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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  April 30, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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at an all-time high, and california has some of the high good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. gas prices are at an all-time
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high. and california has some of the highest gas prices in the country. tonight, senator barbara boxer says the solutions and the blame lie with big oil. don knapp is in san francisco with what the lawmaker says needs to change. don? >> reporter: and while federal reserve chairman ben bernanke says he does not think rising fuel prices will harm economic recovery, just about everyone who has filled up their gas tank lately knows what a big dent those gas prices are doing to the family budget. >> the gas, the price it is, i can't afford it. >> reporter: as oil industry profits surge, drivers are spending 80 to $100 to fill their tanks with gas. the cost of fuel is pushing up the cost of just about everything else. war in the middle east has choked some supplies. and encouraged speculators who have helped send the cost of oil to $113 a barrel. speculators can buy $100 worth of oil for $6 down, something barbara boxer and a dozen other
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u.s. senators hope to change. >> we need to reign in the rampant speculation and illegal price manipulation driving up oil prices. reuters calculated earlier this month that speculation adds between $21 and $26 a barrel to the price of oil. about one fifth the cost. >> oil companies make huge profits. >> last year chevron made a lot of money. >> where does it go? >> chevron perhaps eager to head off negative fallout from the record first quarter profits of $1.6 billion has been taughting corporate responsibility in a series of television and newspaper ads. >> every penny and more went into bringing energy to the world. >> despite the profit, senator boxer says the oil industry continues to collect welfare. >> end corporate welfare that we're giving to big oil right now. and use those billions to reduce the need for oil. >> reporter: boxer says chevron
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should drill on the 70,000 acres of oil leases the company already holds, adding use it or lose it. but a spokesman for chevron says the senator knows it takes five ore to seven years to pumping and two to three years for a lease offshore and adding that offshore drilling has been banned and no new drilling in alaska. for some, the problem is conservation. >> did the price of gas lead you to drive a prius? >> no, i want to impact the environment as little as possible. but i do need a car to get around because it is california. >> that's the problem for all of us. senator boxer says it is time to release oil from the strategic reserves. she says the last time that happened, oil prices dropped about 30 cents a gallon. ann? >> don knapp in san francisco, thank you. >> well, the convenience, some solo drivers have enjoyed driving in a car pool lane is about to end. and the privileges provided by the special stickers handed out to hybrid owners goes away june 30. and a new program will be
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launched next year. and it will end at the year end and another 40,000 stickers will be handed out for cars that qualify. oakland police say a man shot and killed outside his home last night was intentionally targeted. 39-year-old quay ho was shot numerous times, just before 6:00. and he is the city's 38th homicide victim of the year. and last year at this time, oakland had reported 30 homicides. the shooting happened in the 1700 block of seventh avenue a few blocks from the regeneration church. where mayor quan held another in a series of town hall meetings today. and anne makovec on the familiar message to the community. >> pow, pow, pow. >> predy burgess is describing the -- freddy burgess is describing the shooting down the block. >> i was right in the church and i know it was close. >> police have not caught anybody in yesterday's murder but they believe it may have been a botched robbery. >> this crime was just blocks away from the location of a town hall meeting saturday.
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about preventing violence. >> the citizens have to get involved at a greater degree than they ever have before. >> some here are crime victims themselves. >> i was recently robbed about a year ago. >> i was walking in this area and it happened right here. >> both men dodged bullets in separate muggings. in marvin's case, the gun misfired. >> well, i feel like i'm a voice in the sense that i'm still here and blessed to still be here. >> he had an accomplice. he didn't really -- he told hus friend to shoot me but he didn't. he was too scared. >> both are frustrated with the lack of police presence in oakland, which is about to get worse. >> we're not going to have enough police officers to spread around. and so we're going to need the public to come out and support us. >> the police department is looking at more budget cuts. some positions will be left unopened after retirement. 10 to 20 others could simply be cut. >> we have to make hardened targets which means we have to teach people not to be in positions or have exposure where
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they maybe put themselves to becoming a victim. >> we tend to say the police do this and the chief do this and it takes a community to solve it as a collective and we got to be out there and be proactive. >> reporter: in oakland, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> the loss of police could be avoided. under mayor quan's proposed budget and she is asking for a partial tax increase, and union concessions. without them, she says she will gut city services. that means most libraries will be closed. police will be furloughed. and everything from senior services to public works would be slashed. and the city employee contribution of 10 to 15% could put more police on the streets and avoid the cuts. he is now out of the hospital. and lucky to be alive. 53-year-old jim wright survived four days at the bottom of the wooded ravine in the berkeley hills. a park ranger patrolling along grizzly peak boulevard caught a glimpse of the car earlier yesterday reflecting in the sunshine. and cbs 5 robert lyles talked with the neighbor of the popular
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walnut creek teacher who thinks he knows why wright survived. >> he hikes a lot. he does outdoor activities. so this may have been a reason why he could survive well. >> he might have some survival skills that most people don't have, yes. >> wright had been there since monday morning. without food or water. he suffered some minor injuries. but has an amazing story to share with his students. checking other bay area headlines, piedmont police have put on extra patrols to deal with the surge of residential burglaries. 35 break-ins have been reported since january. that's more than double the number during the same time period last year. and police suspect it is more than one person taking advantage of an unlocked door or an open window. neighboring communities like lafayette, muraga and oakland month clare district have seen an increase in residential burglaries. napa county prosecutors say they will not seek the death penalty against the psychiatric patient charged with murder. jeff murd massy is accused of killing a nurse, donna gross
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last october. massy has pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say they consulted with the victim's family before reaching the decision. and the west nile virus is making an early appearance in the bay area. a dead crow found in sunnyvale last week has become the first casualty of the disease in the area. and only the second of the year statewide. the state department of health says the wet winter could mean a difficult season if it is followed by a warm spring. charley sheen is in the bay area tonight. his violent tore torpedo of truth tour plays tonight. sheen announced this week that the profits from the merchandise sold will be donated to brian stowe's medical care. he remains in critical condition after being beaten by dodgers fans in l.a. nearly a month ago. well, they can be dangerous leftovers. how police are helping people rid their medicine chest of
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unused drugs. >> thank you for wanting to meet me. >> and sharing tears with strangers. the emotional gathering that brought together families with a deep bond. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. offshore winds blowing around the bay area, turning up the heat. and yes, it is going to get even hotter for tomorrow. in many spots. we will talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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dropping dumping drugs the right way. people all over the bay area were dropping off unused medications today at monitor sites in several cities. it was part of national drug take-back day. law enforcement is trying to keep pills out of the wrong hands, as well as water supplies. and a similar event last september, 121 tons of prescription drugs were surrendered from 4,000 sites. and an emotional meeting of more than 500 people in hayward today. families of organ and tissue donors transplant recipients and health care professionals came together to celebrate the gift of life. for the first time, the family of ruben berknoll killed in a union city drive-by shooting met the man who received the
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21-year-old's heart and kidneys. >> this is something that i've been thinking about and hoping for, and along with my whole family. and a lot of my friends. ever since i first came out of the fog of the surgery. >> the donor meetings continue tomorrow. more than 21,000 californians are currently on organ waiting lists. controversial program aimed at deporting illegal immigrants could soon end in california. some lawmakers here want to join other states in allowing individual cities to opt out of the secure communities program. the program allows authorities to check the immigration status of anyone arrested. the bill passed last week, in a state assembly committee, it would allow local communities to participate in a program only if they want to. senator diane fine stein told fellow democrats, that democrats must take control, or take back control of the house
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of representatives. >> i think what is becoming very clear is how bad this republican budget is, and how much it skews to protect the wealthy from doing their fair share. >> finestein spoke at the state party convention in sacramento today. key issues at the convention are the 2012 elections and proposition 14 which eliminated party primaries. lawrence says we're slowly shaking off the showers. the pinpoint forecast is next. plus, a shuttle mission stalled. what will determine when the high profile launch of the endeavour will happen.
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space shuttle launch can proceed nasa engineers expect to know tomorrow whether monday's space shuttle launch can proceed as planned. yesterday's liftoff of the endeavour was delayed by a malfunctioning heater. the mission's commander is mark kelly, his wife, wounded congress woman gabrielle giffords is at the kennedy space center for the launch. meteorologist lawrence karnow here. okay, today has been spectacular. and i think it is only going to get better, right? >> i think the next six, seven days will be fantastic in the bay area and the winds, whipping around the last couple of days, and they switched more offshore and made for warmer weather around the bay area. let's head out there right now and check it out. over the city of san francisco.
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noting hill, looking good. nice clear skies. a gentle sea breeze. but overnight the offshore winds are going to blow. mount vaca looking good. hazy in the distance. still great over the bay. it looks like skies will stay nice and clear all around the bay area. the ridge of high pressure is just too dominant and it will continue to bring some nice weather outside. all right. the latest image here for you, you can see clear skies all around the state of california. we are looking at sunny skies. even warmer for tomorrow. and as it looks like the offshore winds should really get going overnight tonight. sunny and warm, 70s. even some low 80s possible by tomorrow afternoon. inland. a lot of 70s, near 80 degrees in and around the bay and out to the coastline. 60s and maybe low 70s at the beaches. highs today, pretty impressive. 79 the hot spot. and 77 in santa rosa. 68 degrees in san francisco. stepping outside now, you've got temperatures mainly in the 60s and 70s, although we have some 50s showing up at the coastline with a bit of a sea breeze. again the offshore wind will blow and bring sunshine all around the state.
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near 80 degrees in the sacramento valley. high country looking good. 54 at lake tahoe. cool but plenty of sunshine and the ridge, hey, it wants to stick around. it is pretty strong. and it is building over the bay area. that is cranking up the offshore winds. and there is the one system that will drop over the top of this ridge on monday. that may just change the wind direction a little bit. but for tomorrow, we're looking at the offshore winds. sunny and warmer weather outside. just about everywhere you go. numbers like this by tomorrow afternoon. up, it is going to be one of those great ones. 79 degrees. morgan hill. 77 in sunnyvale. and 78 degrees in palo alto. even about 68 in half moon bay. and east bay numbers up, mainly in the 70s. even at 80 degrees in concord by tomorrow afternoon. and 77 livermore. and 79 degrees in oakland. a little down slope wind area in santa rosa could crank them up to 81 by the afternoon. about 80 in the napa valley. about 77 degrees in kentfield. so you get the idea, working on a great day tomorrow. and some subtle changes as we head into monday. mainly near the coastline. maybe picking up a couple of
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patches of fog. and then that temperature soars through the middle of the week. and temperatures in the 80s. that is a look at weather. here is gary with a look at sports thanks, lawrence. another member of the giants goes down to injury. i will tell you who it is and how long he will be a spectator. >> he was glued to the bases, mount rush more on the move, all the fun, coming up in sports. ,,,,,,,,
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we need to solve the problem. the state budget crisis threatens our economy... and our schools. loans to small businesses on hold. job creation at a standstill. 30,000 teachers already laid off. can we really afford billions more in cuts? $13 billion more devastates our schools, our safety,
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and the california we know. it's time for lawmakers to finally get the problem solved now. our kids and economy can't afford to wait.
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more injur pablo sandoval gary in for kim coyle. and we start with giants. >> the last i checked you have to be healthy to play baseball. >> absolutely. >> pretty much to play any sport. you got to be healthy. more injuries for the giants. pablo sandoval the latest giant to land on the disabled list, 4-6 weeks after fracturing a bone in his right hand. ryan rollinger was called up from fresno. the always fun presidential race at nationals park. here is a nugget for you. teddy roosevelt has never won the race. poor guy. jonathan sanchez flops. and walked four batters in the first. reloaded the bases in the second inning. rick ankiel finally made him pay. just over the reach of mike fanteno. and just one run was given up. and backup catcher eli whiteside gets the giants on the board with the third with the first homerun of the season for him. nice to see. the solo shot to left. that one is gone there.
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7th inning. bases loaded for audrey huff. and this guy gets a chance to see his favorite guy. the beard. brian wilson. loaded the bases in the 9th. struck out adam la roche. the giants win it. and finish 13-13. rickey henderson bobblehead day at the coliseum. do you like them? they are really cool. they could have used some rickey action. but instead they went for the long ball. and suzuki homerun of the year here. and anderson had not allowed a homerun in the first five starts and michael young put an end to that streak. nelson cruise blew the game wide open with a shot down the line. and 6-2 rangers. and now mike napoli whacks a curve ball to right center field. anderson allowed six earned runs today and gave up seven today and the rangers pound the a's 11-2-6r7b8g the nfl draft is finally -- 11-2. the nfl draft is in the books.
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tyrone jones, grew up a raider fan. but he is also there. and second round pick steffen wisnewski grew up in the raider family. with the pro bowler and the team's assistant offensive line coach. >> i grew up wearing silver and black. and if you asked me what i was with a favorite color, silver and black and i have pictures as a baby with my uncle holding me in silver and black. i am sure i can dig those up for you. >> cool, the niners are hoping for the quarterback of the future. collin kaepernick, in the second round. they hope they got him and then today, kendall hunter in the back field. and everyone is wandering about the first round pick still. what is alden smith or who is alden smith? >> your middle name is decarus. >> and your grandmother knows you by what? >> and she knows me as my middle
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name and they kept saying alden and she was wondering who that was. >> and she didn't think you were out there playing and wondering where is my baby? >> and my mom had to tell her that was me. she was wording where i was at. cal bears had their names called. cameron jordan. the shane vereen to new england. and mike muhammad was taken in the sixth round by the denver broncos. and as for stanford, the panthers made the final pick of the third round here. and then owen mursik is headed to cleveland. and richard sherman to chicago. and ryan wayland a member of the cincinnati bengals. ben ferreiro didn't suit up in the first round of the playoffs. but luckily for the sharks, he was on the ice for game one against the red wings last night. >> ben ferreiro, back on it. rips it to the net. score! ben ferreiro, in his first-ever stanley cup playoff game. wins it in overtime. >> so cool if you're a sharks
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fan. so not so cool if you're a red wings fan of the sharks won five games so far in the post season and four have come in overtime. as for ferreiro, not a bad way to celebrate your 24th birthday. >> what is the reception like here in the locker room sorry if you've been asked before with so much media around you but what did the guys do? >> they're obviously very prá ety excited. they know it is -- they are obviously very excited. they know it is my birthday and the first game. and it is a cool reception. >> i can't remember any other birthday. >> and can you think of another birthday present that compares to this one? >> no, that's for sure. i don't think anything is close to that. >> i think on my 24th birthday i went bowling or something. >> hopefully the sharks can go up 2-0 tomorrow. that will be fun. libya leader muomar ghadafi survived. and nato air strike on a house he was in tonight. but his son did not. the first pictures are now coming out from the damage. more on the attack on ghadafi's
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come pound, and how people in the streets are reacting tonight. and also, amazing video from inside a transit bus. as it is slammed from behind by a school bus. tonight, at 10:00, we will see what happens to the passengers, and what the school bus driver says actually happened. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. see you again at 11:00. until then you can fine your latest news and weather on have a good night. -- cbs-sf .com. have a good night. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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