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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  May 16, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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water but we have been getting a bit of rain in the area this afternoon and have gotten lots on the roads they are slick. we will keep chopper 5 on this and will get the details exactly what injuries if the people are injured. a strange accident on alcatraz island sent two tourists to the hospital. a day of sightseeing ruined ininvolving one of the islands newest attractions. mike. >> reporter: elizabeth, this is not a very good day to be on alcatraz any way with the waverain and things really went wrong about 2:00 p.m. today when a tram had an accident on the island. today was the first day of a replacement motorized tram for those having trouble getting around alcatraz island things did not go according to plan. >> the tram car drifted toward the wall as we were going up and it caught on a pipe that stuck out of the wall, the
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support and just collapsed the very front of the roof. >> joyce visiting from houston was in the tram with her 41- year-old nephew scott who was gashed if the forehead her 62- year-old sister was gashed in and around the eye we don't know how badly they were hurt both were taken to san francisco general after a ride on the ferry back to shore. >> out of precaution and standard operating proceedier, we immobilized them and put them on a back board. the national parks service said they considered flying in a medical helicopter but it is bird season they didn't want to disturb nesting. the island remains open. >> the pathway is safe this is an operation we do daily, 7 days a week throughout the year for hundreds of people every day. so we will put one of our older trams back into service and continue to operate. >> it is a freaky accident.
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>> what happened? there is an investigation going on to determine that. >> we have other tram, back up trams we will put one of those back into service. >> alcatraz is hilly the top of the island is 13 stories above the shore line if you have trouble walking the tram is vital. there was no talk of shutting it down. >> again we don't know the extent of the injuries but they are certainly not life threatening. on the waterfront, mike sugar man cbs 5. weeks after he was severely beaten at a dodgers game in la will brian stowe is back in the bay area his transfer to san francisco hospital, something the family has been hoping for, for a month and a half joe. when it comes to injuries involving brain trauma, san francisco general hospital has one of the premier medical teams in the world. doctors say they are just now starting to assess how they will be able to help brian stowe. the giants fan has made it back to home territory.
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brian stowe of santa cruz, arrived in the bay area early this afternoon. colleagues at american medical response brought the injured ambulance driver in from the airport. his immediate family is here by his side. stowe left a los angeles hospital this morning, 46 days after he was severely beaten in the parking lot following a dodgers baseball game. >> when we first got down to los angeles we were not sure he was going the make it. so for us to be able to bring him home, closer to home, it is so much easier for family and friends that have not been able to see brian so yes, so much better >> his mother tells cbs news she is thrilled he is home. >> transferring him to sf general trauma center is just to get him stabilize, and then our understanding we don't know how long he will be in icu at sf general at some point he will be transferred to a long
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term care facility for rehab. that is the plan. >> there is still a lot of work to do brian is only barely responsive to stimulation and has blinked his eyes only on occasion and not on command. >> he still is in an unconscious state they call it coma vigil, so people in that state can't open their eyes they have movement but they don't know how much of that is brian doing it on his own. it is just his body response. so we have to wait and see. >> the stowe say they don't blame los angeles but they are hoping someone there will see the billboard s with sketches of the suspect and come forward to claim the $100,000 reward. >> we have so much confidence in lapd. they are working diligently on this case, and they will catch them. it is just a matter of time. so doctors say that any time you transport a patient by private jet like today and
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ambulance there will be a bit of trauma involved, they wanted to stabilize and then perhaps as soon as tomorrow they will get a clean assessment on how he is doing. thanks. a dramatic hit and run in san francisco a driver hit a motorcyclist and tried to flee with the man still clinging to the hood of their car it happened before 7:00 a.m. this morning on lombard street officers say the car rear ended the motorcycle, heading east near franklin. the driver kept going for a few blocks with the rider on the hood. off duty federal agents eventually stopped the driver and arrested him the man riding the motorcycle was not seriously hurt. >> an elaborate operation shut down by the secret service linked to one east bay woman likely the largest id theft in oakland history. julie watts will show us why there is only one reported victim so far, they think this is the tip of the iceberg.
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>> they are calling it a one stop shop for identity theft. >> usually in the past you see operations that make credit cards or california id cards. >> oakland pd said what they uncovered is an identity theft lapse in addition to what they are calling a sophisticated data base of several thousand potential victims opd confiscated machines, credit card, california ids and social security cards. >> social security cards for example, that will sell again and gain and again. neil oh farrell says the ability to duplicate this type of information is a gold mine for thieves. >> that is something even organized crime would buy they can maximize that. >> so far it is not clear if this is a case of organized crime a sole suspect has been arrested. charged with 20 different counts ranging from forgery to grand theft. they say she ran the operation out of her 1 bedroom apartment
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in this hayward neighbourhood they are looking for other suspects. they are also looking for connections to other large scale identity theft rings. >> we are estimating $40,000. >> like this one recently uncovered in san francisco where thieves were sent out with luxury shopping lists, and managed to bring home all this loot with fake credit cards like the hundreds found here. >> is this the same type of thing? any connection there? >> we are still looking into that. >> police are looking into a lot of things the investigation is only 4 months old they have yet to search the computer they have yet. julie watts, thanks. an unexpected boost in revenue splashed california 's projected budget deficit. a third of previous
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projections, the governor released his revised budget he wants to extend sales and auto taxes for five years they want to extend the taxes now then ask voters to approve the deal in november. republicans argue there need to be more cuts. >> we have not really in fact changed government at all. >> that will be part of the plan first of all part of the discussion with the republicans, how to do this and we will -- i think it will be premature. revised budget does take proposed income tax extension off the table until next year it would also spare enterprise zones from these budget acts. coming up, a one tonne war art fact vanishes from an oakland park overnight how officials thing it was done and where it may be tonight. >> saved from the chain saw for now. why a 300-year-old oak tree 's days are still numbered. >> i would hate for this to be
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their only memory of what happened today. >> a kids celebration turns chaotic damage after a dust devil blows away that bounce house ,,,,,,,,
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battleship... is missing from an east bay park. it's a one tonne mystery a 5-foot tall brass ring is missing from an east bay park. as kristin airs reports likely some determined thieves have other plans for the naval art fact. >> reporter: the 2,000-pound tribute to u.s. naval history had been sitting here completely undisturbed for 90 years until thieves ripped it out leaving a crumbling foundation and a gaping hole in history. >> it was a part of my life actually it has been there longer than me. >> reporter: the massive war
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relic that punctured lake side park holds a place in his childhood. >> ever since i was a baby i played on that thing. climb in and out. >> reporter: he couldn't have known it then the ring he once used had a storied past. to show the might of u.s. power. >> reporter: imagine the ring actually a gun port as it looked before framing a torpedo on this, one of the first u.s. battleships ever built according to historical accounts the uss maine mysteriously exploded and sank in what have than harbour, 1898 killing -- havana harbour, 1898 kills hundreds sparking a war. >> pieces of the battleship were dispursed all over the country t gun port went up here memorial to the lives lost until. >> like a thief in the night. >> stephanie says it appears early last week, more than one thief ripped the port from its aging foundation while park
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officials were waiting for a fix, the thieves returned friday possibly using these two by fours to get it out of the park. >> people have become desperate. >> she believe the thieves skipped town and plan to sell it at a scrap yard she can only hope they realize there is nothing more valuable than history. >> the past shapes the future when we lose that we get disconnected. to our history. >> oakland police are investigating this incident we have learned the thieves did leave behind some evidence we have been asked not to say what but it could hell within the investigation. live in oakland, cbs 5. another civil suit for pg&e over the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno a representative for homeowner james franco filed a complaint in san mateo superior court. mr. franco was one of eight people killed in the blast.
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they say poor maintenance and construction resulted in the explosion it seeks unspecified damages and jury trial. can't kick the habit? why you may want the blame mom and dad. >> she admitted to giving her 8- year-old daughter botox and bikini waxes before beauty pageants. >> everybody was having a great time until this happened. >> caught on camera, children's laughs turn into cries what happened when a bounce house blew across the playground. the emergency that forced this plane to go down. it is supposed to be april showers bring may flowers, now we have play flowers and the effect. all that will have on the evening and tomorrow mornings commute as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5 i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire.
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a piece of living history on the peninsula has been put on hold neighbors in men low park are going to court to save a 300-year-old oak tree from getting the axe, so to speak but as kit do explains the tree's days are likely numbered. >> in unincorporated men low park is an oak tree after 300 years is living on borrowed time. >> unfortunately, we are not able to save the tree and it looks like we will have to take it out >> it has been nicknamed granny the problem is it stands smack dab in the middle of the pipeline. once complete it will deliver watt tore 2.5 million people in the bay area. san francisco public utilities commission engineers say they have no choice but to cut the tree down. >> the water pipeline the, in order to protect it, we have to remove the tree.
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we can't have trees over a pipeline. >> neighbors hired their own arbourist who says tunneling below the roots, running the pipeline above ground might work they are guarding the tree around the clock if crews try to cut it they will surround it and it could get ugly. >> would you go to jail to protect this tree? >> i told my husband if you get a call this morning, it's the sheriff will you come bail me out. >> it is 65 feet tall it would qualify for heritage tree protection status if in san mateo county but it is not. granny's days are numbered. 12-year-old elizabeth payne said she felt the need to do something. >> we don't have a really big chance a small chance but i don't know. >> you have to try. >> yeah. got to try. >> crews had planned on cutting the tree down this morning, but
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they have been delayed so the tree could be gone in a week. in san mateo county, kit do cbs 5. new twist in the investigation of the mother accused of giving her 8-year- old daughter botox. carry campbell appeared on good morning america last week admitting she injected her daughter with botox before beauty pageants according to several media reports, campbell may not live in san francisco and there is word that carry campbell may not even be her real name the revelations come as abc news reports that campbell's daughter brittany was taken by child protective services over the weekend. >> medical news, smoking can be deadly. >> why some smokers find it hard to kick the habit. dr. kim shows us what it has to do with something. those who find it harder to quit may be carrying specific genes, dna that can put them at
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higher risk for nicotine addiction. >> she has been smoking for 20 years she tried to quit before >> i tried to go full turkey, tried to use nicotine gum, without success. >> a new study finds genetics may make it more difficult for some to stop smoking some smokers have more receptors in the brain associated with rewards and emotion. >> some people are born with receptors in the brain, for nicotine that are actually parts of the pleasure reward system, of the brain. and that these receptors bind to nicotine differently. >> scientists hope the findings will lead to new treatments. >> we might one day be able to provide specific medications that will attach to specific receptors in the brain and block these receptors. >> for now, leone is cutting back on the number of cigarettes she has every day >> i think it is probably the next thing i would like to
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conquer in my life, quit smoking. >> she hopes with will power and discipline she can put cigarettes out for good. now according to the world health organization, estimated that tobacco use kills more than 5 million people each year worldwide. a tremendous number try to quit smoking many will not be successful. >> hard habit to break. thank you. all right we got the rain and i don't know that we are done with the rain. >> we do have rain just in time for the evening commute. high-def doppler radar what you are looking at areas of green, light precipitation yellow is more of a moderate rainfall zeroing in on the bay bridge at this time, from san francisco, to oakland you see that we have some pretty heavy precipitation wrapping around to san leandro, also for the evening commute, wet, silicon valley heading north, 680 there is sour live cbs weather camera looking out toward the bay bridge we have a few rain drops on the camera
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lens as winds begin to push the rain drops on shore as well. also up high in the sky, chopper 5, taking a look around the bay area, also, equally as well. again for chopper 5, for the pilot up there, let me tell you winds will increase out of the southwest, gusting up to 20, 25 miles per hour, it is a blustery evening commute with the rain intensifying as the evening progresses, still slated for 7:05 p.m. as oakland as baseball action against the angels, game time temperature 58 degrees weather will deteriorate as the evening progresses this is the frontal boundary, on shore, wrap around moisture, counter clockwise fashion pushing the heaviest precipitation with that frontal band on shore now, throughout the evening hours, behind it, tomorrow for your tuesday, scattered showers for yet another area of pressure winds up and pushes in. clock hour by hour numerous showers throughout the morning hours, and then also during the afternoon but watch what is
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behind me by tomorrow evenings commute the second system working its way into the bay area could see as much as an inch of rain here in the bay area over the next couple days. looks like temperatures 40s and low 50s. tomorrow's highs, unseasonably cool with gusty winds up to 20 and 25, 50s low 60s. once we get out of the rain by to morowe isolated shower wednesday. full sunshine thursday. cloud back up in time for the weekend. that is your pinpoint forecast. thank you. frightening moments aboard a cathay pacific airbus. >> that plane forced to make an emergency landing in singapore after one of its engines burst into flames look at the terror on those passengers faces. it was headed to djakarta. 20 minutes after take off they heard two large sharp bangs the plane started to shake violently then the lights went out, the plane did land safely
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no body was hurt but no word on what caused the engine fire. up next, not just historic inspirational. >> two words injured representative gabriel giffords said after watching her husband blast off into space ,,
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off from cap and lift off for the final launch of endeavor. expanding our knowledge,. with that the space shuttle endeavour blasts off from cape canaveral its final mission to the international space station. up to 400,000 spectators watched that launch including gabriel giffords her husband mark kelly is endeavor's commander. the chief of staff said her boss called the launch quote good stuff. before lift off, kelly gave giffords his wedding band which she will wear on a chain around her neck until he comes back. nasa's final flight scheduled for july. a strong gust of wind turn add birthday bouncy house into
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a castle in the sky. it was all caught on cell phone video, tucson arizona. take a look at this, what appeared to be a dust devil, picked up the inflatable playhouse and sent it blowing into a light pole. no one was seriously hurt it is the third similar incident in recent months in arizona ,,,,,,,,
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coming up at 6 o'clock. much more on what governor brown's new budget plan could mean for every californian. that includes your taxes - and your child's education. also tonight - it's been about one month since a bay area city decided to make a little money on marijuana. and as it turns out - that city is making a lot of money. how the success story may change pot policy - and a grim budget outlook. those stories, and much more - coming up at 6 o'clock. thanks for watching. the cbs evening news with katie couric is next. thank you dana. thank for watching. cbs evening news


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