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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 2, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> couric: good evening again, everyone. and for those of you just joining us, we're at ground zero in new york city where the twin towers of the world trade center once stood. you can see the footprints behind me, in fact. they'll be turned into reflecting pools at the memorial here. tonight the man who ordered the attack that destroyed the towers is dead, killed by u.s. navy seals at his hideout in pakistan in an attack ordered by president obama. chip reid is at the white house tonight. chip, that's where this operation was planned. >> reporter: katie, this operation has been in the planning stages for more than3 eight months and president obama was deeply involved every step of the way. >> our country has kept its
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commitment to see that justice is done. the world is safer. it is a better place because of the death of osama bin laden. >> reporter: the operation began over seven months ago. august, 2010, president obama is briefed about a rare lead after a bin laden courier is traced to a massive secure compound in pakistan. mid-february, 2011, after months of surveillance, u.s. officials conclude there's a strong likelihood bin laden is living at the compound. the president orders operational plans to capture or kill him. march and april, the president chairs a series of meetings with his national security team to finalize the plan. and this past friday, 8:20 a.m., minutes before leaving for alabama to survey tornado damage, the president orders the operation to proceed. the day arrives sunday, may 1. 10:06 a.m. the president goes golfing at a military base in maryland as he waits for the mission to begin. he plays only nine holes returning to the white house at
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2:11 p.m. at 3:32, he enters the situation room. the president was able to monitor the operation from start to finish as it happened in realtime. >> it was probably one of the most anxiety-filled periods of time i think in the lives of the people who were assembled here yesterday. the minutes passed like days. >> reporter: the operation began when two black hawk helicopters carried about 25 navy seals into the compound. inside, bin laden and his men engaged in a fire fight. bin laden was killed by a shot to the head, another to the chest. video shot the morning after showed a blood-stained compound. there were no u.s. casualties. bin laden's body was taken to a u.s. ship and buried at sea. as revelers celebrated across the nation, some-- who have accused the president of being soft in the war on terrorism-- had nothing but praise. >> let me as a republican give president obama tremendous credit for what was done. he's the commander in chief. this was an amazingly successful
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military operation. >> reporter: even former vice president dick cheney-- perhaps his harshest critic-- said in a statement "i want congratulate president obama and the members of his national security team." >> you can expect the president will get a political bounce in the polls from this. people see him in command, in control of this signature moment, perhaps the most important moment in the fight against terrorists. the question is how long will it last? >> reporter: cbs news has learned that intelligence analysts say two reasons they decided osama bin laden must be in that compound are, number one, a very tall man paced in the courtyard every day for an hour. second, the courier lived in the guest house, the tall man-- osama bin laden-- lived in the main house. katie? >> couric: juan zarate is a former advisor to president george w. bush and now a cbs news consultant. how risky was the operation? >> katie, that was highly risky operation. it was an operation deep inside pakistan, a compound in a
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heavily populated city, with imperfect intelligence. it was a risky gamble and the president took it. but it was the best chance to get bin laden since the battle of tora bora and when it was executed they got bin laden, killed him, took his body and exploited the site. >> couric: and, juan, why was bin laden's body buried at sea? >> well, american officials, katie, didn't want to create a sacred site or rallying point for extremists so what they did was made a decision to dump his body in the sea and that's where his body will remain. >> couric: and is there pressure to give absolute proof that this really was bin laden who was killed? >> katie, i think there's going to be likely mounting pressure to prove bin laden was killed, especially now that there is no body. the u.s. government has d.n.a. proof and tests to show, pictures as well of bin laden's body, as well as testimony from those who were interrogated at the site. the women who were at the
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compound. and so how and when that information will be revealed is still unclear. but it is clear that the administration will want to be very careful as to how it releases that information, in particular the photographs. >> couric: and can you tell us what was recovered from this compound? i know the c.i.a. is already analyzing this. was it a treasure trove of information? >> absolutely, katie. i think the navy seals were surprised at what they found. there were more documents and equipment than they expected. things like computers, hard drives, files, cd-roms, et cetera. so there was quite a bit to not only take back but now to exploit. so analysts are now looking at information, looking at that data to find plots of attacks as well as other information for al qaeda leaders. >> couric: all right, juan zarate, juan, thanks so much. there were demonstrations in places like yemen, syria, and libya, but they had nothing to do with bin laden's death. few protestors seemed to view
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the al qaeda leader as a martyr. mandy clark reports tonight from benghazi in eastern libya. >> reporter: in the nearly ten years since osama bin laden went into hiding, the arab world has changed in ways no one could have predicted. a whole generation of young people took to the streets to battle corrupt dictatorships. but they are demanding democracy not bin laden's brand of extremism. >> i don't think that al qaeda or other similar jihadist movements have much of a future in the region as long as these revolutions are continuing. >> reporter: even in bin laden's ancestral home, yemen, some protestors applauded the news. >> ( translated ): osama bin laden deserved to be killed before he distorted the image of islam even more. >> reporter: in libya where the protests have turned into an armed conflict, the rebels stress they have no al qaeda connections. >> thank you, obama, thank you sarkozy. >> reporter: in jordan, confidence in bin laden fell
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from 56% in 2003 to just 13% this year. among palestinians, the drop was from 72% to 34% in the same period. some leaders were bucking that trend today. >> ( translated ): we condemn the assassination of an arab and muslim holy warrior. >> reporter: but egypt's muslim brotherhood found a way to say that bin laden's death was an opportunity. >> that can build and make a bridge between the west and the islamic world. >> reporter: the biggest difference between 9/11 and 2011 is that al qaeda is in danger of becoming irrelevant as one revolution after another sweeps through the arab world, bin laden was left standing on the sidelines. katie? >> couric: mandy clark in benghazi, libya. meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton says pakistan's cooperation helped lead the u.s. to bin laden, but there he was
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just a half mile from pakistan's version of west point. once again, here's chief foreign affairs correspondent lara logan in washington. lara, how can anyone believe the pakistanis did not know about osama bin laden and where he was living? >> well, it seems improbable at this point, katie. and the biggest question raised by this operation to kill osama bin laden deep inside pakistan as the president made a point of saying is how could the world's most wanted man have been living in the midst of pakistan's military elite just an hour's drive from their capital? one man who wasn't at all surprised is afghanistan's former spy chief, and for years, the c.i.a.'s lead source on osama bin laden. in a rare "60 minutes" interview he told us recently that america's greatest enemy in that region is not al qaeda, it's pakistan. >> you have to give pakistan a title. is it a friend? what is pakistan?
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>> reporter: it currently has the title of ally. >> right. deceptive. >> reporter: so you think its title should be? >> it should be a hostile country. a hostile state. >> reporter: so pakistan is the enemy of the u.s.? >> the amount of pain pakistan has inflicted upon the united states in the past 12 years is unprecedented. no other country has inflicted that amount of pain upon your nation. >> reporter: that pain is pakistan's long-term support for al qaeda and its allies. battling u.s. forces in afghanistan. today, the president's counterterrorism chief also seemed to point the finger at pakistan. >> i think it's inconceivable that bin laden did not have a support system in the country that allowed him to remain there for an extended period of time. >> reporter: that was more blunt than secretary of state hillary clinton whose carefully worded
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statement seemed mindful of the fact that the u.s. still needs pakistan's help in the war on terror. >> our partnership, including our close cooperation with pakistan, have helped put unprecedented pressure on al qaeda and its leadership. >> reporter: that talk of continued cooperation hints at what one u.s. counterterrorism official told me that they're closely watching pakistan basically seeing they're going to cough up now that the heat is on them. the u.s. has no doubt got their eye on al qaeda's number two anwar al-awlaki and taliban leader mullah omar who are both believed to be protected inside pakistan along with a number of other significant leaders, katie. >> couric: all right, lara logan thank you, lara. meanwhile, a computer programmer in pakistan was so startled to see a helicopter hovering above his quiet town that he went on twitter to tell the world about it. he had no idea he was witnessing the raid on osama bin laden's
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compound. but as bill whitaker reports, the news was soon exploding all over the internet. >> reporter: even before the news flash, word over the death of bin laden flashed around the globe on social networks. one of the first, from keith urban, chief of staff for former defense secretary donald rumsfeld an hour before the president's address. "so i'm told by a reputable person they have killed osama bin laden, hot damn." after that, word spread like wildfire. for almost three and a half hours last night from 10:45 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. eastern time twitter averaged 3,000 tweets per second, the highest sustained number ever. the tweets and comments like this one from shayna baldwin "meet me at the white house, i'm wearing my p.j.s." and from new york "everyone from new york, let's meet at ground zero and celebrate" triggered flash mobs at ground zero and outside the white house. >> i heard it on facebook. it was on my news feed. >> reporter: in the ninth inning at last night's phillies/mets
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game word spread from cell phone blackberry and got the whole stadium celebrating. there were expressions of relief and pride, a simple "i love america" and congratulations. new york police and fire and all of america thanked the seals. but there were also ominous warnings from bin laden supporters. "we would not be real men if we did not torch american embassies" said one. >> when major news breaks people need a place to go and facebook and twitter are the platforms where this is taking place. >> reporter: it's a new day in the world and online. bill whitaker, cbs news, los angeles. >> couric: and still ahead on this expanded edition of the "cbs evening news" from ground zero, a survivor of 9/11 dealing with the sudden flood of memories. but up next, bin laden is gone, but new york city can't let its guard down.,,,,
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>> bin laden publicly vowed to wage a terrorist war against america saying "we do not differentiate between those dressed in military uniforms and civilians, they're all targets." >> i want justice. and there's an old poster out west as i recall that said "wanted: dead or alive." >> if we have osama bin laden in our sites and the pakistani government is unable or unwilling to take them out, then i think that we have to act and we take them out. >> couric: back now from ground zero, which has served as a constant reminder of how vulnerable this city is to terror attacks. aaron moriarty of 48 hours spoke today with the man whose job it is to keep eight million new yorkers and countless visitors safe and, erin, in the city that never sleeps, that's a round
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job. >> reporter: oh, it is. hi, katie. it's a frightening fact that in the past decade there have been at least 12 plots against the city of new york that were either planned or inspired by bin laden and tonight security experts and the city's police commissioner tell cbs news that the threat may be greater than ever. it's clear that law enforcement in new york city is not letting down its guard tonight but, in fact, beefing up security. is it fair to say that we are more at risk today than we've been at any other time since 9/11? >> in my estimation, i would say yes. >> this is kind of the start of things not tend of things. i don't think this ended anything. >> reporter: the biggest concerns, say security experts: lone wolf terrorists like phial is shahzad who exactly a year ago tried to bomb times square. bin laden's death heralded in huge newspaper headlines may spark more copy cats bent on revenge. >> this city unfortunately is at
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the top of the terrorist target list. >> reporter: what keeps new york police commissioner ray kelly up at night, he says, is the pocket of a catastrophic event. >> on the top of the priority list is the possibility of a dirty bomb or, god forbid, a full blown nuclear event. >> reporter: one of kelly's main weapons is this state-of-the-art security center which puts more and more of the city under 24-hour surveillance. in just the past six months, 500 cameras have been added to the subway system, feared a possible trial target. but with all this high-tech equipment, sometimes it comes down to luck and an eagle-eyed vendor who saw smoke from shahzad's bomb-laden vehicle and alerted police. >> we've done a lot but we were lucky as well. of course, we'll take luck every time. >> reporter: and there are signs that people in the city are also becoming more vigilant. normally there are about 26 calls a day about suspicious packages. today there ]e& 40 before noon. katie? >> couric: all right.
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>> couric: back now from ground zero in new york. on 9/11 firefighters arrived here just minutes after the first plane hit the world trade center. 343 of them lost their lives as did 23 members of the new york police department and 37 port authority police officers. jim axelrod reports on the reaction of first responders to the death of binñi laden. >> reporter: this picture of firefighters from engine 54 ladder 4 battalion 9 spoke volumes about osama bin laden gettingxd hunted down. >> i'd like everybody else to kdo, "good job, boys, good job." >> reporter: but there was plenty more to say at their station house in midtown manhattan. 15 men from this fire house were
6:21 pm
killed on 9/11. chris san torah, 23, had been on the job three months. when did you finally release into understanding this is for real? >> probably this morning when i woke up with this tremendous grin. >> reporter: it's been nearly a decade since maureen buried her son's remains. that day she was the very picture of heart break. today was for an entirely different set of emotions. >> i'm just filled with joy that my son is up in heaven, you know screaming and yelling and saying "we got him! we got him, ma!" >> reporter: in the back of the station house, we found this firefighter a bit more somber. >> i don't think i'll ever move forward from it. it will always be there. >> reporter: he was supposed to be working that day but he switched shifts with chris. >> ten years late per, does any part of that shift switching plague you? >> everyday. everyday. >> reporter: there are 343
6:22 pm
stories like this in and around new york city. about firefighters who lost their lives but forged a lasting impression on the soul of this city. >> if you don't even have a chance to focus this all in today, you have to go to work. >> you pull back, this is one part of it and now back to work. >> reporter: maybe that's what makes first responders different than everyone else-- even today. they don't have time to dwell. just like on 9/11, they've got a job to do. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >> couric: and coming up next, shaken by the news of bin laden's demise,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> couric: house t white house has just announced that president obama will come here to ground zero on thursday and
6:25 pm
meet with families of the victims of 9/11 for many of them, this has been an emotional day filled with memories of the people they love and lost. leslie has kin was an executive at kemper insurance on the 36th floor of tower one when the first plane hit. she was one of the last people to escape the building. >> there was debris and body parts and furniture falling outside the window. i lost 22 of my friends. i lost a man who i loved dearly. >> couric: when she heard bin laden had been killed, the memories came rushing back. >> it has knocked the wind out of me and i need to figure outçó again how to regroup. >> i can only imagine the look on osama bin laden's face when he saw navy seals. this is not a good day.
6:26 pm
>> reporter: david beamer's son todd became a modern-day folk hero when he rallied his fellow passengers on flight 93 and tried to overtake the hijackers saying "let's roll." the plane instead crashed in a field in shanksville, pennsylvania. todd's father said his son was killed inñi the line of duty-- doing the right thing.ñi he was as elated by the news that the 40 navy seals had survived as he was by the fact that osama bin laden had died. >> osama bin laden has met his american jusz. and in addition he's met divine justice. i'm a christian; todd was a christian. we believe there's a heaven and a hell. i don't know what's's believed, but now he knows.ñtr >> i understand that it is a good day, you know, for americai and for the families that lost loved ones that day.
6:27 pm
>> couric: anthoula katsimatides's loved one was for her 31-year-oldñi brother john. she says she wasn't prepared for the emotion this day would bring. >> in the beginning i was crying and didn't understand why because you think that after ten years the tears will stop coming but they don't. they don't.ñi i miss him like i missed him on september 12. >> couric: and that's a our special edition of you're watching cbs 5 news in high definition. [ applause ] >> it's the new america longed to hear for nearly a decade. >> justice has been served and osama bin laden has been found and killed. >> tonight the flood of emotions from bay area
6:28 pm
residents who lost loved ones on september 11th. >> i'm really glad that the american public has sensed the importance of this. >> the remarkable operation to get him. >> the individuals who carried out this assault and they did it flawlessly. >> and the feelings shared by a lot of americans. >> i couldn't be happier. this is the best news we've had in years. >> good evening i'm dana king. >> and i'm allen martin. >> we begin tonight by taking you to union city. this is sugar park across from the union steep parking center. here stand 37 stones one for each of the victims on united flight 93, that plane forced down when passengers rebelled against four highjackers. it was originally bound for san francisco international airport. tonight those heroic passengers are being remembered once again. len ramirez spoke with a family of one of them, mark kendall,
6:29 pm
bingham. >> yes, it does seem hard to believe but boy i'm ready to believe it and i do believe it. >> reporter: foray les the reality is still set not guilty but she does feel a sense of satisfaction with word that osama bin laden is dead. >> it feels very good to know that osama bin laden has been brought to justice. and it is closure for me to know that terrorism, the perpetrators of 9/11 have met a just end. >> reporter: as the mother of mark bingham one of the men on flight 93 who fought back against the highjackers, she feels the connection between her son and the man who master minded the plot. >> i am going to. >> to my dying day missing mark. but in this matter, the death of osama bin laden i do feel a definite counter point and closure with the ugliness and violence that osama bin laden miles per hour traitsed on --
6:30 pm
perpetrated on us on september 11th. his death a precise and very fitting execution is much more just than the kind of ugliness and in justice that he wreaked upon us. >> reporter: a former flight attendant who lives in the santa cruz mountains has been one of the most outspoken of the 9/11 families. she knows this doesn't end terrorism but celebrates with those who came in washington, d.c., new york city and here at the flight 93 memorial in union city. >> i'm really glad that the american public has sensed the importance of this and has i am bringsed us 9/11 families. >> reporter: she has expressed her gratitude to president's bush and obama for making the capture and/or killing of osama bin laden a top national security priority n union city, will be he ramirez, cbs 5. >> the reaction of one bay area
6:31 pm
news. and sadly the list of bay area families affected is a long one. joe vasquez on the stories that are starting to surface. >> he's an angel and we miss her dearly. >> nearly ten years after bet did i ong lost her life crashing into the world trade center her sister gloria told her the news at a memorial. >> i said betty i miss you. you know what, justice has been served. osama bin laden has been found and killed. >> she hopes this will mean closure for her family. >> i had mixed feelings, too, because this can also create retaliation, too. so, you know, i don't -- i mean it is just so overwhelming this news. >> this was a man that was evil in his ideology. i had hatred in his heart. the world is a better place without him. >> reporter: jack's wife lauren
6:32 pm
and their unborn child indict on flight 93, the one that crashed in pennsylvania after passengers rushed the cockpit. he says when he first heard about it he thought it was strange that osama bin laden was buried at sea. >> but the explanations do make sense. so it is what it is. and i'm sure we will be getting, you know, the evidence. i think the public will demand that. >> what a great day we finally won a big one. >> reporter: his guide dog helped him rush down 78 flights of tower one and just as he got outside, the second tower collapsed. he was hit by flying debris but managed to make it out to safety. >> i always knew that one way or another we would deal with finding osama bin laden. and that he would have the choice as to how it ended. i was pretty sure he would never want to be taken alive. and that he was going to fight to the death and that's exactly what he did. >> reporter: he gives inspirational speeches for a living now.
6:33 pm
and has written a book about how roselle saved his life. he says he is now inspired by the spirit of unity america is showing again nearly a decade later. joe vasquez, cbs 5. >> during the passed decade, we have often visited fremont's little cobble neighborhood to gauge the reaction to what was then called the war on terror. the area is home to the largest concentration of afghan people in the country. today the mood in that neighborhood was one of relief on hearing of the death of osama bin laden. >> i'm glad they already killed him. and it needed to be done. >> everybody should be celebrating all over the country, yeah. he is a terrorist. >> some said that they hope that the killing of osama bin laden will put all terrorists on notice. relief, pride, happiness,
6:34 pm
even some suspicion. emotional reactions to osama bin laden's death do run the gamut. mike sugarman in a spot that has been a gathering place for 9//11 memorials in the past. >> reporter: it is again today this is an overpass on highway 24 about a half a dozen people with their big american flags. the emotional tribute here today which has gone on over the passed ten years today has turned into a celebration of osama bin laden's death. and we got a flavour of the bay area reaction throughout the day. >> we are the police force of the people. and we are happy he's gone. >> reporter: americans digested the stunning news over lunch. time to read details, think about the implications. there was a heaping helping of unbridled patriotism. >> i mean our military is incredible. those navy seals, i mean, when the chips are down, they are the one that is really get the
6:35 pm
job done. >> pleasant hill was a pleasant place to take the pulls of bay area thinking served up by the lunch crowd. >> i think it's the greatest thing that happened right now to freedom. >> yes. >> i wear my 9/11 pin with tears coming off of it every year on the anniversary just to remember those people and keep them in my prayers all the time. >> it's been almost ten years and i'm sure they have had opportunities before. it sounds like they have had the intelligence for six or eight months and finally decided it was okay to try it. i'm surprised it takes that long. >> reporter: there are cynics. this operation one man told me is being played for all its worth by those who don't deserve the praise. >> a lot of people are very patriotic. but i can't help but think there is something political behind it in that they are overreplying it just to make themselves popular. >> reporter: even if policy makers do use it for their own
6:36 pm
political advantage, even if osama bin laden was out of the loop and it makes no difference, even if it inspires others to punish americans, today is a different day than yesterday in the war on terror. and the lunch crowd at the giant chef was eating it up. >> i couldn't be happier. it's the best news we've had in years. >> reporter: this display is expected to last through until the sun goes down. and then they will be going home. you can watch for them on highway 24. often there is some traffic problems but no problem today. >> mike are you close to where the crosses are set up there as well the crosses one for each soldier that has died in the war on terror? >> it is not far away. i haven't been there today though. not been up there for the last five or six years. >> i am sure people will be gathering there, too. >> mike sugarman, thank you. >> i believe it was one of the gutsiest calls of any president in recent memory. >> gutsy and what appears to be
6:37 pm
a perfect success. the decision the special forces and the intelligence that numbered the most wanted terrorist on earth. >> once again we hear the words heightened security. what that means for life in the bay area. laden ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
found out that america keeps its commitments." . in the dark days that followed september 11th, we made a solemn commitment to the dead and to the living that we would bring to justice those
6:40 pm
responsible for killing more than 2900 innocent people. yesterday osama bin laden found out that america keeps its commitments. well, nearly ten years after the 9/11 terror attacks the u.s. did get its man. one key piece of intelligence that brought the hunt for osama bin laden to an end. the u.s. had listened in on phone conversations from one of osama bin laden's most trusted couriers. he led authorities to the al qaeda leader. not hiding in a cave in afghanistan but behind 18-foot walls in an affluent suburb in pakistan less than 35 mills from islamabad. the raid on osama bin laden's compound was years in the making. it took just 40 minutes to carry out. the president and his national security team watched it all unfold in real-time. >> it was probably one of the most anxiety-filled periods of time i think in the lives of the people who were assembled
6:41 pm
here yesterday. the minutes passed like days. >> the u.s. forces rehearsed on an air base in afghanistan. but no one knew for sure what the u.s. navy seals would find behind the walls of the compounds which was on a dirt road when the president gave the go ahead on friday. >> he had to evaluate on the strength of the information and then made what i believe was one of the most gutsiest calls of any president in recent memories. >> surely after 7 p.m. east coast time on sunday two helicopters in pakistan dropped into osama bin laden's compound. elite forces from the navy seals team 6 stormed the $1 million home. osama bin laden and his supporters resisted, though it's not clear if osama bin laden himself fired a weapon. the al qaeda leader master mind of the 9/11 terror attacks was killed with two shots. a number of other people were also killed, including one of osama bin laden's wives who was
6:42 pm
used as a human shield. there were tense moments when one of the american choppers stalled, had to be abandoned. it was blown up by the commandos and a replacement was flown in. amateur cell phone video shows multiple fires at the compound. pakistani forces, which had not been briefed on the operation, immediately scrambled jets in response. the u.s. did not contact pakistani authorities until the u.s. forces were out of pakistan's airspace. just 20 minutes after the assault began the president was told that it appeared that osama bin laden was dead. the president is now reportedly planning a visit to ground zero to meet with the families of those who died in the attacks on the world trade center. >> the world is safer. it is a better place because of the death of osama bin laden. >> u.s. officials say dna tests confirm the identity of osama bin laden. the u.s. is also considering releasing photos of his body as further proof that the al qaeda leader is dead. now, the pentagon has video of
6:43 pm
osama bin laden's body being dropped into the iranian sea. that video may also be released. the military says osama bin laden's remains were handled in accordance with islamic practices. >> law enforcement is on high alert from coast to coast. some of the stepped up security here in the bay area. >> when new york errand did i heli boarded bart this morning it was with trepidation, thoughts of 9/11 weighing heavy on her mind. >> that was there. it was like right there when the trade center went down. i had friends who were there, you know standing right there running from the falling buildings. >> reporter: she worries that the death of osama bin laden could be the beginning of a new night their. >> i honestly don't think that his death means the end of terrorism. it could actually be a spur to other people who want to be terrorists. >> reporter: it is that possibility that had bart's critical asset patrol team up overnight plotting to double their presence on area trains
6:44 pm
indefinitely. >> just looking for things that are out of the ordinary, unattended bags, suspicious packages, things that are in areas that are restrict that had shouldn't be there. >> reporter: these teams were supposed to be getting anti- terror training this morning. but now their training is real live on the job. bart who has been identified as one of the top ten terror targets in the state. we went along as officers combed the trains with the intensity of tsa agents. >> we will keep our eyes out and keep our wits about us and do the best we can to spot anything or anybody who is trying to harm our patrons. >> reporter: muni also upped their patrols, temporarily shutting down a station in san francisco's sunset district after the discovery of an abandoned briefcase sparked a false alarm. >> i don't think anything is going to happen, i mean, as far as the terrorists are concerned. it's okay if they want to patrol the area. >> reporter: bart officials admit there has been no credible threat. and on a transit system with
6:45 pm
300 riders a day it could be difficult to identify one. but the watchfulness of bart riders could make all of the difference for randy who has seen evil up close. >> police are a good thing. and protection is a good thing. >> reporter: this kind of security is exactly what the country needs now. and again those officers are out here tonight hitting what are considered to be some of the most vulnerable spots on the lines on bart. you will also notice if you are riding bart more of those transportation supervisors the men and women in the yellow vests are out in force as well tonight. dana, it's really not clear how long we will see this heightened security a bart spokesman told us it is going to be until they feel comfortable going. >> thank you. good to see them there. >> our coverage of the death of osama bin laden continues online. always go to and check out more. well, amid all of the talk and downright excitement over the death of osama bin laden, today a federal appeals court in california heard arguments about a lawsuit challenging the
6:46 pm
u.s. citizenship of president barack obama. it's the latest legal manoeuvre by orly taits. she appeared today before a three judge panel hoping to revive a lawsuit that was dismissed two years ago. it's not clear when the panel will issue a ruling. well, it was no small fire. in fact, it could be seen all around the bay. what fueled all of that black smoke this afternoon in the skies over redwood city. >> and here in the cbs 5 weather center we are getting reports of temperature topping off at 65 today. and today will not even be the warmest day this week. pinpoint that day as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. >> the dramatic of den any place, the giants are not into let every. how this play cost them a shot at history just moments ago. >> eyewitness news is brought to you by heavenly greens.
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a qu . and checking some bay area
6:49 pm
headlines now, a quick response helped fire crews dose a flash fire at a gravel yard in redwood city. the two alarm blaze broke out at about 2:30 this afternoon at the granite rock asphalt company. officials say a tank containing liquid asphalt exploded and caught fire. the smoke could be seen for miles around. on ramps from both directions of 101 were closed nearby for a short time to make sure that it was safe for fire crews. only one minor injury was reported. hewlet packard is making a major donation to a silicone valley hospital. the tech giant will give $25 million to the packer hospital over the next ten years. the hospital plans to use the money for a 100 bed expansion as well as funding for new research projects. and get ready to shell out more for parking permits in san francisco. annual permits could cost $100 by the summer. that's just a couple of dollars
6:50 pm
more than right now. but still a 67% increase from three years ago. the price hike is one of the proposals the city recently discussed to raise money. forget raising money, we're raising the temperature. roberta is raising it by 26%. >> i wish i had $1 for everybody today who told me the weather is spectacular. 8 of in gillroy which is just amazing because the average temperature is right around the low 70s. numbers today from 61 in san francisco. up to that 86 in gillroy. the vacaville area where today's high topped off at 81 degrees. this ability is unlimited. a bit of a wind outside right now out of the west. number still stands at 70 in san jose. to the north san bruno under the influence of that onshore push with that marine layer at
6:51 pm
54. otherwise livermore with the sunshine currently is 73 after a high today of 80. if you were out and about this evening the numbers span from the 50s at the beaches to the 60 recalls, low 70s around the bay but it is on the breezy side. those winds are dialing back out of the west 5-10. later on this evening. the temperatures overnight clear away from the bay the water and the ocean. otherwise we are under that influence of the marine layer there with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. now we do have this trough to the north of us that has been enhancing that marine layer today. that's why our temperatures are relatively cool-ish along the coast. but meanwhile, high pressure now is going to kick in. once the clouds go out tomorrow we will have temperatures very similar to today. but the warmest day this workweek is still featured in our seven day forecast. but let's compare a little bit today. numbers average anywhere between 3-6 degrees above
6:52 pm
normal. but 4 degrees below average in san francisco in the low 60s. if you suffer from allergies and allen said everything was bothering him today, it's the trees and the grass count on the medium too high side. speaking of your high the tuesday, the third day of the months in the mid-60s to the low 80s in the inland area except morgan hill at 82 degrees. the outside number will be 86 degrees again in gillroy and then on wednesday we should experience near or record warmth 90 inland. mid-70s at the beaches. 80 around the a bay. gradually cooler by friday as that marine layer pushes back into the bay. and then temperatures, boy, still dry but in the upper 60s by sunday inland. now, we do want to say thank you so much for ken who september us this picture. i love the take. dana, got all of your ducks in a row? >> oh, yeah, baby. not that many, though. >> this was taken outside the
6:53 pm
dublin theater. thank you keep those coming in. dana, why did the duck cross the road? >> thanks, roberta. well, it does a body good. coming up on eyewitness newsat 10 and 11 why these are calling super milk a secret weapon. ,, ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are.
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the giant fan who has been in a coma since openi . >> bryan stow may get to come home soon. now that's the words from doctors down will. the giants fan who has been in a coma since opening day of the baseball season hit a medical milestone over the weekend. doctors say he is no longer in that medically induced coma. now, his family is saying that he is no longer having brain seizures and stow has even started to snore again, which is a good sign. >> that's great. >> great to have him home. >> fantastic news. the kings want to stay home. >> well, the fans certainly
6:56 pm
want him to stay home. i am not sure about the owners. kevin john season is the mayor there and a former nba star. he needed to get this done, otherwise it was going to hurt his legacy as the mayor in sacramento. the kings did not fall for relocation to anaheim and now have agreed to play one more season in sacramento. >> this is one of the proudest moments in my life because the community believed when no one else did. we kept believing. and if you believe anything is possible. >> the mayor said that he has got a year that he is going to get us a proposal or a plan. and we are all for that. but if it doesn't happen, then we're probably going to have to go to another city. >> connor jackson was a hero on defense as the as hosted texas today. oakland down a run in the 8th but josh willingham with his fifth homerun of the year. that ties the game at four and we go to extra innings. in the bottom of the 10th still
6:57 pm
tied at 4 matsui with his first homerun with the as. 5-4 was the final for against the rangers. >> i have never seen this group that excited and animated after a win. i mean guys were just jumping high. i mean i hope they didn't hit their head on the dug-out. >> i was hungry and i was eating a gatorade ball and i heard the crack and i didn't see it but i knew it was a homerun and i went out on the field. 7th inning miguel tejada the first of the game. the nationals get four straight hits. giants shut out in washington 2- 0. all right. we will see you back at 10 and 11. >> good night. icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain.
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