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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  May 6, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. gas prices breaking their streak for the first time in 45 days. the price at the pump has stayed the same. >> and it's reviving hopes that the prices will drop. but anne makovec tells us, economists say this could be a long ride. anne, what's the spin? >> reporter: well, it is an ebb and flow situation and even though we did have good news, check out, this is the price at the fisherman's wharf gas station 76 station at $4.47 for a gallon of regular unleaded. the reason things stabilized because oil was below $100 for the first time since march and then went back up this morning then stabilized below $100 again. it all seems kind of flowing with the news. yesterday bad news on unemployment meant a drop in the price and today good news on job growth meant a temporary rise in the price. here's the numbers that we're
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working with specifically here in california. they are not pretty, let me warn you. the average is $4.27, that's 29 cents above the national average, 20 cents more than last month and $1.1 more than a year ago. bay area specifically right now oakland and san jose we are looking at around $4 .28. and san francisco 4.32. although we just showed you 4.47 here at fisherman's wharf. for drivers it really is a roller coaster ride. >> i don't want it to get any more expensive. it affects my pocketbook, so yeah, of course. >> the consumers are kind of at the whim of the profiteers. so we just pay if you want to drive. >> reporter: and we can't get too excited when we look at the price of crude oil because crude would have to stay around $100 a barrel for five to 10 days before we see it reflected in the prices here. experts say there is only a 20% chance that we have seen our
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high for this year. so we probably will see some sort of spike, probably in the come months, summer months we usually see that. but if you want to feel better about the situation, think about rental cars. if you take a rental car back to most places, right now they will charge you more than $9 a gallon. so gas prices are stabilizing.
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overnight cinco de mayo revelers smashed out businesses on five businesses in san jose. vandals broke glass. >> i'm not sure why these people do that. you know? they do damage to other people's property. it's not right. >> last night police say the rowdy alcohol fueled crowd reached several thousand in enough. even though san jose police had 100 extra officers, numerous fights broke out and one person was stabbed. one victim was beaten and suffered head injuries. however, arrests are down. last year on may 5, there were 18, this year 7. but the
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weekend is just beginning. >> you mix alcohol with large celebrations and now small criminal element, things happen. >> a councilmember spent the morning talking to business owners. after years of violence and destruction, he says there are no easy answers. >> we are better than that. and we need to be talking to each other that, you know, destruction ruins our business district. it doesn't help anyone that is struggling in this economy. how crazy will it get through the weekend? no telling. so san jose police will be ready. they will have increased police presence through sunday night. >> it seems like there are very few people who spoil it for everybody else. >> they say it's the one percenters. the vast majority of people were enjoying cinco de mayo. huge hispanic population here in san jose. it's hard to try and balance and not kill all the fun and yet try to keep the criminal
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element down. >> thank you. a man crossing the street is struck and killed in san francisco. the suspected driver takes off hitting cars along a trail of destruction. 55-year-old man was thrown half a block when a suspected drunk driver hit him and sped off. 23-year-old jose jimenez is under arrest facing charges of dui and vehicular manslaughter. it happened around 2:30 this morning. the mayor tells cbs 5 this morning that's a tough stretch of road. >> if it's speeding, clearly we have to review the speed limits in the area. if it's enforcement we have to have sting operations involving the police traffic division and make sure people respect the speed limits there. >> mayor lee says he will work with police and the city's traffic engineers to try to figure out the cause. an accused serial killer will get the chance to defend himself at trial. that's the ruling just in from
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the judge. 77-year-old joseph naso is charged with killing four northern california women. he told the judge he would like to be his own lawyer because he knows the case better than anyone and believes hiring attorneys would be too costly. president obama just arrived in kentucky to deliver a personal thank you to the navy seals involved in the raid that took down the world's most wanted terrorist. it comes as al qaeda is issuing a new threat of retaliation for the death of osama bin laden. danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: al qaeda now confirms that osama bin laden is dead. in an internet state entitled you lived as a good man, you died as a martyr, the terrorist network warnings that the group will retaliate against american saying, their blood will be mingled with tears. >> good job. this was him. >> reporter: new video released by the white house showed the moments before and after president obama announced bin
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laden's death sunday night. after his speech, the president congratulated his national security team. >> you guys did a great job. >> reporter: today president obama travels to kentucky to thank the u.s. servicemen responsible for taking down the leader of al qaeda. he is meeting privately with them at fort campbell where he is also addressing soldiers just back from afghanistan. new details of are still emerging about how the u.s. tracked down bin laden. the cia kept a safe house near his compound in pakistan and a small team of agents kept a watchful eye for months. intelligence gathered from the compound shows al qaeda was considering attacks on u.s. trains, on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. handwritten notes also listed major american cities like new york and los angeles as targets and suggested that al qaeda might strike on a holiday. >> july 4, new year's eve, new year's day as potential target dates. that's very interesting because al qaeda has usually tacked when it's ready and not
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government at all by the calendar. >> reporter: but officials stress that the idea was only in the planning stages. and was not operational. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> we are learning new details about some of the people closerest to osama bin laden. his wives. pakistani interrogators say his youngest wife lived at the compound for six years without ever leaving. she was shot in the calf after rushing at the navy seals during the raid. two other wives and eight or nine children why also taken into custody. those wife's are being questioned by interrogators. and a reminder, president obama will be on "60 minutes" this weekend. this is the president's first interview since bin laden's death. and you can watch it sunday evening here on cbs 5 starting at 7:00. are you looking for a job? what we're seeing that hasn't happened in months. jason brooks with kcbs and with what's
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behind today's numbers. look like a celebrity, the secret to flawless skin, from the drugstore. i'm meterologist lawrence karnow. the temperatures cooling down around the bay area today. the sea breeze is blowing. we'll talk about mother's day coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] this sunday is one of the best sundays of all, mother's day. so give mom the day off and bring home the kfc 10 buck sunday bucket. 10 pieces, 10 bucks. any recipe, any way, every sunday. mother's day is a kfc day. and today tastes so good. rate is rising. here to explain the numbers.. jason broo et it's the biggest hiring spree in five years but the unemployment rate is rising. >> here to explain the numbers jason brooks with kcbs and >> how are you? it's confusing to reconcile those kinds of numbers with more jobs coming online. but also at the same time, the unemployment rate rising. that's what we saw in april of.
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244,000 jobs added to the economy. yet at the same time, the jobless rate rose from 8.8 to 9%. the simplest way to put that is that more people started working for work again. a lot of people had pulled out of the job hunt and as a result that's pushing the unmillennium rate down. but with more people back online the rate increase as a result of that. we did see job gains across a number of industries so that was encouraging but if there is one thing that's still not very rosy about any of this wage growth is still nonexistent. hourly earnings rose just .1% to $22.95. that's a key issue when it comes to inflation for the federal reserve. if it doesn't see wage growth increase all that much, it's not going to be as hot to increase interest rates. wall street cheered the report. we have had a number of economic reports over the past couple of weeks indicating slowing economic growth. this report would go as opposed to that but early gains that were really big have started to
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dissipate. dow was up as much as 175 points. now it's up by 50. nasdaq up by 15, s&p up by 5. a big development out of europe is the reason. there is a report in a german publication called der spiegel, greece denies a report about changing their currency. as a result, stocks pulled back a bit as the dollar as picked up quite a bit against the euro. >> a quick question about gas. oil dropped nearly 10% yesterday. when is that going to trickle down to the pumps or will it? >> you know, it's interesting. we saw oil fall back again today. it's not typical when you have a good economic report. better economic numbers indicate better demand. and typically oil would go up but today they are down another $2.60 just over $97. we'll start to see decreases in the pump in the next few days. a lot of analysts say we could see pump prices decrease up to
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40 cents by after memorial day provided the oil prices don't go up. >> it always goes up when you get ready to take a vacation somewhere. >> thank you, kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. a trip to the salon that could come with an added risk. new evidence about what manicures and pedicures can really do to you. >> i got into harvard, princeton. >> would you believe she is only 15? what this teenager did to get into almost every ivy league school. you're going to hear from her coming up. ,,,,
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that would be facebook founder mark zucker-berg s no longer in t he is worth billions but is just now buying his first home. >> about time. that would be facebook founder mark zuckerberg. he is no longer in that craigslist apartment. no, his new digs in the silicon valley. a rather modest five bedroom, five bathroom, $7 million home courtesy of his 600 million plus facebooking friends. >> it comes with a saltwater pool, sunroom, heated floor, sweeping porch and a lot of privacy, ten-minute drive from his menlo park headquarters. he probably paid cash. >> i don't think there's a mortgage. a 15-year-old girl following in zuckerberg's footsteps. she is going to harvard. now that little school in massachusetts that zuckerberg dropped out of? well, here she is.
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she applied to 14 schools harvard, m.i.t., stanford, cal tech, ten others, they all accepted her. the only rejection letter from yale. >> how did she do it? she plays soccer and softball, trombone, almost perfect s.a.t. scores and skipped a couple of grades, too. >> most of the time they will say that i'm really mature for my age so i guess that goes to show that age isn't everything. >> she wants to study neuroscience or neurobiology. just like your job, right, lawrence? >> yeah. we are hoping for a full ride, too! that's what we really care about. >> we have changes coming up. the sea breezes kicking in around the bay area. fog at the coast. we have some cooler temperatures coming our way for the holiday. mother's day coming up. hey, outside right now, from our mount vaca cam, we have mostly clear skies, just a few high cirrus clouds moving on by.
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but back at the coast we have a couple of patches of fog gathering out there. breezes are blowing over the bay. temperatures still comfortable in many spots. 60s and 70s inland, plenty of 60s in the bay, 50s at the coastline with the patchy fog. so this afternoon, the sun will continue to shine in many valleys. temperatures in the upper 70s. the breeze blowing inside the bay and at the coast with patchy fog. more fog and low clouds tonight. probably going to move all the way into some of the valleys so it's going to make a good run at the coastline. that means it will flow onshore and we'll have cooler temperatures throughout the entire weekend. breezy conditions, you bet. and you have this area of low pressure that's going to drive up the pacific northwest. eventually some of that energy drops into the bay area for sunday. light chance of showers on mom's day. sorry about that. you have 60s and a few 70s in the south bay today, 50s at the coast for the most part. east bay temperatures as high as 78 in brentwood, 65 in
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berkeley and 26 in alameda. north bay 70s in the interior valleys but 50s at the coast and looking out at the next couple of days, we have some more clouds on the way, much cooler temperatures expected throughout the weekend and then probably warming back up come monday and tuesday but yeah, looks like there is a slight chance of a few light showers on mom's day. that's a look at the forecast. back to you. >> thank you. california nail salon workers are being exposed to unsafe levels of toxic chemicals. researchers at the cancer prevention institute of california found the presence of a compound banned by the fda and found another chemical at levels twice that recommended by state regulators that can cause cancer in reproductive organs. findings are published online by the american journal of public health. being red carpet ready is a must. you can have a glamorous glow for the next big night out. sandra mitchell shows us the secret to looking like a
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celebrity on a shoestring budget. >> the key to the red carpet facial is you can have it the day of your event and look your best. >> reporter: it's the secret that the celebrities use for glowing skin. it's known as the red carpet facial. >> a facial like this gets rid of the imperfections in your skin. >> reporter: perfect for griselda contreras. this busy silverlake 30-year- old doesn't have time for long spa regimens. >> because of my job and life it's just so busy, you know, work very stressful. my personal life is stressful too. >> reporter: the difference with the treatment, no extractions or redness that's usually associated with facials. here it only takes about two hours with three easy steps. >> with the microderm abrasion, we are exfoliating the dead skin. the polypeptides eveningous the skin tones and the next step is the oxygen sequence consists of a mist loaded with 86 minerals,
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vitamins and amin acids. >> reporter: looking like a celebrity isn't cheap. that facial costs about $200. so we looked into some at-home alternatives to save money and keep you looking like a star. dr. can sabean recommends washing your face every night and adding a daily moisturizer. we checked out allure magazine's reader picks for 2010. top of the let, a daily skin cleanser for $10. to finish, the daily routine microsculpting cream at $24. for grand total of about $34. now your skin is going to be ready for its close-up anytime. in beverly hills, sandra mitchell. >> never saw you take so many notes before. >> okay. >> hdtv, kills us all, don't you think? >> we'll share. >> we'll be look good on
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monday. a swimming pool, room to roam? sounds like zuckerberg's house. >> it might be. it's a new bay area home for two blind sea lions. tell you about that when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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if you wear dentures, taking care of your oral health should be a top priority - and that means getting rid of odor-causing bacteria and plaque. try improved polident. its microclean formulation is antimicrobial and antibacterial to kill ninety-nine-point-nine percent of odor-causing bacteria, plus more of other key microorganisms found on dentures than leading regular toothpastes. used daily, it helps promote good oral health. try improved polident - now with microclean. this has beem medifacts for polident. lost their sight... but it's not slowing them down one bit! blind sea lions ma they may have lost their sight but it's not slowing them down. >> no. two blind sea lions making their debut at the san francisco zoo today. one is silent night.
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he was shot in the face. henry was rescued a year ago in crescent city. the marine mammal center nursed them back to health. they have their own pool and plenty of room. >> i bet they're fed well. >> life's good. >> like club med. >> for sea lions. >> it's all good. >> well, that is it for the cbs 5 news at noon! >> have a great weekend and happy mother's day to all the moms out there. >> enjoy. >> caption colorado, llc ,,
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