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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  May 9, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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30 minutes out over modesto a passenger indicated that a passenger walked from coach to first class, continued on into the flight deck area where he began to i believe pound on the door. flight attendant asked him to return to his seat. when he didn't, the flight attendant physically moved him away from the door at the same time asking for help. another flight attendant assisted him and two other passengers helped. they put plastic handcuffs on him and the flight attendants put him in a chair in first class where he sat there until they arrived at sfo. the san francisco police department airport bureau members boarded the aircraft and removed the passenger from the airplane. it was noticed that he had some abrasions from the scuffle.
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so he was taken by ambulance to san mateo general hospital where he was checked out and released. >> reporter: i understand that two of the passengers who helped out were retired law enforcement? >> yes. two retired law enforcement officers did assist, yes. >> reporter: what do we know about this man, this suspect? >> we know he is a 28-year-old male subject. his -- we have his name, also. there was information that he did possess a california identification card as well as a yemen passport. and that's about all the information that i have at this time now. >> reporter: did he behave in a strange manner before this happened? anything that made him suspicious beforehand on this plane right? >> there is nothing that indicated that when i interviewed the people involved earlier this evening. >> any threats, any weapons, anything else suspicious that you found on the board? >> no. there is nothing along those
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lines, no. >> reporter: is this being investigated as a possible terror attack especially talking about retaliation one week after the death of bin laden? >> the passenger was questioned by joint terrorist task force members and a san mateo county sheriff's detective. as a result of that interview he was charged with interfering with a flight crew and placed under arrest and transported to san mateo county jail. >> reporter: we don't know why he did it? >> no motive at this time. >> reporter: any other passengers affected, injured in any way? >> no. there was nobody else injured during that and most of the passengers that came off have since left the airport. nobody else was injured. >> reporter: flight operation change last night or this morning as a result of this? >> no. everything is going as normal here at san francisco international airport. i also would like to say that
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the san francisco police department is doing its best to keep the traveling public safe here today. >> reporter: i guess just the fact that everyone has been on alert especially after the death of bin laden, are you surprised by the reaction on board to this and how quickly they were able to subdue him? >> having not been there, riley couldn't really tell you about that. but i do know that san francisco police department has all of its members on full alert and that they are actively patrolling the airport and i want to ensure the public that it's safe to be here at the airport. >> reporter: thank you, sergeant rodriguez? >> the man is under arrest at the jail in redwood city as this investigation continues with the fbi. sydnie, back to you. >> sharon, thanks very much. sharon chin at sfo this morning. security threats caused two other flights to be diverted, as well. the first, a delta airlines jet heading from detroit to san diego yesterday. it was forced to make an
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unscheduled stop in albuquerque. a passenger says the note was found in the bathroom with the word bomb on it, unconfirmed by officials. a continental flight from houston to chicago was diverted to st. louis after a passenger tried to open a door during the flight. passengers say they tackled the man and held him until the plane landed. a large house fire in oakley last night about 11:00 last night in a two-story house. flames were shooting from the second floor. in all, 10 fire engines were involved. firefighters were able to prevent the fire from spreading to neighboring homes. >> houses are close to each other. we did have flames coming from the side of the house and continuing to both neighbors' houses. we were able to keep the fire out of both neighbor's houses. >> this fire is now under investigation. kiet do will have a live report coming up at 5:30. any minute, pg&e will start
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testing natural gas pipelines in mountain view and antioch, part of an effort to ensure safe operating pressures following that san bruno disaster. hydrostatic testing was scheduled to start in mountain view about now. they fill the pipe with water at high pressure and later this morning antioch workers will vent natural gas from a section of pipe that's to be tested. pg&e says there will be a slight smell of gas in the area for a short time but you should be fine. some bay area teachers say enough is enough and this morning, they will hold a rally in san francisco to kick off a week of protests to save education budgets. they will rally this morning at the state public utilities commission building and then head to sacramento to pressure lawmakers. they are trying to save teacher jobs. one educator from san jose says there are already five fewer class days at his san jose high school. >> if this budget becomes an
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all cuts budget, we could be having 20 days. that's a whole month of instruction that our students will be shorted. that's the type of consequence if we don't get these taxes continued. >> after several days of talking to legislators, teachers planned a large rally at the capital this friday. that is the day teacher layoff notices take effect. 5:06 on your monday. a little traffic and weather. kick it over to kristy. >> it was windy over the weekend, still breezy today but not as breezy as yesterday. a cool start to the morning but the system passed us to the east and we'll see showers in the central valley and in the sierra, slight chance of showers a little later on this afternoon in the east bay but definitely not going to be a full-on umbrella type day. temperatures as you step outside are chilly, 48 in concord and livermore, only 39 in napa, 48 for san francisco and 49 in pacifica and redwood city. high for today warmer than yesterday. 71 in fairfield, 68 for concord, 61 for the city, 67
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for san jose and for livermore. elizabeth has traffic. >> one lane is blocked eastbound 4 approaching loveridge towards somersville. they should be wrapping that up by 5:30 but right now there is no delay eastbound or westbound. sterling street on-ramp shut down until 6:00 this morning. west downed traffic into san francisco nice smooth ride. you can see mostly green on our sensors a little slow closer to san francisco. but overall not bad into san francisco right now. the san mateo bridge, this is our one wind advisory. chp issued a wind advisory across the span overnight. one for the benicia bridge, has expired. and the dumbarton bridge, no issues here. you can see some cars heading towards the toll plaza. nice smooth commute towards menlo park. that's your traffic and weather.
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back to you. >> thank you. it is 5:07. we are going to continue to follow that developing story of that security scare on board a flight that was headed for sfo. right here to san francisco. plus, president obama answering tough questions on the bin laden rate all coming up. >> it was the longest 40 minutes of my life. >> how he weighed the risks and the one moment in his life that was even more nerve-racking. >> plus, rising floodwaters moving dangerously close to homes in the south. the tough choice for those homeowners being told to get out. ,,
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it is 5:10. this morning, forecasters say the mississippi river could crest at memphis, tennessee a lot sooner than expected. and now they are saying it could be late tonight rather than tomorrow. officials are going door to door warning residents to get out. hundreds of homes have already been evacuated. and today, a spillway will be opened to ease pressure on levees in the new orleans area. these are live pictures in memphis. they are saying this could be the highest mississippi crest since 1937. president obama admits this were risks to his decision in ordering special forces to go after osama bin laden in pakistan last week. the president's comments were part of a very exclusive interview that aired last night on cbs' "60 minutes." it was focused on the decision- making process that led to a team of navy seals storming a compound and killing the al qaeda leader. the president said despite months of intelligence work,
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there was no way to determine beforehand that bin laden was actually inside that compound. >> there were big chunks of time in which all they were doing was just waiting and it was the longest 40 minutes of my life with the possible exception of when sasha got menke meningitis and i was waiting for the doctors to say she was all right. it was very tense. >> they said there was a support system in pakistan but it's not clear whether the pakistani government knew he was there. in other developments there are reports out of pakistan that several hundred taliban fighters helped a memorial service for bin laden today in the country's tribal region. and the obama administration is putting pressure now on pakistan to grant access to bin laden's three wives. it's part of an effort to learn more about the terror leader's activities. time now is 5:12. a south bay councilman comes
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clean. his apology after being busted for driving drunk. plus, holding on to a shred of hope. how bryan stow's mother describes her son's deteriorating condition. ,,,, ♪ you'll run outside ♪ i'll pass you by ♪ ♪ i want to see the sunshine
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a passenger with a passport from
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back now at 5:15. let's take a look at some of the top stories on this monday. a passenger with a pass for the from yemen is under arrest in san mateo county this morning. witnesses say the 28-year-old man tried to get into the cockpit of a plane last night while the flight from new york and chicago was on approach at sfo. passengers on board the san francisco-bound flight tackled the man. joint terrorism task force now investigating. right now contractors are boarding up windows at a home in oakley. firefighters spent all night on the house and they just cleared the scene. flames could be seen shooting from the second floor. nobody was hurt. and no word yet on a cause. and this morning, pg&e is testing natural gas pipeline in mountain view and antioch. it's all part of an effort to ensure safety operating pressures following that san bruno disaster. a test starting right about now in mountain view involves filling a section of pipe with water at high pressure. definitely saw some breezy
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cool conditions yesterday. and we are going to calm things down a little bit today. still seeing cool conditions out the door. temperatures running from the high 30s to the low 50s. partly cloudy conditions inland and at the bay and a little bit of patchy fog at the coast. but by this afternoon, starting to warm it up about 3 to 5 degrees more than what we saw yesterday. slight chance for some rain in the east bay but elsewhere, looking pretty good. sunny skies, a little bit of cloud cover, still a little breezy at the bay shores and at the coastline. right now we have that low passing through. we are going to see that mix of sun and clouds and still seeing some breezy conditions as i mentioned earlier but this afternoon, looking good. temperatures are going to be running in the mid-60s to the low 70s. 66 the high in cupertino, campbell and sunnyvale. 56 fremont. cooler in pacifica at 58 and 61 the high in daly city. walnut creek and pleasant hill both topping out at 67 today. cooler in oakland at 63. 64 the high in hayward and 67 in livermore. north bay 67 the high for
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vallejo and benicia. 71 for fairfield. 63 for san anselmo and san rafael. your extended forecast is showing sunnier skies tomorrow. and then wednesday we see a little more cloud cover and then a cooling trend into the end of the workweek. temperatures starting to drop down into the high 60s in the warmest places and this weekend a chance of showers back into the forecast. and at that point definitely cooler in the warmer spots, highs in the mid-60s. that's a look at weather. let's go to elizabeth now with a look at your traffic. >> okay, thank you, kristy. the benicia bridge is great. we had an earlier high wind advisory issued by chp but they cancelled that around 1 a.m. so right now you're good to go heading into martinez. and we have just learned that the eastbound lanes of highway 4 -- they were doing roadwork near loveridge, all lanes are re-opened across that stretch. so that's part of the highway 4 widen project they have been blocking lanes last week
5:19 am
through the stretch. bay bridge everything is fine on all the approaches. westbound 4 looks great down the eastshore freeway no delay. there should be roadwork on the lower deck. the sterling street on-ramp to eastbound 80 is closed until 6 a.m. not seeing any big delays though right now if you are heading into oakland. the san mateo bridge, the only thing we got going on now is a high wind advisory across the span so watch out for that. it is not causing any big delay between hayward and foster city. the right side of your screen, those taillights in the commute direction. westbound 92 no. roadwork in the south bay. overall traffic great. live look at conditions on northbound 280, by the 880 interchange. your drive along the peninsula fine problem-free this morning. and the marin county commute southbound 101 nice and light this morning from novato down towards the golden gate bridge. they should have just doesn't lane change but still a nice quick trip southbound 101 from highway 37 to 580. and mass transit, bart running
5:20 am
30 trains on time. ace train number one looks great. muni metro no problems. caltrain no problems. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. san jose city councilman calling his dui arrest over the weekend a terrible error in judgment. ash kaira was pulled over by a chp officer 1:30 sunday morning downtown. he was elected in 2008 and is the first indian american to serve on the city council. he is also a former public defender. he said yesterday, i'm deeply embarrassed by my actions and am prepared to take the full consequences for them. unquote. doctors cancelled planned surgery for bryan stow who remains in a coma after being attacked at a dodgers game five weeks ago. his mother spent mother's day by her son's bedside. doctors say the longer stow
5:21 am
stays in that vegetative state, the more likely he will remain that wa forever. his mother is hopeful although there is no sign of recovery. >> it was very odd. i was looking at his eyes to see if there was any movement like any dreaming or anything. and there is just nothing there. >> so far, there have been no arrests. the reward to catch his attackers is now up to $150,000. >> it amazes me, no one has turned those guys in, $150,000. a silicon valley upset, a new company named the world's most valuable brand in the top spot. there is already a change at the pump. how much gas prices are expected to plummet. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dry mouth is uncomfortable. it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. down. the decline started late last week. the national average for a gallon of regular now stands at dollars and 98-c gas price are going down. the decline started last week. the national average of a gallon of regular is 3.98. it's higher in the bay area. 4.32 in san francisco. and had .27 in oakland and san jose. >> i'm real skeptical about whether or not the prices are
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going down. if they do it's going to be 5 or 10 cents to make us feel good but i don't feel it's going to happen. >> i'm not a pessimist so i believe it, yes and it's coming down soon. >> some analysts say gas could drop as much as 50 cents a gallon by the end of june. something similar to the zipcar program might be coming to san jose. this month the city will start accepting bids to get into the car rental business. this program if approved would start with a fleet of five to ten cars. city employees would get first dibs before those cars are rented out. one silicon valley giant toppled another for the world's motion valuable brand. apple's brand value went up to $153 billion. cupertino-based company passed the previous number one that was google which saw its value drop 2%. it's now number 2 by the way. ibm, mcdonald's and microsoft
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round out your top 5. facebook playing a bigger role in how people get their news. according to a new pew study, the social networking site funneled an average of 3% of traffic to 21 major news sites that allow their data to be tracked. still, that's small potatoes cared with google which supplies about 30% of traffic to top news sites. 5:26. layoffs, furloughs, budget cuts, this morning how bay area teachers are trying to save their jobs. >> and one week later after the raid on osama bin laden's compound, one senator's four create a no ride list. a man tries to pound his way into the cockpit of a plane bound for sfo. what passengers did next to stop him. that's coming up. and a fire pretty much destroyed a home in oakley. who firefighters think may have been involved. it might have been a fight between two exes. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. ,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, everybody. it is monday, believe it or not. [ laughter ] >> we're here. >> we're all feeling it. it's may 9. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. you're here, too. thanks for joining us. your time coming up on 5:30. let's get you out the door with a quick look at traffic and weather. a bit breezy this weekend, but hey, i hear things are warming up. >> we are --
5:30 am
>> kristy seifkin joins us. >> we are going to warm up. we are going to see temperatures about 3 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. high of 61 for the city today. oakland topping out at 63. 67 in san jose and 68 in concord. we'll have the extended forecast and see how long that warming trend will last in a bit but first elizabeth has a check of traffic. >> thank you. we still have some roadwork on the lower deck of the bay bridge. various lanes blocked for another half hour or so as you approach the san francisco anchorage but we have learned that a couple of wind advisories including one for the san mateo bridge, they're gone, cancelled so we'll have much more traffic coming up in the next few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. a cockpit scare on a flight to san francisco. passengers actually tackled a man who was banging on the cockpit door. sharon chin is at sfo where the plane landed safely last night and has the very latest, sharon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, the man is in the san mateo county jail in redwood city charged with a
5:31 am
federal offense interfering with a flight crew. and fbi investigators are trying to find out more about this man. the man carrying a passport from yemen started banging on the cockpit door and yelling as an american airlines flight was about half hour from sfo. flight 1561 started in laguardia with more than 160 people on board when the man rushed the cockpit. two flight attendants and two passengers a retired san mateo police officer and a secret service agent, apparently pinned him to the ground and arrested him with the flight attendant's plastic handcuffs. we asked airport police with the suspect this morning. >> we know that he is a 28-year- old male subject. we do have his name also. there was information that he did possess a california identification card as well as a yemen passport. >> reporter: we have pictures here to share with you from twitter of the suspect he was
5:32 am
kept in first class until the plane landed at sfo. police say the suspect is rageit almurisi. they don't know the reason for his outburst. he was treated tow hospital for scrapes to the elbow before being taken to jail. none of the passengers or crew was injured. with all that, the flight landed safely on time after 9:00 last night and flight operations were not disrupted. but certainly this fbi investigation continues this morning. frank? >> sharon, you said that some flight attendants took part in the takedown. some passengers did as well, right? >> reporter: yes. there were two passengers. one was a retired police officer from san mateo and the other was a secret service agent. so glad they were on board >> i was going to say. they are lucky those two guys were up in first class. all right, sharon chin live in sfo, thank you. there were two other security scares on flights this weekend. a delta airline jet heading to san diego diverted to albuquerque yesterday. a passenger says a note was found in the bathroom with the
5:33 am
word bomb on it, although official would not confirm that. and then a continental flight from houston to chicago was forced to land in st. louis after a passenger tried to open a door during the flight. 5:33. a major fire overnight causing lots of damage to a home in contra costa county. that fire may be linked to a domestic dispute. let's go to kiet do live in oakley to explain. kiet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the contractor is here and he is busy boarding up the doors and windows with plywood and tells us the home on the 400 block of bayview drive here in oakley has about a quarter million dollars in damage but this thing is pretty much gutted. the roof is gone on the second floor. and this thing is ready to collapse in on itself. it looks like it may have appeared to have started between a fight -- between two husbands -- like a husband and wife, actually. this whole thing started yesterday apparently as a domestic dispute sometime at midnight this morning. that's when neighbors noticed flames shooting from the windows and roof of the house.
5:34 am
firefighters got here quickly. it went to two alarms. because these houses are close together there was a danger of the neighbors' houses catching on fire. so to keep that from happening, firefighters used a technique known as a water curtain. >> houses are pretty close to each other. we did have names coming from the side of the house impinging on both the neighbors's houses. we were able to keep the fire out of both neighbors's houses. >> reporter: you're looking at a window now that apparently would have looked into the attic but right now you can see sky behind it. that roof is pretty much gone. the fire is suspicious so fire investigators will be back later on this morning. so for now it looks like a fight between a husband and wife on the 400 block of bayview drive. >> thank you, kiet do in oakley this morning. pg&e set to start testing
5:35 am
natural gas pipeline in mountain view any melanoma now. this is all part of an effort to ensure safe operating pressures following the deadly san bruno disaster. hydrostatic testing is also scheduled to take place in antioch beginning at 9:00 today. this test involves filling a section of pipe with water at high pressure. let's get you caught up with traffic and weather. kristy seifkin joins us now, a little bit of a warm-up. >> three to five degrees. not bad. we'll take it after such a cool day and such windy conditions yesterday. you can see on our satellite that we actually have some showers to the east of us. that low pushed through to the east so no rain right here. we have a slight chance this afternoon of seeing some sprinkles into the east bay but nothing significant. that rain is going to be actually to the east of us in the central valley and seeing snow in the sierra, as well. cool this morning as you go out the door. 48 fairfield, 47 vallejo and concord, 51 fremont and 49 in pacifica and redwood city.
5:36 am
highs for today, low 60s to low 70s. 71 fairfield, 68 concord, 67 vallejo and livermore, 61 in the city. here's a look at your extended forecast. you can see we're actually going to start to cool down a little bit by the end of the week and some chance of showers by this weekend. that's a look at weather. let's check traffic with elizabeth. and let's see what i can tell you. the san mateo bridge we had an earlier wind advisory, that is now cancelled. so overall, we're doing pretty well on this monday morning. off to a nice start. here's live look, this camera is just past the toll plaza. commute direction westbound 92 taillights. no problems on the span. no wind advisory. south bay no major roadwork projects. guadalupe parkway, 101 from morgan hill, nice and quiet. and same thing on 280 and you can see your drive along the peninsula looks great into san francisco. central freeway great towards downtown san francisco. bart continues to churn out
5:37 am
more trains. now 42 all on time. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> monday light, we like it. president obama shedding more light on what happened at the white house as decisions were made lead together raid on osama bin laden's compound. terra mergener has more on his "60 minutes" interview and what's next in the fight against terror. >> reporter: president obama is demanding to know who helped osama bin laden hide in plain sight for years. >> we think that there had to be some sort of support network for bin laden inside of pakistan. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with cbs' "60 minutes" he called on pakistan to investigate but stopped short of accusing government officials of being involved. so far, the country has denied u.s. requests to question through of bin laden's widows. they are now in pakistani custody and could provide vital information on al qaeda. >> we have a chance to, i think, really deliver a fatal blow to this organization if we
5:38 am
follow through aggressively in the months to come. >> reporter: president obama acknowledged that some members of his national security team had doubts about the operation. after all, there was no photo or evidence to prove bin laden was even in the compound. >> at the end of the day, this was still a 55/45 situation. i mean, we could not say definitively that bin laden was there. had he not been there, then there would have been significant consequences. >> reporter: but he was there. and intelligence officials are now going through the largest cache of data ever from one single terrorist including these videotapes that offer a behind-the-scenes look at bin laden. they show him watching himself on tv and rehearsing his infamous propaganda speeches. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> riveting interview! unbelievable stuff. well, there is talk of a no ride list on amtrak now to thwart potential terror attacks.
5:39 am
senator charles schumer of new york wants the department of homeland security to expand a program for airlines to include rail travels. it cross checks travelers with the watch list. evidence seized at bin laden's compound indicated discussions about a possible attack on trains in the united states sometime this year. a san jose city councilman is apologizing now after being arrested for dui. ash karai pulled over by a chp officer yesterday downed. he was elected in 2008. he was the physical indian- american to serve on the city council. he said he is prepared to take the full consequences of his action. kaira was arrested. he will be holding a rally in san francisco to cook off a week of protests aimed at state education. they will go to sacramento to pressure legislators. they are trying to save teacher
5:40 am
jobs and stop cancellation of more class days. they plan to rally at the capital in friday. finally some good news. time now 5:39. a double-take at the pumps but this time gas prices are going down. >> whoo. >> how about that. how much less you could be paying by the summertime coming up. >> just in time for vacation. and google needs more buildings for all the new people it's hiring. the plan for a cutting edge complex in mountain view. ,, san francisco. a place with natural beauty and a forward-thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today, we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country,
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more opportunities happen.
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a major fire in huntington park. there was a report of an explosion about 7 or 8 minutes breaking news in southern california right now. a major fire in huntington park. there was a report of an explosion about 7 or 8 minutes ago. no word on what caused it.
5:43 am
>> crews are using water cannons to try to fight it. there is so much smokes it can be seen from the l.a.x. airport. there are no evacuation. we'll keep you updated. for a look at bay area weather running cool this morning as we start the day. a little bit of clouds out there, a shot from our roof cam. you can see the sun coming up. sunrise 6:05 this morning but clear for the most part. it's going to be a nice day through the afternoon but this morning, cool start. and we are seeing patchy fog along the coastline, as well. as we make our way into the afternoon, we are going to warm up a little bit three to five degrees warmer than yesterday a slight chance of showers in the east bay as we see the system passing to the east. we'll hang on to a little bit of cloud cover into the afternoon. temperatures a little warmer though. you can see here on satellite that's a low to the east passing through. this area of high pressure will be building in bringing us a little bit warmer weather for tomorrow. but for today, your highs look
5:44 am
like this. 65 for mountain view, 66 in sunnyvale, 62 in san mateo. 66 in milpitas and in morgan hill. in the east bay similar temperatures. 67 in danville, breaking into low 70s, 70 for pittsburg, 71 antioch and 72 in brentwood. cooler by the bay, 60 for alameda, 63 berkeley and for richmond. up into the north bay seeing 63 as a high for kentfield and for san rafael. 62 for mill valley. 68 sonoma and napa, 71 fairfield. our extended forecast is showing those mostly sunny skies for today. breezy and tuesday warming up a bit clouds back in the picture on wednesday and then we start to cool down by the end of the week and you will see this next weekend chance of rain back into the forecast. that's a look at weather. let's check traffic with elizabeth. and we have had a good commute so far on this monday morning. live look near mill valley southbound traffic on 101 you're crewing from novato down
5:45 am
towards the waldo grade if you are commuting towards the golden gate bridge. we have doesn't lane change but no delay across the span. westbound 4 starting to see our first bit of brake lights from hillcrest towards railroad. heading to concord not too bad. sensors green meaning top speeds approaching highway 242. sluggish conditions now a few brakes lights out of the altamont pass. again not really impacting your drive time. 15 minutes not too bad from the altamont pass out towards 680 and the dublin interchange so usual slowdowns there. we are starting to see some delays in some of the cash lanes again no big deal right now and on the lower deck they should be wrapping up roadwork shortly three right lanes closed on eastbound 80 into oakland until about 6:00 this morning. also the sterling street on- ramp to eastbound 80 also closed until about 6:00. again, except for these slight delays approaching the bay
5:46 am
bridge toll plaza, westbound traffic across the upper deck looks good. here's the san mateo bridge. starting to get busier in the westbound lanes of 92 in the commute direction. we had an earlier high wind advisory that chp issued for the san mateo bridge. that's now gone, cancelled. you can see our caltrans warning sign not lit. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. let's take a check of today's top stories. the fbi and tsa investigating a security scare on an american airlines flight heading to san francisco. a passenger who got on in new york tried to storm the cockpit last night. he is now under arrest this morning. the man had a california identification card and passport from yemen. a fast-moving fire in oakley causing major damage to a two-story home last night and it may have been the result of
5:47 am
a domestic dispute between a man and his ex-wife. that fire went to two alarms but firefighters kept the flames from spreading to nearby homes. and more homes being evacuated as the mississippi river rises toward record flood levels at memphis, tennessee. the river is expected to crest there overnight tonight. officials are going door to door to warn people to get out of low-lying areas. all right, sydnie. it is 5:47 now. right now pg&e is getting ready to test natural gas pipeline in mountain view to ensure safe operating pressures following the san bruno disaster. joining us live now this morning, brian swanson a spokesman for pg&e. brian, good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us about the process. what's going on today? >> we're going to hydrotest our pipeline in mountain view 24" mile and a half segments and we fill the pipe completely with water. we want to make sure all the air is remove from the pipe and then increase pressure. we have to add an additional
5:48 am
amount of water into the pipe. water is not compressible so a small amount to increase pressure in the pipe. we'll increase to 600 pounds. normally it operates at less than 400 pounds which is its maximum allowing operating pressure so again this work is to validate safe operating pressures on our pipeline. >> how about the residents, how will it affect them and their service today? >> well, service is being delivered by an alternative route so service is not impacted to any customers in the neighborhood. and customers, you know, we didn't expect there to be any problems but, you know, if there were a leak it would be similar to a water main leak and there might be some minor flooding in the neighborhood. we have crews on standby ready to respond to any leaks if they occur and ready for clean-up. >> we understand some residents might smell a slight odor of gas but that's to be expected, i guess, right? >> that's not going to happen today. that was work we did last week before we put water into the
5:49 am
pipe. we need too remove all the natural gas from the pipe. so we vented the pipe last week a few days ago and when we do this work in other parts of the bay area through this year, we are going to notify customers ahead of time when we're removing gas from the lines so they will be aware of any gas odor in the neighborhood. >> okay. brian swanson, hey, we wish you well today, brian, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> okay. gasoline prices are taking a dip after 44 straight days of increases and that could be just the beginning of prices actually going down for the summer. national average for a gallon of regular now stands at 3.98. of course, higher here in the bay area. 4.32 in the city. >> i'm skeptical. if they go down it will be 5 or 10 cents to make us feel good but it won't happen. >> i'm not a pessimist. i believe it's coming down
5:50 am
soon. >> some say it could go down 50 cents a gallon by june. google looking to be cutting edge and environmentally-friendly friendly as it adds new buildings in mountain view. the company you see is running out of room. they are leasing land from the city by shoreline boulevard. the "mercury news" says they have hired a german architecture firm that has a global reputation for green designs >> the earlier the better, what pregnant women should do before the month of november. >> his eyes to see if there was any movement or any dreaming and there is nothing there. >> loved ones remaining strong for bryan stow. the injured giants fan, the grim outlook doctors gave about his recovery. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news this out of southern california. crews on the scene of a major
5:51 am
fire. you see it here. reports of an explosion in southern california, as well. another update coming up in just two minutes. stay with us. any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing. [ magical chime ] ♪ [ people cheering ] [ girl ] whoo hoo! hey marcel, watch this! [ buzzer sounds ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marcel! -hey marcel! are you listening to me? marcel! [ male announcer ] only at&t u-verse lets you follow your favorite channels on one screen.
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5:54 am
california. take a look. live pictures from the scene. a major fire in huntington park, los angeles county. this is just south of l.a. reports coming in about 15 minutes ago about an explosion. but at this point, we don't know what may have caused it or what sort of building this is right now. >> there is quite a fuel source there because we still have flames. this has been going on for a half hour now. they are using water cannons. no evacuations. they may become inevitable if something happens. >> there are homes nearby so we'll be continuing to watch this. this is huntington park just
5:55 am
south of l.a. it is 5:54 now. doctors have cancelled planned surgery for bryan stow. he remains in a coma after being attacked at a dodgers game back in march. doctors say the longer he stays in a vegetative state the more likely he will stay that way. no arrests. the reward is up to $150,000. the pressure is on for the san jose sharks, to failed to eliminate the red wings in the stanley cup play-offs. >> detroit rally lid fordetroit rallied for the comeback victory. their lead is now down to one, 3 games to 2. game 6 tomorrow night in detroit. go sharks. >> come on, sharks. so close yet so so far away. >> not many teams lost off a 3- 0 lead. >> they just need to win one. >> they can do it.
5:56 am
>> yup. we had a little change in the weather. a little overcast for mother's day but everyone enjoyed it nonetheless. >> it was still a pretty day. >> absolutely. >> we are going to warm up a little bit later on this afternoon about 3 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday but we'll take what we can get. low 70s inland, continuing to see some cloud cover and then we'll warm up nicely for tuesday. high 70s in the warmest spots and then clouds return to the picture on wednesday. cooling trend then starts for thursday and friday. and you will see by saturday chance of showers back in the forecast. we'll have a better idea when those will hit us later on in the week. >> traffic is dullesville! [ laughter ] >> we like that on a monday morning. we are off to a great start on this monday morning. we actually are starting to see a few brake lights approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are off. slight delays in the cash lanes. a lot better news for the san mateo bridge. we had an earlier wind advisory and that's been cancelled so
5:57 am
everything is good to go. >> boring monday, huh? >> kickback. >> this is a good way to start a monday. >> it is. >> no drama, no stress. we like that. >> for sure. >> enjoy that extra cup of coffee. >> exactly. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. it is 5:57 now. in the next half hour, president obama going one on one following the death of osama bin laden. his fear the terrorist wasn't inside the compound. >> a man with a passport from yemen rushes a cockpit on a plane bound for san francisco. what some passengers did next, coming up. and a fire destroys a home in oakley. we are hearing from neighbors that it may have started as a battle between a husband and wife. i'm kiet do with live report coming up.
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