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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  May 8, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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den... a regularly good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. nine days after the death of
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osama bin laden, a regularly scheduled homeland security exercise took on new urgency today. as don knapp shows us, most people were not aware of it. >> reporter: how do you head off a terrorist attack? well, having a bunch of security folks show up and stand around. today we attended a drill where security folks did just that, showed up and stood around. >> san jose sharks fans arriving at this stop outside the shark tank did not know what to think of this antiterrorist sign. >> what do you think. >> i think the sharks are going to close it out. >> what about the other guys? >> i think they're done for the season. >> reporter: what about the federal air marshall's office and the santana clara sheriff's
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office. , they're here to conduct a deterrents. do you feel safer today? >> no, but i'm anxious to get to the game. >> reporter: the plan was made before osama bin laden was stilled. bin laden was said to be targeting u.s. rail systems. none of the officers would talk on camera. they referred us to washington. a spokesperson said tsa promotes confidence in the traveling public by communicating with local officers. >> i don't know how terrorists operate, exactly, but it seems like their presence would make them itchy or something or make them think about moving on to another date or doing something else. >> reporter: there was no indication that anything was going to happen today, and sure enough, ann, nothing did. >> kind of puzzling, okay. thank you. well, san jose police said they had been called over a
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dozen times to the location where three people were killed yesterday. a suspect who lived in the apartment above the garage shot and killed a man and woman who lived in the main house before turning the gun on himself. another house mate was shot in the ankle and is recovering. the motive is unclear. the mother of injured giants fan brian stowe is spending this mother's day by her son's bedside. brian remains in a coma after being attacked at a dodgers game five weeks ago. doctors say the longer he stays in a vegetative state, the more likely he will remain that way forever. his mother remains hopeful even though she see no, sir -- sees in signs of recovery. >> i was looking to see if there was any movement in his eyes, dreaming, and there's nothing there. >> stowe will undergo surgery to drain some fluid.
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the reward for the capture of the suspects is now up to $150. he was elected in 2008 and is the first indian american to serve on the city council. he's also a public defender. he said i made a terrible error in judgment and offer no excuses. i am deeply embarrassed by my actions, and i am prepared to take the full consequences for them. the national gas average dropped this week. this could be just the beginning of prices going down. the national average now stands at 3.98 for regular. it's highner san francisco at 4.32 for a gallon of regular and san jose at 4.27. anne makovec behind the drop in price. >> reporter: the gas price roller coaster ride continues
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in the bay area. now they say it could be dipping in driver's favor. >> that's a new one. >> reporter: do you believe it? >> no. >> reporter: they're talking about a drop of 50 cents a gallon by tend of june. >> i await the day that it comes. i'm really looking forward to it. >> reporter: some of the factors in the predicted drop, oil, which is used to make gasoline has tumbled 15% in price. also driving down the price, investors that were worries and falling demand an higher prices. >> i'm skeptical about whether or not the prices will go down. if they do, it's going to be five or ten cents to make us feel good, but you know what, it's not going to happen. i don't feel that way. >> reporter: the station owners actually lost money when the price of a barrel of oil went up so quickly. they may try to recoup that now. >> well, i'm not a pessimist, so, yes, i believe it, and it's
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coming down soon. >> reporter: and not a moment too soon. since january, the average price rose 91 cents, including 41 straight days of hikes. >> it's really tough. you have to budget it all in and everything like that. >> reporter: even with this thing? >> even with the bike, yes. >> it's emotionally draining, and i really wish things could stabilize so we can have some type of normalcy in live. in dublin, anne makovec, cbs 5. gas prices taking a toll on cab drivers. the first rate hike in the bay area in years. why is one group tieing to get rid of the chihuahua. the demand and the sale. winds kicking up around the bay area today. we've got rain in the forecast too. we'll tell you when coming up. thousands of california teachers will head to the state capitol
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jobs. thousands of california teachers will head to state capitol this week to fight for their jobs. they plan a week long series of rallies and sit-ins to dispute possible budget cuts to education. 21,000 teachers are facing lay offs. others face largers classes and program cuts due to the $15.4 billion budget shortful. they want governor brown to improve higher sales, income, and vehicle taxes. other bay area headlines, people in san francisco might have to pay more to catch a cab. the municipal transportation agency will hold a series of town hall meetings next week to discuss the possible rate increase. if approved, it will be the first since 2003. under the initial plan, the rate to catch a cab would stay
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the same. the wait time and driving distance rates could go up. something similar to san francisco's zip car program may come to silicone valley. the program, if approved, would start with a fleet of five to ten cars, and city employees would get first dibs before cars are rented out. a big supply of little dogs have a supplier pushing them out the door. it's called chihuahua pa leads za. the overflow of homeless chihuahuas is an epidemic. it's fueled by hollywood showing them as purse dogs instead of pets that need constant care. the chihuahua numbers have doubled in years. >> the numbers are massive. our efforts are to adopt out these animals that are currently without homes, but also to make sure that
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chihuahua owners and potential chihuahua owners understand about the breed and how to care for them so they end up staying with with their families. >> during the campaign, all small dog adoptions are 50% off. there they are growing up and playing sports and hanging out with each other, and i'm in the hospital by myself. >> they are the youngest faces of cancer, the great bay area adventure to help these kids escape their worries. a sunny but gusty mother's day. the forecast for your workweek is coming up. young cancer victims and their families enjoyed "a day off from [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it
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cancer" at great america today. young cancer victims and their families enjoyed a day off from cancer at great america today. the annual event has been a are the decision for more than 20 years. families dealing with cancer often feel overwhelmed and stressed. this day gives them a chance to forget that stress and enjoy being carefree together. it also shows them they're not alone and lets them share their stories with others who can understand. >> we've been coming to this event for a few years. he was going through treatment, and it's always been a treat the come and forget and enjoy the day but also being around other families going through the same things and hear their
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stories. celebrating mother's day in style, bay area mothers were pam pampered today. they received treatment from hair and makeup experts and then they were taken to the drake hotel for lunch at the starlight room. this is the 17th year for the annual event. and stanton says he looks forward to it every year. >> some of the women have never had makeup done before. they just get spoiled for a couple of days. i just love it. >> the hamilton family provides temporary shelter and transitional and permanent housing for families in transition. we wish all our mother's happy mother's day. there was a lot of rain out today. we had trace amounts of rainfall throughout the bay area, but otherwise, not so bad. the winds, they were whipping up pretty good. continuing this evening, we've seen some of those winds, 20 to 30 miles per hour.
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partly cloudy skies. a cold front slides eastward now and headed way out of town, but we've got another storm that's going to be coming in our direction as we head in toward this next weekend. how about those gusty winds? augusta, 30 miles per hour. 30 in alameda. tomorrow it looks like it's going to be breezy, although probably not as breezy as today. temperatures are going to start to come up. we'll see 60s and low 70s. still on the breezy side out toward the coastline, a couple of patches of fog early on. you've got 50s right now. still holding at 59 in fairfield and concord. if you plan on traveling throughout the state, still some showers to worry about. to the north, you could see
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showers in eureka. they will likely get more as we head into next weekend. looks like things trying to settle down, but this trough is moving right on down into california. it's going to stay breezy and then try to warm up. it's going to be chilly tonight around the bay area. overnight lows in some spots getting down into the 30s and 40s. so it's going to be a cold night indeed. 39 in fairfield and 39 for a low in santana -- santa rosa. i think tomorrow you will be enjoying sunshine and just a couple of passing clouds. temperatures are mild. should be about 67 in fremont at the bay, about 59-degree is. then 70 in pittsburg, should be 71 in concord, 70 degrees in
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walnut creek. little breezy in oakland, but the winds kick up in the latter part of the day. north bay temperatures, mainly 70s well inland by tomorrow afternoon. out toward the coastline, you're looking at mainly at the 50s there. as we look out over the next couple of days, yeah, high pressure is going to build back in. tuesday is looking good. offshore winds will start kicking in and you should see a lot of sunshine. and temperatures bumping up to 80 degrees. then as we head into wednesday, temperatures start to cool. wouldn't you know it, by next weekend we've got a cold storm that could drop the bay area -- still iffy right now -- but showers are expected saturday and sunday. here's lawrence with sports. the lakers tried to avoid a sweep, the giants go for a sweep and the as look to win a series. sports up next. toss to dennis
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the giants had four shots at a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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only to come up, the giants had four shots at a sweep this season, only to come up empty. today, chance no. 5 and an student to pull within one game of the divisional leading rockies. never too late to dress your kid up in a kung fu panda outfit. they struck out four and did
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not give up a run, but he needed some offense, cody ross, base hit. here's burrell. he's in. 1-0, giants. then hey get some insurance. first home run of the season. a two-run shot. he had all three of the giants runs batted in today. we go to the ninth. brian wilson records his 11th 11th save of the year. the giants sweep the rockies in more impressive fashion. >> to have the fans recognize not only the way i pitch but i think also the journey it's been, and to have them to recognize that and give me an ovation, that's what made it the best thing ever. >> boy, has he earned this occasion. >> reporter: where does this rank for you? >> best overall in the big leagues, ever.
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>> very emotional picture. a year ago, dallas braden through a perfect game on mother's day. this year he's on the disabled list, not sure when he'll return to the as rotation. he's set to see another specialist on his ailing shoulder. oakland leading the royals in the second. got the groundball, but bad throw. so kevin kouzmanoff chases after it. jeff francoeur goes to third, but ross alertly tags him out. look again. ross dives, did he get him? yes, indeed, he did. still 2-0 in the sixth, then kouzmanoff put as charge on. now the as have a 3-0 lead. kansas city cut it to 3-2 and then suzuki adds to it. so the as take two out of three in kansas city. no team in nba history had ever come back to win a series after losing the first three games, but kobe bryant was confident
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the lakers would end that streak. >> i may be sick in the head or crazy or something like that because i still think we're going to win this series. >> so much for kobe's bold prediction. jason terry, the warriors would have had, scores 82 of the mavs' bench points. lakers down 30. andrew bynum had seen enough. he gets ejected and the lakers get blown out and swept. could phil sign with the warriors? maybe not. >> you know, this has been a wonderful run. you know, i go out with a sour note after being fined $35,000 this morning by the league, so that's not fun. and feeling like i've been chased on the freeway by them, but as richard nixon said, you won't be able to kick this guy
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around anymore. >> a moment of silence for five- time major champion ballesteros who passed away on friday. glover on the fringe. he finished with 18 under. on the first playoff, bird with a long putt for par? no. and that leaves the door open for lucas glover. he has this putt for par and the win. and it drops. it's his first title since 2009, the u.s. open. no one has an answer for djokovic in 2011. finals, taking on rafael nadal. he hits it between his legs for the winner. that's the only way you can beat djokovic, but he still won the first set. djokovic beats nadal to make it 32 straight wins on the year.
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it's the best start since john mcenroe in 1984. the sharks leading 2-1. we'll have a wrap on that and then sandy barber, the cal athletic director will be on the show tonight. a lot of people want to know about fishing too. i was trying to avoid the story, but people are telling me, dennis, fishing. >> how did you do? >> no comment. sean won the whole thing and i was a complete disaster. in the entire tournament i caught one fish and purposely did not go up on the podium knowing i would be publicly ridiculed. do you know how hard that is? >> no. >> i had no idea how competitive professional bass fishing tournament is. they want to know where the other successful guys have fished. they will do anything to get that information. two guys nearly came to blows on the water because one guy
6:57 pm
was stealing -- it was unbelievable. >> it was relaxing as a kid. >> there's nothing relaxing about it. >> no, that's not relaxing. thanks. okay. paula and simon reunited for a television show. also, young people rallied to make their voices heard in the bay area and all over the world. their mission to help the planet. more on that on the late night news. president obama coming up next. those are my kids. thanks so much. happy mother's day. ,, ,,
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