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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 29, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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♪ leaving westminster abbey. many of them -- >> they're just lining up for i think the farewell party. the bride and groom, they will leave the abbey. >> when catherine and william come out of the chapel of edward the confessor, they will -- catherine will curtsy to the
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queen, her monarch and now her grandmother-in-law. ♪ >> this is the music for the bride and the groom. it is crown imperial, written for the coronation of his great grandfather george vi. this is coronation music. >> serenaded by seven trumpeters and a drummer and the band is from the royal air force. ♪ >> british -- it's the greatest of the coronation marches. >> anyone who is an angelophile. >> almost. not the irish, perhaps.
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despite the fact that william is wearing the uniform of the irish guard. and here they come. prince and princess. man and wife. >> and certainly relieved, i'm sure, that the ceremony is over. >> kate still has to make that curtsy. >> it's interesting that pippa, the maid of honor, her sister, is wearing a white gown, isn't it? that's sort of unusual, at least in america. >> england the bridesmaids, pages or flowergirls, whatever you call them, always match with the bride. that's why pippa is also wearing a gown also designed by mcqueen is fit in with catherine's dress, i guess we better call her now. >> the princess catherine. >> the princess' dress. >> yes.
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♪ >> all branches of the military will be lined up outside the abbey, as william will one day be their commander in chief. i love her dress. i think it's beautiful. it's so elegant and tasteful. i thought she might pick something more form-fitting, because she's thin as a wand. but, it's quite traditional. >> it fits the bodice. again it's tudor. it's very tight in the top, and then it's -- i'm not an expert. >> you are an expert. >> i'm an expert on the tudors, and then explodes into this
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amazing --. >> this is a historic dress, too. kate knows it will be -- in minutes it will be copied all around the world. the royal family like that. they want people to be able to, perhaps, wear something similar. >> and it needs to be timeless. >> it needs to be timeless. but with an extra twist. which i think this has. >> and the tiara looks magnificent. >> that tiara that was given -- >> to queen elizabeth for her 18th birthday. >> when she was princess elizabeth, yes. >> and again, the generations handing on. these are the yeoman of the guard at the background. and you can see his pilot's wings on the garter sash. >> her earrings, by the way, just if you were wondering. >> desperately. >> are a gift from her parents. they're diamond acorns inspired by her new coat of arms. >> which has the three acorns donating the three middleton children.
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>> and also industry. >> yes. >> thank goodness i have some good royal researchers. >> great trees from little acorns grow. it's the kind of image that the middleton family fortune coming up from nothing to something big. they're intertwining with the rose of england. >> here we go. >> and the moment this crowd in front of westminster abbey has been waiting for. some of them for several days. >> yes.
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>> we see the military lining. and you see they all have some connection to prince william. >> and the procession. this is when it really does resemble a modern fairy tale. >> here's the fairy tale. they arrived in cars. they leave in coaches. and all of these great royal associations. this was made for the coronation of 1902. >> that's right. it's a state landau. >> a state landau. it's german made. then it was just an ordinary vehicle. now it's magic. magic on wheels. >> it was also for king edward 7th in 1902. >> for this coronation. >> used by charles and diana when they left st. paul's cathedral on their wedding day. and it was used by fergie and
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andrew on their wedding day. >> don't mention that. this is another very english fan the great pale of bells that will go on hour after hour. >> mark phillips, i imagine the crowd is going wild as they watch them board the carriage. >> a huge roar went up here in anticipation of the now-married couple coming out of the abbey. they're still cheering and waving flags here, as the state landau rolled up in front of the great west door here. further cheers went up. this really is the profession that the people who have, some of them, been here for a couple of days came to see. the images that we have of these
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royal weddings, these are the ones that we recall, the happy married couple, luckily today the weather has held up enough so that they can use this open state landau. there was a fear they'd have to go in a glass coach. just starting to move off now. well, basically use the same route that each of them took coming here. except that catherine, her royal highness, catherine, is now a member of the royal family and so gets the royal treatment, and the future here of the british monarchy waving to the crowd. the future king and queen. but one riding in a coach that's what, 110 years old or so. tradition and the future on four wheels rolling by westminster abbey at this point. they'll be cheered by a crowd which has been estimated along the route of as many as 1 million people. some of them say, have been waiting for a couple of days. escorting the landau, the horseback members of the
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household cavalry and their gleaming breastplates. other members of the royal family, the pages, following in two other open carriages. followed by a rolls-royce and officers, again, of the household cavalry. and following that, even more members of the contingent moving into place now. this is a cavalcade that will continue right along whitehall, across horse parade and up the mall to buckingham palace where, of course, the queen is going to hold a reception and where the couple will make the traditional balcony appearance and probably provide the first official royal kiss on the balcony, as well. >> that's right. >> go ahead, katie. >> scheduled at 8:25. a tradition that was started by charles and diana when they went out on the balcony and gave each other a kiss. and then, of course, prince
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andrew and sarah ferguson did the same. and we know the exact same that prince william and princess catherine will be coming out on the balcony at buckingham palace. 8:25. >> and they said, i think they -- they're not really under pressure to give a kiss. but the crowd willed them to do it. and shout for it. >> so there's a procession of carriages. not just this first one. as you can see. >> you've got prince harry and some of the bridesmaids and pages, and then you have pippa middleton, with some of the other bridesmaids and pages. and i know, i think the queen and prince philip are going to travel in a covered carriage, because probably when you're 85 and 90 you don't want to get too cold in a carriage.
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>> might get a bit of a chill. it is remarkable that the weather has held up. >> it's not warm. but at least it's not raining yet. >> it's wonderful, the historic carriages. >> they're absolutely beautiful. >> and there's a special department of the royal household, the royal mews. >> sort of the museum/garage. >> garage. >> sorry. how american, katie. >> let's face it there are cars and carriages that are kept there. >> there are, indeed. and a great historic collection of cars. interestingly, the monarchy was one of the first people to have motor cars. they've also kept all their carriages, as well. >> and these are very special horses, as well, are they not? >> these are what are known as the windsor grays. and they're chosen for, on this particular occasion, today, for their very calm temperament.
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the noise of the crowd, the bells, everything, would disturb even the calmest of animals. >> by the way these bells will be paling for a full three hours. because they only do that for important royal national abbey events, or anniversaries. for example, they found that on the day of the queen mother's 100th birthday, in august of 2001, as well as after her funeral in april of 2002. so we'll be listening to these bells for about three years. >> it's like an ecclesiastical salute. a 100 gun salute. >> i think it's ecclesiastical torture. >> i love them. >> as we said, they're going to be heading for a luncheon at buckingham palace. not very formal. it's going to be not a sit-down luncheon. but canapes will be served. >> they have tried to be mindful and not too ostentatious or over
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the top, given the fact that so many people in great britain, as well as the united states, by the way, are struggling. >> but it's not quite the balance. . we want the pageantry, we want the troops, we want the color. but we don't want the overblown quality. >> so they really have tried to balance both. >> it's a balance. >> also, the banquets at buckingham palace, they can take 600 people -- i beg your pardon, the reception, 600 people. and normally a wedding breakfast would only be 100 people. so, they're getting more of the people in again on this. and a lot of obviously william and kate's friends. >> and of course, the real fun for them will be tonight when there will be a dinner/dance at buckingham palace. including a disco apparently. a fair amount of hip-hop music which prince william enjoys. what a beautiful shot. >> it's amazing. you're going through, this is the former headquarters of the
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english army and they're now going on to the site of king henry viii. this is royal england. thousands of buildings around you. you can actually feel it in the air. michelle miller is standing by on the street with some guests. i understand you met another catherine and william, is that right, michelle? i'm not sure if michelle can hear us, because the crowd noise is deafening. >> okay. it is starting to get very exciting here. right directly through the welsh guard we can begin to see the profession. coming through the horse guard parade, those five carriages. and the first, carrying the bride and the groom. the duke and duchess of cambridge. coming through, it is going to
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be bedlam in just a few minutes. you start to see the members of the guard crossing the parade. the horse guard parade there. they're coming right up to the duke of york steps as we speak. you can hear the crowd begin that wave of cheering. the wooing. the cameras going up. you can begin to see a quick clip, just running along. and here, i believe, here comes the carriage. this group of horsemen, this group of horsemen is the last group that we'll see before the prince and his duchess come through. here it is. the moment all of these people, these tens of thousands have been waiting for. here at the duke of york steps.
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now as my camera goes up, we see them. unbelievable. catherine middleton no more. but it doesn't matter because i have my own catherine middleton and her william. can you believe this? you have witnessed history. can you believe that i found catherine middleton and her william? how was it for you? >> absolutely glorious day. we're experiencing history in the making. >> i cannot believe that you two share the name of the new duke of cambridge and her prince. >> what are the odds? >> sadly we don't inherit the title but we do have the names. >> i have to see the passport and your driver's license, please. i am, i see it.
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william paul middleton and catherine elaine middleton. what can i say? i'm a magnet for this kind of thing, katie. >> all right, michelle, thank you so much. obviously the noise is deafening. let's go to buckingham palace, where erica hill is there, with some of our special guests. erica, i imagine the anticipation is building there right now. >> katie, it definitely is. i'm going by our cbs news royal contributor victoria arbiter and also david emanuel, the man behind diana's dress. 30 years ago, and we've been watching it, and there's just fantastic commentary coming out of it. you can feel the energy building. they're preparing to come right behind us, here, right down at buckingham palace. but as we watch them in the carriage, david, you were there 30 years ago, we watched the replay of charles and diana, they didn't really look at one another as they came out of the church. this couple from the moment they saw one another this morning, they seem to have their own language, their own looks. >> she's very composed.
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looked absolutely natural. looked very relaxed. very happy. she's waving to the crowd. i think it's kind of magical. i think overall, i think she's quite, quite relieved. she's very serene and in a very happy place. she looks marvelous. >> she's stunning. >> very understated and beautiful. >> victoria, you made a really beautiful observation, actually. as catherine arrived at the church this morning, the sun came out, we noticed. >> we did. well, as she drove past from the goring hotel, and it was literally like we suddenly felt this burst of sunlight. to me it felt like diana had arrived. diana was there. it was. it was just like her presence. they've been saying thunderstorms. we had gray skies all morning, speckles of rain. catherine was on her way to meet william and the sun shone. >> and so many people, as michelle mentioned, and we've been talking about all week long, more than 1 million people, some of the estimates expected to line the streets,
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and william and kate, no matter what the weather, were not going to disappoint them today. >> absolutely right. and people have been sleeping on the mall since tuesday. as they said this morning they didn't care if they got wet. people have been out there waiting to see them. they were going to ride in this carriage no matter what. >> katie, we will hand it back to you. just as we hand it back to you, right behind us, everyone is arriving. so you'll be seeing that shot in just a moment. and the energy is truly electric. so prepare for a loud noise here, katie. we'll send it back to you and your bells. >> okay. thanks, erica. thank you so much. ben tracy, i understand the carriage is passing by you right now? >> katie, the crowd just went crazy. this is the moment these people have been waiting for. 10, 12, 14 hours. right now, right there, through the crowd, we see prince william, and the no-longer catherine middleton, princess catherine going by. this crowd is going crazy.
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god that's amazing. the horses galloping along behind them. of course this is the end of this route. buckingham palace, where there will be receptions. but the people here are here for one particular reason. obviously to see them go by right there. but also for a big balcony kiss that is expected to happen in about 35, 40 minutes from now. and we're told that the couple has actually rehearsed this kiss to get the camera angle right. so we all get that great shot. katie back to you. >> all right, let's just listen to the sounds of the crowd erupting with joy and excitement. as the royal couple pass by.
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>> for some of these children, these will be memories that will last a lifetime. they'll always remember this moment when they caught a glimpse of prince william and princess catherine. >> they'll remember the horses and the carriages and the wonderful ceremony of it all. i think that's what's so terrific of people watching it. we do ceremony better than anyone. >> we live in such a casual, informal society now. and everyone is maybe perhaps too relaxed. it's nice to see this confident
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pageantry once in awhile. >> i think what's interesting and brilliant is the most informalness. you can switch as princess catherine can, so easily, to the informal to the formal. but did you see in front of buckingham palace the huge roundabout, it's designed for crowds. it's built for crowds. >> that was an amazing shot, wasn't it? >> wonderful. >> that aerial view. >> it's laid out so the crowds can watch the balcony. >> we will mention again up to 1 million people have crowded the streets of london to watch this. many of them have camped out for several days to get a place in the front. of the group. >> and we think 2 billion people are watching on television. the most-watched event in history.
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>> this is the king's door. it's covered under here. and this is where they will get out of the carriages, and go upstairs to await the viewing the official photographs in the throne room, which will later be the disco. >> and i understand that the palace isn't releasing any wedding photos today. which is probably very disappointing for some people. but i guess in due time. >> i thought they might be releasing one today, but i think william feels they don't want to be pressurized to do wedding photographs on his wedding day. he'd probably rather wait. i think we might see one or two. >> but we've seen so much of them. and television now produces these amazingly composed images. >> it's amazing that there are cameras that close to them, that they allowed that. is this unusual? >> this is luge. this is huge. >> and it was interesting,
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social media has played a big role in this event. victoria arbiter, i hope you can hear me victoria because i know it's very noisy there. but the palace was actually using twitter and facebook to talk about the news of the nuptials. >> we've got the queen -- we've got the queen passing behind us now, and how wonderful for her to see the crowds so electric, waving flags, so passionately. they've got the sovereign's escort going in to join the happy couple at buckingham palace to do their photographs. and they'll do those before they come out on the balance conthink. >> got to get that done first. >> i can imagine a little touch of makeup, make sure her hair's okay. and then the entire family, they'll line everybody up, and bit by bit they release the royals, obviously the queen and
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duke of edinburgh, obviously william and catherine and finally the queen will be let go, and finally the shots we've all been waiting for. >> and then the balcony-ish >> then the entrance onto the balcony. 30 years ago i was there, waiting for diana and charles. they will do exactly the same. everything seems to be linked to the magical kiss. i hope they do. >> katie i think you said earlier that they've apparently been practicing it as well to make sure that they have the perfect camera angle. so i think, david, you will not be disappointed. >> i hope so. >> it's definitely something the crowd will be demanding. andrew and fergie's wedding, they were literally screaming kiss her, kiss her, kiss her. i'm sure they'll wait for it to reach fever pitch. >> erica, erica -- >> the perfect day. and everything's going well. >> yes, katie? >> wow. i'm just amazed at that aerial shot of the crowd, just
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enormous. i was asking victoria earlier erica, i think you might be having trouble hearing me, but really prominent role the social media took in this very modern marriage. >> you're absolutely right, katie. clarence house and buckingham palace have been very keen to appeal to younger people and the way to do that is through social media. this is the very first time technology is allowed for an event of this scale to be broadcast live on the royal channel on youtube. they have a facebook page, a twitter feed. we've had so many announcements through a twitter account. they're really trying to access younger people so that they can show that they're relevant. it's all part of the branding of the royal family. >> i think william and catherine had a lot to do with that. i really do. i think they've got their stamp on this. it's grand, it's relaxed. >> and a little fun fact they've been clever because they've been feeding us these little fun facts before the paparazzi can get overwhelmed with it. that way they're contrng


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