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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  May 13, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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ed out as a senior your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. it started out as a senior prank. but an east bay principal isn't laughing. good afternoon, i'm sydnie
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kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. a massive food fight at a hayward school costing the seniors their graduation and their prom. the kids say it was all in good fun. >> but the principal calls it devastating. and as kiet do reports, many are asking, did her punishment go too far? [ screaming ] ♪ happy birthday >> reporter: at leadership high school in hayward you're about to see what some seniors proudly call school history. it's an alleged birthday celebration that was actually a premeditated food fight. >> happy birthday, paul! [ screaming ] >> reporter: within seconds, mayhem breaks out in the cafeteria. snacks and entrees were flying from all directions. one student even ran to get a ketchup bottle to squirt on another student. apparently it ended only after they ran out of food. the dean of the school came down hard, kicking them all off campus and then immediately cancelled the prom, the class trip to disneyland, the yearbook, and even graduation.
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>> anybody here regret what they did yesterday? >> no! >> reporter: these seniors say it was a class prank. they say there is no permanent damage, just a big mess that they even tried to clean up themselves. and that the punishment should fit the crime. >> he is a dean of our school. needs to go off logic instead of like how he feels at that moment. i think it was too harsh and it was excessive. >> reporter: you guys are what, 17, 18 years old? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: don't you know better than to have a food fight? >> yeah, but, you know, we're kids, you know, we ain't full laydults yet until we get out of high school and go to college so everyone makes mistakes. >> everyone has their own senior pranks and i'm sure back in the old days y'all used to have y'all's senior pranks. ours was just bigger. and that's what we did. and we feel proud for what we did. >> reporter: the senior class president knew about the fight but says the administration needs to take a deep breath. what did you think they were going to do? >> uhm, i knew there was probably going to be some form of punishment but this is he vehicle, i did not predict it. >> reporter: this person's daughter is a senior and says
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it's unfair to punish all 100 seniors for the actions of a few. >> not in this way, not doing everybody pay for that. >> reporter: pam a parent of a sophomore thinks canceling all the events is harsh but supports the school nonetheless. so if it's a bit much of a prank and it's a bit much of a punishment, where does that leave us? >> that i don't know because i'm glad i don't have to make that decision. >> reporter: the principal at leadership high school spent the morning in meetings and did not return repeated calls and messages. in hayward, kiet do, cbs 5. >> it does seem a little harsh but one person got hit in the head with some food and was sent to the hospital. the man arrested at sfo for trying to storm the cockpit of a plane has been denied bail. in a detention hearing this morning, prosecutors said rageh al-murisi was a significant threat to the community and he will remain in federal custody
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until his trial begins. he is accused of trying to break into the cockpit on a flight from chicago sunday night. the taliban vowed revenge for osama bin laden's death. and today, it is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack in pakistan. twin suicide bombings at a military training center killed at least 80 people. the brutal attack comes as new details emerge about the raid. and as danielle nottingham reports, there is word the cia has questioned bin laden's wives. >> reporter: cia officers in pakistan have questioned osama bin laden's three wives. the women were taken into custody after navy seals raided the terror leader's compound. the meeting lasted about 30 minutes. sources tell cbs news, agents didn't get information but more meetings may take place. we're also learning more about what happened inside the compound during the deadly raid. each of the 25 seals involved wore a helmet cam that recorded their every move for the 40 minutes they were on the
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ground. officials are now reviewing that tape reconstructing the operation. the head of the department of defense told "60 minutes" the president took an enormous risk because the operation could easily go bad. >> i worked for a lot of these guys, and this is one of the most courageous calls, decisions, that i think i have ever seen a president make. >> reporter: federal officers are enlisting the help of arabic intelligence agents to help examine millions of pages of data taken from bin laden's compound as well as one of the terror leader's handwritten journals. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. despite having no internet access at his compound, bin laden still managed to email his lieutenants. we have learned that he would type out a message, save it to a thumb drive and then send a courier to an internet cafe well away from his hideout to send the message and avoid leaving a digital fingerprint. in libya word that leader moammar qaddafi has been wounded in nato air strikes and
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has fled the capital. that's according to sources who spoke to italy's foreign minister. however, libyan government spokesman is denying the report. the scandal against a dirty police commander is growing even bigger now. a woman who was arrested for prostitution telling investigators norman wielsch hired her to work at his brothel in pleasant hill. he already face charges for selling drugs confiscated by his officers. neighbors of the alleged brothel say their complaints were referred to the task force that was led by norman wielsch. >> this is the kind of thing that we don't want in our communities. if you would have law enforcement ignore it or actually take advantage of it is -- is a shameful thing. >> wielsch's attorney denies the client was running a brothel. the race is on to get everything set and ready to go for san francisco's 100th bay to breakers. >> just a couple of days. thousands of people will pack the streets here in san francisco and anne makovec is at the starting line with the
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two things you won't see in the race. anne, how are you? >> reporter: what you're going to see, 155 people between the runners and the spectators, all starting here on howard street at 7 a.m. on sunday like it or not. for sunday's 100th bay to breakers, san francisco has done unprecedented preparations. today there are barricades lining the route which runs from soma to the sunset a 7- mile course straight through william garrison's hayes valley neighborhood. >> large groups of people come on my street and try to urinate. they do so aggressively and angrily when you try to keep them off your doorstep. >> reporter: he says he will point to homes that anyone trespasses, some businesses along the route are staying closed on sunday to avoid drunkards. the owner of this liquor store says he is literally scared of what could happen when his store is overrun by people
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looking for booze. drinking is not allowed on the race route. but it happens every year. >> we will be exercising with as much discretion as we can strict enforcement on anybody ruining' good time or neighborhoods. the nuisance behavior must stop. >> reporter: the race lost its sponsorship but zazzle picked it up providing 1200 porta- potties and drunk tents where drunks can sober up. floats are not allowed. it will still likely be a wild time. >> a lot of people kind of in a tight space but at the same time, no, i think everyone is there realizing that it's for fun. >> reporter: but not fun for all. >> move the damn race. move it out of the hayes valley. take it another route somewhere on a main road. >> reporter: not in your backyard? >> not in my backyard, of
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course. >> reporter: but it will be. and zazzle has committed to this race for another five years. so it will be in place but it does look like the city has a close eye on things as you heard, floats, no alcohol, though i think that alcohol will -- the alcohol rule will be broken. >> eve at 7 a.m. thank you, anne makovec. the next time you call 911 it could take longer for someone to respond. the bay area city threatening to close fire stations. black fungus, bacteria, the risk you run by wearing new clothes right off the rack. and sparkly sneakers that promise to tone your legs and bottom. they are being marketed to girls as young as 7. ,,
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firefighters in monterey county expect to have it under control by the en day. this f it is the first wildfire of the season. firefighters in monterey county expect to have it under control by the end of the day. it's burning near soledad, about 80% contained. it's burned more than 700 acres since it started last night. so far no word on what sparked it. and it may take longer for firefighters to respond to oakland fires now because budget cuts may close down some fire stations. city council members will consider closing four stations as part of the proposed budget cuts. fire engines and personnel would be moved to other facilities. today's the day bryan stow's family has been waiting for. they say he is finally stable enough to bring home to the bay area. the giants fan has been in southern california hospital since he was beaten into a coma outside dodger stadium seven
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weeks ago. on their website, his family says ryan has been responding to stimulation and his eyes have been opening. he is expected to be moved to the ucsf medical center sometime in the next week. a new way to protect yourself from the flu without getting a big needle in your arm and how your lifestyle could put you at risk for dementia. manuel gallegus explains. >> reporter: new research shows taking care of a spouse or family member with dementia may increase the caregiver's risk of developing mental issues. the university of washington study says older caregivers can have problems with attention and memory because of the lifestyle they share with their loved ones and because of the stress of caring for them. researchers say caregivers need their own support system to maintain their health. a new study finds very obese women may be able to lose some weight during pregnancy and reduce their chances of having a ceasarean section. the study in the journal of obstetrics and gynecology looked at more than 46,000 obese pregnant women and found women who gained less than the
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recommended amount of weight or even lost weight had a lower risk of having a big baby or needing a c-section. it's recommended obese women gain only 11 to 20 pounds while pregnant. and the fda has approved a new smaller flu shot for adults. the vaccine is injected with a tiny needle that sends the vaccine into the skin instead of the muscle. patients prefer smaller needles but there is no evidence they actually hurt less. and those are some of today's top medical stories. i'm manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. she said it was all in the name of beauty. >> but this afternoon a san francisco mother is in hot water. kerry campbell appeared on abc's good morning america with her daughter brittany. she buys botox and injects her young daughter's foreheads, lips and eye area herself to help turn her into a superstar.
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she even said more mothers should do it for their daughters. >> now, thin the view has since touched a nerve nationwide and now child protective service and san francisco police are planning an investigation. attention, shoppers! >> yeah. before you put on those new summer clothes, you wash them first or you could be exposed to some nasty stuff. biology teachers and students swabbed samples from bikinis, summer dresses and shorts every, single test revealing colonies of bacteria. one dress even had black fungus on it. experts say the bacteria found may cause staph infections, so to be safe, always wash new clothes before wearing them. >> that's creepy. popular shoes that claim to tone up women's legs and other areas are being marketed to girls as young as 7 years old. >> shape-ups for girls are here, let's go! >> several parents and child advocates are upset over the new sketchers shape-up for girls. sketchers said in a statement
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that the new shoes promote physical fitness. the child advocates say the message in the commercial from youtube is that it's important for young girls to be tall and attractive. >> if it was only about the physical fitness, then why don't we see a similar on the market for young boys? we didn't. so really what we are seeing is another product that is sexualizing young girls. >> some of children's psychologist say the pressures to look good may lead to body image insecurities in young girls. well, coming up, the new star of "two and a half men." >> plus, selling the unabomber's prized possessions from his glasses to his clothes. the items getting the highest bid and who gets the cash coming up. friday the 13th turning out to be pretty lucky weather-wise outside. plenty of blue skies but the weekend, wow! we are in for some big time changes. more on that coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this was the scene in downtown san jose after the 3- to-2 win over the detroit red winds in the best of seven the sharks hang on to advance to the conference final. this is the scene 10 in downtown san jose last night after the win over the red wings. it was the best-of-seven. they face vancouver sunday. fans already lining up this morning to snag tickets to the first home game, which by the way is a week from tonight. >> lawrence karnow joins us.
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we love the little sunshine we are seeing but don't blink, right? >> no. don't get used to it. we have some big changes coming for the weekend. hey, folks, it is back to winter as we have storm clouds gathering once again and yes, it looks like rain could very well make a return. so enjoy that sunshine outside today. looking good into san jose early on today. had blue skies and sunshine there. couple of patches of fog out toward the coastline. how about that over the bay? looking spectacular. hard to believe that there's a storm that's approaching the coastline right now. but yes indeed, it is on the way. this afternoon, you're going to see mostly sunny skies, mild temperatures, 60s and 70s inland. a lot of 60s in the bay and 50s and 60s out toward the immediate coastline. a little breezy there, maybe a couple of more patches of fog but not much. just low clouds. then we are we go, high pressure is going to slide eastward and guess what, big changes for the weekend as this low starts to dig to the south. all of a sudden, here come the
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clouds. we are talking about rain. let's roll the clock forward on the computer model to saturday. right in the evening, 6:00, you have rain off the coastline. pretty good band of rain moving through. then on sunday, the core of the low off the coastline is going to sweep maybe more impressive bands of showers onshore not only that, but how about some thunderstorms? so could be a real interesting weekend ahead. with that in mind, temperatures for today enjoy them, 47 in morgan hill, 69 in fremont, and the east bay looking at numbers well into the 70s inland. lots of 70s in many of the valleys. 60s inside the coast and 50s at the beaches and the north bay and lots of 70s in the valleys. next couple of days, it's a return to some wintery weather here in the bay area. staying unsettled and wet on monday. possibly more rain, guys, can you believe it right into tuesday. >> lawrence. >> all those people who run in the bay to breakers...
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>> put on a raincoat. they will be fine. >> great. okay. >> it's good hockey weather, right? we have the sharks playing. a little rain isn't going to hurt anybody. soon you can have your hands on stuff that once belonged to a notorious modern day criminal. next week 60 items that belonged to ted kaczynski the unabomber will be auctioned off online. most of the property was taken from his cabin in montana and includes his sunglasses, hoodie, and the shoes he made. but an appraiser suggests the most valuable item will likely be kaczynski's manifesto. >> the manifesto probably maybe like $30,000, $50,000. >> a screwdriver is just a screwdriver unless we can describe that it had some significant impact in the case. >> usually the fbi destroys evidence like this after corporate proceedings are over but this time, money from the sale will go to the victims and their families. the auction starts next wednesday. but if you get some of that stuff, what do you do with it?
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>> resell it. the highest rated sitcom on television has a new star. >> coming up, who is replacing charlie sheen on "two and a half men"? tell you all about it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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each. when you buy them, the more yellow they are going to be the better and store them on the counter. so there you go. a few examples of this week's best buys. eat fresh, stay healthy and save money. bye-bye. well, the show must go on without charlie sheen. >> a new but very familiar face filling his "two and a half men" role. ashton kutcher, cbs just made it official he will make nearly a million dollars an episode. >> saving money. sheen got himself fired but he was making $2 million an especially so. >> see you monday. >> caption colorado, llc ,,
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