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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 17, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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a good day to be out in the garden to me but the psychology of weather affects the psychology of shopping. let me throw this out. learned today there are some plants that are probably tougher than some people. >> if i had started six weeks ago this is what my tomatoes would look like. >> reporter: impressive. but it seems lots of people have avoided their gardens this spring because of our winter- like weather. >> it was a bad march because we depend on it being one of our principal months of business and it didn't pan out because of the cold temperatures and amount of rainfall we received. >> reporter: business picked up last month but again today the cold rain kept people away. >> this is definitely one of our slowest days yet. >> reporter: let's face it. we can be a bunch of pansies. >> is it psychological? >> i'm a wuss when it comes to garden. if it is nice i want to do it. if it is cold, windy and
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hostile i'm not that eager. >> reporter: lavender and fruit trees just came in on schedule. the die hards scoff at the notion of letting the weather control their green thumbs. >> you know something, the weather is always weird. >> just when i get the urge i want to go out and do it. >> reporter: those seem to be the types of gardens. >> we have been really busy. >> reporter: plants here have to fend for themselves from the elements. >> just been thriving and blooming really early and putting on quite the show. >> reporter: others don't look so hot. and these recent storms may do them in. >> the ones that don't survive like there is an empty pot right here, we just call those out. we end up with the toughest plants anyway. >> reporter: which begs the question which is tougher,
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people or plants? well, speaking of tough. a lot of people are finding the economy to be difficult so they are planting vegetable gardens. if you haven't yet, don't panic. what i learned today if you plant tomato plants right now, if we get that big burst of heat then in some cases, allen, these plants can catch up with the plants that were in the ground weeks ago. >> those tomato plants, you get them they are pretty small. those ones behind you a pretty good size. >> reporter: this is like the cheating version, isn't it? >> i am not above cheating. >> reporter: neither am i. >> they would be fine. ann notarangelo out in the elements tonight in pleasant hill. thank you. late season storm really taking its toll on the nerves of wine makers. the heavy rain, cold, now in some cases hail can be devastating to the tender bloom that whether eventually become a great cluster. today the weather is about 20 degrees below normal in the
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foothills. >> no way you can protect against it. frost you can protect against it. not really much you can do. >> but the storms just might turn out to be good things for the grapes. the wet weather could also produce a grape glut. this wintery weather is actually bringing fresh snow to the sierra. this is what it looked like at blue canyon for most of the afternoon. several inches of snow fell and cal-trans plans were out in full force keeping the roads clear. drivers had to be extra cautious with wind gusts topping 45 miles an hour in the mountain passes. the woman that loves this our roberta gonzales. >> try to go to the grocery store with me, dana. those at alls ann was showing you people are throwing them at me because they are done. the weather is not done. still have areas of precipitation. a bit of a break by the peninsula. but still damage is done. s.f.o. delays up to one hour and 20 minutes on arriving flights.
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plenty of precipitation. where you see the areas of yellow that's more of a moderate to heavy downpour at this particular time for the evening commute. golden gate bridge and also the bay bridge are extremely slippery at this hour with some pretty heavy precipitation. you see it right here on our live high-def doppler radar. now let's share with you what it looks like outdoors. visibility is limited in ocean beach where it continues to rain at this hour. let's go ahead and take a look at this time at our cbs5 weather camera from the rooftop looking out towards the bay bridge where today's high temperature was 58 degrees in san francisco. 59 degrees in oakland. average high temperatures in the mid-60s. now, meanwhile according to our pinpoint forecast we still will continue to see the scattered numerous showers fill in in the overnight hours. watch your morning commute. most activity is due east of the bay. it begins to slip out towards the high sierra leaving us with partial clearing during the
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afternoon hours just in time for the amateur tour du california. we have scattered rain showers as this area of low pressure continues to provide us with the wrap around moisture from that core. tomorrow, once we get past the lunch hour and we see the partial clearing to the skies the temperatures will rebound after we bottom out in the 40s and 50s to temperatures slightly warmer than today. the warmest spot was 62 in gilroy. tomorrow experiencing 69 there. 50s, 60s across the board. dana, we do have a forecast with sunshine in it. i will share that with you and pinpoint that day. that's still coming up later on. >> making us all happy. roberta, thanks. in the mean time the latest round of rain is putting some san pueblo residents on edge. despite the renewed threat the city council met last night to consider rescinding its emergency declaration and that
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would mean homeowners would no longer be eligible for state and federal money. >> the public facilities have to be threatened. and with the significant period of dry weather prior to these rains and the relative stability of the situation out on the hillside, it was difficult to justify continuing the state of emergency. >> now, the city council was expected to make a final decision june 6th. well, anybody getting out of town over memorial day weekend may want to avoid the bay bridge if possible. eastbound drivers will have to take a detour right near the toll plaza in oakland. the alternate route will allow cal-trans to build temporary lanes then build a connection to the new area of the bay bridge that is under construction and the agencies says this won't be an easy process. >> we have to completely replace this eastern span and in some cases put the new bridge in the exact same footprint as the existing
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bridge while 280,000 vehicles go across it every day. >> though work will not require closure of the bridge itself. however, it will allow cal- trans to open the new bridge to traffic ahead of schedule. another allegation of police misconduct. we will show you the video the public defender says is evidence that officers were stealing. and a big debate tonight at oakland city hall. we will tell you why it could mean an end to this city's gang injunction. remember this caught on tape here in the bay area. hair theft. it is now a trend that has now claimed a life. ,,,,,,,,,,
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sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. leash on their pets. the board ly dog owners in contra costa county will want to keep a tighter leash on their pets because the board of
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supervisors unanimously passed an ordinance today that requires that any dog impounded twice in three years be spade or neutered before being turned to its owner. the county will also implant an identification microchip in the dog. owners will have to pay for all of it. the rules take effect mid-june. and it seems to be an epidemic for the san francisco police department. another video. another accusation that police broke the law. this time the public defender is calling some officers thieves. joe vazquez is live now at city hall with this video. joe? >> reporter: dana, those are strong words accusing the police officers of stealing but the public defender stands by those words and he says the evidence is in the surveillance video. the public defender says these men are san francisco police officers even though they are not wearing uniforms from the mission station walking into a hotel on february 25th with nothing in their hands but as
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they leave watch the surveillance video closely. the last two cops are carrying bags. >> just because you're a police officer you don't have the right to go into somebody's room and remove personal property and keep it without having any indication of it in the reports. extremely, extremely disturbing. >> reporter: jessie reus says he never gave the officers consent to look his apartment and he says he even asked if they had a search warrant but the cops never replied. they then found meth amphetamine and they arrested him. the charge was then dropped. one believes has a laptop and the other one with a camera. >> i got scared. i have never been arrested before. >> reporter: the public defender says the officers were also involved there a similar incident at a different hotel called the jefferson back in
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december. he accuses the officers of theft because the items were never mentioned in a police report and apparently never booked into evidence. and reus says he never got them back. >> personal items belonging to residents, two different hotels at two different parts of the city were taken by the police without any justification, without any reason. that is theft. >> the officers have been taken out of the plain clothes unit. >> there is a full investigation going on. and if any police officer in the san francisco police department is shown to be dishonest i will seek serious decision palestinian all the way up to and including termination for that officer. >> reporter: police officers collect evidence all the time but he says the key here is, you know what, they didn't write it in the report and this man doesn't have his valuables back, dana. the key is there is no explanation, at least any that
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the police department is making public right now. >> but there is that video. all right. joe vazquez at san francisco city hall. thank you. they are intended to curb gang violence but tonight the opponents of gang injunctions are telling the oakland city council they are a waste of money. here is the latest from city hall. >> reporter: from flyers to facebook posts. >> what i'm expecting tonight to look like is the community members to turn out in force. >> reporter: whitney walton and other members of the stop the injunction coalition are urging supporters to cram oakland city hall. >> i think it is going to be completely and entirely packed. >> reporter: hoping to pressure city council into choking off funding for the injunction as quickly as tonight. >> we are definitely hopeful that they will defund. >> reporter: the vice mayor says they want the injunctions to end but this is the first step undoing the mandate that imposes restrictions on gang
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members. >> do they move crime from one place to another? yes. >> reporter: recent numbers show that one year after north oakland's injunction went into effect drug dealing is down but homicides have climbed. >> it has been touted as a measure to stop violent crimes. >> reporter: but the oakland police chief has been supportive of the ban. stop the injunctions received an e-mail from someone saying i'm in favor of letting the injunction take effect. i don't see great potential for harm and i do see the potential for reducing criminal activity. but she believes there is a fighting chance. >> we are hopeful that they will start listening to the voices of community members. >> we will have the results of tonight's meeting cbs5 at 11 p.m. for you. surprise testimony delayed
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closing arguments in a murder trial today. the defendant unexpectedly took the stand. mackey said he had no involvement in the 2007 murder of oakland journalist chauncey bailey or two other murders. prosecutors say he was the get away driver in bailey's murder. a follow-up to a story we brought you about a month ago. you might remember this smash and grab heist at a hair salon in san leandro. they bypass the cash register completely, ignored the flat screen t.v. and went straight for $60,000 worth of human hair. turns out this is not an isolated event. similar crimes are happening nationwide. houston. san diego. and the list goes on. in fact, in michigan a beauty store owner was killed during one of these robberies. according to the new york times some stores are now hiring security guards and installing
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bullet-proof glass to protect the hair. options at the gas pump you may not be aware of. it is all in 2 minutes. back on trac,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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caused setbacks on stages one and two, today bikers in stage three battled wet weather and the tour du california back on track after snow caused setbacks on stages 1 and 2. today stage 3 battled wet weather and cold weather. the first place finisher crossed the finish line about one hour ago much the race will travel from livermore down the east bay 81 miles into san jose and a lot of folks looking forward to that. len ramirez is one of them. he shows us how livermore is
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doing a preparty action tonight. len. >> reporter: that's right. the tour is not even here yet but folks in livermore are celebrating anyway. they call this bike night. a big celebration downtown. people are coming in on bike to help celebrate the tour that begins her tomorrow. being a start city is a very big status thing for any city because it means that people all over the world will be reading about livermore, california in their morning papers and folks around here are very excited about that. in downtown livermore anyone can see that the bike race is good for business. >> we have been a drive-thru for the tour a few times. this is our first being a start stage. very exciting for us. kind of have a chance to be an international spotlight right here in downtown. >> reporter: the bike race is coming to town. starting on the downtown's main street. the route will take them out of town into the hills of mt. hamilton but not before passing
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the picturesque wineries and downtown shops. today shop keepers like linda allen were busy sprucing up their stores and in the case of 1st street wines showing off a vintage wine. >> 49% merlot, 1% cabernet. a bordoux blind. >> ux blend. >> reporter: i watched. >> i watched the tour du france and i really like that. >> we are part of the big world instead of just small little communities. >> reporter: tomorrow's stage will be one of the biggest stages of this race. starts alt livermore. goes up mine's road all the way
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back side up over mt. hamilton. they will have a mountain top finish right on the crest of the hill. so whoever has got the legs to make it up the hill after going 81 miles from here is going to be the winner and that's a time when they can put a lot of time on their competitors so you can get levi from santa rosa will be trying to win that stage. it will be very exciting. hopefully we will be there tomorrow as well. back to you. >> a lot of things to watch. thanks. catching a cab in san francisco is about to get more expensive. today muni approved raising fares by 50 cents a mile and 10 cents for time spent in stuck traffic. the starting rate is also going up 40 cents to 3.50. a fuel surcharge and a fee of up to $3 for dispatch requests were rejected though. according to muni now only boston and san diego will have
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higher cab fares. need a way to cut your gas budget? on the consumerwatch julie watts tells us you could be pumping cheaper alternative fuel. . >> reporter: he loves his alcohol but not for drinking for driving. >> we used alcohol with a little conversion kit and ever since we have done that we have not had to run gasoline it is just running on alcohol. >> reporter: the forefront of the alcohol fuel movement teaching people how to convert their cars to run entirely on alcohol. like he did to this transam from the movie kill bill. >> we are running out of oil. that's a fact. and what we go to next is really important. one of the great things about alcohol fuel is you can't get a cleaner fuel. >> reporter: and while 100% alcohol is cleanest the e.85 blend you find at pumps like
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these is the next best thing. not only better for the environment than traditionals gas by biofuel is better for your bottom line. >> right now alcohol is 80 cents cheaper than gasoline at the pump. >> and that has drivers all over lining up to pump up. >> i love this gas. >> only 3.49 compared to 4.25. >> every day we are driving 100 miles so we are going to save at least $60 a week. >> reporter: biofuel is becoming so popular. there are apps to locate the nearest station which could be hard to find. >> i wish they had one on the other side of the tunnel. i would be going there all the time. >> reporter: there are currently less than 200 stations like this. gm and ford have committed to 50% flex fuel fleets in the next few years. and youtube videos show converting your car to flex fuel can be as easy as child's play. but you may not need to convert your car. according to industry insiders there are 10 million flex fuel cars already on the road and many drivers are unaware they
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are in one. and that list of flex fuel cars includes more than 100 different makes and models dating all the way back to 1998. so for a list to find out if your car is actually a flex fuel vehicle. head to you can find locations of the flex fuel stations and a link to that mobile app. remember if you have a consumer story we would love to their. 888-five helps you. >> the newer cars, you have a yellow gas cap. >> i'm out. >> me neither. >> nice to know though if you might have one. >> i will check the link. thank you. awesome. if you thought there was something more to the separation. well, now we know that there in fact was. the infedelity.
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what comes next for arnold schwarzenegger. is this proof we need more women in politics. >> mission activated. only on 5. the future of battlefield medicine. a robot that replaces human medics. how it knows which soldiers are most seriouslywounded.. i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path.
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i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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than a decade ago. apparently maria shriver just found hs arnold schwarzenegger's secret is now out. he fathered a child are his house keeper more than a decade ago. apparently maria shriver just found out about it in the last few months. more now on how this bombshell secret was kept quiet for so long. >> reporter: arnold schwarzenegger behind the wheel of hit bentley refused any questions from media. he fathered a child i out of wedlock with a staff member in a home he shared with maria shriver. he issued only this statement earlier in the day. "after leaving the governor's office i told my wife about this event which occurred over
6:29 pm
a decade ago. i understand and deserve the feelings of anger and disappointment among my friends and family. there are no excuses and i take full responsibility for the hurt i have caused. i have apologized to maria, my children and my family and i am truly sorry." this from maria shriver. "there is a painful and heartbreaking time. as a mother my concern is for my children. i ask for compassion, respect and privacy as my children and i try to rebuild our lives and heal." so many unanswered questions. how could the governor keep this a secret for so long? and then there are money issues to contend with. >> but the fact of the matter is he was giving cash to a baby momma. she could have diversified anyway. >> reporter: robin sachs reacting to the secret of the governor but the fact that he has admitted to paying support for the child all these years. >> child support is not taxable
6:30 pm
for the person who receives it. so the mother of the child is definitely not having any tax consequence because the gift is to her kid and it is money that she is entitled to. this child could get anywhere from 50, 60, 70, $80,000 a month. >> reporter: there were stories eight years ago when arnold schwarzenegger ran for governor. >> you can listen to all the negativity and you can listen to people who have never met arnold or who met him for 5 seconds 30 years ago or you can listen to me. >> dave lopez reporting in l.a. tonight. now, news of arnold schwarzenegger's love child has lit up the wires and it will certainly keep him from returning to politics. as mike sugerman reports, it may do his career good. >> reporter: arnold schwarzenegger. >> now we are going to do something extremely fun. we are going to play a
6:31 pm
wonderful game called "who is my daddy and what does he do? ." >> sweetheart. we are married. consider that a divorce. >> reporter: at the ferry plaza farmer's market, the popular topic of discussion was the revelation. >> i'm shocked. >> i'm not surprised. >> i'm shocked. i voted for him. >> i think that's a tragedy. you know. >> i'm just not at all surprised, you know. the guy gets around, right. >> most people accept that people from hollywood engage in affairs, extra marital sex. >> reporter: knowing about such affairs. he is the guy you call when you're in trouble. one of the top crisis management consultants of the country. arnold schwarzenegger hasn't called but if he did -- >> he has done a pretty good job so far expressing his sadness and disappointment in himself and trying to draw the attention away from his wife and family. >> reporter: as for his career
6:32 pm
-- >> no problemo. >> i don't think it will hurt him in hollywood. i think it will hurt him with republican stall warts who really expected more of him. >> i thought he had better principles of that. you just never know. >> do you think it will hurt him in the movies? >> i think this might with some female audience. i'm sure guys, you know, going to see action movies it won't affect them much. >> reporter: pointing to the governor's two vetoes and pointing out he is not a very good role model for traditional marriage. mike sugerman, cbs5. former michigan governor and current uc berkeley law professor isn't holding back as she reacts to the news this morning this is what she tweeted. another gov admits to cheating on his wife. guys keep your pants zipped
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for pete's sexx. when you think of classrooms in the inner city you probably don't imagine this. how the beatles helped inspire a new approach to education and the payoff teachers are seeing in one bay area school. i'm dennis o'donnell. we will show you how can burn 1000-calories with a scored. the joust is coming up. afghanistan. this chip could be a soldier's best defense on the battlefield. >> saves lives. >> reporter: how it can track vital signs, treat life threatening injuries. even send a robot to the rescue. coming up next. oh. see that? great job. ok, now let's get ready for the ball... here it comes... here you go. good catch. perfect! alright now for the best part. let's see your pour.
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ohhh...let's get those in the bowl. these are way too good to waste, right? oh, yeah. let's go for it... around the bowl and... [ male announcer ] share what you love... with who you love. mmmmm. kellogg's frosted flakes®... they're g-r-r-reat!™
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in afghanistan. 43 year old lieutenant colonel benjamin palmer leaves behind a wife and 3 children. it is battle a marine from modesto has been killed in afghanistan. he leaves behind a wife and
6:36 pm
three children. battlefield losses such as his that has the military testing new technology. in a story you'll see only on 5 len ramirez shows us robots will soon replace human medics. >> mission activated. mission activated. >> reporter: you're looking at the future of battlefield medicine. imagine this robot evacuating a wounded soldier. >> now treating patient number 4. >> reporter: now think about that same robot insisting or in some cases even replacing human medics on the ground. >> saves lives in a big way. i hope. because it saves time. >> reporter: this doctor is leading a group of researchers in a series of field experiments in monterey county. from a small tactical headquarters the team monitors the simulated battlefield conditions and even soldiers'
6:37 pm
vital signs flew prototype sensors embedded in their uniforms. small helicopters are sent to help the wounded. thanks to advances and realtime data feeds the robots already know which soldiers are the most seriously wounded, where they are, and how to get there. >> previously we would be controlling every second. >> reporter: doctors treating casualties in the field have had to wait until the injured soldier was directly there front of them before they could start making their assessments and treatments. now as you can see the technology exists to begin that process remotely. >> they are getting pictures. they are getting data. they are getting a log of information. >> state again his injuries. >> reporter: the information sent back to doctors may allow them to diagnose and even begin treatments from afar with robots acting as a kind of wi-
6:38 pm
fi hot spot, doctors might some day trigger the injection of preloaded drugs through so- called nano patches which future soldiers would wear next to their screen. >> we are pretty good at this thing using surgical robots and those type of things in a hospital environment. now technology is enabling us to be far from the doctor. sometimes thousands of the miles from the doctor. and still things can make the difference between living and dying. >> reporter: although it is now being developed for the mill tar the technology could some day be used to save the lives of police and firefighters too. at camp roberts, len ramirez, cbs5. >> len was saying research -- saying researchers could have other uses. you could wear a wrist band and could sense an emergency such as a heart attack and could send out a message via cell phone. a california lawmaker thinking it is a bad idea.
6:39 pm
planning to name a cargo ship after cesar chavez. it says it unfairly overlooks military war heros. the navy has not commented. it is expected to officially make the announcement tomorrow. the city college of san francisco joined the mexican government today to preserve an historic work of art to protect this 1940 muriel called pan american unity. a memorandum of understanding signed with the council general of mexico. the mural 72 feet high, 74 feet long is impossible to see in its entirety in its current location so the two parties want to build a venue to better display it. it is american history. it is mexican history. it is also very, very san francisco. >> well, various college departments used the mural in their curriculum. the college hopes to preserve it for the next 200 years.
6:40 pm
>> fabulous. well still ahead tonight. reading, writing and.... >> i can feel it all the way down here, dana. we have rain in our evening forecast. the day the sun will make a reappearance right here in the bay area as eyewitness news continues on cbs5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a ledge at city hall for years. one of the beloved falcons in san jose died. the falcon family has lived on a ledge at city hall for years. the parents gave birth to four chicks last month. the only female among them has died though we have not heard the cause yet. the three male chicks remain perched high atop the tower with their parents. hayward high schoolers involved in last week's big food fight are going to learn a lesson in hunger. the seniors at leadership public high who flung the food around the cafeteria cannot participate in traditional fun events including the trip to
6:44 pm
disneyland instead they have to do community service. they are easing the punishment to let the students go to the prom and graduation ceremony. from time-out to quiet time. a troubled bay area middle school has turned to meditation to relieve students' stress. and it appears to be working. >> when you have a lot of murders and violence, sitting down and trying to study is very difficult. >> peer pressure. >> this is a place where peace is hard to come by. >> a lot of our kids would literally run from their homes to school. >> reporter: when the principal arrived several years ago he found he had an uphill battle. >> this school is highly dysfunctional. >> reporter: he introduced quiet time.
6:45 pm
and transdental meditation. >> i knew from my own experience just growing up in our society about the beatles. >> reporter: the results were immediate. >> we had daily attendance in the low 80s. we are now at 90% no once i really got into meditation in seventh and eighth grade i started get on the honor role. >> reporter: quiet time lasts for 12 minutes twice daily. >> you will notice kids that don't meditate and kids that actually meditate. you see the difference. >> reporter: the program is a brain child of the director david lynch, paul mccartney and ringo star. the beatle's one-time instructor. >> david lynch has been really great. in fact, he has come to the school on more than six or seven occasions. >> the kids were bullies and very angry. and they have become more calm. they are a lot more calm than
6:46 pm
they were before. >> all you need is a mantra. >> do you tell people what your mantra is? >> no, it is a secret. you have to get your own. >> reporter: in san francisco, cbs5. >> and the quiet time is mandatory but the meditation is not. >> we are going to take a moment to meditate. >> right. on some sunshine. >> and you know i do yoga. quiet for 60 minutes. >> i have missed that, actually. all i know is that i'm grateful you don't drink coffee. that's all. >> if there is a reason here to keep the caffeine away from me i don't know why. this is the scene in san jose where we have actually had a little bit of rain. temperatures across the bay area today only 54. 62 degrees in mountainview. this is our live high-def doppler radar. rain showers still pretty much
6:47 pm
widespread in and around the entire bay area. right now if you're in the concord area. leading edge of more precipitation will be heading your way. all this is lifting up in a north and easterly direction. here is the north bay where the most rain is falling at this particular time than when you see the shades of yellow. more moderate to heavy downpour. so far today let's check in and see how much rain has accumulated from 5 a.m. this morning until 5 p.m. just nearly 6/10ths of an inch of rain in santa rosa. 1/100th of an inch at the airport. thought this was really interesting. i compared these numbers with march 24th when we were in the thick of the rain and we are still pretty much even. 123% of normal in santa rosa to 94% in san jose. if you are out and about this evening we still have some scattered showers in the offing. so you will want to carry that umbrella. temperatures across the board are pretty much 50 to 55
6:48 pm
dropping into the upper 40s and low 50s. it looks like we will see a cooler temperature of 43 in santa rosa. so the area of low pressure is pretty much lifting to the north and exiting to the east and behind it a lot of unsettled air mass so therefore some cool and wet conditions as the evening progresses but according to our pinpoint forecast after midnight we will start to see the showers taper off as they filter out in a counter clockwise fashion. partial clearing as the tour rolls through the bay area. tomorrow temperatures respond to that little peek-a-boo sunshine. the extended forecast calling for full on sunshine. dry day. thursday a quite seasonal day. bright and sunny on friday and end up with mostly cloudy skies by night fall. that will lead to cloud cover on saturday. isolated showers in the forecast for sunday. and then clouds stick around on monday and tuesday. that is your pinpoint forecast.
6:49 pm
allen? >> all right. dana just gave an "oh, no" to that other forecast for rain. a battle cry for waivers approved for the bay area. waivers for part of the federal health care law and bay area businesses did follow the rules on applying for them. 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. on cbs5 which businesses receive them. why critics say it is obvious politics was in play. i know it is early but this is good stuff. giants needed a win to stay in first place. i'm dennis o'donnell. and with rain delays all over the place, some people got creative.
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6:52 pm
n't good enough we are about a quarter way through the baseball season and one pattern is very clear. the giants' offense is not good enough to overcome defensive mistakes and their defense isn't nearly as good as 2010. the giants ranked 26th in the majors with 30 errors. george karl taking in the matinee in denver this afternoon. jonathan sanchez was cruising through seven. jose lopez comebacker. sanchez gets a glove on it. bare hands.
6:53 pm
throws him out. at least for a day the critics should stop. in the 8th. a bunt. for the second game in a row the starting pitcher throws it away. one run scores to sanchez is pulled. allows four runs in seven innings. lopez trying to keep it a 3-3 game. this is d day right here. carlos gonzalez. rockies rally with four in the eight. they leapfrog san francisco into first place by one half games in the west. here is the defense i was talking about. it has not been championship caliber lately. last year fourth in the majors committing just 73 errors and 162 games. already booted 32 balls this year and we, as i said, just a quarter of a way through the season. dallas braden had surgery in new york. as expect him to miss the rest of the season. as delayed last night by rain.
6:54 pm
then they went into extra innings. 4-4 game in the 10th. as threatening. angels bring howie kendrick in to play as a 5th infielder. get him a smaller glove. runners second and third. mark ellis grounds it. howie kendrick. throw home. great idea. he couldn't execute. kurt suzuki scores the winning run. the as will take it 5-4. that ended late. they went even later in san jose. went unti 12:48:00 a.m. in the morning. allowed five and a half hours. second longest game in history. after giving up three in the top of the 18th inning the giants rallied in the home half. jarret parker's ground ball booted shortstop. everybody safe. winning run scores. san jose, giants winning a wild one 10-9. worst teams.
6:55 pm
warriors have been in that lottery of the 27 years it has been in existence. today golden state have less than 1% chance to win the number 1 pick. would the ping-pong balls favor him? >> how realistic are your chances of getting that number 1 pick? >> i don't think the statistics matter at all, heather. the physicses of ping-pong balls. picking 11th in next months' draft. cleveland cavaliers. remember they lost the ball. they will get to pick and then minnesota will pick second. we don't plan on burning calories using a marshal arts sword but that doesn't mean others aren't doing it. >> grab a sword. you will grab under the ridge with your right hand. >> it has put me in the best shape of my life. >> i see it as more of an extension. rather than just a piece of equipment. >> all right, let's rock this,
6:56 pm
guys. >> it looks more like a bruce lee movie than a fitness clash. junction is sweeping across the country and its roots are right here in san francisco. >> cut to the right. >> a lot of people will say i'm terribly coordinated. i could never do junction. it is not true because it helps with your balance. it helps ground you. >> step back. rock to the right. >> reporter: the creator derived this workout from her katrina martial arts roots. >> reporter: there is a unique element of combat in this workout. the swords are 41 inches in length. imported from china and handcarved from red oak. it is rapidly growing. there are 25 certified instructors circulating from miami to los angeles who teach
6:57 pm
about 400 students. and if you want to burn 800 to 1000-calories in one class, you'll you've got to do is put up a sword. >> get your upper body into it. your lower body. you work your core. >> let's get some uma thurman on. >> reporter: she has very ambitious goals for her sword reeling workout. >> i would love it to be the world's largest health and wellness system. a rain delay there virginia. these players got creative and a jousting match broke out. mark peterson victorious. down goes kyle mahoney on his behind. >> see you at 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: comments@captioncolorado. com . and no mess. icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain.
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