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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 10, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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craig: nope, you can't top a hiccup farting cat. good night, everybody. good night. [cheers and applause] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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the soul- you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in lie definition. >> late tonight, the schwarzeneggers decide to separate. the soul-searching plea from the former first lady. the advice she wants people to give her. since of the father haunting the sons and daughters. why more prisoners will be ratting out their family members without even saying a word. >> the rental market is really hot. >> two factors send bay area rents through the roof. what lenders can do now to save money later. we haven't seen this kind of rent growth since the go go years. >> good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken. we begin with news about arnold southward and maria shriver. apparently they have separated.
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>> according to the los angeles times shriver has already moved out of their brentwood mansion. last month was their 25th wedding anniversary. in a joint statement they said this has been a time of great personal and professional transition for each of us. after a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion and prayer, we came to this decision together. in this youtube video posted in march shriver wasn't wearing a wedding ring and alluded to uncertainty she felt about the next phase in her life. >> i like a lot of you i'm in transition, people come up to me, what are you gonna do, i hope you're getting time to relax and think and take a break. it's so stressful to not know what you're doing next when people ask you what are you doing and then they can't believe that you don't know what you're doing and then they are giving you advice, maybe i shouldn't do that, what are the
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three things that enabled you to get through your transition. after you transitioned what do you wish you would have known? i wrote a book, 10 things i wish i would have known before i went out into the real world. tell me some things you wish you would have known before you transitioned, that would help me. >> she has a history of sexual misconduct allegations with women, but during his election campaign shriver defended him. the l.a. times says since schwarzenegger left office it has seemed that the couple has lived separate lives. they have four children. even with california's budget problems the state is pumping more money into a crime fighting program that has had remarkable success solving cold cases. it uses family members to catch criminals. but those family members don't even know they are helping police. >> reporter: a 23-year-old barista arrived for work here at the kind grind coffee shop in march of 2008 when she was
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attacked at knifepoint, sexually assaulted and locked into a freezer. >> this was a very substantial crime for our community, tore through the fabric of our community. >> reporter: at the time the police generated this composite drawing of this suspect and devoted the full resources of the department towards solving this crime with no success. >> in the end after about a year's investigation we exhausted all investigative leads. >> reporter: so the santa cruz police department then made a request to the department of justice asking that familial dna be used to help solve this case. >> what that meant was if we had a like strain of dna from a family member they would come up with a similar hit. >> reporter: in november of last year a state lab in richmond found a familial link between that and a man in jail over auto charges. they spent 5 months tracking and eventually arresting this man. elvis garcia ever.
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it was his father's dna and a crime hundreds of miles away that led detectives to him. >> i doubled the amount of resources we're puting into this technology and science. >> reporter: attorney general kamala harris says she is stepping up familial test to go try to clear a backlog of unsolved cases while opponents say it can unfairly cast suspicion on a suspect's relatives who have done nothing wrong. harris is not convinced. >> i think it's a false choice to suggest that we have to choose between civil rights and civil liberties or public safety. we can have both. and, to that end, it's important, then, to do as we have done, to put in place protocols to ensure that individuals' civil rights and civil liberties are respected. >> joaquin county but santa cruz police say they don't need any more convincing. >> it's a big win for not only us but the community. >> reporter: mark sayier, cbs news 5.
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we're hearing from men who passengers say tried to storm into the cockpit of a san francisco to chicago flight yesterday. he was apparently having trouble finding a job in the bay area after coming from yemen a year and a half ago. his family is sure of one thing. >> his family says 28-year-old raga alma easy is a math teacher, not a terrorist. but something happened on american airlines flight 1561 that made him snap. >> i noticed this guy in the very last row sort of fidget agenciy, not comfortable, didn't know if he didn't belong there. >> reporter: they say he is a yemeni citizen who has a california id card made a beeline for the front and tried to open the cockpit door. that's when two former law enforcement officers who happened to be on the plane jumped into action. a retired secret service agent and a retired san mateo police
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officer helped flight attendants wrestle him to the floor and put him in handcuffs. this is what the pilot told the sfo tower. >> we're going to need a priority handling on our arrival, we have a major conflict here. american 1561 -- >> 1561, your approach, maintain 6,000, say again the last thing you said. >> down to 6,000 and we night priority. >> reporter: and drew way took these cell phone pictures. during the struggle everyone started unbuckling their seatbelts but were told to sit down. >> at that point we saw handcuffs and the second applause was when the plane actually landed. >> reporter: he is being investigated for possible terrorist ties but his cousin says it's all a big misunderstanding. >> i really can't say what he was thinking at the time but i know he was not a terrorist for sure. >> reporter: now he is being charged with interfering with
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the flight crew and he will be in a san francisco courtroom tomorrow. dana? >> elizabeth cook at sfo. thank you. a week after u.s. forces killed osama bin laden tonight it looks like pakistan is taking some revenge against the c.i.a. meantime a pakistani political leader acknowledges his country has a problem of trust. as elizabeth palmer reports. >> reporter: prime minister yousef ga lanny faced parliamentary to discuss how they could have missed both bin laden and the u.s. raid that killed him. >> they serve no purpose. >> reporter: there was an intelligence failure but no collusion with al queda. >> reporter: allegations of complicity and incompetence are absurd. >> reporter: simple denials aren't enough. pakistan's political opposition like the u.s. wants to see a thorough investigation of the
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whole fiasco. can you describe what you think the biggest blow is to pakistan from this raid to kill bin laden. >> well the most serious fall- out, apart from feeling the worst humiliation ever, is our credibility. no one will trust what pakistan says any more. >> reporter: they didn't trust pakistan when seals raided the bin laden's hide out without spelling the isi intelligence service. now the isi is on the defensive. the three women who used to live here are in pakistani custody. the ci all. would like to question them but it took the isi a week to say "yes." and then there was this. a report in the pakistani media that outed a senior c.i.a. operative in pakistan, apparently an attempt to blow his cover. so far there has been no reaction from the american ebb and it's far from clear who leaked this information but
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it's widely seen to have been an angry and humiliated isi taking revenge on the c ever c.i.a. with the best will in the world pakistan was a prickly partner in fighting terrorism. last week's raid has torpedoed that good will and left the whole partnership in jeopardy. elizabeth palmer, islamabad. mississippi river expected to crest tonight at 48 feet, that is just shy of its all- time high. the rising water is impacting 8 states but memphis is getting the worst of it right now. homes in low-lying areas of that city are swamped and hundreds of people have been forced to evacuate. outside of new orleans the army corps of engineers opened floodgates to try to relieve pressure on the levees. checking headlines around the bay area, a battle over the planned expansion of the oakland zoo. the zoo wants to expand 60 acres to showcase new exhibits about animals now extinct in
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california as well as restoring natural hab stats. but some environmental groups say that they are concerned that the plan would destroy some natural resources. san francisco is about to start giving electricity away. drivers will be able to hook up their electric vehicles for free to an all-city-owned charging station around the area. the offer is good through 2013. there will be city-owned garages, sfo and some libraries for a total of 80 stations by the end of the year. the first ones go in next month. and in oakland tonight, lots of proud parents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles. robert liles on the kids who prove, yes, they can. >> reporter: the red carpet was here and so were the throngs of people. with their thunderous applause some fighting back tears. >> like every awards ceremony i'm probably somewhere databasing some tears. >> reporter: but statues dipped
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in gold is not what these nominees walked away with tonight. despite performances sure to garner a best actress nod. >> the boy, you have turned back. >> reporter: these were ce rebound ral awards. >> questions you had to do work on, questions you could do in your brain, but all around it wasn't that hard. >> reporter: row jay johnson and joshua ford johnson are two fifth graders. >> it wasn't that hard. it was easy. it was like only 1 question. >> reporter: both tested perfect scores for math and language on the state's standardized exam the cst. >> too often we look at them from a problematic and it was important for us to recognize the brilliance. >> reporter: that is what it's about, honoring african- american students for their achievement. in a city where violence is too common, all to often school age. >> i was already really good in
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math so i really did my best and i got a perfect score. >> reporter: the hope to repaint that picture. the more than 1,000 oakland kids representing 39 schools were award recipients. either by consistently besting a 3.0gpa or perfect standardized test scores. but parents say it's still an uphill battle. >> when we received the information he got the perfect score on his cst that blue my mind and i was a little heartbroken that there had been no recognition from his school. >> reporter: congresswoman barbara lee says despite the academic success she says there is still. >> it exists in our community. >> reporter: they hope to close that one award at a time. robert liles, cbs5. well, never have the golden have a inches attempted arches tried to look so cool.
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i think we have it. the snapshot discount. new, huge, and only from progressive. you might prices in the bay area rental market are going way up. you might expect the soft housing market to be the reason, and that is part of it, but it's not the whole story. grace lee has the big picture
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and the one thing an economist says every local renter should consider doing. >> the rental market is really hot. >> reporter: red hot says realtor jackie tom. take this $5,000 a month rental in san francisco. jackie said she will have no problem unloading it. >> so 5,000, 6,000, lower-end properties, we have felt a huge increase in rents and number of people searching for housing. >> nice big closets here. >> reporter: prices are high and are projected to go up in double-digit percentage points for the next year. victor cal eye nothing is the economist for reese. a company that tracks trends. >> the kind of spike we're experiencing right now is fairly unprecedented. we haven't seen this kind of rent growth since the to go years of '99 and 2000 during the tech boom. >> reporter: so what's pushing prices higher? a perfect storm of real estate
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conditions. this phenomenon not just happening in san francisco. oakland is seeing higher rents but at a slower pace. here in san jose they have some of the lowest vacancy rates in the nation, top 4 according to phones magazine, and here in the bay area, more so than san francisco. would be homeowners are gobbling up a fair share of rentals. >> we were look to go buy a house when we first got back. >> reporter: bryce dunwoody moved back to the bay area from france. he has a good-paying tech job, was willing to put 30% down, and the banks still turned him down repeatedly for a home loan. >> the banks are fairly risk- adverse now. is. >> reporter: he is not alone. tight credit markets are forcing many to rent. others are scared in another buyer's realm. the foreclosure crisis means they've they are wean underwater or know someone who has. >> instead of going through the
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pain and agony of the foreclosure you you have a 30- day notice to move. >> reporter: it is driving some people to rent. college graduates who doubled up in apartments or lived at home with their parents are now moving out on their own. >> reporter: >> now that the pendulum has swung and the job market has improved they admit they don't like their roommates all that much or don't like living in their parents' basement as much as they used to. >> reporter: recent research showed there was also a sudden drop in the housing supply. remember, construction came to a near standstill when the economy tanked in 2009. >> no new project is going to open its doors until late 2012 or so which means that inventory growth for 2011 and most of next year has basically been cut by 2/3. >> reporter: with rents trending upwards a last piece of advice from reese. lock in your rate for the next two years. in san francisco, grace lee cbs5.
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edecorate the world's best known restaurant is getting a $1 billion makeover. mcdonald's. it hopes to redecorate most of its 14,000 u.s. locations by the end of 2015. the company is replacing those fiberglass tables and steal chairs with wooden tables and more comfortable leather seating. color schemes are changing too, expect muted orange, yellows and even some green. mcdonald's wants to make the restaurants feel more comfortable so customers are more likely to hang out when they are done eating. >> all right. roberta is talking about change for the weekend. even though it's only monday? >> you did not go there? >> i did. >> she is already thinking about the weekend. >> i'm sorry. high in the sky, chopper 5 above the bright lights of san jose across the santa clara veil. we see clear skies this evening after a high of 69 degrees. that's down from the advertised 74 degrees, wow, doesn't that look beautiful this evening?
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in san jose, in willow glen actually, one of those bedroom communities right off lincoln avenue where i used to have dinner quite often when i lived in san jose, 52 degrees, humidity at 82%, winter non- existent falling down to 46 degrees overnight tonight. mid-40s across the central bay and 44 degrees in santa rosa. tomorrow morning's commute you might want that light jacket. the winds will be non-existent until the afternoon hours. this is really interesting. this area of low pressure right here produced up to 5" of snow down at 5,000 feet in the greater lake tahoe area alone. now it's spilling rain showers around the los angeles basin, rain showers around norwalk. that is out of here, now on its heels we have high pressure quickly filling in, us that the breezy conditions up stream, an area of low pressure for your seven-day forecast but first tomorrow's daytime high 60 to happen 6 degrees.
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a little bit more seasonal an warmer than today. we'll have three days in a row with bright sunshine. clouds fill in friday. we'll call it partly cloudy. mostly cloudy both days with daily chances of rain showers by at least saturday afternoon through sunday, then cloud cover on monday with the return of sunshine by tuesday. my pick tonight was sent to us by grey kitchen, the kids are out and about getting a little exercise. greg, we thank you, keep the pictures coming to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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brought to you by kaiser permanent then take. live well, be well and thrive. well the rain came and then it went but it seems that the potholes are here to stay, or are they? tommy redwood city wants to know what is caltrans doing about the thousands of potholes on bay area freeways. it's tonight's good question. overtime in the offs tonight..i'm dod.. the bay area received over 120% of its normal annual rainfall this winter. and all that water had to go
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somewhere. >> you have a heavy rainfall, you know, the tires on a vehicle actually press the water into the pavement and, you know, that pressing the water down in, that's what really exacerbates things and makes the potholes happen a lot more quickly and a lot more severely. >> caltrans crews like this one have spent every day for weeks just trying to repair the damage caused by the winter rains. this stretch of 580 near livermore is full of holes. >> we're familiar with the roads, we get a number of complaints from the public. >> the caltrans crews say you can always tell where the worst potholes are by looking for hub caps. they come flying off the minute you hit these craters. filling these things can be a hair-raising experience. workers just inches away from already impatient motorist and this could be going on all over the bay area for months. >> about 10 minutes, that's about as long as you want to press your luck because any more than 10 minutes traffic is
2:04 am
start to go back up and people are starting to get angry and impatient. so we want to keep the inconvenience down to a minimum. >> go to, click on connect to send me your good question. we have a triple overtime game in the nba playoffs.
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for bumping an umpire..but ling, slugger josh willingham was supposed to be suspended today
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for bumping an umpire but willingham appealed the ruling so he was in the lineup and that was a great thing for oakland. third inning, in bush country josh willingham with two men aboard against c.j. wilson with two outs, a three- run jack. he drove in a season-high 5 runs. plenty for that guy. trevor cahill was so good they couldn't grip their own bats. he became the first starter, they win 7-2. the pack 12 agreed to a 12- year 3 billion-dollar tv contract. i asked cal athletic director sandy barber if that revenue could have been used to save the five sports that eventually raised money to save themselves? couldn't cal have used that revenue to save the sports that had to save themselves? we knew that the new media contract was down the road for us. we had that money in the model when we made that decision. >> you made the cuts knowing that you were going to get this money and that, even the new money, wouldn't have been able
2:08 am
to save the sport. >> we calculated that the new money would be about 4 million and had that in our financial model and still needed to make these cuts. >> then he said the 21 million a year is not an accurate figure. novak jokeovich is making a joke at tennis. rafael nadal beat him in straight sets. he extended his unbeaten to 32 in a row. that brings us to the state of american tennis. for the first time since the ranking system began 38 years ago there are no americans ranked in the top 10. an american doesn't appear until 11. where have you gone joe mcenroe. how can you have your pudding if you don't beat the heat? the arrow is on miami's chris bosh. lebron james misses, bosh with a tip-in. she caught one more fish than i did this past weekend.
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nashville fans throwing catfish on the ice. maxie rodriguez with the rifle. even more impressive his third of the game. thunder, they send the game to double overtime, the thunder eventually win in triple overtime. that series is tied. at number 1, yuniesky betancourt, backhand, rickie weeks bare hands it, rivals the first double play, they beat the padres 6-4. they used to do that all the time. >> wow. >> you can't have your pudding if you ,,


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