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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  May 4, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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linda marie macdonald. the president has made the decision not to release any of the photographs of the decease the osama bin laden. the death photos will not be released. it is official. good afternoon, i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. just a short time ago the white house confirmed what president obama said in an interview with cbs "60 minutes." he will not sign off on requests to release photos of osama bin laden's body. >> obama said releasing bin laden's death photo would create a national security risk. he did not want the photos to be used as a propaganda tool. danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: right now, everyone is stunned as the news trickled through the white house press room. everyone didn't feel that this decision would be made at this time but the president says this is something he talked about internally and his main
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concern was for americans here and abroad. president obama has told cbs'60 minutes he will not release photos of osama bin laden's body taken after navy seals shot and killed him. the decision comes after days of debate and calls from critics around the who wanted proof that bin laden is dead. >> it is a graphic photograph of someone who was shot in the face -- in the head, rather. it is not in our national security interests to allow those images to become icons to rally opinion against the united states. >> reporter: after the seals killed osama bin laden, they discovered 500 euros in cash and a pair of phone numbers sewn into his clothing. intelligence officials say that's a sign he was ready to run at a moment's notice. according to the white house, bin laden did resist but wasn't holding a gun when u.s. forces shot him twice at close range. president obama is getting high
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marks for the raid that killed bin laden. a new cbs news/new york times poll shows his approval ratings are up and 85% approve of his handling of the pursuit of the al qaeda leader. tomorrow he goes to ground zero in new york city where he will meet with families of those killed on 9/11. he invited former president george w. bush to join him but the man who launched the hunt for bin laden declined. president obama is planning to return to ground zero in the fall on the tenth anniversary of the attacks. new york city mayor michael bloomberg says the president will be there for the formal opening of the 9/11 memorial. and the president also said in the "60 minutes" interview that initially there was no dna analysis to prove that that was osama bin laden' body but he says they used facial analysis and he was 95% sure that that was indeed their man. live at the white house, i'm danielle nottingham, now back to you. >> danielle, some of the talk
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so far today has been about whether any senators saw pictures of bin laden's body and if interrogation played a part in thi -- a part in thi intelligence. >> reporter: representative mike rodgers says he has seen the pictures. he agrees they are very gruesome and graphic. he actually says that they shouldn't be released to the public. but we are getting a sense that some members of congress have seen the photo. >> thank you, danielle nottingham at the white house. so the big question now, how did the world's most wanted man managed to hide out in a pakistan suburb for six years without anyone noticing? elizabeth palmer takes us inside the neighborhood where osama bin laden lived and died. >> reporter: every day the local newspapers in abbottabad print more details of the u.s. raid that killed osama bin laden in his hideout which itself has turned into an
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infamous local tourist attraction. it's a fortress of a cement house flanked by modest homes. behind these walls, bin laden and his family lived possibly for years unobserved. now that it's empty, everyone wants a look. inside, there are clear signs of a battle and a passport believed to belong to one of bin laden's wives. outside, the walls are scorched probably by the u.s. helicopter that was destroyed here. the house sits in a suburb just over a mile from one of pakistan's largest military academies. 120,000 active or retired military personnel live in abbottabad and yet, pakistani officials say not one of them noticed when a 6'4" celebrity terrorist moved into town. american officials and some pakistani observers say frankly, that's hard to believe. bin laden's compound has now been searched and sealed. it maybe bulldozed so it doesn't become a shrine to bin
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laden or a monument to pakistan's security incompetence. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, abbottabad, pakistan. some neighbors say their kids used to play with children who lived in the bin laden compound. 12-year-old boy says the family even gave them two rabbits, other neighbors say they also received rabbits as gifts in the bin laden family. bin laden's death has many concerned about possible retaliation from al qaeda. in new york city, police say they have received three times as many calls as normal about suspicious devices including a black suitcase left on a subway platform that had a picture of bin laden sticking out. and in washington, d.c., today lawmakers are holding hearings to discuss security on the nation's transit systems including bart. the hunt is on for three men who attacked an elderly woman in the middle of the day and robbed her san mateo home on portola drive monday afternoon. police say the men broke into the home and when the woman
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ignored their knocking and ran into the men, they attacked her, stole her jewelry. officers say there has been a string of similar home invasion citywide but they don't believe the latest incident is connected to them. they also say any verbal response behind closed doors may have been enough to ward off the potential burglars. here's a sketch of the two suspects. officers sayer in their late 20s or 30s and all three took off in a light green suv. a paroled robber suspected shooting a police car is now in police custody. the 27-year-old man from pittsburg surrendered last night after a four-hour standoff. he allegedly opened fire on an officer yesterday who tried pull him over for running a stop sign. bullet holes in the windshield on the officer's patrol car show just how close he came to being hit. the officer was not shot, but he was hurt by broken glass. the suspect was treated for a gunshot wound to the leg. hundreds of drunk driving cases in the south bay could be thrown out of court. it's all because of some bad
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breathalyzers. kiet do explains what san jose police are doing about the faulty equipment and what attorneys say now about other problems with those models. >> reporter: the district attorney's office now faces a massive task: dig through every, single drunk driving arrest made by san jose police in the past five months. 865 cases in all. >> it's incredibly frustrating and it's incredibly painful because these are really important cases. they are so dangerous to everyone in our community. >> reporter: this device used by san jose police is the problem. the alco sensor 5 made by intoximeters based in st. louis can develop condensation inside and give bad readings. the d.a.'s office says it's unlikely the faulty breathalyzer is the only piece of evidence in a case but if it is, the suspect could be freed. >> if it turns out that this is a main piece of evidence in any number of cases, let's say even 865 cases and we end up having to dismiss all of those cases, if that's the fair and just result, that's what we're going
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to do. >> reporter: the public depender says it proves field breathalyzers are not perfect and can be unreliable. >> making sure that only people who should be arrested are arrested is always a good thing and it's very positive for our clients. >> reporter: san jose police have returned the malfunctioning unit and are currently using replacements. the company, intoximeters, did not immediately return our phone calls. and the d.a. he was office says they should have this review done in about a month. in san jose, kiet do, cbs 5. san jose police and prosecutors started examining those breathalyzers after they found out that authorities down in ventura county were reviewing hundreds of similar cases. today teens in san jose found out if they could drive a car and text behind the wheel. it's part of safe teen driving month. teen drivers had one hand on the wheel and another hand texting friends as they navigated an obstacle course. this is at oak grove high. taking it slow and steady, some
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survived the course without knocking down any cones but, of course, even though they can do it doesn't mean they should. and they are never driving that slow. >> no. they are probably used to doing it, which is very sad. that's why they got through it. why your kids may be getting an unexpected vacation from school. >> and money for cooling doodling. new evidence that following doctor orders may be bad for your heart. it is a gorgeous day in the bay area today plenty of sunshine and blue skies clear conditions. we are actually going to see some high 80s and even some low 90s in our warmest spots. i'll let you know how long the weather will last when we look at the extended forecast in a bit. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, everyone. your kids could be getting out of school early at least that's the worst-case scenario as state lawmakers can't agree on how to close the state's massive budget crisis. if no new taxes are passed governor brown and leaders are considering shutting down schools early. they could cut up to 20 days from the school calendar. the drastic steps could help the state close its $15 billion projected shortfall. the current school year of 175 days is currently mandated by the state. well, we probably all did it years ago. doodling. it can often be frowned upon when you're in the classroom. >> but for two bay area students it could earn them money. sharon chin reports on the finalists who are getting an all-expense-paid trip to new york city. reporter: it's an out of this world moment for 7-year- old mateo lopez. his month verdict elementary school classmates in san bruno
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congratulate him on beating out more than 100,000 students across the nation to become a finalist in google's annual doodle contest. >> inspired me to do this drawing because when i grow up i want to be just like neil armstrong. i want to meet other people. >> reporter: he was one of 40 finalists nationwide and one of two in the bay area. >> it's amazing what mateo did here. he is in second grade. he lost space. and he just had this great idea about how to connect the moon and a meteor and space man and put it all into a google logo. it's fantastic. >> reporter: the other doodle by a fourth grader of delane easton elementary. the finalists and parents receive a free trip to google's new york city offices. they will meet the search engine's doodlers, learn about technology and then find out the top winner. the trip to new york, mateo's first, is a grand prize in itself. >> he put a lot of hard work
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into his doodle and we never thought it would end up here but we're proud and excited. >> reporter: the winner will have the doodle on google's homepage on may 20 and receive a $15,000 scholarship. google will also give the winner's school a $25,000 computer lab. >> we don't have a computer lab. so we would love to have one here at month verdi. >> reporter: on lane ballots decide the winner. vote online. sharon chin, cbs 5. >> can get enough of it. we were down there like this that kid's in the third, fourth glade. >> budding artist. already there. a new way of dealing with rowdy passengers. the airline teaching its flight attendants now to do a little kung fu. >> nine bucks for a gallon of gas? why some bay area drivers are paying a fortune to fill up. >> why trying to do too many things at once could wreck your diet. >> that's my excuse. >> it's coming up. stay right there. ,,
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super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. beyond sticker shock when it a live look at downtown san francisco. if you can get out and enjoy this wonderful weather, do it unless you have to fill up your tank. >> nice out there. beyond sticker shock when it comes to gas prices. the new triple-a report shows americans are paying nearly 4
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bucks a gallon on average. premium is now $4.25 a gallon. you think that's bad? wait. gas prices are more than $9 a gallon for some rental car companies if you don't prepay and return the car without a full tank. a "usa today" survey shows hertz charged 9.29 a gallon for 13 locations near major airports including sfo. pay ahead of time for a tank of gas. the per gallon price is sometimes cheaper than local gas stations especially the ones that are right around the rental car companies. >> when you're stuck, you got to do it. >> oh, we have to find a gas station. six bucks. tough. hey, if you are going to act up on a flight, do not go on hong kong airlines. >> that's right. the carrier is teaching its flight crews kung fu! and it should come in handy. the airline says it deals with about three drunk or disruptive passengers every week. one flight attendant reportedly says her martial arts training helped when she had to deal
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with a large passenger who may have been drunk. >> drink water. coffee. [ laughter ] well, we talked about what a beautiful day it was, right? >> yeah. let's find out what's happening with our forecast. >> a gorgeous day yesterday and another beautiful day today. in fact, wednesday will be the warmest day of the week and one of the warmest days we have seen all spring in fact. inland spots breaking into the low 90s, definitely widespread 80s and the bay and coast are going to be gorgeous, too. great day to get out to the beach. 70-degree readings there. and as you make your way into this evening, still nice conditions, clear skies and mild temperatures. we are going to be sitting in the 40s and 50s and that will make way for more beautiful weather tomorrow as this area of high pressure is holding. that warm air is building, bringing us those nice warm temperatures. and all that sunshine and as this low drops in, later on tomorrow into friday, we will see a dip in temperature but for today, hanging on to those wonderful widespread 80-degree readings and here's a look at the temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood. 87 is the high in sunnyvale and in santa clara.
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86 in san jose and 89 in morgan hill. a little cooler in union city at 84, 85 redwood city. 89 danville and antioch. 90 brentwood. so we are getting some 90s. we are seeing beautiful temperatures at stinson beach, 74. 89 for napa. 87 for fairfield. this beautiful weather will hold for tomorrow and then we see that dive as those sea breezes pick up on friday then we start to see a cooling trend that hold through the weekend. definitely for mother's day it will be cooler. monday and tuesday temperatures going up so high 70s by the time we hit tuesday. here's a gorgeous photo of some tulips that someone showed to us definitely with all the sunshine, flowers loving it. this is sent in from debbie in blackhawk and if you have a gorgeous photo that you would like to share with us, please send it to us at back to you. >> all right, kristy, thanks very much. well, for years, we have been told to cut the salt but now it turns out that a low sodium diet may actually be bad
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for your heart. researchers in europe just found people who consumed the least salt had a 56% higher risk of death from a heart attack or stroke. now, that's compared to people who consumed the most salt. experts say they are not sure why. but they do say that people with hypertension still can benefit from a low salt diet. okay, stop whatever else you're doing. multitasking could be bad for your waistline. a new study from emery university finds that doing multiple things at once reduces your concentration and self- control and that may make it harder for you to resist cheating on your diet or keep up with your exercise routine. >> maybe we have to do a study on all these studies. don't you think? >> well, you think cops have a tough job? get a load of this gator's lock on a squad car. who won? coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it's true. we have a little video proof to back that up. this is gainesville where a 10- foot alligator set the florida sheriff's squad car a little message, don't mess with me. it latched down on the bumper and wasn't let going. >> the police were there after neighbors complained about that wandering gator. they backed up the squad car before the gator let loose. $2,000 in damage. >> have a good afternoon. get out and explore. >> caption colorado, llc ,,
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