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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  April 28, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the car is a four-door 2004 blue hyundai. the license plate as you see 5hxf 433. now, police believe 57-year-old richard ashley kidnapped 16- year-old kiara thorton and drove off. if you see the vehicle or any information about that abduction call 911. right now stanford is deciding whether to bring back a program that has thought been on campus, not welcome on campus anyway since the 1970s. the change to the don't ask don't tell policy reopened the conversation about rotc. "don't ask, don't tell." the program is still running into opposition. >> reporter: that's right, the repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" has been like a green light for rotc programs to come back on campuses. it is coming back to stanford university. a faculty senate vote just a
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few minutes ago will direct the president of the university here to invite the u.s. military to re-establish a post, if you will, right here at stanford. at stanford university the small number of current rotc students literally stand out in a crowd. >> i'm a senior here. majoring in international relations and i'll be going into the marine corps after this. >> reporter: one of only 14 rotc cadets on the campus. he has to commute across the bay to uc berkeley for his actual military training. others travel even farther. >> down to santa clara and air force. it entails a lot of commuter. an hour, hour and a half depending on traffic. and i think again what stanford is looking to do is bring the program here on campus. >> reporter: it has been a year long discussion but for the
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first time since the vietnam war a student faculty committee is recommending stanford invite the military to come back and fully reinstate the reserve officer training corps. but the idea is running into the same type of protests that led to a generation ago. this time the issue is discrimination and transgender. >> a nondiscrimination policy that prevents discrimination on sexual orientation and while "don't ask, don't tell" has been repealed it is still the law of the land. people can serve in the militaries of our allies. >> reporter: a faculty senate vote happened this afternoon. according to one student surveyed students do support the reinstatement of rotc by a 60/40 margin. >> i'm pursuing a career in law enforcement. i'm really for it.
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i think would open up a form of discussion which has been silenced here at stanford knocking many of our faculty members incurring that. >> reporter: once again due to a faculty senate vote just a few minutes ago the program will be reinstated here at stanford university. one thing that may be a little bit different, dana, than past programs here at stanford and other campuses is the faculty here definitely want people nonmilitary to be in the program or at least take some of the classes that are offered here. they definitely want people who are not just rotc students to participate in this new program here. they think it will benefit the students as a whole. >> good to have a greater understanding. all right. len ramirez at stanford. thank you very much. well, the state won't be spending your tax dollars on new digs for condemned inmates. late today the governor announced he is scrapping the plans to build a new death row
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complex. grace lee is there with the reason why. grace? >> reporter: well, allen, we all know it can take decades to execute anyone on death row but today there was a quick decision by governor brown to kill what was going to be a $356 million facility and he had that project killed. now, we spoke to an assemblyman. he was telling us that this would have been the most expensive prison in the world and if you break down the costs each of those five by eight cells would have cost taxpayers $500,000. currently there are 700 inmates on death row and the new facility would have held 1200. earlier today governor brown said we cannot justify this cost and we are already cutting health care, education as well as services to the poor and the assemblyman said he is absolutely right. the upfront costs may have been
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356 million but over 20 years it would have cost 1.6 billion. >> so this is a huge savings to the state of california. and obviously we have higher priorities, whether it is education or health care for the needy or programs for the disabled. we have dire needs right now. >> as far as getting rid of the prison he acknowledges a lot of people here in marin county would like to get rid of it but he says california has already invested so much into the prison he doesn't see it going away but he was so happy to learn that the governor had killed this project today. allen? >> grace lee. thanks for the update. well, the bay area couple charged with the kidnapping of jaycee dugard will likely spend the rest of their lives in jail. nancy garrido and herb husband pleaded guilty in a placerville courtroom today. in a last minute deal to give
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nancy a remote chance for parole, phillip garrido pleaded guilty and facing up to 430 years in jail. nancy garrido pleaded guilty to kidnapping and forcible rape could get 36 to life. >> i have a lot of stuff to talk about about her relationship with phil but i've got to tell from you the get-go she said just do the best you can because i don't want to put jaycee dugard and the kids through an actual trial. >> jaycee dugard is now 30 years old. she was taken from her lake tahoe home on the way to the school bus. phil and nancy garrido will be sentenced june 2nd. some call it san francisco's backyard. some call it a jewel of the bay area. and more and more some are calling it a place for trouble.
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violence and vandalism in golden gate park are reigniting talks about shutting it down during overnight leaders. as joe vazquez explains, money to enforce such a curfew could be hard to come by. >> reporter: we are at the entrance of golden gate park at 8th street. for the most part people are enjoying a beautiful afternoon right now. but will they be able to stay into all hours of the night? some of our city leaders are talking about shutting it down. >> if there is a way to keep the park safer an cleaner for family use i think i'm all for it. >> reporter: san francisco parks officials agree wholeheartedly revising the idea of making the golden gate park off limits overnight. >> we don't see people hanging out at the park at the night. >> reporter: an uptick in
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vandalism. a transient was bleeding profusely. last week one homeless man was stabbed in the cheek. his clothes set on fire. another man was pistol whipped. as for the vandalism someone chopped down several young redwood trees near the dough bistate out on monday. over the past year at least 44 trees inside the park have been cutted or damaged. vandals hit in may and again in july. someone hacked up the rose garden last august. last october at least three vehicles roared over the park's nine-whole golf course four wheeling style. >> it probably won't do anything. >> reporter: despite failed past efforts to evict the substantial population of overnight campers park officials are asking the supervisors to consider a new ordinance to close the park between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. >> but does that mean that more cops will be here around that time? >> we don't have the staffing to do so. but if the city finds good reason to put a curfew and they think that it would be helpful
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imwilling to hear what those reasons are. one thing about the city, we are no stranger to legislating new laws, it is about coordinating together. >> i think it is reasonable. >> i think yes. it may give the police a reason to move people out. >> no, i don't think so. the park is quieter at night. >> reporter: just so it is clear, if you're jogging between 1 and 5 a.m. you would not be able to to so presumably by the law but you could drive through the many streets here in the park. dana, this is in the very early stages. they are just talking about it right now but the mayor says he is for it. >> it seems to me if they don't have the money to patrol it, can't put a fence around it. if they put out this curfew the only people who won't be in the
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park are good people and sounds like they are going to leave it to the criminal elements. >> you know what they say. it gives police a tool just like the sit/lie law that is just off the street here. it gives the police the ability to say you're not supposed to be here, move along and they believe they need those kind of tools. >> all right. in the beginning stages. we will see where it goes. joe vazquez in the park. thank you. a police sergeant shot and killed a man in a bloody battle in the east bay. the man severely beat the sergeant in dublin about 1:30 a.m. this morning. right near the jeep chrysler car dealership. the sergeant says that the man knocked her down, stomped on her head and tried to smash her head into the cement. she broke free and then opened fire. >> this was a fight for her life. again, she was bloodied, beaten by this suspect. >> the sergeant is in the hospital with severe head wounds. she is a 20-year veteran of the
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force. the man she shot has not been identified yet but police say he is a transient that they have arrested before for public drunkenness and violence. a man repeatedly tased by a sheriff deputy is going to be a millionaire. the deputy shot peter mechanic mcfarland four times. they are paying the 66-year-old mcfarland $2 million. the deputy that fired the stun gun was never disciplined but the department is tightening its taser rules. a cal campus doctor with a great reputation. the charges he faces and how his alleged crimes went undetected for years. first, a wave of dead sharks in the bay. now another mystery. the growing rift between wildlife officials over what's causing the deaths and how they should be investigated. and when it comes to micular degeneration you have
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two options. one costing $50. another cost $2000. which drug do you think works better?
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the victims? male patients at a campus clinic. as christin ayers reports... for a former uc berkeley doctor facing allegations of sexual assaults. male victims at a campus clinic. for some the abuse allegedly didn't stop in the exam room. >> reporter: all together six former patients have come forward accusing the doctor of 19 counts of sexual battery and other misconduct. they alleged the doctor forced unnecessary medical procedures on them tricking them into sexual contact. the doctor left the alameda county courthouse under a cloud of suspicion. his medical license suspended his career as a family physician over. >> the doctor is extremely
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grateful for the outpouring of support from his colleagues and his patients. >> reporter: he was so well known that his lawyer says one gay rights group routinely referred gay male patients to him but the district attorney said for years he was abusing male students at uc berkeley as far back as 2006. >> there was sexual contact in the course of examinations that was far and beyond appropriate medical procedures. >> reporter: some of the patients claim they came in for basic testing only to be subjected to invasive rectaal exams. >> saying it was for a professional purpose. >> it is shocking. >> i don't want to go into what's appropriate or not appropriate. >> reporter: prosecutors say it did not end there. that he carried on relationships with some of his patients in vital of california's professional code of conduct. now university is examining policies that may have prevented the allegation.
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university requires that a female medical worker be present when a male doctor is examining a woman. but not when a male doctor is examining another male. a policy that may have to change. >> current standards. current best practices in the community. may not be good enough. we may need to set new standards here. >> reporter: uc berkeley officials are stressing that the doctor never had complaints of this kind in the past until now and that he had recently passed a medical review with flying colors. the d.a.'s office does believe that there are other victims out there and they have a hot line set up for victims to call. >> did the school explain at all what it would take to change that process with a male doctor and male patient? >> reporter: it is something they are looking at very hard at and it seems if you're looking at gender equality there is a likelihood of
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something like that being changed in their policies. >> thank you. it is still a mystery why sharks and other sea creatures are dying in the waters. tonight the numbers are rising. don knapp though on the rift that has erupted in trying to get to the bottom of this mystery. don? >> reporter: dana, when this story first broke it seemed like a lot of folks were all working together to try and solve the problem of the dead sharks. was it the sharks, the water? what was it? and everybody was working cooperatively then a rift developed between the city and a research group that was working with them. now they asked the department of fish and game to step in. the number of fish killed in the channels and sloughs of the redwood shores development continues to climb with no solid explanation so far of what's killing them. an investigation into the cause may have been slowed by a falling out between the shark research foundation and redwood
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city authorities. about 32 sharks and three batrays. they were swimming eratically looking like they wanted to come out of the water. a volunteer researcher they responded quickly. they talked to cbs5 last week. >> they can survive pollution in the water and adverse living conditions so to see one die indicates that something has happened to the eco system. the city severed its association with a shark research association. e-mails forwarded by a researcher to cbs5 show redwood city telling the researchers that the city would not supply them with any more dead sharks for study or allow access to city workers sampling the water. according to the e-mail it said "we will be interacting now only with the department of fish and game in all matters related to this issue." cbs5 was told that redwood city
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doesn't want to hear the findings. >> i have not stopped him. >> reporter: public works superintendent said they delivered two leopard shark samples to the research group but never heard back. >> he can advice, make suggestions but he doesn't direct city staff. and i know this is his passion, what happens to wildlife and i appreciate that. >> reporter: he says a test of the water has shown there is adequate oxygen but tests for other tookics are incomplete. next week on monday, a biologist from southern california will come up to take a look. dana? >> don knapp, thank you. all right. don was kind of his own mini forecast there. saw the wind blowing. >> let me show you how hard it is blowing in the city of san francisco. this video just sent into us. columbus avenue between vallejo and grant avenues in north beach. winds blowing so hard that the tree limbs actually got tangled
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up with the muni lines. obviously causing a hazard there and the proper officials have it notified. foster city 44. at the airport in napa 30-mile- per-hour wind gusts reported. out and about obviously it is blustery especially along the immediate coast where those winds are blowing out of the west. tonight cooler air mass surging into the bay area. overnight low 38 in santa rosa and in livermore. mid-40s pretty common across the bay into the santa clara county. well established north of the bay area. button up against the ridge of high pressure that is really clearing out nicely here in the bay area. tomorrow we will have the same deal with that friction causing the gusty winds. a pressure gradient. so therefore tomorrow's afternoon winds out of the northwest up to 30. temperatures, however, slightly warmer. up from 59 today to 65 in san francisco. you notice a string of 70s to
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the north. mid-60s in san jose. that's still down from the average high of 72 degrees. your extended forecast calls for a warmer day on saturday. warmest over the weekend will be sunday. you have to go back to january to determine this weather pattern. next week we will have experienced 10 straight days of precipitation free weather. woo hoo. >> been too long. all right, roberta. paying the rent taking a bigger bite out of your income. and if a successful drug for a common vision problem being sold for $50,000 being sold for $50 selling for $2000. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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home. a bay area city is number one, when it comes to rent increases.. and it's not san francisco! tough news for anyone that can't afford to buy home. a bay area city number 1. san jose had the highest rent increase in the nation for the first quarter of last year at 7.8%. that even tops new york city
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which checked in at 7.4%. san francisco and oakland were also in the top 10 for biggest rent increases. it is a tale of two drugs. both used to treat the leading cause of blindness. the big difference costs. that could be changing. dr. kim mulvihill is here to explain why. >> okay. think about it this way. one drug costs $50 for the shot. the other, $2000 for the shot. roughly 50 times as much. both are made by a bay area bio-giant. both drugs work just as well. >> reporter: suffering from the leading cause of blindness in older americans. >> i can't see you but i can see steve over there. peripheral vision. >> reporter: abnormal blood vessels that leak and bleed damaging the retina. >> the goals of treating it are to primarily stop vision loss. ideally we will also be able to
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reverse some of it. >> reporter: a retinal specialist says while it is fda approved to treat the disease a second drug is used off label to treat the condition. one drug is actually a cancer drug. >> both administered as injections into the dye. >> reporter: one costing $50 an injection. the other one, $2000 an injection. now the results of a much anticipated head-to-head comparison show the drugs work equally as well. >> the results are exciting. >> reporter: in the study both drugs proved beneficial with a quarter to a third of affected eyes improving substantially. and more than 90% of affected eyes avoiding any further loss of vision. in the face of limited health care dollars it makes sense to prioritize them. >> it may be reasonable to begin with the less expensive medication for most of our patients and then if the
6:26 pm
patients don't respond as fully as they want to, to switch to more expensive alternatives. >> reporter: because she says one drug doesn't work for all parrots. even with this study a spokesperson for the drugs says it won't seek to put it on label. >> they would have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in new clinical dollars before the fda would approve it for the eyes. a spokesperson says patients would be better off if they spent time and money on developing new drugs instead of getting that one approved. >> start with the lesser. >> i think a lot of patients will be asking for it. >> kim, thanks. well, excited or not, here it comes. the wedding is merely hours away. we are going to go live to london for a update. what do snooki and kate
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middleton have in common. a little perspective on why people care about all this and how the royal family makes money allegedly for the british public. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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wedding begins.
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and london is in a tizzy. charlie d'agata is there... charlie, it's 2:30 in the morning there. d auto live look at london. eight and a half hours before the wedding begins. charlie d'agata is there. london is in a tizzy. 2:30 a.m. in the morning there. do you have an adequate supply, darling, of tea, really? >> reporter: dana, tea will not pass my lips for the next 14, 16 hours. lots of coffee will. it is great that you said tizzy because it is a great word for it. we were just walking through this crowd down there and they are nuts. as you said it is 2:30 a.m. in the morning now and i guess a polite way to say it is everybody is very merry. it would be more accurate to say they are absolutely hammered. a lot of young people down here completely drunk. a lot of police too. for the moment the atmosphere is jovial but when the bells start ringing in the morning it will be loud. >> upwards of 2 billion will
6:31 pm
watch it on t.v. the video we are showing there is pretty good crowds. it is 2:30 a.m. in the morning and it is only going to get more crowded, right? >> reporter: yes. as a matter of fact, the hotel that we are staying at is about 15, 20 minutes walk just over westminster bridge on that side. they have already closed off that bridge and they are starting to control the crowd as far as numbers are concerned. there are expected to be 600,000 people arriving but that's in addition to the people already here. so maybe a million or more especially if the weather holds. so already at this early hour thousands and thousands of people are here and for the people that have been here for many days, as i said, they have certainly got a lot of alcohol, if not food anyway, to ration for the next 14 hours. >> charlie, if you had to weigh it, would you say this is more reason just to party and get hammered or do you people really, really care about this wedding?
6:32 pm
>> reporter: to be fair i have to say that these are young people in their 20s and got you'll the funny hats and they are having a great time. a lot of americans are here too. a lot of people gathered from all over the world to be here. a lot of royalists. it is a very important day for the people of britain when you see tomorrow these amazing crowds as they fill out that procession from here going up to buckingham palace and that flyover then you'll see the people that have gathered to really take hold of this event. it is an important moment. it is a love story. everybody is excited about it. so these guys are having fun and they will probably sleep through some of the best parts tomorrow. hundreds of thousands of others will gather in the afternoon and really take it on board. >> it doesn't matter if they sleep through the day. it is an official holiday, right? everybody has the day off there. >> reporter: they have got like the whole weekend off.
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they get tomorrow off. or today, friday. obviously saturday and sunday. and then there is a bank holiday monday. as a matter of fact, it is interesting. some people have made a mass exodus deciding they don't want to deal with all the crowds. they know that the best view they are going to see is on television. so a lot of people have gotten out of here. but, yes, they have have a couple of days to stave off the hangover. >> you mentioned this is such a big deal for the country. i can't help but to recall the last time we saw huge crowds like this was for princess diana's funeral. just such a nice contrast to see. >> reporter: it is. and the shadow and the history of diana is here. i mean, kate middleton is wearing her engagement ring on her hand. the very fact that they got married at westminster abbey where diana's funeral was held. these were important issues for prince william. prince william has been fiercely protective of his
6:34 pm
mother. in a way, kate middleton takes over that role. so diana is very much a part of this ceremony. and he made sure all along the way. they have planned all of this meticulously themselves that diana was a very real part of that and i think for that reason what happened, the tragedy of diana's story is one of the reasons that this country and perhaps a wider since the world has embraced young william. we have seen him grow up over the years. there has been a respect. it doesn't come easy with the media leaving him alone to get on with his studies and his work with the raf. to have this courtship with kate middleton. a sense of protection. and that all has to do with diana's legacy. >> it is going to be a wild and crazy day. >> their lives will not be the same after this. well, in just a few hours. >> no. >> and neither will your's for the next few hours.
6:35 pm
>> very good luck with that. >> get me some coffee. >> charlie d'agata in london. thank you so much. >> you know what, 250 years ago king george iii gave virtually all royal property to the government. in exchange the royals would forever be kept in the lifestyle to which they had become accustomed. another look at why we carry about the windsor family that forbes magazine has a net worth of 575 billion u.s. >> reporter: recent poll 70% of the brits continue to be in favor of the monarchy and one reason why may be that the royals are a good investment. quotes from the royal account say the total public cost of supporting the monarchy is about 60 million u.s. dollars a year but the bbc the royals generated more than $300 million last year. no telling what this will bring in from the wedding. which brings us to the ceremony. >> you get to watch somebody
6:36 pm
that's a regular person become a princess. >> reporter: not since charles and diana 30 years ago has the world been able to look in on a so-called fairy tale wedding. >> it is fun to watch somebody who is a regular person move up and become in this case a princess. you see that in american celebrity culture too it is fun to watch the kids on american idol who are regular people become famous and you're seeing the same thing here. it is the same kind of interesting watching someone move up in the fame high -- heirarchy.. you can k nit your own royal wedding. >> i had no idea. i should have planned a little more carefully and started writing some of my own books. >> reporter: the professor says networks, cable, internet, it can be overkill. >> i looked at what t.v. shows are going to be available. it is endly.
6:37 pm
it is like academy awards night. a preshow. lifetime movie. there is a barb walters special. >> reporter: among all the gawking there will be gossip. >> that kind of relationship of celebrity culture still allows conversations to happen. people gossip about celebrities and when you're gossipping you're talking about what you think about certain kind of behavior. you're talking about the people around you, about moral evaluation. >> reporter: and about that anyone can be a princess thing would you say the same thing about snooki. >> like anyone can be a star which is the theme of a lot of celebrity culture including american idol. pretty much all american t.v. jersey shore kids. who were they? not until they were on jersey shore. >> 575 million u.s. dollars. >> i have to watch to know what everybody else is talking about. coverage by the way on cbs, 1:30 a.m. in the morning tomorrow. if you have a story that
6:38 pm
you think deserves another look send an e-mail to us. coming up after the break back to the united states and the battered south. >> thank god. he spared our life. this whole neighborhood has just erupted. what might be the worst outbreak of tornadoes on record. what it was like from those who lived through it. and the biggest cabinet shakeup yet for the obama administration where the line between military an intelligence is getting harder to find. after months of speculation the 49ers make their first round draft pick. and this may be brian wilson's biggest save yet. the closer and cody ross playing backup singers for a great cause. that story coming up in sports. powerful storm tore trough the [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp ca$h? no exclusions! with jcp ca$h, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and, unlike other stores,... ...we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours.
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...don't miss 4 hour steals this saturday from 9am to 1pm! get 50% off new spring dresses... ...and $9.99 st. john's bay polos. go to to see everything on sale. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. south spawning at least 160 tornadoes. so far... 290 people h the death toll is rising
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after spawning 160 tornadoes. so far 290 people have been confirmed dead in six states. search and rescue crews are still at work tonight scouring the rubble for survivors. experts say it is the deadliest series of storms to hit the south in nearly 40 years. >> we never had anything like this. we never had anything. this is really bad. >> all of a sudden everything got dark and i just heard a sound and that's when all the trees came down. >> i have lived in alabama all my life. i have never seen such damage. >> thank god. he spared our lives. this whole neighborhood is just erupted. >> president obama will travel to alabama tomorrow to tour the damage. meanwhile the state's governor has activated 2000 national guard troops to help with the rescue and recovery. announced yesterday, it is now official. some high profile job shuffling at the white house. president obama explained today
6:42 pm
how he is going to rearrange his national security team with the upcoming retirement of defense secretary robert gates. c.i.a. director is named to replace gates. general david petraeus would then take the cio director position. and john allen would succeed general david petraeus. >> i thought it was critical we had this team in place so we can stay focused on our missions, maintain our momentum and keep our nation secure. >> reporter: long time diplomat ryan crocker was nominated as ambassador to afghanistan. the nominees will have to get approval from congress before taking on their new roles. the big weather roll happened to be the very big gusty wind. now the weather feature you need to know about as you make your outdoor weekend plans as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs5. ,,,, appreciate the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. [goat sounds] and the customer says, on the carpet." what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, uh...two free-rang use chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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(roberta toss allen/dana) do you care about the royal do you care about the royal wedding? maybe you do, maybe you don't. but like on this thursday temperatures across the bay area average anywhere between 5
6:46 pm
and 7 degrees below normal for this time of the year. in fact, it was only 59 degrees right there in self as we take a look out toward the bay waters it is a live cbs5 weather camera. you see the flag on the fly. a lot of white caps out there. if you're out and about obviously it has been a very windy day. the winds continue to be quite blustery. at the immediate sea shore some of those wind gusts in excess of 30 miles per hour. winds will begin to dial back during the evening hours, 10 to 20 miles per hour. a lot of cooler air mass in place. 30s across santa rosa. back in through sonoma. otherwise low 40s in napa. mid-40s common across the central bay. low 40s around the peninsula. 43 in san jose. we have this area of low pressure tightly coiled to the north of the bay area an what it is basically doing is the
6:47 pm
fringe end of the system is pressing up again the ridge of high pressure and between the two elements we have a pressure gradient that causes friction and that's what allows the winds to below. so gusty and tomorrow same story. northwesterlyywesterlies. if you're wheezing and sneezing, blame it on the oak and mull berry trees. also the grass count on the medium to high side. sunshine and gusty winds during the day, slightly warmer day. string of 70s to the north. wrap it around to the tri- valley in the mid-50s. we should be at 72. 65 in san francisco. check out your weekend. the warmest day will be on sunday. and then we will flirt with near or record warmth. on wednesday 87 degrees. yes, tim rooney thank you for
6:48 pm
your photograph. keep the photos coming to one more time. let me hear the pause. warmer weather. >> bring it on. >> thanks. > i know roberta cares about the royal wedding. do you care? maybe you do, maybe you don't. but like it or not that royal wedding fever is really heating up even here in the bay area. mike sugerman shows us some proof. hey, mike? >> reporter: even here. is this as british as it gets? >> almost. >> i'm with my newest friend amy. is this the way you do it? >> put that pinky away. it is very tacky. >> reporter: when considering all things british in the bay area our first stop, of course, are at half moon bay. not. an estimated 100,000 british expats live in the area and we don't know in half moon bay. but in this place lives a pub
6:49 pm
as british as a stiff upper lip. >> to the royal couple indeed. >> cameron palmer runs cameron's restaurant, pub and inn. even though he never actually lived outside of half moon bay. but his father is from new castle and he got the british bug at birth. this wedding is a once in a generation bumping business. >> we will be open at some ungodly hour early this morning or tonight for the royal wedding. we will be serving breakfast. >> reporter: can't serve alcohol after 2 a.m. and the wedding is at 3 a.m. still he is expecting a large crowd. >> are you going to watch the wedding at 3 a.m.? >> that's what dvr is all about. >> reporter: colleen lunched with her lady friends in tieras. she will be here tomorrow night when those who enjoy their sleep will party with the wedding cake and a book that will be signed to send to the newly weds. up the coast in san francisco native amy married into the british invasion and with her
6:50 pm
husband chris now runs crown and crumpets. >> tea parties. all of a sudden in the last week all the press and we have to do something. so wedding fever kicked in. >> she was in london last week, picked up the latest in goofy souvaniers. >> pens. playing cards. and. the engagement was only four months so everybody had to work pretty quick so there is not that much out there. to the happy couple. cheers. >> cheers. >> all right, amy, you've got all your stuff here? >> i've got a fabulous array of stuff. >> this is what i figured out. the royal wedding is like the three stooges in reverse. men don't get it, women just get it. do you think that's true? >> absolutely. >> all right. >> dana, you getting up at 2 a.m. to watch this? >> no. >> i love the three stooges so take that back. >> all right, take it back. >> carry on. tally ho, pip pip, carry on. >> thank you. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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draft... with new coach jim harbaugh an offensive guy... and only one quarterback -- david carr under contract... many felt r a quarterbac 49ers have the seventh over all pick in the draft. many felt the niners would go for a quarterback tonight.
6:54 pm
>> the san francisco 49ers select alvin smith. defensive end, missouri. >> mixed reaction in santa clara. niners hoping smith will improve their pass rush. 6'5" and 255-pound smith logged five and a half sacks despite a broken leg last season. set the sack recor in missouri. one of the principal players sent to pittsburgh. he is back with the giants starting today in pittsburgh. sending a drive to the gap in left. extra bases. lyle overbay comes around to score. 1-0 pittsburgh. the giants load the bases in the third. aaron rowan with a shot just inside the third baseline. two runs score on the play.
6:55 pm
giants take a 2-1 lead. aaron rowan drives in three. swings and misses. pablo sandoval is safe stealing second. the throw goes into center field. gone on a double steal is safe. 4-1 giants. five and two thirds, four hits and two runs allowed good enough for his first win in the majors since 2005. the giants take two of three in pittsburgh 5-2. brian wilson picking up a save this afternoon but working on a much bigger save off the field with cody ross. ♪[ music ] >> only took us one take. which was kind of unusual. ♪[ music ] >> we had a blast doing it, brian and i. you know, we were ourselves.
6:56 pm
>> reporter: living his life as an internet sensation. millions have viewed the 16- year-old lipsync star. he has even caught the attention of the artist he mimics. ♪[ music ] >> she quoted that i heart you. okay, that may be mine. >> reporter: his life hasn't been the ideal teenage dreams. he suffers from a rare genetic disorder that stunts his growth. >> i had brain stem surgery. >> reporter: there is no cure for mps6 and keenan undergoes a weekly enzyme transmission but the main drug used for the transfusion costs $350,000 a year. enter the giants who will hold a fund-raiser for keenan during
6:57 pm
may 25th's home game against the marlins. >> they came to me with the idea and i gladly said i would do it. i wanted to do it. i think it is for a great thing. >> reporter: brian wilson and cody ross are the latest stars to team up with keenan. . >> reporter: wilson is convinced dynamite will top the 30 mill hits that keenan's videos highway received. >> we are shooting for about 500 million i'd say. and keenan will be at that fund- raiser on may 25th. >> oh, my god. >> all those videos. >> is he a half mile. >> can't wait to meet him. >> lots of support for him. >> thank you. all right. see you at 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ed! saving you money -- now, that's progressive.
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