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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  May 22, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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swat teams swarm an apartment building with guns drawn. a suspect in the brutal beating of giants fan, bryan stow is arrested. what led police to the suspect. "they finally found these guys and they're going to get what they deserve" relief expressed by bryan stow's friends and family. how stow's mom plans to celebrate at his bedside. if you're plans for memorial day call for a road trip -- what you can expect when you fill up your tank. and it may surprise you. good evening... i'm ann notaragelo. it was a tip from a parole officer that led to the early morning arrest of a suspect in the attack on giants fan, bryan stow. don knapp is here with details on the arrest-- revealed just a short time ago. don. the break in the case comes after as many as 20 los angeles
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detectives spent six to the. revealed just a short time ago. >> and the break in the case comes after as many as 20 los angeles police detectives spent 6,000 hours investigating leads. in the end, it came town to just one good tip. >> the los angeles police swat team with bull horns and guns drawn moved into an east hollywood apartment building around 7:00 a.m. one of two men believed to be responsible for the beating of brian stow came out without a fight. charlie beck heard from his chief of operation this is morning. >> and he said the words i've been waiting for for seven weeks. he said that we had brian's assault suspect in custody. >> the arrest comes 52 days after the santa cruz father of two was pummeled and kicked while leaving the season opener at dodger stadium. >> i've said this is an absolute priority of ours. our officers have been working day and night to find these
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individuals. i said back then that we would, and we have. >> a reward eventually reached $200,000 and helped reach tips that went nowhere. finally, police went on information from a tip from a parole agent. >> in the wake of this horrific tragedy, the city, los angeles police department, the dodger and giants organizations worked closely together to find this individual, to ramp up security, and to ensure the safety of all of our fans. >> city officials held a news conference today. >> police are still looking for the other suspect and the woman who drove the car they left in. at the conference, the police urged those folks to turn themselves in. >> stow's mother said she just knew this day would come. every single day since the
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attack, she's been by her son's side. an mac vic is there with reaction from stow's family and friends. >> the family was here visiting today. brian's mom said she was shaking when she got the phone call this morning from the l.a. lapd. they've told her not to talk to the media. >> believe me, i'm going to hold up his hand, and we're going to be doing high fives. >> that's the voice of brian stow's mother who spoke with -- minutes after police called her with the news. she said she's always known there was an arrest. >> it was the way they presented themselves. they were so compassionate with our family and reached out to us and made a promise that they were not going to rest until they got these guys.
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so that's why i put it out of my mind. i didn't think about it. i knew it was going to be taken care of. obviously they did what they promised. >> outside of the hospital, reaction from brian's friend, a fellow emt. >> it means justice is going to be served. >> brian is still in critical condition. he's been opening his eyes and doctors have been able to take him off of one of five seizure medications, but there's still a long unclear road ahead. >> everything we've done so far has been positive. we've had a very good response, but it's still too early to really make these statements as to where i think he'll be. again, we're in a day by day period. >> doctors are planning to decide tomorrow whether or not to take brian off of one of his
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four remaining seizure medications. >> thank you. well, the giants are playing the as at home this weekend. news of the arrest was the plain topic of a conversation at the ballpark. we got reaction from the fans and the giants' organization at at&t park. >> a cheer for a giants play, and expressions of relief at the news that a suspect has been arrested in the brian stow case. >> that's great. i'm glad that there's some consequence. somebody had to have seen it. >> good. progress in the case. >> bring some justice to the stow family. >> i was very pleased that they finally caught somebody. i hope they find the other person, and i hope that the stow family gets justice. i wish him a speedy recovery. >> giants fan brian stow has been hospitalized for more than seven weeks. the giants organization raised $75,000 for medical expenses. tim lincecum pitched in $25,000
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of his own money. the giants welcome news of the arrested. >> this has been a cloud that's been hanging over in many ways the baseball season for a lot of us since opening night. to the extent that we have a little bit of -- i wouldn't say closure, but a little bit of recognition that the people who perpetrated this crime will not be perpetrating these crimes again. >> baseball fans say an arrest is comforting, but violence at games gives them pause. >> well, it's just an unfortunate situation all around. it's just a tragedy. >> come to enjoy baseball, you know, not to see somebody get hurt. >> so while the giants and the fans welcome news of this arrest, ann, they're pretty somber about it because they say brian stow still has a long way to go.
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>> listening to those fans, it almost seems as if it's a relief and nothing more than that that there's been a break in this case. >> right. they are definitely relieved. a lot of them were surprised to hear it, but they always felt that something was going to be done and they're happy that fern involved was arrested. they also know there's more to this investigation. >> we've posted more of the video in reaction to the suspect's arrest in the beating of brian stow. president obama dedicated to peace in the middle east, how he describes the bond between the united states and israel and what he says he does not want for the palestinians. >> gas prices dropping and just in time for memorial day weekend. how much prices have slid in the last few weeks and why we could continue to see them fall. >> the winds really whipping up again outside. some of those gusts over 50
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miles per hour. how much longer will that continue? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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the mother of 4-month-old ramy gallego of knightsen s girl to sleep an extensive search for a missing baby. the mother of 4-month-old -- says she put her baby girl to sleep around 10:00 last night. when she went to check on her, she was not in her bassinet. she's 14 pounds, last seen wearing a one peace, pink, green, and blue zip up. anyone with information is asked to contact police. livermore police -- the blast inside an apartment complex on silver oaks way about 5:00 last night left two men and a woman critically burned. one man had a hand blown off. police say a search warrant will help -- but they say drug activity is common at that complex. >> president obama defended his
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position that the peace process should be based on 1967 borders. speaking to a proisrael lobbying group, he said he's just stating what has been the basis of the u.s. policy since the clinton administration. the bonds between israel and united states are unbreakable and -- will face a growing -- without a credible peace process. >> with mutually agreed swaps so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states. >> mr. obama said -- netanyahu says israel cannot go back to the old boundaries. president and mrs. obama leave tonight to go to ireland and poland. gas prices are dropped
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nearly a dime. the national average is 3.97 for a gallon of unleaded. here in the bay area it's 4.17. it's 4.09 in oakland. the prices might fall another dime before the memorial day weekend. so what's behind the drop? analysts say gas prices and the floods in the southeast are curbing demand. got to give them hope. the slogan used for supervisor. tonight, a new calling for an old camera shop in san francisco, how it will help young people seeking hope about their future. a mixture of sunshine and the winds continue to blow around the bay area. got some clouds too, but maybe some rain on the way? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now a hub to help distressed teens. the "harvey milk call center" opened today on castro street near 19th in san sco. that's the harvey milk's former is now a hub to help distressed teen. it opened today. that's the site of his former castro camera store. the 24 hour suicide prevention line helps teens who have problems dealing with or questioning their sexuality. >> what we're really trying to do is encourage young people to use the help line before they're in crisis, so that they actually don't have to be in a situation where it's so dire that they want to take their life. >> the call center is operated by a group called the trevor
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project. they say it gets about 3,000 calls a month. today would have been his 81st 81st birthday. >> i don't know about you, but i heard comments about rain. >> anytime us weather folks talk about anything, if we have that r word in there, that's the one that's going to set off all the bells and whistles. yeah, today it was all about the wind. it was blowing pretty strongly by the afternoon. had gusts of 40 and even 54 miles per hour. sfo just in the past hour or so, whipping up pretty good. really out toward the coast and the baby, you had the winds blowing their strongest. still lots of sunshine and a mixture of clouds. we're going to see continuing clouds in the bay area. i've got some mid to high level clouds up above and down below we have patchy fog along the coastline. looks like some fog will begin to fill back in.
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tomorrow, few more clouds in our direction. the warmer spots, and breezy again inside the bay. maybe not quite as windy as today, but out toward the coastline, you've got the patchy fog and some more wind. temperatures, still warm in spots. you have 74 degrees in santa rosa. 60 degrees in san jose and a cool 55 in pacifica. around the state you will find some partly cloudy skies. chance of showers into the high country. lake tahoe, a chance of a few showers especially toward the afternoon. i think as we look toward the future, we're going to see warmer weather. still got the broad trough along the west coast. that's keeping the temperatures running below average this time of year. it will take some time before we start to warm things up. expect another cool day just on the coastline and inside the bay. the temperatures are running much lower than where they
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usually are. 67 degrees in mountainview. 68 degrees in -- 50s out toward the coastline. toward the east bay, maybe as high as 74 in brentwood. 69 in pleasantton. you will see 70s and 60s elsewhere, but only 50s out toward the immediate coast. so tomorrow, little cooler in spots, and the winds will be blowing, so that will make it feel cooler than it is. wednesday, temperatures should warm up. we have the cold front diving into the bay area. we had mostly cloudy skies. looks like we could see some showers then and also as we head into the holiday weekend, a chance of showers on saturday as well. >> not acceptable. >> unacceptable, yes. >> sometimes i wish you weren't so right on. >> thank you. >> yeah, but let me be one of the first to wish you best of luck. no, he's not leaving cbs 5, but after 14 years of extremely accurate weekend forecast,
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guess what. he's jumping ship. >> heading to the morning show. i'll be heading in at 2:00 a.m. >> thank you. >> congratulations, there, lawrence. >> we'll talk a little baseball. the babe ruth series final goes into extra innings. i will have the sharks and canucks. they get physical. critical, critical, next. ,,,,,,,,
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more time in the penalty box than on the ice, you're gonna pay the price...that's pretty much the theme of the sharks playoff series if you spend more time in the penalty box than the ice, you're going the pay the price. that's pretty much the theme of the sharks' playoff serry against vancouver, and it was the same today. they tried to even the series against the canucks. the canucks were physical and ringless early. they were unable to score even one. the game of missed opportunities. when torrey mitchell is called for hooking, vancouver on a 5-3 power play, and patience plays off. kesler with a coal. 1-0, canucks. then the sharks sharks are whistled for too many men on the ice. than it's blasted past niemi, 2- 0. still in the period. another 5-3, another vancouver goal. salo, again with two goals. then the sharks are down 3-0.
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vancouver on the 2-1 rush. perreault makes it 4-0. sharks on a late rally but lose 4-2. vancouver had just 14 shots on goal. it's not quantity, it's quality. vancouver leads the series 3-1. >> i can't sit here and whine and gripe about the officiating because it had nothing to do with it. it was the team in white that created the mess. >> do you have the talent to win the next three games? >> we're going to find out. >> game five is tuesday night in vancouver. baseball, a win for the giants today would give them a sweep in three consecutive years against the as. oakland hung in there against gentian sanchez today. sixth inning, josh willingham will just barely get it over the marker for the as first home run in a week. the giants still led 2-1. in
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the 7th, coco crisp led -- cliff pennington will score the tying run. then one bat later, derrek barton gets one through the -- he scores easily to make it 3- 2. oakland stretches it 4-2. nate schierholtz facing -- who had not allowed a run since april 16th, and schierholtz takes him to the cove. they tie the game and go to extra innings. in the 11th inning, takes second with third stolen base. kurt suzuki had no chance. he scored from second. giants sweep the as and lead the west by three and a half games. the as dropped to last place in
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the american league west. >> nine straight wins at home for the giants. 13 wins at at&t, 11 have been by one run and seven of them have been of the walk off variety. don't try to beat the traffic. lance armstrong was not in the field for this year's tour of california, but he managed to dominate headlines after former teammates said armstrong used performance enhancing drugs. it ended in thousand oaks. 39-year-old chris horner finishes with the pack to win the tour. he's the oldest rider to complete the race. final round, colonial. former cal star has never won on tour. had a chance to tie on 18. this for the tie. comes up short. he took second place. last week, remember tom missed
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the putt that cost him the championship, leaving his son in tears of sorrow. first person waiting for tom this time around, they were tears of joy. who says golf is a contact sport. he goes down the hill after playing a terrible -- at the championship. he would be okay. though. much safer on the greens, bolster beats -- the cal rugby team add to their trophy case. they had to fight for every inch. bears beat the cougars to win their 26th national championship. tonight on game day, giants
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hall of famer juan -- to talk about his career and the greatest game ever pitched. that's at 11:30. we want to hear from you. who should be the warriors next coach? >> are you going to weigh in with your thoughts too. >> i'm going to wait for everybody else and wait for the best one and jump on their bandwagon. >> all right. thank you, dennis. well have more on the arrest of a suspect in the beating of brian stow, including a live report from l.a. plus, the herpes virus is spreading the north california. the latest on a new case and how ranchers are dealing with the dilemma. that's it for now. good-night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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