 2008 traffic stop, and that man eventually pleaded guilty to drunk driving. and in a second case from 2009, another man also hispanic says he was run over by a patrol car. that man later pleaded guilty to
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disturbing the peace. so far, the department is not commenting. the city attorneys deny the allegations. vallejo is opting for a creative solution to combat the city's prostitution problem. this week, a community task force will begin training citizens groups to patrol their own neighborhoods. the cash-strapped city was forced to find a low-cost solution, with the police budget already slim. other grass roots citizens patrols have already been affected, with increasing the number of reported prostitution cases in vallejo. are you getting a makeover? the agency wants your help making future trains more comfortable. elizabeth wenger has more on how passengers are taking a test ride without even getting on a train. >> reporter: people in the bay area are used to the familiar look of bart trains. but to grow into the future, bart says it is time for a
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makeover. >> this is a lot more space. you would probably get three people here. >> reporter: bart spokesman lyndon johnson showed us around the new seat lab. >> go sit down. sit down. >> okay. >> this is comfy. >> this is comfy still. >> the transit agency is replacing the current train cars and wants rider feedback on future seat design to accommodate the anticipated jump in ridership. >> if we are here in this seat, pretty high up. you can't please everybody. >> the lab focuses on seat height and width and leg room. the most talked-about topic, what the seat should be made of. >> actually, if they would maybe make plastic seats or something that is not cloth. and that can be cleaned more often. >> i think cleaner seats. the fabric is not very appealing. >> the lab begins today with groups of senior and disabled passengers. and then the lab hits the road at stops across the bay area. >> this is about the bart of
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tomorrow but we have to make the decisions today and we want to hear from you. >> reporter: in oakland, elizabeth wenger, cbs 5. catching a cable car in san francisco will be a little tougher this week. part of a powell hyde street line will be shut down today through friday so crews can do maintenance. shuttle buses though will be running between jackson and mason and beach and hyde streets. and the upshot here though, it will cost you less, $2, instead of $5, to ride the cable car. if you haven't been counting, it is four days to go until the royal wedding. where princess to be kate middleton is hiding out before saying i do. a famous actress literally frozen in place. the painful condition and why doctors worry more people will fall victim. we saw showers throughout the bay area this morning. and continuing to see a little bit of drizzle out there. although starting to see some sun breaks. as you can see here on the shot from the roof cam.
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you would expect the guest list for this week's royal wedding to read like the who's who of british high society but some unsuspecting commoners were shocked to receive an invitation. >> dana tyler is live in london with the select group who will represent the hometown of the princess to be. dana? >> reporter: sidney and rob, hi, good evening. and yes, you're absolutely right. just regular people who got invited. you know, easter monday here today. it is a holiday. so the city was pretty quiet. and allowed officials to set up
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more barricades. there are some right here in front of westminster abbey getting ready for friday's wedding. we decided to get away from the hustle and butle and out of town and go meet some of these regular folks in kate middleton's hometown of buckleberry. live in buckleberry parish will never be the same. the old boot inn is abuzz. the owner is going to the royal wedding. >> kate said would you like to go to the wedding? i'm not sure. which date? i think i'm busy that day. [ laughter ] >> it is really good feeling. >> the cozy pub has a feeling of the old world and says kate and william have been coming here for years. >> they come and chat to us and chat to their friends and other people. they're fine. >> reporter: kate middleton grew up in this rural area of neighboring villages, a patch work of sweeping countryside and family businesses with a close connection with the royal bride-to-be. the middletons are regular customers at the spar market. >> when catherine comes in, she gives my wife a hug.
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>> stunned to be invited, hesh singary went to india to buy a special outfit for the wedding. a thrill for the local butcher. >> you have your clothes ready? >> yes. >> and there will be a road royal wedding day on the screen and a hog roast and duck races celebrating their royal neighbor here. >> and there is armed police and lots of security. a nervous time. >> they're getting used to it. and first things first for john haily. >> i have no one to take yet. would any of you like to come along? you're busy on the day. i think you're interviewing people, aren't you? >> yes, that's what we will be doing. we will all be here. watching the scene here. friday morning. and you know, robert and sidney, one of the concerns is, rain. the forecasters are now talking about rain for friday. it has been summer-like the past couple of days. and that, would of course, mean a change with how the
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bride-to-be and the happy couple are transported. as you remember, diana with her father went in a glass-covered case. that might be the one that they will have to use on friday. otherwise, it will be open air. but they're ready, and flexible to make changes. robert, sidney? >> speaking of contingency plans, there is much ado about the wedding dress. and apparently she has commissioned three different designers and has not decided which dress she will be wearing? >> reporter: well, yes, you wonder, we've been hearing that rumor flying all day. and wondering is it true, or is it sort of to three off everyone? imagine if you're one of those designers at the last minute, it is a no, you're an almost, and we don't know, we're being told still it will be at that moment when all of that information is released, that moment when she comes here to westminster abbey friday morning. we will find out. and imagine who the chosen designer will be. they will be on the map forever. just like diana's designer. >> different reasons, though.
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>> what a relationship. >> rain or shine, it is going to be just a wonderful day for not only the viewers but of course the happy couple. >> dana tile ner london, thank you very much. >> -- dana tyler in london, thank you very much. >> much anticipation. thank you. you're so welcome, see you later. an attempted hijacking on a flight to rome. how the crew stopped the suspect in his tracks. finally, some relief at the pump. signs that gas prices may be peaking. ,,,, i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends. i have a great fit with my dentures.
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of libyan leader moammar nato air strikes once again pummels the tripoli compound of libyan leader muomar ghadafi. one strike today destroyed a library and badly damaged a reception hall used for visiting dignitaries. a security official says four people were wounded. the strike came after forces loyal to ghadafi attacked the rebel city of mizrata. some scary moments on board a flight from paris to rome. a would-be hijacker stopped in his tracks by the flight crew. it happened on board air italia, the flight last night, the alleged hijacker reportedly threatened a flight attacker with a nail clipper and demanded the pilot divert the plane to libbasm the suspect, a middle aged man from kazakhstan who was
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living in paris is under arrest. air italia says the cabin crew was able to overpower the suspect and landed the plane sulf. the flight attendant received minor injuries. no one else was injured. police are investigating the possible motive. gas prices continue to climb. but there may be some relief in sight. the national average is $3.84 a gallon for regular. that is according to the latest lundberg survey. and that's 30 cents higher than just a month ago. here in the bay area, the highest prices are in san francisco. $4.24 a gallon. but there is a bit of good news. experts say lower demand and a slower rise in oil prices make gas price stopped from passing $4.11 a gallon, the all time high. and some gas station owners have a sense of humor about the price of premium. the price of premium, it will cost you an arm and a leg. >> i feel the pain. >> exactly. >> and hey, you know, we talked this morning about carrying an
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umbrella but you know, just keep it handy but not too close by. it looks like it is clearing up. >> not a washout by any means. a chance of light showers this afternoon. we are starting to see some clearing. some sunshine later on. right now, a live look outside. you can see plenty of cloud cover out there. and we're seeing a lit -- a little bit of blue peek through. and high def doppler, you can see for the most part, the specks of green on the radar, but we're going to see sunshine a little later on and we will continue to see the trend to make our way late near the week. as you make your way out the door this afternoon, you are going to see medium temperatures, probably similar to what we saw yesterday. and you're going to see a little bit of cloud cover, and for the most part, the system has passed through and starting to see some clearing off the coast and that umbrella you can actually put away later on this evening. this afternoon, the highs will be ranging, high 50s to mid-60s, partly cloudy conditions and this evening when we start to see some clearing which we should see by your evening commute, we will drop down in
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the 40s when we hit our lows tonight and patchy fog along the bay shore and at the coast and the satellite is showing the low that is passing through and we have to carry the umbrella, like sidney said and the area of high pressure that is building up behind us is going to bring us some nice warm weather and that's going to be a trend that continues for the next several days. today though, we're not going to break into the 70s. we're sitting mostly in the 60s. 61 in san francisco. and 63 in oakland. and 66 for concord. a high of 64 in livermore today. and 66 for san jose. up in santa rosa and napa, making it to 67. and the warm temperatures, they are on their way. we're seeing those on tuesday and wednesday. in the low 70s in those inland spots. thursday, we're going to drop down a little bit. because we will see a weak system move through. but friday, seeing more sunshine. a little bit of cloud cover and then for your weekend, things a looking pretty good as well. saturday and sunday, we will see highs in the inland spots in the low to mid-70s. and you can see, nice big sunshine, a logo on there, the rain is just for today, and some nice weather in store. back to you guys. >> christie, we will take that. >> i will, too.
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>> that looks good. >> thank you. well, her recovery is nothing short of a miracle. >> and now, wounded congress woman gabrielle giffords will get to share a special moment with her astronaut husband. doctors say she can fly to florida to attend friday's launch of the space shuttle endeavour. her husband, mark kelly, is the mission commander. and he tells katie couric that since his wife survived the assassination attempt in tucson, he learned how strong she is. >> she will say how badly she wants to get out of the hospital and when you ask her what she wants to do, one thing she comes back to is going back to work, going back to her office, and how important it is for her to serve her constituents. >> kelly says when giffords heard she could go to the launch she yelled out awesome. and pumped her fists. and doctors say being able to do that shows significant progress. and you can see more of that interview tonight, on the "cbs evening news" with katie couric.
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imagine it. not being able to movie your shoulder without excruciating pain. it is a real condition. it has a name. it is known as frozen shoulder. >> in fact, more women, including a famous actress, are getting it. what causes it? as dr. kim mulvilhill report, the answer could be right at your fingertips. >> reporter: desperate housewives and sunnyvale native terry hatcher announced she suffers from a condition called frozen shoulder. >> one day they wake up in the morning, and they can't untie their bra. >> frozen shoulder occurs when your shoulder capsule that connects the tissue, with the shoulder joint, it gets inflamed and thickens and tightens. terry hatcher is not alone. health professionals say there is a jump in the number of patients suffering from frozen shoulder. a big part of the problem, the way we work. >> range of motion. >> reporter: physical therapist marty maddux sees four to five
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patients with the condition. and points the finger at computers. >> if you are, bog on a keyboard or -- if you are working on a keyboard or mousing with your right arm, just 12 hours a day, you weren't meant to do that. >> maddux says while frozen shoulder goes away in time, this wait and see approach is a bad idea. for starters, patients stop moving their shoulders. >> you get scar tissue buildup and atrophy of the muscles. because you've been toying away with it. >> reporter: and then your neck and back tighten up, causing even more trouble. the key? restore motion. the sooner, the better. >> they do get worse if you ignore it. >> and sitting at a computer for a marathon stint, it may take marathon training. and that means building up upper body strength. dr. kim mulvilhill, cbs 5 healthwatch. and that's right. we need to get up and move. >> absolutely. coming up an annual tradition on a roll in washington, d.c. how a bay area girl won a special invite to the white house.
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e annual easter eg well, it was all fun and games at the white house today. >> that's because it was the annual easter egg roll. thousands of people from all 50 states on the south lawn this
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morning. among them? a 9-year-old girl from right here in the bay area. fairfield. her mom entered her into an online contest. >> and also maybing a special appearance, there it is, the easter bunny. posing for a photo with the first family. that white house egg roll has roots dating back to the early 1800s and has been an annual tradition since the eisenhower administration. >> i have a feeling that you would still go to the easter egg roll. >> as long as i could wear a hat like that. >> me, too. >> we love the hats. and that's it for the cbs 5 eyewitness news at noon. have a great afternoon, everyone.
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