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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 12, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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automobiles? apparently more than just a couple months ago and new cars aren't a bargain either. selling used cars isn't what it used to be these days it is much better. >> kind of the reverse of housing right now. if you're selling a house right now it is a tough deal. if you're buying a house you're getting a pretty good deal. >> reporter: steve hayeworth says he has hardly seen a time like this in 33 years in the automotive business. the earthquake and tsunami has slowed the pipeline of new japanese cars in the marketplace and people weren't buying many cars in the past several years because of the recession so there are fewer used cars to be had. now that there is a market there is little supply. >> people will be paying a little bit more for their new cars because of lack of supply but they are going to be getting substantially more for their used cars because of the greater lack of supply. >> and if you're selling a used car on your own where you can probably get much more money than selling it to a dealer one survey finds prices can be 16%
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higher than blue book. sometimes the same care is worth more now than a year ago especially those with good gas mileage. that's good for sellers bad for buyers. >> every time we turn around -- i understand the economy but give us a break somewhere. >> he just happens to be buying at the height of the market. >> reporter: if anything, it is not any used car. has to get good gas mileage. they say for every dollar increase in gas prices a car with good gas mileage goes up about 15%. so i don't know that gas prices can go up a dollar more. >> let's hope not. thank you, mike. great story. mike sugerman. in an epic battle silicon valley giants facebook admits it hired some big guns to trash talk google. facebook today said it contracted a top public relations firm to pitch negative stories about google to newspapers and journalists across the country. facebook says it wanted to show that the world's largest search engine has questionable
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policies over user privacy. the social networking site denies it was a smear campaign. no comment tonight from google. so what's going on? is it a case of the pot and kettle calling each other the same thing. we are joined by brian cooley. i son like a "saturday night live" show. when they complain about a lack of privacy on the part of the other. >> google has half a leg and facebook doesn't have any. facebook exposes all this personal information that we volunteer by using the system. that's how it works. it is not a fault but the way that they have made it so complicated to control it is ironic for them to be going this direction. >> so what exactly is facebook complaining about here? >> they say google is scraping in the business. they are going into and searching your social networks. what we call the social graph and pulling that information into your google interface when you log into google. in other words, they are letting you attach to your social network without having to necessarily use facebook as much and that's a competitive
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issue. >> it is competitive. they want to take out market share. >> no one is concerned about your privacy here much let's be serious. this is about getting market share in two super hot areas and one is social and the other is the advertising market. >> because facebook has the social. >> they own it. >> they are the brand known for social. google has been a monster on advertising. i mean, there is nothing like it on internet history. facebook is rivalling it now as an advertising magnet. >> so when facebook statement says no smear campaign intended whether is one upmanship going on here at the very least. >> at the very least. and there is nothing here that is illegal but it is just dirty pool. you see it in the business of technology where you'll find that one company will seed the clouds for negative about another company and they are often doing the same thing. >> as a user of either one of them what am i supposed to do. >> realize what these companies are dealing with is part of the future. neither will shrivel up.
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what you do socially is available for sites to pick up on. the way of the future. understand the way that this stuff works. go look at your facebook privacy settings right now and uncheck, if you haven't already, and uncheck the stuff that may surprise you that you are already sharing that other sites can see. google and others. >> cnet's brian cooley. thank you so much. >> thank you, gentlemen. well, first, their plant closed down and 4700 people lost their jobs. now some are saying that they are not getting what they were promised on the way out. linda yee is in fremont with why some former muni workers feel they are being short changed. linda? >> reporter: dana, it is like a punch in the stomach for those people that lost their jobs at that plant over a year ago. they say what they were promised was help in paying their cobra insurance premium. well, so far no one has seen a dime. james lost his job at the muni plant a year ago. besides trying to find work he has been battling cobra medical
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insurance problems. >> they should have reimbursed me at the beginning and they never did. i would keep calling them at least weekly. at least once a week. sometimes daily. >> reporter: as part of the severance deal for the 4700 workers about half of chamberlin's monthly insurance payments would be reimbursed by the insurance administrators. he figures they owe him $7700. what makes it tougher the call center he is directioned to is out of the country. >> call them. you're calling into india and they are reading from a script. and it is very frustrating. >> reporter: job training and referral counselors at the muni resource center say the reimbursements should have started after 30 days. that was a year ago. >> a lot of clients opted out. >> because they couldn't afford it? >> they couldn't afford it. >> reporter: so besides the stress of unemployment many have decided to drop their medical insurance.
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chamberlin says that's next for him. he has already gone through his savings. >> could last another month or so if i'm lucky. >> and after that you're going to stop making health payments? >> no, i won't do that. probably discontinue the health insurance. have to pay for the house. >> reporter: with unemployment in double digits and money running out stress levels are high. >> the fact that the individual is under duress at this point. and in trying to get this unemployment insurance most are only getting $450 a week in conjunction with other fees and who knows, rent, car payments, other credit issues that they may have. so that is unfortunate this is happening. >> reporter: we tried to contact the insurance company several times. we did call the congressman that represents this district. dana, he says he will step in and try to do anything he can to help these workers. >> good. we would love to report it when
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that happens. lind linda yee, thank you. a nasty collision. the force of the impact was so strong the windshield of the bus was blown out. it happened late this afternoon at 5th avenue and foothill. witnesses say the driver of the van ran a red light. the 40-line bus slammed into the van and sent it spinning. the bus driver was injured by the flying glass. no word though on the severity of other injuries. the tanker truck accident caused monumental gridlock all afternoon on a freeway in the east bay. this is how that backup looked just about one hour ago. now, it was just before 1 p.m. this afternoon. this truck overturned on 880 in oakland and spilled thousands of gallons of fuel. took crews nearly four hours to get the spill cleaned up and reopened. updating a story we brought you yesterday. today the california transportation commission allocated $58 million to
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transit improvement projects around the state. one of the local upgrades to benefit from the funding, a $10 million extension of car pool lanes along interstate 680 to route 84 in santa clara county. cal-trans hopes in addition to upgrading the infrastructure the projects will also create some jobs. >> bell, go to the park and appear on camera. you know the concerns. why one bay area city says privacy trumps security. new exclusive allegations. running a brothel and then busting others, busting up the competition. not raising eyebrows any more so why are similar ads targeting women not making it ontoo television. we will eskimo them to you and let you decide if there is a double standard. ,,,,,,
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violence. ected shooter ha a deadly shooting at san jose state university parking garage may have been the result of domestic violence. the suspected shooter has been identified. police say that the 55-year-old shot and killed his 25-year-old wife cindy and 26-year-old kyle williams as the two of them sat inside the maryland couple's car tuesday night. he then turned the gun on himself. the victims were both business students and graduating seniors at the university. >> we tell folks to reach out to the people around them, their loved ones, families, friends. to check in. it is a good time to do tot today but it is a good time always. >> as sad and tragic as it is it is a relief to know it wasn't a random act of violence. >> the professor for both of the students says that they worked on projects together but were not involved in a romantic
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relationship. the same professor says williams was also married and devoted to his wife. smile, you're on camera. an east bay city is installing two motion sensor cameras to tray to cut crime at local parks. but neighbors worry it is just another sign big brother is watching. >> reporter: dana, these are much more than just your average security camera. these $6000 devices don't just take your picture if you trespass in the park after hours. they also talk to you. lotterier late at night in this creek side park and you will likely see a flash first then hear a voice from high above. >> the park is closed. your picture has just been taken and will be forwarded to the brentwood police department. >> reporter: minutes later your image will be uploaded to a city computer. the latest weapon in a battle against a persistent park problem. >> just that the kids are staying out too late. you know. spending time over in that area
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smoking, smoking pot. >> reporter: the lotteriering has led to everything from grafitti to gang problems and to stop it brentwood police have installed a couple of these cameras combined with motion sensors and a speaker box all in one. >> leave the park immediately. >> this tells them, you know, audibly they are not supposed to be in the park and need to leave. >> reporter: then the device snaps several rapid pictures. >> people will look up to see where the voice is coming from and takes another picture immediately. >> reporter: from as far away as 200 feet and look at how detailed the pictures are. sure you can see the officer in the picture clearly but look closer that small sign on the fence is legible from 100 feet. >> so far it has been great. gotten very positive feedback from the neighbors and people who live in the area. >> i think they are getting a little over anxious on the whole thing. >> reporter: some neighbors say it feels like big brother is watching. >> a double-edged sword. we are glad to have hopefully some guarantee of increased security but we are giving up
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privacy. >> reporter: the aclu of northern california has expressed similar concerns but police say the cameras are on public property and will only be activated when the park is closed. >> i don't see how thecu will have a problem with that. >> reporter: neighbors can only hope criminals will get the picture. police bought these are a law enforcement grant. they say they are going to test them out for a while, see how they work and think about buying more. dana? >> all right. thank you. another twist in a case of a disgraced cop accused in a section trade and drug scandal. tonight cbs5 has learned that he is also accused of trying to bolster his business by getting rid of the competition. joe vazquez has the story you'll see only on cbs5. joe? >> reporter: allen, the allegations come from allegations come from chris butler. he told state investigators
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that norman wielsch was helping him run this place as a brothel and run off others nearby. it is an empty office space now but months ago this was the brothel private investigator chris butler claims he ran with his cop friend norman wielsch. now cbs5 has learned investigators are checking into allegations that norman wielsch was also shutting down other area brothels to eliminate the competition. a narcotics task force in contra costa county which also acted as a vice squad for the county conducting numerous undercover operations to shut down houses of prostitution. first it was drugs. butler and. norman wielsch already faced dozens of counts each after admitting to stealing and selling the drugs. now allegations of prostitution. >> that's disgusting. >> reporter: pleasant hills police chief saying when neighbors complained about the business on gregory lane the protocol was to refer the calls to norman wielsch's task force
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to investigate. now the chief feels betrayed. >> this is the kind of thing we don't want in our community. to have law enforcement ignore it or actually take advantage of it is a shameful thing. >> reporter: cbs5 has also learned a woman who worked in this office space provided details to investigators about the two running the brothel. jodie sims knew norman wielsch. he arrested her in 2009 on charges of running a house of prostitution. contra costa records show the charge was later reduced to disturbing the peace. months later the alleged brothel in the pleasant hill office park went into operation much the property manager tells cbs5 he talked to sims quite frequently. that she sat at a front desk and represented it as a second office for private investigator chris butler. but numbers like this chiropractor david atkinson describe other kind of activity of a steady flow of men knocking on the door late ate night and working girls inside
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letting them in. >> they were scantily dressed. always totally made up. >> when you talked to police you told them what? what did you think it was? >> well, i thought it was prostitution for sure. i mean, what else was it going to be? and i told them that. >> reporter: i talked to jodie sims by phone today. she says she has had a conversation with her family and laid out the truth and she says she is at peace with that decision but, allen, she says she is not ready to share the whole proof with the public quite yet. not until these guys are brought to justice. >> joe, just thinking that selling confiscated drugs, proving that might be one thing, but a brothel, prostitution, might that -- might that not be harder to prove. >> reporter: they apparently have video of these men stealing drugs from the scene and putting them on the streets through a confidential informant but how would you prove that knocking out nearby brothels which was part of the mandate of cnet would be because they were trying to get
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rid of the competition. it will be hard. but at least one case involving prostitution that involved norman wielsch has been thrown out. you can expect more lawyers to get their cases thrown out too. >> okay. all right. in pleasant hill. joe vazquez, thanks. >> all right, young lady. what do you have for us? >> i jumped out of bed this morning ran to the window and pressed my nose up against it and it did clear up. the forecast really did pan out today, right? >> yes. >> earlier burnoff. more sunshine. so the end result was warmer weather. this is the scene right now looking out towards our bay waters. we have a small craft advisory in place. a little bit of a breeze out of the west and southwest. up to 15. otherwise out and about this evening numbers from the mid- 50s at the sea shore to 70 still in downtown san jose. tonight overnight with the clear skies, yes, the coast is clear. in the 40s across the board. 50 however in oakland, alameda and in piedmont. this is an area of low pressure falling apart very wap idly at
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the scenes. widen the image out so you can get a better look at it here. behind that system is that area of low pressure and that is the culprit that will interfere with all of your outdoor plans this weekend. seven-day forecast still straight ahead but meanwhile one day at a time. tomorrow your pollen report. tree count and grasses remains on the medium side. high temperatures tomorrow around the bay area. mid-50s coast side. mid-60s bay side to an outside number of 73 degrees in our inland areas. increasing clouds by tomorrow night. mostly cloudy on saturday. i want to walk you through this because by saturday night rain will arrive containing small hail and will be downright raw on sunday. temperatures only up into the low 60s. we could see a chance of a thunderstorm in the morning hours. we have a lingering shower possible on monday. storm number 2 on tuesday lingering into wednesday and it isn't until this time next week we are talking about sunshine returning again sunday morning it is 100th beta breakers running in san francisco.
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56 degrees with scattered showers. dana, 100 years old there. >> wow. >> how about that. do you remember the first one? >> i do, roberta. i'm so glad you won it. i'm really proud of you. thank you very much. and coming up, an update on the racist headstone controversy we told you about recently and a little perspective on one of the biggest rumors in the bay area. 2 minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dorado hills is refusing to refusing to support a proposal to do just that. the man behind the push to remove racist headstones in el dorado county. he says is he not opposed to the plan to replace the markers, instead he wants something in writing as well as a monument explaining why they were wrongfully identified with the n word.
6:23 pm
the 36 headstones were moved from negro hill cemetery back in 1964 but still refer to the old cemetery's offensive native. >> any other name i'm quite certain it wouldn't take this much effort to change. >> why it has taken so long i don't know. we will take testimony and question and answers and it will be an action item to move forward. >> county supervisors will discuss changing grade markers at their may 24th meeting. what started as a rumor and became a legend. ken little wants to know is it true you can see more landmass from the summit of mt. diablo than almost anywhere else in the world? ken bastida with tonight's good question. >> beyond the golden gate bridge the islands. >> reporter: he has been hiking mt. diablo for more than 30 years. he has heard the claim from
6:24 pm
this from up here you can see more landmass than anywhere else in the world. >> from the top of mt. diablo you can see 35 of the 58 counties in california. >> reporter: in fact, on this day we could make out the snow covered pack of a mountain more than 180 miles away. the kilamenjaro claim. >> that statement has got a lot of people upset and amazed over the years. i remember about 10 years ago a gentleman started his own website designed to debunking that claim. >> reporter: according to him, the claim of the best view in the world started as a bit of real estate hype from a man named robert noble burgees. >> he was going to put a giant castle at the summit. >> reporter: burgess would eventually go broke. downhill ever since. no, it is not officially the
6:25 pm
greatest view in the world but it is all how you look at it. >> i could tell people that you really haven't seen the west or california unless you've made the trek up mt. diablo and seen the sunset, sunrise and the great view. >> go to and click on connect to send me your good questions. a pharmaceutical product designed to improve an adult's sex life. no problems getting an ad for it on t.v., right? >> we haven't had much success with the networks at all getting clearance. >> well, it is really no different than viagra or ciallis. why the broadcast ban? what some are calling a double gender standard. not satisfied with your doctor's customer service. the new trend that is offering medical treatment with some first class perks. the state yanked most of their funding but at one school
6:26 pm
parents, students and a special teacher proved where there is a will there is a way. >> every student in this academy is going to college. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but a women's product claims it's having a tough time getting ads for pharmaceuticals targeting men's sexual dysfunction are as common as the ailment itself. but the workers of a women's product claim they are having a tough time getting equal time. a warning as we take a look at what some say is gender description in advertising. some may find the commercials objectionable. the commercials as common as some of the sporting events they are featured in. in fact, viagra's disclaimer has become its own best marketing tool. for men anyway. >> to avoid long-term injury seek medical attention for an erection lasting more than an hour. >> the side effect actually became the benefit. >> reporter: this company makes a woman's product an oil the company claims increases a woman's arousal, desire and satisfaction. not the only overthe counter product claiming to help women but unlike other similar products you probably haven't seen an ad.
6:30 pm
>> women have been starting to talk about something they have been feeling for a long time. >> reporter: the make, saying it has gotten resistance than cooperation. san jose state professor tim hendrick spent 30 years in the ad business. >> in your estimatation, is this strictly a men's product versus a women's product issue? >> no, i don't. there must be something from the broadcaster's standpoint that they are not seeing. whether it be in claims. whether it be in dat ato something that they are objecting too. >> reporter: the parents television council raised such strong objections to the pharmaceutical ads that companies like pfizer all agreed to a website that alerts parents to the time and show in which the ads will air. the makers of zestra say they are not even looking for prime time. >> we haven't had much success with the networks at all getting clearance and we have had a lot of struggles with cable stations, problems with radio. >> reporter: she says facebook took their ads down after three weeks. >> we were advertising on
6:31 pm
soapnet, the station. when we tried to get on, the online version of that show they said that they weren't comfortable with our content. >> we have been pushing the envelope. >> reporter: but the professor says the broadcast industry in particular may be struggling to figure this all out. >> the media being so self- regulatory is really looking at is it truthful, ethical and responsible. >> how many times are you getting turned down as opposed to being successful getting an ad on the air? >> i would say we are successful 5 to 10% of the time and unsuccessful 90 to 95% of the time. >> i can't speak for other networks but cbs5 has sold zestra ad time on this station. eight commercials aired last month. but getting turned down actually may be the best advertising zestra could get with coverage from the new york times, nightline and dr. oz and now here. if you have a story you think deserves another look send an e- mail to
6:32 pm
another medical group charging patients but this one comes with a few perks. julie watts with consumerwatch on how seeing a doctor just got a lot easier. >> reporter: getting a last- minute doctor's appointment isn't always easy. just ask ian casey. >> you call and don't get an appointment for at least three days. >> reporter: so instead of going to his usual doctor ian turned to one medical group. a primary care practice that offers longer visits, e-mail access to your doctor and most importantly same-day appointments. >> i made the initial phone call to register as a client at 8:45 a.m. they said come over at 9:15 a.m. >> it was clear a lot of of the practices weren't delivered. paperwork related to interacting with health insurance companies. >> reporter: he came up with a new model where the group manages the office. patients can make appointments,
6:33 pm
renew prescriptions and even self-diagnose all saving the doctor's time so they can spend more with the patients. the typical doctor sees 25 to 30 patients. these doctors see 16. along with better service comes a price. members in san francisco and new york pay an annual fee of $150 to $200. >> this is express line sort of deal just like you see at the airport. people cueing up and going right through all the rest stand in line. >> reporter: health education professor pointing out this type of service is not for everyone. >> this is what some people are calling wealth care if you've got the money then you can have access to care these ways but it leaves a lot of people out. >> reporter: still he says medical groups like these are becoming more common and insurance companies are paying physicians less and for people like ian casey an annual fee is a small price to pay to get in and out and back to work. >> if i miss a client call i miss a candidate call.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: now, unlike medical services which also charge a fee like concierege services. julie watts, cbs5. being too heavy can increase your risk of a deadly blood clot. now some new findings are showing being too tall can also boost that risk. dr. kim mulvihill here to explain the connection. >> obesity is a well known risk factor for clots in your leg or in your lung. well, now researchers in norway say your height matters too. and that being obese and tall can really spell trouble. >> at 6'8", 280 pounds john kearns has a striking presence. six years ago he developed a life threatening blood clot. >> i had about eight knee surgeries and they said that might be the reason. and they said that you're heavy. you are 280. that might be the reason. >> reporter: a new study finds that tall, obese men have an
6:35 pm
increased risk of blood clots and the clot can break free and can travel to the lungs which can be deadly compared to men average high and weight. obese men have a five times higher risk of blood clots. 6 feet or taller. >> takes a long time to travel from the feet to the heart so the blood is sitting without circulating. >> reporter: the study also found that tall, 5'6" or over women who are also obese had a three times higher risk of blood clots and just being tall alone carries an increased risk of blood clots for men. there was no increased risk for taller women of normal weight. researchers say probably because most women don't get tall enough. john kearns can't do anything about his height. >> i'm not going to worry about. >> reporter: he is trying to stay active and keep his weight down cutting hits risk for blood clots. people who are 60 or older are at greater risk for a blood
6:36 pm
clot and increases every year. cigarette smoking. cancer. hormones like estrogen and birth control pills. get up and move. keep your legs moving. >> yes. >> reporter: lower the risk. >> thank you. well, pay attention and you'll see them but do you know how to live with coyotes? the next frontier in bay area workshops. i'm dennis o'donnell in san jose. wings and sharks game 7. do or die. giants go for another sweep. all coming up in a few minutes. ,,
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successful bay area engineering academy is no di we hear a lot about
6:39 pm
cutbacks this education. the challenges facing a highly successful bay area engineering academy no different. what is different is how parents, students and staff are making it survive when all others have failed. ann notarangelo on how they are making it work. >> reporter: countless hours come to a sudden end as the student built bridge cracks under pressure. >> good job, you guys. >> reporter: an inner city school but rivals private school curriculum. one of the highlights from this award winning program is the annual bridge building competition. the academy's popularity is growing. last year 106 students applied and 63 were accepted. >> it has become like the new "it" school and a lot of people want to go here. >> how many of your students go on to college? >> every student in this academy is going to college. >> parker merrill co-founded this program in 1986 and
6:40 pm
ironically as more students want in oakland unified has cut its funding. >> you don't need to understand physicses to understand what is going on. they now get $450 for the program. that's 3.50 per student. >> as the classes increase and i volunteer to teach more classes then we got even less support to pay my salary. so here i am teaching two extra classes for free this year. >> reporter: that's right. parker doesn't get paid for his extra hours. other engineering academies in the bay area have not survived but parents here say they will not let this one fail. they committed themselves to raising the money needed for the academy. >> so outrageous to me that such a dynamic program here in inner city oakland was not fully funded and i thought this has to be addressed. >> reporter: jamie wolfe co- founded the fund-raising efforts to buy hardware, software, tables, stools and materials and equipments for projects. their goal is to do all this
6:41 pm
and eventually pay merrill his full salary. >> if the parents weren't fund- raising would you be able to keep the academy going? >> it would be difficult because where would the supplies come from? >> there is so much need. it is a hard time to raise money in that respect. >> reporter: the students are also learning lessons about being frugal. >> whenever we waste paper it is sort of like disrespecting what people have done for us. >> reporter: the seniors are ready. >> i am going to berkeley. >> university of pennsylvania. >> even if they don't end up engineers they are confident they are smarter because of what they learned. >> it was definitely more about learning how to think than actually learning architecture. >> reporter: their bridges may snap but just like the challenges facing the program it is through our setbacks we
6:42 pm
eleven to succeed. >> so far we are told the parents have raised 18,500 and that means they have been able to pay back merrill a year's worth of pay for that extra class. a very crowded green carpet this morning and your chance to get more friendly with your neighborhood coyotes. >> allen, talking about green carpet. we are talking about bright blue skies today. but the rain and the day it will arrive. how much to expect. we will pinpoint your weekend forecast as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs5. ,, never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me.
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i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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some very wiley critters. right now the city is holding an ed each getting a free lesson on how to live alongside some wilely critters. an educational seminar held by the city to teach people about coyotes. specialists are discussing the animal's behavior and ways to avoid confrontations with them. the program hopes to increase awareness of how to interact with the city's urban wildlife. the meeting began about 15 minutes ago at the hall of flowers in golden gate park. hundreds of bay area commuters ditched their keys
6:46 pm
today and biked to work. today marked the 18th annual bike to workday. cyclists took advantage of some freebies at an energizer station out at the golden gate bridge. advocates say the economy is driving many people to change the way they get to work. >> higher gas prices go up the easier it gets. people want to get out of their cars. >> and it also helps that muni which can slow you down now costs you about $70 a month. studies by san francisco transportation experts show biking has increased almost 60% just in the past four years. >> also helps that the rain didn't move in. won't be here until sunday. >> that's true. i had so many people tweet me today asking me if i was going to ride my bike to work. that doesn't allow for a very nice hair day. you get helmet hair. we have to work with that. >> i will fix your hair. >> i know. right? >> i saw you cut dennis
6:47 pm
o'donnell's hair. >> what a day in the city by the bay. city of san francisco where yesterday's high was only 58 degrees. today we topped off at 61. still a good 4 degrees below average but, boy, what a difference a day makes when the clouds do part. yes. in fact, look how glorious it was today in hayward. angel sent this picture in and he wanted to share it with all of us. this is the japanese gardens. lovely. today's high temperature was 67 degrees. keep the photos coming. if you are out and about this evening we currently still have numbers anywhere from 55 at the immediate sea shore to 70 degrees. that is being reported in downtown san jose. tonight with the clear skies overnight into the 40s. it will bottom out at 50 however in oakland and the winds will begin to subside. area of low pressure falling aparty seems to seem apart at
6:48 pm
the seams. lots of bright sunshine inland but way back out there that is a disturbance. seeing the beginning edges of it that will interfere with our weekend. so witness we have the clouds move in saturday. party83 in fresno. looks like we do have a few snow flurries in the forecast on sunday for the tour du california when that steps off. numbers tomorrow. 71 degrees santa rosa. sonoma. winds blowing out of the west rotating southwest 5 to 15. east of the bay numbers wise mid-60s to low 70s. outside number again will be 73 towards the delta. going into the peninsula and swinging around to the santa clara valley in the 60s and low 70s. san jose average high 75. we will be reporting 70 tomorrow. 58 in pacifica. extended forecast. walk you through it very carefully because we will cloud up on saturday and that is
6:49 pm
really when the bottom falls out. we will have the rain arriving late afternoon north bay or early evening hours. small hail will be reported with some of these cells as they roll through the bay area. we will have scattered showers for the beta breakers run on sunday. breezy and downright raw. 54 to 61 degrees. cloud cover with a chance of rain on monday but storm number 2 on tuesday. and that will lead to a chance of lingering showers on wednesday. once the sun disappears after tomorrow we will not see it reappear until thursday. that is your seven-day forecast. that is the pinpoint outlook. dana and allen? >> thank you, roberta. unfortunately stress is a part of our lives. coming up on eyewitness news at 10 p.m. on the cw, 11 on cbs5, how scientists say they can treat stress-related problems by looking at your d.n.a. we have got an update here from hp pavilion. the sharks going for the win over the red wings.
6:50 pm
tiger woods' come back. coming up in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, everybody, to hp pavilion. game 7 the red wings and san jose sharks. winner goes on. loser goes home. right now the sharks leading 2-
6:53 pm
0. 2-0 after the first period. baseball giants red hot. winning seven of their past eight games and are in a virtual tie now atop first place with colorado. they were going for the sweep of arizona today at at&t. a bold victory dance day. scoreless game in the 2nd. nate schierholtz a base hit to center field driving in cody ross and giants take a 1-0 lead. matt cain on the hill for san francisco. in the 3rd a drive to right field over nate schierholtz's head but he plays the short hop. turns around, fires and guns him down as he tries for a double. cain did get a scare in the 7th inning trying to bump the ball and hits him on the hand. cain however would stay in the game and eventually lay down a bunt. later in the inning. aubrey huff cashes in. r.b.i. base hit to right. that gave the giants a 3-0 lead. the d-backs make it a one-run
6:54 pm
game. two on in the 9th inning. closing it out. a strikeout to end it and brian wilson celebration. giants sweep arizona 3-2 the final. wilson did not pitch today. he was not available because he has pitched every game in the home stand but the giants a perfect home stand. tiger woods played for the first time since injuring his knee at the masters. he is in the players championship. tiger's day both started and ended early. his tee shot at the first hole yanked left missing the fairway. he would make a bogey and it only got worse. he said his left knee started hurting right away. woods would triple bogey the fourth hole and after hitting into the water not once but twice. six over par after nine holes. he withdrew from the tournament after just nine holes. more on that in a moment.
6:55 pm
meanwhile, sacramento native nick watny alone in the lead by went stroke over luke glover. woods' health now is his biggest concern. >> knee acted up. then calf started cramping up. early started getting tight. a whole chain reaction. >> how bad is the pain right now? >> i'm having a hard time walking. >> were you advised to come off earlier? >> probably should have. the more rest i get the better it would be obviously. but this was a big event. i wanted to come back for it and play and unfortunately wasn't able to finish. >> last night the heat advancing to the finals. some noted that they celebrated as if they had won the nba title. the celtics knocked lebron james out last year before he famously took his talents to south beach.
6:56 pm
after some reflection king james extended an olive branch to cleveland. >> i went through a lot, you know, deciding to be here and the way it panned out with all the friends and family and fans back home. i apologize for the way it happened. but i knew that this opportunity was once in a lifetime. finally the a mvpa racing circuit returning to infineon raceway this weekend. 17-year-old myers from discovery bay will be there. she became the first woman to win an ama road race last year. she won in sonoma. and she was still in high school. so you've got to ask the question how does she balance it all? >> i'm done with high school now so i have graduated basically now i can focus on my training and riding and all of that stuff. so it has been pretty simple for me. i ride when i can. train as hard as i can every
6:57 pm
single day and hang out with my friends on the weekends if i don't have a race and i'm actually going to my senior prom the weekend after this one. so i can do it all. >> yes, the folks running infineon, that will be a fun weekend. they actually invited -- i think they tried roberta on this first. roberta was too smart. then they tried me. hey, why don't you come out and get on the back of the bike we will take you 140 miles an hour. i don't think my insurance policy will cover that. >> for my my problem was i didn't want to be on the back of the bike i wanted to be riding the bike. >> exactly. you would do it too, roberta. >> i used to race motorcycles in the desert. >> san jose on top. >> go back inside. >> dennis wearing a red shirt. we will see you back here at 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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