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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  May 19, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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changes coming up on the weekend. we'll talk about that in a moment but first elizabeth has traffic. >> we are going live towards san jose where things are doing great. no major issues right now. coming up we'll check the east bay let you know about ongoing roadwork, tell you when that's going to wrap up plus mass transit. back to you. 5:00 now. an oakland neighborhood still closed off this morning hours after an officer-involved shooting last night. two people shot, a third suspect now in custody. anne makovec is live with what police recovered at the scene. she has more. >> reporter: good morning. reporter: several weapons. i'm here onward lane and curran avenue in east oakland. police have been here all night since they ended up shooting at two men at around 10:30 last night. they are not telling us the condition of these men this morning. but we know that at least one of them was taken away in an
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ambulance. now, this all started from what we've heard after police got a tip that there might be some violence erupting here in this neighborhood. they came to the scene and again, did end up shooting two men here. they were able to arrest the two they shot at. ambulances then raced to the scene to check them out. there was then a third person who ran off to a yard. police believe that person was armed so they spent some time looking for him. finally arresting that third suspect as well and recovering several weapons here at the scene. i spoke with some neighbors here just a few minutes ago. we'll hear from her coming up at 5:30. but she said it was a very scary night after hearing these gunshots, hearing helicopters around the neighborhood. she was very relieved to hear, though, that all of the suspects have been taken into custody. >> thank you, anne makovec live in oakland. new bombshell details coming out now about arnold schwarzenegger's affair. it turns out that his secret
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son and his youngest son with maria shriver were born just a week apart. the son schwarzenegger fathered with mildred baena was reportedly born in october of 1997. that was a week after the birth of christopher schwarzenegger. baena and her family live in bakersfield. their next-door neighbor has nothing but good things to say about the 13-year-old boy. >> really, really nice kid. it's a kid you want to have. you know? my husband's taught high school for over 35 years. and there's not too many kids like this. >> "people" magazine is reporting maria shriver has hired a divorce attorney but that she has not yet decided whether to officially end her marriage. new signs that injured giants fan bryan stow is improving. doctors have taken him off one antiseizure medication but stow's family says every day is still a struggle. >> it hurts to see him lie there is and not responsive to
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a lot of things. but we still -- i still give -- there's still a lot of care for him. we love him and we talk to him. but it can be heart-breaking to see him there. >> stow remains in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. he is still on four antiseizure medications but doctors say his brain hasn't shown any seizure activity for 30 hours. the saddle will make the new suspension tower taller on the bay bridge. workers will put the saddle on the tower. then a cable will be strung across, will take a year. the cap will be put on top of that saddle and the cable and the tower will be done. >> our own looky-loo who traveled across the bridge and looked when he wasn't supposed to. >> we all do it. >> you try to it.
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keep your eyes on the road but that thing is gigantic and you want to take a look at it. >> it changes every day. >> i can't go across that bridge every day or i get in trouble. we have some pretty nice weather coming our way today as low pressure finally gets out. we are between systems now. another one off the coast right here. we're in the sweet spot. lots of sunshine around the bay area today. starting with patchy fog early on. numbers running in the 40s and 50s at this hour. by the afternoon get a load of this. how about 70s in many spots inland. 75 san jose, 72 san rafael, 66 san francisco. you get the idea, we are in for a great day today. let's check the traffic with elizabeth. >> all right. thank you, lawrence. the dumbarton bridge westbound 84 roadwork wrapping up shortly approaching the high-rise of the dumbarton bridge. we had various lanes blocked.
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possibly until 6:00. sounds like it may be just eastbound. westbound should be wrapping up. san mateo bridge quiet cross the span. chp reports are empty right now. not a whole lot going on all across the bay area. good news if you are leaving for work or school or wherever. eastbound 4 roadwork at loveridge has been picked up. even ahead of schedule. and for marin county commuters it's all green on our sensors almost empty across the span of the golden gate bridge at least where our camera is. overall nice easy ride from petaluma into san francisco. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain all on time. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. big day for the business world and especially down in the silicon valley. i think we would all like to be part of this if we could a social networking site going public in a very big way.
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>> kiet do joins us live from linkedin's headquarters in mountain view as the company gets ready to make its initial public offering. kiet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. down here in the silicon valley there's a buzz that it's the good old days of 1999 again and that is because this is the first major social media site in the united states to go public. this has people giddy about twitter and facebook and, of course, zynga. trading will begin at $45 a share for linkedin. at 7.8 million shares that is a boatload of money. the company is worth $4.25 billion. linkedin is the first networking site founded in 2002. and it is focused on and used mainly by business professionals as a networking tool. they boast 100 million users with executives from every, single fortune 500 company but if you are thinking about buying today, you're not going to see the red-hot growth in
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the number of users. >> i don't think that we're seeing the same kind of daily rabid user base that we see in a facebook for example that you do everything on facebook, you're logging never day. to be logging in just once a week or whenever you get a message, that would be a concern for anyone who is investing. >> reporter: all righty. nonetheless, the question remains here, does this mean that there's going to be a floodgate of ipos? a lot of analysts are saying that the tech sector is very fertile at this point and that 2011 is going to be a good year. as far as celebrations, are they going to be popping champagne corks today? a press person said they will be celebrating after it calms down but they are expecting a exciting day here at linkedin in mountain view. >> thank you, kiet do in
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mountain view. >> i looked up boatload. anything over $2.5 billion. he was right on the money there. [ laughter ] >> i like that term. 5:08. the mothers of the u.s. hikers trapped in iran taking a stand now. we'll tell you how they are risking their health for their sons' freedom. >> plus, bin laden's message coming back from the dead. his final words to al qaeda in a newly released recording. coming up. >> the man's body and it's his personal decision. >> parents not having a say. how a circumcision ban in the bay area is moving closer to the ballot. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we are looking good. lots of sunshine. the valley will see plenty of sun and temperatures in the 70s. how long will it last?
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we'll talk about that coming up. today a second bail hearing will be held for the former imf chief. lawyers for dominique strauss- kahn say their client will surrender his passport and wear an ankle bracelet. yesterday he stepped down as head of the imf fund and said he needs to focus on the charges against him. their sons are behind bars in iran and this morning, the mothers of two uc-berkeley grads are taking a drastic stand. they are going on a hunger strike. shane bauer and josh fattal face espionage charges. their mothers say their sons are fasting in prison so they are joining their fast in the u.s. along with sarah shourd. iranian authorities arrested the three in 2009. they released shourd on bail last year. republican lawmakers in washington may block a uc- berkeley scholar from getting a spot on a federal appeals court. president obama nominated
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goodwin liu for the 9th u.s. u.s. circuit court of appeals based here in san francisco. the law professor is a liberal and republicans have enough votes to sustain a filibuster against him. senator barbara boxer supported liu yesterday on the senate floor. >> every, single thing the man has done has turned to gold. every, single thing he has done! everything he does, he's best at, he's best at! if republicans block liu it would be president obama's first defeat for a judicial nomination. 5:12. he passes himself off as a city worker. we'll tell you how a scammer is trying to take advantage of homeowners. >> plus a military plane crash makes a fiery crash-landing in southern california. the narrow escape for the passengers on board coming up. and everything looks great right now across the span of the bay bridge. but that suspense tower is getting even taller later on
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this morning. we'll tell you how that's impacting your morning commute coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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oakland police are still working at the scene of an officer- welcome back. it is 5:15. let's check headlines. oakland police this morning still working on the scene of
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an officer-involved shooting. it happened late last night in the fruitvale area. two suspects were shot by police a third in custody. no officers were hurt. a message from bin laden. al qaeda posted new audio recordings online today. it's believed osama bin laden posted it shortly before he was killed by the navy seals. on the recording he praised anti-government protest in the middle east. and today we'll find out the status of wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords. yesterday doctors placed a plastic implant under her scalp where her skull was removed. that was after she was shot in the head in january. surgery took place while her husband, commander mark kelly, commanding the shuttle endeavour. weather looking nice around the bay area compared with what we have had lately. a lot of sunshine coming our way. we are starting out with a couple of patches of fog outside. some of that thicker in towards santa rosa and at the coastline. 40s and 50s at this hour. by the afternoon, here comes
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the sun and it is looking good in the valleys. temperatures really going to warm up 2 to 9 degrees above yesterday's highs. lots of 70s inland, 60s inside the bay. at the coast, sunshine and clouds dancing along the coast. but we are going to see improved weather. that area of low pressure that brought us rain is heading east. behind that we have high pressure overhead. there is another storm system off the coast but we don't have to worry about that for the next couple of days. we are going to see the ridge of high pressure building in. that will bring mild temperatures over the next couple. then the low drops down. cooler temperatures over the weekend so enjoy the day. 75 in san jose. 76 cupertino. 73, sunshine, in mountain view. 69 union city. east bay numbers in the 70s in many spots inland, just a beautiful day. 68 in hayward, 66 berkeley, 65 and sunny in richmond. cooler temperatures coastside in the north bay into the 50s there. but by the afternoon, lots of
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70s in the valleys, napa 77. 57 in sonoma and 76 in petaluma, 75 in sonoma. next couple of days similar temperatures around the bay area. you have night and morning low clouds and fog, a lot of sunshine by the afternoon. clouds move back in though over the weekend. we'll watch the temperatures start to come down saturday, much more so heading into sunday. more clouds and chance of a couple of light sprinkles around the bay area on sunday, not a big deal and by monday and tuesday, those temperatures start to warm right back up again just the way you like it elizabeth. >> all right, thank you, lawrence. we are going to go one more time back live towards san jose. 101 traffic near mckee getting busier northbound. still no big issues on the road. kind of unusually quiet. the chp reports not showing a whole lot. so that's good. let's go to our maps. this is the report of an accident. it's not quite confirmed but eastbound 4 approaching railroad, reports of an
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accident possibly off the road. our sensors aren't picking up any slowing yet. the nimitz 880 through oakland looks okay. towards the bay bridge here's live look at the upper deck and the lower deck. they are adding to the suspension tower. they are adding that big cable saddle today so it's going to be a little taller. they are telling drivers not to look. everyone always looks. they are telling you not to look. the cable saddle holds the big suspension cable in place. it's like the next-to-last step to get that tower finally complete. to the south bay now we showed you 101 traffic near mckee and 280 the guadalupe parkway. highway 85 everything else moving fine. very light traffic so far on 280. really light traffic so far everywhere you go. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. no issues across the span. they should have picked up that roadwork. there was a little roadwork westbound 92 between hesperian and clawiter. all lanes good go towards foster city and the peninsula.
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back to you. >> thank you. this morning, the national transportation safety board is investigating a frightening military jet crash in southern california. a boeing 707 tanker skidded off a runway and burst into flames during take-off yesterday. the plane came within 100 feet of the pacific ocean but no fuel leaked into the water. all three people on board escaped with minor injuries. a warning from pg&e about gas service if it has to cut pressure in its transmission lines. after last summer's deadly explosion in san bruno, the state public utilities commission told pg&e to cut the pressure in several gas lines. now the "mercury news" reports the utility says reducing pressure could stop gas service for some customers. 5:20 now. neighbors in belmont are being warned about a man trying to pass himself off as a city sewer worker. a woman gave him access to her backyard on chula vista yard tuesday afternoon. police say when the woman asked him for some identification, the man told her he would get it from his vehicle but then he
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took off. police say he may have been casing homes in the area for burglaries. he is described as a white male in his early 30s about 5'5", 170 pounds. he had a yellow hard hat, dark blue long-sleeved shirt and dark pants on and was in a dark red van. 5:21. taking the circumcision decision away from parents. why the battle could soon be in the hands of bay area voters. >> the major tuition hike in store for uc students if governor's tax increases don't pass. all coming up. ,, ,,
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. the age of 18 could be banned in live look at traffic conditions across the golden gate bridge. great start. coming up we'll check the east bay, traffic in a few minutes. circumcision on anyone under 18 could be banned in san francisco very soon. the issue will be on the city's ballot in november. more than 12,000 voters signed a petition to require the vote. the man behind the proposed ban says circumcision is a form of mutilation but the procedure is a cultural and religious tradition for muslims and jewish families. >> it's a man's body and it's his personal decision. >> we would have to do them in oakland, i guess. >> the american academy of pediatrics does not recommend
5:25 am
them as a routine procedure but some doctors say there are medical reasons to perform circumcisions. university of california students could face yet another whopping tuition increase in addition to the 8% hike that they already face this fall. uc officials say another 32% midyear hike is possible if governor brown's plan for tax extensions is not approved. basic tuition for uc undergrads who are california residents is scheduled to increase to just over $11,000 this fall. but then you add on that 32% hike, it would bring tuition to almost $15,000. wow. >> i hate to tell you what i paid back in the late '70s, early '80s. less than $1,000. >> i know. >> a year. >> going to be really tough. >> a year! >> kids and parents will have to make tough decisions. tonight, katie couric signs off from the cbs evening news. >> yeah. she finishes her five-year post as the network's top anchor. scott pelley as now a long-time
5:26 am
correspondent for "60 minutes" will take over on june 6. so what's next for katie couric? nothing official just yet but there's a lot of talk that she has been looking at a daytime show. >> i can imagine on the oprah winfrey network and there were also rumors she was talking to matt lauer. his contract is going to be up in a year. >> she was on the today show hawking her book and the chemistry is still there, no doubt about that. i think she will land on her feet. she was making $15 million a year. she's okay. >> good luck to her but good luck to scott pelley as we start a new era here at cbs. >> absolutely. another milestone today for the bay bridge. why the new suspension tower will look even taller. >> plus, new details about schwarzenegger's secret son. the surprising timing of the birth of his child and his illegitimate child. and police have several roads blocked off here in oakland after they shot two people overnight. we'll tell you what neighbors say they heard here overnight. coming up.
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and the biggest ipo in years is getting under way in just a couple of hours. we're live at linkedin headquarters. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. and a forward thinking at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. we're planning elizabeth's
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life here. aren't we? [ laughter ] >> i don't know. it's a tough job here. >> you don't believe what goes on behind the scenes. good morning, it's thursday, may 19. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning, everyone. she definitely shouldn't listen to me. i was the world's oldest bride. [ laughter ] >> lawrence, what about you? you can give elizabeth some dating advice, right? >> i stay away from that dating stuff but i'll tell her where to go to find that sunshine today! [ laughter ] >> well inland and she will find sunshine even inside the bay should be a great day today. 70s into san jose and concord. 60s into oakland and san francisco looking good at 66 degrees. couple of patches of fog out toward the coastline. so did they say anything that was worthwhile, elizabeth? >> you know, lawrence, they are all talking to me. i didn't hear what you say? >> i said, did they say anything worth while? did they give you any good advice? >> well... [ laughter ] >> no. i don't know. i'm not sure yet. i don't know what good advice is. i'm -- we'll talk during the commercial break, lawrence. [ laughter ]
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>> a little -- yeah, i'm all verklempf. here's a live look at the bay bridge. traffic moving fine in either direction this morning so you were pretty good to go. we have had a very quiet start to our morning commute thus far. we'll take a check of mass transit in just a bit. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> all right, elizabeth. thanks very much. it is 5:31. an all-night manhunt on the streets of oakland. officers opening fire on two suspects, a third now in custody. let's go to anne makovec in the fruitvale area with the stash police recovered at the scene. anne, good morning. >> reporter: a lot of weapons, sydnie onward lane here in east oakland still closed down this morning. here's a look at the scene from arnold 10:30 last night. police are not saying a lot about exactly what happened. we know they shot two suspects though and at least one of them was not doing well soon after the shooting. so we are waiting for word on those suspects' conditions. they also arrested a third person, but they were here all
5:32 am
night because they were looking for ask the third person in several yards for several hours until they were finally able to find that third person after he took off running. neighbors barely got any sleep. >> then we saw the helicopter searching in the neighborhood for a really long time and police officers, you know, around the whole block aiming guns into yards, searching with flashlights. neighbors that lived closer to the incidents said that gunfire happened inside a car which may have been like why the sound was different than like you might otherwise normally hear. >> reporter: again, police then recovered numerous weapons here at the scene. but we are still waiting to hear the condition of the two people that they shot and exactly what led them to this location in the first place. but we have heard that some
5:33 am
sort of violence was about to erupt in this neighborhood and they headed it off anded up here and again, violence did end up erupting but it was at the hands of the police. >> thank you for the update, anne makovec in oakland this morning. schwarzenegger's secret son and his youngest son with maria shriver were born just a week apart. the son schwarzenegger fathered with mildred baena was reportedly born in october of 1997 and that was just one week after the birth of christopher schwarzenegger. baena and her family live in bakersfield. their next-door neighbor is impressed with the 13-year-old boy. >> a really, really nice kid. it's a kid you want to have. you know? my husband has taught school, high school, for over 35 years. and there's not too many kids like this. >> "people" magazine now reporting maria shriver has hired a divorce attorney but hasn't decideed whether to officially end her marriage. police want some help in
5:34 am
identifying the man who has robbed banks in san jose and milpitas just recently. his picture was caught on surveillance cameras here. the latest robbery was saturday at a credit union in san jose. same man believed to have held up the merry west credit union in milpitas on april 29. a big day for silicon valley startups on wall street. social networking site linkedin is making its own networking move going public on the new york stock exchange. kiet do joins us. >> reporter: good morning. we just learned that all the executives from linkedin are in new york for the bell ringing so they will have an all hands meeting after the bell ringing via webcam. you can bet that champagne corks will be popping. trading will begin in a couple of hours here on wall street at $45 a share. they are offering 7.8 million shares and that comes out to a
5:35 am
whole lot of cash. the company is expected to be worth about $4.25 billion. linkedin was the first networking site founded in 2002. it is focused on and is used mainly by business professionals as a networking tool. they boast 100 million users with executives from every, single fortune 500 company. for linkedin, it is not about the number of connections but the quality of those connection. linked in the connections are much more direction. and they are typically there for a reason in terms of the benefit that people get from a networking relationship so linkedin really is a networking platform where facebook is less so a networking platform and more so a social media platform. >> reporter: so does this mean the floodgates will be opening for social media ipos? well, it looks like the tech sector is going to to be
5:36 am
fertile in 2011. the celebrations they say will be private but they are encouraging their employees to tweet about this so if you watch the twitter feed you will likely see video and pictures of the celebrations today. frank? >> some very excited employees to be sure down there i would imagine. okay, kiet do live in mountain view, kiet, thanks. >> congratulations to them. it is 5:36. let's get a look at traffic and weather. we are going back to lawrence who is giving us a great forecast. lots of sunshine out there. looking forward to that, lawrence. >> yeah, guys. should be a much improved day around the bay area. how about this to start out your day? remember yesterday we had rain outside today we are starting out with mostly sunny skies. we have some patchy fog showing up out there. but by the afternoon, we are going to see plenty of sunshine and that's going to allow the temperatures to begin heating up. yesterday a lot of 60s out there. today watch what happens. high pressure building in. you get sunshine and here comes the 70s in many spots. 75 degrees, 7 degrees warmer in san jose. 76 in concord, that will be 9
5:37 am
degrees above yesterday's high. 72 degrees in fremont. that's 7 degrees warmer. and even san francisco getting warmer, so you get the idea we have some nice weather coming our way. changes for the week especially coming up. elizabeth has traffic. >> we have had a very quiet commute. conditions approaching the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights still off. really delay-free all the way across the upper deck heading into san francisco. same thing on the san mateo bridge. most of the roadwork is gone. no incidents, good to go, drive times steady across the bay area. kind of where they should be. six minutes right now if you are commuting through the silicon valley ride westbound 237 from 880 towards 101. and for the trip along the peninsula, 101 moves fine from san jose all the way up into san francisco. 280 looks good, as well. mass transit, bart has about 40 trains all running on time. back to you. >> thank you. little bit of heavy lifting ready to go today on the bay bridge.
5:38 am
this morning workers will be putting in that cable saddle on top of the suspect tower. it's the largest such saddle in the world. then the suspension cable will be strung across it. that's expected to take about a year. and then a cap will be put on top of the saddle and cables and the tower will be complete. slowly but surely doctors are seeing a little more progress in the recovery of giants fan bryan stow. they have taken him off one antiseizure medication but he still remains on four others. stow remains in critical condition. doctors say his brain though has not shown any seizure activity during 30 hours of continuous monitoring. 5:38 now. barry bonds will not be in court tomorrow as scheduled. a post-trial hearing in his perjury case is rescheduled for june 1. the former star was convicted last month on one count of obstruction of justice but the jury deadlocked on the three or counts. prosecutors have not said whether they will retry bonds on those charges. on capitol hill, republicans appear on the verge
5:39 am
of blocking a uc-berkeley scholar from getting a spot on the federal appeals court. president obama nominated this man, goodwin liu, for the ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals based in san francisco. the law professor is considered a liberal and republicans have enough votes to sustain a filibuster against him. if republicans block him, it would be president obama's first defeat on a judicial nomination. 5:39. two cal grads arrested in iran, this morning why their moms are sacrificing their own health. and heart stopping drama for this bride-to-be. the devastating news that nearly made her jump off a building. tell you about that coming up.
5:40 am
5:41 am
vicksburg, mississippi. but forecasters now say the crest
5:42 am
was not quite as hig expect the mississippi has reached record levels in vicksburg but the crest is not quite as high as expected. north of vicksburg a levee protecting thousands of acres of farmland is expected to prevent widespread flooding but down river in louisiana, mandatory evacuations are in effect in areas being flooded as more gates at the morganza spillway are opened. >> back here in the bay area we have some more sunshine coming our way. temperatures are going to be warming up today. couple of patches of fog out the door this morning but boy, these numbers running in the 40s and 50s. by the afternoon it will be spectacular. lots of 70s very comfortable toward the afternoon and much warmer than yesterday. a lot of 60s inside the bay with sunny skies, breezy conditions, couple of patches of fog on the coastline otherwise looking good. this area of low pressure brought us rain yesterday is heading eastward. you can see in nevada, colorado, they are seeing showers there and they will continue to do so. we have high pressure over california and that ridge of high pressure will continue to build over the next day or so and that means we are going to
5:43 am
stay high and dry. and we are going to enjoy some beautiful spring weather outside although as we head toward the weekend things change again. temperatures today how about this? 74 degrees and sunny in sunnyvale. 76 in cupertino. 72 in palo alto about 68 in san mateo. toward the afternoon hours, much of the east bay 75 degrees in walnut creek about 74 in san ramon and 75 degrees in pleasant hill. north bay temperatures sunny skies in most spots and here we go with the 70s, 73 degrees in novato, 76 in petaluma, and 72 degrees in san rafael. so next couple of days, probably the best of the next seven. you are going to see plenty of sunshine coming your way and some very comfortable temperatures. over the weekend, though, the clouds begin to move in as early as saturday. the temperatures start to cool off. more cooling, more clouds on sunday with a slight chance of a few sprinkles. all right. let's get a look at the traffic now with elizabeth. >> coming into san francisco right now, up 101, a camera
5:44 am
near third bayshore everything is quiet. you can see that looks great. 101 and 280. smooth through san mateo county. let's check the south bay. so far, so good busier now in the northbound lanes of 280 as you approach the 880 interchange. but that's quiet all the way down through cupertino. prince performing tonight at hp pavilion tonight and saturday. tonight at 7:30 so extra congestion across that stretch. but again, you are good to go for right now coming up 101 from morgan hill, no big delays. silicon valley commuters westbound 237, nice and light. this typically doesn't start to back up to closer to 7:00 but for right now you are good to go in all lanes. you can see that our live traffic sensors up and down the nimitz from hayward to oakland showing us top speeds. these are live traffic sensors picking up driving conditions as they happen. here's live look. if you are catching a flight to
5:45 am
oakland airport, easy ride towards hegenberger. there is an as game at lunchtime, they take on minnesota at 12:35. go as. so there you go. for right now again, a bigger view, 15-minute commute northbound and southbound 880 between 238 and the maze. and remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. get the latest traffic information. back to you. >> thank you. let's take a check of today's top stories. an all-night manhunt ending with three suspects in custody in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. police fired at two of the suspects late last night. no officers injured. but police are still at work at the scene this morning. san francisco voters will decide in november whether to ban circumcision for anyone under the age of 18. advocates got enough signatures to put the issue on the ballot. the man behind the effort says circumcision is a form of mutilation. and pg&e challenges an order to reduce pressure in a
5:46 am
number of gas pipeline in the wake of september's deadly explosion in san bruno. documents just released show the utility warned that less pressure could mean natural gas would not flow to some of its customers. it is 5:46. a fiery military jet crash in southern california this morning. the ntsb is investigating. take a look at the video. the boeing 707 tanker skidded off a runway, burst into flames during take-off yesterday. the plane came within just a few hundred feet of the pacific ocean. but no fuel leaked into the water. all people there on board were able to escape with just minor injuries. today a second bail hearing will be held for the former imf chief. lawyers for dominique strauss- kahn say that their client will surrender his passport and wear an ankle bracelet. yesterday he stepped down as head of the international monetary fund. he is accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid. could be a farewell message from osama bin laden although he was not likely aware of it
5:47 am
when he made the recording. al qaeda released the 12-minute message online today. it was made shortly before bin laden's death. [ foreign language ] that audio was posted with a simple graphic on it. bin laden praised the unrest in the middle east. he was killed pakistan on may 2. the middle east will be the focus of a major speech by president obama this morning. he is expected to defend sanctions against syria's president for his brutal crackdown on anti-government protestors. the president is also expected to pledge economic aid to nations them that embrace democratic reforms. the mothers of two uc- berkeley grads are going on a hunge strike.
5:48 am
their sons are fasting in prison in iran, accused of spying, so they are fasting in the u.s. along with sarah shourd. the three hikers were arrested. last year shourd was released on bail. an arizona college will release email about the suspect in tucson's deadly rampage. more than 250 e-mails were written about jared loughner before he was suspended from pima community college. the records could determine whether the school took appropriate steps in dealing with him. back in january police say he killed six and wounded 13 others including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. and today we are going to get an update on the wounded woman. she is recuperating from surgery. yesterday, doctors placed a plastic implant under her scalp where her skull had been removed. this procedure took place while her husband commanded the mission of the shuttle endeavour. nasa is examining heat tile damage on the space shuttle. >> they are. and so far nasa says nothing to
5:49 am
get worried about here, folks. the crew spotted gouges and some nicks in photos taken yesterday before endeavour docked at the space station. the space agency has been checking the heat shield damage ever since the 2003 columbia explosion. but the shuttle should be just fine. it is 5:49. coming up the most powerful celebrities in the world. we'll tell how knocked oprah off her throne. >> why this bride-to-be nearly jumped off a building before the big day. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] introducing icy hot naturals with natural menthol. it's gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals. when your eyes are smiling... you're smiling. and when they're laughing... you're laughing. be kind to your eyes... with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably... and conveniently
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off a building. reports some very tense moments. this is in china where a bride- to-be nearly jumped out of a building. reports say that her prospective husband had married
5:52 am
someone else. rescuers pulled her to safety before she leaped. it is almost here. the end of days if you believe in it. you may have seen these billboards around town saying judgment day is this saturday. donation to the nonprofit family radio station have soared. bible scholar and radio station president harold camping says may 21st is the day that true believers will be taken to heaven and all of us left behind will experience a world wide earthquake and mayhem. >> my feeling is they are focusing on fear and defeat that people have in this country right now because of all the problems we have. instead of trying to work with and make changes in those issues, they are saying, forget about it. life is going to end anyway. >> harold camping refused to talk to cbs 5. his business,
5:53 am
family radio, has raised more than $100 million over the last seven years and doesn't want to talk about that because it won't matter after saturday. >> he is going to be a busy man tomorrow spending all that money one tennessee man who doesn't believe in judgment day considers his home the saveddest place for a catastrophe. he owns this castle made out of solid stone walls and even has a dungeon which doubles as a bomb shelter. he bought it for $40,000. he has been restoring it for the la 15 years. >> do you think he has a wife there? >> it may not be a bad place to be saturday morning when the end comes. >> yeah. the end may be near for the sharks for stanley cup hopes unless they turn it around quickly. >> they are coming home. san jose led early on vancouver last night and things turned ugly in a hurry. in the third period the canucks scored four goals on the way to the 7-3 win. vancouver is ahead two games to
5:54 am
none. games 3 and 4 in san jose. game 3 tomorrow night. a little home cooking might help the sharks. >> i hope so. there is a new woman on top of forbes' list of the most powerful celebrities. >> if you said lady gaga, you're right. bumped oprah winfrey out of the number one spot. of course she's retiring. pop star can thank social media for her success. gaga has more than 10 million followers on twitter. >> yeah. >> oprah winfrey moving into second place on that celebrity 100 list followed by somebody else who just shot to stardom because of social media, justin bieber. then there is u-2 and elton john. former "two and a half men" star charlie sheen made it into the top 30. he is number 28. >> lawrence karnow coming in at 99. [ laughter ] >> you have had a tough year with all the weather. >> i'm hearing it out there. i'm hearing people saying enough is enough already with the rain. let's get some spring weather. we are getting some sunshine today around the bay area. couple of patches of fog out
5:55 am
there this morning but it will be warmer by the afternoon. lots of 70s showing up today and tomorrow. over the weekend though we'll cool things down slight chance of sprinkles as we head in towards sunday. got a great picture for you. this is just after the rains sent in from kerry of san francisco. you have those nice raindrops on the petals and you were asking for dating advice elizabeth earlier. i always tell my little girl, yes, if your prince does not bring you any flowers, time to find another prince. >> really? >> that's right. >> i like flowers. flowers are good. >> she has more than one prince. >> that's right. >> okay. >> she is doing all right. >> they see this -- >> daddy is going to be the prince so she is going to live with you, huh? >> hopefully forever. >> dating advice from jessica. i like it. highway 4 antioch very slow right now. you know, it's been overall a quiet commute so we haven't had a lot going on. sensors are finally turning to
5:56 am
something other than green. westbound 580 slow past 205. but again, no major delays there. only a 14 minute driver towards pleasanton. and check traffic conditions approaching the bay bridge. beat the rush heading into san francisco. so far no metering lights, no delays, no roadwork. so we are good. >> you are in good shape. [overlapping speakers] >> several home improvement projects that i need help with. tough. >> why don't you guys just keep talking. >> lawrence and i are just there. >> we'll get some pizza. >> let's get a toolbox. >> the man thing. >> that was the worst thing when i got married. my husband comingled our toolboxes. i was very upset. i liked my hammers and screwdrivers, my stud finder, you know. now it's in his toolbox. >> there's a story there but we'll leave it at that. >> 5:56. you don't have one of those?
5:57 am
>> stud finder? >> that's what i need. >> we'll get you one of those. >> you can't make me laugh. i'll start coughing. 5:57. coming up in the next half hour, high-end hair theft. we have big news this morning. why bay area thieves are skipping the cash to rob stores of their luxurious locks. >> still on the stud finder. but stunning details about arnold's secret son and youngest child. how close they were born in terms of a week and maria shriver's new legal move all coming up. and police here in oakland shoot two people and arrest a third. they have had a neighborhood closed all evening. we'll tell you what happened coming up. and a lot of happy and rich people in mountain view this morning. linkedin goes public. i'm kiet do with a live report of coming up. hey! owww! right here! right here! one for me! one for me!
5:58 am
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