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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  May 18, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the first look, at the mother of his other chil the for your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. arnold schwarzenegger's mistress revealed. the first look at the mother of his child and the home he reportedly bought for her family. very exciting for us. kind of have a chance to be in the international spotlight here in downtown. >> world's top cyclists prepare to speed through the bay area today. the toughest stage yet for the tour of california. >> good morning, it is wednesday, the 18th of may. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. 4:30 is your time on this hump day. good to have you on board. i guess weather-wise it wasn't raining this morning? >> no, but there are some showers out there. what a spectacular spring we're
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having, huh? >> this is a guy who loves weather! >> i know. it feels like it. boy, it was really cool around the bay area yesterday and more showers showing up. we have had those gusty winds, now we're looking at more scattered showers outside. you can see some of our showers showing up just east of fremont now down toward the san jose area. a chance we could see a couple more scattered light showers throughout the day today although i think they will be diminishing a little more sunshine coming our way as well. we'll talk about the forecast and possible weekend showers? no! we wouldn't do that to you. let's check on traffic elizabeth. >> elizabeth can't get her tan! you're ruining her week. >> that's what tanning beds are for. we have a couple of wind advisories this morning again, second straight day of wind advisories, one for the bay bridge this morning and one for the benicia bridge, as well. so far traffic very light heading into san francisco. if you can believe it get your chains out right now if you are traveling on interstate 80! chains are required this morning once you reach about
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baxter. here's a live look near truckee. also a reminder, highway 50 is closed at echo summit for ongoing roadwork. one more live traffic camera, 880 through oakland, where everything is good. back to you. >> we were almost late for the show because we sitting around talking about this story. it gets more incredible. >> it is a talker no doubt about it and the details keep flying out. the mother of schwarzenegger's secret child is identified and we have her picture. >> anne makovec reports the mother didn't tell arnold about the baby. she joins us now with more. >> reporter: you guys, it is difficult enough to go through something like this in private. but this morning, more information going public about schwarzenegger's mistress and their son. the boy was apparently a toddler before schwarzenegger was told that he was the boy's father. celebrity websites say the mother is midred baena who you
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see there. she goes by the name patty was the housekeeper for the schwarzeneggers for 20ers. >> , cleaning, cooking and doing laundry for 20 years. when she got pregnant she didn't tell arnold the baby is hills. the boy is now between 10 and 14 years old. we have decided not to show his picture but he does look a lot like arnold and reports out this morning say that schwarzenegger might be buying a home in bakersfield for patty and their son. our sister station in los angeles has been told that a real estate agent, who showed the home several months ago, said the governor was buying it for a member of his staff. neighbors there told reporters that the woman is remarried and has three other kids. arnold schwarzenegger avoided reporters yesterday. in a statement to the "l.a. times" he said he apologized to his wife, children and family saying he takes full responsibility for the hurt he has caused. maria was in chicago last night for the taping of oprah's final show. she sent out this statement yes, i did, sir saying, this is a painful -- yesterday saying,
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this is a painful and heartbreaking time. as a mother my concern is for the children. i ask for compassion. respect and privacy as my children and i describe to rebuild our lives and heal." the react on the streets is disappointment. >> women remain vulnerable to powerful men. that's what's going on. >> the lady was still working there and i just think it was the whole situation is really sad. just what to me our society is about right now, and it's sad. >> reporter: arnold and maria have four children together. their 17-year-old son patrick said he still loved his family but he signed the tweet with the last name shriver. arnold appears to be angling for another political gig and starring in more films. we will look at that and his legacy in the next half hour. >> i hear they took a poll and his popularity has certainly dropped in california. >> and lord knows that it probably will go down even further because of this.
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>> i don't know about those political aspirations. thank you very much, anne makovec in studio. >> and movies, too, for that fact. well, more than 100 of the world's top cyclists are in the bay area this morning for the only local stage of this year's tour of california. stage 4 is one of the most grueling and scenic parts of the race. it starts at 11:45 in downtown livermore. the 82 miles run through the diablo range through the top of mount hamilton ending on sierra road east of san jose. it's the first mountaintop finish in the tour's six-year history. while san jose is the only city to host a start -- or finish to a stage every year, this is the first time for livermore. the tour has run through livermore in years past. this time, it's a starting point. >> very exciting because we're part of the big world instead of a small community. >> it's also very exciting for business owners in downtown livermore. kiet do will bring us a live report from there coming up in
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the next half hour. while the tour of california is only for the world's best cyclists, recreational cyclists can also get in on the action. this morning's king of the mountain bike ride along a small portion of today's tour stage. they are going to make a 3.8- mile climb up sierra road. it's going to start at 9:30 this morning at the intersection of sierra road and barnard court in the east san jose foothills. so you can try it yourself at least for a little while. >> but the big question, will the weather hold up for all these racers? lawrence? >> come on, lawrence, get it together. >> the least i can say they are not going to overheat. they don't have to worry about that today. we have showers around the bay area right now. you can see in toward brentwood and antioch some good cells that are rotating on through here but becoming more widely scattered as we head through the day today. we are going to even see sunny breaks in between the clouds today so looks like things will dry out a little bit and looks like high pressure is going to start to sneak over in the next couple of days. a lot of leftover moisture.
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most of that headed up to the sierra nevada where they were looking at upwards two of feet of snow across some higher peaks. that is amazing for this time year. all right. temperatures looking like this as we head toward the afternoon. you will be partly cloudy, 68 in fairfield, 64 in san jose, and a cool 59 and breezy into pacifica. you get the idea. still some cool temperatures left behind the system but by tomorrow, that begins to change a bit. more sunshine returns to the bay area, a little fog at the coast. temperatures up in the mid-70s in the warmest spots. a lot of sunshine, passing clouds into friday. but the weekend, the clouds start to roll in and, yes, there is even an outside chance we could see a couple of sprinkles, maybe some light showers. i'm sorry, elizabeth. as we head in towards sunday. >> am i that obvious from my facial expression? guess i'm not hiding it. [ laughter ] traffic sensors out of the altamont pass, so far, so good right now on westbound 580. of course, as we have been talking about, this is stage 4 of the amgen tour starts later
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on this morning around 11:45 at downtown livermore and they will be heading towards san jose. so we'll have much more on that, show you the route coming up. first live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, where what we have going on is a high wind advisory here and for the benicia bridge this morning. no metering lights heading into san francisco. golden gate bridge looks great, as well. they have not done the lane change yet. i'll step out of the way so you can see how light traffic is. very light now heading southbound towards san francisco. live look at the nimitz. 880 through oakland, this was really windy yesterday. our camera was shaking. not as windy today between hayward and downtown oakland. mass transit so far, so good. bart is on time systemwide. they should have about 20 trains or so running right now, no delay. ace train number one, muni and caltrain on time. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and
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106.9-fm. this morning, union city police are asking for help solving a deadly shooting. this happened in the 600 block of whipple road a little after 10:00 last night. a 48-year-old union city man was shot. he died at the hospital. there is no information yet about possible suspects or a motive. a big crowd at the oakland city council meeting where funding to fight gangs was on the agenda. the "oakland tribune" reports the council voted 4-3 to continue paying for gang injunctions in north oakland and the fruitvale area. >> the gang injunctions are simply another tool that gives more access of the opd to brutalize the communities that are under police occupation. >> the gun injunction prevents the intimidation which is prevalent with the group's dynamic. >> those injunctions to limit gang members' activities have cost oakland about three- quarters of a million dollars mostly for staff time.
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it is 4:39 now. closing arguments are expected this morning in the murder trial of yusef bey iv. they were delayed after some surprise last-minute testimony. co-defendant antoine mackey testified yesterday and told the court he had nothing to do with the murders in the summer of 2007. yusef bey iv is accused of ordering the killings of three people including journalist chauncey bailey. mackey is accused of driving the getaway car. l.a. police have a new clue and a bigger reward to catch the attacker of giants fan bryan stow. witnesses say the two suspects got away from dodger stadium driven by a woman wearing a jersey with andre ethier and the number 16 on the back. the reward is over $200,000 now. stow's doctors meanwhile plan to give us an update on his condition sometime this morning. they have been evaluating him since he was transferred to san
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francisco general hospital on monday and planning the next steps in his treatment. 42-year-old stow is in a coma in critical but stable condition. congresswoman gabrielle giffords heads back to surgery today marking another positive step in her recovery from a gunshot to the head. doctors will replace part of her skull with a plastic implant. today surgery comes just days after giffords watched her husband blast off on the shuttle endeavour. even before his mission, commander mark kelly was confident giffords would keep making strides while he was gone. >> when i get back in a few weeks, she is going to be noticeably different than when i left. i know that's -- i know that's the case. >> her surgery will last for several hours and recovery a day or two. just hours ago endeavour docked at the international space station. kelly executed a back flip on endeavour allowing station crews to examine the shuttle.
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today marks the start of 12 days of operations including four spacewalks. time now 4:41. poisoned baby products? >> the toxic chemical found in everything from car seats to strollers. i think it's about time she got thrown under the bus. she deserves it. >> nancy pelosi helped pass healthcare reform. so why are many bay area businesses in her district getting a free pass? ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the skies will part this afternoon. temperatures cool plan on 50s into half moon bay and breezy conditions. about 63 degrees in berkeley. we'll have a complete look at the forecast coming up. if morning former house speaker nancy pelosi is being accused of healthcare hippocracy. she was a key figure in passing reform but businesses in her san francisco district are getting preferential treatment. health and human services has
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given waivers to businesses who want to opt out of program. of all the waivers doled out across the country, 20% are in pelosi's congressional district. >> if she thinks that we're just stupid to know that this is political payback, then she's got another thing coming. >> pelosi's office denies there is any favoritism involved. the healthcare act prohibits business from capping employee benefits. flex plan, a company that arranged many of the waivers, says that contradicts san francisco's policy that requires employers to pay part- time workers for healthcare services. the san jose city council today will look at cracking down on retirement benefits as a way to fix its massive budget deficit. mayor reed calling on the council to declare a fiscal and public safety emergency for the city. there have already been layoffs and paycuts in the city's
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workers, including police and fire departments. mayor reed had to calm down crowds at last night's meeting. >> everybody will gets a chance to speak. >> i stand here before you tonight to say i am disappointed to say that i voted for some of you [ applause ] >> how can you start to build a stadium, a baseball stadium -- >> please don't interrupt the speakers. let them speak. >> the mayor's retirement reform plan includes a lower cap on the city's contribution to retirement benefits and raising the age for workers to get full retirement benefits. catching a cab in san francisco about to get more expensive. the city approving raising fares by 50 cents a mile and 10 cents for time spent in stuck traffic. the starting rate is also going up 40 cents to $3.50. just get in a cab, it's $3.50 automatically. only boston and san diego will have higher cab fares. a star-studded turnout to say good-bye to television's talk show queen. >> "a" list celebrities
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including tom hanks and will smith gathered in chicago last night to pay tribute to oprah winfrey's 25-year career as host. maria sh river wasmaria shriver also appeared. the farewell event is next month and tuesday. the final show will be next wednesday. >> i can't believe 25 years. >> and maria very strong to show up to that, you can imagine all the folks there -- >> wouldn't it be interesting if they had the last interview. bet that one would be a good one. >> could very well happen. we didn't know what is going to happen on that last show. 4:47 your time. the top money man accused of assaulting a hotel maid now on suicide watch. the special treatment he is getting in jail in new york. okay, men, listen up. the more coffee, the better! how several cups a day could save your life. and she tried to sell a baby to the highest bidder. the strange ebay joke that landed one woman in jail. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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watch this morning. the top man at the international monetary fund is under suicide watch this morning. dominique strauss-kahn remains jailed in new york city. the 62-year-old diplomat is being kept separate from other prisoners. he is also wearing a medical device to make sure he doesn't stop breathing during the night because of his sleep apnea. strauss-kahn is charged with sexually assaulting a hotel maid. we're now hearing from the lawyer of that maid on "the early show" saying his client didn't realize who her alleged attacker was. >> did she have any idea when she did come forward that this would cause this international incident? >> not only did she not have that idea, she didn't even know who this man was until much later. >> and you can watch more of the interview this morning on "the early show" starting at 7:00. it is a race against time to protect cities from mississippi's floodwaters. today the coast guard is re- opening part of the river to barges now. ships traveling near new orleans need to move slowly so
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they don't push pressure on the levees. the waterway had been closed to traffic earlier. experts say it could cost the united states economy hundreds of millions of dollars for each day barges can't travel along the swollen river. so far at least nine states have been affected by the flooding. well, we have a couple of showers around the bay area right now. looks like things are going to begin to taper off a bit. you can see a lot of that moisture sliding eastward and a cell that's making its way over parts of san francisco now. let's take you in for a closer look now and you can see some of those showers making their way in right near the zoo right now toward daly city. that's going to continue to be the case throughout the morning now but as we head toward the middle of the day and the afternoon, you are going to see the skies part somewhat. going to sneak in some sunshine. going to be breezy outside. but i think the chance of showers will be on the decrease. a chance of showers around the bay area this morning from you heading out the door. temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. still some breezy conditions showing up outside. this afternoon, you will see a mix of sun and clouds and a few clouds and still a slight
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chance of showers outside as we'll have a lot of leftover moisture from the storm system maybe popping up over the mountaintops. otherwise seeing temperatures warming up into the 50s and 60s but what a season it's been. spring just haven't seen much nice weather so far just a couple of heat waves and showers on and off through the better part of spring. this storm system is winding down now. it's going to be heading east. but before doing so leaving as much as 2 feet of fresh snow across some of the higher peaks in the sierra nevada. i should mention winter storm warnings still in effect until 11:00 there. high pressure moving in toward tomorrow. this gives you a good idea our computer models picking up on some of that moisture this morning. begins to taper off a bit but then we start to see the afternoon, get a little heating with some of the sunshine and moisture in the air and you could see a couple of pop-up showers toward the latter part of the day. other than that i think we'll see really the storm system winding down so temperatures not all that warm. you're looking at upper 60s inland, 50s and 60s breezy at
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the coast and inside the bay. next couple of days, more sunshine, less wind and looks like temperatures going to work out nicely. 70s showing up in many of the valleys, 60s inside the bay and cooler 50s with some patchy fog at the coast. over the weekend clouds move back in. partly cloudy skies, hint of showers towards sunday. elizabeth has traffic. >> thank you. right now, our biggest traffic story is these winds. and we have a couple of high wind advisories in effect. i mentioned one for the benicia bridge. here's a live look at conditions heading into martinez. we also have one for the bay bridge, as well. so watch out for that. this is our second straight day of these wind advisories. again, not causing any big delays. it is still very early. so there's not much traffic on the roads. in fact, very light coming into san francisco. all green on our sensors along the upper deck. not seeing any roadwork either in either direction between san francisco and oakland. san mateo bridge go ahead and show you live traffic conditions. our cameras is just past the toll plaza. those taillights are commute
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direction westbound 92. so far 13 minutes from hayward towards foster city. eastbound looks great off the high-rise. dumbarton bridge roadwork ongoing in the eastbound lanes. again, not causing delays. but again something to watch out for. several lanes will be blocked for at least another half hour. if you can believe it there are chains required up in the sierra. we showed you a live look yesterday morning at the snowy conditions, lawrence has been talking about it and right now chains are required on interstate 80. it sounds like they are between kingvale and donner lake. you need pack the chains. no chain requirements right on highway 50 but a reminder, it is closed at echo summit. highway 88 also has chain controls. that's a good alternate. bart has 23 trains on time. ace train number one on schedule. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm.
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that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. the more coffee the better at least for men trying to protect themselves against prostate cancer. and a new study men who drink six or more cups a day had a 60% lower risk of developing the deadliest form of the disease. even one cup offered protection from all forms of prostate cancer. but it's not the caffeine. researchers believe the anti- oxidants in coffee may play a role. baby strollers and car seats, are they full of a toxic chemical? a new study out today finds that 80% of baby products contain chemical flame retardants that are either toxic or untested. some of the chemicals have been linked to an increased risk of cancer and other health issues. well, you can find some strange things on ebay but a baby? >> well, it happened. police in michigan are questioning a woman who offered a 2-year-old relative for sale on ebay. the 19-year-old said it wasn't
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meant to be taken seriously. she just wanted to see how ebay worked, apparently. and it does. police received calls about the posting on monday. some as far away as california. they tracked her down after she accepted a man's tongue in cheek bid. >> and speaking of auctions, here's your chance to own something that once belonged to a killer. some of the unabomber's belongings will be auctioned off online starting today if you're interested. there are about 60 items in total including his old sunglasses, his hoodie, most of them coming from kaczynski's rustic cabin in montana. ted kaczynski is serving a life sentence for killing three and wounding 23 in a string of bombings. proceeds from the sale though will go to the victims and the families. that's why they're doing it. >> that's good to hear. >> not sure i would want to own some of that stuff but -- >> no. >> some wierdo out there probably will. it's 4:56. the search for bryan stow's attackers heating up. >> how the dodgers are raising the stakes.
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>> and more new information coming out this morning on schwarzenegger's affair. coming up, a picture of his mistress and the house he reportedly purchased for her. and the only local stop for the biggest bike race in the country is set to start in just a couple of hours. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. plus, she survived a gunshot wound to the head. now a huge leap for congresswoman gabrielle giffords. what today's surgery means for her long-term recovery coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ take me where you are ♪ afternoon ride ♪ afternoon ride [ male announcer ] now everyone can explore the world from home. get high speed internet from at&t, just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services. no home phone required. secret child. the home, he reportedly b our first look at the mother of schwarzenegger's secret child. the home he bought for her family and maria shriver's plea. >> the chance to be in the international spotlight here in downtown. >> we're live at cycling, why this stage of the tour of california may be the most grueling. good morning, thanks so much for joining us on


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