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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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. you are watching cbs eyewitness news in high definition. a man shot tonight in his car on a bay area freeway. he ends up inside a crowded mcdonald's and collapses. he's been in jail for years now and tonight there is talk that he may be linked to another series of famous crimes. why in his defense the unibomber is asking the feds to stop selling off his stuff.
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deli owners gather for a summit. and the next time you're asked to sign something at the doctor's office, be careful. the form many patients are being asked to sign that restricts freedom of speech. >> you are in a vulnerable and costly position. good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm dana king. people eating dinner at a mcdonald's watched as a man covered in blood came stumbling into the restaurant and collapsed. >> that man had been shot while driving on eastbound 780 in vallejo. he continued driving more than 4 miles to mcdonald's and that's where linda yee is right now. linda, what happened? >> reporter: ken, there were many customers inside this mcdonald's when that bloody victim did come inside and those people that were inside included five young children. now the highway patrol said two people, two young men were driving along in their car on i-
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780 tonight when suddenly out of nowhere near the glenn cove exit, a gunman started firing. >> all of a sudden i heard a customer in the lobby scream, oh my god he's shot. i turned around and saw a gentleman holding his friend and there was blood all over his shirt and that is when i went and grabbed the phone, called 911. everybody was screaming for towels and stuff like that. we were trying to grab the towels and that's when i handed the phone over to one of my employees. that's when i ran back and got phil because i knew he would be able to help out. >> you're a medical assistant, what did you do? >> i grabbed some gloves and towels and ran up front and there were people applying pressure to his wound and they wanted to put on a turnikit. i
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helped keep him calm and the paramedics came three minutes later. >> reporter: the victim was air lifted from here to the hospital in walnut creek where tonight dana and ken, he is listed in critical condition. >> that's amazing. question don't know anything right now about what may have proceeded this or what led up to it? >> the highway patrol would only confirm that this did indeed happen on 780. we did see highway patrol officers talking to the passenger, the friend of that victim, but they would not give us anymore information than what we know now. they are continuing to investigate. >> we don't know if this is road rage or anything like that at this point. >> reporter: no, we don't know that right now. >> linda yee with the latest. thank you linda. the bay area could soon be home to a new baseball team. a professional minor league team. the team wants to play at albert park in san rafael and as elizabeth cook reports, that has some saying play ball, but
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others crying foul. it's america's favorite past time. for decades, albert has been a popular hang out for baseball fans who love to watch their local amateur team play. now a minor league pro basketball team wants to call it home and some neighbors feel it's a home run of an idea. >> san rafael needs a boost. >> curt lived in san rafael his whole life. he thinks a professional team would improve the community. > it's going to bring people to san rafael and downtown san rafael needs a boost. >> the team pitched the idea to the city's park and rec department. the team would pay to double the size of the current 750 seat grand stand and include a mobile concession stand and several barbecue stands. however, some neighbors say not in my backyard. >> a will the of people believe it would attract a lot of people from outside of town that don't respect the values,
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neighbor values here in downtown san rafael. >> that was elizabeth cook reporting from san rafael. a marin baseball player hit in the head by a line drive was one of the people honored at the marin survivor celebration. governor sandburg suffered injuries, but survived and is back playing baseball. in fact, he had a playoff game tonight. he was there to thank the people who helped save him. he has lost some memory, but is moving ahead with his life. >> i fortunately made up all my school work over the summer so i was ready and on track with my class and ready to graduate. >> his injury is similar to representative gabby giffords who was shot in the head earlier this year and he thinks about her a lot. i had the pleasure of hosting the event this evening.
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in all, five people had the opportunity to meet and thank the emergency services personnel and hospital employees who helped them recover. the words medical breakthrough are thrown around a lot these days, but it is relevant tonight for this particular story. a man paralyzed from the waist down able to stand up on his own and even take some steps. dr. john with the experimental therapy. >> rob summers was a star college pitcher when a hit-and- run accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. >> they said you'll never walk again. you'll never take a step. nothing. >> they were wrong. researchers working with the christopher and dana reid foundation announced summers is the first patient to stand using a new therapy that could change the treatment of paralysis. >> i stood. after not moved anything for four years and i stood. >> the landmark findings are
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published in the journal. they challenge conventional thinking that signals from the brain are needed for walking. >> what we really discovered is that the neurons in the spinal cord, the nerves can do all the same things as the nerves in the brain. >> summer's injury disrupted the path way that normally triggers walking. researchers put in a stimulator that allowed his legs to move without input from the brain. > left leg up. >> about an hour a day, i can move my ankles, knees, hips, all on command. i started regaining abdominal strength and can do sit ups now again. >> he also made other meaningful progress. regaining bladder and sexual function. he is still wheelchair bound and doctors will not say whether he will ever walk again on his own. but every day he remembers the first time he stood up. >> it's that moment there that continues to give me the hope
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for tomorrow and the future for this project and helping out millions of other people in my same situation. >> this is only the first patient to get this therapy, it's nowhere near ready for widespread use. it does offer a truly exciting approach to treating a devastating problem. dr. john, cbs news, new york. don't expect to see arnold schwarzenegger in any new movies any time soon. a representative says schwarzenegger asked that all his motion picture projects underway be put on hold while he focuses on personal matters. this after it was discovered that he fathered a child during an affair with a former employee. >> well it's not often that an american president catches the isreali's offguard. that is exactly what president obama did today as chip reid reports. >> president obama spent most of his speech talking about the a spring uprising, but he saved his biggest surprise for the
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middle east speech process. >> we believe the borders should be based on the 1967 lines. >> by yiewgz the borders that existed in 1967 before the six- day war as a starting point for negotiations, the president is taking the palestinian side on a key issue. isreali said those borders would leave them in dispensable. on the arab spring, the president praised them and said the u.s. must change its approach after decades of supporting tyrants. >> we have the chance to show america values the dignity of the street vendor more than the raw power of the dictator. >> he had his strongest words yet for one dictator. alasad whose forces killed hundreds of protesters demanding a transition to democracy. >> he can leave that transition or get out of the
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way. >> some critics say the president didn't go far enough. they say that instead of giving him a choice, he should have culled on him to step down now. championship reid, cbs news, the white house. oakland police are staying rather quiet about what happened just before officers shot and killed two suspects last night. police responded to a tip saying a violent crime was about to happen on kurin avenue. they found three men in a car. the men were armed and confronted officers who opened fire. two men were shot and died at the scene. a third man ran, but was later arrested. >> death lee peered sharks are turning up in the north bay. at least 20 have been found in the last two weeks. it's not clear what is causing them to die. this comes after as many as 0 lee peered sharks showed up
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dead last month. the days of the giant sandwich may be over. jewish deli owners from all around the country gathered in berkly to decide the fate of those huge sandwiches. grace lee tells us, maybe more. >> it is practically the legend. the corn beef sandwich piled high and slattered with mustard at jewish delis around the nation. >> smoked pastromi. smoked corn beef. very fattening. unhealthy, but incredibly delicious. >> roasting more than half a pound of meat, this is not for the faint of heart. >> it was supposed to be lean. it was never lean. that is the first thing. >> what is body by postrami? is that a six pack? >> no, quite the opposite. >> that's one reason those whopping sandwiches may be going away. at least among this group of
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deli owners. >> we are here tonight to celebrate. >> it one of many topics discussed at the deli summit, unofficially known as the sandwich summit. plus it was second annual meeting in berkeley. >> it is really about flavor at the end of the day. peter is one of the owners. his restaurant invited jewish deli owners from around the nation for this discussion, but brace yourself. he says they want to shrink your sandwich. here's a tradeoff. they'll make it healthier and tastier. >> it should be about closing your eyes, taking a bite, and tasting the flavors. not closing your eyes because you have to open your mouth wider. >> it's not that they are doing anything really new. it's that they are going back and doing it with an eye manufacture towards more
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natural ingredients. >> it could be the new montra of the old deli in a modern world. in berkeley, grace lee, cbs 5. all these years later, the feds want ted kaczynski's dna. the infamous american crime never solved, the unibomber is now linked to. a problem with a simple fix. why doctors say makeup could cause a medical mixup. theres have a new way to manage their online reputation. by controlling what patients can and cannot post. >> coming up next.
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federal agents say there could be a link between the unibomber and a three decades old murder spree. agents requested ted kaczynski's dna file. it's for a 1982 chicago area case that involved tylenol poisonings. seven people died. kaczynski refused the dna request and denies involvement in the case. he submitted a letter to the feds requesting that the government not auction off some items taken from his cabin. he says they could clear him from the tylenol case. the doctors are asking women to go easy on the makeup before undergoing an mri. it turns out a common mascara ingredient can actually create dark blotches on the x-rays. those blotches can be misinterpreted as melanoma. it's not a problem limit the to mascara. >> people that you might have to be concerned about are the
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patients who have eye liner or eye shadow tattoos. >> radiologists generally will suspect a problem and realize that the dark mass on the mri is not cancer. however, patients may have to come back and take that mri again. well any doctor will tell you online reviews can make or break a medical practice. now some doctors and dentists are trying to put limits on what their patients can say once they leave the office. julie watt shows us what you should look out for. >> they are the kind of patient reviews that make doctors sick. kept me waiting, worst experience of my life. well now some doctors are fighting back with a form. it's called a mutual agreement to maintain privacy. the deal, the doctors won't share your information with marketing companies, but you agray to give the doctor the copy write to what you write
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about them. critics like jason shultz called them gag orders. >> shultz says patients often feel pressured to sign. >> they are usually handed out in a stack of forms that you get when you walk into the doctor's office. you are in a very vulnerable position. >> positions do have the right to protect their career. >> shane is with medical justice, a company that sells the contracts to physicians. he says they are needed to help combat false online reviews. > doctors cannot respond to. >> shultz contends doctors can respond in a variety of ways and without compromising patient's privacy. >> most people don't know the details of a particular interaction. >> responding to the issue with a wall of shame.
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when the website hears from patients, it puts a doctor's name on the list. meanwhile, shultz and other advocates worry the contract could spread to other professions. something they fear could make online reviews a lot less reliable. >> you will only see something that has been okayed. >> you don't need to sign a contract to keep doctors from sharing your information. as for that wall of shame, the founder recently received several take down notice st note from doctors. but medical justice -- either way you have to take online reviews with a grain of salt because they are easily manipulated. >> internet made some people snacky. >> absolutely. >> we get our e-mail directly.
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>> sure. >> that's going to do it is ask a friend or someone that knows a doctor. thank you. from the wall of shame to the wall of fame. roberta standing in front of it. >> and there was no shame of the day today. the camera is live. we are going to see it because we have clear skies. but earlier today, we had the low clouds and fog hang very tight to the coast. that kept the temperatures down to only 61 degrees while the airport at concord topped off at 81 degrees. tonight, we will have the blain oat can have low clouds, and trying to move back so that's how we will begin. otherwise clear skies. if we have an area of low pressure that is beginning to sheer apart at the seems, but a few clouds will drift into our
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forecast by saturday. other than that, the center of the low is what will bring that slight chance of rain in the north bay on sunday. let's back up a bit. gray start tomorrow, blue finish. temperatures approaching 80 for your get away friday. near 60. chance of thunderstorms by sunday. tomorrow's temperatures very similar to today. 70s. usher and the pollen is out again. a slight chance of pants. we are looking at cooler weather until thursday at this time. you have a question? ken is here to answer it after this. ,,,,,,,,
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ri from hayward wa we have had an incredible winter this year with a snow pack to match. a lot of it is starting to melt now. dan from heyward wants to know, how do officials decide how much that water to release from our dams?
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that's tonight's good question. >> you know we've had a really good year. that's one of the things that we would love to have every year, but conditions sometimes are dry. >> but not this year. not by a long shot. >> check out the lake. they have almost 900,000 acre feet of water here alone. the bureau figures by summertime, they will be storing more than 11 million- acre feet of water. so who decides how much to release and when to let it go? lewis moore with the u.s. bureau says everyone with a stake downstream weighs in. >> the california department of water resources, you have the corps of engineers, there are several water districts that may be up the system and then environmental concerns and other requirements to the state that we have to manage. >> how much water actually goes out is based on the latest technology. they factor in everything from
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the snow melt and reservoir capacity to current conditions. and historical data that goes back more than 100 years. >> water releases are a coordinated effort. every drop of water is providing water delivery, flood control, water delivery. >> go to click on correct to send me your good question. >> turns back the clock tonight. i'm dennis o'donnell and madison goes for his first win of the year. would brian wilson finish the job in ,,,,,,,,,,
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madison came within one out of his first major league shutout in search of his first win of the year. extra security at dodgers stadium. pick it up in the 6th inning, oh my mama told me there would be days like these. remember that line by john lebanon in that famous song? we'll take a commercial break. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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don't you love technology? >> what happens is all of our video during news and sports is played out of what we call a server. every once in a while this server crashes and that means we have no video at all. so we are going to take this
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unique opportunity to just talk about sports. do we have any callers on the line? >> hello. >> yes, what can i do for you? >> i'm anthony in san francisco. >> how are you? >> i'm just wondering, dennis, what's the difference between the giants this year and last year? >> excellent call. the giants won tonight. brian wilson got the save. the giants escape with a victory. 3-1 was the final. the giants are different this year, ken, and roberta and dana. they are suffering from a lot of injuries. those these are issues the giants did not have to deal with a year ago. >> ryan wilson is shaky. >> you have another question for me? >> if you think in the offseason because there was so much hoopla that maybe they weren't as serious about training because they won the world series and they came into it a little bight. >> spring training i noticed the different feeling in the clubhouse, but it was a feeling
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of confidence. it was confidence. a reason a team has not repeated since 2000. the giants got through last season without any injuries and a different attitude. >> we have less than a minute. what happened to the a's? >> the a's lost today. they were bad. 11-1. here's the deal. the a's and giants are exactly the same. great pitching, but the hitting is struggling. >> i have something really interesting. i put on phis backfor bay area bridge tomorrow. partly cloudy skies and i said, who are you cheering for out there and i had an enormous response. what do you think is going to happen? >> i think the sharks have to win that game, right? they are down two games to known. 03 minutes


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