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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  May 19, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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night's shooting with questions. why was her nephew, 30-year-old fletcher antoine jackson, fatally shot by oakland police officers? >> they supposed to be here to protect and serve. if we can't depend on them, who is going to be depend on? who can we call? ro. police say the incident was gang-related. they had a tip that a violent crime was on the verge of happening wings night and then they found jackson and two unidentified men in a car. when they confronted them, the men who police claim were armed made a run for it. >> this is like the 4th of july like somebody was just letting off, you know, firecrackers. >> reporter: a person was seeing what she believes was police gunfire. moments later two wounded men clamsed in her yard. dorsey says jackson was clearly dying as officers cuffed him. >> they went over there, handcuffed him while he is down blood gushing out of his sound laying on the ground like a hog. >> reporter: as for the weapons, police say the two men were carrying. >> i didn't see any weapons.
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>> reporter: we wanted to ask oakland police about the incident but they would not speak to us on camera. instead, releasing a statement. jackson's aunt says her nephew was no saint. he had a record and was on parole but that, she says, is no reason to take a man's life. >> i know he had a good heart, loved his family, loved his baby, loved his lady. just loved life. >> reporter: now, there was a third man who was in the car with those two men and ran and hid behind the house under a tree. police found him there and arrested him. we're hearing from police now that he also was shot and is now in jail and allen, no officers were hurt in this incident. >> all right, christin ayers in oakland, thank you. a man is in custody after leading police on a high-speed chase through oakland. it started around 11:00 this morning near 27th avenue. officers apparently tried to pull over the driver of the blue intrepid for a no bail warrant. the suspect then took off onto
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the freeway with speeds reaching 95 miles an hour. the chase ended with the driver crashed into a guardrail near highway 24 and the claremont exit. it's been nearly three decades since a panic over tainted tylenol gripped the nation. 7 people died. the case has never been solved. now sandra hughes reports, the feds are looking into a possible link to the unabomber, ted kaczynski. >> reporter: investigators want a dna sample from the unabomber ted kaczynski to compare to evidence in the 1982 tylenol poisoning case. seven people died from potassium cyanide-tainted pills and no one has ever been charged with the crime. it was a national scare that damaged the reputation of johnson & johnson, tylenol's maker, and led to 300,000 bottles the pain reliever being pulled from the shelves. local authorities in chicago where the people died have never given up hope of finding who put the poison in the pills. >> i saw up close the results of part of what he had done and it was a very tragic time.
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>> reporter: in 1998, kaczynski pleaded guilty to setting 16 explosions that killed three people. he was dubbed the unabomber for targeting universities with exploding letters and packages. in a statement today, the chicago office of the fbi says, we have attempted to secure dna samples from numerous individuals including ted kaczynski. to dade, mr. kaczynski has declined voluntarily to provide the sample. the fbi does not call kaczynski a suspect and won't explain why it doesn't already have dna from the unabomber. kaczynski in a handwritten motion for retention of evidence is requesting a court order to refrain from disposing of records, evidence and chemical analysis of compounds found in his cabin that would prove he did not have cyanide in his possession. several months after the tylenol poisonings, a boston man was arrested for sending an extortion letter to johnson & johnson. in it, james lewis demanded a million dollars to stop the killing. although he served 12 years in prison for the plot, lewis has
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always maintained his innocence in the murders. sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. a major speech on middle east policy today the president told nations that embrace democracy they will be rewarded. >> square by square, town by town, country by country, the people have risen up to demand their basic human rights. >> president obama said the u.s. will continue to give financial aid to country that move toward a more democratic system of government. he also urged israel to accept an independent palestinian state and move ahead with the peace accord. although israel's prime minister was not enthusiastic about all that, the two leaders will meet tomorrow at the white house. maria shriver appears ready to move on. "people" magazine reports she hired divorce attorney laura wasser. wasser has represented britney spears and angelina jolie. new details about schwarzenegger's mistress. celebrity website tmz says mildred baena was obsessed with
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shriver and would dress up in her clothes and wear her jewelry. tmz also reports baena would climb into bed with schwarzenegger after shriver would leave in the morning. after baena's son was born, schwarzenegger made child support payments. experts say that could complicated his legal fight. >> if there's ever a schwarzenegger- 14 river divorce, then maria shriver might claim that arnold schwarzenegger improperly diminished community assets by spending money, the couple's money, on this other woman. >> late today, schwarzenegger asked his talent agency to put all of his pending entertainment projects on hold while he focuses on his personal life. a long-awaited change to a san francisco preschool that was to many a reminder of racism. for decades, the burnett child development center in the bayview-hunters point neighborhood bore the name of
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california's first governor. the problem, peter burnett supported laws that discriminated against blacks, asians and native americans. today the school was stripped of its name. it's now named after the city's first female african-american principal, leola havard. but while the name has changed in san francisco, the name of the former governor still appears on schools in san jose and sacramento. coming up a man takes off in a cop car. why it was so easy for him to steal. >> then fears of a fuel spill after a barge tips over in the south bay. how a hazardous materials crew is responding. and a way to avoid the speed traps. drivers are giving others a heads up so you can avoid getting a ticket. ,,,,,,,,
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it happened in golden gate park . a couple of cops became
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victims of car theft in san francisco while they were on the job. it happened in golden gate park. joe vazquez on how the thieves stole the car and how a citizen worked to help police find it. [ pause ] >> reporter: you know hippie hill in golden gate gate market. usually there's a drum circle here. but today it's a sitar. yesterday around 4:00 two officers in an unmarked car were patrolling the park when they got a call on the radio another officer needed help with an arrest at hippie hill. the suspect was in a fight. the officer helped but left the crown vic running with the keys inside. >> my name is lucifer. >> reporter: i'm sorry? >> lucifer. >> reporter: a guy jumped in the cop car and took off. >> it was instantaneously right after they get up to the guy, the car was on its way out to
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the park it was like gone. >> reporter: police spokesman troy dangerfield says no officers are going to get in trouble because they were trying too help their colleagues. >> normally the procedure would be to take the. >> he is absolutely. take the keys, lock the care and make sure it's secure. but again this was an emergency. they are getting the officer to ask for emergency help. their number one priority is to help the officer. >> reporter: late this afternoon police recovered the stolen car in the second floor interior parking lot of an auto park store in the 3800 block of geary. apparently the suspect ditched it here yesterday afternoon but the staff at the auto parts store figured somebody was just leaving it overnight and would come and get it later. louis took a closer look at the car today and called police. >> there was a police computer inside so, you know, that's when i realized maybe it's a stolen police car. >> reporter: so the stolen police car has made it back home here to the park police station. not far from golden gate park where it was stolen. allen, no suspects right now,
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police say though that, you know, if they got some fingerprints and hopefully they will be able to track him down. >> for a second there, joe, thought somebody might have stolen our live van while you were doing the live shot. glad you're wind with us. there is no gps to track them down? >> in the newer models there are. the computer has to be on and in this case this computer was off and it's an older model. so couldn't get it. >> joe vazquez in the city, thanks. work continues tonight on the bay bridge. construction crews are installing the world's largest cable saddle atop the tower of the new span. officials say the top of the saddle is curved to better carry the 2.6-foot-wide cable over the top, not just once but twice. once the 450-ton saddle is in place, the tower will be nearly 525 feet tall. >> milestone-wise, this is a big one because this is the crown that sits on top of the pedestal that is the main tower
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for the new suspension bridge. >> the bridge is set to open in 2013. have you ever hit the brakes suddenly after a surprise appearance boot highway patrol? on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains a new way for motorists to avoid getting a ticket. reporter: from red light cameras to speed traps, there are more high-tech ways than ever to get a ticket. but now there are plenty of high-tech ways to avoid them, as well. >> alert! red light camera ahead... >> reporter: apps like trapster and phantom alert promise to warn you of these things including check points. dominic relies on it. >> i think it reminds you to slow down. >> reporter: the apps use information from government agencies and drivers who can pass along warnings in realtime and phantom alert's ceo joe scott says apps like his keep the roads safe. >> in today's driving conditions where people are texting while driving or phoning and are distracted, here's an app that tells people
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to pay attention. >> red light camera ahead. >> reporter: a test of the app proved it was accurate time after time, but many argue accurate or not it's a bad idea. >> if it's being used for a drunk driver to avoid a sobriety checkpoint, then that's a problem. >> reporter: in some states, lawmakers asked companies to stop selling the apps or disable the dui alert. in response, blackberry removed phantom alert and trapster from its stores. not everyone agrees that the apps are a danger including some police officers. >> well, you know, they might avoid a checkpoint but most of the drunk driving arrests are by uniformed officers on regular patrol that would encounter them and see their driving habits. >> reporter: as scott insists, he is not encouraging drivers to break the law or drive dangerously in fact just the opposite. >> drivers using the alerts are less likely to run red lights or speed. they are going to slow down in school zones. >> red like camera ahead... >> reporter: now, scott also argues the dui alert often
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deters drunk drivers who would have otherwise gotten behind the people. if you're interested, trapster is free and phantom alert, the other one, is a bit more. it has more features, costs about $30. and remember, if you have a consumer story, give us a call at 1-888-5-helps-u. liz, allen? >> thank you, julie. he is one of california's most powerful leaders. and a college dropout. how the records got it so wrong for so long. for many women, it's a makeup must. how mascara can now mess up your medical information. if we don't clean up the beach, then the sea animals will eat all the plastic and stuff. >> that's conviction. and this was the perfect day do this. for hundreds of students who spent the day bringing the beauty back to our beaches. way to go, kids. and from the cbs 5 weather center, we can tell that we are socked in at the coast. sunshine inland. the friday pinpoint forecast, what you need to know coming up next. marcel, watch this!
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women in the bay area. but mascara could cause a problem for your health. dr. kim mulvihill joins us to it's a daily staple in the bay area but mascara could cause a problem for your health. dr. kim joins us to explain. kim. >> well, liz, mascara is one of the last affordable luxuries but now we are seeing reports of the popular cosmetic interfering with mri scans. like many women, roselyn loves her mascara. she can't imagine leaving home without it. >> always had to have it on. it's luscious. >> reporter: now some doctors are asking patients to skip the mascara. the reason? iron oxide an ingredient found in most brands. it can create a dark blotch on an mri scan. the arrow here points it out. doctors can misinterpret it as melanoma. >> shocking. >> reporter: manufacturers put iron oxide in mascara for pigmentation and to make eyelashes shiny but now, because of the concern, some radiologists insist all
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patients undergoing mri imaging of the head remove all cosmetics. but the problem is not limited to mascara. >> the people that you might have to be concerned about it with are the patients with eyeliner or eye shadow tattoos. >> reporter: permanent cosmetics contain heavy metals that can throw off an mri. as for rose, the report opened her eyes. she will still using mascara, just not if she going to get an mri of her head. >> absolutely no mascara on that day to the doctor's office. >> most radiologists will suspect a problem and realize that the dark mask on the mri is no a cancer but you may have to take the test again and you don't want to without a very good reason. skip the mascara if you are having an mri scan of your head of. not of your knee. no problem on the knee. >> no mascara on the knee generally. [ laughter ] >> put it on every, single day. >> it's a habit. >> you would to be there wiping it off. >> thank you. the san jose fire department's contained a small oil spill in the san francisco
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bay. an early-morning low tide is apparently what caused this barge to tip over near the alviso marina and that started a fuel leak. a kayaker reported the sheen to the coast guard who then notified the san jose fire department. a hazmat team responded, used absorbent pads to soak up the spill but crews say it's not clear how much fuel actually leaked into the water. well, the sun shining, temperatures pleasant for more than 500 schoolkids to get out and make a big difference for a bay area beach. >> it's part of a statewide effort to protect wildlife in our waterwayed, patrick zedillo reports. >> reporter: ocean beach? >> you're know going into the water and you are not picking up anything sharp. >> reporter: on the edge of san francisco. >> heading down to the beach shortly. have to have a snack first. >> reporter: has taken over today by a small army.
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the object? to clean the beach inch by inch >> thank you. stuff, no, because it could cut you. >> do not pick it up and bring it to them. just let them know where it is. >> the small things they can find. even though the big trash can be exciting and interesting, the little trash is what's most harmful to wildlife. >> reporter: the clean-up is the first of six that will take place this month up and down the california coast. the name is to teach students to own their planet and be pro- active in taking care of it. one grain of sand at a time. >> if we didn't clean up the beach, then the sea animals will eat all the plastic and stuff. >> reporter: 500 students turned out from san francisco and marin. >> the more we have, the better chances we have to clean up the beach. >> reporter: but they are doing more than taking out the trash. they are also taking home a life-long lesson. >> this is really just a catalyst for doing it on your
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own regularly. >> reporter: more than a mile was cleaned up for free with the help of rubber gloves and the help of 1,000 hands. in san francisco, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. you see how the sun and fog are playing hide and seek? >> it obviously played a big difference in our temperatures today only in the 50s at the seashore. meanwhile today inland a good 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. check this out. san jose, average high this time of the year 75 degrees. notice the cameras waivering gently because we have a breeze with the current air temperature in the low 70s. in fact, let's take a look at our microclimate numbers. 77 at this hour in cupertino, which is located in the santa clara valley. to the east at the bay, pleasanton, 77, as well. sonoma to the north, 74. we have a slight wind at half moon bay at 57 degrees with overcast skies. it does appear this particular time that the low clouds and fog are just hanging very tight to the immediate seashore and trying to slip under the golden gate bridge.
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so if you're out and about this evening and you will be seaside, make sure you have a jacket. temperature currently in the 50s around the bay out the door, numbers are in the 60s. otherwise, we are still into the 70s as far as your out-the- door forecast is concerned in our inland areas. now, tonight overnight with the blanketed of clouds at the seashore, 49 degrees in pacifica. mid-40s to the north in santa rosa. 46 in livermore and 50 in san jose. i know you're saying, do i have a comforter on or take it off yet? because the weather has been fluctuating so much. here's the deal. we have hymes, key component. look at that beautiful area of low pressure out over the eastern pacific. that will throw some clouds into our forecast on saturday and what's behind you will produce an isolated shower certainly possible in the north bay. one day at a time tomorrow. gray start with overcast skies then blue finish. the sierra forecast, a getaway friday, we have a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast by sunday. tomorrow locally overcast skies at the beaches slipping into
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the bay. full-on sunshine inland. temperatures 59 at the beaches up to 75 degrees livermore. low 70s san jose, and mid-70s at the delta. we still have a bit of a wind during the afternoon hours westerly to 15 kicking the pollen around. tree count and grass count is medium. your extended forecast, gray start tomorrow, then sunshine. saturday, increasing clouds late day, that will lead us to mostly cloudy skies on sunday and cooler temperatures. by monday, we're scrubbing out the clouds but then we remain partly sunny on tuesday. don't see any rain in the forecast right now all the way through thursday with temperatures in a seasonal weather pattern around for the next seven days to go that far out and only see one day below average, which is sunday, i haven't seen that in months. >> yeah. >> wow. >> could be turning the corner. >> no rain for at least a little while? >> just a slight chance on sunday. >> then june gloom. thank you. next he became an instant millionaire when he won the
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lotto but still using food stamps. why he says he deserves it.
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and it turns out, state assembly speaker, john perez is a colle he is one of the most powerful leaders in the state. and it turns out, state assembly speaker john perez is a college dropout. for years he was incorrectly called a graduate of uc in news articles, biography and public pronouncements but in his latest biography, it simply states he attended uc-berkeley. it was only after perez was elected the assembly speaker that he made any effort to correct that record which now states he attended from 1987 to 1990. he became a millionaire playing the lottery but one michigan man is still buying his groceries with food stamps and lawmakers are future. 59-year-old leroy fix won $2 million. his take home, 850 grand. the state says because he had taken his winnings in a lump sum, he still met the income threshold for food assistance
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because he is still unemployed. >> if you' going to set there and try to make me feel bad, you aren't going to do it. it ain't gonna happen. >> fix says the use of food stamps was justified because he says the government took more than half his winnings in taxes. now lawmakers are quickly working to revise the rule that made it made it possible for him to continue to collect food stamps.
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you're not hurt. you didn t call an ambulance. but one shows up anyway. then - you t hit with the bill. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. you're not hurt you didn't call an ambulance but one shows up. then you get hit with the bill. the nightmare scenario that could leave you stuck with the bill that may be far worse than the accident itself. >> hey, congratulations. you have just graduated. now you need a job. impossible, right? maybe not. the mixed news for recent grads on the employment front. that and more at 6:00. >> thanks for watching. the "cbs evening news wi


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