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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. after six weeks in an la hospital, he's coming back to the bay area. the one man doctors trust enough to take care of ryan stowe. >> what has to go? >> i don't know how to answer that one. >> teachers have been protesting budget cuts all week long. how would they do it
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differently? apparently many have no idea. >> and look at the canine commandos that helped kill bin laden. they jump out of planes and armed with titanium teeth. what they can do that the navy seals can't. >> i would rather be shot than have that thing tear me up. good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm dana king. his family cannot wait. brian stowe is coming back to the bay area. >> preparations are underway to fly him back. robert lyles on the one hospital that his la doctors trust to give him the best treatment. >> savagely kicked and attacked, brian stowe lingered in a bed since march 31. tonight a spokesperson tells cbs 5la doctors believe stowe is finally stable enough to leave los angeles and make the one hour flight by private jet to sfo where he will be
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immediately transported to san francisco general hospital. chosen over all bay area hospitals we're told by la county usc medical because of dr. jeffrey manley, chief of neurosurgery and a doctor with specialized experience with brain and spinal injury. neither dr. manley will comment on anticipated treatment for stowe saying tonight, he's not a patient yet. >> now brian stowe is expected to leave los angeles monday morning around 10:00 a.m., but before getting here, the hospital in los angeles admits there is one outstanding issue. they still must find a specially outfitted ambulance, one that can accommodate the respirator that is helping him breathe in order to get him to the airport. meantime, stowe's family will hold a press conference on sunday morning as will the los angeles police department, they are expected to give updates on the hunt for the two suspects.
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dana, ken, back to you. >> robert lyles at san francisco general, thanks. osama bin laden railed against what he thought were the sins of the western world including the exploitation of women's bodies. but tonight, cbs news confirms navy seals found an extensive stash of x rated videos. it's not clear if it was bin laden's porn since his son and two other men live there as well. >> the cia questioned three of bin laden's wives. david martin on why they were not exactly eager to tell all. >> the thirst act of revenge for the killing of bin laden, two suicide bombers, one in a vehicle, the second wearing a vest attacked a pakistani police academy killing 80 cadets. it is not what bin laden would have wanted since he urged his followers to attack the u. it gave pakistan one more reason to resent last week's mission.
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>> the killing of bin laden has put the relation in a bad spot because the trust opened up wide from top to bottom in both countries. >> pakistanis haven't given back the remains of the helicopter used on the raid. they allowed the cia to interview three ofbin laden's wives, but only with the pakistani official looking on. as might be expected, the wives were not very friendly. the youngest was at bin laden's side when he was killed. she and the other wives would know how bin laden managed to live in such a compound for so long without attracting attention. >> they would know who bin laden was communicating with. how the couriers were operating. >> cia will interview the wives again. >> bin laden wives aren't likely to give american officials good clean
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information in that setting. >> with pakistani officials likely in the room. >> u.s. knows from the electronic files seized by the navy seals, that couriers came and went at irregular intervals, carrying bin laden's messages on thumb drives which they would send out from internet cafes elsewhere in pakistan. the captured files also include recent references to targeting the u.s. president. although they do not mention barack obama by name. >> in a few minutes, we're going to take a look at the canine commandos that helped navy seals during that raid. back here at home, san jose mayor chuck reid said things are so bad in his city, it's time to declare a fiscal emergency. the mayor hopes the city council will approve that decloration. current retirement commitments will force the city to come up with $250 million to cover pension payments next year. the growing payments, he says,
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will lead to layoffs, including some police. some union reps have said that reid is over stating the trouble and suggest that he make his cut somewhere else. reid wants to put his pension plan before the voters in november. now california teachers wrapped up a week of protest. tonight tens of thousands of them turned out all around the state. keep in mind the state is so broke, don asked the teachers a question that some couldn't answer. >> galaleo high school students campaigned for an end to budget cuts. ♪ [ music ] a san francisco civic centers from around the bay area found support in one another. >> i want to be absolutely clear. we need a budget that invests
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in children. >> i truly believe everybody should be paying their fare which includes the corporations and the wealthy that could really afford to be taxed more. >> it's an uphill battle to get the taxes they need after $18 billion in education cuts last year. but with a state in such dire straights, where should the money come from? >> it's a good question. something has to give. it's hard to say what it is. >> what has to go if you only have so much money? >> i don't know how to answer that one. >> where will the money come from? >> i think their constituents are going to tell them they need their services. they need education for their children. >> we are here today, this is a start. we have to stand up. everybody in the state of california has to stand up for the kids because these kids are our future. our future is doomed. >> teachers and their supporters remain on message
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loud and clear. their trouble is getting those in sacramento to make budget decisions to listen. in san francisco, cbs 5. as if to remind everyone just how bad things are, the state announced the closure of 70 state parks starting this fall. five parks are among the 20 that will be closed in the bay area. popular sites such as samuel taylor park will be on the chopping block. mark sayer tells us the parks may close, but that may not stop people who really want to go in. >> walk around. >> matt lion and his two sons are camping out at henry co state park above morgan hill. seven-year-old george says he loves coming up into the mountains. >> i really like the fires and cooking smores. >> dad says coming to california state parks has been a long tradition in his family.
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>> the park is beautiful. just the rolling hills and oak trees and its green right now. >> now henry joins a list of 70 other parks marked for closure and that is sad news for matt lyon. >> there are other ways they can do it. i don't know. maybe raise the fees a little bit. i don't think that would drive people away. >> one of the criteria use was the physical ability to close the park. here at henry co, they are two rows in. there's absolutely nothing that would stop people from simply parking and hiking around inside a closed park. >> it is the fact that we're doing something on our watch, on my watch, that has never been done before. >> state parks officials had a hard time even announcing the closures and other cutbacks. >> you're going to see substantial service reductions across the board in all the state parks through the summer. >> back at henry co with 34,000 visitors every year,
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this park has ten times fewer visitors than other parks. losing the park matters to those who use it. >> it would be a huge loss if this park closed. >> mark sayer, cbs 5. well an east bay high school is backing off on some threats to take action against students who did this. >> happy birthday. >> food fight. graduating seniors staged a food fight yesterday. no entree, snack, or condiment was spared. everyone involved was kicked off campus and they were told the prom, the class trip to disney land, yearbook, even graduation will be canceled. and this will stay on your personal permanent record, mister. we talked to students willing to accept punishment if it fit the crime. >> he's the dean of our school and needs to go off logic instead of how he feels at that moment. i think it was too harsh and
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excessive. >> you guys are 17, 18 years old. >> yes, sir. >> don't you know better than to have a food fight? >> everyone makes mistakes. >> parents complain the school was being too hard and tonight we heard from the principal. the prom and the disney trip are back on. seniors who participated in the food fight will not be allowed to attend grad night. other bay area headlines now, a pickup drove in front of a freight train on ferry street in martinez around 9:00 tonight. the truck flipped over and trapped the driver inside. crews had to climb over the train to rescue the man. he is in the hospital, but our reporter is on the scene and reports back that the driver will be okay. there are so many potholes on 580 in the livermore area that caltrans tells us tonight they will begin emergency repair work next week. two westbound lanes will be
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closed overnight between north livermore avenue. the work they say will take eight weeks. >> well, you don't hear this very often. one big bank is offering people $35,000 in cash to sell their homes. the people who qualify. the last time a charity hit you up for money, did you give? tonight a simple idea this bay area guy came up with that has people donating more than he ever dreamed of. >> i never planned on helping to mail every day and seeing what i'm seeing. >> they helped navy seals take down bin laden. specially trained dogs armed with titanium teeth. see what goes into creating canine commandos. coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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unit: a canine commando unit. these do we are getting a rare look tonight at an elite military unit. a canine commando unit. these dogs help navy seals during the bin laden raid. dominik garcia shows us what they can do. >> reporter: in some parts of southern colorado, the terrain is harsh. so is the weather. and that's the point. german shepherds always lived up to their name. shepherds, they were meant to guard the flock. guarding families is what alex dunbar trains them to do. dunbar knows war, he is an ex- marine. when seal team six raided osama bin laden's compound, they had a dog with them. these dogs are trained to wear
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breatheable body armor. they are also outfitted with a camera to stream live video to soldiers in other positions. >> they are going in and searching in case there are any bad guys. >> alex thinks there's good chance bin laden came eye to eye with a canine. >> dog was on him and we are here because the high altitude makes the dogs perform better and stimulating things. >> alex deals with german shepherds. training is done day and night tracking intelligence work. >> they can swim. they do high altitude parachute jumps. >> then there's the bite work. >> that's the titanium teeth there. i would rather be shot than have that thing tear me up. >> you can feel the power, even with this on, you can still kind of feel their teeth.
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>> medical is mostly medical. some trainers outfit their dogs with titanium teeth. something that can affect their smell, which just as important. >> make sure there's no ied's or traps. >> one of the amazing thing about these dogs is their sense of smell. it i was the target, i could go on top of that mountain and they would be able to find them. these dogs still show love. >> oh yeah. cuddle up with grandma. >> enemy sees them as a machine of war. if they're on your side, they are simply man's best friend. in southern colorado. the chase bank is making an unusual offer. up to $35,000 to do a short sale. chase is offering this option to some of its northern california customers to stop the homes from going into
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foreclosure. why? the bank may have paperwork problems on some of those loans. roseville area realtor says that may make it difficult for the bank to try to foreclose. >> if they don't have the original note, it would be impossible to make a foreclosure. absolutely. it's a spectacular deal. all these people are under water. they owe more on the house than it is worth. >> chase didn't provide any specifics on how customers can qualify for that offer. >> this sunday is the 100th running of the beta breakers and once again the city is asking people, please don't get too drunk. the city has set up barricades to keep crowds from pouring on the course. that's "inside edition" to policies. no floats or alcohol are allowed. right? but people who live along the route say it's the same story
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every year. >> large groups of people come on my street and try to urinate. they do so aggressively and angrily when you try to keep them off your doorstep. >> this year's race almost didn't happen. it lost its spoon carship, but zadzzle picked it up. there will be drunk tents where people caught drinking will be taken to sober up. next month marks the 10th year for the aids life cycle. 545-mile bike ride from san francisco to la to raise money and awareness to fight hiv and aids. introduce us to one man. is idea to raise money and show of support he never thought he'd see. >> i just thought i'm going to do it were money time and i really want to draw a lot of awareness to the cause. >> so for the third time since his older brother died of aids
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in 1995, jones will ride in the life cycle. he will be honoring his brother, and my mother. >> why not make something good out of something bad. >> he had to raise $3,000 to make the trek from louisiana san francisco. >> i'm asking 3,000 people to send me just $1. together we can fight this. >> within minutes, the money started coming in. then the leaters started pouring in. thousands of them. most from people he never met. >> i am 14 and i care about ending aids. your stour touched my heart. somebody had folded $10 bills into beautiful little hearts. one from me, one from my
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husband. one from my best friend in high school. one for his family and one for his friends. >> i never plan offend opening the mail every day and seeing what i'm seeing. >> you were raising awareness and the tables have been turned. >> completely turned on me. i had no idea this would happen. >> original goal was to reach 3,000 people and raise $3,000. he already raised nearly $14,000, but he needs donations from 299 million more people. >> dan knows the 545-mile road will challenge his physical stamina. what he never tested is the emotional disturbance. >> i'm writing for a lot of people. >> when i leaf, i'm leaving on
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my bike. >> cbs 5. and the tour of california steps off on sunday in the high cyier are. we'll talk about timing there, when you can anticipate the rain with the pinpoint regional forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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anks, roberta. by the time the sunsets about ten minutes after the hour, we started to see the beginning edge of an area of low pressure heading this way. the breeze out of the west 10 to 20 miles per hour. good evening, everyone. today we topped off at 58 degrees. cool for this time of the year to 77 degrees in gilroy and tonight bottoming out between 42 to north. 49 to the south. east of the bay 50 in oakland and 48 degrees along the seashore. this is it. this is a major player. this is an area of low pressure that developed in the gulf of alaska. which means once it plows to our warm air mass, we could see a couple thunderstorms develop
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into overnight hours. this is the leading edge coming in after 8:00 on saturday night. watch this now sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. this pink area, that means snow flakes down at 3500 feet in the mount hamilton area. breezy conditions, cool temperatures. 70 at the state capital for your saturday, otherwise partly cloudy in tahoe with snow on sunday. several inches expected during the day. tomorrow with increasing cloud cover in the 50s to the mid 60s. the cbs 5 -- okay the seven-day extended forecast increasing clouds saturday leads to rain by saturday night. that chance of thunderstorms sord night through sunday and then it looks like a lingering shower possible. clouds wednesday. sunshine by thursday. >> i kind of like it. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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first place in the n-l west. the giants hit the road again after a perfect 6-0 home stand that volted them into first place. the windy city living up to its nickname this afternoon. madison still searching for his first win of the season. darwin with an rbi single.
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bum garner is now 0-6. the cubs blew it open early with five runs in the 7th and three more in the 8th. ending the giants winning streak at 6. >> a's down 4-3 in the 8th. cocoa crisp takes matters into his own hands, but he gets caught trying to steal home and just like that, the inning is over. the white sox hang on, dropping the a's back to 500. we can now add two more names to the warriors coaching search. the team received permission to interview lakers assistants brian shaw and chuck. mike brown has already interviewed. derrick rose may be the league's mvp, but he is not the most powerful person in chicago. game one of the eastern conference finals was moved up to sunday because oprah is taping her show at the united
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center on monday. that's power. give me the top five. round two of the player's championship, keep the putter in the bag. he chips in from the sand. david toms leads after 36 holes. and number four, nascar truck series, carmichael gets introduced to the wall. his truck may be in the shop for a while. at number three, zach randolph went off for 30 points and 13 rebounds as the grizzlies beat the thunder 95-83 to set up the first game seven of this year's nba playoffs. at number two, watch indian shortstop do his best derek jeter impression. the tribe win again. they have the best records in the american league. >> and at number one, if you like snow cones, you'll love this. nats center fielder makes the leaping catch to rob mike stanton. the marlins have the last laugh. they beat the nats. we'll be right back. ,,
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all right, big weekend. amgen tour, rain. aids game saturday. sharks, in vancouver sunday. >>


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